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roy jones jr.Thursday, June 14, 2007 Ė Quotes from Heís Baack! Witness The Return of a King: Jones vs. HanshawĒ Los Angeles press conference at the historic Los Angeles Sentinel, the West Coastís largest African American newspaper. ďHe's Baack! Witness The Return Of a King: Jones-HanshawĒ is a scheduled 12-round bout which will be on top of a packed and exciting undercard. The PPV TV will be distributed by In Demand and produced by Madison Square Garden Network.

Ken Miller, Editor, Los Angeles Sentinel: Itís an honor to welcome the media for this historic occasion, for arguably one of the greatest athletes not just in the sport of boxing but in all sports in the history of our country. Itís a red-letter day for us because we championed many of the causes that are important to the African American community on a daily basis.

It is great for us to have received the opportunity when I got the call from Murad Muhammad that Roy wanted to have his LA press conference here to announce ďHeís Baack. Witness The Return of a King: Roy Jones vs. Anthony Hanshaw.Ē

Murad Muhammad, Promoter: First I have to say thank you to the Sentinel for welcoming us. We thought we would do something different. You know how I always try to be original. We just came back from holding press conferences in Biloxi, New York City and Chicago. So I said, Ďweíre going to the West Coast so letís do something rare.í Roy and I have wanted to do this for years; we wanted to institute the idea that the black press is a great asset. Yet for some very strange reason they are lost when it comes to boxing. For other sports theyíre very significant but to boxing we are somehow losing our minority press presence, and we thought this would be an excellent foundation, a cornerstone to the success of the black media around the country. So again, I would like to thank the Sentinel for allowing us to come into this historic building where many great politicians and athletes have graced this building.

I want you to understand that we want to send a message to the boxing world. We are in a stage where we need some pizzazz and electricity and Roy Jones, Jr. being the legend decided that heís coming back. He was back when he fought last year, but now heís back in the right state of mind, heís back in the right spirit with the understanding that he has something to prove and that you donít give up. And on July 14 a major network decided to put a show on our date. But I donít mind that because I like competition. Sometimes

HBO fights Showtime, other times Showtime fights HBO but if you want to be part of the big guys you have to know youíre going to be in a fight. On that date there will only be ONE legend who will be inside the ring and one undefeated fighter with the qualifications, determination and abilities to upset the legend. So weíre here to announce this is a real fight. If you want to see just a fight, then turn on the other channel. If you want to see a real fight, a pick Ďem fight because you donít understand why Roy Jones, Jr. took on this tough, energetic young fighter that donít know how to lose, then you tune in to this fight. Roy knows the gamble but yet took on a fighter that can derail his goals.

Yet he says this is what boxing is all about. To be able to prove youíre the best you have to fight the best and the best canít get up unless they feel they have a threat on the opposite corner. If youíre not in it mentally and spiritually you can get knocked out.

Men prior to Roy: Ray Robinson, Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Larry Holmes, the best, all have lost. Robinson said, Ďlosing is not the end of the world. What is great is how you take that loss and learn from it because you donít want to lose anymore.í Roy knows that. If you want to see a real fight and see a legend who wants to prove heís not done yet, and if you want to see a young man that had over 300 amateur fights trying to prove that Roy is through, then tune in on Saturday, July 14 on Pay per View from Biloxi, MS for $29.95.

Danny Bakewell, Jr., CEO & Publisher, Los Angeles Sentinel: I think itís a great day and a compliment to Roy Jones and his team that they would come to the black press, the black community to announce this fight in Los Angeles. The Black community is going to stand strong and firm behind a brother who has demonstrated that heís not ashamed, heís not afraid to stand up, not only in the ring but also outside of the ring, for African Americans. To doing what is right. Heís our champion and we have embraced him as he has embraced us. We have a lot of people that talk about being down for the community, but they donít come to the community to announce these types of historic events. They came from this community and left, and in many cases we havenít seen them since the time they left. This brother always comes back. This brother has really never left us. He may have gone to visit other places, but heís a brother who is really from the African American community. He is a member of our community

Anthony Hanshaw: Most of you probably donít know me, but on July 14 you WILL know me. I want to thank Murad and Roy Jones for giving me this opportunity. After July 14, Roy Jones will have his retirement party. Thatís all I have to say. I donít talk much and Iíll do all my talking in the ring.

Bryan Justus, Manager of Anthony Hanshaw: Up to this point, and perhaps all the way leading up to the fight on July 14, everything has been about Roy Jones. I think itís an honor to have this opportunity to fight an athlete of the stature of Jones. But who is Tony Hanshaw? Who is he? Iíll tell you a little bit about who he is and then heíll do the rest on the night of the 14th. Heís a guy who was running at five in the morning when we were scheduled to leave for the airport. I couldnít get him out of camp. Heís that committed. I said, ďTony, we have to go.Ē Heís serious about this fight. We were able to make a great match with probably one of the greatest trainers and teachers in boxing,Floyd Mayweather, Sr., who was not able to come today. Tony ďThe TygerĒ was already good coming into camp for this fight, but come July 14 heís going to be great. His skills are going to be at their peak, his moves, his defense and his offense. Heís going to take care of business. Once he does we wonít have to ask who Tony Hanshaw is anymore.

You will all witness it.

Ring Legend Roy Jones, Jr.: Great to be in Los Angeles. Iíll tell you one thing: you donít lose because you get big headed, you lose because when you make a move to win the heavyweight championship of the world you have to make big sacrifices. I went up to heavyweight to win the heavyweight championship, the first in 106 years to do so after winning the middleweight title. I also wanted to come back down and regain the light heavyweight championship like Simmons did. After he lost the heavyweight title he went down and regained the light heavyweight title. If I didnít do the same I wouldnít have completed the job I set out to do. I wanted to do the same as Simmons did. Did I like the sacrifices of going down in weight? Of course I did not. Do I like to lose? Of course I donít. Do I like fighting someone Iím supposed to beat? Heck no, thatís not worth my time. So when I come back, I am searching for somebody whoís going to be a formidable opponent, someone whoís going to challenge me. The name Anthony Hanshaw came up and I said, ďIíll fight Anthony.Ē My name is Roy Jones Jr. who ducks nobody. You want me, come get me ó Iím right here. Now I have everyone where I want them. Theyíre doubters. They donít believe. Now Iíve got to prove a point. Come July 14 I know Anthony is going to be ready. His job is to beat me and I got nothing against him trying. My job is to make sure that doesnít happen. Come July 14 Iím back. Iím going to be in super form. I was looking at a magazine the other day and saw the two pound for pound fighters they listed. None of them can throw a five-, six-punch combination like I do. Nobody can do it like Roy Jones can do it. Still.

Muhammad had previously announced Tuesday that ď70 percentĒ of the tickets at the Biloxi Coliseum have been sold. Prices range from $500, $300, $100, $75 and $30. Tickets went on sale June 2 and may be purchased through TicketMaster.

Article posted on 14.06.2007

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