The Blue Print For Crushing Wladimir Klitschko and Just The Fighter To Do It!

David Haye29.01.09 - By Rob Pilger - I've never jumped on the band wagon that has Wladimir Klitschko the best heavyweight in the world. I don't believe he is truly as dominant as he has been appearing. Great match making makes a fighter appear greater than he is. So which heavyweight can unseat this seemingly dominant heavyweight? And how can he do it? I'm going to tell you who and how now.

The Blue Print.

Excluding his fight with Ross Puritty, that was due inexperience, all you need to do to see what it takes to knock Wladimir into oblivion is his fights with Corrie Sanders, Lamon Brewster (1st fight), Sam Peter, and even Davarryl Williamson.. Those fighters didn't really do anything super special to beat Wladimir. Sanders just rushed Wladimir. Brewster just hung around until Wladamir was exhausted. While Williamson made Wladimir fight very uncomfortable in a losing effort. Basically all these fighters did was fight with balls, heart, (excluding Williamson here) and pressure.

Corrie got Wlad out of there early and that's all it really takes as Wladimir cannot cope with fierce pressure from a fighter WITH power. Corrie had balls and guts coming at Wladimir and that's all it took. He never allowed Wladimir to fight his fight.

Brewster fought differently and proved that if you can hang in with Wladimir and linger a while keeping steady pressure you can break him. Again, Brewster did nothing special. All he did was hang around and keep steady pressure behind heavy hands that mentally and emotionally drained Wladimir into that shocking KO. Brewster was letting Wladimir fight his fight early but his toughness and steady hard punches drained Wladimir late. Different but effective approach.

Peter just walked Wladimir down behind his heavy hands. As raw as Peter was, and still is, he kept that constant pressure on Wladimir with his clubbing blows. Wladimir again fought very uncomfortably. Peter saw that and kept fighting his raw but effective fight. Wladimir was lucky that Sam didn't come into the fight with more big fight experience because that's what helped Wladimir walk away with the win more than anything.

DaVarryl just caught Wladimir right on the button and if he would have fought with more heart and urgency perhaps he could have got the job done. DaVarryl is not a big heavyweight and was more athletic in his approach than Corrie and Lamont were. Yet Wladimir still had problems settling into his own fight.

Watching these fights and not the mismatches that Wladimir has been racking up as of late gives us the blue print on what it really takes for a heavyweight to beat Wladimir.

The Contender Who Can Do it... IF He Fights The Right Fight.

There's one loud and hungry heavyweight out there right now barking viscously at the chance to fight Wlad. He seems very undersized and inexperienced to many. I admit he is, but he possesses the traits it takes to beat Wlad. Really more so than any other current heavyweight contender in my opinion. He can do it IF he follows a strict and disciplined fight plan.

Just as Manny Pacquiao proved against Oscar that you can take away a larger fighter’s strengths by using constant lateral movement, head movement, speed, and guts. Haye has the ability to fight that kind of fight against Wladimir. Now please slow your roll with the laughter at this notion and just read my reasoning.

In Haye you have a heavyweight who carries fight changing and ending power. Haye has fast hands, can move his head well if he's disciplined enough, and has very fast feet for a heavyweight. He also takes risks, stupid or not, bold risks are what it takes to keep Wladimir off his game and even get him out of there.

A lot of people look at Haye's weaknesses of size and inexperience and his K.O. loss to Thompson as evidence that there's NO WAY he can do it. I'm focusing on his strengths here and if you really look at his strengths they can topple Wladimir. Now there's going to be a lot of ifs here but if he can, watch out!

If Haye can use constant lateral movement turning Wladimir then use his fast feet to get in range to score he can have a lot of success. Wladimir's jab is very good but Haye has the athleticism, speed, and reflexes to get past it IF he remains disciplined. Constant head movement and lateral movement are key to beating Klitschko. If he can land some bombs early on Wladimir's fragile chin he can possibly get him out of there early as well.

Now I know all it'll take is one hard bomb from Wlad to drop Haye hard but the same can be said of Haye against Wlad's fragile chin. Keep in mind Wladimir has been stopped three times. His chin is as suspect as Haye's.


This fight which appears likely to happen may just come down to who lands the hardest shot first. Or what fighter can remain disciplined enough to fight their fight. Just as many people didn't give Manny Pacquaiao a chance to beat Oscar, ( I wasn't one of them ), they aren't giving Haye much of a chance against the bigger fighter in Wladimir. But just as I focused on Manny’s fresher strengths against Oscar's glaring weaknesses in their fight. I'm doing the same here. This is fragile Wladimir Klitschko we're talking about here.

I'm telling you all that if Haye fights and executes a brilliant fight plan and can do the above, he can do it! I know that's a big if. This is what makes this fight so intriguing. Wladimir is just one hard shot from being blow away again. Wake up people, he's not as good as it appears. Put Viitali's toughness and heart with Wlad's skills and then I would say Haye has NO chance against a monster like that.. This isn't the case though. This is Wladimir Klitschko and he looks unbeatable until another fighter fights and punches back... Hard! We know the past end results when that takes place to. It very well could again in this fight.

Article posted on 29.01.2009

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