Simms/Alcine Conference Call Transcript

Four excellent fighters with a combined record of 98-1 with 69 knockouts will be featured in a sensational world championship doubleheader on Saturday, July 7, on SHOWTIME (9 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the west coast).In a battle of unbeatens in the SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING main event, local favorite “Tremendous” Travis Simms (25-0, 19 KOs) defends his WBA super welterweight title against unbeaten No. 1 contender Joachim “Ti-Joa” Alcine (28-0, 18 KOs). “The Lord of the Flys,” undefeated, hard-hitting Vic Darchinyan (28-0, 22 KOs) risks his IBF and IBO flyweight belts against once-beaten, world-ranked Nonito “Flash” Donaire (17-1, 10 KOs) in the co-main event..

A terrific twinbill, is promoted by Don King Productions with Darchinyan-Donaire being promoted in association with Gary Shaw Promotions, LLC.

Tickets, priced from $35-$350, are on sale at the venue (203-345-2400), Ticketmaster, online at or by charging by phone at (203) 368-1000, (203) 624-0033, (860) 525-4500 or (203) 744-8100.

Question: Travis, how are you doing and how is training camp going?

Simms: I am feeling wonderful. Training camp is going great. We have been getting some of the greatest sparring. We have been putting in hours and hours a day of great training and I am just ecstatic and I cannot wait until July 7.

Question: Joachim, what are your thoughts fighting a great champion like Travis Simms?

Alcine: For me, he is not a great champion. For me, he is just an opponent and that is it. I think this event in July will be my day. Travis can think whatever he wants, but I am the next world champion and I will prove it. My coach can tell you what is going to happen that night.

Simms: You will not be champion this time.

Question: Travis, we know you envision tossing your hat into the political ring at some point. What are your goals as a fighter?

Simms: My goal is unifying this division, showing them that there should be only one champion. Travis Simms is that champion. I am willing to step up to the plate and prove it against all the other great champions. But first, I have to take care of business by knocking Alcine out.

Question: What are your comments on Alcine saying that you are just an ‘opponent?’

Simms: Well, he will see. He (has) never (fought) a guy like me. Most of the guys he takes were opponents to begin with and when you come to my house, you are going to see what it is like. This is his first time being in there with a real world champion and what I bring to the table you cannot match. So watch for July 7. I guarantee you I will be victorious whether it is by decision or by knockout.

Question: Joachim, why do you regard Simms as just an opponent and not a champion? Where do you get all your confidence from?

Alcine: I get my confidence from my mom, two kids, the people who are going to watch me, and certainly my coach. That is where I get my confidence. There is no way that Travis Simms is going to unify this title. This title is going to belong to me. He is going to go home with nothing and he knows it. I will prove it. You will see.

Simms: You are going to have to prove it because you are not coming here (to do anything to me).

Alcine: I am ready. I do not know if you are ready, but I am ready.

Simms: You are going to be just like the other trainer, Otis Grant. He is going to come over here and get his butt whopped, and that is what (is going to happen to you).

Alcine: You will see how it is going to be!

Simms: No, you will see!

Alcine: Otis is now training me and you will see how it is going to be in the ring. Otis was a world champion.

Simms: On July 7, you will see!

Alcine: His defense is better than yours. I do not know what you are going to do that night!

Simms: Speak some English first.

Alcine: You better start running, my friend, in the ring.

Simms: You do not have to worry about that, friend. I am in great shape. I do not have to run. I am stronger than you. I am faster than you. I am much more powerful than you. You will see!

Alcine: I will see nothing! You do not know what strong is. A strong man is me and you will see it that night!

Simms: No, you are not strong! You look strong, but you have never fought an undefeated guy in your life. You do not know what it is like being in there with a real world champion!

Alcine: You do not know what a champion means!

Simms: All you are is a big amateur! You are going to get your butt kicked July 7!

Alcine: (Hey), strong man, you know I am the next world champion and I will prove it, my friend.

Simms: You have never been a world champion and that is for a reason.

Alcine: I am going to be in the book, man. You do not belong to be there!

Simms: I am a two-time, undefeated world champion. I fought some of the best in the business. You fought nobody! Nobody!

Alcine: I fought nobody?

Alcine: I do not know what to say. You do not know about sparring partners.

Simms: I am going to take your heart! That is what I am going to do.

Alcine: The way I am now, strong the way I am, my friend, you are out!

Question: Travis, you are fighting in Bridgeport and it is right down the road from your hometown. What will it be like to be fighting in Bridgeport in front of a home crowd?

Simms: Oh man, it means everything. This is my first time fighting in my home state as a world champion. I am ecstatic about it. I have a lot of great support there and the same thing with Alcine when he fought over in Montreal. Now, he has to come into my house and dance to a different tune. It is easy to go and fight in front of your home crowd on a consistent basis and know that you are going to have the win either way. But this time around, he is the challenger and I am the champion and he has to come into my house and dance to my beat and to my tune. When July 7 comes, I am going to show him what it is like to be in there with a real world champion. This dude has been in there, and he is a fraud! His trainer, his promoter. They got this guy figuring that he deserves to be in this ring among the best fighters in the world, but this dude is nothing more than just a great – no, I would not even say great – he is just a decent amateur. He thinks he is going to come over in here and win my title? (He is) sick! (He) must be out of (his) mind!

Alcine: You are a funnyman.

Question: Travis, how do you deal with the possible distractions of fighting in your backyard?

Simms: There is no distraction whatsoever. My training is going great. I feel very, very good. I feel very strong. Like I said, come July 7, you will see. Jose Rivera – he said the same thing and what happened? I kicked his butt and I am going to do the same to Alcine.

Question: Travis, does some of your motivation stem from facts you got a relatively late start as a pro and had a couple of layoffs?

Simms: Absolutely. Like I said, I have a lot to prove. I have a lot of things that I want personally as a world champion. I want to solidify my legacy of being one of the best pound for pound, all time fighters in the world and this is what all great fighters have to do. We have to go through this. You look at guys like Bernard Hopkins. He had 20 title defenses. I am sure every guy that he fought said the same thing. ‘Oh, I am going to beat him, I am going to beat him.’ They will see. I am by far one of the best fighters, not only in my division, but I think pound for pound in the world. On July 7, I am going to kick off my other campaign with Alcine.

Question: Joachim, you have fought a number of former top level fighters, but (none in Simms’ class), so why are you so confident you are going to win.

Alcine: The thing is, he is calling himself the best pound for pound. Do not forget that night when I am going to finish with him, what will that make me? Will I become a pound for pound or will I just become Alcine? I do not know. I do not think about it because I am so confident because I have been waiting for that belt for so long. I passed over a lot of obstacles in my life and I passed through it. Travis Simms is not an obstacle for me! He is just out there for me to shine. That is all! I am going to shine and the people in his hometown are going to love me because I am going to show them that they are supposed to love me.

Simms: You are going to be Canadian bacon when I am done with you!

Alcine: And the same way if you come and fight (in Canada); the people will love me still. But the people are going to love me in his hometown. I am going to show him.

Question: Joachim, talk about some of the obstacles you have had to overcome.

Alcine: Those things are very personal. I wish I could tell you, but I will keep it (between) me and my family. That night is going to be just the night for me to shine. It will not be an obstacle night because Travis Simms is not an obstacle for me.

Simms: Well, you will see. I am a world champion for a reason, buddy!

Alcine: You will not be it anymore! Enjoy it now because there will not be any more belt for you because it is going to be mine!

Simms: You will never be a world champion, trust me.

Alcine: There is a beginning for everything. You never been a world champion, but you can become a world champion. So there is a beginning for me too!

Simms: I will give you a job to work for me after I knock you out!

Alcine: You cannot knock me out, man! Stop dreaming! You better dream because that is it!

Simms: I will give you a job; just remember that! I will give you a job!

Question: Joachim, what have you seen in Travis’ style, in his record, specifically, that has given you this confidence that you are so sure you are going to beat him?

Alcine: I have seen Travis fight and he is not a pompous boxer. He has good skills, a good left hand. But that is all he has. For me, I have everything. I can fight forward. I can fight backwards against champions anytime. I am not worried about being in the ring with him. He can do nothing with me! The only way he can fight is be patient and throw his left. It does not work like that.

Simms: For a real fight, coming off a two and a half-year layoff and all I needed was a second to knock him out. You are going to see!

Alcine: I told you already! There will be no knockout for you. I am the one who is going to take you out of the ring!

Simms: Listen. I have an amateur record. I have fought the best in the division as a world champion. You fought nobody and you think you can do something with me? You are going to see!

Alcine: It does not matter who you fight.

Simms: You are going to get your butt kicked! That is all that matters. You can throw all the kicks you want but come July 7, you will have to deal with me. You are going to get your butt kicked, trust me.

Question: Travis, what does this fight mean to you as far as appeal and marketability? Would you say it is the most important fight of your career at this point?

Simms: I would say every fight is important to me, not just this fight here. This is just my next fight. I approach this fight like I approach any fight – in great shape, very confident, and (ready to take) care of business. I am not overlooking Alcine, but I will be victorious. I do not know where he gets this BS from about he thinks that he is going to come in there and he is going to beat me, he thinks he can do this and he can do that, all I got is a straight left hand. Buddy, you have got me all wrong! Whoever is sitting down and talking to you, that is all lies and you know it! So July 7, you will see what it is all about. Do not think I have just got a left hand.

Alcine: Listen. I (will) show you what strong is!

Simms: When I knock you out, it is going to be with the right hand!

Alcine: I am stronger than you!

Simms: You must be out of your mind!

Alcine: Are we talking about skills? I have more skills than you have.

Simms: You must be out of your mind! You are nothing I have never seen before. But I am everything that you have never seen before and everything that you have never even been in there with. So come that night, I am going to be your biggest nightmare.

Alcine: I see why you go away with nightmares. You cannot turn against you, my friend.

Simms: By the way, I am not your friend!

Alcine: I am hoping that after I kick your butt, you will come and shake my hand after the fight!

Simms: Yeah, you are not going to worry about that. You are only going to be leaving with Canadian bacon!

Question: Travis, have you ever seen Alcine fight, and, if you have, what are some of the weaknesses that you plan to exploit on July 7?

Simms: I am not going to tell you that. We have a lot of things we have been working on. Like I said, Alcine is a decent amateur at best. I have seen guys like him my whole lifetime and been victorious over these guys in my lifetime. This guy has never faced a guy like me and he is going to be in for a state of shock. I do not know where the heck he is getting this mentality thinking he can deal with me or fight with me. When I kick his butt, and he is looking up at the lights, he is going to understand what it is like being in there with a world champion!

Alcine: Do not forget one thing. What you see on tape and not what you are going to get. You are going to get something different especially for you -- especially for you.

Simms: You are the same old, same old. You do not change.

Alcine: You will see. I have different styles of boxing. I am a boxer with a lot of skill. You know what skill is? I will show you!

Simms: I want to see it. You have to show me!

Alcine: When I am finished with you, you will know.

Question: Travis, you came back after a long layoff and fairly demolished the defending champ, Jose Antonio Rivera, on SHOWTIME. What did that performance and what did that win mean to you coming back after the lengthy layoff and regaining your title?

Simms: Like I said, Jose is someone actually I even like. So a fight coming back against him was great. I looked forward to that fight. I knew what I had to do to beat him, the same way I know what I have to do to take care of Alcine. (Against) Jose, (I) fought the perfect fight against him. We strategically planned to fight that way and that was our goal. With Alcine, we have a different approach, a different style, and this guy is not going to last. He thinks he can stay in there with me? He is out of his mind. I do not give him eight rounds.

Question: Travis, can you compare Alcine’s style to Rivera’s or are they totally different?

Simms: It is totally opposite, but I will handle him in the same way.

Alcine: I have sparred with guys bigger, stronger, hit men – all kinds. And you?

Simms: We have got the best ones right here in New York City.

Alcine: You are going to fight with a heavyweight that night.

Simms: We have got the best fighters in New York. You will see what happens.

Alcine: You are not the best fighter yet! You are nuts! When the time comes, I will let you know.

Question: Travis, are you back to where you were before the layoff, before you won the title the first time? Not that you are getting old, but you are a little bit older. Is it tougher to get in shape nowadays or are you back to the same way?

Simms: I am back all the way and I am ready to go. I do not know who the heck is telling Alcine all that information, but all they are doing is making it worse for the kid. I was trying to let the kid leave with some dignity, but I am going to do him worse than I did Jose.

Question: Travis, how long have you been seriously training for this fight?

Simms: Right after my last fight, we were back in the gym. We were having Luis Collazo out, Randy Griffin -- we are getting ready for his middleweight world title fight coming soon. This is who these guys have to deal with. They are thinking that this is a game? I am going to show them that it is not a game!

Question: Travis, do you want to fight on a more consistent basis?

Simms: I do not like layoffs. In the average week, we fight every night. So fighting every three or four or six months, I do not like it. But it will still be my second fight in ’07 and I look for many more. I look to come back and unify the division.

Alcine: I do not know if you are in good shape.

Simms: You do not have to worry about that, baby! I am a world champion for a reason! You have to make sure you are in good shape!

Alcine: It might be a little bit longer, maybe one round more because you say you are in shape. I say one more round, not more than that. So that means if I have to take you out in the fourth round, I will take you out in the fifth!

Simms: I see how Grant is trying to motivate you a lot, but make sure you do not overtrain. I see how Grant is trying to motivate you a lot, but make sure you do not overtrain.

Alcine: I cannot overtrain. I am the best puncher in the world, man!

Simms: I like my meat just right!

Question: Travis, you have been compared to a young Roy Jones with the power and speed that you have. Would you say experience is the best teacher in regards to this fight?

Simms: Absolutely. Experience is the best teacher, and Travis Simms has a lot of experience. Like I said, it is an honor to be mentioned among guys like Roy Jones because he was pound for pound, one of the best in boxing to date. I liken myself after guys like Roy, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sugar Ray Robinson, and then I look to take that next step and be the next great world champion.

Alcine: While you talk about world champions and great champions, Sugar Ray is a great champion, Roy Jones was a great champion. But you do not compare to those guys. I am the one they are going to compare to those guys. I am the one that is going to be on the map, not you!

Simms: What have you accomplished? Nothing, nothing at all! You should not even be fighting for a world title at this point. You have not done anything and you have not fought anybody.

Alcine: You think I did not fight anybody?

Simms: You fought nobody! You fought nothing but a phony! You got a padded record!

Alcine: When you call me nothing, it is in the ring, man! It is in the ring! I will show you what a record is.

Simms: Yeah, okay.

Question: Joachim, you won the right to challenge for this title over a year ago. Does that extended waiting time add to your determination to win this fight?

Alcine: Yeah, I think so because things I have to learn in the gym to win the title fight. Things that will make the fight easier for me, I learn it. So that was for me to be patient and waiting for the fight. That was a good thing for me because on the 7th of July, the fight will be easier because if you are talking about the last few months, the fight will be literally more difficult. But what I learned in the last few months, I am telling you, the fight will not be difficult because I am going to be the next world champion.

Simms: Is that guy speaking English?

Begin Closing Comments.

Simms: July 7 is going to be a spectacular event. I am looking forward to it. Don King named it the “Fistic” Fireworks and that is exactly what it is going to be. This is a great, great time and celebration for America, for our independence, and it is the weekend of the Fourth of July and I am excited. I am ready to go and ready to have the fireworks pop off and then to get Alcine out of here, defend my title. It is going to be an easy defense. Then we are looking on to fighting the bigger and better names in boxing.

Question: If triumphant, can you name a couple of the guys you are looking at in your division.

Simms: Right now, I am going after this pound for pound king and maybe Mayweather, Jr. He is the WBC champion and is considered the No. 1 fighter in the world, and I am ready to dethrone him and ready to take over that position.

Question: Joachim, can we get some closing comments from you?

Alcine: The only thing I can say is Travis Simms is a dreamer and that is all. But the thing is, I love him now, but after the fight I am going to knock him out and I am still going to love him. I want him to know that. I love you.

Article posted on 28.06.2007

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