Timothy Bradley Interview Transcript

A hotly-contested 140-pound world title unification fight between confident, talented world champions Timothy ďDesert StormĒ Bradley and Kendall ďRated RĒ Holt will take place on Saturday, April 4, live on SHOWTIME at 10:45 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast).In an eagerly awaited main event in what is being called the biggest international boxing event in Montreal, Canada, since Roberto Duran defeated Sugar Ray Leonard nearly 30 years ago, Bradley and Holt will meet at the historic Bell Centre to unify their respective World Boxing Council (WBC) and World Boxing Organization (WBO) titles..

In the co-feature on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING, Librado Andrade (27-2, 21 KOs) returns to Montreal to take on Ukraine's Vitali Tsypko (22-2, 12 KOs) in an International Boxing Federation (IBF) super middleweight elimination bout.

The 12-round fights will be co-promoted by Gary Shaw Productions, LLC, Bob Arumís Top Rank, Inc., and Gillett Entertainment Group

The main event fighters and their promoters spoke on an international media conference call Thursday. The following are highlights from the call:


ďIím very excited about this fight. Itís going to give me a chance to prove that Iím one of the best 140-pounders in the world by beating Kendall Holt. Iím just happy and just ready to get it on.

ďIím just training and letting everything fall into place. Itís a great opportunity and another step to my ultimate goal and thatís to capture all the world titles at 140 pounds. Then Iíll go into 147. Iím used to fighting bigger and taller guys, so bigger guys are not a problem for me.

On what was tough about fighting Junior Witter:

ďIt was just mainly keeping my faith, going in there with a game plan and executing it. What was so hard about that fight was the mental part. The mental part was the toughest. A lot of fighters get in a fight and think itís more physical than mental. I think itís more mental than physical when you actually get in the ring and fight. You do all the training and preparing for the fight.

ďMentally it was tough for me to get on board. I had had to go overseas, fight the champion, a switch hitter at that, with power. I just kept my faith, I just kept strong and listened to my corner and we came out with a victory.Ē

His thoughts on Kendall Holt:

ďI thought his last fight (against Demetrius Hopkins) was a great performance with the changed opponent. Heís a great fighter. He has speed, power, movement and footwork. Heís a really clever guy in the ring and thatís what makes him a world champion. I take nothing away from Kendall Holt.

ďHeís a force to be reckoned with, heís a great fighter, but I just think Iím better.

ďIím a dog. I come to fight against those taller guys. They have those longer arms but I can get inside of him. Itís going to be a little tricky to get inside of Kendall Holt because heís a little tall and a little lanky, and he uses his reach, but we prepared ourselves for everything. If he wants to bang, we can bang. If he wants to box, we can box, too. Whatever is working in the ring that night, thatís what weíll do. We just have to find that ability to adjust to stay on top of him. We came up with about three or four different game plans. It just all has to work out the night of the fight and Iíll definitely be victorious.Ē

On how he stays hungry:

ďStaying hungry? Thatís really easy. You got to live like a poor man. You got to be hungry. You got to be thirsty. I live like a poor man. I donít have rims on my car. I donít have a lot of jewelry except for the world championship ring Gary bought me.

ďI spend a lot of time with my family. I donít have a big entourage to hype me up or blow me up. I stay hungry, level and grounded and I just set goals for myself.

ďIím capturing one of my goals that I set for 2009, and thatís to capture another world title. Once I win Iíll have two world titles and have done it in less than a year. I mean, thatís incredible. Thatís pretty much it. I just set goals for myself. In order to be my best you have to fight the best in the world.Ē

On his comments at the kick-off press conference held in Montreal in mid-February:

ďI spoke first and I told him that the only way I know how to beat Kendall Holt is to knock him out because in every fight thatís heís lost heís been knocked out. That got him a little heated and he started firing at me. But I was just giving the facts.

ďIím not going to look for the knockout. Iím a smarter fighter than that. Iím not going to go in there hunting and get out of character. If the knockout comes, the knockout comes. But if not, I just want to win. Thatís all that matters. But, if I have an opportunity to knock him out then Iím definitely going to go for it. But Iím not going to get out of character.Ē

On how he handled the crowd in England:

ďOver in England I handled that (the crowds) by faith. By keeping my faith and believing. Believing in myself and believing in God. Just going in there and taking care of business. It doesnít matter what the crowd is saying. I just zone all that out. Iím here to do business, do a job and Iím going home. If you take it that way and donít get caught up in the lights and what people are saying youíre good. If you donít believe it and you donít listen youíll be OK.

ďThe Canadian fans are going to love me. I have something special for them that Iím going to do for them. By the end of the night they are going to be my fans.Ē

On what Holt can expect:

ďíHeís never seen anybody like me in his career. Heís never been in the ring with a fighter that has the same speed as he has, the same power, if not more, with more ability. Heís never been in there with a real true athlete. Heís been in there with guys that donít have a lot of athleticism like I do. Thatís going to be the difference in this fight.Ē

On what he learned watching the Demetrius Hopkins fight:

ďIf he attacks heís at his weakness. Thatís what I saw. He can be out-boxed. Demetrius Hopkins lost a split decision against him. He just laid back and boxed. He should have fought him more. He just let Holt bring it to him. Thatís how Holt won the fight. He basically brought it to him. It wasnít really a high contact fight.

ďI think Iíll be able to adjust. Iíll be able to box a little bit. Iíll be able to pressure a little bit and push the tempo against Holt. He gets comfortable in there and guys let him get comfortable in there and let him do what he wants. And thatís the worst thing you can do against Holt, against a counter-puncher. You always have to stay on top of him. You have to make Holt work hard. You gotta make him work hard.Ē

On Holt being more experienced:

ďI donít think he has more experience than I do. I honestly donít. As far as having more experience in the professional ranks, yeah? But Iíve had over 145 amateur fights. You get a lot of experience from your amateur career dealing with different styles and different heights, sizes and ability. Iíve got way more fights than him from that standpoint. As far as experience, heís been in the professional game a lot longer than I have and I actually won a world title before he won his. If Iím inexperienced than just let me know. But I feel Iím experienced as well as he is.Ē

On whom he wants to fight in the future:

ďI look forward to fighting the best fighters in the world. I just want to fight the best, thatís it. I donít want to fight any club fighters. A Mayweather match? Of course. A Mayweather match, a Hatton match, a Pacquiao match, any of those top stars in the division I would love to fight those guys. That is what boxing is about. The best need to start fighting the best.Ē

On watching Kendall Holtís tape:

ďIíve been watching Kendall Holt since the beginning of my career. Iíve been watching him for a long time. I watch a lot of tape on everybody. Iím always studying. I knew I could beat Kendall Holt before this fight was even made. Thatís pretty much it. Iím a big student of the game. I love watching fights.

ďWe know heís a desperate puncher. When he gets backed up against the ropes and feels he has nowhere to go heís definitely going to swing. Thatís when the defense comes into effect. Staying low, keeping your hands up and high and counter-punching in between. Itís everything that we go through in the camp and weíre ready for all of that.Ē

On when he will fight in California:

ďA lot of fans around here keep asking when Iíll have a fight in L.A. or somewhere close. This business is about money. Wherever the money is at is where the promoter is going to go. I have no say on where I should fight or where the venue should be. Just bear with me, pray for me and hopefully I will continue to win and you the fans can get a fight in L.A.

On who is the best at 140 pounds:

ďOut of all the champions, I think Kendall is the best out there beside myself. Heís one of the best champions out there. As far as the best fighter at 140 pounds, I donít think so.Ē


ďItís going to be a great fight. Weíre glad to fight another top-ranked fighter. I want to thank the Bell Centre for stepping up and being a venue and being a great partner in this promotion.

ďTimmy is a special kid outside of the ring even more so than inside the ring. Heís willing to travel anywhere to fight as he proved when he went across the pond to fight Junior Witter. Now, heís going into Canada and fighting Kendall Holt.

ďI never worry about Timmy is his training, I just worry that his passport is in good shape.

ďWe love Montreal. Theyíre great, great fight fans.Ē

Article posted on 20.03.2009

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