Mayweather/De La Hoya Conference Call Transcript

RICHARD SCHAEFER, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, GOLDEN BOY PROMOTIONS: Good morning, good afternoon. The world awaits De La Hoya versus Mayweather, everyone is talking on May fifth, the whole world will be watching. As we all know, Saturday May fifth, MGM Grand in Las Vegas and live on HBO boxing Pay Per View. Itís going to be the biggest fight in the history of the sport. Again, Iím just amazed here. We have over 100 people on this conference call, and Iím really excited to announce that we will bring a series of weekly conference call to you for this fight.. Every Wednesday at 2:00pm eastern, 11 a.m. pacific time until fight week. We will have a variety of topics with fight information, updates and with different guests.

Because of the magnitude of this boxing fight, both fighters have agreed to be with us today for a brief and early training camp report. Floyd Mayweather will go first, followed immediately by Oscar De La Hoya. We are lucky to have them join us two times for this fight, as they will come back and join us again on the last call of this series, which will be the week before the right.

Before weíre going to bring you the fighters now, a couple of other exciting announcements. Dish Network in a first and in an effort to ease the demands and make the ordering less stressful for its customer, has started to take orders for the fight. That never happened before, I mean that far out, people are all ready calling in to order the fight.

The other satellite and cable distributors are going to be available three weeks before the fight to take orders.

De La Hoya, Mayweather 24/7 the exciting and first as well HBO series, remember will premier Sunday April 15, at 10:30 p.m. eastern and pacific on HBO in a prime spot following Ė immediately following the new episode of the Sopranos and Entourage.

It is a pleasure for me now to introduce to you, the five time world champion in four different weight classes, Floyd Mayweather, please Floyd.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Hey, how are you guys doing today? Thanks for having me. I really appreciate the media over the years. You know, that story you guys wrote on me, itís been a hell of a run and I feel great. So letís start with the questions.

KELLY SWANSON: OK, great. Operator, we can now open it up to questions. And because thereís such a high demand and a limited amount of time, we ask that each reporter ask one question and hang up and listen to the answer. Thank you. Operator, go ahead.

OPERATOR: Thank you. If you would like to pose a question, please, press star one on your touch-tone phone at this time. Your first question comes from Eddie Goldman of Seconds Out Radio.

EDDIE GOLDMAN: Very good. Tell us first off, youíre back training with Roger (ph), your uncle, tell us how thatís been going?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well actually, Iím back in the gym working with my uncle, Roger (ph). My dad is in the gym also. You know, the Mayweather family is together. Itís just a tremendous combination. Camp has been great.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question comes from Dylan Hernandez of San Jose Mercury.

DYLAN HERNANDEZ: You know, in one of the previous press conferences that you guys had, I heard you to De La Hoya as being straight up and down. I know you also called Ė you said the same about Corales (ph), what do you exactly mean by that?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well straight up and down means like a straight up and down style, like really, really stiff. Heís extremely stiff. And like I said Iím a fighter with special effects. I could do whatever it takes to win inside and out. You know, straight up and down is one style, right. Corales (ph) had one style. Straight ahead stiff, heís straight up and down, and then no special effects. You all ready know what heís going to do, he do it time in and time out.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from Robert Morales of Los Angeles Daily News.

ROBERT MORALES, LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS: Floyd, hey listen, I know that, I understand that your father had been working with you until your uncle was able to rejoin the camp and Iím sure that was a good thing. But how important was it for you to get your uncle, your true trainer back in the camp, as soon as possible?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I mean just the Mayweather in the sport of boxing has been great. And my uncle Roger Mayweather has been a hell of a trainer for many, many years. And he doesnít get the props that he really, really deserves. I mean a guy whoís been working with me since the age of 18, 19, and gotten me to Ė Iím not even going to say five time world champion, we donít even count the belt that I won against that (ph), we just say the four time world champion, because the WBC is the official belt, and Iíve done my homework on Oscar and heís talking 10 time world champion, no, Oscar De La Hoya is three time world champion, if you want to go about the official belt, and the guy has been in the sport a lot longer than Iíve been in the sport of boxing. So heís three time world champion. Iím four time world champion.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from Trae Thompson of Fort Worth Star.

TRAE THOMPSON: Iím good. Hey, obviously to Ė I mean people made mention of your father, when he came back into your camp and he was surrounded with you, did you all talk about things, or patch up things up or was it understood kind of among men hey water under the bridge, letís go forward.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: He said the same thing. He said Oscar De La Hoya is a one-handed fighter. And my uncle Roger (ph) said Oscar De La Hoya is a one handed fighter. And like I told them before, you know, I appreciate their advice, but I mean my uncle Roger (ph) is one hell of a trainer, my dad is one hell of a trainer. But when Iím in the gym, Iím not focused on a guy being a one handed fighter. My job is to go in there and do what I do, and thatís when I bust my ass, and get it my all. We donít even talk when weíre in the gym, actually, we donít talk about boxing when weíre in the gym. When weíre in the gym, itís strictly work. And after the gym, Roger (ph) go home, and my daddy go home and I go home, and thatís (INAUDIBLE).

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question comes from Jason Abelson of the Fight Network.

JASON ABELSON: Not much. Listen, I wanted to ask you, I hate to deal in hypothetical but did you ever think..

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: If itís hypothetic, then donít ask it. Iím not going to answer hypothetic. Youíve got to come real with me, because Iím going to come real with you. And Iím going to answer real.

JASON ABELSON: OK. I appreciate it. I wonít go hypothetic. Is there any Ė you mentioned straight up and down, no special effects. Obviously, Oscar has seen what youíve had to deal with when it comes to your opponents, and knows what youíre going to have to do to beat him. Donít you suspect heís going to be bringing something a little different to the table?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Absolutely not. Because in a lot of fights, Iíve seen Oscar fight, honestly speaking, he got a lot of gifts, when I say gifts, Oscar knows when he fought Pernell Whittaker (ph), he lost. Oscar knows when he fought Ike Quartet (ph), he lost. He knows when he fought, I canít even think of the guyís name, you know, (INAUDIBLE) continue to throw names out there. Because my job is to go out there and be Floyd Mayweather and do what I do. And boxing is something that I do well. And boxing is something that I do good. We know Oscar has been in fights, where you donít know Ė it was a coin toss. We know Oscar.

We know that Ė thereís two things that we do know about Oscar, we know he gets tired, and we know he will lay down. Those are two things that you guys got to know about Oscar. And in his full weight Oscar can be beat because he got four Lís (ph). In Oscarís last four fights, Oscar is two and two. In my last four fights, Iím four and zero. And one thing nobody can say Ė thereís no way Ė thereís no style that could beat Floyd Mayweather because we havenít seen him lose yet. So May fifth, buy the fight, to see if this guy got what it takes, and see if he got the style to beat Floyd Mayweather.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from Chuck Johnson of U.S. Today.

CHUCK JOHNSON: All right. So what role do you see your dad having in the fight, fight night?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Itís more like I canít Ė you know my daddy, heís going to be at the fight front row. And he may be in the corner, we donít know yet. We donít know. But heís been in the gym. My uncleís been in the gym, and thereís been nothing but love. Everybody is happy. You know, I feel tremendous. Body look good. Body look better than it every looked. You know, to run eight miles is nothing. Seven or eight miles is nothing to me, I do it every morning. I basically job with my eyes closed.

And youíre the first guy Iím telling this to, as soon as you guys get to Vegas, you guys can come to, you know, our boxing gym, Iíve got Mayweather Boxing Club, now, nice, nice gym. Itís tremendous. The gym is Ė my gym will be up and running this Friday. So whoever is in Vegas, if you guys want to get in touch with Leonard Ellerbe (ph), get in touch with him. You guys can come to Mayweather Boxing, you guys are all welcome. And itís not private. When the media comes to write, you guys can come to Mayweather Boxing Club and sit down, it donít matter. Do the whole camp if you want to, and come see me train.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from Dan Rafael of ESPN.

DAN RAFAEL: Floyd, Richard mentioned in the open of the conference about the premiere of the De La Hoya/Mayweather 24/7 broadcast on HBO, their four part series. I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about, what has it been like to be in your training camp and have cameras around all of the time? You know, have they been able to sort of stay out of the way? Or do you notice them? Or do you just go about your business, not realizing whatís happening? And are you interested and anxious to see how that four part series winds up on the air?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, you know, I all ready know Ė Iím going to answer both questions. OK, itís basically like 24/7, Iím used to the cameras, because without 24/7 coming to the gym, we do interviews every day. Weíve got ESPN the magazine. Weíve got Sports Illustrated. Weíve got the magazine Seven that Iím on the cover of. Weíve got so many magazines that Iíve done through the camps over the year, and weíve got our own photographer. And we got our own camera man that weíve had for years, that you guys havenít even seen Ė that people havenít even had a chance to see like behind the scenes of Floyd Mayweather, you really, really get to see behind the signs Ė you get a chance to see behind the scenes, the Floyd Mayweather, not just 24/7 that we have recorded, our own camera man, our own photographer, for years. When I say years, I mean weíve got like eight or nine years behind us, that nobody has seen a Floyd Mayweather and weíre going to do the documentary of Floyd Mayweather after this fight.

And as far as Ė whatís the other question you asked?

KELLY SWANSON: Are you excited to see yourself in the show?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: No, no, thatís what else he asked?

KELLY SWANSON: Yes, how itís going to turn out? How itís going to turn out.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: No. Thatís not what he asked me. Find out Dan Rafael asked me, I want to answer that question.

KELLY SWANSON: I think he said, are you excited to see how the show turns out, when you can watch it on TV?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I ainít thinking about that, but damn, I forgot what he asked me.

KELLY SWANSON: All right, well weíll try to get him back, if not Iíll call you back and tell you.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Anyway, like you said before itís a four part series. And when Iím in the gym, actually, when the cameras are in the gym, Iím not thinking about it. Sometimes, I just tell them, theyíll be like well stand right here and do this. Iíll be like man, this is boxing, this is my life, this is real, and thatís what I tell them. Iíll say Iím not here to joke around.

Then most of the time, you know, when theyíre in the gym recording me, itís after, you know, they record me Ė they record and then they stop, they record and then they stop. You know, I feel that if 24/7 is going to record, they need to come there and record the whole day. And if youíre going to do something on Floyd Mayweather, you know, I want you to get the real, but 24/7 is a hell of a show, a great show, and I want everybody to tune in and watch the show.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from German Villasenor (ph) of

GERMAN VILLASENOR: OK. And now having said that, to me it kind of seems obvious what Ė well thinking logically what Oscar should be doing, and that would be to Ė since heís had issues with the stamina in the past, Iím just thinking that he might actually try to take it easy in the first six rounds, score points, not really getting into a war, saving himself for the second half of the fight. Should he do that impress, and to really come up front in the second half, how are you going to deal against that seeing that he actually can pin you against the ropes and unleash his barrage of punches.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, like I always say man. Weíll have to see that May 5. And Iím not really worried about stamina. Iím strong. Iím not strong just in the first half. Iím strong in the second half. We show that I can adapt to any style, when I fought, whatís the guys name? Zab Judah. Zab Judah (INAUDIBLE) Oscar De La Hoya. We donít know who hit harder.

Zab Judah (ph), you know, heís a good puncher, of course. Heís a lot faster than Oscar De La Hoya. And he came out real, real fast trying to pin me, trying to throw his polish out. All I did was keep my composure and stick to the game plan. And youíve seen the outcome. So basically Iím telling Ė and the same thing with Jose Luis Castillo (ph), you know, everybody talking about he was going to do this, he was going to do that and the first fight he really won. Well if he really one, then he could have done it in his second fight.

So itís obvious that I can adjust and adapt to any style. As far as a guy pinning me on ropes, it hasnít happened in 20 years, and it wonít happen May 5.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from John Whisler of San Antonio Express.

JOHN WHISLER, SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS: Floyd, you seem kind of agitated. Are you nervous about this fight? Or are you just anxious to get in there and take care of business?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I ainít nervous. Iím never nervous. I mean, what am I nervous for? Iíve been in 18 championship fights. I mean this guy doesnít Ė he donít pose no threat to me. I mean no guy pose no threat. Itís not being cocky, itís my confidence. I believe in myself. So Oscar doesnít pose a threat to me at all.

Like I said before Iíve been (INAUDIBLE) with every style. He hasnít been in with a style like mine, and the reason why is because every fight is different. I never fought one fight the same. Some fights I may fight in the inside, and then a little bit on the outside. Some fights I may box and move. Some fights I may fight a toe to toe battle. So you just donít know what Floyd Mayweather youíre going to get May 5. But I can promise you this, you will get an exciting fight. And am I nervous? Absolutely not. I donít even think Ė actually I wonít never even think about that fight. All I do is do what Iíve got to do and letís go train. And I never change out my regimen. If Iíve been winning with the same regimen for this long, why change out? The only thing Iím doing in this camp is just pushing myself a little bit more.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: This dude asking was I nervous. I was like man, you must not know Floyd Mayweather, (INAUDIBLE) nervous, hell no. (INAUDIBLE).

OPERATOR: Your next question is coming from George Perez (ph) of San Juan Star.

GEORGE PEREZ, SAN JUAN STAR: Yes, hi, Floyd. This is George Perez (ph) from Ė really from El Pueblo Dia in Puerto Rico, where you know Oscar is training over here. Itís been said that Shane Mosley (ph) is coming down here next week and he will help Oscar training for the fight. Any opinions on that, on what can Shane Mosley (ph) help Oscar for his fight for you?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Shane Mosley (ph) is nobody, as I said before, Shane Mosely (ph) is sparring partner. Thatís what he is. (INAUDIBLE) Shane Mosley (ph) (INAUDIBLE) was a sparring partner. And all Iíve got to say Ė I mean I donít even Ė you know I canít really talk bad about Shane (ph), say nothing bad about Shane (ph) because I mean heís not his own boss. If Iím going to say anything or talk about Shane (ph) Iím going to talk to his wife, or Iím going to talk to Oscar, because them are his bosses. So all I can say right now about Shane (ph) is Shane (ph) ainít nothing but a sparring partner.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from Mark Abrams (ph) of

MARC ABRAMS: OK. You spent the better part of two weeks with Oscar on tour, did you learn anything about him that you may not have known that, you know, may help you mentally come May fifth?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I canít even say nothing about this guy no more, you know what I mean. All Iím going to do is talk about myself, because even when I do the interview, even with the people thatís the phone right now, weíve got to the interview, I get the same interview you all been doing for years, the same old same bullshit. So I mean I ainít got really nothing bad to say about him. All Ė actually I did find out something the (expletive) (INAUDIBLE). He ainít real. And you all keep believing all of them stories he be telling you all, all that media stuff he been telling you all.

Oscar De La Hoya is a fake ass fighter. And itís just like he says stuff like I donít deserve to be in the sport of boxing, and I donít deserve certain things. Itís more like we all know Oscar De La Hoya is greedy. Heís ungrateful and heís a brat. And HBO will tell you that.

And all Iíve got to say is one thing, I mean God donít make no mistakes. And the reason why Iím where Iím at and Iím undefeated because like I said before God has truly, truly blessed me with a talent, the talent is boxing. And Iím appreciative.

And when itís all said done, only God can judge me, and God donít make no mistakes, thatís why Iím in this fight, and, you know, (INAUDIBLE) say shit like he think he sold this fight out. Like I told you before, it takes two, you know. I do good numbers with or without Oscar De La Hoya. I mean is this my biggest penny (ph), absolutely. Is this his biggest penny (ph) absolutely. Why? Because it takes two. I needed a dance partner, and he needed a dance partner.

OPERATOR: Thank you.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: And then, if thereís any question or stories, if thereís any questions, you know, like Richard Schaefer say stuff like Oscar De La Hoya is the most decorated champion and the most famous champion, no heís not. The most famous fighter in the sport of boxing is either Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson, and youíre talking about the highest grossing, no, Oscar De La Hoya is not the highest grossing, that would be Mike Tyson. And the best fighter will be Floyd Mayweather.

So, you know, when youíre going to talk about highest gross, talk about Mike Tyson. You talk about most famous talk about Muhammad Ali. And when you talk about best boxing, you talk about Floyd Mayweather. I mean you donít even mention that guy Oscar name in the same sentence as us three.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from Salvador Rodriguez of the Record.

SALVADOR RODRIGUEZ: Yes, Iím fine. Who will in your corner in May fifth?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: (INAUDIBLE) come on and see the fight, to know whoís going to do that. I canít tell you all of my secrets. You just got to know, we all ready let some of the secrets out like that. You know itís no secret that my dad has been in the boxing gym, and my uncle Roger (ph) is back home. So, you know, May5 I know youíre going to be there, and youíre going to see me come out. Iím going to make a tremendous come out for Cinco de Mayo.

OPERATOR: Your next question is coming from Trae Thompson of Fort Worth Star.

TRAE THOMPSON: Just a little follow up to my previous question, and I appreciate getting this in. You said earlier, thereís nothing but love in the gym. Are you and your dad on good terms? And have you all talked about, you know, your old strained relationship in the past?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, you know, Iím going to tell you right now, weíre here to talk about me and Oscar. You know, thatís fight weíre here to talk about. Iím not fighting my dad. So Iím not even here to talk about him. What happened in the past, happened in the past, Iím going to leave it there. But May fifth, youíre going to see the best Floyd Mayweather. I mean great shape, not just great shape. I mean tremendous shape. Strong. Good boxing. I mean, you know, I feel good.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Once again, if you do wish to pose a question, please press star one on your touch-tone phone at this time.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Boy the media loves to try to figure out whatís going on with me and my dad, and theyíre the oneís that keeping that negative shit going for all of these years. And it ainít even nothing that big. Like I told you all before, you all know what rules, this is America. Itís about controversy and money. So, you know, donít Ė if you all want to ask me a question, talk to me about me. Everybody keep asking the same question about my dad. Listen, my dad is in the gym every day. Roger (ph) is my trainer. My dad is in the gym every day, though. And Roger (ph) is going to train me May 5. And me and my dadís personal business is me and my dadís personal business. When you all interview me, I donít ask you guys about you Ė whatís going on with you and your dad, or you and your mom. So whatís going on with me and my dad, is me and my dadís business.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from David Mayo of Grand Rapids Press.

DAVID MAYO: Youíre contracted on this fight to wear Reyes Gloves (ph). Youíve fought most often in Winning (ph). Can you describe the different sensations you feel when punching with the different brands?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Itís not even that, man. Like I said, before, Oscar is a brat. Let me tell you what he did. First, we had a problem negotiating the money. First, we had a problem negotiating the money because Iíve got a tremendous team which is Leonard Ellerbe (ph) and Al Haymon (ph), some great advisors, and great business partners. We got the money settled.

And then the dude talking about where he wanted to wear Ė I mean he wanted to wear Reyes Gloves (ph). I canít wear the gloves I want to wear, but he can wear the gloves he wants to wear, so he said letís put that in the contract, so I said, OK, no problem.

And then he said well Iím not fighting at (INAUDIBLE), I said no problem. Then he said he didnít want to fight Ė he wanted to choose where he wanted the fight to be at, I told him no problem. Iím telling you man, this dude is Ė Iím amazed Ė I mean shit, I donít ever want to do business with Golden Boy Promotions again. I mean I canít Ė as of right now, I donít want to do business with them. I canít say Ė I cannot say what the future holds, but it is Ė you can see how the company is. Thatís like when, Bernard Hopkins (ph) nephew fought. He was Golden Boy Promotions, he fought Steve Forbes (ph), he really got his asked kicked, and look how they gave him the fight.

So, you know, you just, you know, going into this fight, you know, youíve just to watch them, theyíre slick. Theyíve got tricks up their sleeve. And, you know, when I talk like this, they get mad about me putting their company on blast (ph), but to be honest, I mean they have been no different from Don King. Theyíre no different from Bob Arum (ph). Oscar talked bad about Bob Arum (ph), but then heís going to do the same thing Bob Arum (ph) do because thatís what he did with Manny Paquiao (ph), he waited for Manny Paquiao (ph) who rode a plane for hours, I donít know from the Philippines to L.A., got into the limousine, showed him a bunch of money, showed him a bunch of cash money while he was in the limousine. He didnít even get no sleep and his lawyer with him. And they just had him sign papers. So I mean heís no different from Bob Arum. (ph).

Like I said before, Oscar De La Hoya is a (INAUDIBLE). He do the same thing Bob Arum (ph) do. He do the same thing Don King do. I would never do a fighter like that. So thatís why all of these fighters, up and comers, Mayweather Promotions is coming and watch how we treat fighters, weíre going to treat fighters good.

OPERATOR: Thank you. We have time for one more question for Mr. Mayweather, and thatís coming from Marcus Henry (ph) of New York Newsday

MARCUS HENRY: This is more of a general question, you guys all ready broke box office records, the fight sold out in a few hours. What is this fight going to do for boxing in general?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: This fight is good for fighting. Itís not like the sport is going anywhere. Like I said before man, to be honest, you know, youíre going to see but a fad (UFC.) Anybody, like I said before, anybody could put a little tattoo on their head, put a little tattoo on the arm, plus the piercing and go out there and street fight. These fighters Ė if they feel Chuck Ladell (ph) is so good, if Chuck Ladell (ph) weighed 207 pounds, I donít know how much Chuck Ladell (ph) weighs, like I said before, if Chuck Ladell (ph), I think he weighs like 220 or something We should take Chuck Ladell (ph) and this is me, and we ainít got to take the best heavyweight, we just need to take a good heavyweight and let Chuck Ladell (ph) fight a good heavyweight under Mayweather Promotions. And if Chuck Ladell (ph) beats him, Iíll give him $1 million out of my own pocket. And actually youíre going to see Ė like I said, that stuff is nothing but a fad. Because most of them guys, they couldnít make it in boxing, so they had to turn to something else. So they dig all of this different type of fighting come up.

If youíre real, weíre like layers (ph) from the past, we go from the shoulders. Why do you think the sport of boxing been here for hundreds and hundreds of years, and they try to do Ė they try to get anything Ė they try to do anything they can to, you know, to try to knock our sport. Boxing is the best sport in the world. Boxing is here to stay. And boxing is blood, sweat and tears.

KELLY SWANSON: OK. That was the last call. Thank you very much, Floyd, I appreciate it. And everybody, please standby, and in a couple of minutes weíll have Oscar De La Hoya joining us. OK.

RICHARD SCHAEFER: OK. Great. Thank you. Oscar is going to be coming on in a few Ė in a couple of minutes. I just want to make some comments. The closed circuit in Las Vegas, I just got this morning an update, we are Ė as you remember, we went on sale with 22,000 closed circuit seats since the venue, the MGM sold out in less than three hours. Usually, the closed circuit business, the closed circuit seats are being sold last minute. You know, as people arrive, they buy those tickets, same like when you go and buy a movie ticket. It has never been that that many weeks before the fight, we have all ready close to 10,000 closed circuit seats sold, so that, again, shows you the tremendous interest in this fight.

It is a pleasure for me now to introduce to you a 10 time world champion, Olympic gold medal winner, champion in six different weight classes, the Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya. Oscar, if you want to make some comments first about the training camp and then theyíre going to open it up for questions.

OSCAR DE LA HOYA: Sure, thank you, Ricardo. Everything is going great, wonderful, as planned. Iím truly excited about working with Freddie Roche (ph). Heís been very instrumental at this point in my career. Heís really made a huge difference when it comes to making sure we have the right strategy and getting me in tiptop shape. Weíve have great sparring partners no hand, who have the speed, and even more power, and heavier than Mayweather and things are going wonderful. Itís going to be a great pleasure being in that ring May fifth with Mayweather.

RICHARD SCHAEFER: Great. Now if we can open it up for questions, please.

OPERATOR: Thank you. At this time, if you would like to pose a question, please press star one on your touch-tone phone. Your first question is coming from Salvador Rodriguez of the Record.


OSCAR DE LA HOYA: Answer (SPEAKING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE). Iíll be ready May 5. Freddie Roche (ph) and I have been working great together. Weíve been training extremely hard. Freddie Roche (ph) pushes me every single day. And Iím looking forward to being very aggressive, and not necessarily going in there and trying to walk through this guy. But when it comes to my conditioning, Iíll be able to do everything I want to do inside that ring. So Iím really looking forward to that. I didnít think I could get in better shape at this point in my career, but Freddie (ph) has really taken it up a notch when it comes to being in good shape for a fight.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from Carlos Arias (ph), of the Orange County.

CARLOS ARIAS: All right. Hey, Oscar, can you talk about your relationship with Sugar Shane Mosley (ph). You guys started off as rivals and amateurs, and now you guys are business partners. And, you know, just talk about how you guys developed that relationship.

OSCAR DE LA HOYA: Well weíve always been friends, you know, ever since kids. I remember, always, hearing about Shane Mosley (ph) in the amateur tournaments and people would be talking about him, how fast he was, and, you know, how he would fight anybody and always beat him. And, you know, he was always the top fighter out there in the amateurs.

And every time we would meet, and every time we would travel together, we always got along great. We kind of had the same demeanor. You know, weíre very mellow. Weíre easy going. And, you know, always with a smile. So heís always been a guy who Iíve always got along with. You know, I mean thereís no reason whatsoever to feel anything else towards Sugar Shane (ph). I mean, you know, heís always been a pleasant guy to, you know, not only work with now, but to travel with in the amateur days and hang out with.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from Chuck Johnson of U.S. Today.

CHUCK JOHNSON: All right. Yes, we were just talking with Mayweather and he says his dad is working in the gym with him right now, could you almost see that coming? And do you feel that with senior having worked with you so closely, that gives Mayweather any kind of benefit or to your detriment at all?

OSCAR DE LA HOYA: Well no, I donít think itís going to make a difference. Obviously, I know Mayweather senior is telling him, you know, look out for this, and look out for that, and Oscar is vulnerable here and there. You know, weíre ready for all of that, obviously. You know, weíre sticking to our game plan. And weíre sticking to what we can do best. And, you know, studying Mayweather Jr. for so many days, now, you know, watching his videos and watching his fights, you know, we have him down. And, you know, itís not going to be a fight where I have to change my strategies, or change my whole game.

You know, itís going to be a fight where, I have to make little adjustments here and there, not major adjustments but little adjustments where I can make sure I capitalize on.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from Robert Morales of Los Angeles Daily News.

ROBERT MORALES: Hey, listen. You know, going from Floyd Senior to Freddie Roach, both very good trainers. Is there any real noticeable difference in what Freddie does on a daily basis, versus what Floyd was doing?

OSCAR DE LA HOYA: Thereís a big difference. I mean the styles are totally, totally different. You know, Floyd Senior, heís a great trainer, and obviously I have nothing negative to say about him. But the way they hold the mitts and the way they talk to you itís just itís night and day.

Whereas, Floyd Senior heíll have you throw a 25 punch combination, where maybe those first three, four, five, punches are going to be effective, and then after that itís all kind of like arm punching. Whereas, with Freddie Roach youíre throwing combinations that youíre going to throw when youíre fighting. And obviously, with both trainers itís offense and defense. Itís just, I think, what Iíve found out is that Freddie Roach is more intense. Itís non stop with Freddie Roach. Itís combination after combination and ducking under punches, itís constant pressure and itís allowed me to get in better shape. I mean I feel in incredible shape right now.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from John Whisler of San Antonio Express.

JOHN WHISLER: I know youíve, in your career, probably seen a little bit of everything in the ring and out. You know, Vargas got personal, Iím talking trash talk here. Mayorga I think just pushed every button he could to hope to hit the right ones. Whatís different about Mayweatherís talk? Whatís gotten under your skin the most, as opposed to what anybody else has done?

OSCAR DE LA HOYA: Well I truly feel that Mayweather Junior needs a humbling experience. He really is a little brat, you know, he Ė I donít think Ė just the way he comes across. I mean heís very arrogant. I mean obviously we were on a press tour for so many days, and he can get up on the podium and say a few nice things, and then his real side will come out. I mean he starts talking all of this trash, about Iím nothing, and I havenít fought anybody. And this and that. And itís uncalled for, itís unnecessary. I mean you would never see Tiger Woods talk bad about Jack Nicklaus. Itís just something that is disrespectful and therefore it revs me up to really shut him up on May 5.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from Trae Thompson of Forth Worth Start.

TRAE THOMPSON: Iím doing good. Doing good. Hey, has Freddie implemented anything during your training that heís used with Manny? And it seems like does he provide just kind of a fresh approach in camp?

OSCAR DE LA HOYA: Well itís funny because I could never understand why Manny is so explosive, but after working with Freddie now I know why. I canít wait to be in that ring May 5. Because the conditioning that Iíll be in, because of Freddie Roach, the way he makes you train. And itís the way he makes you train. I mean he pushes you every second of every round. And, itís not just Ė thereís no time to breathe.

I see in his eyes that heís very motivated, and thatís refreshing to me, because although Floyd Senior, as much as I liked the guy, and heís a great trainer, and I have nothing bad to say about him, you know, weíve been together for five to six years. And I guess this Ė having Freddie is kind of like a little refreshing, it brings something new to the table, and itís motivating.

OPERATOR: Your next question is coming from Dyan Garcia of EBS CBN.

DYAN GARCIA: OK. I just wanted to confirm reports that Filipino fighter, Boom Boom Bautista and Aga Reynold (ph) will be training in Puerto Rico with you. And how are you going to (INAUDIBLE) is this going to be a different time? Or how do you see that working out with Freddie and yourself?

OSCAR DE LA HOYA: Yes, Iíve extended the invitation to Boom Boom Bautista and Banal (ph). Not only because they will be fighting on my card on May 5, and because theyíre great fighters, but because me as a veteran fighter, I need those young guys to push me harder. And so when we go running in the morning and Boom Boom and Banal (ph) are going to be running in front of me. I want t make sure I can catch up to them and run more miles.

Itís funny because to me theyíre going to be inspirations to me. Theyíre going to make me work harder. So thatís the reason why brought them in. And also, I want to make sure that theyíre great shape to win on May 5. And weíll be training separately. My training is closed to the public. Itís only my team in there, my sparring partners. And Boom Boom Bautista and Banal (ph) will be training separately.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from Dan Rafael of ESPN.

DAN RAFAEL: Oscar, you talked a lot about what it was like, the irritation that Floyd caused you during the media tour. Can you talk a little bit about what your feelings were and whatever sort of relationship you may have had with Floyd prior to the beginning of the media tour? Because I know you guys had fought on some cards together. You must have known each other a little bit during the top ranked days. Iím sure your opinion of him might not have been as harsh as it is now. Can you just reflect? Take the media tour out of it for a second.

OSCAR DE LA HOYA: Well I actually never had no contact with Floyd Junior prior to the media tour. I didnít know of him. I didnít know what kind of person. The only thing I know about him was what his father would tell me, while we were training down here for several fights, you know, how heís a bad guy. And how he hangs around with bad people. And how heís a little brat. And he needs a lesson. And things like.

So I mean I would tell Floyd Senior, I mean how bad can he be, I didnít think he was that bad. But once I got over the tour with him, not I can understand what he was meaning but, you know, prior to them I would never talk to him or I would never Ė we never confronted each other, or never had the opportunity to talk.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from Jason Abelson of the Fight Network.

JASON ABELSON, FIGHT NETWORK: Hi, Oscar. Thanks for taking the call. I appreciate it. I just wanted to ask, as far as approaches to the fight and strategies, I imagine you can be fairly fearless against Floyd 154 considering he hasnít really shown any power at 147. And I was wondering if you feel that itís almost best to give them the opportunity to throw punches. One that, you know, he obviously will be able to counter, and two, you know, his hands are extremely brittle at 154. Do you feel that itís within your best interest to allow him Ė to give him almost the opportunities to throw punches?

OSCAR DE LA HOYA: Well I mean obviously in boxing, I mean the punch that hurts the most is the one that you canít see. And, you know, we know heís fast. How fast is he at 154? Well thatís something that weíll see on May fifth. But, Iím sure thereís going to be many times where Iím going to lure him into my trap so to speak.

You donít want to Ėthe name of the game is hit, not get hit. But Iíll take some risk. Iíll be in tremendous shape where Iíll have no problems taking those risks and not letting him hit me, but, I mean forget to block a bunch or, you know, let him hit me once or two times, to see what kind of power he does have. I think thatís going to happen in the fight. Obviously, the speed, people are talking about speed, how itís going to be a big factor. Well I mean Ė people are going to be very surprised of how Iíll be able to match his speed, because fighters like this really take me to a whole new level, especially when theyíre that fast. So itís going to be interesting to watch.

OPERATOR: Thank you. Your next question is coming from Carlos Arias of the Orange County.

CARLOS ARIAS: Is Sugar Shane Mosley helping you on your training or preparation at all?

OSCAR DE LA HOYA: Yes, Sugar Shane Mosley is going do me the honor of coming down to Puerto Rico on the second of April, so heíll be here for a whole month, this is great. I mean Iím ecstatic and Iím excited, and, you know, I really thank him for the opportunity to work with him. And I think it goes hand in hand. Shane Mosley is a fighter whoís always in great shape. And, you know, Iím sure my sparring with him is going to help me a great deal too to prepare for his upcoming fight.

OPERATOR: Thank you. I would now like to turn the floor back over to Richard Schaefer for any closing remarks.

RICHARD SCHAEFER: Great. Thank you all for attending. It was really a great turnout. And we are looking to hear from you again next week, same time. We are going to announce the under card for the fight, and we will have some of the under card fighters on the call. And we will have as well, the odds maker from the MGM Mirage Group, talking about the odds and what goes into making the odds, and he will explain why he feels the odds are the way they are, at this particular point. So again, thank you for attending this conference call and we look forward to hearing from you again, next week. Thanks.

Article posted on 03.04.2007

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