As "The World Awaits," Who's The Better Fighter - "Sugar" Shane Mosley Or "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather?

mosley24.04.07 - By James Slater: "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather is considered the best fighter on the planet right now, pound-4-pound. Does that mean then, that should Oscar De La Hoya - "The Golden Boy," as he's known - beat him on May 5th, he will be rated as so? If this is the case, then where exactly does Shane Mosley fit in? Ring magazine, as per usual, have put things in perspective in their latest issue. For they correctly state how Mosley convincingly beat Oscar, twice, years ago, but to no fanfare. At least no fanfare compared to what is being given to the fight that has been dubbed as "The World Awaits."

Yet we are supposed to believe, that should Floyd do what most expect him to do and beat De La Hoya on May 5th, this will confirm his all-time greatness. What then, does this say about Shane Mosley and his greatness? Is he a better fighter than Floyd? Didn't he beat a peak De La Hoya, twice, some years ago? He did. The question could be, why should "Pretty Boy" be getting the plaudits he is for facing Oscar now when Shane beat the six-time champ over five years ago?

What if Oscar shocks the odds and wins on May 5th? Again, what does this say about "Sugar?" Let's face it, if Shane had picked his opponents more carefully, as carefully as his critics say Floyd has picked his foes, he could well be unbeaten today. Would Floyd have chosen to fight a Vernon Forest or a "Winky" Wright, had he been in the position Mosley was when he did so? Maybe not. But Shane has never been a guy to duck any fighter, as his signing to fight these two technically awkward boxers proves. Hell, he fought both men twice! This at a time when Oscar seemingly wanted no part of either of them. Once again, what does this say about Shane Mosley?

I say he is this generation's best lightweight. Could he even beat Mayweather right now? More importantly, will we find out? Shane is a fighter at the moment who very much finds himself on the outside looking in. He'd jump at the chance to be where De La Hoya or Mayweather are at - centre stage. Instead, he's helping the man he twice dominated, as he prepares to beat the man he himself would love to face, in sparring. Shane can only look and watch as Floyd and Oscar make gazillions of dollars fighting one another. And are we the public supposed to believe that we will be seeing the best fight possible at 154 pounds as they do so? Shane would relish the opportunity of boxing either guy, and what's more he would very possibly win - especially against De La Hoya. Won't it be a huge shame if "Sugar" never gets the chance to face Mayweather though, therefore denying the paying public the chance to see who would emerge triumphant in a bout that, arguably, would pit the two best fighters of their generation against one another? Going even further, has "Pretty Boy" always been a fighter non too thrilled with the idea of boxing a guy that is maybe as fast, or faster, than himself in Shane anyway? Maybe.

So why is Floyd rated so highly? And why is this fight against Oscar being called a bout that will confirm his legacy? At least it is being called such by some in the sport. Hasn't Shane Mosley already done far more than Mayweather has? Who knows, had "Sugar" steered clear of both Forest and Wright, he may well have remained undefeated. Let's face it, the fact that Floyd is so revered among fight aficionados proves how much that 0 on a boxer's record goes towards impressing people. What if "Winky" was getting his chance against Floyd, as opposed to Oscar, would he be about to remove "Pretty Boy's" flawless record? Maybe, maybe not. The point is, Shane Mosley has never been picky about who HE fights. Can the same be said of Floyd though, or Oscar?

Shane is a true champion. Not just in the ring, but outside of it too. He has never been a guy with a desire to talk trash, he has never been a guy with a desire to bad mouth his opponents. Instead, he has simply been a guy with an unquestionable desire to fight and master the very best fighters available. God knows what he's thinking right now as he helps the man he knows he's better than get ready to gain a reputation that will tell people otherwise. It is so possible that Mosley could beat both boys - "Pretty" and "Golden" alike. But whether or not he gets the chance after May 5th is another question entirely.

The fight on May 5th - a damn good one to be sure - is being advertised as one pitting the two best available fighters in the light middleweight class against one another. A proclamation boxers such as Shane Mosley and Ronald Wright know to be a complete fallacy.

For in the final analysis, both "Winky" and "Sugar" would, to this writer's mind, get the better of either man. If given the opportunity.

Let's enjoy the star covered occasion that is Mayweather-De La Hoya, by all means. But, in pretty much the same way as when Leonard was fighting Hagler back in 1987, people are going overboard if they call it the best possible pairing in the two men's weight class. "The World Awaits" is THE biggest fight to be made right now, as was the case with Leonard - Hagler two decades ago, but it is not the best versus the best. Not at all. Just ask Mr. Mosley or Mr. Wright.

Article posted on 25.04.2007

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