Time for old man Jones to retire!

12.11.03 - By Ron Champ Miller: Hello fight fans!!!!!!!!! The tag team of Batman and Robin gives boxing 2 more black eyes? Why? Read on......I am talking about Derrick "Choke" Gainer and "Ole" Roy Jones Jr. Both were seen last embarrassing their sport. Gainer by not fighting, and then pretty much just quitting, and Jones by coming in "weight drained"(sounds like an excuse, if you ask me).

I was looking forward to a competitive match. However Gainer did his best impression of a marathon runner. He did not want to engage, rather he looked for one shot to end it. When he was cut, he quit, instead of losing a decision. This way he keeps his name out there, as this fight was "controversial". Pathetic. Perhaps they should have just cancelled this fight in August, instead of postponing it. Thank you for playing today Derrick and pick up your last big check on your way out of the "my career is over" door.

As far as Juan Manuel Marquez goes, this fight doesnít really help him. Still a lot of questions, as far as I'm concerned. I just remember the Freddy Norwood fight, and him not taking the Naseem Hamed fight, saying was "hurt". This was when he was supposedly chasing Hamed for years. I admire him for pressing the action, but his performance left a lot to be desired. I donít think this helps him fight Barrera or Erik Morales. Why would he get a shot now? I didnít think Smoke was that good, did you? He was protecting his chin which has more glass in it than a chandelier.

I enjoyed Floyd Mayweather 2nd coming out party. You remember the 1st one right? That was when he beat Chico Corrales from pillar to post. It was exciting to see this defensive whiz, mix it up against a guy who well, stood in front of him. Phillip N'Dou gave a great effort. He is someone to watch. Donít let this performance fool you. Mayweather is just that good. He is wrapping his hands better. Both showed great chins. In losing, I think Ndou made a lot of fans who didnít really know much about him and will get some good fights. Mayweather showed another side, when he is engaged, it can be exciting. Look for him to move up in weight.

Lets get to the "man of the hour, too sweet to be sour", Roy Jones Jr. Or shall we say, lets not. Jones is a lucky man today. As far as I'm concerned he won the fight, but I had it closer than those 2 judges (Hamada & Harris). I thought Roth was right on. Again, I cant argue with a draw or a Antonio Tarver win, either. It was a close fight, but I did think Roy pulled it out. Or rather Tarver didnít. Tarver had Roy on the ropes in the 10th rd, but couldnít finish him off. But thatís not the only round. I think Tarver lost this fight more than Roy winning it. This was Tarver's fight to lose. And he did just that. By not seizing the opportunity and letting Jones off the hook he failed himself. I donít buy that "weight-drained" excuse. Everyone has to make weight. Jones should have started preparing himself earlier, or just stay at heavyweight.

I think we are all harder on Jones as he is supposed the best fighter of my era and generation, Mr. #1 P4Per, "Mr. Boxing". But he is human like the rest of us. Tarver showed how you can beat Jones, by pressuring him and getting him to the ropes. If you can back him up, and keep him out of the center of the ring, you can beat him. Did Jones look like himself? No. But I think Tarver had a lot to do with that. Not weight. Jones like me, probably underestimated Tarver and overrated himself. You know Roy is a business man first, and doesnít take fights he cant win. You can say Jones gutted it out, but do you expect any thing less from a professional prizefighter? My point is, I think people were surprised to see Jones in so much trouble, in a "fight", that we are hard on him. And he knows that.

Just as we are hard on Michael Jordan or Marshall Faulk. These guys along with Jones are put up to a higher level. Jerry Roth said "Roy, you are not better than this man". Don't expect a rematch. Jones is lucky to escape without his 2nd loss. Look for him to try to fight Mike Tyson and call it a career. Roy looks for maximum money and least risk. While I was watching Roy, Lennox Lewis came to mind. Lewis earlier this year Didnít look good as well. He has yet to return to the ring. You can look old in the ring overnight. The squared circle can be brutal and harsh. Age catches up with the best of them. Perhaps "father time" has caught up with both. Perhaps its time to hang them up for good.

Champ Flurries: Doesnít look good for Paul Spadafora. Not surprised as sports is just a reflection of society. A shame nonetheless. Looking forward to Marco Antonio Barrera-Manny Pacquiao this weekend. But I think Marco is too much for the kid. Cant see MAB getting old overnight. Should be fun while it lasts though. Is it just me, or does having metal plates in your head a problem? Not so much that it can be used as a weapon, but more is it safe for Barrera?

Just wanted to give a big ups to the Florida Marlins, your WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!! I guess the Yankees couldnít buy another ring. The Lakers are coming down to earth. My pick for the title? The San Antonio Spurs. The Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated. For now. No way they go 16-0 however. The '72 Dolphins will make sure of that. Here are a bunch of old timers whose claim to fame is that record.

One last note.....Recently it was Veterans Day. Just want to give thanks to the vets and current military members. May you all return Safely (especially in Iraq) and godspeed.

Thatís it fight fans!!!!!Keep your hands up and keep punching for the stars!!!!!!

Ron Champ Miller

Article posted on 12.11.2003

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