Margarito-Mosley Conference Call Transcript

Shane Mosley: Iím definitely excited for the fight; ready to go in great condition. My camp has been great. Nazim has been great. Everybody, the sparring partners are great, everything is running according to plan, according to schedule and the only thing left now is to get in the ring and fight. So Iím ready to go and Iím excited and letís get it on..

Q: Iíve noticed that guys either forget to or theyíre unable to attack Margaritoís body. Now from you we havenít seen quite as much bodywork over the years. How will you address this on fight night?

Shane Mosley: If Margaritoís body is open and heís giving it to me then Iím going to take it. We definitely worked on that, and when you fight guys like Margarito you have to work on everything, you canít just work on boxing and movement, you have to work on punching as well, and targeting different spots of the body, different parts of the head, different parts positioning. I think thatís what Nazim is very good at -- pinpointing different spots of the body and (giving me shots). So I think itís going to be, well I know itís going to be, a great night.

Q: You ended the Mayorga fight quite spectacularly. Iím sure even youíd admit to maybe looking a little sluggish prior to the knockout. My question is, why were you sluggish in that fight and what can you do to prevent that in the Margarito fight?

Shane Mosley: Well the first thing Iíll do is make sure that I have the proper shoes on and I wonít have blood blisters on the bottom of my feet. Thatís what happened in the Mayorga fight, from about the fifth round on I was swishing around and my blister on my right foot. And also you know, when Mayorga, heís kind of a great to have a fighter where you donít know where the punches are coming from.

He was like ten pounds heavier than me and I was basically fighting him out of my weight class -- Iím 147 pounder --, kind of gave him the advantage to kind of wrestle me a little bit and I wrestled back with him so, it will have to put a stop, a lot more snappier, more crisper, a lot more like the the old Sugar Shane that everybody used to see.

Shane Mosley: Iím great man.

Q At this stage of your career to bring a new trainer in, and youíve got the fundamentals down, what does Nazim bring or what could he do in just lone training camp to help you?

Shane Mosley: Well, heís not trying to change me or trying to switch up, just recreating all the stuff that I already know. You know with Nazim, he trains fighters that are amateurs and professionals. So he has both backgrounds and sometimes when we turn pro we start forgetting different things about some of the things that got us to where we were at as the champions, to start lagging on different things.

And I think that with his knowledge of training fighters on both sides of the spectrum he has a broad view of everything. He sees a lot of different things, he watches a lot of films, watches a lot of fighters fight, like I said amateur and professionally. So I think that kind of rejuvenated me, bringing me back to life.

Q: And speaking of changing trainers, obviously you went with Nazim and you left your dad as the trainer in terms of the training and you went with Nazim and then you, I know youíre not going to talk about this, but you have the steroids thing and maybe some other personal things. It seems like that there are a lot of distractions right now from the outside. Is that the case? And if so, how are you dealing with that?

Shane Mosley: I donít really pay attention to whatís going on outside of boxing, you know, if you do what Iím doing right now as far as my fightís concerned then thatís what Iím going to do. The other stuff Iím not really paying attention to it until after the fight and I just block it out. (Unintelligible) itís all about training and winning the fight and being the best.

Q: Nazim. what can you bringÖyou come in for one fight, what is it that you try to do in such a short period of time?

Nazim Richardson: My thing is I stay in my lane and I understand the fact that our job is not to teach Sugar Shane Mosley how to fight. He already knows how to fight, heís known how to fight at an exceptional level for years.

My job is to point out flaws in Antonio Margaritoís arsenal and to help Shane to devise a plan to exploit those flaws in the fight. I stay in my lane and I focus on that task at hand. I help him break down Antonio Margarito and hope to exploit those small mistakes that he makes.

And Shane being a student of the game he adjusts, he adjusts so quickly so itís not about trying to change him or have him do a bunch of different things.

Q: Did you see the Cotto fight and what did you think of the way he fought Margarito.

Shane Mosley: Yes. I (unintelligible) pretty good, I mean the first was (unintelligible) he fought pretty good and he was landing shots and stuff and actually was leading in the fight he just I think had a little mental break down the fight and Margarito caught up to him. He was dinging him with some body shots, caught up to him and sealed the deal in the last two rounds, so I mean he fought all right. He was winning up until that point.

Q: What is it about you and your style that makes you think youíll be more successful in surviving his constant pressure than Cotto was?

Shane Mosley: Cotto was not familiar with what Margarito brings to the table and Iím familiar with it because Iíve been brought up in California where I fought a lot of Mexican fighters and I know that type of style. I know how to pace myself, how to win rounds. Iím basically a California fighter myself, Iím basically a California fighter, I know how to go to the body as well.

So you know, Margarito (unintelligible) get body shots itself, so you know, maybe if heís (unintelligible) myself then weíll both (unintelligible) first, perhaps with a thick coat I know how to fight, you know, I donít just box I can fight too.

Q: Would you say thatís the number one challenge, being able to stay away from his constant pressure?

Shane Mosley: Iím not particularly trying to run away from his pressure, Iím trying to get my shots in too. But when I want to get them down, not when he says oh, you know, we want to fight now. Maybe I donít want to fight in that second, maybe I want to turn the corner and then fight again.

Q: I was talking to your father not too long ago and you know, your dad is still as you know, one of your biggest fans.

Shane Mosley: Yeah. And I talked to him yesterday.

TK Stewart: Do you talk to him much about the fight and about strategy, about strengths and weaknesses that Margarito has, I mean you guys have those conversations, or have you had them?

Shane Mosley: Yeah I mean you know, weíll say a few things here and there about the fight and what he believes I should do and some of the things, I mean a lot of things that, you know, whatís great is that Nazim and my father both have the same type of philosophy basically, in the training. So itís not far offÖusing jabs, controlling with the jab, I mean just different stuff that Nazim says and my father probably says pretty much the same thing and theyíre not even in the same room.

Q: And then in terms of your future boxing career, do you have the sort of long-range plan as to what youíre going to do or are you just kind of taking it on a fight by fight basis right now?

Shane Mosley: Yeah, I kind of take it on a fight by fight basis, but I can see myself going for another four, maybe five yearsÖ.2013, 2014, something like that.

Q: So youíd be 40-41 years old.

Shane Mosley: Around 40 years old, 39, 40, somewhere in there.

Q: I was surprised to hear the answer to that last question, kind of caught me a little off guard. You want to fight another four or five years?

Shane Mosley: Yeah, I feel great right now. I feel good and Iím ready to go. And if Iím feeling like this from my fights, you know, the way I feel right today for my fights then I can go on for more.

Q: Wow. Okay. I just remember earlier in your career I heard you say many times you wanted to have a long career and a hall of fame career, accomplish all kinds of different things, which you have done certainly, but that you would maybe not want to hang around into your 40s.

But you hang out with Bernard Hopkins and you see how he fights and now youíre working with Nazim, his trainer and you see the old guy Bernard, whoís going to turn 44 I think in a few days still at it and fighting in a very high level. Does that enter your mindset when you think about where you are in your career and how much longer you may be able to go?

Shane Mosley: Well you know first of all Bernardís I think birthday was maybe two weeks (unintelligible) he was 44 but...

Q: Actually you know, what, today is Bernard Hopkinsí birthday, January 15.

Shane Mosley: January 15, yeah. So yeah you know, heís 44 but that really has not crossed my mind, itís the way I feel. Everybodyís different, everybody fights different. Bernardís different. Iím different (unintelligible) I mean everybody feels a different way. Fernando Vargas is barely 30 and heís retired because his body just doesnít feel good anymore and you have to feel good when you get in the ring.

When I start feeling good I felt something, oh my god this is a chore, I canít really do it. When (counts) start entering my mind then thatís when Iíll start thinking about retiring. I donít really like to, because a lot of people a lot of times you know, you start listening to, you know, the media and different people around, oh man when he get like 31, 32, oh you know, youíre getting oh, you need to start retiring.

Iím listening to Iím watching some of these Sportscenter games and you know, down in that, (unintelligible) now says heís 32 years old and heís talking about heís getting old and thereís another guy thatís 37 thatís the quarterback for the Falcons or no for the Cardinals and you know, theyíre saying that heís getting old, you know like wow. But theyíre still playing, theyíre still both getting ready to go to the Super Bowl.

Q: Exactly. The other thing I wanted to ask you about if you take a look at the records of Antonio Margarito, here you have a guy who beat Cotto and knocked him out, stopped him. Cotto has a win over you. Iím sure heís aware of that obviously.

And thereís the fact that maybe heís celebrating that huge victory that he had, that really big, that you know, his victory against Cotto sort of did for Antonio kind of like what your first victory against Oscar did, you know, even though we all knew that he was a good fighter and won titles, put him on the map so maybe heís a little bit been celebrating about that. And then of course it took him a little bit of time to finally come around and make the deal for this fight. A lot of people thought maybe he didnít really want to fight you.

I wonder do you think that thereís a chance that because of all the things I just said, you know, plus you know, it was mentioned earlier you look a little bit sluggish even though you scored a spectacular knock out against Mayorga, that maybe Margarito for whatever reason might be just taking it a little bit lightly?

Shane Mosley: That could be the case, I mean that could be the case. I donít know. I donít really take it for granted. I donít, Iím not training where I think oh heís just taking me for granted and Iím going get a victory. If he does thatís his problem, thatís his loss and maybe he might just get hurt in there if he takes it lightly so you got to be totally prepared, Iím ready to go.

But you know, a lot of times, you know I really donít worry about what the other fighters thinking or what the trainers are thinking and what theyíre thinking about doing or what Iím going to do and Iím going to execute. So whatever heís thinking thatís totally on his side.

Q: This fight is going to be at Staples Center. It is the site of your greatest victory in your career. I donít think anyone would argue with that. You have a lot of good memories I bet going back to that arena to have this big fight. You are the underdog here but do you feel, how comfortable do you feel about going back to a place where you had the greatest win of your professional career?

Shane Mosley: You know I probably even feel more confident and comfortable than I did when I fought Oscar the first time. I feel comfortable and Iím confident that Iím going to do my job. Iím confident that Iím going to look spectacular. Iím confident that Iím going to be at my best. Iím confident that the fans around the world are going to be surprised and theyíll be shocked. So Iím just very confident and Iím trying not to be too confident and trying to keep my level head before I get into the ring.

Q: Thereís a lot of talk that Margarito can face Miguel Cotto in the summer in a rematch. Do you feel thatís disrespectful to you? If you win would you like another chance at Miguel in the future?

Shane Mosley: I donít think itís disrespectful to me because it just lets me know how great of a fighter I am where people just really donít want to fight me. And Margarito thank God he stepped up, I can get this victory on Margarito and then after, you know, after we fight then if Miguel Cotto and Margarito want to fight thatís fine with me, maybe I, you know I stepped too, you know, Pacquiao and you know, Ricky Hatton, I mean see what happens with them.

So thereíll be somebody out there to fight and I just want to keep myself busy. I want to have a terrific year in 2009 so I consistently train and keep myself in great shape until the next victim comes along.

Q: You would like another chance at Miguel?

Shane Mosley: Of course. Yeah after the fight when I fought him the first time I wanted a rematch but it didnít happen so maybe the rematch will happen sometime in the future. But like I said, Iíll be the one victorious when I fight Margarito but if they want to fight each other first and (unintelligible) the two fights next thatíll be great too.

Q: I was just wondering why you decided to make the change switching, trainers, why you decided to switch from your father to Nazim?

Shane Mosley: Oh I just needed a different look and me and my father were butting heads a little bit. I just needed a different change of pace and stuff and I think that has worked out very well.

Q: Do you feel that youíre sort of refreshed with a different trainer, that you hear maybe a different sounding voice and the information sort of sinks in a little bit better?

Shane Mosley: Oh, I mean that could be the case. (Unintelligible) itís just a little, itís a different twist, different change and I think itís refreshing. I believe that itís working out very well. Iím looking good, looking sharp.

Q: I was just also wondering, you said that with all the distractions and everything you just sort of put them aside and for, you know, for most of us thatís just sort of difficult to do. How do you do, I mean how do you put that aside? How do you put all the stuff thatís going on aside and just concentrate on boxing because itís a 24-hour day, youíre not, you know, youíre not involved in boxing 24 hours a day?

Shane Mosley: Iím in Big Bear 24 hours a day so I keep myself away from all the drama.

Tim Smith: Yeah but the drama sort of also invades you though...

Shane Mosley: No.

Q: I mean youíre getting phone calls from people youíre...

Shane Mosley: No. I donít get phone calls from people. I donít do that. I put them in the box and shut them out and thatís it. I donít mess, I donít think about that, yeah. Iím that type of person where I donít really you know, the calls they have something thatís on the Internet or something thatís going on, I donít look at the Internet, I look at (unintelligible) fight post and stuff, I donít do that. When Iím focusing (unintelligible) on the boxing itís strictly boxing. Iím in, I watch fight films, I sit and stretch, you know, everything is about the fight and I kind of put everything else aside.

Q: So all this stuff with steroids you havenít, you havenít...?

Shane Mosley: No. Actually I put that stuff aside since 2004. People want to bring it up and I donít even listen, I donít listen to it I put it all aside. Judd [Burstein] doesnít even call me about any of that stuff. You know if I have to sign something on that thatís it, but I put that in my shelf, thatís somewhere in another field. I donít even, actually I donít even know nothing about whatís going on right now about that, I donít even listen to it. My whole thing is Margarito, I donít even care.

Q: Nazim, one of the things that Iíve looked at, looking back at Margarito and his fight with Joshua Clottey and one of the things that really stood out for me was watching Clotteyís speed be a factor in that fight, even, well obviously before he injured his hands. Is that something that you think will play out in this fight or can play out in this fight?

Nazim Richardson: Well one thing you have to take into account is that when youíre dealing with Shane Mosley speed is always going to be a factor. You know I donít care who you face is theyíre going to have to deal with the speed of Shane Mosley. But the other thing is that people have a tendency to be fast but itís how you use your speed and where you use your speed at what times. So thatís some of the things we had to concentrate on, but yeah I think Shane Mosley brings several weapons to the table and heís going to be (unintelligible) to find an answer to deal with all of those weapons whether heís using them properly.

Q: Margarito has pretty good height for a welterweight. Are you prepared to deal with that and having, and what other fighter can you say hey they had that kind of height advantage and how will you be able to deal with that?

Shane Mosley: Well Margarito I think (unintelligible), when we did the first press conference if youíll notice weíre both looking eye to eye and thatís not just the picture, thatís really us being the same height. My arms are well, they say on the record that theyíre a little longer than his so (unintelligible) think weíre pretty much maybe the same height.

Heís going to come in there you know, he is a little taller, maybe I think an inch and a half taller but thatís not very much. Oscar de la Hoya is the same way, heís like an inch and a half taller than me too. So I donít see any problems with that.

Q: One of the things that he seems to have problems with is hand speed, especially guys with fast hands who are busy. Is that something that you think you can make him have to deal with and adjust to?

Shane Mosley: I definitely can exploit him on that. Some people have good hand speed and donít have good foot speed. I do have good foot speed. So Iím going to exploit him with the hand speed and the foot speed, Iím not saying Iím moving away from him and running and trying to get away from him, Iím not trying to really get away from him, Iím trying to you know, like I always do, I try to get my shots in.

Q: When youíve broken down Margarito, I mean was it something that you saw immediately that let you know that you were going to match up well against this guy or is it something that has happened during the course of training?

Shane Mosley: Oh man, Iíve seen him fight many times and I knew his style, I know itís a difficult style and you have to be in great shape, in tremendous shape to fight him and you have to be on top of your game to fight him but itís a style that my style can beat, you know, be on top of my game. Go ahead.

Q: And obviously it sounds like youíve got great plans for a long career, but you know, as youíve seen, I guess youíve seen it from both ends with Bernard, you know, at 44 it looks like heís got a couple fights left in him at least. With Oscar after his loss it looks like he may be finished. If you lose, worse case scenario, have you thought about, has that entered your mind and what you would do if that scenario plays out?

Shane Mosley: Actually I havenít thought about losing, so I donít know. But it could happen.

Q: Shane if we compare Paul Williams and Margaritoís fight, Margaritoís fight with Cotto, we can analyze that (unintelligible) two different fights you know, because certainly we look at Margaritoís more nice shots against Cotto, more briefly that Williams fight so definitely I think itís obvious that the fight body to body to Margarito is not the way to win a fight against (unintelligible). What has been about that two fights Williams and Cotto fights against Margarito?

Shane Mosley: Well honestly (I havenít) seen the Paul Williams, Margarito fight. Iíve see seen the Cotto, Margarito fight. But I would think that you know, with Paul Williams I canít really equate that to me that heís 6í4Ē, 3Ē, whatever, arm span of a heavyweight and itís just a different type a fight.

With Cotto, I mean he did very well. He just broke down the last couple rounds and he let Margarito accumulate too many body shots early on in the fight where he couldnít sustain it and (unintelligible) to fight to 12, but before then I think Cotto was ahead, but even watching the first couple of rounds I felt in my head that Margarito was going to get him because of the way Cotto was fighting him, he was rushing the shots and he was throwing a lot of punches and he was on his heels a lot giving Margarito (unintelligible).

With Paul Williams you know, heís tall so heís probably was sticking his jab and you know, keeping Margarito at bay and turn twist and turn them some. Thatís probably why he got the victory.

Q: Can we expect the same style from you in terms of boxing in your fight (unintelligible) with Margarito?

Shane Mosley: Well I mean Iím not going to stand around in front of (unintelligible) basically expect me to be throwing a lot of fast shots, snappy and fast shots and you know, I definitely will have you know, I have good punching power so thereís going to be some fire on some of those shots too as well.

Q: Since 2001 youíve had two bouts every year. If Margarito had signed any earlier do you think this bout wouldíve taken last year? And since you only did have a single bout last year are you okay with that going into this one?

Shane Mosley: Iím definitely okay going into this one because what happened was I was getting ready to fight Zab Judah before and it fell through like in May, so I was in training camp for a long time and then I fought, and then I went back to training camp to fight Mayorga and now Iím back in training camp. So I was actually training all the time. I wasnít really laid off.

Q: Do you have anything good to say basically about Margarito going into this?

Shane Mosley: Oh yeah, I mean Margarito heís definitely a tough fighter, heís a warrior and everything that heís got heís earned. Heís fought very hard all through his career to get this type of respect and to get this type of claim and finally he achieved it. He took the long road up, the hard road up. He fought everybody he could and battled everybody. But heís definitely a tough competitor.

Q: Yeah, you just mentioned that you think you have the right style for

Margarito. Could you maybe get a little bit more specific? What is it about your style that you think makes this a good match up?

Shane Mosley: Well it makes a good match up because I have good hand speed, good power, hand speed, power and Iím very durable. I take good shots and I can go, I can stay in the fight when itís tough. I donít have to move around, move away and be afraid of being in an exchange. I think some fighters, theyíre just fast.

Some fighters are just strong and some fighters are fast and strong but they canít take a punch, they canít take it in the inside. They just can punch hard.

I have experience, I have everything. Iíve got the total package for somebody like Margarito. Margarito is one dimensional where he comes right at you and he throws all these shots and punches but he throws them hard and he breaks a lot of guys down with his heart and his will, but I have a big heart and big will too so youíve got two guys with a big heart and big will, but oneís a little faster and one hits probably a little bit harder and can move better.

Q: What was Cotto lacking then? What was the missing ingredient for Cotto?

Shane Mosley: The grit, I mean what happened with Cotto I think, and maybe thatís why Cotto wants to fight Margarito again is for all his career, the whole career, heís been used to going forward and walking guys down and for somebody to come and do the same thing to him it kind of rattled him I think a little bit in the later rounds, it rattled him and he started getting hit with shots and he just couldnít take the pressure then, but I think that him being in the ring with Margarito he knows what to do so it might be a different fight the next time they fight.

David Itskowitch: All right. Thank you everybody for joining the Mosley portion of the call. Thank you Nazim. Thank you Shane. Iím going to turn things over now to Lee Samuels of Top Rank so he can continue on with the Margarito portion of the call. Lee?

Lee Samuels: Great call. Thank you Shane. Thank you Dave and Monica from Golden Boy, really appreciate it.

Lee Samuels: We have the champion on the line with us. Heís been training in California for weeks getting ready for this big fight at the Staples Center and my boss, the Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum is on the line as is Sergio Diaz, the co-manager of Tony and we have Ricardo Jimenez with us also.

So Iím going to turn it over to Bob and he has some remarks and weíll introduce Tony. Bob?

Bob Arum: Welcome all to the call today. Iím not needed at this point to really sell anything because the fight has been sold out for about a week now. Weíve opened the balcony and those tickets are going extremely fast and theyíll be sold out probably by the end of the week, beginning of next week.

So essentially this fight is a huge, huge box office success and demonstrates how vital and alive boxing is. If you give the public the right kind of matches at the right prices and this championship match between Antonio Margarito and Sugar Shane Mosley is something that has piqued everybodyís imagination. The celebrity turn out is going to be enormous being of course Los Angeles, and everybody is excited including myself.

And I think itís a tribute to the champion, Antonio Margarito that coming off this great victory against Miguel Cotto he has cemented his status as now being a big box office attraction which is wonderful for Antonio and itís a real tribute to him. Heís a great fighter and itís really an honor and pleasure for Top Rank to be promoting him.

Lee Samuels: Okay. Sergio, some remarks about Tony and his training and getting ready for Shane?

Sergio Diaz: Well first Iíd like to thank Bob Arum for putting us in this position. The other day I was speaking to my partner Francisco on which promoter has sold out the Staple Center and the only one, Bob Arum. Bob Arum has done a tremendous job with Antonioís career and we are happy, happy to be part of this Top Rank family and Antonio is proud to be defending his title here in Los Angeles and weíre looking forward to making Top Rank happier and looking forward to continue work with them in the future.

Antonio Margarito: Iím ready to get up into the ring. I trained very hard for this fight. I expect a difficult fight. Heís a very experienced fighter but I put in the work and Iím ready to go in there and put on a good show.

Lee Samuels: Great. And thank you Antonio and (Felicia) weíre ready for our first call. Would you give instructions please?

Q: We saw Manny Pacquiao defeat Oscar recently and heís become kind of the talk of boxing, I just wondered if Antonio wins this would he like to fight Manny?

Antonio Margarito: I heard about the fights that may be out there for me but Iím not really that interested right now. All Iím thinking about is Mosley, beating Mosley and then Bob will tell me whatís out there for me. Iíll put my hands on what they decide for me to do.

If they think thatís a fight I should do then Iíll do it but right now my mind is just on Mosley and getting over that fight and winning.

Q: I wanted you to talk about what you believe is your ultimate advantage in this fight against Mosley. Where do you match up best? And then secondly do you see any signs that his skills are deteriorating through age or whatever?

Antonio Margarito: I really donít see that I have any advantages anywhere against him, I just think that my preparation, the way I work, the way I always come prepared for fights, that will carry me over. I know what I need to do to win fights and I always come to do that. They say Mosley is old and all of this I really donít see it. I think heís a great champion, I think heís a great fighter and Iím not going to underestimate him. I know what heís done and Iím coming in prepared because I believe this is my moment, this is my time to shine.

Q: Antonio you were already a very popular fighter before you beat Cotto but Iím wondering in what way has your life changed just as far as your popularity, that kind of stuff because any time you come into a fight, like at the Home Depot Center, nobody even pays attention to the fight, everybody starts mobbing you and Iím just wondering if you have become even that much more popular since beating Cotto, especially with the Puerto Rican and Mexican rivalry.

Antonio Margarito: Without a doubt, you know everywhere I go now it seems like Iím coming up to people everybody wants my autograph, everybody wants to take a picture with me. I think it is more people coming up to me and I think you can see that reflection on my popularity with the way the tickets are selling. I think without a doubt Iíve taken another step in my career.

Q: Would you like to fight in Mexico, you really have done all your career in the United States. Would you be interested in fighting in Mexico some day due to your popularity, the way you are right now?

Antonio Margarito: If thereís an opportunity to fight in Mexico, itíd be great.I havenít fought in Mexico in a long, long time so that would be something that I would like to do. if it comes up itís great, if it doesnít, you know, it doesnít.

Q: Thereís already talk about maybe you fighting Cotto after this.

Antonio Margarito: Right now Iím not thinking about anyone. Iím happy that people are talking about me, about big fights, but Iím just concentrating on Mosley right now and winning this fight.

Q: You fought Cotto when everybody thought he was invincible and now youíre fighting a future Hall of Fame fighter, how do you feel about that at this point in your career?

Antonio Margarito: I have always wanted to fight the best fighters in the world and I have the opportunity now to fight them and the important thing is to do well and beat Mosley. I know how important this fight would be to my career if I do win.

Q: Mosley has never lost to a Mexican fighter. His quickness, his speed is that something that concerns you?

Antonio Margarito Iím always going to fight the same way, Iím always going to try. Iím always going to depend on my training the way I train, the way I get prepared for fights, thatís what wins me fights.

Q: For this fight they said that you didnít want to fight him, there was a release put out that you said that they said that you were afraid to fight Mosley and that you really didnít want to fight Mosley thatís why you didnít sign. What did you think when you saw something like that or you heard about it?

Antonio margarita: I just laugh. I knew that Iíve been waiting to fight Mosley for the last three years. The opportunity never came up, it just never happened but now that itís here Iím going to take advantage of it and like I said, Iíve wanted to fight him for a long time.

Q: Some people think that the way that you beat Cotto and the way that Cotto beat Mosley that maybe youíre not taking this as seriously as you should. A challenge from Mosley they think that maybe youíre not going to be up for it.

Antonio Margarito: No. That will never happen to me. Iím not going to say itís going to be an easy fight, I just know that how difficult it is. Heís got a lot of experience and Iím not going to underestimate him at any time. In the ring anything can happen and Iím going to be ready for anything and everything.

Article posted on 18.01.2009

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