'Call 'Em Out' Fridays: Floyd Mayweather Jr....Potential G.O.A.T. or Hoax?

mayweather boxing19.04.08 - By Vivek Wallace: As part of the weekly 'Left-Hook Lounge' four part series, today is the very first of what will be a regular Friday 'Call-Out' session aimed at fighters in the world of Boxing who display the talent, yet don't always display the character. In no way, shape, or form is this a bashing session, but rather an in-depth look at questions surrounding key figures as they relate to the sport we all know and love. Categorically, there are many fighters who deserve to be 'CALLED-OUT', but at the top of the list is a man who often craves the spotlight, and today, that wish will be granted - perhaps moreso than even he desires. No scripts, no tricks, and no hidden agendas. Simply a perspective with a WIDE OPEN forum. We use the term wide open because the truth often leaves no place to run or hide. So as we look at the both perspectives, in the end we let you decide..

Anti-Floyd Argument: Arguably, pound for pound the most talented in the sport, you would think that Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s pure ability should define his status. Unfortunately, it's his tendency to take the 'moneybag' fights as opposed to the ones that the fans want to see most that has defined it instead. Even for those who find themselves fanatical about Floyd, the point has recently come where he has allowed himself to be viewed in a less than favorable light. This sudden shift from graces isn't helped by the fact that the flamboyant Mayweather's list of nicknames outnumber the amount of times that he's actually defended his strap against other true welterweight champions. Being the lineal champ of the sports hottest division, it's easy to see why the the 'Prettyboy' has come under such scrutiny as the likes of Puerto Rican sensation Miguel Cotto, Mexican warrior Antonio Margarito, and a host of others continue to prove their mettle. In a sport where words only supply the proverbial prelude, fans have become more vocal in their request for the main event. The fact that Mayweather hasn't obliged has given them room to openly speculate as to the reasons of his absence. Although those reasons of his may be legitimate, until they're totally understood and supported by the masses, they only purport him as a fraud. Shifting the balance of the argument to support him being more of a hoax than a potential G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time).

Pro-Floyd Argument: Bearing all of the anti-Floyd argument in mind, those for Floyd support his greatness based on not only his skills, but also his accomplishments. Of all the boxing greats in the history of the sport, none can boast the record of being 6-time world champion in 5 different weight divisions except Floyd Mayweather Jr.. Aside from a young Roy Jones Jr., neither can anyone in the last decade of the sport rival his many special effects in the ring either. The raw combination of pure hand speed, cat-like reflexes, footwork of a ballet dancer, and the mind of a scholar. Coming from a family that breeds boxing talent, Floyd is the one Mayweather that took the family name to unheralded heights. To date, coming up through the ranks Mayweather Jr. has successfully defended his legacy and championship straps against each and every opponent to stand across from him. Everyone from the late-great Diego 'Chico' Corrales, to Genaro Hernandez, to Oscar Dela Hoya, to Britain's Ricky Hatton. So far, he hasn't taken on the task of clearing out the sports welterweight division, and in an era where mega-fights for big money are the main prize, his desire to do the dirty work stands to be questioned. Few will deny that the uppermost desires in Mayweather's mind is legacy and money. The money aspect is clearly taken care of after a blockbuster year in 2007, but the legacy part remains far from solidified, which at the very least, even if he can nullify the hoax argument, doesn't allow him to effectively come close to winning the potential G.O.A.T. argument.

Final Thoughts: All things being equal, there's quite a bit to be considered when trying to figure out the best way to decide the truth about Floyd. The anti-Floyd contingent says that he's only consumed with a flashy lifestyle of glitz and glamour. The pro-Floyd contingent will be quick to remind us that he does give back to the community regularly, and after growing up in a tumultuous situation and dedicating himself to the sport from such a young age, he has earned the right to bask in the glow of the spotlight. The anti-Floyd contingent says he hasn't been an active fighter in the ring as a welterweight champion. The pro-Floyd contingent is quick to remind us that since the year 2000, he has consistently fought no more than twice a year with the exception of '01 and '05; Starting each of those years with a fight in January, giving him room to squeeze in a rare third matchup. The anti-Floyd contingent will say that he has not fought the best welterweight competition (Cotto/Margarito/Williams/etc). The pro-Floyd contingent will be quick to remind us that this argument doesn't change the fact that he has fulfilled the 2-mandatory-defenses-per-year obligation that the organization he occupies as champion (WBC) has mandated, solidifying his status as champ without question.

Seems that for every anti-Floyd argument, there's a pro-Floyd response. After reviewing the pro's and con's both ways, now that Floyd has been officially 'CALLED OUT', each of us should ask ourselves do we truly have something to say?, or are we simply making noise in an effort to be heard? A great number of the facts have been presented. Now based on your individual argument, you decide.

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Article posted on 20.04.2008

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