Ricky Hatton Will Destroy Floyd

By Scoop Malinowski: The fight has already been determined. Ricky Hatton himself has said so, "I have never been so sure of a win in my career." He knows in his heart and soul, he knows in his blood that he will destroy Floyd Mayweather. Like many Americans, I held some reservations of this very bold declaration from the Hitman. But after witnessing Friday's weigh-in, I'm on board 100%. Ricky Hatton is going to slaughter Mayweather..

Let me tell you, the first clues of the upset came from witnessing the Manchester weigh-in two months ago. That was where Hatton, having reached his fill of the incessant disrespect from the immature punk from Las Vegas, turned the tables and lashed back, in the form of the famous quote, "I haven't missed my six-year-old son as much as you might think because I've spent the last week with this fucking six-year-old."

The audience laughed at the 30-year-old WBC Welterweight champ. Never has a great champion been laughed at, mocked and humiliated publicly as Phloyd was in that moment. Never. Because Mayweather is a counterfeit.

As talented as Floyd is in the ring, albeit against handpicked opposition, outside of the combat zone he has the most repulsive disgusting personality from a top sportsman I have ever witnessed. He has taken conceit and arrogance to the lowest depths of humanity. Years of being surrounded by pathetic sychophants and yes men can deform even the strongest of personalities. Make no mistake, fame and fortune have ruined Floyd Mayweather who once upon a time was a very likeable and classy human being.

Now the proverbial shit is going to hit the fan. "The humble shall be exalted and the exalted shall be humbled."

The weigh-in was one of the most magical scenes I have ever witnessed in boxing. Thousands of Brits greeted their hero with on ovation that surely sent shivers and chills down some spines and maybe even some tears in a few eyes. Ricky Hatton, the hero of this incredible drama exploded onto the stage and showed everyone he is totally and perfectly ready to do the job that needs to be done. It was confidence to a degree that only a special few will ever feel. Ricky Hatton, in that instant, was telling his supporters, Thank you I love you and I am ready. I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN. The intensity was just emanating off him as if he were Roberto Duran, Mike Tyson, Kostya Tszyu and Jack Dempsey all at once.

Then the champion was announced and when he came out he looked eerily affected by the raucous singing for Hatton and then booing which greeted his disgusting appearance. But Mayweather's horrible behavior and horrid trash talk over the last two months merited such a disrespectful reception in his hometown. Floyd, as should be expected, looked uncomfortable as the target of the scorn. He tried to shake it off by acting cocky but you could plainly see, he does not like it one bit. And, mark my words, it is affecting his sensitive ego.

Hatton was strengthened by the overwhelming support and basked calmly in the glory. His body movements were cool and calm as he removed his clothing, by contrast Mayweather was jumpy and jerky with all the negative attention pelting and punishing his presence. Then Hatton, amid the singing, stepped on the scale sideways looking down on Mayweather with vicious disdain. A pure rage, as if he can't wait to destroy once and for all this disgrace of a boxing champion who has shamed the sport with his attitude and personality. Mayweather looked up at the master of the situation and attempted to cover up his true feelings with more gestures of cockiness. But they were hollow, just like his phony retirement earlier this year. Then Mayweather hopped on the scale, went into a trance-like blankness before turning sideways at Ricky, weakly copying Hatton's threatening stare.

The massive audience continued to shower their hero with love and support and the nose to nose stare-down was absolutely riveting action. Hatton is a caged and starved tiger who can't wait to feast. Again, like two days earlier, there was slight shoving from Mayweather, which seemed more of a defensive nature from Hatton pressing his head into Phloyd's. Phloyd said in an interview after the Wednesday press conference, he tried to "cal..." but caught himself and did not fully admit that he was trying to "calm" Hatton's intensity down.

Mayweather can't control Hatton. He can't control the crowd. He has lost control of the situation. And he will lose control of the situation in the ring on Saturday night. Mark my words.

Desperately, Phloyd then brought his two young sons onto the stage, who held his belts up over their heads. It was a hopeless, desperate maneuver to try and quell the animosity from the crowd. It may have worked ever so slightly but on Saturday night, their will be no mercy or sympathy. Phloyd Mayweather is going to be destroyed in the ring by Ricky Hatton.

Ricky Hatton is going to rid us once and for all of the most disgusting and classless welterweight champion this beautiful sport has ever produced. Ricky Hatton will be the new WBC Welterweight champion of the world.

"Ricky Hatton took this fight because he is getting older and losing his edge. Hatton knew he was going to lose soon, just look at how scarred up his face is and how beat up he is. That's why he wants to fight me. If you lose to the best you have little shame but if you lose to a nobody you are washed up." -Mayweather's opinion from two months ago.

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Article posted on 08.12.2007

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