2008 U.S. Future Stars National Boxing Championship Participants are Set

(COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.) – Following several months of qualifying competition, the 2008 U.S. Future Stars National Championships participants have been set. Over 270 of the top male and female boxers from across the United States have earned berths in the event, which will be contested March 9-14 at the Olympic Training Complex in Colorado Springs.

The men’s side boasts 24 Olympic Team Trials for Boxing participants, four Junior Olympic Champions making the jump to the senior level and one returning champion from the 2007 event. Bantamweight Ronny Rios (Santa Ana, Calif.) took home two national championships in 2007, winning both the U.S. Championships and Golden Gloves and he is back in 2008, hoping for another outstanding year. Two-time Junior Olympic national champion Louie Byrd (Denver, Colo.) will compete in his first senior level tournament after tremendous success at the amateur level. He is joined by 2007 Junior Olympic national champions: flyweight Johnny Determan (Omaha, Neb.), flyweight Raul Lopez (Bronx, N.Y.); and welterweight Wesley Padilla (Rock Springs, Wyo.).

On the women’s side, eleven current or former national champions will take the ring at the Olympic Training Center. Record-breaking five-time national champion, Cheryl Houlihan (Santee, Calif.) will compete for her sixth straight gold medal, competing in the flyweight division. Two-time national champion and World Championships bronze medalist Marlen Esparza (Houston, Texas) will make her third straight trip to Colorado Springs, as she looks to defend her title in the light flyweight division. Three-time middleweight national champion Franchon Crews (Capitol Heights, Md.) has dropped down to the light middleweight division for the 2008 edition of the event. She could face two-time welterweight national champion Lisa Kuronya (Portland, Maine) in her new light middleweight class.

The 2008 U.S. Future Stars National Championship will showcase many of the current and future stars of the sport of amateur boxing. New computer scoring systems will be utilized in the premier amateur boxing national championship. For the first time the United States will use the same equipment that will be showcased in the 2008 Olympic Games and was on display at the recent AIBA World Championships. In addition, the scoring will be shown in the arena for the fans to keep up with the action.

Preliminary action will kick off on March 9 and run through March 11, semifinal competition will be contested on March 12, the women will compete in final round bouts on March 13 and the men’s championship contests will take place on March 14. Tickets start at only $2 and for more information, go to

2008 U.S. Future Stars National Championship Schedule

Sunday, March 9: Noon and 6 p.m. (Preliminary Bouts)
Monday, March 10: Noon and 6 p.m. (Preliminary Bouts)

Tuesday, March 11: Noon and 6 p.m. (Preliminary Bouts)

Wednesday, March 12: Noon and 6 p.m. (Semifinal Bouts)

Thursday, March 13: 7 p.m. (Women’s Championship Bouts)

Friday, March 14: 7 p.m. (Men’s Championship Bouts)

All competition will take place in Sportscenter I at the U.S. Olympic Training Complex

2008 U.S. Future Stars National Championship Rosters

Men’s Roster

Light flyweight/106 lbs/48kg
Keola McKee,Wailuku, Hawaii – Hawaii (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
Gino Padilla, Las Vegas, Nev. - PAL
Micheal Benedosso, Ft. Huachuca, Ariz. - Army
Stephon Young, St. Louis, Mo. - Heartland
Fabian Cervantes, Ableta, Calif. - Great West
Hector Torres, New Haven Conn. - Northeast
Oscar Cantu, Kingsville, Texas - Texas
Sergio Ramerez, Omaha, Neb. - North Mid-West
Louie Byrd, Denver, Colo. - Four Corners (Two-time Junior Olympic National Champion)
Malcom Franklin, Colorado Springs, Colo. – At-large (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)

Flyweight/112 lbs/51 kg
Michael Ruiz, Jr., Fresno, Calif. - Central Pacific
Bruno Escalante Jr., Waimanalo, Hawaii – Hawaii (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
Louie Padilla, Las Vegas, Nev. - PAL
Terail Singleton, St. Louis, Mo. - Heartland
Randy Caballero, Coachella, Calif. - Great West
Raul Lopez, Bronx, N.Y. - Northeast (2007 Junior Olympic National Champion)
Adam Lopez, San Antonio, Texas - Texas
Johnny Determan, Omaha, Neb. - North Mid-West (2007 Junior Olympic National Champion)
Jorge Rosario, Chesterfield, Mich. - Great Lakes
Mike Herrera, Arroyo Seco, N.M. - Four Corners
Daniel Lozano, Bowling Green, Fla. – At-large (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)

BANTAMWEIGHT/119 lbs/51 kg
Roman Morales, San Ardo, Calif. - Central Pacific
Isaiah Manalo, Waimanalo, Hawaii - Hawaii
John Franklin, Fort Carson, Colo. – Army (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
Laundale Williams, Prichard, Ala. - Southeast
Shawn Nichol, Lakewood, Colo. - PAL
Aaron Loya, St. Louis, Mo. - Heartland
Teddy Padilla, Las Vegas, Nev. - Great West
Luis Rosa, East Haven, Conn. - Northeast
Jerrel Barbour, Tacoma, Wash. - Pacific Northwest
Jerry Guevarra, Brownsville, Texas - Texas
Juan Brisenia, Kansaba, Wis. - North Mid-West
Kevin Lamont Rivers, Oxon Hill, Md. - East Central
Johnnie Roland, Cape Code, Fla. - Southeast Coast
Antonio Nieves, Cleveland, Ohio - Great Lakes
Ronny Rios, Santa Ana, Calif. - Golden Gloves (2007 National Champion and U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
Paul Romero, Phoenix, Ariz. - Four Corners
David Clark, San Diego, Calif. – At-large (Two-time U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)

FEATHERWEIGHT/125 lbs/57 kg
Guy L.A. Robb Jr., Sacramento, Calif. - Central Pacific
Lean Gumboc, Wailuku, Hawaii - Hawaii
Alexis Ramos, Fort Carson, Colo. – Army (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
David Green, Monroe, La. – Southeast
Derrick Murray, St. Louis, Mo. - Heartland
Lesley Walker, Las Vegas, Nev. - Great West
Danny Aquino, Meriden, Conn. - Northeast
Jesse Carnell, Jerome, Idaho - Pacific Northwest
Andre Ramirez, Camp Lejune, N.C. - USMC
Mercedes Manriquez, Houston, Texas - Texas
Naquan Smalls, Marrinette, Wis. - North Mid-West
Rosey, Summerville, Sumter, S.C. - Air Force (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
Glenn T. Dezurn, Baltimore, Md. - East Central
Nicholas Chin, Pt. Saint Lucie, Fla. - Southeast Coast
Ryan Schmidt, Grand Rapids, Mich. - Great Lakes
Vincent Montoya, Cheyenne, Wyo. - Wymondak
Robert Rodriguez, Evans, Colo. - Four Corners (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)

LIGHTWEIGHT/132 lbs/60 kg
Eric Alta Mirano, Concord, Calif. - Central Pacific
Isaac Arasato, Honolulu, Hawaii - Hawaii
Connor Johnson, Colorado Springs, Colo. - Army
Shemuel Pagan, Brooklyn, N.Y. – PAL (2008 U.S. Olympic T eam Trials participant)
Adam Davis, Leeds, Ala. - Southeast
Jaron Singleton, St. Louis, Mo. - Heartland
Jose Roman, Garden Grove, Calif. - Great West
Chazz McDowell, Mt. Vernon, N.Y. - Northeast
Andre Keys, Tacoma, Wash. - Pacific Northwest
Edgar Ramirez, Camp Lejeune, N.C. - USMC
Eric Fowler, Montgomery, Texas - Texas
Adrian Martinez, Milwaukee, Wis. - North Mid-West
Chance Yearwood, Charleston, S.C. - Air Force
Cordaro Simpkins, Chesapeake, Va. - East Central
Braden Wallace, Alpharetta, Ga. - Southeast Coast
Brett Simmons, East Cleveland, Ohio - Great Lakes
Duran Caferrero, Helena, Mont. – Wymondak (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
Fidel Alfred Maldonado, Albuquerque, N.M. - Four Corners
Miguel Gonzalez, Cleveland, Ohio – At-large (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
Jesse Carradine, Cincinnati, Ohio/NMU – NMU

Michael A. Morales, Bay Point, Calif. - Central Pacific
Earl Fitts III, Wailuku, Hawaii - Hawaii
Adrian Orrostieta, Brandenton, Fla. - Army
Charles Watson, Johnson City, Tenn. - Southeast
Jamal James, Minneapolis, Minn. - PAL
Jeff Strum, Wichita, Kansas - Heartland
Luis Mora, Los Angeles, Calif. - Great West
Michael Brooks, Oceanside, N.Y. - Northeast
Juan Ulloa, Bend, Ore. - Pacific Northwest
Samuel Martinez, Camp Lejeune, N.C. – USMC (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
Jermoll Charlo, Houston, Texas - Texas
Oscar Soto, St. Paul, Minn. - North Mid-West
David Russell, Pope Air Force Base, N.C. - Air Force
Emanuel Taylor, Edgewood, Md. - East Central
Jared Robinson, Sumter, S.C. - Southeast Coast
Adrian Granados, North Riverside, Ill. - Great Lakes
Ryan Soft, McLaughlin, S.D. - Wymondak
Ronnie Reams, Colorado Springs, Colo. - Four Corners
Daniel O’Connor, Framingham, Mass. – At-large (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
Andre Sherard, Milwaukee, Wis. – At-large (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
Tremaine Woodard, Marquette, Mich. - NMU

WELTERWEIGHT/152 lbs/69 kg:
Jaime Valdez, Tulare, Calif. - Central Pacific
Kolten Foo, Waipahu, Hawaii - Hawaii
Rodrigo Garcia, Santa Ana, Calif. - PAL
Nathaniel Hicks Fort Gordon, Ga. - Army
Orlando Utsey, Little Rock, Ark. - Heartland
Anthony Campbell, Covington, Tenn. - Southeast
Jose Elizondo, Carson, Nev. - Great West
Glen Tapia, Passaic, N.J. - Northeast
John Peak, Jr., Seatac, Wash. - Pacific Northwest
Erral Spence, Desoto, Texas - Texas
Javontae Starks, Maples, Minn. - North Mid-West
Joshua Gomez, El Paso, Texas - Air Force
Albert King, Kingsbay, Ga. - Navy
Jeremiah Wiggins, Newport News, Va. - East Central
William Waters, Phenix City, Ala. - Southeast Coast
Leandro White, Detroit, Mich. - Great Lakes
Wesley Padilla, Rock Springs, Wyo. – Wymondak (2007 Junior Olympic National Champion)
Arturo Crespin, Las Vegas, N.M, - Four Corners
Greg Carter, Waterbury, Conn. – At-large

MIDDLEWEIGHT/165 lbs/75 kg
Richard Hargraves, San Francisco, Calif. - Central Pacific
Kainoa Oca-Kauhane, Honolulu, Hawaii - Hawaii
Zacchaeus Hardrick, Fort Carson, Colo. – Army (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
Keandrae Leatherwood, Tuscaloosa, Ala. - Southeast
Denis Douglin, Morganville, N.J. - PAL
Joe Strong, Midwest City, Okla. - Heartland
Christopher Chapman, San Diego, Calif. - Great West
Aleem Whitfield, Geneva, N.Y. - Northeast
Micheal Gavronski, North Bend, Wash. - Pacific Northwest
Jonathan Culbertson, Camp Lejeune, N.C. - USMC
Chap Huggins, Ft. Worth, Texas - Texas
Ceresso Fort, St. Paul, Minn. - North Mid-West
Thomas Jacobs, Bonaire, Ga. - Air Force
James Taylor, San Diego, Calif. - Navy
Jesse Hart, Philadelphia, Pa. - East Central
Lamar Russ, Fayetville, N.C. - Southeast Coast
Ramon Valenzuela, Chicago, Ill. - Great Lakes
Andre Penn, Rapids City, S.D. - Wymondak
Jesus Correa, Albuquerque, N.M. - Four Corners
Shawn Porter, Stow, Ohio – At-large (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
Luis Arias, Milwaukee, Wis. – At-large (2006 Cadet World Championships silver medalist)
Dominic Wade, Largo, Md. – At-large (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)

Joseph Gumina, San Mateo, Calif. - Central Pacific
Nainoa Seitz, Honolulu, Hawaii - Hawaii
Jeffery Spencer, Fort Carson, Colo. – Army (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
Dorian Anthony, Lynwood, Calif. - PAL
Tyrone Davis, Monroe, La. - Southeast
Jeff Page, Andover, Kansas - Heartland
Framanu Pritchard, Long Beach, Calif. - Great West
Lionell Thompson, Buffalo, N.Y. - Northeast
Marquice Weston, Tacoma, Wash. - Pacific Northwest
Kelly Buchanan, Cosicana, Texas - Texas
Micheal Falk, St. Paul, Minn. - North Mid-West
Rodney Ellison Jr., Cheyene, Wyo. - Air Force
Jerry Martin, Norfolk, Va. - Navy
Thomas Williams, Laurel, Md. - East Central
Abdulah Dobey, Miami, Fla. - Southeast Coast
Terrell Gausha, Cleveland, Ohio - Great Lakes
Adam Axelson, Bozeman, Mont. - Wymondak
Andrew Hernandez, Phoenix, Ariz. - Four Corners
Siju Shabazz, Las Cruces, N.M. – At-large (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
DeRae Crane, Marquette, Mich. - NMU

HEAVYWEIGHT/201 lbs/91 kg
Melvin A. Holland, Fairfield, Calif. - Central Pacific
Matt Monkewiczm, Honolulu, Hawaii - Hawaii
Andrew Shepherd, Fort Carson, Colo. – Army (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
Michael Bissett, Smyrna, Tenn. - Southeast
Joey Dawejko, Philadelphia, Pa. - PAL
Jeremiah Graziano, Lenexa, Kansas - Heartland
James Thomas, San Diego, Calif. - Great West
David Thompson, Brooklyn, N.Y. - Northeast
David Imoesiri, Seattle, Wash. - Pacific Northwest
Jerome Amato, Camp Lejeune, N.C. - USMC
Craig Baker, Baytown, Texas - Texas
Donnovan Dennis, Davenport, Iowa - North Mid-West
James Sterling Jr., APO - Air Force
Paul Koon, Philadelphia, Pa. - East Central
Yuwshua Zadok, Atlanta, Ga. - Southeast Coast
Craig Lewis, Detroit, Mich. - Great Lakes
Sifou Sua, Murray, Utah - Four Corners
David Carey, Anchorage, Alaska – At-large (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)

SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT/201+ lbs/91+ kg
Rodney Hernandez, Modesto, Calif. - Central Pacific
Keenyn Pahio, Honolulu, Hawaii - Hawaii
Jabril Temple, St. Louis, Mo. - Heartland
Andrew Deon Shepard, Ft. Carson, Colo. - Army
Anthony Webster, Birmingham, Ala. - Southeast
Alex Rivera, Coachella, Calif. - Great West
Tor Hamer, New York, N.Y. - Northeast
Lester King, Lacey, Wash. - Pacific Northwest
Josue Torres, Camp Lejeune, N.C. - USMC
Darlington Agha, Richmond, Texas - Texas
Toby Batie, Cedar Rapids, Iowa - North Mid-West
Javon Wallace, Fort Worth, Texas - Navy
Tavon Sol, Baltimore, Md. - East Central
Lenroy Thompson, Pt. Saint Lucie, Fla. - Southeast Coast (2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials participant)
Jamey Medlock, Country Club Hills, Ill. - Great Lakes
Theon Pappas, Rapids City, S.D. - Wymondak
Terrance Perro, Denver, Colo. - Four Corners

Women’s Rosters

95 lbs
Gina Ramos, Honolulu, Hawaii

Pinweight/101 lbs/46 kg
Colleen Loo, Mililani, Hawaii - Hawaii
Sadie Roberts, Hudson, Iowa - North Mid-West (2007 National Champion)
Sylvia Villapondo, Houston, Texas - Texas
Brittany Walker, Beach Island, S.C. - Southeast Coast
Samantha Guzman, Oak Park, Ill. - Great Lakes

Light Flyweight/106 lbs/48 kg
Amber Goodwin, San Jose, Calif. - Central Pacific
Evonne Amantial-Williams - Hawaii
Kathrine Rodriguez, Riverside, Calif. - PAL
Marlen Esparza, Houston, Texas (two-time national champion) - Texas

Flyweight/110 lbs/50 kg
Courtney Ogawa, Mountain View, Calif. - Central Pacific
Amaris Quintana, San Diego, Calif. - Great West
Gina D’Andrea, Baltimore, Md. - East Central
Cheryl Houlihan, Santee, Calif. (Five-time national champion)

Light bantamweight/114 lbs/52 kg
Latonya King, Warren, Mich.
Keisher McLeod, Brooklyn, N.Y. - Northeast
Kristin Peterson, Chicago, Ill. - Great Lakes
Amy Sowers, Bozeman, Mont. - Wymondak
Nicole Pasillas, Aurora, Colo. - Four Corners

Bantamweight/119 lbs/54 kg
Raelene Pineda, San Bernardino, Calif. - Great West
Teresa O’Toole, North Hollywood, Calif. (two-time national champion) - PAL
Christina Cruz, New York, N.Y. (2007 National Champion) - Northeast
Kayla Combs, Lubbock, Texas - Texas
Latonya King, Warren Mich. - Great Lakes
Cynthia Moreno, Phoenix, Ariz. - Four Corners

Featherweight/125 lbs/57 kg
Patricia Manuel, Gardena, Calif. - Great West
Cherrie Moyer Golden City, N.Y. - Army
Jody-Ann Weller, Pomona, N.Y. - Northeast
Stephanie Eggink, Bellingham, Wash. (2007 National Champion) - Pacific Northwest
Alexandria Cardenas, San Angelo, Texas - Texas
Victoria Munoz-Cardoza, Dallas, Texas
Ashley Barnett, Cleveland, Ohio - Great Lakes (2005 National Champion)

Lightweight/132 lbs/60 kg
Katonya Fisher, Bakersfield, Calif. - PAL
Liz Leddy, Portland, Maine - Northeast
Jessica Chambers, Tacoma, Wash. - Pacific Northwest
Sarrah Schmadle, Marinette, Wis. - North Mid-West
Stephanie Han, El Paso, Texas - Texas
Camille Currie, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Geni Taylor, Marrero, La. - Southeast
Althea Saunders, Atlantic City, N.J. - East Central
Jacqueline Hernandez, Cummings, Ga. - Southeast Coast
Racheal Gray, Chicago, Ill. - Great Lakes

Light welterweight/138 lbs/63 kg
Kara Potter, San Jose, CA - Central Pacific
Triva Pino, Honolulu, Hawaii - Hawaii
Kimberly Rose, San Diego, Calif. - PAL
Wendy Casey, Binghampton, N.Y. - Northeast
Queen Underwood, Seattle, Wash. - Pacific Northwest (2007 National Champion)
Katy Klinfeter, Iowa City, Iowa - North Mid-West
Crystal Wortman, Panama City, Fla. - Air Force
Jessica Owens, Norfolk, Va. - Navy
Ishika C. Lay, Jacksonville, Fla. - Southeast Coast
Kristin Gearhart, Oak Park, Ill. - Great Lakes

Welterweight/145 lbs/66 kg
Christina Swanson, Hollywood, Fla. - PAL
Dariana Casado, New York, N.Y. - Northeast
Jacki Peterson, Vancover, Wash. - Pacific Northwest
Jennifer Fenn, Cedar Creek, Texas - Texas
Suzana Rodríguez, Plymouth, Ind.
Brittany Inkrote, Red Lion, Pa.
Nikisha Copeland, Aiken, S.C. - Southeast Coast
Vanessa Jackson, Columbus, Ohio - Great Lakes

Light middleweight/154 lbs/70 kg
Heather Hartman, Hayward, Calif. - Central Pacific
DeQuesa Martinez, Denver, Colo. - PAL
Lisa Kuronya, Portland, Maine (two-time national champion) - Northeast
Grace Parks, Bellingham, Wash. - Pacific Northwest
Maria Torres, Norfolk, Neb. - North Mid-West
Bambi Manzo, Baytown, Texas - Texas
Tia Daniels, Palm Bay, Fla. - Southeast Coast
Franchon Crews, Capitol Heights, Md. (three-time middleweight national champion) - East Central

Middleweight/165 lbs/75 kg
Lindsey Taylor, Monroe, La. - Southeast
Meredith A. Della Giustina, Lexington, Ky. - Great Lakes

Light heavyweight/176 lbs/80 kg
Meredith Hilderman, Waipahu, Hawaii - Hawaii
Jaclyn Nichols, Berlin, N.J.
Elizabeth Sabatier, Tombell, Texas - Texas

Heavyweight/189 lbs/86 kg
Denise Rico, Los Angeles, Calif. - Great West
Victoria Perez, Ventura, Calif. - PAL
Anne Gibbon, Annapolis, Md. - Navy (2007 National Champion)
Nikki Cane, Wendell, N.C. - Southeast Coast
Tiffany Hearn, Louisville, Ky. - Great Lakes

Super Heavyweight/189+ lbs/86+ kg
Angela Sperry, Helena, Mont. - Wymondak

Article posted on 02.03.2008

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