The Womenís Finalists and Menís Semifinal Competitors are set at the 2007 U.S. Championships

(COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.) Ė The 2007 U.S. Championships womenís final round competitors and menís semifinalists were determined on Tuesday in Colorado Springs, Colo. The menís flyweight division opened Tuesday eveningís action with a bout between two-time Golden Gloves champion Aaron Alafa (Visalia, Calif.) and Juan Leija (Alvin, Texas). Alafa got off to a quick start, taking a 7-2 lead after the first round. He continued to add on to his advantage over the next four minutes, moving out to a 22-12 lead at the end of the third. He went on to win a 31-14 final decision to move on to the semifinals..

In womenís light bantamweight action, Johanna Mendez (Houston, Texas) won a convincing 37-17 victory over Isabel Salinas (San Leandro, Calif.) in their semifinal match-up to advance to the championship round. Mendez will face off with three-time national champion Sacred Downing (Trenton, N.J.) in final round action on Wednesday. Downing won a 22-11 over Tyriesha Douglas (Washington DC) in their semifinal match-up.

2006 National PAL Champion Rico Ramos (Los Angeles, Calif.) made a loud entrance to the 2007 U.S. Championships with a second round stoppage of Rosey Summerville (San Antonio, Texas). Ramos dropped Summerville to the canvas with a hook at the :16 mark of the round, ending the bout and advancing Ramos to the semifinal round.

In womenís featherweight competition, Ana Julaton (San Francisco, Calif.) earned a berth on title night with an 11-8 win over Quadriyyah Marshall (Newark, N.J.), Julaton moves on to championship night and a bout with Stephanie Eggink (Washington). Eggink upset former national champion Jennifer Han (El Paso, Texas) to move on to title night, winning a 23-18 decision in their semifinal match-up.

Queen Underwood (Federal Way, Wash.) put on an impressive performance in her light welterweight semifinal bout with Ishika Lay (Atlantic Beach, Fla.). Underwood stopped Layjut over 90 seconds into the second round of their bout to move on to the final round bout. She will face Christina Reddick (Tulsa, Okla.) in the final round. Reddick won a much closer bout in semifinal action with Christina Swanson (Dania, Fla.). She earned a 27-24 victory over Swanson to move on to championship action.

An automatic quarterfinalist fell short in his 2007 U.S. Championships opener as Dan OíConnor (Schenectady, N.Y.) recorded a 14-8 victory over 2006 National PAL Champion Michael Dallas (Bakersfield, Calif.). The bout was a chess match through the early rounds, with no points being scored in the first two minutes of boxing.

A 2006 U.S. Championships final round rematch was showcased in middleweight quarterfinal action as 2006 National Champion Daniel Jacobs (Brooklyn, N.Y.) faced off with 2007 Golden Gloves champion Shawn Porter (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio). The bout was competitive throughout with Jacobs holding a slim lead after each of the first two rounds, but the final four minutes belonged to Porter. He held a 15-11 lead over Jacobs as the bout moved into the fourth round and went on to take a 26-16 final decision.

In womenís light heavyweight action, two semifinal contests determined the final round competitors. Jaclyn Nichols (Peshtigo, Wis.) won the first berth, taking a convincing 21-8 decision over Angela Sperry (Helena, Wis.) in their semifinal bout. She will battle 2005 World Championships Tyler Lord-Wilder (E. Lansing, Mich.) in championship round action on Wednesday. Lord-Wilder faced off with defending champion Tika Hemingway (Pittsburgh, Pa.) in the semifinal round. She advanced in the tournament with a fourth round disqualification win over Hemingway.

The heavyweight division closed Tuesdayís action, and defending champion Adam Willett (Bell Port, N.Y.) won his first bout of the 2007 edition. Willett took a small lead after the first round and blew it open in the second. He enjoyed a 9-2 lead at the midway point in the point and held on over the last two minutes to win a 17-12 decision.

Menís semifinal round action will be contested at noon on Wednesday with womenís championship bouts taking place at 6 p.m. at the University of Colorado Ė Colorado Springs.

Tuesday Eveningís Quarterfinal and Semifinal Bout Sheets
June 5 - Evening Men's Quarterfinal and Women's Semifinal Bouts

106 lbs/Female: Marlen Esparza, Houston, Texas, won on walkover over Victoria Romero, Colorado, W/O
112 lbs/51 kg: Timothy Ibarra, Brighton, Colo., won on retirement over Qa'id Muhammad, Atlantic City, N.J., RET-1 (:03)
112 lbs/51 kg: Bruno Escalante, Waimanalo, Hawaii, dec. Vincent Montoya, Cheyenne, Wy., 19-11
112 lbs/51 kg: Aaron Alafa, Visalia, Calif., dec. Juan Leija, Alvin, Texas, 32-14
112 lbs/51 kg: John Franklin, Ft. Carson, Colo., dec. David Gaspar, Wilmington, Calif., 14-13
114 lbs/Female: Sacred Downing, Trenton, N.J., dec. Tyreisha Douglas, Washington, DC, 22-11
114 lbs/Female: Johanna Mendez, Houston, Texas, dec. Isabel Salinas, San Leandro, Calif., 37-17
125 lbs/Female: Ana Julaton, San Francisco, Calif., dec. Quadriyyah Marshall, Newark, N.J., 11-8
125 lbs/57 kg: Hylon Williams, Houston, Texas, dec. Duran Caffero, Helena, Mont., 19-14
125 lbs/57 kg: Raynell Williams, Cleveland, Ohio, dec. Troy Wohosky, Medford, Ore., 25-3
125 lbs/57 kg: Shemuel Pagan, Brooklyn, N.Y., dec. Robert Rodriguez, Evans, Colo., 35-30
125 lbs/57 kg: Rico Ramos, Los Angeles, Calif., stopped Rosey Summerville, San Antonio, Texas, RSCH-2 (:16)
125 lbs/Female: Stephanie Eggink, Washington, dec. Jennifer Han, El Paso, Texas, 23-18
138 lbs/Female: Queen Underwood, Federal Way, stopped Ishika Lay, Atlantic Beach, Fla., RSC-2 (1:38)
138 lbs/Female: Christina Reddick, Oklahoma, dec. Christina Swanson, Daina, Fla., 27-24
141 lbs/64 kg: Danny Garcia, Philadelphia, Pa., dec. Andre Sherard, Milwaukee, Wisc., 18-13
141 lbs/64 kg: Dan O'Connor, Framingham, Mass., dec. Michael Dallas, Bakersfield, Calif., 14-8
141 lbs/64 kg: Brad Solomon, Douglasville, Ga., dec Samuel Martinez, Jacksonville, N.C., 23-6
142 lbs/64 kg: Javier Molina, Commerce, Calif., dec. Jermey Bryan, Clifton, N.J., 19-12
154 lbs/Female: Jackie Davis, Willinboro, N.J., dec. Margaret Morgan, Manchester, N.H., 29-5
165 lbs/75 kg: Shawn Estrada, Downey, Calif., stopped Angel Santos, Newark, N.J., RCO-3 (1:46)
165 lbs/75 kg: Fernando Guerrero, Salisbury, Md., won on medical disqualification over Dominic Wade, Largo, Md., DQ
165 lbs/75 kg: Jonathon Nelson, Little Rock, Ark., dec. Zachaeus Hardwick, Ft. Carson, Colo., RSC-1 (1:07)
165 lbs/75 kg: Shawn Porter, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, dec. Daniel Jacobs, Brooklyn, N.Y., 26-16
176 lbs/Female: Jaclyn Nichols, Peshtigo, Wisc., dec. Angela Sperry, Helena, Mont., 21-8
176 lbs/Female: Tyler Lord Wilder, E. Lansing, Mich., won on disqualification over Chatiqua Hemmingway, Pittsburgh, Pa., DQ-4 (:42)
201 lbs/91 kg: Adam Willett, Belport, N.Y., dec. Anthony Tettis, Ridgeway, Pa., 17-12
201 lbs/91 kg: James Zimmerman, san Jose, Calif., stopped Alecco Lawton, Orlando, Fla., RSC-3 (1:36)
201 lbs/91 kg: Joe Guzman, Ft. Carson, Colo., dec. David Carey, Anchorage, Ak., 17-15
201 lbs/91 kg: Deontay Wilder, Tuscaloosa, Ala., dec. Quantis Graves, Cutoff, La., 20-10

Menís Semifinal Noon Bout Sheets
Light flyweight/106 lbs

Luis Yanez, Duncanville, Texas vs. Diego Hurtado, Reno, Nev.

Daniel Lozano, Bowling Green, Fla. vs. Keola McKee, Wailuku, Hawaii ,

Flyweight/112 lbs

Rauíshee Warren, Cincinnati, Ohio vs. Bruno Escalante, Waimanalo, Hawaii

Aaron Alafa, Visalia, Calif. vs. John Franklin, Fort Carson, Colo.

Bantamweight/119 lbs

Gary Russell, Jr., Capitol Heights, Md. vs. Ronny Rios, Santa Ana, Calif.

Samuel DiPace, Las Cruces, N.M. vs. David Clark, San Diego, Calif.

Featherweight/125 lbs

Troy Wohosky, Medford, Ore. vs. Hylon Williams, Houston, Texas

Shemuel Pagan, Brooklyn, N.Y. vs. Rico Ramos, Los Angeles, Calif.

Lightweight/132 lbs

Terence Crawford, Omaha, Neb. vs. Jerry Belmontes, Corpus Christi, Texas

Mason Menard, Rayne, La. vs. Diego Magdaleno, Las Vegas, Nev.

Light welterweight/141 lbs

Javier Molina, Commerce, Calif. vs. Dan OíConnor, Framingham, Mass.

Danny Garcia, Philadelphia, Pa. vs. Brad Solomon, Douglasville, Ga.

Welterweight/152 lbs

Demetrius Andrade, Providence, R.I. vs. Mahlon Kerwick, Fort Carson, Colo.

Keith Thurman, St. Petersburg, Fla. vs. Charles Hatley, Dallas, Texas

Middleweight/165 lbs

Shawn Estrada, Downey, Calif. vs. Shawn Porter, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Fernando Guerrero, Salisbury, Md. vs. Jonthan Nelson, Little Rock, Ark.

Light heavyweight/178 lbs

Christopher Downs, Fort Carson, Colo. vs. Siju Shabazz, Las Cruces, N.M.

Yathomas Riley, San Diego, Calif. vs. Cymone Kearney

Heavyweight/201 lbs

Adam Willett, Bell Port, N.Y. vs. Deontay Wilder, Tuscaloosa, Ala.

James Zimmerman, San Jose, Calif. vs. Joe Guzman, Fort Carson, Colo.

Super heavyweight/201+ lbs

William Moore, Fort Carson, Colo. vs. Mike Wilson, Central Point, Ore.

Michael Hunter, Las Vegas, Nev. vs. Lenroy Thompson, Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Womenís Championship Bout Sheets
Pinweight/101 lbs

Colleen Loo, Mililani, Hawaii vs. Sadie Roberts, Hudson, Iowa

Light flyweight/106 lbs

Marlen Esparza, Houston, Texas vs. Melissa McMorrow, San Francisco, Calif.

Flyweight/110 lbs

Sky Bell, Moclips, Wash. vs. Cheryl Houlihan, Norton, Mass.

Light bantamweight/119 lbs

Sacred Downing, Trenton, N.J. vs. Johanna Mendez, Houston, Texas


Christina Cruz, New York, N.Y. vs. Teresa OíToole, Northridge, Calif.


Ana Julaton, San Francisco, Calif. vs. Stephanie Eggink, Ferndale, Wash.


Caroline Barry, Colorado Springs, Colo. vs. Maimunah Holland, S. Nyack, N.Y.

Light welterweight

Christina Reddick, Tulsa, Okla. vs. Queen Underwood, Federal Way, Wash.


Lisa Kuronya, Portland, Maine vs. Brittany Inkrote, Red Lion, Pa.

Light middleweight

Grace Parks, Bellingham, Wash. vs. Margaret Morgan, Manchester, N.H.


Allana Huggins, Texas vs. Franchon Crews, Baltimore, Md.

Light heavyweight

Tyler Lord Wilder, E. Lansing, Mich. vs. Jaclyn Nichols, Peshtigo, Wis.


Nikki Cane, Wendell, N.C. vs. Anne Gibbon, Honolulu, Hawaii

Menís Quarterfinal Action is Contested as the Women Move into Semifinal Round Action at the 2007 U.S. Championships

(COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.) Ė 2007 U.S. Championships action moved into quarterfinal action for the men and quarterfinal competition in the womenís division on Tuesday at the University of Colorado Ė Colorado Springs.

With the weight of Olympic Trials qualifying off their shoulders, the men put on a show in quarterfinal action. Defending champion Luis Yanez (Ducanville, Texas) took the ring for the first time at the 2007 U.S. Championships, battling Jerail Singleton. Singleton kept the bout close through the early-going with Yanez holding a 10-6 lead at the midway point. Yanez turned up the pressure in the third, taking a 17-8 advantage into the final round before winning a 23-11 final decision.

Two-time national champion Gary Russell, Jr. (Capitol Heights, Md.) made his 2007 debut on Tuesday as well. Russell faced Jessy Cruz (Miami, Fla.) in bantamweight quarterfinal action, and took the control early on in the four-round contest. Russell began to let his hands fly in the second round, dropping Cruz to the canvas before giving him a second standing eight count later in the round. He took a 26-10 lead over Cruz into the third en route to a 37-14 final decision

2006 National PAL Champion Terence Crawford (Omaha, Neb.) continued the debut streak in his quarterfinal match-up with Miguel Gonzalez (Cleveland, Ohio). Gonzalez took the early lead and held on through the first three rounds, taking a 17-13 edge into the final round of boxing. Yet Crawford enjoyed the advantage when it counted - at the sound of the final bell. Gonzalez pulled out a 25-24 final decision to win the quarterfinal bout.

Two-time defending national champion Demetrius Andrade (Providence, R.I.) opened the 2007 U.S. Championships in a quarterfinal match-up with Domonique Dolton (Detroit, Mich.). Andrade led by only one point after each of the first two rounds but the third round was a different story. He let the punches fly on his way to a 22-10 lead after three. Andrade went on to win a 27-13 final decision and advance on to semifinal action.

The line of reigning champions continued into light heavyweight action as 2006 National Champion Christopher Downs (Fort Carson, Colo.) took on U.S. Army teammate Jeffrey Spencer (Fort Carson, Colo.). The scored remained low in the first round, but Downs moved out to a 10-1 lead at the midway point in the bout before Spencerís corner threw in the towel at the 1:03 mark.

2007 National Golden Gloves champion Nate James (Malden, Mass.) faced a tough U.S. Championships opener with two-time national champion Mike Wilson (Central Point, Ore.).Wilson took his next step toward a third national title with a 12-7 decision over James.

Menís Quarterfinal and womenís semifinal action will continue at 6 p.m. MST.

Afternoon Men's Quarterfinal and Women's Semifinal Bouts

101 lbs/Female: Sadie Roberts, Hudson, Iowa, dec. Adri Harding, San Diego, Calif., 19-12
106 lbs/48 kg: Daniel Lozano, Bowling Green, Fla., dec. Roberto Ceron, Doraville, Ga., 14-10
106 lbs/48 kg: Keola McKee, Waailuku, Hawaii., dec. Malcom Franklin, Pomona, Calif., 24-18
106 lbs/48 kg: Diego Hurtado, Reno, Nev., dec. Gabino Saenz, Indio, Calif., 9-8
106 lbs/48 kg: Luis Yanez, Duncanville, Texas, dec. Jerail Singleton, St. Louis, Mo., 23-11
110 lbs/Female: Sky Bell, Moclips, Wash., dec. Rochelle Gilken, Philadelphia, Pa., 24-6
110 lbs/Female: Cheryl Houlihan, Norton, Mass., stopped Khara Keegan, Ariz., RSCO-2 (1:15)
119 lbs/Female: Christina Cruz, New York, N.Y., dec. Adelaid Ruiz, Lynwood, Calif., 12-11
119 lbs/Female: Teresa O'Toole, Northridge, Calif., dec. Magdalene Kearse, Atlanta, Ga., 23-5
119 lbs/54 kg: Gary Russell, Jr., Capitol Heights, Md., dec. Jessy Cruz, Miami, Fla., 37-14
119 lbs/54 kg: Ronny Rios, Santa Ana, Calif., dec. Roberto Marroquin, Dallas, Texas, 18-13
119 lbs/54 kg: Sammy DiPace, Las Cruses, N.M., dec. Sergio Perales, Los Fresnos, Texas, 20-8
119 lbs/54 kg: David Clark, San Diego, Calif., dec. Alexis Ramos, Ft. Carson, Colo., 14-10
132 lbs/60 kg: Terence Crawford, Omaha, Neb., dec. Miguel Gonzalez, Cleveland, Ohio, 25-24
132 lbs/60 kg: Jerry Belemontes, Corpus Christi, Texas, dec. Sadam Ali, New York, N.Y., 13-12
132 lbs/60 kg: Diego Magdaleno, Las Vegas, Nev., stopped James Villa, Ft. Carson, Colo., RSCO-2 (1:13)
132 lbs/60 kg: Mason Menard, Rayne, La., dec. Antton Slaughter, Columbus, Ohio, 16-16 (39-41)
132 lbs/Female: Caroline Barry, Colorado Springs, Colo., dec. Katy Klinefelter, Iowas City, Iowa, 20-10
132 lbs/Female: Maimunah Holland, South Nyack, N.Y., dec. Althea Martin, Atlantic City, N.J., 41-25
145 lbs/Female: Lisa Kuronya, Portland, Maine, dec. Nicole Woods, Stone Mountain, Ga., 32-20
145 lbs/Female: Brittany Inkrote, Red Lion, Pa., stopped Tiffany Buchholz, Monros, Wisc., RSCO-3 (:27)
152 lbs/69 kg: Mahlon Kerwick, Fort Carson, Colo., dec. Boyd Melson, Ft. Carson, Colo., 11-5
152 lbs/69 kg: Demetrius Andre, Providence, R.I., dec. Dominique Dolton, Detroit, Mich., 27-13
152 lbs/69 kg: Keith Thurman, St. Petersburg, Fla., dec. Anthony Campbell, Covington, Tenn., 16-7
152 lbs/69 kg: Charles Hatley, Dallas, Texas, stopped David Lopez, Parma, Idaho, RSCO-2 (:38)
165 lbs/Female: Franchon Crews, Baltimore, Md. stopped Jenniger Egan, Mahopac, N.Y., RSC-1 (:52)
178 lbs/ 81 kg: Christopher Downs, Ft. Carson, Colo., stopped, Jeffrey Spencer, Ft. Carson, Colo., RET-3 (1:02)
178 lbs/81 kg: Yathomas Riley, San Diego, Calif., dec. DeRae Crane, Davenport Iowa, 18-12
178 lbs/81 kg: Cymone Kearney, Oakland, Calif., stopped Nicholas Swan, Great Falls, Mont., RSC-1 (:51)
178 lbs/81 kg: Siju Shabazz, Las Cruces, N.M., dec. Angel Concepcion, East Orange, N.J., 27-26
201+ lbs/91+ : Michael Hunter, Las Vegas, Nev., stopped, Josh Parsons, Barbousville, W.V., RSC-2 (:32)
201+/91+ kg: Mike Wilson, Central Point, Ore., dec. nate James, Malden, Mass., 12-7
201+/91+ kg: William Moore, Ft. Carson, Colo., dec. Kindo Bethel, Albany, N.Y., 12-12 (26-26) (5-0)
201+/91+ kg: Lenroy Thompson, Port St. Lucie, dec. Andrew Shepherd, Ft. Carson, Colo., 19-12

Article posted on 06.06.2007

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