Will King Oscar De La Hoya Humble 'The Brat"?

05.04.07 - By Scoop Malinowski: Floyd: "I've seen Oscar fight, he got a lot of boxing gifts. When I say gifts, Oscar knows when he fought Pernell Whitaker, he lost. Oscar knows when he fought Ike Quartey, he lost."

Rebuttal: At least he fought them. You would have priced yourself out of getting slaughtered by Bazooka Quartey. And you probably would have dodged Whitaker too for a no-hoper like Henry Bruseles or Sharmba Mitchell..

Floyd: "There's two things we know about Oscar. We know he gets tired and we know he will lay down. Those are two things that you guys got to know about Oscar."

Rebuttal: At least Oscar took on all comers, no matter how dangerous they were. There's two things we know about you Floyd. You ducked Antonio Margarito when the Mosley and Oscar in '06 fights fell through. And you ducked a WBA title shot with Vivian Harris for Henry Bruseles. Will give you some credit though. At least you don't say 'I don't duck or dodge anybody" anymore.

Floyd: "As for a guy pinning me on the boxing ropes, it hasn't happened in 20 years. And it won't happen on May 5."

Rebuttal: Hmmmmm. What if it does happen? Hmmm. Is that why Margarito was dodged?

Floyd: "I ain't nervous. I ain't ever nervous. I mean, what am I nervous for? I've been in 18 championship fights. I mean, the guy doesn't, he doesn't pose no threat to me. I mean, no guy pose no threat. It's not being cocky, it's confidence. I believe in myself. So Oscar doesn't pose a threat to me at all."

Rebuttal: Lies, lies, lies. Margarito posed an awful threat, that's why he was side-stepped. That's why you stutter and stammer when you have to talk about him. Vivian Harris posed a threat to the Gatti payday, that's why he was dodged. Kostya Tszyu posed a threat. Paul Williams poses a threat, for sure. And we'll see if Oscar at age 34 poses a threat.

Floyd: "Shane Mosley is a nobody. Shane Mosley is a sparring partner. I can't really say nothing bad about Shane because he's not his own boss. If I'm going to talk about Shane, I'm going to talk to his wife or I'm going to talk to Oscar because them are his bosses."

Rebuttal: You only show your lack of class when you talk about a modern day boxing great like that. Earth to Floyd, You have 1/10th the amount of class, honor and nobility of Shane Mosley.

Floyd: "Actually I did find out something - he ain't real. Oscar De La Hoya is a fake ass fighter. And it's like he says stuff like I don't deserve to be in the sport of boxing and I don't deserve certain things. It's more like we all know Oscar De La Hoya is greedy. He's ungrateful and he's a brat. And HBO will tell you that."

Rebuttal: No, Floyd, Oscar's real. And a great man who has almost single-handedly carried the sport the past decade or so. He's the biggest boxing star and ambassador we have. Standing next to Oscar, it's you who looks and sounds like a spoiled brat crybaby. When they booed you in Vegas, it was no accident. I saw you at the Miami press conference look up in awe when you heard that live crowd shower Oscar with love when he spoke Spanish to them. Like you had never heard such applause in your life. That was REAL. If you're smart, maybe you'll learn a thing or two from Oscar about being a REAL champion. Maybe, just maybe, if you're smart, some of his greatness and class will rub off on you.

Floyd: "God don't make mistakes. And the reason I'm where I'm at and undefeated is because, like I said before, God has truly blessed me with a talent. The talent is boxing and I'm appreciative."

Rebuttal: God has blessed you with talent. You're a beautiful athlete. But you don't act like a champion who is supposed to personify excellence, who is supposed to be inspirational and uplifting for the public. The problem is you need to be humbled, just like Roy Jones. You need to experience the humility of defeat, then you will be a complete boxing champion. "The humble shall be exalted and the exalted shall be humbled."

Floyd: "And when it's all said and done only God can judge me. And God don't make mistakes, that's why I'm in this fight. And you know he say shit like he think he sold this fight out. Like I told you before, it takes two. I do good numbers with or without Oscar."

Rebuttal: You're in this fight because Oscar was generous enough to give you the opportunity after you bored the crowd to the point they ran for the exits during Baldomir. Get it right, Oscar is doing you the big favor here. And Oscar believes he's going to kick your ass and give you the humbling you desperately need. Then we'll find out what kind of man you really are. We only learn the true colors of a person by how they handle adversity.

Oscar: "I truly feel that Mayweather Jr. needs a humbling experience. He really is a little brat. Just the way he comes across. I mean, he's very arrogant. I mean, obviously we were on the press tour for so many days. And he can get up on the podium and say a few nice things. And then his real side will come out. I mean, he starts talking all this trash about I'm nothing and I haven't fought anybody. And this and that. And it's uncalled for. It's unnecessary. I mean, you would never see Tiger Woods talk bad about Jack Nicklaus. It's just something that's disrespectful. And therefore it revs me up to shut him up on May 5."

Rebuttal: On May 5 "The exalted shall be humbled; and the humble shall be exalted."

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Article posted on 05.04.2007

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