Shane Mosley Talks About Mayweather, De La Hoya

14.04.07 - KELLY SWANSON: Hello everybody. Thank you again for joining us for another installment of our weekly conference call series for the May 5 welterweight Oscar de la Hoya versus Floyd Mayweather for WBC’s Super Welterweight Championship. At this time I’d love to turn the phone over to Richard Schaefer, Chief Executive Officer of Golden Boy Promotions. Richard? ..

RICHARD SCHAEFER, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, GOLDEN BOY PROMOTIONS: Thank you Kelly Hello everybody. I’m actually here in Puerto Rico. We are having the media day today, a tremendous turnout. I think we have close to 150 reporters and cameras here from as far away as Germany. We have the Mexican TV crews and writers here and Main Lines as well, so a great turnout. It’s actually still ongoing.

Yesterday, Rey Boom Boom Bautista and Alex Banal arrived here at the De La Hoya training camp. Both of these rising stars from the Philippines are going to be on the card as well. And Billy Dibb, the rising star from Australia, arrived here as well and is working out here and so is the latest signing of Golden Boy, Francisco Panchito Bojado who is here in Puerto Rico.

Yesterday, just some of you might have heard about it or seen it already, the Athletic Commission picked a referee and the judges for the fight. And, the referee is going to be Kenny Bayless. The judges are going to be Chuck Giampa, Jerry Roth, and Tom Kaczmarek. Again, the referee is Kenny Bayless and the judges Chuck Giampa, Jerry Roth, and Tom Kaczmarek.

On today’s call we have two guests. We have Mark Taffet, Senior Vice President and head of HBO pay per view and marketing who is going to be talking about the HBO 24/7 series and Sugar Shane Mosley who is here sitting here with me in Puerto Rico and who is going to give you some insights on how the camp is going here, what he has seen, and his thoughts on Oscar.

First now, I’d like to turn it over to Mark.

MARK TAFFET, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING, HBO: Thank you very much Richard and good morning and good afternoon, depending what time zone you’re in, to all of you and thanks for joining us on today’s call. Well, we’re coming down the home stretch on de la Hoya and Mayweather. And, there are a few important items that I wanted to report to you.

First of all, on the HBO pay per view front, we’re very pleased to announce that the May 5 live De La Hoya and Mayweather telecast will be available to over 61 million pay per view households. That’s a record for an HBO pay per view event and consistent with the magnitude of de la Hoya and Mayweather.

And, we’re thrilled also that the pay per view distributors will be opening their ordering windows early to accommodate what we really expect to be a huge surge of consumer orders as the fight approaches. In fact, satellite distributor Dish Network is already taking orders as we speak. It’s the earliest they’ve ever allowed consumers to buy a pay per view event.

Second, we’ve got some very exciting news to report on the HBO Sports front. As you all probably are aware by now, HBO Sports is presenting an exclusive four-episode all-access series called De La Hoya and Mayweather 24/7 in the weeks leading up to the mega showdown. And, the first half-hour episode of De La Hoya and Mayweather 24/7 debuts this Sunday night, April 15, at 10:30 p.m. Eastern time. That’s this Sunday night, April 15, at 10:30.

And, there will be two more episodes debuting on subsequent Sundays, April 22 and April 29. Importantly, you should note that the first three episodes of 24/7 debut immediately following new episodes of HBO’s hit series “Sopranos” which is on at 9:00 p.m. and “Entourage” which is on at 10:00. And, the fourth and final episode of 24/7 will debut on Thursday, May 3, at 9:30. That’s Thursday, May 3, at 9:30 just two days before the fight so we can take you right up to fight time through the press conference and everything that’s going on in Las Vegas that week.

In this Sunday’s premiere episode, the HBO cameras will follow the two fighters as they go across the country on the 11-city promotional tour that we were all on to publicize their showdown. And, emotions ran very high as you are aware during that press tour. We’re also going to take you inside both fighters’ training camps. You’ll see the incredible bond that exists between Floyd Mayweather and Roger Mayweather now that Roger is back as they work together on Floyd’s camp. And, you’ll also see Sugar Shane Mosley in training camp with Oscar as Oscar prepares for the May 5 fight. And, we know that that’ll provide some very special interaction and moments not only for them but for all of the fans watching 24/7 on HBO.

So, these are very exciting times for us. And, I look forward to seeing all of you in Las Vegas in a few short weeks. Thank you very much. Don’t forget to tune in to 24/7 as we all get ready for De La Hoya and Mayweather. Everyone is talking and we believe the world will be watching. And, I’ll turn it over now back to Richard Schaeffer. Thanks again.

RICHARD SCHAEFER: Thank you Mike. It’s a pleasure for me now to introduce to you four-time World Champion and current WBC Welterweight World Champion, Sugar Shane Mosley, who will give you some insights from training camp. Please Shane?

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: Well, first of all I’d just like to say hi to everybody out there. And, you know it’s great out here in Puerto Rico having a good time. Camp has been very good with Oscar. He’s looking very sharp. He’s fast. He’s working on his jabs and his hooks and getting his right hands over the top of Mayweather’s jabs. And, you know he’s working on a lot of great things. He’s working hard. I mean it’s very hot out here. So, you know the weather can really bear down on you and make it real tough for you to workout.

When he gets to Vegas he going to do absolutely a great job. Without giving too much, I think that Oscar is probably too big and most likely is going to catch him later on in the fight. It’s going to be a great fight. I’m looking forward to being there May 5.

RICHARD SCHAEFER: Great, thank you Shane. We would like to open it up now for some questions please operator.

MARCUS STARK, THE LONG BEACH EYE: Shane, how did you react when Floyd made what many people considered to be inappropriate comments regarding your career calling you nothing more than basically a glorified sparring partner?

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: You know, I really don’t – I really don’t care about what Mayweather said. You know I’ve always worked with Oscar even when he went to the Olympics. I sparred with him a lot of times. I mean I spar a lot of world champions to get them ready for their – for their fights. So, those comments really don’t bother me. I’m just – my job is to come out here. I’m having a good time in Puerto Rico. I come out here and help Oscar to sharpen up his tools so he can be ready to fight with Floyd.

RICHARD SCHAEFER: I’d just like to add to that. I think it shows with Shane as superstar a legendary fighter to come out and help Oscar prepare for the fight what kind of person Shane is. And, I think it takes special athletes. But in particular, it takes a special person to do that. And, that is what Golden Boy and that is what Shane and Oscar and Bernard and all of those guys are all about. And, I think Floyd Mayweather could take out a big page from that book which I’m sure he never learned so far or never read so far. He could take out a big page of that book what it means to stick up for your friends and be with your friends. And, that’s the comment I wanted to make.

MARCUS STARK: Shane, has everybody – has anybody here been discovering – you know, as you well know when you fought Oscar twice that in some of his fights he’s always had a bit of a stamina problem. And, Freddie Roach said he would get down to the bottom of it and discover what caused it. Have they been able to figure out what’s been causing that problem in some of his fights?

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: You know I think that coming down here and working with Oscar – I think that one of the problems he might have had in his fights is that he wants to win so back and he works out so hard until maybe he might leave a little bit in the gym and get a little tired in the fight. I think that he’s figured that out. And, I think he’s going to do a lot better when he’s in the fight – when he fights Mayweather.

TRAE THOMPSON, FORT WORTH STAR: Shane, real quickly, I was going to ask you while you’ve been down there what is the biggest surprise? Is there something you’ve learned about Oscar that you never knew before with sparring with him?

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: No. I mean – like I said, I’ve been sparring with Oscar for a long time. So, I know Oscar very will, since kids. You know basically, it’s the same look that I’ve – that I’ve always seen when I spar Oscar. It’s only little subtle changes that he’s doing with Freddie to get the right shots in that he wants to get in for the fight with Mayweather.

TRAE THOMPSON: OK. And real quickly too if you can explain from your side, how did the conversation first come up? I mean, did Oscar approach you about sparring or did you go to him to say, “What do you think about this?” How did that originate?

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: It originated a while back where way before – I think before they even signed the fight, they kind of thought out you know “what do you think about you know sparring with Oscar and kind of help him?” because I’m basically similar to Mayweather with the speed. And I said, “Yes no problem.” You know, I told him “no problem.” Then, when it came up again after they signed the fight and everything I was like you know just send me out there and I’m ready to go, you know no problem. You know? I love doing – I love to be in the ring. I love to workout. I love to train. And, I love to help out a fellow friend.

TIM LEMKE, WASHINGTON TIMES: Hi. This is a question for Mark. I wonder if you could give us kind of a sense of what you’re expecting in terms of pay per view sales. I know it’s available to more people than ever. I mean will this rival, in terms of sales, you know any other fight in history? Is this going to sort of top a lot of the heavyweight fights we’ve seen in the past or what are you expecting?

MARK TAFFET: Well, let me answer it this way. You know that my history of giving specific projections on pay per view fights is not good to be honest with you. But, we know we have a special event on our hands. Big fights in this business are usually measured when they hit that rarified air of one million buys. And, we fully expect that this fight will hit those levels.

MARK TAFFET: We believe that this fight is special enough because it’s the biggest and the best participants in the sport going at it that it will take its place among the biggest events in pay per view history. But beyond that, I’d prefer not to speculate.

TIM LEMKE: Do you sense that there is – was kind of a built-up appetite for a fight of this magnitude? It’s been a while since there’s been this kind of match-up. And, do you think it could be the last one for a while?

MARK TAFFET: Well, the last true mega-fight in the sport was 2002 when Lewis fought Tyson. And prior to that, it was the 1999 fight between Oscar de la Hoya and Felix Trinidad. You know people have said for years you know “When is the next mega-fight going to be?” One thing about this sport, fights make fights and match-ups create match-ups. And, we know that there are going to be more mega-fights. For all we know, we could get a magnificent fight here that results even in a fight like this happening again. You know, it’s happened before in this sport. There have been some great rematches and trilogies. But, we really hope that on May 5 what happens is casual sports fans and even non-sports fans appreciate the magnitude of this event and that this event and HBO’s 24/7 help bring people back to the sport of boxing and stay with us on an ongoing basis.

EDDIE GOLDMAN, SECONDSOUT RADIO: OK. Shane, first I want to know is there anything kind of surreal or a little strange in changing Oscar since you two had such a great rivalry in the ring and especially since you had beaten him twice?

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: Are you saying is there anything that – what do you mean by changing him?

EDDIE GOLDMAN: Well, is there anything a little surreal or kind of weird about training him for a fight after you know you were so competitive and you fought him twice and had already defeated him?

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: Well, I mean – we’ve always been friends. And, nothing has been – you know everything is good. I mean I’ve sparred with him even before when he – for different things – when he went to the Olympics. And, I missed the Olympics. And, I had to help him out for that. You know, so I’ve always worked with him. We’ve always been friends. And, we’ve traveled around the world together as amateurs. And, we grew up together. I mean so it’s just like sparring with an old friend. You know?

EDDIE GOLDMAN: OK. and, obviously since Mayweather has a different style from you are there things that you’ve learned from your sparring and particularly the two fights that you had with him that you’re teaching him now, any kind of you know not necessarily secrets but particular techniques?

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: Not really. I mean there’s things that I tell him that will – that I thought in our fights had made it more difficult for me when we fought that he can probably use in his fight with Mayweather. I just kind of – you know I just kind of give him little thoughts here and there of what I that will make it tough for him – what I think that’ll help him to get that shot in that he wants to get. Because, you know I’m a lot stronger than Mayweather where I can probably take a better shot than he can. And, I’m just bigger. So, you know if Mayweather thinks he’s going to do what I did – we’re two different people. You know, he’s just smaller than I am.

BRUCE PASCOE, ARIZONA DAILY STAR: You a lot was made of the – you know that you have been sparring with him. I’m just curious on the business end with the promotions and all that you guys – that you’ve been helping him on. Are you taking more of that when he’s been busy training for this or what’s your sense of how it’s been going?

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: Yes, I mean I’ve been going out doing the promotions—Barrera vs Marquez and I’m out here with Oscar helping promote May 5 anyway I can. And, you know when Bernard fights Winky. I’ll be out there with him too as well. So, yes it was just a team effort. We’re all you know putting our dues in as promoters, me, Bernard and Oscar.

BRUCE PASCOE: So, has he – has he been asking you though to – I mean are you working with fighters maybe more taking some things out of his hands specifically that happened over the last few months?

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: There’s some things that I do like on the side. I mean I have a fighter that’s out here right now that’s going to fight on the undercard, Billy the Kid. And, he’s 15-0 and nine knockouts and he’s from Australia. So, he’s going to be – you know so I am working with putting some of the fighters on the card. And hopefully, you know I’m trying to match up another fight which I think that’s going to be pretty good with maybe Turzadi and Vantacky. I think it’s going to be another good fight that might be put together. So, yes I mean I’m putting out here and there when I’m not fighting.

RICHARD SCHAEFER: I think Shane is being a bit modest. He actually was very much involved in his – in the last fight with Barerra and Marquez where Oscar obviously couldn’t attend. And, he was doing the radio interviews, the promotions. He did the satellite tour. So, he was very – he was at the press conference. So, he very much picks up you know when Oscar is obviously not there. But, even when Oscar is available they still support all of our fighters. They support each other. And, they sort of like – when they don’t fight they put the promoter’s hat on and they do whatever promotional activities there could be to help – to help bring exposure to the sport and to the Golden Boy fighters.

GUSTAVO RANGEL, RUMBO NEWSPAPER: Shane, how are you? Shane, what do you think is the biggest thing that you’re going to help out with? Because, I think some people are underestimating how important it is that you’re sparring with him. Could you put it in perspective for us how important, I mean, you feel that your presence is in the sparring session with Oscar?

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: I think that it’s very important because you know when you get into a fight and you all of a sudden get in there with somebody that’s so fast and you’re like “what’s going on?” You don’t understand. And you – and, it’s hard to get your shots off the way you want to. But now with me being there, you know I’m just as fast as Mayweather. And, that’s going to help him to be able to think when he gets in there with Mayweather. Mayweather is not as strong as I am but you know I’m not out here throwing hard shots. I’m out here doing nothing but speed, a lot of speed, a lot of movement, a lot of what Mayweather will do. And, I think that he’s going to be ready for that. Anything and everything that Mayweather does, I’m trying to give it to him where he can have it, left hooks, fast jabs, and right hand. I’m giving him the works where he’ll be prepared when he gets in the ring.

GUSTAVO RANGEL: This is a question for Richard. Richard, I know Oscar in the past – you know he’s gone into other areas as far as you know staying in and just you know putting his hands on other things besides boxing. I just wanted to get your take on what Manny Pacquiao is trying to do now you know being – wants to be a congressman. Do you see that happening? I mean is it difficult for a fighter of that category like Oscar, like Manny to take on other I mean adventures in the case of Oscar singing and in the case of Manny Pacquiao you know running for congress?

RICHARD SCHAEFER: Well, I have to – I have to say that when you’re a young fighter like when Oscar had that foray into the music I do believe it is some – it can get – it can provide for some distractions. And, I honestly think back then it did – it did distract Oscar to a certain extent. His focus was just not 100 percent on boxing. So, as Oscar matured now and has learned from some of these mistakes as well I think he knows that there is a place for everything and there is a time for everything. And so for example, with all of the other businesses and all of the other things we do while usually when he doesn’t fight I talk to Oscar every day at least two times. Now, I talk to him maybe once a week and it’s only when we calls me. So, he clearly knows when to take the promoters and businessman hat off and put the gloves on. And now, he has the gloves on and he’s preparing here. And, that’s all – that’s all the focus he has.

JERRY GLICK, SECONDSOUTBOXING.COM: Shane, this is really for anybody who wants to answer this. Oscar hasn’t been very active over the last three years. Has that been addressed? Has it been playing on his mind? Does he expect it to have any effect on his performance?

RICHARD SCHAEFER: Well, you know actually it’s interesting that you bring that up. I talked to Oscar yesterday after his sparring here. And he said you know he really feels young. He feels rejuvenated. You know if you fight twice or three times a year and you are at that stage in your career, you’re in your – close to your mid 30s or so I think it’s starting – the accumulation of the training and punches is starting to take a toll on your body and you have more aches and pains. And he said you know the interesting thing is with this training camp there are no aches and pains. So, he really feels – he feels young. He feels fast. He feels strong. His body is rested. So, I think it actually can be a – it can actually be a positive in particular if you are a fighter with the experience and the skills Oscar has. So, I think he – you know it’s actually – I think actually it’s an advantage for him.

JERRY GLICK: That’s great. Oscar is working with Freddie. I think it’s the first time. Did it take them a long time to get in sync or are they in sync? How is their chemistry?

RICHARD SCHAEFER: Well, I – you know again, I talk to Oscar about that on a regular basis. The thing is they immediately clicked. It actually started during the press tour when Oscar was starting to workout and they were starting to do mitts, the mitts work while on the – while on the tour. And immediately, Oscar felt comfortable with the style and approach Freddie has to training. And, I was told that Freddie is a very offensive minded trainer, much more so for example, than Mayweather who really is more of a defensive trainer.

And, you saw what Freddie did with Manny Pacquiao who is one of the most offensive fighters today in the sport. And, I think you can expect similar very strong offensive effort from Oscar. I think it’s going to be a very exciting fight. But, maybe Shane you have some – you were there when they – when they did some of the work. And, you’ve seen Freddie (ph) and Oscar connect. Maybe you have some comments.

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: Yes. I mean Oscar has been looking very sharp. And, I think Freddie is working on making sure that his right hand – he has more confidence in his right hand. His right hand is very hard. I felt it the other day. So, I know that he’s pumping it pretty good. But, Freddie is good. I mean Freddie has been knowing him obviously too for a while. And, you know we’re all in the California area. So, you know there’s not much (INAUDIBLE). He’s doing a great job.

TRAE THOMPSON, FORT WORTH STAR: Shane, just to continue off that, whenever you first heard Oscar announce that he was going to hire Freddie did you kind of have a thing, “This may be a perfect fit for him now that Mayweather is out of the picture.”

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: Well, I noticed that with Freddie Roach is that Oscar is extending his shots a little more. With Mayweather, his punches are a lot more shorter and choppier. With the fight against Mayweather, he’s going to have to have some punches a lot longer to actually hit Floyd Mayweather. So, I think it’s a good thing.

TRAE THOMPSON: All right. Thank you Shane.

BRUCE PASCOE, ARIZONA DAILY STAR: Hi Shane. I was wanted to just follow-up – you talked about Oscar – does he take a break to watch a lot of the fights he’s done you know when he’s – when he’s just chilling out or do you get (INAUDIBLE) tour at the camp there? And, you know the card – you were here in Tucson. I was curious did you guys talk about that at all or is he just totally zoned out of that?

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: I mean he sees a lot of the mistakes, I guess, that Mayweather is making and doing. And, he – you know he watches a lot of fights probably at his house. And, I do the same thing. Him and Freddie actually – him, Freddie and Joel, his brother, they actually get together and team up and pick out just the things that they see and work on it. So, I think they have a – they have a great – a great camp. And, they have a great understanding with each other. They’re working as a team together and it looks good. I think they’re going to – I think he’s going to do very well.

BRUCE PASCOE: Well, I mean just you know if he’s keeping an eye on the other fighters you know in your – in your stable sort of during that – even when – even when he’s training like that?

RICHARD SCHAEFER: Absolutely. I mean Oscar watches the fights you know be it on (INAUDIBLE) tour or the HBO fights we’re doing. So, he very much – he very much is still – is still involved and interested. You know?

MARC ABRAMS, 15ROUNDS.COM: Hi guys. How are you doing? Is Mark still on the line?

MARK TAFFET: Yes. I’m sorry. Go ahead.

MARC ABRAMS: You’ve been involved in most of the big fights over the last decade plus. How is the buzz going through your office, the response you’re getting for your office, you know three weeks out compared to most of the other big fights you’ve been involved in?

MARK TAFFET: I think it’s safe to say that the distribution, marketing and promotion efforts for de la Hoya and Mayweather are going to be the most comprehensive in our history. Our distribution will exceed 61 million homes which will be a record in the pay per view business. And, the sponsors and marketing and promotion plans that are in place are going to create hundreds of millions of consumer impressions and exceed any effort we’ve had in place for any fight in our history.

MARC ABRAMS: Do you think there’s a legitimate shot at 2 million buys?

MARK TAFFET: Well, it’s – you know again, it’s just – that’s not the type of thing I like to talk about or prognosticate about, you know. I think about it you know in my sleep and dream about it but don’t talk about it much. But, this is a bona fide mega-fight. You know it’s the super bowl of boxing and a Hollywood movie premiere all in one. You know, we are confident that the fight is going to do very well and take its proper place you know in the history of this business. But beyond that, you know I’m not really – I’m not really comfortable speculating.

KELLY SWANSON: Everybody, because Shane and Richard are in Puerto Rico we’re going to have to wrap this up a little sooner. If you have any other questions for Shane, we’ll take two more questions for Mosley. And then, they’ll leave and Mark Taffet will stay on the line if anybody has questions for him.

KARL FREITAG, FIGHT NEWS: Hi Shane. I’m just wondering when your next fight is going to be.

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: I think my next fight will probably be in September. But, if I can get a fight with Mayweather it might be a little bit later depending on what happens in Australia and Mayweather.

KARL FREITAG: OK. That would – that would have to be a unification, right?

RICHARD SCHAEFER: Basically, what we have is – we have had discussions with HBO and HBO has set aside an HBO World Championship Boxing date for Shane for September. And if it would be a pay per view fight against – you know against Floyd or against another pay per view opponent then that date would be in very early November, like first week of November. But, there is really no – you know we want to – there’s really no – you know right now we are focusing on this fight. And so, we’re really not – you know we are thinking about some potential opponent for Shane and so on. And, you know when I was out you know I had a few discussions with Shane about that as well. So, we will see in the next few weeks. Our plan is that some time in May we will announce Shane’s next fight.

JERRY GLICK, SECONDSOUTBOXING: Hi. At the press conference that I attended in New York, Oscar appeared very upset with Floyd. He was angry. And he said, “This is going to be a very, very physical rough fight.” Is that still his line of thinking that it’s going to be a very, very physical fight, that he’s going to make it into a real brawl?

SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY: I think that he – I think that he wants to make it a physical fight and he wants to stay close cut off the ring and stuff like that but fight a physical smart fight, not a fight where he’s just walking right in and he’s just (INAUDIBLE) punches. It’s a type of fight where he’s giving him angles as he’s coming in and cutting off the ring and giving that sense of presence that he’s bigger and stronger and he’s going to you know knock him out.

RICHARD SCHAEFER: I have to tell you. When I arrived yesterday and I saw them – I saw Oscar spar and I saw him, he is – he looks big. He looks strong, focused. And, you will see some of that in the 24/7 show that will premiere this Sunday. So, it’s – it is – I was surprised. I mean he looks strong. But, he clearly seems to be training towards that to make it a physical fight.

KELLY SWANSON: OK, Richard can we have closing comments or are we set to go?

RICHARD SCHAEFER: Well, thank you all for attending this week’s call. What I want to say is we’ll point out. We are going to kick off the weekend festivities at the MGM Grand on Friday, May 4, immediately following the weigh-in in the MGM Grand. We will have a great card which is televised nationally on Telefutura and tickets on sale for $25, $75, and $125. Great cards with world championship fights between Hugo Cazares and Wilfrido Perez and it is as well the return of Francisco Panchito Bojado. I saw Panchito working out here in Puerto Rico as well. He looks in great shape. He really has – he’s been sparring with Shane as well and working out with some of the other fighters here. So, he really is determined. He’s hungry. And, this will be his return. We feel that Panchito has a tremendous future at 140 pounds. And so, we are excited about that.

Next week’s conference call Wednesday, April 18, 2:00 p.m. Eastern, 11:00 a.m. Pacific we will be joined by the two trainers, by Freddie Roach and by Roger Mayweather. And so, I urge you all to call in. I think there might be some fireworks right there. So again, thank you so much all for attending.

KELLY SWANSON: OK. And just another update too, next Tuesday on the 17th Floyd Mayweather will have his media day in Las Vegas. If you would like to attend the media day, please call my office in New York at (202) 783-5500. And the following week, the week of April 23, we will be doing two separate conference calls to wrap up this series. On Tuesday, April 24, will be Floyd Mayweather and on Wednesday, April 25, will be Oscar de la Hoya. So, thank you very much for joining us. We have been sending out weekly and almost daily updates to everybody. So, if you have any questions feel free to call. And again, thank you for paying so much attention to this big fight.

De La Hoya vs Mayweather "The World Awaits" is for the WBC super welterweight championship, Saturday, May 5 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Promoted by Golden Boy Promotions, the fight will be broadcast live on HBO Pay-Per-View at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT and will be available to more than 61 million pay-per-view homes and in 176 countries around the world.
On Sunday, Apr. 15 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, HBO will premiere the all-access prime time series “De La Hoya/Mayweather 24/7.” The four-part series with unprecedented access will chronicle the fighters’ preparations for the May 5 mega-fight in Las Vegas and provide viewers with a compelling look at two extraordinary champions.

Article posted on 14.04.2007

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