Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Brian Kenny

By Paul Strauss: Did you catch the self-described Cash Cow's interview with Brian Kenny? Did Floyd Mayweather out do himself in the "jerk dept"? You make the call. With his first words, he managed to insult Brian, claiming Brian never laced on a pair of gloves, and therefore knew nothing about the sport. In fact, he told Brian that he wasn't good at anything.

Let's be objective now. Maybe Floyd isn't a jerk, but he certainly behaves like one. He once again exhibited behavior that can only be described as annoyingly stupid and foolish.. He makes it difficult for fans to like him and think about him as someone other than a rude and small-minded person. During the interview, Brian would ask a legitimate question, and Mayweather would clumsily attempt to miss-direct and angrily babble on about some unrelated issue.

Mayweather Jr ESPN Interview:

Alright, where is that objectivity? Granted, Floyd, Jr. is one of the all time great fighters. Everyone knows that, so why does he feel compelled to keep saying it? Floyd, Jr. can do it all. He is technically sound, but goes far beyond that in his ability to block, slip and parry, and fire off accurate counters. He can outbox opponents from a distance, or outfight them on the inside. If they want to get rough, he knows how to use his shoulders, elbows and gloved palms too, as well as spinning them. Throw in his great balance and footwork, and you can hardily ask for anything more. And yes he is often times right when he criticizes his opponents.......such as when he called Arturo Gatti nothing more than a club fighter, someone not in his class. But, is such arrogance really necessary? Certainly he has made some very good fighters look ordinary. He has proved again and again that his skills are so superior that he can get away with throwing (and landing) a lead left hook from outside. Or, he might demonstrate that just when his opponent thinks he's got him right where he wants him, which is up against the ropes, only to find out it's the other way around. The opponent drools over the prospect of maybe being able to land a hard right hand, because he seesFloyd Jr's left is being held low. Then, Floyd deftly rolls behind his left shoulder to deflect the blow, or he might catch it with his opened right glove, which is crossed over to the left side of his chin.. In what seems to be the same instant, he fires back with that same right.......not just once, but several times, all on target. He definitely is a joy to watch, but not a joy to hear.

In fact, instead of the boxing crowd calling him Money or Pretty Boy, his new name could be "Babble Boy"! He continues to claim he is the best P4P (even though he retired), because he says he retired undefeated. As Brian Kenny correctly observed, "Do you want to carry the P4P title indefinitely emeritus? That was a rhetorical question as far as Floyd was concerned (that is if he understood what emeritus meant.)

Brian pressed him about taking the fight with Marquez, who just recently moved into the lightweight class, when he could have waited a day and taken on the accepted P4P winner of the Pacquiao vs. Hatton fight. The Cancelled Check Chump said, "I don't wait for anyone!" He bristles over the implied charge that he is avoiding fighting the toughest out there or at least a same sized fighter in his own division to go against a much smaller man.

The Inflated Money Mouth Mayweather has always had a monetary ailment called high (self) interest or inflated ego. Nothing has changed with this seemingly obnoxious little twit. He takes all the credit, and gives none to anyone else. Examples of his babblement (sic), include comments that the reason he hasn't considered fighting Sugar Shane Mosley, the current champion of his division, is because Shane is not a PPV draw. He claims Manny Pacquiao isn't the best P4P, because he has been beaten. He believes he is the biggest PPV attraction ever because of his two fights with De La Hoya and Hatton.

Brian was correctly incredulous about the Mosley comment, which further established Babble Boy as behaving like nothing more than a ridiculous numbskull. If we follow his logic, then Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali and the great Sugar Ray Robinson all must come up short in this nitwit's jumbled up synapse'd cerebellum. His disjointed neuron idiot brain is like that described by Doc Adams in the old Gunsmoke series. Wise and wily old Doc pointed out to a dimwit, "If your brain were put into a mustard seed, it would rattle around like a peanut in a boxcar!"

Brian then correctly pointed out that the real reason for Floyd's two biggest PPVs was due in a large part to his opponents......i.e. is two very popular opponents named De La Hoya and Hatton. The "Worthless Currency Chump" waved off De La Hoya's all time record for PPV, explaining it was because he had more PPV fights! Duh!

The sounds of The Babbling Mayweather Brook continued with his contention that he has never dodged anyone! That brings a few fighters to mind such as Antonio Margarito, Miquel Cotto, and Paul Williams. Or, how about a rematch (can you say SD) with Oscar De La Hoya?

One can only hope that come July 18th, someone named Juan Manuel Marquez, who behaves like a true gentlemen, great champion and is a credit to the sport will bring a little closure to the big mouth of the Babble Boy. It's obviously a stretch according to opinions of all the experts and odds-makers, but we can hope. Bully Babble Boy will have things as most bullies like.......all the advantages in his favor. Juan is a great technical fighter, but his defense cannot compare with Babble Boy. JMM is also a great counter puncher, but he doesn't beat "The Inflated One" in that department either. The dysfunctional family spawn is heavily favored to win, and rightly so. There's no hope for JMM, right? Well, one can always hope, and JMM has on more than one occasion surprised his opponent and the experts. One can only hope!

Article posted on 24.05.2009

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