Audio: Floyd Mayweather Interview

Listen: Floyd Mayweather Conf. Call mp3 - LEONARD ELLERBE, CEO MAYWEATHER PROMOTIONS: Iíd like to thank everybody for joining the call. Weíre just excited. Itís been a great promotion thus far, working with Golden Boy and weíve had a tremendous training camp thus far. Floyd is obviously in great condition, like he is for every fight and weíre just excited and looking forward to next Saturday, getting ready to put on another outstanding performance.. So, without further ado, the best fighter in the world, Floyd.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER, BOXER MAYWEATHER PROMOTIONS: Hi, how is everybody doing? Iím just waking up. First I want to thank God, thank Golden Boy Promotions, thank Mayweather Promotions, thank Kelly Swanson and the Swanson Team, Team Mayweather and I want to thank all the media and all the press and everybody that covers this event. Itís truly been a blessing and Iím ready to go.

KELLY SWANSON: OK, great. If we can now open it up to questions. Weíll take our first question.

Oh, I do want to remind everybody that because of the volume and how many people are on the call, we are going to go with the one question rule today. Certainly, if we have time at the end, you can re-enter the line but weíre going to start with one question per media member. Thank you very much.

DAN RAFAEL, ESPN: Floyd, I was struck by Oscarís remarks opening this conference call, talking about the fact that it was tracking so high as it compared to your fight with Oscar and all the closed circuit seats that have been sold and obviously the fact that it sold out in half an hour and, thereís a good chance that this fight may do over a million homes on pay-per-view. It sounds that way. That would make you the first fighter ever in the pay-per-view year to have back-to-back million pay-per-view in the same year. Do you have a chance to do in one year, more pay-per-view than even Oscar, and after so many years of not being on pay-per-view, what does that tell you about your popularity and about, and about what has just sort of mushroomed for your career over the past, say, like 16 months or so, 18 months?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Itís the right chemistry and the right team. My team has really went out there and went to work for me, not just inside the ring but outside the ring, conducting business and I can remember meeting with you early on in my career and I just told you everything takes time. Iím going to keep dedicating myself. Iím going to keep just working hard and eventually everybody will open their eyes and see that I really want it and I need to be at the top, just working hard, hard work and dedication and going through the struggle but keep, just kept working hard, kept believing and one day I said, Iím going to be a pay-per-view attraction and here I am today. I truly believe that weíre going to do over a million homes and I think it took a lot and it.

Well, it took a lot of work. Guys that were writing articles about my career and about the different controversies Iíve been through as far as all the media, all the writers, Kelly Swanson my publisher is breaking her neck to try to get my face anywhere that she could possibly get it and Leonard and Al, thereís a good chemistry and, of course, Richard Schaeffer and Oscar de la Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions. They do a great of a job and, Iíve got my own company now, so all those things together, mixed in one is what pushed Mayweather to the top and, of course, the main thing is that my skills and my hard work.

FRANKLIN MCNEIL, THE STAR LEDGER: Hey Floyd, one thing that struck me when I watched 24/7, the second episode was the issue of your hand and your shoulder and it was a interesting comment you made and even your doctor was saying she didnít really want you to go on too much longer in this career.


FRANKLIN MCNEIL: The thing that struck me from that was, if Floyd Mayweather, or will Ricky Hatton be seeing - have the injuries affected Floyd Mayweather in any way, physically, and will


FRANKLIN MCNEIL: Let me finish - and will Ricky Hatton be seeing the Floyd, the same Floyd Mayweather that everyoneís used to being, everyoneís used to seeing.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, I feel that itís like a lot of fighters go through ups and downs in training camp.


FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I just wanted the people to get a chance to see that, of course, Iím not Superman. Of course, I put ice packs on my back. I go through, therapy also. And even though sometimes I may do or I donít need therapy; sometimes I donít even need therapy and I still go just to keep everything in place and in order. So we wonít have a problem once we do get to that plateau.

FRANKLIN MCNEIL: So heís going to see the same Ricky; I mean weíre going to see the regular Floyd Mayweather.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Oh yes, absolutely. Thatís why we do all that stuff and do it early on in camp and we continue to do therapy, like some days I donít even need therapy and we do it, you know, just to cover all grounds.

MARK STANIFORTH, PRESS ASSOCIATION: I just wondered if you had any particular favorite British fighters throughout history and what your opinion is, broadly, of British boxing at the moment.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, boxing period, in the whole is a beautiful sport. Boxing is art and every fighter has his own style and I can respect that about different fighters but itís not just a certain country of boxing that I like. I like all boxing; it really doesnít matter what country it comes from and Iím not really a Ricky Hatton fan, not being disrespectful. Iíve seen a couple rounds of him in a Collazo and Iíve probably seen a couple rounds of him and another fighter but I never really watched Ricky Hatton fight and I donít study tapes on fighters, so just come December 8th, Iím going to just have to adjust and adapt to his style, once we get in there. But, obviously heís done something right to be facing Floyd Mayweather, so weíll have to see December 8th what he brings to the table.

PETE SHUTTLEWORTH, WALES ON SUNDAY: Obviously, thereís been a lot of excitement about this Mayweather/Hatton fight over in the U.K. I mean not, the other one that people are talking about is Calzaghe against Hopkins. Floyd, is that something that you guys want to see in America? Is that something that excites you?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Like I said before, we like all boxing. I think Hopkins is a good fighter. I think Calzaghe is a good fighter and I think the British fans probably want to see it more than the American fans. But I think itís a good match up and I think both guys are going to bring their best.

PETE SHUTTLEWORTH: Why did you say the British fans want it more than the Americans though, Floyd?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I mean thatís just the way I feel, you asked me a question and I gave you an answer.

PETE SHUTTLEWORTH: I mean itís just a fight that a lot of people want to see and itís obviously Britain against the U.S. You guys donít have interest.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I mean, of course, I mean but like first you asked me a question, the only thing I can do is just be honest with them and thatís what they respect about me is my honesty. As youíve seen heís coming off a big fight in the U.K. with I think Kessler, thatís his name?

PETE SHUTTLEWORTH: Yes, thatís right.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: And I feel that they, the U.K. fans love their fights so why wouldnít they love to see Bernard Hopkins, fight against Calzaghe. It doesnít really matter where the fight takes place; I think itís going to be; just itís a good match up.

ROBERT MORALES, L.A. DAILY NEWS: Hey Floyd, I was wondering if I could get your reaction to an interesting comment that Billy Graham had on his conference call last week. He praised your fighting ability and he said youíre a fantastic fighter. Then he was asked about Floyd, the person, and he kind of gave two accounts. He said in one breath, he said that Floydís got himself a bad reputation of being a nasty person. He is disrespectful to people all the time. But then he said I donít think Floyd is as nasty as he pretends. What do you think about those comments from Billy Graham?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, I mean everybodyís entitled to their own opinion and when itís all said and done; only God can judge you. Itís obvious that I must be a good person because, look at my hand Iíve been dealt over my whole career. So I know who I am as a person and I know how I treat people. Itís just when it comes down to my job and my business I put my boxing, my business first and I dedicate myself to my craft and a lot of times people really want to get a chance to know Floyd Mayweather and thereís more like youíre going to judge, Iím already pre-judged before you even get a chance to know me because of the articles and the stories that are written about me from the past. But, I feel that everything is an obstacle. Everything is a learning experience and you live and you learn and only the strong survive and Iím one of the strong, Iím one of the strong ones. All I do is just keep fighting and no matter what anybody says, Floyd Mayweatherís going to be him. Heís going to continue to spend time with his kids and his family and love the people that love him.

GEORGE WILLIS, NEW YORK POST: Just too sort of almost piggyback on Robertís question, Floyd, youíre a very public person. You like to go out. You donít mind showing all the good things and the blessings that you have, even the money, things like that. In light of some of the things that have been going on, particularly lately, with the football player getting shot and murdered, some of the basketball players, people breaking into their homes and holding them at gunpoint, are you concerned about, you know, being so public? Are you going to have to maybe guard yourself a little bit in this day and age?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, I mean, of course I have to say my same security team that Iíve had for years and a lot of times that Iím doing interviews with you guys, I try not to bring all of my security around you guys cause I want you guys to be able to feel comfortable when you guys are giving me interviews but, you live and you learn. Itís easy for them to always see me giving, you donít make any rating on TV, but they never talk about how Floyd Mayweather feeding a family for Christmas; Floyd Mayweather feeding families for Thanksgiving. Floyd, is always giving back. They always want to talk about what people want to talk about and then as I always told you in the first 24/7, itís America. And Americaís built on controversy and money and it tells you judge a person how they want to judge a person. Me, myself, Iím a good person. Iíve got a good heart and Iíll give a person my light.

The only thing Iím trying to do is give kids that come from the same background as, that I come from; the urban community is everything that you see on TV, I got it legally. I got it just from hard work and dedication. I never did anything illegal. I never sold anything to my peers. All I did was go out there and just dedicate myself to the craft of boxing and just be me, and itís a lot of guys come from bad backgrounds but I just try to help and give them jobs. And some are able to cope; some are not, but you live and you learn and the only thing you can just try to do is just be the best that you can be at what youíre doing.

RAMON ARANDA, 411MANIA.COM: Well, Iím wondering, do you at all think that you might be taking Ricky Hatton a little bit lightly? I mean I know youíve always been a very confident fighter in your abilities and obviously youíre the favorite going in, but weíve seen in the history of this sport that a lot of, not a lot, but quite a few fighters, especially when they reach a certain level of success kind of take some of their opponents a little bit lightly. Now do you ever feel like youíre doing that with Ricky?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I donít, I donít overlook no opponent. If you just look back at my career, even when I fought a guy like Emanuel Augustus.


FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Yes, I never took him light. I knew that he was going to bring his A game. I knew he was going to be extremely tough. I donít ever look at a guyís record. I mean just because of, you may have one guy thatís, have 20 wins and 13 losses and another guy thatís 43 and 0, but the guy with the 13 losses has a lot more experience that heís been with guys of A; he lost to a lot of A level fighters and youíve got another guy that may be 43 and 0 thatís fought a lot of C and D level fighters and the guy with 13 losses fought a lot of guys with A level and decent A level fighters, so itís not by a guyís record, and me, myself, I approach every fight in a great matter. When I say great matter, Iím always pushing myself to the limit and trying to get the best out of Floyd Mayweather and Iím going to continue to push myself to the limit to get the best out of myself. Never overlook anyone, always train hard, always dedicate myself because boxing is something I love and I love to see you guys on the Internet and you guys, and

the writers write about me and I want, I like the guys to write good stories, so 20 years from now, when my grandkids read stories, they know that I was one talented fighter.

GEORGE ROSENWASSER, VALLEY NEWS: Floyd, I wanted to know, what do you think about your portrayal on HBO, the HBO show, 24/7?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: It is what it is. People, theyíre going to portray you how they want to portray you. But HBO is my home and HBO will always be my home; itíll always be my family. I mean, I feel that I take care of my body in a great fashion and I feel that Iím disciplined. You donít see me at a pub drinking beer. After my fight, you donít ever see me 20 and 30 pounds outside my weight. I fight at 147; I walk around at 147, because Iím disciplined as a fighter and I know what it takes. Thatís wear and tear on the body; keep gaining that much weight and keep losing that much weight and that shows you what fighters are disciplined and what fighters are not disciplined. Just being around a sport knowing that thatís unhealthy for you, so hopefully you can find yourself a better fitness trainer.

GARETH DAVIES, DAILY TELEGRAPH: Can I just ask you, on the same kind of tack as the last guy, on your portrayal on 24/7, there does seem to be an element; youíre quite correct in what you say that, you donít balloon up between fights but there seems to be a portrayal that Rickyís a good guy and youíre the bad guy whoís mouthing off all the time. Does that bother you at all?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Just because Iím the type of fighter that truly believes in himself and says Iím going to go out there and work, or do you guys want something boring? I mean this fight, this sport is boxing and this sport is brutal and this is not art. Itís not a gentlemenís sport. We conduct ourselves like gentlemen and I conduct myself like a gentleman. Iím not out there pushing Ricky Hatton on stage anything of that nature. We are shoving Ricky Hatton on this end without, I believe in my skills and Iím having fun on tour. Why not enjoy your job? I like to talk trash in my job and itís like for you, for instance, you could be competing against other writers and you could be like Iím the best writer and I write the fastest and day and day out, if you prove, if you prove youíre the best writer, why not say it? Iím the best writer. They canít take this away from me. And then another writer may come to the office and say look, no, he canít beat me. And the guy would be like, well how, heíd be like how many tournaments have you won. Youíd be like I won two. Heíd be like well, I won 10 under my belt and Ö

GARETH DAVIES: So what youíre saying is itís just your confidence talking, really. Itís just your confidence that makes you talk that way.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Itís just me just believing in myself; me believing in my skills, me believing in myself and I feel comfortable. I truly feel comfortable within myself, within my team and within my skills.

RICH BERGERON, FIGHT NEWS UNLIMITED: Ricky Hatton has said that youíre in for the shock of your life in this fight. What will you do to prevent an upset and what do you think is his greatest strength that youíll have to overcome to do that?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well 38 did all in this, 38 said they were going to keep pressure. Thirty-eight said they had a interesting game plan. Thirty-eight had great trainers. You must realize, trainers canít get in there and fight for fighters. A fighter must go in there; execute the game plan and just better be in the best shape. If you plan on doing it, youíve just got to be in the best shape of your life and bring your a game cause Iím always prepared mentally as well as physically.

DAN RAFAEL: Floyd, when you fought Carlos Baldomir a couple fights back, I remember the press conference afterwards, you were very emotional. You said you were going to retire from boxing; you didnít want to fight anymore. Obviously, then along came the De la Hoya fight, which I think everybody would understand why you took it. It was the biggest fight out there that you could possibly make in the entire sport of boxing and then, I guess, Ricky mouthed off about you a little bit after his fight against Castillo and, as Leonard so eloquently said on 24/7, you know, make the fight. My question for you is, once this fight is over with and youíre very confident youíll win, what other things are out there for you to accomplish in the sport of boxing or are you going to reconsider retirement?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I really donít know. I mean thatís the great question. Thatís one of the best questions that have been asked today. I really donít. I mean I feel that Iíve accomplished really everything that a fighter can possibly accomplish in the great sport of boxing, but I really donít know. I think I need to just sit back and talk it over, talk it over with my mother and see what she says.

DAN RAFAEL: Does a rematch with Oscar interest you in any way, because he needs an opponent for May?

FLOYD MAYFIELD: I donít know. As of right now Iím not interested in anything but my fight December 8th and weíll see. But as of right now I just want to just focus on one fight at a time. I donít want to overlook anybody and then see where we go from there.

RON LEWIS, THE TIMES: Your last fight, Floyd, you were stepping up and challenging Oscar how your weight, you were pound for pound, number one before that but is this a different challenge for you cause youíve got Ė heís got everything to win and youíve essentially got everything to lose. How do you approach it differently?

FLOYD MAYFIELD: I mean I always say that all the pressure is on me, always, every time out. Itís more like, even like fighting Oscar de la Hoya or fighting Baldomir or even fighting Hatton. When youíre fighting Floyd Mayweather, youíre fighting the best, which we all understand but if I win I was supposed to win. Thatís Floyd Mayweather. But if a guy gives me a good fight or if a guy happened to up, if a guy get a win over me, itís an upset but if I win I was supposed to win, so basically Iím always in a no-win situation because once I beat a guy thereís always an excuse. He had weight problems, Mayweather was too big or, you see what goes on in the sport of boxing. Iíve been with guys and Iíve beat them clearly and they try to give me fights on split decisions and Iím like judge me for what I do inside the ring. Donít judge me for hearsay or what they write.

ANDREAS HALE, HIPHOPDX.COM: My question is this. If you could take one thing that the media and HBO 24/7 has missed or misinterpreted about you as a person and wish they would focus on more, what would it be?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I mean it really doesnít matter. They are going to judge me how they are going to judge me for training in a certain way how they want to anyway. You must realize in each fight there has to be a good guy and a bad guy. When I fought Arturo Gatti, I was considered a bad guy, but when I fought De la Hoya I was considered a bad guy. I guess when I fight Ė but when I fought Zab Judah, I guess they said heís worse than I am so it made me the good guy in the Zab Judah fight and made him the bad guy, so thatís how your hand is

dealt, man. You just got to deal with it and you just fight through everything. Everything is a struggle and everything is a fight and you donít let anything break your confidence or donít let anything break your skills. Just continue to do what you got to do, stay focused and just be you.

JAMIE JACKSON, OBSERVER NEWSPAPER: Just a very, a very quick question. Whatís the standout memory you have when youíre growing up as a, as a, as an amateur fighter before you turned pro?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Before I turned amateur I was in the boxing gym. I was in the gym training. The one thing that I think about probably every single day; every day I think about when I used to be a little kid, probably four, three or four. When I was a little kid, I can remember the guys in the gym used to always get in the boxing ring and get on their knees and box me and I used to run circles around them. I could always run around them and try to punch them in the back when I was a little kid, so the memory that they, thatís going to stick with me forever that I will never forget when I was a little kid.

JAMIE JACKSON: OK thatís very kind. Why does that one stand out? Was there a reason?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Because when Ė oh, Iím sorry, when I was a young kid, I used to go to the boxing gym. I was like three or four years old.


FLOYD MAYWEATHER: And the older fighters used to get on their knees and box me but I used to like to run around them then run around the back and try to punch them in the back.

CARLOS GONZALEZ, PRIMERA HORA: Floyd, Iíve got two questions. One, do you feel like youíre fighting more for respect today than you were a few years ago? And two, how do you see the welter division and how do you see Miguel Cotto play out in this division right now?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, I feel Iím not fighting for respect. I feel that Iíve earned my respect, just to get rated, pound for pound, the best fighter in the world, itís obvious you had to do something right and somebody had to respect you to put you on that plateau. And to win Ring both, not just at one weight class but at a couple weight classes is, I feel that thatís an amazing accomplishment, I mean accomplishment in itself and Hatton is a good fighter. Heís going to bring his A game.

CARLOS GONZALEZ: How do you see Miguel Cotto play out in this division right now?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: This is not Miguel Cottoís thing. That was with, this is Floyd Mayweather and we mixed it up a little bit.

ROBERT MORALES: Floyd, before I ask you this question, let me preface it by saying that I think you can and probably will stop Ricky Hatton inside the distance on December 8th. That, do you think there might, if thereís one complaint that I heard after the De la Hoya fight, and it wasnít that you won because we all thought you won, including myself, it was that there wasnít quite enough toe-to-toe action to make fans happy.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well you donít have to worry about that this time. You donít have to worry about that. Believe me, when I tell you this, you donít have to worry about that. You wonít get, you wonít get a lot, youíre going to get that from the opening bell.

EDDIE GOLDMAN, SECONDSOUT RADIO: I think itís obvious that your popularity as a fighter is now at an all-time high with all these numbers of pay-per-view buys and seats and closed circuit seats being sold attest to. Where do you think your skill level as a fighter, do you think that this edition of Floyd Mayweather is the best or was it better when you, in the past when you were younger, you fought guys like Corrales or Castillo or both Hernandezís?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I think that my skills were, Iím being honest, I think my skills would be sharp as they Ė I think, in todayís time, if I was more active like I was back then. Itís just like, itís like anything. If Iím going outside shooting jump shots every day, Iím going to be razor sharp, but if Iím only shooting jump shots twice a week Iím not going to be as sharp as me shooting jump shots seven days a week and, it takes a long time to bill pay-per-view, you have a pay-per-view fight four to six months. Between four and six months to build a fight of this magnitude so thatís why itís a little bit different. Back then I was constantly active but thatís why I tried to start training a lot earlier on this go-round so I can be a lot sharp, a lot sharper cause, now Iím only fighting once every two years or twice or once a year and I just happened to luck out to fight twice this year, so but itís been an amazing year for me, to become an A lister. I did Dancing with the Stars and so many different shows and just having the team thatís been supporting me and the fans thatís been supporting me and all the the writers and all the web sites, have been keeping my name out in the public eye, I think itís been tremendous and I really; I want to let everybody know that who is on the phone that I really appreciate everybody.

RAUL SAENZ, NOTIFIGHT: Floyd, in the fight with Carlos Baldomir, you dressed as a Roman gladiator. For the De la Hoya fight, you wear the Speedy Gonzalez dress. For this, for this fight, are you going to have a costume, like a Buckingham Palace Guard or something like that?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: We donít know what weíre going to have on. How about we let you buy pay-per-view. Thatís why Iím different from every other fighter. I just like to keep everybody guessing. What is Floyd Mayweather going to wear? Some fans want to pay to see what Iím going to wear. Some pay for the name. Some of them pay to see the fight. Some pay to see the art. We just want you to tune in and buy the fight because youíve got two fighters that are undefeated and this is a Mayweather Promotion, our first fight and itís going to be an amazing fight but I donít know what Iím going to wear. We need to get a web site so everybody can ask what Iím going to wear, probably talk about what Iím going to wear for this fight. I donít know what Iím going to wear. You tell me what you think I should wear. People should write into a web site and tell the different web sites what they think I should wear, so I really donít know but Iím going to go out there and put on a good performance.

RAUL SAENZ: Well thank you Floyd and, you know, not only the pay-per-view buyers here in the United States but I promise you everybody in Latin America and all over the world are waiting for you to put your shows not only on the ring but also out of the ring. Thank you very much.

BRIAN DOOGAN, SUNDAY TIMES LONDON: Just tagging along to what the last two guys have said, youíve transcended boxing this year. Dancing with the Stars, how did you continue to train and focus on this fight while you were doing that Floyd?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Because I started training a lot earlier than I normally start training.


FLOYD MAYWEATHER: But whatís so crazy is Ricky Hatton was talking about Dancing with the Stars was a show that he didnít find too pleasing, but he must realize that Dancing with the Stars is a show that started in the U.K. It moved over to the U.S. It is a show thatís still goes on in the U.K. But it was an amazing show, a good experience; I was able to show the world that I can go outside the box and that Iím not just talented inside the ring but I can also get involved with things in other fields and also show my skills and take risks.

GEORGE ROSENWASSER: Hey Floyd, I know that Mayweather Promotions is working in conjunction with Golden Boy Promotions on this fight but how do you feel that Oscar has basically gone on record as saying Ricky Hatton is going to win this fight?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Everybodyís entitled to their own opinion. I mean Oscar de la Hoya said he was going to win May 5th. I mean just because he said it, did he win? So, I mean thatís your answer right there.

Oscar de la Hoyaís supposed to say that because heís Ricky Hattonís promoter. And itís just like if he was my promoter, heís going to say Iím going to win and Oscar de la Hoya is Ricky Hattonís promoter. Even if he didnít want to say that, thatís what heís supposed to say, because if I was Ricky Hattonís promoter and Ricky Hatton was fighting Oscar, guess what Iím going to say. Ricky Hatton going to beat Oscar. You always want your fighter to win.

IAN CHADBAND, LONDON EVENING STANDARD: Just a little bit more about that Dancing with the Stars, as far as I understand it, we obviously donít see over this side of the Atlantic, but it only just finished this week. So are you telling me that you could have got to the final dance off and then beaten Ricky Hatton two weeks later?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I try to make the impossible possible. Anything is possible. I truly believe it could have happened because, you know me, even when Dancing with the Stars was going on after the show, as soon as the show was over, I never done media. As soon as the show was over I go straight to the boxing gym and after the boxing gym I go out for a six to seven or even eight mile run in. So, anything is possible.

IAN CHADBAND: I mean thereís a school of thought that would say that a boxer is not concentrating 100 percent on the fight but 50 percent on a bit of show business nonsense.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well Dancing with the Stars has been over with a long time ago, weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks ago. I donít know how many weeks I was off the show, but Iíve been training for this fight for nine weeks and come December 8th itíll be nine weeks and Iím prepared mentally as well as physically and Iím in tip-top condition and Iím in great shape.

IAN CHADBAND: So is it fair to say that you really werenít taking the dancing too seriously, that in fact you were probably quite glad that you were out after about four weeks?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I mean Iím glad that I was off the show and better earlier than later. I would have hated to have been on the show then done the whole thing and then lost, you know, went on the show 10 weeks then lost. Thatís why Iím glad I was off the show earlier than, so I could focus mainly on the fight.

IAN CHADBAND: And who won it in the end, by the way. I didnít see. Did you watch it? Did you see it through to its conclusion?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, I was there. I took a private jet. It was like 40 minutes away. I took a private jet over there, sat in the audience, watched it, flew right back and went right back to training. But I think Helio won it, the race car driver.

KELLY SWANSON: Yes, the race car driver.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: But I thought Mel B. really won. I mean, my honest opinion, I thought Mel B. was the best and sheís from the U.K.

IAN CHADBAND: Well I mean, I canít believe that you got beaten by a Spice Girl.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Oh, well, things happen.

DIEGO MARTINEZ, REFORMA NEWSPAPER: Floyd, in your country you only have faced one fighter, undefeated fighter, Diego Corrales, and now you face another undefeated fighter. Is it same to face a fighter with one loss, two loss or an undefeated fighter?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I mean we truthfully when weíre being honest, Ricky Hatton has one loss. He lost to, I mean they already to Louis Collazo. I mean you can ask anybody that. I donít really know; I never seen the fight but go ask the world. Thatís all they say, He lost it. I mean he got a gift, but Iím not really worried about a guyís record. Because once we go in there and face each other a guy could be as I told you before, have 30 wins and 10 losses. Once we face, once we face each other, weíre both zero and zero.

JIM EVERETT, SADDOBOXING.COM: Floyd, recently on 24/7, you mentioned that money is not the driver at this point in your career. Iím just curious, was it the money or the challenge of facing Hatton that brought you out of retirement?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: This is something different, country versus country. Thatís something that Iíve always looked to do. Itís just, Iíve never done everything else in the sport but youíve never had a country versus country so thatís why I took on the challenge.

HENRY BEDOY, BOXINGSTARS.NET: Floyd, how do you approach this fight? Do you approach this fight exactly like all your other fights or this is just a special fight in your career?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, I think if you approach it different from any other fight, anything can happen, so thatís why I try to approach it like I approach every fight. Just go out there and dedicate myself to boxing. Just go out there and just work hard. Thatís what I do. Iím the hardest worker in the gym. For all the people that came to see me yesterday at the media workout and the press workout, they seen I was working hard. I mean Iím in tip-top shape and everybody say my body looks a lot better this fight than they ever seen it, so I mean Iím in tip-top condition and I feel good and Iím going to go out there and put on a good performance. Thatís why I started camp early and thatís why we got Mayweather Promotions up and running. I feelís good. My team feels good, so I think weíre going to get a good outcome.

RAMON ARANDA: Can you tell us a little bit about Baldomir? How did training with him come about and what did you learn from him?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I was in the boxing gym and he was like Baldomir going to be here. Then Leonard told me that Baldomirís going to be here Friday. I said well; I said we are boxing, right. Heís like yes. I said OK, thatís good. We need that. So he has another guy thatís undefeated. I think heís 20 and 0 with 18 knockouts thatís going to be here too. So I was like no problem. So he came Friday and I think being on Friday, I donít think we box because I just wanted him to get comfortable first, coming in heís going to get comfortable. I like a guy to get comfortable cause like I said before, we are fair. So he came; he trained at my gym and enjoyed himself, I mean and then we had fun, actually, cool dude. And then Monday, we started boxing and we were throwing down.

KELLY SWANSON: OK, great. That was our last question for this conference call. Floyd, do you have any closing comments before we go ahead and let you go?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I just wanted to say that I appreciate all the media because, I mean you guys are the ones that helped Floyd Mayweather get to the level that heís at over the years, writing all the articles and I appreciate, I mean everybody. I really, and I truly mean that and thanks for supporting me. My family appreciates you guys. Be there December 8; if you canít, buy pay-per-view because you, this go-around I have to give you guys a toe-to-toe battle and Iím not going to let you guys down. Iím going to go out there and perform well and all my U.K. fans, all my U.K. writers, I appreciate all the articles and continue to write about Ricky Hatton and continue to write about Floyd Mayweather and Iíll see you guys next week. Thanks.

KELLY SWANSON: All right. Thank you so much Floyd. That concludes the conference call and thanks everybody for your participation. Again, tomorrow, you will get the fight week schedule with all the activities for next week in Las Vegas. Thank you.

Article posted on 05.12.2007

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