Floyd Mayweather Sr Interview - Part II

mayweather sr22.03.07 - By JOHN MARTINEZ, BOXINGREALM.COM: As promised I am delivering the second half of the Mayweather interview. However, before we delve into the mind of Floyd Sr., I would like to take a moment to clarify some things. In the first interview, many people expressed displeasure with some of the content that was written.

I understand that some of the words and thoughts expressed by Floyd were hard hitting for some people. But I think that by not including everything Floyd said, I would be doing him, myself, and more importantly you the fans a disservice because I would not be telling the whole story and therefore not doing my job. It should be noted that while there were a few of you who decided to blame the messenger (me) there were plenty more who enjoyed the material. Most of you understood that I only wrote the words that YOU read. I would not and will not belittle anyoneís illness no matter what it may be..

I also do not believe Floyd was intending to disgrace Freddieís illness either. I think he was only trying to say that a trainer might be more effective with his elite fighters if he can show that he will and can do the same tasks that he commands the pupil to do, thus creating more respect between the two. So, to those who might say that this reporter is only trying to start controversy ď like a womanĒ then stop reading the interviews. Enough said. We pick up where we last left off:

JM: Floyd, you keep saying that in your opinion Freddie Roach isnít a good trainer. If thatís the case, then how is it that so many others believe he is in fact one of the greatest trainers in the business today?

FLOYD SR: Look; heís just living off of a dead manís name, Eddie Futch. Thatís all. What I want to see him do is produce a champion. Ainít nobody heís produced. Do you know? I donít know, you donít know, and he donít know.

JM: Well I believe heís credited with making Manny Pacquiao successful.

FLOYD SR: (CUTTING IN) Manny canít even fight. All he is is a hard puncher that beat up a washed up Erik Morales. He canít box. He only punches hard- thatís it. If I trained Manny, there wouldnít be anybody in his division because he would know how to box. With the power he got and then I teach him how to box, the only name youíd see is MANNY PACQUIAO! You know what else? Everything from 1-10 would say VACATED, VACATED, VACATED, on and on till the count of ten.

JM: Lets talk about the preparations for the fight. Howís Floyd coming along in camp?

FLOYD SR: Listen, the guys that my son is sparring with right now also sparred with Oscar. Theyíre saying that it is very difficult to hit Floyd whereas you could hit Oscar easy. They donít see Oscar hitting Little Floyd. They just keep saying how bad Little Floyd is. By the way, one of the guys is Anthony Thompson. Iím probably going to be training him real soon too because they know who the Master is. He said that Floyd is way tougher than Oscar.

JM: Floyd Iíd like to ask you to size up the fight for us. Give us your take on what will happen May 5th?

FLOYD SR: See, my son is in great condition. You saw what happened against Mayorga right? With me, he (Oscar) wouldíve had a chance. He ainít gonna and canít remember everything I taught him. Instead, he got Freddie Roach and guess what? I was the thinker for Oscar and the thing is he got Freddie Roach and you know what? Itís gonna be a scared night at the fightÖ for some reason Oscar ainít gonna feel right and let me tell you why! Itís not gonna be a treatÖ itís gonna be a repeat!!

JM: A repeat of what Floyd?

FLOYD SR: Of something bad. Iím talking about when he fought Bernard Hopkins bad! It ainít gonna be nothing good.

JM: So youíre predicting Oscarís going to get knocked out?

FLOYD SR: Iím just saying that itís not a gonna be a treatÖ itís gonna be a repeat of something bad. Bernard Hopkins bad and Floydís got the nod right now.

JM: Letís pretend your Floydís manager and everything goes well for him on May 5th. What would you advise him to do?

FLOYD SR: Well if anything let him take an easy fight. But you know what? What is left for him to do in the game? I think I would tell him toÖ you knowÖ weíd beat up on Shane Mosley. You see, Shane paws a lot with his jab. My son donít paw. If he throws it out there, heí gonna hit you with it. You donít play with my son because heís gonna get you!! You know we were calling out Shane when Floyd was 130-135. Jack (Mosley) acted like he was on crack! He acted like Shane was a 10 million dollar fighter back then. We asked Shane for a fight at least 3 times and they wouldnít take it. Floyd had just won the title. Come on now.

JM: Iíd like to ask you what final thoughts you have of Oscar De La Hoya?

FLOYD SR: Look here; De La Hoya fired every trainer he ever had. He didnít fire me. I deleted myself away from the picture. You know what? He won 3 belts with me. Look here, you see what happens when a fighter comes to me? I make champions!

JM: You definitely elevated Oscarís fighting style from being what some called a one handed fighter to a machine that had an upgraded defense with a two pronged attack. I would like for you to elaborate a little more on why you call yourself the ďMasterĒ.

FLOYD SR: I call myself the best trainer in the world because Iíve shown it. If I got it twisted then someone needs to show me that it ainít real. All the so-called greats like the Emanuel Stewards, Gil Clancys, the Dan Birminghamís, this guy and that guy- show me. Show me something. Letís get a gym and get all the fans and the media and I guarantee you they wonít show me nothing.

JM: Any last words to describe yourself?

FLOYD SR: Iím truthful with everything!

I agree. On behalf of, I would like to thank Mr. Floyd Mayweather Sr. for giving his time and his honesty during this entire interview. We will be talking with Floyd again within the week, so stay tuned.,

Article posted on 22.03.2007

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