Mayweather calls Hatton's bluff Part II

floyd mayweather jr29.06.07 - By Yero Moody: Due to the overwhelming response I got from part one of this article I feel it is my duty to both clarify some points and add on a few key points. Let me first say I truly appreciate all the e-mails I received from the British fans who surprisingly don't share many of the negative views that I often read on some of these boxing websites. They may not necessarily agree with everything I've written but they were able to see that I was being objective.

There were quite a few fans who decided to turn me into an anti-Brit. That is totally laughable. I mentioned Joe Calzaghe only in comparison to Ricky Hatton because as I stated in part one Hatton has actually fought more than one popular, good opponent.

I feel Joe Calzaghe is a disgrace to the championship belt for fighting all the C level opponents he fights while not fighting the top fighters. He, and his camp make ridiculous offers knowing that no one would agree to them.

Secondly, because I predict that Hatton would get absolutely destroyed by Floyd Mayweather,Jr. doesn't make me anti-Brit. As many of you know that since I began writing articles for ESB that I have given many predictions, most of which have been very accurate. I predicted that Mayweather would defeat De La Hoya. Does that make me anti-Mexican? I also predicted that Mayweather would defeat Zab Judah. Does that make me anti-African-American? I think you all get my point.

When I stated that Jose Castillo is now a washed up fighter I did not state that to tarnish Hatton's victory. I was stating what to me was obvious. All three commentators of the fight noted the same thing. They have absolutely no stake in the career of Jose Castillo. If anything Ricky Hatton is their cash cow. I think they were making a fair assessment of the current condition of Jose Castillo. He clearly is not the same fighter he was when he faced Diego Corales and Floyd Mayweather. The old Castillo would have torn Herman Ngoudjo apart yet he struggled mightily to defeat him just prior to facing Hatton. I was one of those who predicted that Castillo would defeat Hatton. I was wrong. I totally overestimated what Castillo had left in him. Sometimes when a fighter has to struggle to make weight and has been in too many epic battles it prematurely erodes a fighters skills as is the case with Jose Castillo.

Now, onto the nitty gritty. As I eluded to in part one, that if Hatton really didn't want to fight Mayweather he would attempt to make some ridiculous demands that he and everyone else with at least a molecule of a brain cell, knows that Mayweather would absolutely not agree to. This is now the case. Hatton's management team has just offered Mayweather $10 million dollars and here is the real kicker, for Mayweather to come to England and fight Hatton. For those of us who know the politics of boxing and the unwritten rules, we all know what Hatton is trying to pull and it is truly both hilarious and cowardly! Since when does the pound for pound best fighter in the world come to the CHALLENGERS hometown? Mayweather who knew that Oscar De La Hoya was the top earner in the sport did not hesitate to concede to De La Hoya's demands. Number one, he knew that De La Hoya earned the right to call the shots. Number two, he was the challenger. Number three, he was confident that he would beat De La Hoya. Doesn't this exactly mirror the position Hatton is in?

Ricky Hatton knows that Mayweather or any fighter in Mayweather's position would absolutely scoff at this offer, especially the $10 million. Mayweather just earned over $20 million with De la Hoya and could make more fighting Shane Mosley or Miguel Cotto. Hatton knows that Mayweather will say no so he'll be able to tell his fans that Mayweather doesn't want to fight me. Unfortunately for him, many boxing insiders and unbiased fans see through this transpearent charade. Simply put, if Hatton really wants to cement his legacy and fight the pound for pound best fighter in the world, he should concede to the demands of Mayweather as should any challenger. Much like De La Hoya, Mayweather is now the shot caller. Like it or not!

It is also reported that Hatton's team has contacted Paul Malignaggi and talks are underway for a possible showdown. De La Hoya has stated that he would be interested in a fight with Ricky Hatton and would fight in him in Wembley Stadium in England. For those fans who are eager to point out De La Hoya's willingness to fight in England and Floyd's possible opposition to it, please realize that De La Hoya is coming of a loss and is looking to beat a big named opponent before retiring.

He knows he can beat the smaller, less skilled Hatton with ease. I feel that Hatton will choose either Malignaggi or De La Hoya and continue to steer clear of Mayweather. He'll talk the talk but he won't sign a legitimate fair contract. His management team, much like Joe Calzaghe's team, will continue to offer up ridiculous contracts and make it seem as if all the great fighters are scared to face them. Hogwash! If Hatton does choose to face De La Hoya, take note of how he readily concedes with De La Hoya's demands because he feels he has a legitimate chance of actually beating De La Hoya.

When its all said and done, Hatton simply does not have the skills to be able to defeat De La Hoya and Mayweather especially. Don't be fooled by Hatton's mouth just pay close attention to his actions. We all remember what Hatton said and did when Mayweather initially wanted to fight Hatton prior to him beating Oscar De La Hoya. "I'm not ready for the likes of a Mayweather" and he bolted back down to 140lbs. faster than a lightning bolt. I personally like the fighting spirit of Hatton and Antonio Margarito but I'm not blind and I can clearly see how grossly overrated they both are.

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Article posted on 29.06.2007

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