Winky Wright/Paul Williams Interview Transcript

Dan Rafael: Hey guys. How are you guys today? Hey Winky, I wanted to ask you a question to start off with. Are you just very happy at this point that when everybody that you see in the boxing world talks to you and says, "When are you fighting and who are you fighting?"

Winky Wright: Yes. I mean, I'm definitely playing it like Paul said. You know what I mean? It's tough when nobody wants to fight you and, you know, you see all these other fighters getting fights.. You can't get the fight just because nobody wants to fight you. It ain't because you ain't good enough. It's just they don't want to fight you. So, you know, I know how Paul feels about being avoided. And like I said, you know, you've got two fighters with big (hearts) that's going to fight each other.

Dan Rafael: You - I mean, you - I guess there were some different offers that have been passed to your desk over the past couple of years which you haven't fought and for different reasons I guess. Either you didn't like the offer or the fights didn't work out or whatever. Can you just sort of ex - go through the process in the last couple of years of how come you haven't fought?

I mean, I know there were some offers that were presented that I guess were not to your liking. Can you go into that a little bit?

Winky Wright: Like what if you get - let me know the offer then I'll tell you why.

Dan Rafael: Well even going back. I mean, we have - there was the rematch with Germain Taylor that happened a couple of years ago. There were discussions (unintelligible) other fighters along the way.

Winky Wright: The Germain Taylor fight - we tried to do the Germain Taylor fight. Everybody kept coming back saying it was us and it wasn't us. It was Germain Taylor and his group - they didn't want to do the fight no way, no how.

First we said, "Okay we want to do it. We'll do 50/50." Then we came back and even said, "Okay we'll let you get the upper hand," and just do it again. They just didn't want to do it. But see they weren't telling you all that. They would come back and say, "Well Winky Wright, he don't want to fight. He (bogging) himself out. He this and he that." All of that is just an excuse to say they just don't want to fight me.

Dan Rafael: Okay that's fair enough. I wondered though if - besides Germain, were there any other things presented to you over the - you know, since the Hopkins fight which was I guess in the summer of '07, you haven't fought. In between now and this fight with Paul Williams in April, what has been discussed for you and how come you have been off for so long?

Winky Wright: Well like I said, once again, you know, we - it was more - HBO gave me a group of names. You know, they would give me six names, okay, and they would say, "Okay go out and get one of these fighters and see if they want to fight you."

We'll go to all six fighters and I got Richard Schaefer on the line and he'll tell you none of the fighters wanted to fight. They would come up with an excuse and this and that and at the end of the day nobody wanted to sign on the line. So it wasn't me. It was them.

And you know, when I say it it's like, "Oh Winky Wright don't want to fight because he wants too much money. Winky Wright don't want to fight because he wants this, he wants that." It wa - I was trying to - we were trying to work with them. We wanted to do whatever it takes to make the fight happen then let the fans see the best fights out there from (Pavin) to whoever it is - (Abraham) or whatever. None of them wanted to fight.

And, you know, if you don't believe me Richard Schaefer is on the line. You can ask him. He'll tell you the same.


Richard Schaefer:I just want t say that I mean instead of going through all the names which - and tell you then why this one didn't take it and that one didn't take it...

Dan Rafael: I would just like to know the list of names. You don't have to go into the reasons.

Richard Schaefer:Okay I hope that I have built up some credibility in this sport. I'm not one of the guys who bullshits people. And the fact is Winky Wright is really one of the easiest guys to work with. These names and these fights didn't happen because Winky turned them down. It really wasn't.

When Winky, you know, suddenly said, "Yes, you know, we're going to do this fight," I think some of these names they were surprised and they tried to find a way and they did find a way to weasel out, you know, and suddenly they're not available or they were scheduled to fight somebody already or one was injured or one was this or one was that, and they changed their mind and they just couldn't reach them anymore, a multitude of reasons.

Look Dan, if you have a guy who is as tricky and as good as Winky Wright is, I mean, the fact is the other guys are not just lining up to fight Winky Wright. I mean, he's almost too good for his own good. That's the bottom line.

I mean, if an opponent has an opportunity to fight somebody else then they're going to do and fight Winky Wright.

Dan Rafael: Richard, I understand that. Just for factual purposes, could you please present the six names?

Richard Schaefer:I will give you - I don't have the contact in front of me from HBO but I will give you the names. I'm actually going to copy - I'm going to ask (Richard) for a copy of it and - while we're on the call so I can give you the names before the call ends, okay.

Dan Gioossen: And Dan, I'll tell you the one name that certainly ran to get the contract signed is Paul Williams.

Dan Rafael: Well I was just going to ask Paul Williams a question. Paul - are you there Paul?

Paul Williams: Yes sir.

Dan Rafael: Paul, you've heard Winky talk about - and Richard also about how there were so many guys in the sport that didn't want to fight Winky Wright. You are a guy that has been willing to fight all kinds of different fighters and you know what it's like to be avoided.

You got a fight with (Margareto) and besides that haven't really been able to get good names. Can you give me your perspective on finally being able to get a big name like Winky who's willing to fight you?

Paul Williams: I'm glad Winky gave me the opportunity to fight. I mean, I know what he's going through because we go through the same thing. You know, my manager (unintelligible) gets the list of names and (I didn't know half) so I know what he's going through. So I'm just happy to get a fight with him.

Dan Rafael: Okay thanks a lot guys. I appreciate it.

Dan Gioossen: Are you sure you don't have three more questions Dan?

Dan Rafael: I'll let somebody else jump in. I'll get to it.

Operator: Your next question is from the line of Chuck Johnson with

Chuck Johnson: How are you guys doing?

Man: All right.

Chuck Johnson: This is (Charles). Hey, let me ask you, after the Germain fight - the Germain Taylor fight you did say that you felt you won that fight and you said you wouldn't fight him a rematch because you felt you won and they called it a draw.

You - I mean, do you think that had anything to do with the rematch never developing?

Winky Wright: No, you know, at that time when I fought Germain and I definitely felt that one. I was mad because the situation and how I got (robbed) on the fight. So you know I say what came naturally to me. I was mad. But then, you know, we got back to negotiating it, trying to get the fight done and they just didn't want to do it.

Chuck Johnson: When you look at those five years since (then), the most momentum it seemed like of your career year after the Trinidad fight, do you think you - I mean, what do you think of your career since then? Has it been frustrating in those five years, those intervening five years from then until now?

Winky Wright: Well it's always frustrating when you can't get a fight, you know, I mean especially when you see the best fighters out there that are around your weight class avoiding you like the plague. They're avoiding you by any means necessary. So you know, when you've got a young fighter like Paul with a lot of skills and he wants to prove himself too.

So you know, that gives boxing hope when you've got a young fighter like one that takes chances and takes opportunities to better themselves. You know, you've got a lot of these young fighters that won't take them - take that chance that - to fight a good fight and, you know, they're laid back a little bit in order to build up their record to 30, 40 and 0 when they haven't fought a guy with a credible resume.

So, you know, once again, I'm taking my hat off to Paul. We're getting ready for a great fight. I want the fans to come out and see two great fighters.

Chuck Johnson: Do you have any concern about the guy who has been avoided just like you have? And he's younger and he's also a pretty long rangey guy. You got - (unintelligible) in that sense. Do you have any particular concerns in fighting a younger guy who's got the same fire that maybe you used to have?

Winky Wright: There's also concern fighting anybody but like I just said, if you are a fighter that's what you do. You know, I mean, you've got to come in and fight the best. And you know, my whole career I wanted to fight the best. I didn't go out searching for the runner up.

I wanted the best and, you know, as you can see I'm proving. I'm putting my money where my mouth is, you know, right here with Paul. I didn't come out and try to fight a guy that ain't fought in two years like me or a bum. No. I'm coming - I want to fight one of the best and, you know, that's what we did.

Chuck Johnson: Paul, let me ask you, as far as Winky's known defensive style, defensive prowess, how do you expect to deal with that and penetrate that defense that he's so noted for?

Paul Williams: Well me, I'm going to (come out) and do my thing. I always get in a fight - I'm just going to do mine. You know, I don't - I'm not concerned what Winky's going to do and how his defense and all that. I'm just going to get mine in. If I'm waiting on him to step, I'll be out of my game plan. I'm just going to do me.

Chuck Johnson: At this point, Paul, you guys are (on board), I mean, what would be the fight that you want right now if you could have the - if you could have?

Paul Williams: Well you know, I'm to the point now I'm tired of calling my guys and asking for the biggest fight that I want because in my - it seems like in my eyes it's how I say - I want these fights to be guys. It never happens. So I'm just going to let Dan and Mr. (Peterson), they'll take care of that with HBO.

I'm not going to ask - I'm not calling on any more guys. If they want me they'll have to call me up from now on.

Dan Gioossen: And (Chuck), just to answer your questions, one of the reasons we're coming up to 160 pounds is because the guys that should be fighting Paul at 147 obviously are looking to fight someone else.

Richard's on the phone. He'll tell you that I called him up last year about Shane Mosely. We'd love to fight Shane. And Shane usually does rechallenge. You know, obviously taking up every challenge in the past doesn't always bode the same direction in the future.

So you know we came up to 160 pounds. Make no mistake about it, though, Paul could make 147 pounds today. So, you know, we give up the weight with Winky but it's to make a statement so that we don't have to call out anybody. And Paul will be the man that everyone will have to come to between 147 and 160.

Richard Schaefer:Well I think this makes this match so intriguing and it's really very, very unfair for Winky and for Paul as well that any blame is put on them that, you know, it truly is the other fighters trying to avoid them. And so I really applaud these two guys that they decided to fight each other.

And I just want to quickly (comment) on (Dan Rafael's) question before. The list of names which was presented and again which Winky has said he'll fight anyone. He even made it clear to me that he would go over to Europe to fight these guys.

And they include (Art Abraham), (Vernon Forest), (Michael Kessler), Paul Williams and back then the winner of Germain Taylor and (Jeff Lacey) which obviously was Germain Taylor.

So again I want to just be very clear and on the record, Winky Wright, when he becomes victorious on April 11th, he'll fight (Art Abraham), (Vernon Forest), (Kessler), (Taylor), or frankly anyone else out there.

HBO doesn't really need to put the list because Winky is the kind of fighter who steps in the ring with anyone. And again, it'll be up to me to get the deal done but you really can't make the deal if the other guy doesn't want to fight our guy. You know, so there's not much of a deal to be made

Dan Gioossen: Richard, I so much agree with you. You know, and as you said, if Winky - well you were a little bit more emphatic - you said when Winky walks out of the ring victorious, to fight any of those guys - you can't make him fight them but he's ready for it (unintelligible) thing because when Paul beats Winky April 11th I'm going to come to you and you've got an offer right now to, you know, start it with Shane Mosely.

I mean, that's - you know, it doesn't get any bigger. (You'll) have to do that fight together.

Richard Schaefer:You know Paul will need a comeback fight so you're going to need to take care of the comeback fight.

Dan Gioossen: Well if he doesn't need a comeback fight I'm going to come back to you and remind you that he doesn't need a comeback fight and we'll see if we can do Shane. Shane's been a great champion for many years, always fought all challenges. We've got a big fight coming up April 11th with Winky. I want to take care of that one but I just wanted to put that little bug out there.

Chuck Johnson: Thanks.

Operator: Next question is from the line of Michael Rosenthal with (

Michael Rosenthal: Guys, how's everybody doing?

Man: Good. How are you?

Michael Rosenthal: For Winky, everybody's talking about Mayweather's pending comeback. You will have been off longer then he has. For a guy your age we have questions as to what impact that'll have. What are your thoughts on that? It's been a long time since you stepped in the ring. Are there any questions in your mind?

Winky Wright: You know, it is what is. You've been off for a while and you know you've just got to come back and do what you've been doing. You know, like Paul said, you know, I've got to go in and fight my game play. He's got to go fight his.

And now at the end of the night, we're going to see who's going to win the fight.

Michael Rosenthal: I assume you've been in the gym most of this time over the last couple of years. Have there been long gaps where you've done nothing? Or tell me what you've been doing for two years.

Winky Wright: I've just been enjoying life man. I had a newborn baby. My son's probably like 21 months old, 22 months. So I've just been enjoying raising him and playing with my kids, you know, usually because I'm always training before that.

You know, when you're in straight training- so you know, it's still good to take a little break. But, you know, it's now time to get back to business and do what I do.

Michael Rosenthal: You feel good. You don't feel rusty or anything like that?

Winky Wright: I don't feel rusty. Like I said, you know, gym work and fighting are two different things. We will see when we get in the fight. You know, it has been a long time but, you know, I feel good in the gym. You know, you just got to light up there when we get in the fight and see how it goes.

We come in it just like a little (unintelligible) comes in because that's what's going to make this such a great fight. I'm looking forward to it.

Michael Rosenthal: Okay one more thing. You have a reputation obviously of winning as Richard pointed out. I mean, that's all you ever do is win. But the way you end fights isn't necessarily that exciting.

At this stage, I mean, would you like to go out with like more of a bang and sort of make more of a splash with the way you beat Paul, assuming you do?

Winky Wright: Well, you know, first of all, beating Paul should (be) a splash at (unintelligible) because like he said he's a fighter that's been avoided for a long time and nobody wants to fight him.

But, you know, I'm not one of those fighters that try to go out and do all this and all this other stuff because I feel that, you know, you've got to do what you've got to do to win the fight and when you get your mind cluttered with trying to impress other people and do other things then that's when you get caught.

Michael Rosenthal: Okay thanks very much.

Winky Wright: Uh-huh.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of David Avila with Riverside Press Entertainment.

David Avila: Yes, I was trying - is (George Peterson) in there?

Dan Gioossen: I think so David. (George)?

(George Peterson): Hello?

Dan Gioossen: (George), yes, okay. There he is David.

David Avila: Mr. (Peterson), when you found out that Paul was going to be fighting Winky, why - what went through your mind and how do you prepare Paul for a fight against a guy like Winky Wright?

(George Peterson): Well I knew it was going to be a big challenge because after all, you know, it's no mystery why other opponents were not fighting Winky. As a matter of fact, Winky had been one of my favorites for the longest time.

I just figured that what would happen is we would just prepare for war and of course this is what it's going to be. There's absolutely no doubt about that. You just - there's no certain way to prepare for Winky.

David Avila: Okay and hopefully is Dan Birmingham...

Dan Birmingham: Yes I'm here.

David Avila: Mr. (Birmingham), when you first found out that Winky was going to be fighting Paul Williams, what went through your mind about preparing for a fight like this?

Dan Birmingham: First of all, ecstatic to get back to work. We've been off for a while and I've got a lot of respect for Paul and because of that we've trained extra hard for this fight and (he's more) focused then I've seen in many, many years. He's training like he's 25 again, so. And he'll need that against Paul.

David Avila: What about that reach? How do you prepare for a guy with a reach like that? Do you work with heavyweights or how do you prepare for that?

Dan Birmingham: He's always been able to close the gap. He's finding these guys and he'll find Paul on the 11th.

David Avila: Okay well thanks very much.

Dan Birmingham: You're welcome.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Eddie Goldman with Seconds Out Radio.

Eddie Goldman: Hey everybody. How's everybody doing today?

Man: Yes great (Eduardo).

Eddie Goldman: Great. Good to be on this. First question I have for Winky - Winky, you're fighting a guy, Paul Williams, who fought four times last year and is about almost ten years younger then you and your last fight was in July 2007 against Hopkins and your last win was actually December 2006 against (unintelligible)

How do you plan to compensate for that long lay off especially when you're fighting somebody - a guy that's so much younger then you?

Winky Wright: Well we just, like I said, I'm glad you brought up all of that so, you know, I mean you're letting people know that, you know, I take on all challenges. You know, Paul is a very good fighter, very busy fighter and we've just to come in and do what we normally do, you know.

I mean, it's going to be a lot of things that's going to be a lot of things that we're going to - I've got to try to overcome and (unintelligible) fight. I'm just going to be - have to be able to adapt. You've got to be a fighter that can do a lot of different things not just one thing.

And I think that's what I always had my whole career, been able to adapt and through it - been able to change (unintelligible).

Eddie Goldman: How do you see his height? Obviously he's a very tall fighter. How do you see that factoring in?

Winky Wright: It's all a fight - he's very tall. He's very - throws a lot of punches. So, you know, I mean, you (unintelligible). But, you know, like I said, that's one thing that I can (unintelligible) against him. I mean, he does a lot of (things) so we're going to have to (unintelligible) to beat him.

Eddie Goldman: Okay and a question for Paul also. Paul, you're fighting somebody who is known as one of the best technical fighters who has a wealth of experience and people have gone over his record and his accomplishments before. How do you think his layoff is going to affect him? Does it mean he'll just be more rested up or do you think that there might be a little ring rust on his part?

Paul Williams: No, you can't play into that ring rust stuff and all that because, you know, Sugar Ray Leonard was off and he came back and beat (unintelligible) so I think he's been training. My thing is I think that he's been training while he was off all those two years.

He's been coming in the gym working out, training, sparring and all that. So in a way it seems like he's been in training camp for two years. That's the way I look at it. I mean, you know, I'm not going to go out there and say, "Okay, you know, his - he's rusty. He's got to do this. I don that." I'm just going to let the game plan come to me (in order to fight). You know, I'm going to go out there and make him work and I'm going to do my work.

Eddie Goldman: And what about the weight? This fight's going to be at middle weight. You've been going up and down in different weights. He really fought - he fought Hopkins at 170 but his other fights in recent years have been middle weight. You've been going between 54 and 60. How is the weight going to affect this?

Paul Williams: The weight is not going to affect anything because I'm going to come in at a comfortable weight that I always come in at and I'm going to come in at a comfortable weight. I'm just going to work. Remember, I've been in the ring with heavyweights, sparring heavyweights and all that stuff. So I've go to deal with the weight. So it's not going to be a big factor.

Eddie Goldman: All right. Good luck to everybody. I'm glad to see both of you guys back in the ring and especially against each other.

Man: Thank you.

Man: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Raymundo Dioses with 411

Raymundo Dioses: Hello everybody. First question is for Paul. Where are you training and how's it going?

Paul Williams: I'm down here in D.C., you know, in the nation's capital training. And it's going real good.

Raymundo Dioses: And are you sparring with low weights or heavyweights? What's the (unintelligible) spar partner?

Paul Williams: We're sparring with everybody that comes in the gym. You know, we've got like a lot of guys that come in the gym. You know, they want work so we give them work. So we're working them. And they've got different styles and stuff. It prepared me for any kind of style that comes in the ring, you know. I'm just getting the work in. That's the main thing we want to do, is get the work in.

Raymundo Dioses: What's your weight at right now?

Paul Williams: My weight now is probably around 156.

Raymundo Dioses: Okay. And would you consider Winky Wright your toughest opponent to date?

Paul Williams: Most definitely. He's the most strong (border) man out there so, you know, he's got a good (decent) style, good jab, you know, many times the guy (unintelligible) so nobody wants to fight him so you know, it'll be a puzzle but I've got to figure out my day in the ring how to attack him, how to get off. So yes, he'd be the one (testing) going back so far.

Raymundo Dioses: Okay your last (seat) cards, you co-headlined with Chris Areola. Do you have any kind of camaraderie with him? Are you guys friends? You guys talk?

Paul Williams: Chris's been fighting on the cards for a long time now so he (started) coming up, so you know, yes I was in the best (love), you know, up and coming rising guy. I'm just now coming up on other people on the card, you know. You've just got to put your own mark on the business.

Raymundo Dioses: And Dan, you've been the one spearheading this with Williams and Areola. What do you think of that one-two punch that you have?

Dan Gioossen: Well I mean it's great. I think this will be the last time they're going to be co-headlining their shows. Areola's ready to bust out and, you know, start paving his path towards that world heavyweight championship.

I can remember the days that Paul fought (Bonenide), Floyd and (Shambey) and quite a few other fighters while he was coming up. So there's something about seeing these other fighters that were above you at the time finally going there, stepping in, becoming a main event yourself.

And this is the fight really that brings Paul Williams out of the pack and puts him on a pedestal by himself. It's not going to be easy but we've got all the faith and confidence in Paul to go out there and show that he is the premiere fighter in the world today.

Raymundo Dioses: Okay it's just - it's really special having those two on the card. I think it's (safe) for the sport. If I can turn to Winky, how was your first day of training? How did it feel training for a fight?

Winky Wright: Yes, it was tough. It was tough. It felt good though. I finished, you know, we were just looking forward to really getting into good shape and really getting all the good work that we need to do for the fight.

Raymundo Dioses: Did you feel like you're in the groove? You feel comfortable in the ring right now?

Winky Wright: Yes I feel - you know, I feel like I'm in the groove. I feel comfortable in the ring, but like I said, once we get in - work and fighting are two different things. You know, a lot of guys that (kill us) in the gym and get in the ring and can't bust (it free).

But we feel good about it. Like I said, I'm very excited and I'm glad I got a great opponent to fight. You know, I mean, I'm - you know, it's hard to really get up and fight when you're fighting nobody. You know, I'm not saying that, you know, certain fighters are nobody but, you know, it went - but you know you're going to win.

You know, I like fighting the fights where, you know, there's a chance that, you know, I'm not going to win because you think, well man, this guy's too (unintelligible). This guy's too tall or whatever.

So, you know, Paul brings that excitement to the fight. You know, I'm glad to be getting in the ring with him.

Raymundo Dioses: Okay thanks everybody. Thanks Dan. Good luck Paul and Winky.

Man: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question is a follow up from the line of Chuck Johnson with

Chuck Johnson: Yes Paul you mentioned about Areola being the up and comer in the heavyweight division. How much faith do you have in fighting some of the up and comers in the junior middle weight division? (James Kirkland) comes to mind.

Paul Williams: (James Kirkland) - I'll blow him out of the water. That's not even on my level.

Chuck Johnson: You have a (unintelligible) and those guys are setting up to fight you. Like one time you were looking - I'm sorry, go ahead.

Paul Williams: If they build their rep up - if they build their reputation up like I did and maybe get a world title, then hey, I'd be looking to fight them. But until then, they've got to build their rep up. I'm not going to get in there with them - no (sense) risking my all what I've got I work hard for to take on somebody that's not on my level.

Dan Gioossen: You know, (Chuck), you know, speaking on that the perfect fight is (Angula) against (Kirkland). And that's really what we want to see and someone establish themselves as a premiere challenger.

You know, Paul did that. Paul went through the stages of a mandatory fight. As you remember, we had to go to court and force it. (Unintelligible) spent hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars at the course case to get Antonio Margarito in.

We went out there. We beat him. We offered him $4 million to fight Paul in a rematch. He turned his back. Took $2 million - a little less then $2 million less to fight Shane and, you know, we paid our dues. We went out there looking for the biggest and best fight.

Winky pulled 11 rings at where we want to be and after that we're looking for the biggest and, you know, biggest challenges out there. That's why Shane Mosley is such a big carrot for us to go out there and win against Winky at middle weight and then do the impossible and come back down to welter weight to get the title that he really shouldn't have had to give up in the first place. Is that right Paul?

Paul Williams: Yes sir. (Unintelligible) the title.

Dan Gioossen: That was out of necessity, (Chuck), that the title had to be given up.

Chuck Johnson: Okay. All right thanks guys.

Operator: Your next question is from the line of Armando Cabrera with Let's Talk Boxing.

Armando Cabrera: Hello. This is for Paul. You suffered a terrible cut a few months ago when you (unintelligible). Has the cut completely healed and are you concerned that it's going to open up again with the fight against Winky Wright?

Paul Williams: No, I'm not concerned. (Paul Walker) did a good job on my cut, you know, and then we went back up to California, you know, saying he put some stuff in my eyes and made all the swelling go down and all that. So the cut is feeling good so I don't have no problems with that.

And if so the cut does happen in there, so what. You know, I worked through it the last time. I'll work through it again. No problem. (Paul Wild) - his name is (Paul Wild) who did the cut on this.

Armando Cabrera: Good luck to you and Winky Wright. That's all.

Richard Schaefer:All right, great. Thank you guys. This is it. I just wanted to make a comment as well that Winky Wright is going to have an open training camp for the media - media work out in Las Vegas. It's on Thursday, March 26th at 10:00 at the TKO Boxing Gym and in Las Vegas. Monica Sears will send out a media alert.
I'd like you all for - thank you so much for participating and see if the fighters have any closing comments.

Winky Wright: Me, I just want to say once again, like I said, I'm happy to get back in the ring and thank everybody for supporting this fight at Golden Boy, Dan Gioossen. Thank Paul, you know, I mean like I said, I know he wants the opportunity. His skills are (unintelligible) and, you know, I'm glad to find a young fighter with heart and willing to go out there and really - and take what he wants.

Man: Paul?

Paul Williams: Me, you know, I want to thank my fans and HBO, you know, and Goossen and De La Hoya, you know, for putting on - and Winky (and them) for giving me the opportunity to step back into the right, you know, and show off my skills.

You know, I'm (excited) that everybody's going to get to see this fight, you know, what I'm saying, at a reasonable price. You know, I'm just looking forward to April the 11th. You know, I'm ready. (Unintelligible) everybody (unintelligible) and things (went) real good. So I just want to get out there on April 11th and do what I came to do.

Dan Gioossen: Thank you Paul.

Richard Schaefer:Okay thank you everyone.

Dan Gioossen: All right Richard. We'll see you in a few weeks.

Richard Schaefer:Okay thanks.

Dan Gioossen: All right Winky.

Winky Wright: (Bye you all). Take it easy.

Man: See you.

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Wright vs. Williams, a 12 round middleweight bout which is presented by Golden Boy Promotions, Goossen Tutor Promotions and Winky Promotions, and Arreola vs. McCline, the co-featured 12 round heavyweight bout presented by Goossen Tutor Promotions in association with Don King Productions, will air live on HBO's World Championship Boxing from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, beginning at 10:00pm ET / 7:00pm PT.

Tickets priced at $300, $200, $150, $100 and $50 are available at all Las Vegas Ticketmaster locations (select Smith's Food and Drug Centers and Ritmo Latino). Ticket sales are limited to eight (8) per person. To charge by phone with a major credit card, call Ticketmaster at (702) 745-3000. Tickets also will be available for purchase at or

Article posted on 27.03.2009

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