Joe Calzaghe - His Five Best Wins

Joe Calzagheby James Slater - Both Roy Jones Junior, and, to a slightly lesser degree, Joe Calzaghe, have had truly great careers during which they have taken on top name after top name. Set to meet each other in an extremely important fight, career defining-wise, next month, both greats will be hoping for another notable victory.

Here, in this article, I list my choices for Calzaghe's five very best career wins thus far.

In reverse order here are the southpaw's five best wins. (note: a good "win" is not to be confused with a good "performance". For example, Joe beat the great Bernard Hopkins, and this "win" is arguably the Welshman's best ever victory in terms of beating a top name, but Calzaghe's "performance" was not one of his best.) continue

Dundee Joins Team De La Hoya For Pacquiao Fight

LOS ANGELES, October 30 - As the architect for some of the greatest fighters of all-time, including Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and George Foreman, Angelo Dundee's name is synonymous with excellence. Now, the legendary trainer will look to impart his wisdom on boxing's reigning superstar - Oscar de la Hoya - as a special consultant for the "Golden Boy" for his December 6th super-fight with Manny Pacquiao. continue

'Call Em Out Fridays': James Toney - Does 'Lights Out' Now Mean Game Over?

By Vivek Wallace - This weeks 'Call Em Out Fridays' segment shines light on the career of the man we all simply know as 'Lights Out'. For years, James Toney has been known as one of the craftiest veterans to ever lace up a pair in the history of the sport, but after years battling the bulge and attention deficit gaps, this slick veteran finds himself on the tail end of a career that has recently contained fewer peaks than valleys. Like any of my other 'Call Em Out Friday' segments, we'll take a look at three perspectives to ensure a fair and balanced vision. We'll analyze a 'Supportive' perspective, a 'Critics' perspective, and after observing the 'Neutral' perspective, we open it up for you, 'Joe the fan' (pun intended) to chime in as well. So with no further ado, we commence by putting Mr. Toney under the spotlight.... continue

At Last, Winky Wright Has A Fight Scheduled!

Winky Wright30.10.08 - by James Slater - Ronald "Winky" Wright, a fighter far too talented to have been as inactive as he has, finally gets back in the ring this December 4th. A superbly gifted southpaw who can be a joy to watch when he does his thing, Wright, 51-4-1(25), will likely return against Michi Munoz, 21-2(14) and will headline a card on the TV network Versus as he does so (site to be determined). This will be the former pound-for-pound standout's first bout since his July 2007 points loss to Bernard Hopkins. Winky will make his return at 165 pounds and then focus on the big names of the middleweight division.

This news is according to ESPN's Dan Rafael, and the top scribe spoke with Winky about his future plans.

"I'm on board, it's time to get back in there," Wright said. "I just need to get back in the mix. I just need to get back in shape, get in the ring and fight somebody and show people I can still do this, and then move on. continue

News: Mendy vs Naugler; Toney vs Thompson On Dec 13

Championship boxing returns to Columbia, South Carolina. Standing 8 productions’ “Explosion over the Midlands” was an elite night of boxing with two championship bouts Saturday Night in Columbia, SC. The co-main event Josh Green vs. Shawn Hawk was anticipated to be an exciting bout as both fighters came in with unblemished records. continue

News: Figueroa-Augustus on Calzaghe Jones PPV; Billy C Boxing Radio

LAS VEGAS (October 31, 2008) – NABF light welterweight champion Frankie “El Gato” Figueroa, recently signed to a promotional contract by Roy Jones, Jr.’s Square Ring Promotions, will now take on the unofficial gatekeeper of the light welterweight division, veteran Emanuel “Drunken Master” Augustus, in the opening bout on the November 8th Jones-Calzaghe HBO PPV card at Madison Square Garden in New York City. continue

It’s Time for Asians to be Inducted into the Boxing Hall Of Fame

boxing By Ted Sares - Fall seven times, stand up eight —Japanese proverb.

I have written about this subject on numerous occasions and now, since the Iinternational Boxing Hall of Fame inductees for 2009 soon will be announced, it is timely to stress that there is a notable paucity of boxers from Asian countries represented in Hall. And note, the word "International" is in the name. continue

News: Haye ready for 'dangerous Barrett'; Fagan out to cause Khan upset

David Haye admits he needs to raise his game for his upcoming fight against Monte Barrett. The heavyweights go head to head at the O2 Arena in London on Saturday 15th November. Speaking to Steve Bunce on Setanta Sports News Haye said that he is 'fighting someone who’s very dangerous'. continue

News: Ian Napa has given £500 to injured boxer Gilbert Eastman; USA Boxing News

Napa donated his cash prize for being voted 'Fighter of the Night' after taking the European bantamweight title from Carmelo Ballone on October 17. Hackney's pocket dynamo edged out Henry Castle who knocked out Graham Earl on the York Hall show. When Napa was told of his £500 windfall he immediately insisted the money went to Eastman. continue

Joe Calzaghe Must "Fight The Fight Of His Life" If He's To Beat Roy Jones, Says David Haye

Joe Calzagheby James Slater - For once not speaking about his own career and lofty ambitions, former cruiserweight world champion David Haye has been speaking with BBC Sport about the upcoming Joe Calzaghe-Roy Jones Junior clash. A student of boxing who views tapes of fights in a bid to learn even more about his chosen profession, Haye thinks he has an idea how November 8th's big fight will turn out style-wise.

Warning "The Pride of Wales" that he is in for a potentially tough evening, especially if he takes Jones at all lightly, Haye said Joe must give an above average performance if he's to keep his unbeaten record and world title.

"An average performance will not be enough to beat even a washed-up Jones," Haye told the BBC. "Joe's not that effective against someone who's a counter-puncher and doesn't chase him round the ring. Bernard Hopkins' plan was to counter-punch, counter-punch, counter punch, and that's what I think Roy Jones will do. continue

A Look At Oisin Fagan, Amir Khan's Comeback Opponent

30.10.08 - by James Slater - Amir Khan and his team must be given credit for not choosing a soft touch for the 21-year-old's December 6th comeback fight. Flattened last time out inside a minute by Colombia's Breidis Prescott, Khan returns to the ring for the first time against tough and capable Irishman Oisis Fagan, an experienced 34-year-old who has been in with some big names and who has only ever been stopped once. continue

News: Arnaoutis, Maddalone Win; Dynamic Maloney Duo See Action On Wigan Fight Card

Mighty" Mike Arnaoutis (21-2-2, 10KO) and Vinny Maddalone (31-4, 22KO) both came out victorious at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City in front of a packed house. The card, which was promoted by Joe DeGuardia's Star Boxing and broadcast live on gave those in attendance and those tuning in an amazing night of exciting boxing. continue

15-Years Ago Today, Bentt TKO 1 Morrison - A Classic Come From Nowhere Win!

Tommy Morrison29,10.08 - by James Slater -- Exactly 15-years ago today at The Civic Centre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, heavyweight star and supposed future megastar Tommy Morrison suffered a sensational 1st round TKO defeat. The man who landed the punches, the previously largely unknown Michael Bentt, came from nowhere and arrived on the big stage with one heullva bang!

Morrison, nicknamed "The Duke" due to his being a very distant relative of the great movie star John Wayne, had just beaten the legendary "Big" George Foreman to become the WBO heavyweight champion. Now making his second defence of the belt he'd out-pointed Foreman to win four months previously, the 24-year-old Morrison appeared to have completely recovered from the savage KO he'd suffered in his fight with "Merciless" Ray Mercer back in 1991. continue

News: Abraham suggests Marquez to look for a new job; Calzaghe/Jones 24/7 Part II; Al Bernstein

King Arthur Abraham claims there is no reason for Raul Marquez to be worried about the IBF middleweight champion´s weight. The two fighters will clash in Bamberg on November 8, five weeks later than originally planned after Abraham was flattened by the flu on the day of the bout. Earlier this week, Marquez said in a statement: “Maybe he was sick but, if he really was, it was because of what he had to do to make weight. If he really was sick it would have taken him two weeks to get back to where he was. Four weeks isn’t going to help him if he’s having trouble making 160 pounds.. continue

Cristian Mijares-Vic Darchinyan Weigh-In Results

NOTE: WEIGHTS – World Boxing Association (WBA)/World Boxing Council (WBC) super flyweight champion Cristian Mijares and International Boxing Federation (IBF) 115-pound champion Vic Darchinyan both weighed in at the 115 pound limit during Friday’s weigh in at the Double Tree Hotel in Carson, California. continue

The 'Left-Hook Lounge': Vivek Wallace's Weekly Mailbag Featuring Andrade-Bute, Paul Williams, Judah, Taylor, Kessler, and More!

Jermain TaylorIn this weeks 'Left-Hook Lounge' installment we cover some pretty interesting ground for a week with no mega fights scrolling on the marquee. Among the many topics we'll touch on today is the horrific outcome of the Andrade-Bute fight in Canada last Friday, and the recent division hopping by Paul Williams. In a more speculative fashion, two questions presented ponder the outcome of potential fights between Taylor and Kessler, as well as Bradley and Judah. Then wrapping up this weeks 'Lounge' we take a stab at one fantasy question where a fight fan was bold enough to question which country produces the best boxers.

Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden recently stated that if he and Barack Obama make it into office their administration would probably be tested early, and when a question like "which country produces the best boxers"? comes into the fold, it's safe to say we can now firmly identify the source of the initiating spark that will ignite that proverbial World War III! At least here on ESB anyhow.....But with no further ado, we hit the streets of Miami Lakes, Florida where an avid fight fan wanted to know the following: continue

News: Barrera vs Ventura; Andrew Golota; Tommy Brooks ; Deandre Latimore

The World Boxing Council informs that due to Sammy Ventura´s inactivity and the fact that he was defeated in his last two fights, the organization disclaims any responsibility regarding the fight he will take part in against former world champion Marco Antonio Barrera. continue

Boxing News: Joey Gilbert, Rafael Concepcion, Jones-Perez

RENO, NEVADA (October 29, 2008) Super middleweight Joey Gilbert has landed in Baltimore, Maryland to return to the ring tomorrow night, October 30th against Michigan’s “FLAWLESS” Dan Wallace in a six round bout at the Jonathan Ogden Foundation Charity Boxing Event at Martin Valley Mansion in Cockeysville, MD. continue

The reincarnation of Roy Jones Jr…!

Roy Jones Jr.By P.H. Burbridge (A voice in a crowd) -- November 8th is fast approaching and I’ve got this feeling that we’re in for a very interesting fight between Joe Calzaghe and Roy Jones Jr. I have this sense that Jones is going to do a number on Calzaghe. Frankly, I think Jones is going to give Calzaghe a beating. In my opinion this is a bad style match up for Joe and I expect that will become all too apparent very early into this fight.

For years I’ve been telling people that Calzaghe was legit and would dominate the best we had here in the states. That is everyone EXCEPT Roy Jones Jr! Of course, at the time I never thought this fight would get made. Jones is a boxing virtuoso and people forget how dominant he was. Five or six years ago this wouldn’t have even been a fight and anyone who thinks differently needs to go to You Tube and watch some Roy Jones footage from that era. Don’t take my word for it. Just go educate yourself and get back to us. I think most of us already know the answer! continue

Mijares-Darchinyan, Dirrell-Oganov Final Press Conference Quotes

World Boxing Association (WBA)/World Boxing Council (WBC) super flyweight champion Cristian Mijares and International Boxing Federation (IBF) 115-pound champion Vic Darchinyan participated in the final fight week press conference Thursday at the Le Foyer Ballroom at Anoush Banquet Hall in North Hollywood, Calif. continue

Sylvester vs Sturm Weigh-In Results

Official Weigh-in Oberhausen, Autohaus Plätz, Germany
WBA World Championship Middleweight -- Felix Sturm (72,3 kg) vs. Sebastian Sylvester (72,3 kg)

WBO World Championship Super Welterweight -- Sergiy Dzinziruk (69,5 kg) vs. Joel Julio (69,8 kg). continue

British Forces show their support for Joe Calzaghe

calzagheJoe Calzaghe has a huge amount of respect for the men and women of the British Forces and it seems the troops are backing Joe 100% in advance of his fight against Jones JNR on 8th November 2008.

Joe’s official website,, has been inundated with photos and messages of from troops around the world some even showing there support by sporting the official Go Joe t-shirt! has been built to ensure his global fan base are with him every step of the way as he prepares for his fight against Jones JNR on 8th November 2008. The website will give his fans from both sides of the Atlantic exclusive access to Joe and the entire Calzaghe team. continue

News: Andrew Golota Pictures From China; Bika wants unification fight or Hopkins

The greatest Polish heavyweight boxer in history arrived in Chengdu, China, on Tuesday at 12:30 a.m. and notified his team when he awakened from a brief sleep, "I want to go see the Great Panda Bears." He and three members of his team arrived at the nearby Great Panda Research Base in the early afternoon where he advised park officials that he wanted to meet Shan Ping, the rare one-year-old Great Panda Bear his promoter Don King was allowed to hold during an official visit in August. continue

Vic Darchinyan, Cristian Mijares Quotes and Predictions

Photo: Jorge Garcia -- A weary Christian Mijares kicks back in his hotel room late Tuesday after arriving in Los Angeles from Mexico. It had been a long couple of days and nights for the WBC/WBA 115-pound champion, who faces his IBF counterpart, Vic Darchinyan, in a highly anticipated world title unification fight this Saturday, Nov. 1, at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., on SHOWTIME (9 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the west coast. continue

News: Arce-Garcia; Donaire-Mthalane; Ray Mancini; Mike Jones vs Luciano Perez

arce10/28/08, Las Vegas,Nevada --- Photo by Chris Farina - Top Rank

(L-R) Jorce Arce of Mexico and superstar Flyweight world champion Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire of the Philippines pose during media day Tuesday in Las Vegas.

Arce takes on Isidro Garcia,Hacienda Heights, Calif. and Donaire goes against Moruti Mthalane of South Africa on Top Rank's "Final Impact" card, Saturday, November 1 at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on Top Rank Pay-Per-View. continue

News: Star Boxing Weigh-In Results; Froch vs Pascal

All participants weighed-in today for Wednesday Night's Star Boxing show at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. The card is headlined by the WBO #7, IBF #8, WBA #11, WBC #15 rated jr. welterweight in the world, "Mighty" Mike Arnaoutis (20-2-2, 10KO) and being broadcast live on "Mighty" Mike weighed in at a ripped and ready 142lbs. while his opponent Ben Ankrah tipped the scales at 140 3/4 lbs. After weighing in words were exchanged between the two camps as Arnaoutis looked as though he wanted to start the fight right there. continue

Chavez-Vanda II - Will We See A KO This Time, And If So In Whose Favour!?

28.10.08 - by James Slater - When they met back in July, Julio Cesar Chavez and Matt Vanda boxed a controversially scored and very close fight. Now, with just a few days to go before their anticipated rematch, both light-middleweights are confident of achieving victory. Fight # one went to the cards after ten rounds of good action; will fight #two end in a knockout? continue

News: Roy Jones Jr.'s Weekend in Pensacola; U.S. Heavyweights Enjoy Success in Guadalajara

Roy Jones Jr.October 28, 2008, Pensacola, FL -- Roy Jones Jr, has been training in California, PA. located in the hill country, 25 miles south of Pittsburgh, This past weekend Roy returned to Pensacola, which he has done for every big fight that he has trained away from home, to see family and friends before taking on undefeated Joe Calzaghe on Nov. 8th at Madison Square Garden.

After training on Friday, Jones boarded a private jet bound for Pensacola. That evening Roy attended a ring card girl contest at Club Aqua, about 30 miles east of Pensacola. The winners received an all-expense paid trip to Madison Square Garden for the November 8th "Battle of the Superpowers" fight as official round-card presenters. continue

Promoter Frank Warren Makes It Plain, If Harrison Fails To Impress Against Rogan It's Over

28.10.08 - by James Slater - The on/off fight between Audley "A-Force" Harrison and the unbeaten Martin Rogan will finally take place this December 6th, after being postponed on two previous occasions. Harrison and "Prize Fighter" winner Rogan will share a bill at London's ExCel Arena with Nicky Cook and Amir Khan boxing against as yet unannounced opposition. continue

Is Chris Arreola Eating His Way Out Of Heavyweight Contention?

Paul McCreath: Over the past few months like most heavyweight fans I have been on the Chris Arreola bandwagon and like many I have considered him to be America's number one prospect in that division. This 27 year old has been impressive in compiling a 25-0 record with 22 KOs. He is exciting with good power and a good chin. What's not to like right? Well I hate to be picky but there is that one thing, his weight and I am getting concerned. continue

Oleg Maskaev: I'll Replace Povetkin & Fight Klitschko, Winner Take All !

Oleg MaskaevBy Oleg Maskaev: I have lost only one fight in the last 6 years. The bizarre and strange circumstances surrounding the Peter bout, including the possibility of criminal activity, will all be coming out when we appear before the Court of Sports Arbitration. If Klitschko selects Rahman as his opponent, then Klitschko is facing the loser, not the winner. I have stopped Rahman nt once, but twice, the last time winning the WBC Heavyweight Championship from him. What has Rahman done since I stopped him? He quit against Toney and then had a life and death against my sparring partner, Zuri Lawrence.

Styles make fights, and Klitschko’s style is made to order for me. I stopped Vitali as an amature and I will stop Vladimir as a pro. I know how to rough him up. I will knock him out.

Talk is cheap; I’ll put my money where my mouth is. As far as the purse, let us fight, winner take all. If you are not interested in another mis-match Vlad, have Shelly Finkle call my promoter, Dennis Rappaport. I’m prepared to fight you in the U.S., in Russia, in Germany, and even in your own living room. Let’s get it on !!”

David Haye - If He Looks "Spectacular" Against Barrett It Could Be Either Wladimir Or Vitali Next Summer!

by James Slater - It looks as though David Haye may only need one more win as a heavyweight in order for him to secure a world title fight. Speaking with The Telegraph Sport recently, Haye spoke of how his manager and trainer, Adam Booth, has been in contact with the management team of both Wladimir Klitschko, the IBF and WBO world heavyweight champion and Vitali Klitschko, the WBC ruler. With just one heavyweight win under his belt thus far - a 1st-round stoppage over Tomasz Bonin - Haye has been told that if he can beat Monte Barrett in "spectacular" style this coming November 15th he will be looked at seriously as a challenger for both Klitschko brothers. continue

News: Chambers Wants Klitschko; Broadhurst-Quaye; Team USA Goes 2-0

PHILADELPHIA (OCTOBER 29, 2008)--On the heels of the recent foot injury suffered to IBF #1 ranked mandatory contender, Alexander Povetkin, number-seven ranked "Fast" Eddie Chambers is ready, willing & able to step in and bring the IBF & WBO Heavyweight titles back to the City of Brotherly Love. continue

Marco Antonio Barrera-Sammy Ventura - Is Ventura Barrera's Softest Opponent Since The 1990's?

Marco Antonio Barrera28.10.08 - by James Slater - Heaven knows, the great Marco Antonio Barrera is entitled to an easy comeback fight after all the tough battles he's been in during his long, Hall of Fame career. And though most fight fans would probably have preferred it if the Mexican legend had decided against returning to the ring under promoter Don King this coming November 7th, the 34-year-old last seen losing on points in a rematch with Manny Pacquiao is, for good or bad, back.

And hasn't Barrera got himself as safe a comeback foe as possible for his bout in China. Opposing "The Baby Faced Assassin" will be 33-year-old Sammy Ventura, a fellow Mexican with a pro record of 25-19(20). Ventura, a lightweight who has lost seven of his last eleven fights, the last two via quick KO, has been beaten every single time he has stepped up in quality. Last time out, Ventura was done away with in just 2-rounds by Wes Ferguson, this stoppage loss being the sixteenth Ventura has suffered in career that began at 122 pounds back in 1994. continue

News: Roy Jones Jr, Joe Calzaghe Quotes; Tony Quigley vs Nathan King

NEW YORK, NY (October 28, 2008)--Less than two weeks from now, the worlds of two of boxing's greatest fighters, Joe Calzaghe and Roy Jones Jr., will collide in the ring in "Battle of the Superpowers" November 8 at Madison Square Garden and live on HBO Pay-Per-View. Both fighters are deep in training as they buckle down for their final days of preparation. Calzaghe, in his modest gym in Newbridge, Wales, and Jones in rural California, Pennsylvania; two different settings equally fit for shaping a champion. Below are both fighters' thoughts as the fight quickly approaches: continue

News: ExCeL Tickets; Kell Brook; Andre Berto

Tickets are now on sale for Frank Warren's blockbuster show on Saturday 6 December at the ExCeL London. Britain's only World boxing champion, Nicky Cook, headlines the show with the first defence of his WBO World Super-Featherweight title against a challenger to be announced. Amir Khan features as chief support and makes his big ring return after his first professional loss last month. A potential heavyweight thriller sees Audley Harrison take on Prizefighter 1 winner Martin Rogan over ten rounds in a make-or-break fight. continue

Lucian Bute, Librado Andrade, Marlon B. Wright and the Incompetent Timekeeper – A Non-Controversy

Lucian ButeBy A.R. - As I wrote in my preview for this fight, "The Best of Friends, But Lucian Bute Shouldn't Take Librado Andrade Lightly", boxing fans did not enjoy a simple bull-fight, cooked up to make Bute look good. Andrade was not the predictable "bull" many had taken him for.

This bull almost killer the matador. Almost! Lucian Bute won fair and square last Friday night. He beat the count. The moment he was up on his feet, the fight should have been stopped. Forget about the "long count"; it is irrelevant; Bute was not knocked out, nor was Andrade robbed of his chance to knock him out for good, because of "the long count". The only controversial thing about the fight was why the timekeeper prolonged the fight illegally, after it had effectively ended.

Please watch the video of the last round and read the rules pertaining to this contest, before going any further. continue

Calzaghe-Jones Jr; Minto vs Brown; Shawn Estrada

Top five reasons Roy Jones Jr. “could” beat Joe Calzaghe - By Mike Cassell 10/29/08 - As the Michelangelo in Bernard Hopkins painted the ceiling of Boardwalk Hall with Kelly Pavlik’s blood, a very quiet and confident Roy Jones Jr. sat smiling on a darkened stage that was set up behind the press area near the back of the arena. He was bearded with sunglasses a hat, and a cane, resembling one of the men who may have set the stage up, as opposed to one who will be firmly in the center of it on November 8th when he faces the Italian Dragon, Joe Calzaghe in Madison Square Garden. continue

News: Holt vs Torres; Harris-Narvaez Undecard; Trainer Fitz Vanderpool

NEW YORK (Oct. 27, 2008) – Their first two world championship bouts were unforgettable, action-packed and controversial. Now, World Boxing Organization (WBO) junior welterweight champion Kendall “Rated R’’ Holt (24-2, 13 KOs) will take on Ricardo “Mochuelo’’ Torres (32-2, 28 KOs) in the final chapter of a thrilling trilogy on Saturday, Dec. 13, live on a special edition of ShoBox: The New Generation at 11 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the west coast). continue

Andrade gets the shaft in Montreal; Bute retains title in controversial fashion

Lucien ButeBy Evan Young, Lucien Bute managed to controversially retain his IBF super middleweight crown over teak tough challenger Librado Andrade despite being knocked out in the final seconds of the 12th round at the Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada on Friday night.

Referee Marlon Wright was the conduit that caused the bizarre result we got. You see, Andrade flattened Bute several seconds before the final bell and Wright issued a wacky long count that saved Bute from a sure KO loss. Bute did rise before a 10 count but was completely gone and was being held up by the ropes. Wright never asked Bute to come forward to check his condition. If he had, I don’t think Bute could have remained upright. The Unified Rules of Boxing provide that no fighter shall be saved by the bell in any round and even though Bute was up, he wasn’t in any condition to continue and should have been ruled as such. continue

News: Manny Pacquiao on E:60 tonight; Mike Arnaoutis; Chavez Jr vs Vanda

The next edition of ESPN’s prime-time newsmagazine E:60, on Tonight!, Tuesday, October 28, at 7 p.m. ET, will include a profile of MANNY PACQUIAO, the five-division world boxing champion from the Philippines. Pacauiao, the reigning WBC lightweight champion moves up TWO weight divisions to take on six-division world champion Oscar De La Hoya in a 12-round welterweight battle. Presented by Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank, De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View, Saturday, December 6 from MGM Grand. continue

News: Chris Arreola, Yuri Foreman vs James Moore, Sin City Sports

Photos: Jan Sanders/Goossen Tutor Promotions -- Cristobal "The Nightmare" Arreola visited the newly built, state-of-the-art Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California this past Friday to support the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team in a pre-season game against Oklahoma City Thunder. continue

November 29th, Can Paul Williams Stop Verno Phillips?

Paul Williamsby James Slater - Topping a very interesting doubleheader on November 29th in Ontario, California is the Paul Williams-Verno Phillips light-middleweight title fight. Supported by the potential heavyweight rumble that is Chris Arreola Vs. Travis Walker, the Williams-Phillips fight should get plenty of viewers tuning in to HBO.

"The Punisher" will be having his second fight out of the welterweight division in the last twelve months, and in going up against the tough old warrior that is Phillips, the lanky welter has picked a genuinely dangerous foe. Stopped only once in his long, over twenty year, career, the 38-year-old Belize-born fighter is unlikely to be blown away quickly by the reigning WBO 147-pound champ. If Williams were to get Phillips out of there quickly he will have won himself a pretty impressive and head turning victory. continue

The Historical Roots of “The Rivalry”

by E “G” Morales-Febus - Before most of us were even born, let alone fight fans, the world renowned and highly respected Puerto Rico vs Mexico rivalry began in the 1930s, when Mexican hero Baby Casanova and Islander Sixto Escobar were matched for the vacant version of the World bantamweight title.

Months before, an elimination fight between had been attempted to be made but Casanova's manager insisted that the fight take place in Mexico and refused to travel to Puerto Rico or New York where Escobar had developed a fan base. continue

Boxing News: Vic Darchinyan, Katy Klinefelter, Solo Boxeo Tecate

Photo by Theresa Vazquez: Team Darchinyan at Doubletree Hotel - Carson, CA.
Vic Darchinyan (Center
) -- Monday, October 27 -- IBF Super Flyweight Champion Vic "Raging Bull" Darchinyan and team arrived in Los Angeles from Las Vegas, California, for his upcoming battle for the historic three-belt 115-pound world championship unification against WBC/WBA Super Flyweight Champion Cristian Mijares. continue

Bute-Andrade: Controversy…whatever the result

Lucian Bute27.10.08 - François Bouchard - What a fantastic night of boxing it was last Friday night at the Bell Centre. With the IBF super middleweight title at stake, Lucian Bute and Librado Andrade waged war for 12 action-packed rounds with a little controversy. Just to refresh your memory, Bute was pitching a perfect fight for 11 rounds until he fell into the trap and went head to head with the hard-charging Andrade, who took the opportunity and knocked Bute down with seconds left into the fight. With the clock ticking, referee Marlon B. Wright issued the count, only to have Andrade out of the neutral corner and motioning him back, which cost him precious seconds.

Wright then finished the count and judged Bute was able to continue after Bute offered his glove so the referee could wipe them off. With two seconds left it wasn’t enough and Bute won by unanimous scores of 117-109, 115-111 and 115-110. continue

Sweet Science - Courage, Toughness and Fools

Israel VazquezBy Paul Strauss: Is there a difference between courage and toughness? Are the courageous sometimes really just fools? Can you learn to be courageous and tough? How can an apparently courageous act ever be deemed foolish?

First, we need to formulate the beginnings of a definition of each of these. Let's start with courage. It is a common word, used in many different situations to imply levels of the same thing. For example, you might hear someone say, "Oh, that took courage". They could be describing anything from voluntarily facing up to your boss and taking blame for a major screw up. continue

News: Sturm vs Sylvester, Dzinziruk-Julio, Dunne-Garcia, Coyle vs Mitchell

The verbal skirmish between WBA middleweight champion Felix Sturm and mandatory challenger Sebastian Sylvester came to a head on Monday in advance of their grudge match on Saturday's huge "Universum Champions Night" event at the König Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen. The psychological warfare continued during the third and final press conference at the Coca-Cola Oasis in the Oberhausener CentrO as once again the fighters refused to pose together for photographers or even shake hands. continue

Mikkel Kessler, Back To His Very Best? The Best Of The 168-pound Champions?

by James Slater - Unlike would-be star Jeff Lacy, Denmark's Mikkel Kessler has suffered no ill effects to speak of due to his points loss to Joe Calzaghe. The only loss of his fine career, the Calzaghe defeat doesn't appear to have affected the current WBA super-middleweight champion the way Lacy's all but finished his once sparkling promise. continue

Bute vs Andrade: much ado about nothing?

Librado Andradeby Mark Gregory - Since the controversial ending to Lucian Bute’s IBF super-middleweight title defence against Librado Andrade on Saturday night, the online boxing press has been awash with articles describing the fight as an outright hometown robbery. Whilst it cannot be argued that the actions of referee Marlon Wright – who, incidentally, was quite literally a hometown official – were little short of disgraceful, some of the reactions to his part in the ending of the fight are not based on a reasonable and sober assessment of the facts.

Now, I personally feel that Wright could, perhaps even should, have stepped in and stopped Bute on his feet earlier in the round. For the last 30 seconds of the fight he was stumbling around the ring on very unsteady legs and was quite clearly in no position to defend himself. I have seen many fighters stopped in far better condition than Bute was in, and for that alone he can be thankful that he is still able to call himself a world champion today. continue

News: Brewser vs Seldon, Maxwell Awuku, Luis Ramos

INDIANAPOLIS, IN- Former heavyweight champion Lamon Brewster will be fighting for the first time in his hometown of Indianapolis, IN on November 29 at the Conseco Fieldhouse. The 34-4 (30 KO) Brewster will be facing another former heavyweight champion Bruce Seldon, 38-7 (34 KO), in the 12-round main event. Brewster will be making the first defense of his North American Boxing Association heavyweight title which he won in his last fight, a fifth-round knockout win over Danny Batchelder in August. continue

Astonishing Warrior Peter Buckley Approaches His 300th And Final Fight!

by James Slater - Can you name another active boxer who has had anywhere close to 300 pro bouts? Thought not. Well, 39-year-old British welterweight Peter Buckley had has a quite unbelievable 299 pro outings and this coming Friday night the man with the unlikely 31-256-12(8) record will have his 300th and very last fight. continue

Sebastian Sylvester Q & A

sturm vs sylvesterOn November 1, Sebastian Sylvester challenges WBA middleweight champion Felix Sturm in Oberhausen. has caught up with the Hurricane ahead of the biggest fight of his career.

Q: Sebastian, it´s just one week until the fight and you appear to be very relaxed?
A: Yes, I am. Why should I not be relaxed?

Q: Because you might feel some pressure before your most important fight...
A: No, I don´t. I am the challenger and sort of have a road game coming up at an Universum show. I am well-prepared. I deserved to get this fight by decisively beating Javier Castillejo. I have worked hard to fight for the world title and now I am really looking forward to it. The only one who feels pressure is Adnan Catic. continue

Bute-Andrade - Are You Kidding Me?

26.10.08 - Bill Calogero - - Friday night’s fight between Lucien Bute and Librado Andrade for Bute’s IBF Super Middleweight Championship Belt went from a superb boxing performance to by far the worst injustice in the sport of boxing that I have seen in a very long time. This, in my opinion was more blatant of a “long-count” than Dempsey vs. Tunney. Watching the fight, all I could think was “Are you kidding me?.. continue

News: Holt-Torres Tickets Go On Sale Monday; Slone Unveils Calzaghe/Jones Painting

ATLANTIC CITY, October 27, 2008 -- The third fight in the trilogy of Kendall Holt (24-2, 13 KOs) vs. Ricardo Torres (32-2, 28 KOs) for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Junior Welterweight Championship will take place in the Ballroom at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on Saturday, December 13. Holt-Torres III will be promoted by Top Rank and hosted by Caesars Atlantic City. continue

Kessler knocks out Haussler, Huck stops Tuiach

kesslerPhoto by Sauerland Event -- Mikkel Kessler retained his WBA super-middleweight title with a third-round KO victory over Danilo Haussler. The “Viking Warrior”, who had controlled the first two rounds with his strong jab, landed a crushing left to the head to send the German challenger down and out. “I wanted to be more active in the third round but he punished me immediately for a small mistake,” Haussler stated. “He is a great champion and a very good boxer.”

Kessler was pleased with his performance. “I have watched Danilo on tape and he really is a tough fighter who does not enter the ring to lose. But everything we have trained for worked tonight. I am very happy about the victory.” Wilfried Sauerland believes the 29-year-old Dane is the best super-middleweight in the world. “I still cannot believe he lost to Calzaghe, Mikkel is such a strong fighter,” the manager said. “Both Danilo and Markus Beyer have told me that they have never been up against someone with a harder punch – even through the gloves.. continue

Exclusive Interview - Howard Grant Speaks On The Andrade-Bute Controversy

Lucian Buteby James Slater - Howard Grant, the trainer and corner-man of Librado Andrade very kindly took time out earlier today to speak with this writer about the highly controversial fight his boxer had last night in Canada against Lucian Bute. Surely all fans are aware of what happened in the IBF super-middleweight fight - how the bout looked to have been won in the dying seconds by a challenger who was behind on the cards, only for him to be denied a win due to a modern day version of "The Long Count."

Here, Grant gives his take on last night's events.

James Slater: Thanks for talking to me, Howard. Do you plan an appeal and to demand for a rematch?

Howard Grant: That's up to his [Andrade's] promoters, he's with Oscar De La Hoya, as you know. I think they will, yes. Because my fighter was not a local man he got robbed, everyone saw that. People have been calling me since the fight, telling me they can't believe what happened. Today's Saturday, it's the week end, but business starts again on Monday and I'm pretty sure an appeal will take place then. continue

With Povetkin Injured, Who Will Wladimir Klitschko Face In December?

by James Slater - As we all know, unbeaten Russian contender Alexander Povetkin is out as Wladmir Klitschko's December 13th opponent. However, Shelley Finkel, in talking to Sky Sports, has made it clear that "Dr. Steel Hammer" still hopes to be fighting on the 13th, and is now looking for a suitable replacement challenger. "Wladimir is going to fight," Finkel said. "We'll go down the rankings and try to find a suitable replacement. We'll explore all of our options.. continue

Bernard Hopkins: Doing It His Way and the Heavyweight Picture

26.10.08 - By Michael Klimes: Sometimes there are people who defy expectations and two fighters recently kayoed my predictions. Both Bernard Hopkins and Vitali Klitschko discovered dazzling forms as they mastered their younger opponents in wonderful displays of boxing. Before Hopkins beat Pavlik I was perplexed by the turn in his fascinating career. Although he had lost to Joe Calzaghe and had taken on every major name his generation had to offer, he still wanted to prove himself against the most dangerous opponents he could find. Since he could not find a name in his generation to aim at, he looked at the one coming after him and thought confronting the very good Kelly Pavlik would be a bright idea. Pavlik, having a similar dilemma shared Hopkins’s aspiration and so the fight was made. It was also an amusing observation that Hopkins who was once the boxing maverick and hate figure for the game’s establishment (probably described as “they” or “them” with omnipotent connotations) has become a very well paid up member of it. continue

Sharkie’s Machine: Librado Andrade KO’s Lucian Bute in 12th but Loses Decision?”

Librado AndradeBy Frank Gonzalez Jr. - October 25th, 2008 - In a tough, Super Middleweight title fight in Montreal between Canadian IBF titlist, Lucian Bute (23-0, 18 KO’s) and Mexican American IBF #1 contender, Librado Andrade (27-2, 22 KO’s), the referee, Marlon B. Wright turned out to be terribly wrong.

It was a good fight, with Andrade always coming forward and Bute demonstrating slick boxing skills and constantly beating Andrade to the punch. Andrade was ruled downed in the tenth round from a push that should’ve been called a slip but the ref counted it as a knockdown. Bute had clearly won most of the rounds with the faster hands and cleaner punches and arguments can be made that Bute won ten of twelve rounds. But the truth is—Lucian Bute was knocked out in the twelfth round. He was knocked out by Librado Andrade, who was robbed by referee Marlon B. Wright. Unfortunately, the record books will not recognize this truth. continue

News: Abraham-Marquez; Peter Buckley, Arnaoutis-Ankrah Undercard

HOBOKEN, N.J. (October 27, 2008) – International Boxing Federation top contender and mandatory challenger, former U.S. Olympian and IBF light middleweight title-holder Raul “El Diamente” Marquez, says he will shock the boxing world November 8 when he fights unbeaten IBF middleweight champion “King” Arthur Abraham at Jako Arena in Bamberg, Germany. continue

Bernard Hopkins and Kelly Pavlik; The Questions that Answer

By Phil Santos - - In a fight that did more to muddy the waters within the 160, 168 and 175 pound divisions, (Middleweight, Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight), Bernard Hopkins defeated the seemingly indestructible Kelly Pavlik. continue

Bute's Lopsided Win Over Andrade Ends In Controvery

bute25.10.08 - By Paul Strauss, photo by Tom Casino/Showtime - The judges were forced to score a unanimous victory for Lucien Bute, but ringside commentators Steve Farhood and Nick Charles vehemently expressed their disgust with the referee Marlon Wright, who they felt stole the fight from Andrade. Specifically, they felt the referee did so by administering a Dempsey vs. Tunney type "Long Count". Not surprisingly, Andrade agreed.

In the post-fight interview Steve Farhood asked referee Wright point-blank if he thought his twelfth round actions cost Andrade the fight. Ref Wright responded quickly, " Andrade cost himself the fight by not staying in the neutral corner (as the rules require), and by not listening to my instructions to return to the neutral corner.. continue

Boxing News: Amir Khan, James DuBois, Ronny Rios

Promoter Frank Warren has confirmed that Amir Khan will feature as chief support to Nicky Cook's WBO World Super-Featherweight title defence at the ExCeL London on Saturday 6 December. There was a possibility that Khan would make his comeback on the Oscar De La Hoya-Manny Pacquiao undercard in Las Vegas on the same night, but Khan's return will now be in Britain. continue

Librado Andrade showcased Warrior poetry vs. Lucian Bute

By David Math - Librado Andrade deserves a shout-out. In a Super-Middleweight Division that’s been dominated by Joe Calzaghe – with Mikkel Kessler just a few steps behind – Librado Andrade has been a forgotten gem in this division. What he lacks in natural ability he makes up for in relentless effort and unbridled optimism. With an absolute iron-will, an unbelievable chin, and unrivaled heart/class, Andrade trots into the ring with the beaming spirit of a warrior who loves the combat he engages so much – that he seemingly would consider it an honor to die in the ring. continue

Bute Beats Andrade -- Barely

bute andrade25.10.08 - By Ted Sares, Photo by Tom Casino / Showtime - After ALMOST twelve rounds of superior hand speed and ring generalship, Lucien Bute retained his Super Middleweight Crown with a twelve round UD over rugged Librado Andrade.

Bute’s win included a rare knockdown of Librado Andrade in round ten set up by one of a multitude Bute 3-punch combos that were delivered with lightening speed. Prior to the 10-8 round ten, Bute controlled the action, dictated the pace, and gave a virtual clinic in front of his adoring Montreal fans. Indeed, songs broke out during the eleventh stanza.

As for Andrade, even though he sustained a constant pummeling of sharp Bute combos, he remained dangerous throughout exhibiting his well advertised granite chin and all-around strength. continue

Bernard Hopkins is a one in a million fighter

by David Charlesworth - In a boxing world seemingly obsessed with a fighter keeping his undefeated record, Bernard Hopkins’ schooling of Kelly Pavlik last weekend in Atlantic City was simply a breath of fresh air. For Hopkins, who now holds a record of 49 victories, 5 defeats and one draw is without doubt in the dying breed of fighters who will pit their wits against anyone. continue

Humberto Soto: The Man Manny Pacquiao Should Be Fighting?

By Jason Peck: I’m not going to write about the upcoming bout between Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao. In the coming months, every writer with a pulse and a keyboard will give their own take on an issue that’s going to be heavily covered anyway. What’s the point? continue

Bute, Hearns Score Victories

Bute AndradeMONTREAL, Quebec (Oct. 25, 2008) – Photos by Tom Casino / Showtime - It was a controversial finish, yet an unquestionable unanimous decision on Friday’s special edition of ShoBox: The New Generation on SHOWTIME. Hometown hero, Lucian Bute of Montreal, dominated the No. 1-ranked challenger Librado Andrade of La Habra, Calif., en route to a unanimous decision victory and third successful defense of his International Boxing Federation (IBF) super middleweight world title.

However, it was Bute who appeared to be out on his feet at the end of 12 rounds. Bute used superior hand speed and excellent footwork to easily handle the rough challenger for most of the fight. Andrade, who had been clearly battered and beaten through 11-plus rounds, took control only as Bute tired late in the final round. Andrade found a home for a few big punches and had Bute stumbling from pillar to post. continue

Dominick Guinn Revives Career With 2nd-Round TKO Over Jean Francois Bergeron, But Is It Too Late For "The Southern Disaster?"

by James Slater - Last night in Canada, on the under card of a fight the fans are still screaming about, in Bute-Andrade, heavyweight Dominick Guinn scored his best win in years as he stopped local man Jean Francois Bergeron at 2 minutes and forty seconds of the 2nd-round. Guinn, now 29-6-1(20) caught southpaw Bergeron as he was along the ropes and landed a number of hard shots that sent him down. The now 27-2(19) Bergeron got up before ten, but due to his unsteady look the 35-year-old gave referee Gerry Bolen no choice but to stop the fight. continue

A bad night for boxing: Librado Andrade: robbed of his KO win; Lucian Bute: dead man walking

By John Alutus - Lucian Bute vs. Librado Andrade, one of the biggest fights in Montreal for years, will mostly be remembered for the wrong reasons. Coming into the final round, Lucian Bute, the IBF Supermiddle Weight Champion, had won at least nine of the eleven rounds, frustrating Librado's Andrade and nullifying his usual relentless and very effective style. continue

Antonio Tarver To Use Rematch Clause Against Chad Dawson, But Can "The Magic Man" Do Any Better In A Second fight?

Antonio Tarverby James Slater - It has been reported by a number of sources that Antonio Tarver will put into operation the rematch clause his October 11th bout with Chad Dawson carried in the contract. Tarver, as fans know, was widely out-pointed by the younger man in Dawson and was even given a count late in the fight. Will "The Magic Man," now almost 40-years-of-age, possibly be able to do any better in a return bout with the seriously younger man known as "Bad" Chad?

Few will believe so. In fact, another, perhaps more relevant question, is will anyone really want to see Tarver and his fellow southpaw rival go at it for a second time? Fight one was no stinker, but it was no classic either. Dawson, 13-years Tarver's junior, was simply too fast and too sharp for the "Rocky Balboa" star and set a pattern that he stuck with throughout. Should the two men meet again it's extremely likely, indeed probable, that the same thing will happen again. But Tarver does not agree with such thinking. continue

Randall Bailey and the Bombardiers

I know if I hit anyone clean, they’re going out, and I feel as I’ve gotten older and gained more experience, my accuracy has become frightening. --Randall Bailey

By Ted Sares: I love to watch bombers duke; always have and always will--and if they are a bit “chinny,”all the better because the excitement index goes up. Take a guy like Alejandro Berrio whose excitement index (total number of KOs divided by total number of fights) is an astounding 97%. If he doesn’t’; get you, you get him. continue

USA Boxing News

(COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.) – Five U.S. boxers stepped through the ropes at the Gymnasium Lopez Mateos Arena in Guadalajara, Mexico on Sunday with three claiming victories to advance in the 2008 AIBA Youth World Championships. Flyweight Adam Lopez (San Antonio, Texas) notched his second victory of the tournament, winning a 12-11 decision over France’s Oualid Belaouara to advance to quarterfinal action where he will face the Dominican Republic’s Orlando Felix Perez Zapata on Wednesday. continue

Who Suffered The More Damaging Defeat, Cotto Or Pavlik?

Miguel Cottoby James Slater - Two excellent fighters who figured to keep the zero at the end of their records well in place were instead sensationally upset this year - Miguel Cotto and then Kelly Pavlik. Cotto was stopped in the 11th-round of his sensational battle with Antonio Margarito back in July, while Pavlik was all but shut-out over 12-rounds by Bernard Hopkins this past Saturday. What fight fans are now extremely interested in is to see if the two hitherto all-conquering warriors can come back, and if so how successfully. Simply put, who is likely to be affected more by their upset beating, Cotto or Pavlik?

On the one hand, Cotto got stopped - a result not too many people felt they'd see the mighty Puerto Rican fall victim to. Whereas Pavlik can at least say his KO-by defeat percentage is still nought. But then again, Cotto can take solace from the fact that though he was TKO'd, he did succeed in making his losing fight ultra competitive; he was even winning the fight for a period of time. "The Ghost," however, though he never tasted the canvas, was never in his fight with B-Hop. continue

Randall Bailey Dominates Corley; Demetrius Andrade KOs Cape

New York (October 24, 2008) – Former WBO junior welterweight world champion Randall Bailey is looking as dominant as ever, as seen Wednesday night during DiBella Entertainment’s Broadway Boxing series at BB King’s Blues Club in New York City. Bailey was in total command in winning a rematch against fellow former WBO world champion DeMarcus Corley - avenging a 2003 points defeat in the process. continue

Mikkel Kessler-Carl Froch A Possible Unification Bout In Future, Says Michael Marley

24.10.08 - by James Slater - The super-middleweight division is pretty hot at the moment, with three intriguing match-ups taking place in the coming weeks, in Kessler-Haussler, Taylor-Lacy and Froch-Pascal. And the division could get even more exciting next year according to Mike Marley, Kessler's agent. continue

'Call Em Out Fridays': Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. - A Case Of Mistaken Identity?

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.By Vivek Wallace: In this week's 'Call Em Out Fridays' segment we take a look at a figure who you would think needs no introduction. Trouble is, once you get past the name itself and see the word jr. at the end, few hardcore fight fans on a global scale truly know a great deal about the man at the center of the spectacle. Last July, the young Chavez found himself the subject of much criticism after earning a close points win - via Split Decision. Fast forward four months later, and you'll notice the questions have mounted higher, while his divisional ranking remains lower.

Throughout life we've all learned that there's three sides to every story, so in an effort to see what's really going on with Chavez jr., we take a look at him like no other forum in the sport of boxing does. Every week in each of my 'Call Em Out Friday' segments, we'll analyze the "Supportive" perspective of the subject, the "Critics" perspective of the subject, and as we attempt to tie up all loose ends, we shine light on a more "Neutral" perspective as well. continue

Boxing News: Nonito Donaire Interview; Gonzalez vs Archuleta

Lee Samuels: This is a very, very exciting day for Top Rank as Nonito Donaire, the World Flyweight Champion makes his Top Rank debut next Saturday, November 1 on the Final Impact Pay-Per-View Show at Mandalay Bay, headlined by Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. against Matt Vanda in that wonderful rematch. Nonito is here today in the Top Rank office in our conference room. We’re also joined by Cameron Dunkin, the manager who brought Nonito to Top Rank and we thank him for that. continue

News: Monte Barrett says MySpace is no place for a fighter, Steve Cunningham Speaks Out

24.10.08 - While preparing for his showdown with David Haye on November 15 at The O2, Monte ‘Two Gunz’ Barrett has immersed himself in all the research and information he can muster on England’s hard-hitting heavyweight hope. It’s the 21st century and an old-school veteran like Barrett is enjoying all the perks. continue

Bernard Hopkins Still Wants Rematch With Calzaghe, Says He'll KO Joe This Time!

Bernard Hopkins23.10.08 - by James Slater - It seems like every day just lately a big name fighter is predicting a sensational knockout win. First David Haye says he'll KO both of the Klitschkos, then Manny Pacquiao says he'll KO Oscar De La Hoya (at least Freddie Roach said it, anyway) then Joe Calzaghe says he'll KO Roy Jones and just today Bernard Hopkins said he will KO Calzaghe if he gets his rematch with him.

Speaking over the phone with Steve Bunce of Setanta Sports, the Philly legend said he thinks pride may well force Calzaghe, who has already said he will not grant Hopkins a rematch, to change his mind. Hopkins still believes he won back in April, and he said Joe knows so too. B-Hop also stated that he will fight again next year, whether it's against the Calzaghe-Jones winner or not. continue

News: Manny Pacquiao, Archie Ray Marquez, Carney Bowman

Manny Pacquiao, will be in the national spotlight next Tuesday night, October 28 when ESPN's only primetime newsmagazine show, E:60, airs an in depth story on him at 7:00 PM (ET) on ESPN. Reporter Jeremy Schaap takes a look at Manny's rise from poverty to national hero in the Phillipines and, some would say, a fighter who is carrying boxing with his success and potential. continue

Hopkins: Calzaghe will change his mind

Bernard Hopkins told Steve Bunce's Boxing Hour that he will not consider Chad Dawson as an opponent and believes the winner out of Joe Calzaghe and Roy Jones Jr will change their mind about not fighting him. The Executioner produced the performance of his career last Saturday in Atlantic City to convincingly outpoint current middleweight king Kelly Pavlik. continue

Hatton Ready For Malignaggi

Ricky HattonLAS VEGAS (October 23) - Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton has made his way to the United States, landing in Las Vegas late last week as he continues preparations for his November 22 Ring Magazine World Junior Welterweight Championship bout against New York’s Paulie “The Magic Man” Malignaggi at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. This plans to be a clash between the two best 140-pound fighters in the world and one of the most intriguing and exciting fights of 2008.

Hatton vs. Malignaggi is a scheduled 12-round battle for Hatton’s Ring Magazine and IBO Junior Welterweight titles and presented by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Punch Promotions and DiBella Entertainment, and sponsored by Affliction Clothing and Cerveza Tecate. The world title bout will air live on HBO’s World Championship Boxing. continue

Bute/Andrade Weights And Quotes

MONTREAL (Oct. 23, 2008) – Photo by Tom Casino / Showtime - La Cage Aux Sports in downtown Montreal was packed with local and Canadian national media members on Thursday as hometown favorite and IBF Super Middleweight World Champion Lucian Bute (22-0, 18 KO) weighed in at the division limit of 168 pounds. His opponent, hard-hitting, No. 1-ranked IBF contender Librado Andrade (27-1, 21 KO) of La Habra, Calif., weighed in at 167.8 pounds. continue

Kessler, Haussler press conference

There are still two days to go before it truly gets serious for the protagonists of Saturday´s event in Oldenburg. But before things get going inside the ring, the rivals for the WBA super-middleweight title and cruiserweight European title demonstrated a lot of mutual respect. “My preparation has gone well – better than usual,” revealed Mikkel Kessler ahead of his title defence against mandatory challenger Danilo Haussler. He is prepared for a fight which goes the distance of 12 rounds. “Haussler has a big heart, but I am convinced that I will remain world champion,” added Kessler. continue

Lennox Lewis, Can He Resist Irresistible Money Offers To Return?

Lennox Lewis23.10.08 - by James Slater - No sooner had the words Vitali Klitschko uttered in his hopes of somehow landing a return fight with Lennox Lewis left his mouth, I, like practically everyone else, dismissed the 37-year-old's talk as nothing but a pipe dream. No way will Lewis come back, was the general line of thought, and Klitschko had better realise that ASAP. However, though a Lewis comeback, at the age of 43 and after having had over five years out, is a long shot, the plot has just thickened a touch.

According to Evander Holyfield, in a news bit on, "The Real Deal's" people got in touch with Lewis' people earlier this week. Apparently they discussed the possibility of another fight between the two heavyweight greats. Sure, it probably doesn't mean much, but there is a (slim) chance that this might make Lewis consider a ring return after all. After all, what better opponent could Lennox choose to fight in an effort to see how much he has left than the severely worn, yet still world renowned, Holyfield? continue

Kennedy-Almanza, Calzaghe-Jones24/7, Kessler-Häussler Weights

Philadelphia, PA—Undefeated super bantamweight prospect Teon Kennedy, of North Philadelphia, goes for his 11th win as a pro when he takes on Felipe Almanza, of Lorica, Colombia, in a scheduled eight-round contest Friday evening, Nov. 14, at the New Alhambra, Swanson & Ritner Streets, next to Forman Mills, in South Philadelphia. First of eight fights at 7.30 p.m. continue

News: Dmitiry Salita, Bell vs. Haskins, Carina Moreno

The excitement is mounting for the upcoming fight on Saturday, November 8, 2008. As Dmitiry Salita getting ready to fight for the IBF Intercontinental Championship on the Joe Calzaghe vs. Roy Jones Jr Championship fight card at Madison Square Garden in New York City. For Tickets, please call (615) 720-7429 (Special for Dmitriy's fans) or at Tickets are going quickly. continue

'Don't Call It A Comeback': Why Should A Loss Today Mean Game Over Tomorrow?

Miguel Cotto23.10.08 - By Vivek Wallace: At a point in time where the media and fans apply labels such as 'pound-4-pound' like icing on a cake, it's easy to see how such profound expectations always seem to develop quicker than the fighters themselves are able to.

In recent months, we've seen multiple fighters whom most believed to be at the pinnacle of the sport suffer humbling losses, and the aftermath based on fan garb was found to be even more humbling. Pavlik, Hatton, Cotto, Lacy, Diaz, and many others have recently found life on the other side of the fence, and rather than being celebrated for the formidable foes they really are, the same media that built them up has quickly torn them down. continue

News: Roy Jones Pensacola Beach Rally Saturday; Boxing key part of Providence’s culture

Roy Jones Jr is in his final two weeks of preparation for his upcoming superbout and Roy will address his greatest fans at this “Pep Rally” at the Gulfside Pavilion on Saturday. HBO’s “24/7” film crew will be on location. Video footage of the event will be distributed around the world. continue

The Ring Magazine: Profile in Hypocrisy

By Jason Peck - One would think that a magazine which claims to own the only legitimate belt in boxing would change its tone after being sold to a promoter. After all, promoter influence is one of the reasons why the WBC and IBF are illegitimate – according to the Ring Magazine, of course. continue

Bernard Hopkins - What Are His Five Best Performances?

Bernard Hopkins23.10.08 - by James Slater - The tributes are still rolling in for 43-year-old marvel Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins. And rightly so. What he did on October 18th in his fight with the previously all-conquering and murderous punching Kelly Pavlik deserves as many accolades as the Philly legend is getting. Here, in this article, this writer gives his own tribute to B-Hop by way of a piece listing his five best career performances.

Here, in reverse order, are my choices for Hopkins' five finest ring results; occasions on which he executed his game-plan to near, if not total, perfection.

5: Vs. Glen Johnson. July 20th, 1997. continue

Shaun George Talks New Promoter, New Son, New Mission To Be Number One!

By Vivek Wallace: Last May in Las Vegas' Thomas and Mack Center, the light heavyweight division saw the rise of one of its newest and brightest stars as Brooklynite Shaun George stopped the very credible Chris Byrd, via 9th round TKO. Prior to this feat, those unaware of George's potential gave him little odds of defeating the crafty southpaw, let alone stopping him, considering that no one below the heavyweight ranks had ever come close. After such a soul-stirring performance, fight fans in attendance and many around the world suddenly found out what a select few had already known. That sentiment was the fact that the already deep light heavyweight division had just become one formidable contender deeper, setting the stage for what expects to be an interesting journey. continue

News: Dzuman vs Abraham, Hide, USA Boxing News

By Per Ake Persson: It will be Ukrainian jr middle Roman Dzuman that takes on Alexander Abraham for the vacant EE-EU title on the undercard to Kessler vs Haussler on Saturday in Oldenburg. Cruiser Yoan Pablo Hernandez fights experienced American Michael Simms. continue

Jermain Taylor Training Camp Notes For Nov.15 Bout Against Jeff Lacy

Jermain TaylorMIAMI, October 22 - The fight that could define his career in the super middleweight division is less than month away, and news from Jermain Taylor's camp in Miami, Florida is very good. It's good, that is, unless you ask Jeff Lacy, Jermain Taylor's opponent for the November 15th fight "All Or Nothing". HBO World Championship Boxing will televise the bout from Memorial Gymnasium on the campus of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee (10:15pm ET / 9:15pm CT / 7:15pm PT).

DiBella Entertainment is presenting the 12-round super middleweight title eliminator in association with Prize Fight Promotions and Golden Boy Promotions. Tickets are on sale now at $275, $200, $100, $75, $50 and $25, and available through all Ticketmaster locations at 615-255-9600 or continue

News: Cunningham/Adamek, Kevin Johnson, Tom Mitchell

International Boxing Federation cruiserweight world champion Steve “USS” Cunningham and former world champion Tomasz Adamek foreshadowed their Dec. 11 meeting at Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. at a press conference today at the one-year-old venue. “I work very hard because boxing is my job,” Cunningham, from Philadelphia, said. “My goal is to be the greatest of all time. I know it’s a lofty goal but I want to the best I possibly can be. continue

News: Williams-Phillips, Arreola-Walker, Michael Hunter, Danny O’Connor

Los Angeles, CA (October 22, 2008) – Promoter Dan Goossen has been in a quandary for some time. Blessed with extremely talented boxers and whom many believe to be champions that will elevate the sport to much greater heights, WBO Welterweight Champion Paul “The Punisher” Williams and history-making heavyweight contender and WBC Continental Americas Champion Cristobal “The Nightmare” Arreola have their world-class challengers. At Last! continue

Kelly Pavlik's Father Wanted The Hopkins Fight Stopped After The 7th-Round

Kelly Pavlik22.10.08 - by James Slater - It has been revealed in The Vindicator paper that Mike Pavlik, father of middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik, wanted his son's recent bout with Bernard Hopkins stopped after the 7th round. Before losing for the first time in his career, in a shock points upset to the amazing 43-year-old, Pavlik felt extremely sluggish in the dressing room, the paper also revealed.

Kelly admits he took antibiotics after being diagnosed with bronchitis on October 14th - a mere four days before the Hopkins fight, and he was also given a shot of penicillin three days before the fight. Also, as was well documented, Pavlik injured his elbow in sparring and this too was far worse than Team Pavlik let on. Apparently, Kelly suffered an inflamed bursa sac in his left elbow. And while this injury has not been used as an excuse by Kelly or his team for the loss, they do feel the 26-year-old would have done far better than he did had he not had his training compromised by these factors. continue

Three World Title Fights in Three Weeks on SHOWTIME: Bute-Andrade, Mijares-Darchinyan, Caballero-Molitor

SHOWTIME, America’s No. 1 boxing network, proudly presents three world title fights in three weeks. It begins this Friday, October 24, when undefeated International Boxing Federation (IBF) super middleweight champion Lucian Bute (22-0, 18KOs) defends his title against once-beaten, No. 1 ranked challenger Librado Andrade (27-1, 21KOs) on ShoBox: The New Generation. continue

News: Q & A With Danilo Häussler, Quillin off “The Grande Event” card has caught up with Danilo Haussler ahead of Saturday´s clash with WBA super-middleweight champion Mikkel Kessler in Oldenburg, Germany.

Q: Danilo, you have arrived and already worked out in Oldenburg. How is everything? continue

The 'Left-Hook Lounge': Vivek Wallace's Weekly Mailbag Featuring Pavlik, Lacy, Hopkins, Calzaghe, and More!!!

Joe CalzagheThis week's 'Left-Hook Lounge' installment should have taken place in Youngstown, Ohio, because it comes with lots of power, and with heavy doses of Pavlik! Aside from the pride of Youngstown, Hopkins, Lacy, Taylor, and Calzaghe all made the mailbag as well. Before we wrap it up completely, things get a little hot when one fight fan chose to put me on the spot. I don't know, maybe it's the U.S. Marine in me, but being the rebel I am, of course I gladly obliged! So with no further ado, we jump in the mix, starting in Dallas, Texas where a fight fan wanted to know the following:

Ricky F. (Dallas, TX): I'm a huge fan of Jeff Lacy and I wanted to know what your perspective is on the upcoming fight between he and Jermain Taylor? continue

Boxing News: Ronny Rios, Thomas Treiber, One In A Million Boxing

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 22, 2008) Eighteen year old amateur standout Ronny Rios makes his professional debut this Friday night, October 24th at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario . The Santa Ana resident will battle fellow debuter Fermin Perez of Puerto Rico in a scheduled super bantamweight four round bout. continue

News: Calzaghe On Pavlik/Hopkins, Woodhall Backs Talented Trio

Cardiff, Wales (October 20, 2008)…As he continues to prepare for his November 8 "Battle of the Superpowers" against Roy Jones, Jr at Madison Square Garden in New York City and live on HBO Pay-Per-View, undefeated light heavyweight champion Joe Calzaghe took a quick break from training to share his thoughts on Saturday night's tremendous victory for Bernard Hopkins over Kelly Pavlik. Here is what he had to say: continue

Mike Oliver vs. Antonio Escalante: Crossroads Bout In The Super Bantamweight Division

Mike OliverBy Pavel Yakovlev: On Friday, super bantamweights Mike Oliver and Antonio Escalante will meet in a scheduled ten round bout at Morongo Casino Resort & Spa, Cabazon, California. The outcome of the match will likely establish the winner as a bonafide contender in the 122 lbs. division, as each fighter is currently rated on the fringe of the world rankings.

For Oliver, the fight will be a crossroads match. In Mike’s last bout, Columbian veteran Reynaldo Lopez surprisingly knocked him out in three rounds. Going into the Lopez fight, Oliver was undefeated and ranked second in the world by the IBF. The loss cost Oliver his world rating and a possible big-money match against IBF world champion Steve Molitor. Currently 21-1 (7 knockouts), the Hartford, Connecticut native needs a big win to reestablish his upward mobility in the ratings and to regain credibility with promoters and fans.

Escalante is currently rated tenth in the world by the WBO. He is presently on a winning streak since his last loss, a kayo defeat by Mauricio Pastrana in 2007. continue

Don King Invited To Israel

Deerfield Beach, Florida October 22, 2008 — Legendary boxing promoter Don King will be speaking at an international peace conference organized by Peres Center for Peace, an international non-profit organization that promotes peace and reconciliation in the Middle East, on October 27th at the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel. continue

Daniel Ponce de Leon Returns November 1st - Can The Puncher Reign Again?

22.10.08 - by James Slater - Former WBO super-bantamweight champion Daniel Ponce de Leon of Mexico makes his ring return this November 1st in his homeland. Last seen being blown away inside a round by future superstar Juan Manuel Lopez, the 28-year-old southpaw will be anxious to get back on the wining track. continue

Joe Calzaghe - "Roy Jones Has Been Knocked Out Before And He's Going To Get Knocked Out Again!"

Joe Calzagheby James Slater: Unbeaten Welshman Joe Calzaghe has certainly been doing a lot of talking ahead of his upcoming big fight with Roy Jones Junior. The latest statement from "The Pride of Wales" is one that is certain to cause huge debate. Calzaghe, 45-0(32) has said he will not only beat Jones on November 8th, but that he will do so via knockout.

Talking to Setanta Sports News recently, the southpaw was bristling with supreme confidence.

"When my hands feel good, I feel good. And that means I'll be going into the ring punching at full power," Calzaghe began. "People seem to forget that I can punch. Unfortunately, in some of my fights, I've not been able to show that because of hand injuries; I've had to basically rely on my speed. continue

News: Mijares-Darchinyan Transcript, Blue Horizon Boxing, Johnsen Injured

In the biggest little fight since Vazquez-Marquez III, World Boxing Association (WBA) and World Boxing Council (WBC) super flyweight world champion Cristian Mijares (35-3-2, 13 KOs), of Gomez Palacio, Mexico, faces International Boxing Federation (IBF) world champion Vic “Raging Bull” Darchinyan (30-1-1, 24 KOs), of Sydney, Australia, at The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. on Saturday, Nov. 1. continue

Universum Boxing News: Rudolf Kraj vs Giacobbe Fragomeni, Wilaschek vs Stieglitz

Unbeaten cruiserweight Rudolf "Rudy" Kraj (14-0, 10 KOs) from the spotlight boxing team will get his long-awaited world championship fight for the WBC cruiserweight title on Friday night in Milan. In March, Kraj defeated Matt Godfrey in a hard-fought WBC eliminator to became mandatory challenger. However, after unified champion David Haye abandoned the division to move to heavyweight, the #1 rated Kraj will now face #2 rated Giacobbe Fragomeni (25-1, 10 KOs) for the vacant belt. continue

Bernard Hopkins: The Living Legend

Bernard Hopkins21.10.08 - By Anthony Coleman - What more can be said about the man? Every time you want to count him out, every time we say he is too old, every time we say that his best days were done or can’t beat this young stallion; Bernard Hopkins pulls something like this off. He did it seven years ago when he was the heavy underdog going into his unification fight with Felix Trinidad. He was supposed to get blown out because he wasn’t that good to stop a hurricane like Tito. Yet B-Hop turned in one of the greatest Boxing performances of all time when he dismantled Tito in 11 1/3 lopsided rounds.

On Saturday night, everybody knew that Hopkins was once a boxing GOD, but we thought those days were in the rearview and he was a huge underdog going into his showdown with Kelly Pavlik. Some of us thought that he was actually going to be knocked out. Yet on October 18th 2008, for one night Bernard Hopkins reclaimed his body from September 29th, 2001 to recreate another masterpiece and proved once again to all of the naysayers that he is a legend. continue

Latest Boxing News -Lucian Bute, John Duddy, Kessler & Haussler

Mikkel Kessler and Danilo Haussler have voiced their confidence ahead of Saturday´s WBA super-middleweight title fight in Oldenburg, Germany. After both fighters underwent a brief public practice session today, they answered questions from the media in great detail. “I never underestimate my opponents,” the Danish champion said. “Danilo Haussler is physically very strong but I have advantages when it comes down to reach and footwork. I have trained very hard in Monaco and Denmark. I feel in great shape.. continue

The Best of Friends, But Lucian Bute Shouldn't Take Librado Andrade Lightly

By A. R. Yesterday, with four days to go until their fight on Friday, Librado Andrade joined Lucian Bute at his InterBox gym for the customary public workout session. The Champion received his challenger with a big smile, shook hands and hugged him like a brother. Travelling together to promote their upcoming bout throughout the St. Lawrence Valley, they had become friends - unsurprisingly, for two such genuine, warm-hearted people. continue

Hopkins delivers harsh lesson to Pavlik, Silences Critics

Bernard HopkinsBy Evan Young - Bernard “the executioner” Hopkins delivered a painful, brutal and comprehensive lesson to Ohioan Kelly “the ghost” Pavlik at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Saturday night. Hopkins opened up the first round and was in a fighting mood and immediately took control of the fight with a slashing, two fisted combinations that landed with startling accuracy. And BHOP never relinquished said control, doling out liberal amounts of punishment for the remainder of the fight. Hopkins was amazing, able to amp up his punch output while at same time diffusing Pavlik’s best weapons – his jab and punch volume.

Gone was the old economical Hopkins looking for right hand counter punches that we had grown used to seeing and replaced with a laser sharp Executioner that ripped Pavlik with a blazing 2 handed attack. Hopkins landed sizzling left hooks, thudding right hands and punishing body punches – every single round. continue

Bute vs. Andrade – the Super Middleweight Fight of the Year – this Friday, on Showtime!

By John Alutus: In the super middleweight fight of the year, undefeated IBF Super Middleweight Champion Lucian Bute (22-0, 18 KOs) will make the second defence of his title against No.1 ranked, mandatory challenger Librado Andrade (27-1, 21 KOs) in a special edition of ShoBox: The New Generation, Friday, October 24th, live on SHOWTIME at 11 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast). continue

Juan Manuel Lopez To Face Sergio Manuel Medina On De La Hoya-Pacquiao Card?

by James Slater - The fight has not been signed yet, but it looks very likely that unbeaten WBO super-bantamweight champion Juan Manuel Lopez will make the second defence of his belt against tough Sergio Manuel Medina of Argentina. The fight is up as happening on BoxRec and according to various internet chatter Medina is the man "Juanma" will be facing. continue

Joe Calzaghe Says No Way To A Rematch With Bernard Hopkins

Joe Calzagheby James Slater - Almost immediately after his sensational upset win over Kelly Pavlik, Bernard Hopkins mentioned just one name he wanted for his next fight, Joe Calzaghe. Very much wanting a rematch with the man who closely out-pointed him over 12 rounds back in April, the 43-year-old living legend said he'd even consider coming over to the U.K for a return with the unbeaten Welshman.

But, in speaking with the BBC today, Calzaghe has said he is not at all interested in a return meeting with "The Executioner."

"Jones Junior will be the last fight for me, definitely - that's it, me done," Joe told the BBC. "Screw Hopkins, I'm not fighting again for any amount of money, I've been doing this for too long. Hopkins beating Pavlik in the style he did actually gives my victory over Hopkins more credibility. continue

Danny Williams-John McDermott Rematch Off

by James Slater - It has been reported by The Mirror that the scheduled rematch between British heavyweights Danny Williams and John McDermott has been called off due to an injury suffered by McDermott. Apparently, McDermott injured one or more of his ribs in training camp and had no choice but to pull out of the November 8th return bout. continue

News: Selcuk Aydin-Said Ouali; Calzaghe-Jones 24/7; Amir Khan Returns

On November 18th 2008 ARENA-CEO Ahmet Öner will once more present world class boxing in Turkey. The bill referred to as “Battle at the Bosporus” at Istanbul’s “Ahmet Cömert Spor Salonu” will feature WBC international welterweight champion Selcuk Aydin, middleweight contender Mahir “Lion” Oral and Geman heavyweight prospects Steffen Kretschmann and Konstantin Airich. continue

Kelly Pavlik, It's Far From Over For Him Yet

Kelly Pavlikby James Slater - First, let's get the bad news out of the way. Kelly Pavlik now has a defeat on his record, he was beaten in very convincing fashion by an "old" man and in losing to Bernard Hopkins the way he did, "The Ghost" gave the critics who call him a one-dimensional, straight ahead puncher a whole load of ammunition they can use to back up their claims.

But now to the good news. Pavlik is still the middleweight champion of the world, is only 26-years-old and therefore easily young enough to bounce back from his loss and, perhaps most importantly, he is unlikely to ever have to face a fighter anywhere near as cunning, clever and, well - as great as Hopkins for as long as he continues boxing.

Already having shocked no-one with his stated intention of dropping back down to 160-pounds, Pavlik even has a probable next opponent lined up, in Marco Antonio Rubio. continue

Boxing News: Demetrius Hopkins, Shawn Estrada, Joe Linenfelser

PHILADELPHIA (October 21, 2008)—Contrary to reports that have surfaced on the internet, undefeated Jr. Welterweight, Demetrius Hopkins did not sign any affidavit that led to the removal of referee Earl Morton from this past week’s showdown between Kelly Pavlik and Demetrius’ uncle, Bernard Hopkins. continue

Bernard Hopkins - Kelly Pavlik Post Fight Quotes

Bernard Hopkins - "I think this was the best performance of my career. Better than Tarver, better than Trinidad, better than Oscar, better than my 21 defenses. I am extremely happy tonight. (Hopkins to Pavlik in ring post-fight) "I was a fan of yours before and I'm a fan now. You need to get a little more slickness, listen to your coach and bend your knees more. Don't let this get you down. You're a middleweight champion and middleweight is your destiny. Styles make fights. I feel really good tonight. He is a great fighter, but I knew my style and quickness was being underrated. continue

Hopkins Finds Fountain Of Youth To Dominate Pavlik

Bernard Hopkins20.10.08 - By Bill Calogero, - Bernard Hopkins left no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is far from “over the hill” as he dominated Middleweight Champion Kelly Pavlik over twelve rounds to win a one-sided unanimous decision last night from Atlantic City. Hopkins’s boxing exhibition was broadcast live on HBO PPV.

Many, including myself, thought that Former World Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion Bernard Hopkins would put up a gallant effort, but fail in the later rounds to a what seemed like an unstoppable force in Kelly Pavlik. What took place was by far one of the future Hall Of Famer’s best performances of his entire career. continue

Erdei, Balzsay, Tecate, Grant - Boxing News

It´s not officially announced by Universum but in Hungary it´s a well publicized fact that WBO lighheavy champ Zsolt Erdei defends the title in Germany January 10 probably against Brit Dean Francis and WBO supermiddle ruler Denis Inkin makes his first defence against Hungarian Karoly Balzsay. continue

Boxing News: Ricky Burns, Luis Ramos, Mendy vs Naugler

21.10.08 - Commonwealth Super-Featherweight Champion Ricky Burns is already having nightmares about facing Ghanaian hardman Yakubu Amidu on Friday 14 November at Glasgow's Kelvin Hall. Burns was involved in a tough scrap against another Ghanaian Osumanu Akaba to win the title last month in London, and now faces another hard night against power-punching Amidu who has knocked-out all but one of his 17 opponents. continue

Hopkins Way Too Much For Pavlik - Is B-Hop The Most Intelligent Fighter Of His Generation?

Bernard Hopkinsby James Slater - Well, Bernard Hopkins did it again last night; upset the odds and made a young and unbeaten fighter look like a virtual amateur. Quite simply, what the amazing 43-year-old did to the monstrous-punching Kelly Pavlik over 12-rounds in Atlantic City, no-one saw coming. Sure, some experts did suggest that Hopkins might frustrate Pavlik, that he might hit and hold and fiddle his way to an ugly split decision win. You know, the only way Hopkins can fight, right? Wrong!

Far from being an ugly victory, Hopkins' upset win came in an exciting fashion and in a crowd-pleasing style. Actually taking the fight to the much younger man, "The Executioner" out-fought, out-punched and out-worked "The Ghost." Be honest, who among you saw THAT coming? Many people, the knowledgeable Freddie Roach among them, had openly voiced concern for Hopkins going into this fight. continue

Boxing News: Vitali Klitschko; Frankie Figueroa; 8 Count Productions Returns on Nov 14th

The WBC received the marvelous confirmation regarding the fact that the recently crowned Heavyweight world champion, Vitali Klitschko, will be present at our 46th Annual Convention, which will be held in Chengdu, China, from the 2nd to the 8th of November 2008. continue


By “Old Yank” Schneider - It is one thing to deliver a performance that silences critics. Bernard Hopkins certainly did that. It is another to discredit critics. And with every cliché too small, Hopkins did that as well – especially so to this fan. But there is yet another level of performance that is truly the rarified air that only a special few performers ever reach – transcendence. continue

If Roy Jones Can Beat Calzaghe, He And Hopkins MUST Meet In A Rematch!

Roy Jones Jr.19.10.08 - by James Slater - We've seen how one veteran, in Bernard Hopkins, fared when he went up against the unbeaten Joe Calzaghe; 'Nard lost a close and debatable split decision. Next up, on November 8th, we'll see how another ageing great, in Roy Jones Junior, does against "The Pride of Wales." And should Jones actually go one better than Hopkins and defeat Joe, wouldn't it make perfect sense for the two legends to have a return meeting of their 1993 fight? It sure would.

These two have been destined to meet again at some point ever since their May 1993 fight. And now that B-Hop has once again risen to the top of the sport thanks to his sensational upset of middleweight king Kelly Pavlik, the timing for a Hopkins-Jones II is about perfect - if Jones does well against Calzaghe, that is. continue

Hopkins/Pavlik: Hypnotized

By Armstrong Okobia: I had this crazy dream last Saturday. I dreamt that there was a ghost lurking around and its presence was quite daunting. Then appeared a grim reaper of sorts that bears the name: The Executioner, who came to envoke his judgment.

He not only manhandled this ghost, but carried out this execution in such an inhumane fashion that there have been calls for finding a more humane way to execute sentenced individuals who cross his path. continue

Kicking 'old man times' a**, top 12 reasons why Hopkins won!

20.10.08 - By Robert Jackson - Youth is indeed wasted on the young, a 'luke warm' fight the day before turned into a red hot chill pepper on fight night! A bet for Bernard Hopkins yielded a handsome 300% profit, now that's a financial bailout!

Top 12 reason's that Hopkins won: continue

Sharkie’s Machine: Bernard Hopkins Shocks World in Lopsided Win over Kelly Pavlik

Bernard HopkinsBy Frank Gonzalez Jr. - Saturday in Atlantic City, formerly unbeaten Middleweight champion Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik fought a 170-pound exhibition match against 43 year old former champion, Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins. It wasn’t a mandatory fight, it wasn’t a divisional fight. It was an optional fight, a money fight, a fancy name to add to your resume fight. Pavlik came in convinced that he would do—what none before him have; knock out the legendary Bernard Hopkins, who defended his Middleweight titles longer than the great Carlos Monzon did once upon a time.

From the opening bell, Hopkins imposed his will, landing hooks, rights and beating Pavlik to the punch in every exchange. Round one was clearly a Hopkins round. Round two was much the same, with Hopkins landing a flush left hook that wobbled Pavlik and saw him ever more removed from his usual effective aggression. It was all Hopkins. continue

Britain's Ashley Theophane Calls Zab Judah A Chump, Says He's Ducking Him!

by James Slater - British light-welterweight Ashley Theophane is angry, very angry. Very much wanting to box on the under-card of the big Joe Calzaghe-Roy Jones Junior fight on November 8th (Jones is Theophane's childhood hero), Theophane has now see his dream ruined due to his third opponent pulling out. Originally, the Brit was to have faced Derrick Gainer, only for "Smoke" to refuse to box any higher than 135-pounds. Then Frenchman Souleymane M'Baye was forced out due to injury, and now former superstar Zab Judah has added his name to the list of unavailable opposition. Theophane, in speaking to boxing writer John Tandy, claims "Super" Judah is doing nothing but shamelessly ducking him through fear. continue

Boxing News: Steve Cunningham, Damian Jonak, Cliff Couser

IBF cruiserweight world champion, Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham, will be taking a little time out from training for his upcoming title defense against Tomasz Adamek on the 11th December at the Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey, to be one of the guest panelists at the U.S. Sports film festival which is being hosted by the city of Philadelphia between the 23rd and 26th October 2008. continue

Coming Of A.G.E.: For Youthful Pavlik, Hopkins' Age Symbolized A Greater Experience

Bernard Hopkins19.10.08 - By Vivek Wallace: In what most viewed as a total shocker, the legendary Bernard Hopkins found a way to turn back the clock and put on a performance that few thought he could at this stage in his illustrious career. What was even more unbelievable about this victory was the fact that it came in a near effortless fashion, as the aging Hopkins used his only intangible - ring intelligence - solely to do the trick.

In sports we see certain greats do this all the time. When Michael Jordan could no longer locate the springs in his legs to perform the highlight dunks, he evolved to a master at his older age by polishing his jumpshot. Tonight's effort from Hopkins was no difference as he simply evolved into a more efficient version of himself, conserving little energy and forcing his opponent to do the exact opposite. continue

Samuel Peter vs. Vitali Klitschko – One of the poorest performances in heavyweight title history?

By Jim Dorney: First off, I’m not a hater. Anyone who has read my previous articles should appreciate that whilst I have fighters which I follow over others, I like to try & respect boxers for what they do & not recklessly hate on them. Secondly, I don’t like to jump on the bandwagon. I appreciate there’s been a fair amount written on this fight of late, but I wanted to add my ‘two penneth in’ as the saying goes. continue

Klitschko-Povetkin On Dec 13th; Molina Stops Valenzuela, Napa Defeats Ballone - Boxing News

New York, October 18—Two Olympic Gold Medalists will square off for the heavyweight championship! Wladimir Klitschko, the IBF, WBO and IBO world heavyweight champion, will defend his titles against IBF. no. 1 ranked Alexander Povetkin on December 13 in the SAP ARENA in Mannheim, Germany. continue

History Making Win by Hopkins over Pavlik

Kelly PavlikBy Paul Strauss: The Executioner proved he wasn't afraid of the Ghost. Right from the beginning, Hopkins negated Pavlik's jab with movement, feints, and beating Pavlik to the punch. Hopkins quick start and sustained attack was almost as unrecognizable as Bunny Siegler's version of the National Anthem.

In the recent past, Hopkins has been relatively conservative with the number of punches he throws, but tonight he out-punched one of the best volume punchers around today. He completely took Pavlik out of his game plan.

Hopkins accomplished his task by continually giving Pavlik angles, moving to his right, away from Pavlik's big right. He also was willing to jab with Pavlik, who totally depends on and usually dominates fights with his jab. continue

Happy Birthday, Thomas Hearns - "The Hitman" Is Fifty Today!

By James Slater: Ring legend Thomas Hearns, the first man in boxing history to win world titles at four different weights, turns the milestone age of 50 today. Born a half century ago in Memphis, Tennessee, Hearns made a name for himself as one of the most exciting, the most fearless, the most driven and, ultimately, the most beloved of any fighter in the sport's history. continue

Graham Earl's Career Over, As He's Stopped In One Round By Henry Castle

By James Slater: Last night, at The York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, one of the more exciting British fighters of recent years saw his career come to an end. 30-year-old Graham Earl of Luton, the former British and Commonwealth lightweight champion, was blown away in just 1 minute and 9-seconds of the very first round by 29-year-old Henry Castle of Wiltshire. continue

A.C. Shocker: Hopkins Schools Pavlik

Bernard HopkinsBy Ted Sares - "If I do say so myself, there is going to be quite a void now in super-middleweight boxing and I can't wait to see who will step up and fill it." --Joe Calzaghe

A great career continues, as Kelly Pavlik was unable to cope with a well prepared Bernard Hopkins who easily dominated the heretofore invincible “Ghost.“In what can only be described as a shocker, the WBC and WBO world middleweight champion lost to Hopkins in convincing fashion and then some.

The bloodied “Ghost,” now 34-1, was unable to cope with the superb defense, hand speed, sharper punches, greater weight, and all-around ring smarts of Hopkins who moves to 49-5-1 with this decisive and inspiring win. Heck, he didn’t even need to resort to any roughhousing or ugliness. continue

Brian Minto - "I Want Anybody In The Top-Five Of Any Organisation!"

18.10.08 - Exclusive Interview by James Slater - Heavyweight crowd-pleaser Brian "The Beast" Minto, 31-2(20) is back in action on November 1st. Taking on the usually durable Marcus McGee, 21-16(10), the 33-year-old from Butler, Pennsylvania, who has won his last three bouts inside a round, will be looking to do something similar against his 37-year-old opponent.

Kindly taking time out to speak with this writer earlier today after a training session, Brian had the following things to say. continue

Klitschko vs Povetkin

The champion returns to Mannheim. IBF-, WBO- and IBO world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko will defend his titles against Russian Alexander Povetkin on December, 13, 2008 in the SAP ARENA in Mannheim, Germany. The 29-year-old Povetkin – known as „The white Lion“– won the gold medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. He is unbeaten in his 16 professional fights (12 by KO) and the official IBF challenger. „I will get that belt. It is my turn, I am the future“, says Alexander Povetkin. continue

The 'Ghost' vs The 'Executioner': Keys To Victory, 4 To Explore, Prediction!

Kelly PavlikBy Vivek Wallace: Tonight, fight fans around the globe will get a chance to watch a fight that could very well produce the most shocking moment in the sport this year. No titles are at stake but gauging the interest from some fight fans out there, the potential of seeing one man's invincibility removed, or the potential of another man's streak of durability destroyed, would clearly suffice.

When you pair a fearless rising star against a salty veteran who's seen everything, logic can somehow find a way to fly out the window. No guarantees that it happens tonight, but in an effort to narrow down the odds of both men in the ring tonight, we take a look at keys to victory, 4 potential 'game changers' to explore, and a final prediction. continue

Michael Jennings, Does He Have A Shot Against Cotto?

by James Slater - The fight is by no means set in stone yet, but a number of ultra-reliable sources are suggesting Britain's once-beaten welterweight Michael Jennings might be Miguel Cotto's opponent in February. Promoter Frank Warren has discussed the fight with British Boxing News and there seems a good chance 31-year-old Jennings, 33-1(16) will land the kind of big fight he's always wanted. continue

Nov 7 - Golota vs Austin, McCline vs Mollo, Marco Antonio Barrera Returns

Fresh from the great success of the recent Olympic Games in Beijing, boxing promoter Don King has announced two heavyweight fights, a WBC Strawweight world championship and two additional matches featuring a former five-time world champion and a top-ranked undefeated challenger will all be part of his international fight card that he is presenting with Chengdu Sports Industry at Sichuan Gymnasium in Chengdu, China, on Friday, Nov. 7. continue

Whine, Whine, Whine…What Does the Heavyweight Division Have to Do, Exactly?

Wladimir KlitschkoBy Jason Peck - It seems like every day there’s an article on the dilapidated state of the heavyweight division. About three years ago I jumped on the bandwagon myself. How could you blame me? The division was ruled by champions Hasim Rahman, John Ruiz, Lamon Brewster and Chris Byrd. All four seldom fought, and when they did, they usually battled inept journeymen. This era in heavyweight history was characterized questionable decisions, lackluster performances, and an unwillingness to unify.

But now it’s three years later, and the picture is undoubtedly much better. Superior fighters replaced these piddling champions; this new breed is actually taking risks. But the SAME heavyweight critics are making the SAME complaints, as though nothing changed. continue

Ike Quartey Has Comeback Scheduled For December 5th In South Africa

by James Slater - According to a number of sources, British Boxing News and BoxRec among them, former WBA welterweight champion Ike "Bazooka" Quartey is to return to the ring on December 5th against an opponent yet to be named. For Quartey, from Accra, Ghana, the return in South Africa would mark his first fight for two years, or since his points loss to Winky Wright. continue

News: Manfedo vs Bika, Luis Ramos headlines 'New Blood II'

PROVIDENCE (October 17, 2008) – Two-time world title challenger “The Pride of Providence” Peter Manfredo, Jr., runner-up in Season One of The Contender, finds himself training at home in a comfort zone as he prepares for his IBO super middleweight title fight November 13 against Sakio “The Scorpian” Bika, winner of Season Three of The Contender, at the newly renovated Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. continue

Pavlik vs. Hopkins Forecast

pavlik hopkinsPhoto: Chris Farina - Top Rank -- Weights from AC: Kelly Pavlik 169 vs Bernard Hopkins 170 - Steve Luevano 126 vs Billy Dib 126 - Marco Antonio Rubio 159 vs Enrique Ornelas 160

By Evan Young, - Bernard Hopkins takes on middleweight champ Kelly Pavlik at a catch weight of 170 pounds. Hopkins is almost 44 years old but is still fighting the best people in the game. Does Hopkins have enough tricks up his sleeve to get past the hard hitting Pavlik? Can Pavlik be the first to stop Hopkins?

Hopkins talks the best game in boxing. After listening to him ramble on for a while you might get the impression that there isn’t a man alive that could beat him and if they try they may end up a damaged, broken man perhaps even dead. continue

Interview: Yuriy Nuzhnenko

By Alexey Potapov - WBA Light middleweight champion Yuriy Nuzhnenko has given an exclusive interview with in which has told about his duel against Antonio Margarito, desire to act in the USA, his trainer's work and many other things.

Alexey Potapov: Yuriy, EastSideBoxing congratulates you for your win of the WBA welterweight title. Did you expect to win the title without a fight? continue

Boxing News: Victor Ortiz Staying Busy, Dr Atlas Foundation

With each passing victory, the star of "Vicious" Victor Ortiz continues to rise, and following a spectacular fifth round stoppage of 47-fight veteran Roberto Arrieta on September 13th, the newly crowned NABO Junior Welterweight Champion has begun his move towards a world title shot."I was very impressed with Victor Ortiz' performance against a tough Argentinean in Arrieta," said Oscar de la Hoya, President of Golden Boy Promotions. "He showed poise, accuracy in his punching and power in knocking Arrieta down three times. Even though he's young, I wouldn't hesitate to put him in with any 140-pounder in the world.. continue

Hopkins vs Pavlik, just the facts

pavlik vs hopkinsPhoto: Chris Farina - Top Rank -- By Robert Jackson: Just one day away from a 'lukewarm in anticipation' fight between another 'Young Lion' and a 'savvy' old master. This fight should've been on regular HBO! This analysis of both fighter's pros and cons, will be followed by this writers prediction, so let's get started.

In the area of trainers, both fighters have a man in their corner who has served them well, actually Hopkins' has two men while The Ghost has chosen to stick with his long-time amateur and professional coach Jack Loew. Kelly Pavlik not to long ago dismissed any suggestions that he hire a more experienced professional trainer in the Manny Steward mold once he reached the summit of the middleweight division. Hopkins a few years back dismissed his long-time coach Bouie Fisher who helped guide him to the undisputed Middleweight crown, in favor of Nazim Richardson. continue

Bernard Hopkins: A One Night Stand

16.10.08 - By “Old Yank” Schneider: “One Night Stand”; is there anyone among us that does not know what it means? It is a lot of effort for something that will go absolutely nowhere. And this is what Bernard Hopkins is facing come Saturday night. With each one night stand there is a losing party – usually you. When the night gets long and all the pretty girls are gone, it is time to be prepared to break out the bag to place over a head so ugly does not get in the way of a one night stand. The night has gotten very long; 43 years long; and now an ugly fighter is the only one left to dance with in the bar. continue

Pavlik, Hopkins Predictions and Odds

With Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik and Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins set to face off this Saturday October 18, some of the best fighters in the sport and a sampling of the top boxing writers across the country lend their analysis and predictions on the highly anticipated match-up. Promoted by Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions, in association with Caesars Atlantic City, Pavlik vs. Hopkins “UNSTOPPABLE” is a light heavyweight battle taking place at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall. The fight will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. For Pavlik vs. Hopkins fight week updates, log onto continue

Pavlik victim Lockett backs former foe to topple Hopkins

Kelly PavlikBy Mark Pickering: Newly retired Welsh middleweight Gary Lockett believes the final opponent of his career, Kelly Pavlik, will overcome the wily Bernard Hopkins in Atlantic City on Saturday. Lockett, 31, has first hand experience of American boxing’s greatest force. The Pocket Rocket was the first challenger to Pavlik’s WBC and WBO middleweight crowns in June and suffered the same fate as many before him. Locket was forced down to one knee on three occasions before his trainer Enzo Calzaghe threw in the towel in the third round.

The Cwmbran, Wales native believes Pavlik has the tools to take care of his old-school adversary Hopkins.

Lockett said: “I cannot see any other result than a Pavlik win, the big question for me is this - does he have the power and savvy to win inside the distance?” continue

ShoBox: Lucian Bute vs Librado Andrade on Oct 24

NEW YORK (Oct. 16, 2008) – Undefeated International Boxing Federation (IBF) super middleweight champion Lucien Bute (22-0, 18 KOs) will make the second defense of his title against once-beaten, No.1 ranked challenger Librado Andrade (27-1, 21 KOs) in a special edition of ShoBox: The New Generation, Friday, Oct. 24 live on SHOWTIME at 11 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the west coast). In the co-feature, top prospect and No. 11 ranked World Boxing Council (WBC) contender Ronald Hearns (19-0, 15 KOs) will take on Paul Clavette (14-1-1, 2 KOs) in a 10-round junior middleweight bout. The fights, which feature four boxers with a combined total of 56 KOs and only two loses, will be promoted by Interbox Corporation of Montreal, Canada from the Bell Centre in Montreal. continue

Euro Boxing Roundup, Broadhurst vs Quaye, Carina Moreno

By Per Ake Persson: Ex-world heavy champ Riddick Bowe was in Berlin last weekend and was ringside for Klitscko vs Peter. Also in town was designated opponent for Bowe´s comeback in Hungary Zoltan Petranyi. Bowe never arrived and never gave any notice he would pull out. Zoltan says Bowe got lucky they didn´t meet during their weekend in Berlin.

With eight days to go contracts are still not signed yet for WBA supermiddle king Mikkel Kessler´s defence against Danilo Haussler in Oldenburg October 25. Still, few believe it won´t happen as there is too much to lose for both parties should they not come to an agreement. continue

'Call Em Out Fridays': The Executioners Last Meal? Or Pandemonium For Mr. Pavlik?

pavlik hopkins17.10.08 - By Vivek Wallace: In this weeks 'Call Em Out Fridays' installment, we put two men under the microscope that need no introduction. As we stand less than 48hrs away from the initial bell, suddenly, the reality behind this fight has taken center stage. That reality is the fact that in order for this fight to end, something grand has to first happen. To most, a Pavlik victory equates to a potential late round stoppage of Hopkins, which was previously unfathomable. On the other hand, a Hopkins victory would equate to even more buzz as the veil of invincibility behind the sports quickest rising star would be irretrievably lifted, perhaps forever. We'll save the predictions and analysis for fight night, but today, like each of my other 'Call Em Out Fridays' installments, we hone in on the spectacle of it all as we try to find out (like my spanish brethren would say) "quien tienes mas cojones"? Street translation....Who's got the bigger nuts! To keep it fair and balanced we take a look at the 'Fan Supportive' perspective, then we examine the 'Critics Perspective'. When both spins have been put in motion, finally, we'll take a look at a neutral perspective, then we open it up for you, the reader to chime in. So with no further ado, let the games commence..... continue

News: Alex Valdez furios over stoppage, Gotham Boxing returns Nov. 21

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (October 16, 2008) World ranked bantamweight Alex Valdez and his team are furious at the decision over referee Mike Griffin’s decision to stop his title fight in the second round against World Boxing Council champion Hozumi Hasegawa in Tokyo, Japan today. “Alex won the first round with his aggression, in the second round at about the two minute mark he gets hit behind the head by Hasegawa and tumbles against the ropes. He’s up at the count of eight without a problem, Hasegawa flurries and Griffin stops the fight. It was too early and fans can look at the tape and judge for themselves, said Frank Espinoza, manager of Alex Valdez. continue

Trainer Jack Leow Confident Kelly Pavlik Can Stop Hopkins, Says He'll Target B-Hop's Body

by James Slater - Today, speaking exclusively with Setanta Sports via a phone line from Atlantic City, Kelly Pavlik's trainer Jack Leow gave away a few things with regards to the tactics Kelly will adapt on Saturday night against 43-year-old Bernard Hopkins. First of all, Leow was asked how Kelly is looking right now, just two days ahead of the big fight. continue

Wladimir Klitschko vs David Haye scheduled for June ‘09

David HayeDavid Haye is in advanced negotiations to fight Wladimir Kltischko, his manager and trainer Adam Booth has revealed. According to Booth the fight will take place in the summer of 2009, depending on whether Haye and Kltischko can overcome their next opponents. In an interview on Setanta Sports News during Steve Bunce’s Boxing Hour Booth admitted ‘we’ve had communication’.

“We’ve discussed the fight happening next year in June, possibly in England and possibly at a football stadium. It’s clear that there’s pressure on David and the message is this, beating Monte Barrett isn’t good enough. He’s got to beat him and look good doing it.

“Everyday now we’re hell bent on making sure David does what he has to do in the gym to make it happen.” continue

Nasty, Brutish, Short: Al Palzer & The White Hopes

BY CARLOS ACEVEDO - On May 26, 1911, the first White Hope tournament, a motley assortment of eleven barnyard scrappers and dockwallopers, was held at the National Sporting Club in New York City. How such a tournament could be staged with a counterintuitive number of participants in a state where decisions were outlawed is testament to the huckster genius of Tom O’Rourke, ex-boxer, occasional promoter, full-time hustler and glib manager of, among others, African-American greats Joe Walcott and George Dixon. continue

News: Cunningham on Pavlik-Hopkins, Napa Poised For European Title Fight

Pavlik vs Hopkins - Steve Cunningham gives his verdict: Philadelphia's only current boxing world champion, cruiserweight ring king, Steve 'USS' Cunningham, took a little time out from preparing for his December 11th, International Boxing Federation title defense against Tomasz 'Road Warrior' Adamek and gives his verdict on this weekends big fight between young gun, Kelly Pavlik and fellow Philly star Bernard 'The Executioner' Hopkins. continue

Vitali Klitschko hints at Lennox Lewis return

Lennox Lewisby James Slater - This scribe, like many other people, is grateful to 37-year-old Vitali Klitschko for coming back and adding some much needed excitement to today's less than thrilling heavyweight scene. Looking as good as he ever has, "Dr Iron Fist" proved way too much for Samuel Peter on October 11th - an admittedly poor-looking and very disappointing Peter though it was.

Reclaiming the world title he had been, for over three years, the "Champion Emeritus" of only, Vitali also regained his status as the best big man in the world. The elder Klitschko brother had been seen as the best heavyweight in the world since Lennox Lewis' retirement , in the eyes of a lot of people, anyway, and now the huge Ukrainian must be looked upon as such once more. But, speaking of Lewis, this article gets to the crux of its subject matter. Just what chance does Vitali Klitschko think he has of landing a return bout with Lennox? continue

Veterans Dominick Guinn And Michael Grant Back In Action In October And November, Respectively

16.10.08 - by James Slater - Two veteran heavyweights who are unwilling to give up on their dreams just yet are back in action in the next few weeks. Firstly, on the under-card of the Lucian Bute-Librado Andrade fight in Canada on October 24th, 33-year-old Dominick Guinn will come back to tackle the once-beaten Canadian Jean Francois Bergeron. continue

News: ARENA inks Breidis Prescott, Abraham-Marquez PPV

Rising lightweight star Breidis Prescott signed with ARENA Box-Promotion and Decubas Presents, LLC. Brescott, ARENA-CEO Ahmet Öner and Ricardo Decubas just finalized the deal in Miami, Florida. Prescott recently made a noise by knocking out promising prospect Amir Khan in one round in Manchester, UK. “In fact we already had Prescott under contract when he signed to fight Khan”, stated Öner. continue

Exclusive Interview With Vitali Klitschko - 'I Have Big Hopes For A Second Fight With Lennox Lewis'

klitschko14.10.08 - by James Slater - Vitali Klitschko, by way of his crushing October 11th victory over Samuel Peter, made he and his brother's dream of becoming the first boxing brothers to simultaneously hold versions of the word heavyweight title a reality. Now a two-time WBC champ, the 37-year-old "Dr. Iron Fist" is in no way content, however. Still hoping to achieve even more in the ring - in particular adding the WBA strap, the only title they don't have yet, to the Klitschko household and even getting a second fight with Lennox Lewis - Vitali made it clear he is by no means satisfied yet.

Speaking to me over the phone on the Monday after the Peter fight, Vitali had the following things to say.

James Slater: Firstly, congratulations, Vitali on your fine win against Peter.

Vitali Klitschko: Thank you. Yes, many people said to me that after having over three years out I would not be able to come back. But these people thought I was just sleeping for three years and taking medication [for various injuries]. But every day I was out of the ring, I trained. Every day for two or three hours. Also, the time out gave me time to recover from injuries and I now have total health and I feel very well. continue

News: Santana-Rodriguez, Bailey-Corley II, Undefeated SGT. Bryant Pappas

DiBella Entertainment’s Broadway Boxing series in association with Everlast, Christos Steakhouse, Edison Ballroom, Hakata and Azad Watches, will present one of its strongest cards to date, this Wednesday, October 22 at BB King Blues Club in Times Square. In the ten-round main event, local favorite Edgar Santana, from Spanish Harlem, takes on Monterrey, Mexico’s Luis Rodriguez and Randall Bailey battles DeMarcus Corley in an intriguing rematch of former world champions. continue

Fritz Sdunek back in the Universum-Gym, Ina Menzer vs Adriana Salles

"Now I am working on the next world champion." - After winning the WBC belt with Vitali Klitschko on Saturday night, world champion trainer Fritz Sdunek is already back at work. Sdunek, who has produced ten world champions in his illustrious career, was back with his training group in Hamburg's Universum-Gym on Monday full of energy. "Now I am working on the next world champion," he says. continue

Is It Possible - Pavlik Six When Hopkins 1st Fought!

Bernard HopkinsBy Paul Strauss: As the popular TV (or movie?) character uttered, "Get-out-ta-here"! Or, "Say it ain't so"! That's got to be a misprint, right? How can these two be in the same ring? Well, it's true. The Executioner's first fight was 10-11-1988, when Kelly was in short pants learning his ABC's, and getting beat on by his two older brothers.

Hopkins, on the other hand, was just coming out of prison after serving almost five years of an eighteen year sentence (Wikipedia). His beat down came in an entirely different, and much less friendly fashion than Kelly's, but as with others who had been incarcerated, it touched off a desire to get ahead by entering a sport that allowed for legal exercise of violence learned over the years. Might as well get paid for it, right? continue

News: Joe Calzaghe Takes Self Promotion Online, Eric Aiken vs Miguel Rodriguez

15/10/08 - JOE CALZAGHE and Roy Jones JNR are making a stand for all boxers by breaking free from the shackles of tradition to self-promote their November super fight. Joe Calzaghe’s fights always generate a huge online buzz and, now that he is managing his own promotional activity, Joe is launching his official website. has been built to ensure his global fan base are with him every step of the way as he prepares for his fight against Jones JNR on 8th November 2008. The website will give his fans from both sides of the Atlantic exclusive access to Joe and the entire Calzaghe team. continue

Dodson-Adamek on Haye/Barrett Card, Maloney Inks Darren Sutherland

Liverpool’s Tony Dodson hopes to climb a few places in the European super-middleweight rankings on November 15 when he takes on the Czech Republic’s Tomas Adamek at The O2 in North Greenwich, London. Amusingly, Dodson thought he’d been paired with former world light-heavyweight champion Tomasz Adamek when first hearing news of the fight. “I thought they wanted to put me in with the Polish Adamek,” admits Dodson. “He’s a former light-heavyweight world champion and is now fighting for the world cruiserweight title. A genuine world-class fighter. continue

The 'Left-Hook Lounge': Vivek Wallace's Weekly Mailbag Featuring The Klitschko Brothers, Pavlik, Hopkins, Dawson, Tarver, and More!

Kelly PavlikThis week's 'Left-Hook Lounge' installment opens dialogue on arguably the hottest topics in the sport. Making the cut this week is the returning Ukranian great, Vitaly Klitschko, who opened many eyes this past weekend as he turned the proverbial 'cupcake' into a cake walk. Other prominent fighters who find themselves in the mix for this weeks mailbag is the emerging 'Bad' Chad Dawson and the submerging Antonio Tarver. Back for encore performances is a few of the usual suspects, Kelly Pavlik and Bernard Hopkins, who find themselves on the brink of a huge showdown by weeks end. All in all, there's quite a bit to cover so rather than talking about it, we now dig in! Our first question comes from across the pond where a UK based fight fan wanted to know the following..........

Erik Adams (London, UK): After Vitali Klitschko's dominating performance last Saturday against Samuel Peter, do you think that answers the questions many have about him being the top heavyweight of this era? continue

Pavlik vs Hopkins: Jack Loew, Nazim Richardson Conf Call Transcript

Lee Samuels: We just had a wonderful press conference in New York City with Kelly Pavlik and Bernard Hopkins for “Unstoppable” – their light heavyweight battle at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, promoted by Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions, in association with Caesars Atlantic City and sponsored by Affliction Clothing. The show’s will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View this Saturday night, beginning at 9 p.m. ET and 6 p.m. PT. continue

Boxing News: James Kirkland, Mark Thompson, Joe Linenfelser

LOS ANGELES, October 15 -- Golden Boy Promotions is proud to announce that rising junior middleweight star James Kirkland has been added to its roster of fighters. Kirkland signed with Golden Boy Promotions today and is slated to make his Golden Boy Promotions debut in the near future. continue

Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya: An Analysis of a Legacy

pac vs de la hoya14.10.08 - by Shawn O'Donnell - When the Pacquiao- De La Hoya fight first was announced most boxing insiders viewed it as a huge mismatch and a large cash grab. Experts overwhelming believe that De La Hoya will dominate the much smaller Pacquiao. Normally I would agree with most of the aficionados in the game, but there are several elements in this fight that have swayed my opinion. I have learned from my years of being involved in boxing that the only way to accurately predict a fight is if you have an inside look at the training camps. I don't have the luxury of being up and close to the action, but what I can propose are scenarios and facts that exist. I believe this fight will be decided upon the issues of weight, activity, psychology and sticking to a solid game plan. This may give some direction as to what outcome this fight might have. continue

Gleasons Gym: The Office

14.10.08 - By Bernie McCoy - The gym is the boxer's office. It's the place where the boxer does most of the business, the difficult business of a difficult sport. Like most offices, the gym is where the boxer spends the vast majority of working time; hopefully, productive working time. But like every worker in every business, the time spent in a gym is only as productive as the boxer makes it. continue

News: Warriors Boxing, Sanders vs Holm II

RESCHEDULED MARQUEZ-ABRAHAM BOUT RETURNS TO PAY-PER-VIEW: As reported last week, number one IBF middleweight contender Raul Marquez will finally get his shot at Arthur Abraham on November 8th, after their October 4th bout was scrapped due to a case of the flu suffered by the champion. Now it’s been confirmed that the championship bout will be aired live in the United States on pay-per-view, beginning at 3pm ET / 12pm PT. Suggested retail price is $24.95. continue

Roy Jones Junior - "There Are Too Many Question Marks About Joe Calzaghe's Career"

Joe CalzagheBy James Slater: Joe Calzaghe and Roy Jones Junior, who meet in a hugely anticipated fight on November 8th, have been busily helping hype the bout at a series of appearances in a five-city tour. Right now they are in New York and tensions have got a little tense between the two light-heavyweights.

In an article that appeared in yesterday's Sunday Mirror newspaper, challenger Jones, who will be attempting to take the Ring magazine 175-pound championship off the unbeaten Calzaghe when they clash at Madison Square Garden in less than a month's time, verbally attacked the Welshman and his all-time great standing. continue

Where Does Vitali Klitschko's Comeback Rank In Heavyweight History?

by James Slater - Coming back as he did this past Saturday, and winning a world title fight with no tune-up bout after almost four years out, 37-year-old Vitali Klitschko made what is undeniably a great comeback. But where, in the history of the heavyweight division, does "Dr Iron Fist's" comeback rank? Just how impressive was his winning against Sam Peter when compared with the amazing ring returns of heavyweights past? continue

Mijares/Darchinyan Press Conference Quotes

14.10.08 - Photos: Jorge Garcia/For SHOWTIME - History will be made on Saturday, Nov. 1, when World Boxing Association (WBA) and World Boxing Council (WBC) super flyweight world champion Cristian Mijares climbs into the ring to face International Boxing Federation (IBF) world champion Vic “Raging Bull” Darchinyan at the The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. Mijares and Darchinyan are fighting in the very first 115-pound World Championship Unification. continue

Is Vitali Klitschko’s victory good for the heavyweight division?

klitschko13.10.08 - by Mark Gregory , photo by Y.Nesterenko / -- Klitschko-Peter Photo Gallery -- On Saturday night, Vitali Klitschko didn’t just beat Sam Peter to regain his WBC heavyweight title, he totally outclassed him. Not since Joe Calzaghe’s clinic against Jeff Lacy in 2006 have I seen such a sustained and one-sided beating in a contest between two elite level fighters. Such was the constancy of Vitali’s stiff jab and occasional right hand landing on Peter’s increasingly swollen face that after 8 rounds of it – all of which were won by Vitali, in spite of one judge’s charity – the Nigerian Nightmare quit on his stool.

On the face of it, having a heavyweight champion who can actually box can surely only be a good thing. The current batch of heavyweights are, rightly or wrongly, much-maligned by fans and pundits alike. continue

The Ghost vs. The Executioner………Halloween approaching

13.10.08 By Armstrong Okobia - With a main event that reads the Ghost vs. the Executioner, we may need to put a rating PG on this. On the other hand, we could be exempted as its Halloween season. But is this fight trick or treat? This fight is treat, why? History has shown that fights like this are usually good. Fights that come about because others can’t be made have the tendency to surprise us. How many times have we not seen a late substitute come in and make a fight, better than the original one. continue

Gomez to Vitali Klitschko: Congratulations for beating the living sandbag! Don’t run away! I will give you a real fight!

13.10.08 - When Vitali Klitschko beat Samuel Peter for the WBC world heavyweight champion title in Berlin on Saturday Juan Carlos Gomez was sitting in his house in L.A. watching the fight on TV. Now the “Black Panther” is looking forward to face the winner next. “Congratulations, Vitali!” says Gomez. “You did a good job against the living sandbag. I am happy for you but for myself even more. I will enjoy taking the title from you and finally becoming heavyweight champion of the world. Although I already heard that you are trying to sneak out of the fight. Don’t run away, Vitali. Come and fight me like a man!. continue

David Haye Says He'd Be Too Fast For Both Klitschko Brothers, Wladimir Says Get Past Barrett First!

klitschko13.10.08 - by James Slater, photo by Y.Nesterenko / - Although the successful ring return by 37-year-old Vitali Klitschko on Saturday night in Berlin, Germany impressed many, David Haye was not one of these people. For seemingly as long as anyone can remember, "The Hayemaker" has been calling out Vitali's younger brother, Wladimir; now Haye says he wants to take on both boxing brothers.

The exciting Londoner watched the Klitschko-Sam Peter fight from his Cyprus training camp and apparently saw nothing that made him think he has anything to worry about with the now two-time WBC heavyweight king. "Give me Wladimir first, then I'll take on the older brother," the former cruiserweight world champion said to The Daily Telegraph today. "Neither of them has the speed I can show them and they are both vulnerable. continue

Boxing News: Thomas Costello, Julio Diaz vs Fernando Trejo, Solo Boxeo Tecate

Unbeaten light-middleweight prospect Thomas Costello is no stranger to the inside of some of the country's most notorious prisons. Fortunately it's as a visitor preaching the benefits of boxing rather than an inmate. But the Birmingham teenager admits that if it wasn't for the fight game, he could be watching the lectures rather than giving them. "I come from a pretty rough part of Birmingham, and a lot of the lads I grew up with went off the rails," said the 19-year-old who fights in his home city on October 31 at the Aston Events Centre. continue

Bernard Hopkins Began His Career With A Loss, Will He End His Career With One Too?

by James Slater - Exactly twenty years ago yesterday (October 11th), after having been released from prison, a young, 23-year-old Bernard Hopkins had his first pro boxing contest. He lost, on points over four rounds, to one Clifton Mitchell in a bout that took place in the light-heavyweight division.

No-one could have possibly known it then, but Hopkins would one day carve out a career for himself as a true great. continue

Where do Peter and Tarver go from here?

Antonio TarverBy Robert Jackson: Embarrassing is all that can be said about Samuel Peter's performance, complements of comebacking Vitali Klitschko. Saturday was just 8 rounds on the heavy bag for "Dr. Iron Fists." Were all of Peter's improvements for naught? During the lead up to the fight especially during the weigh-in this writer thought that fear was present in Peter's body language. Or was Peter too relaxed? It looks like the 3.5 years away from the ring provided rest for Klitschko's body and he looked revitalized during the fight. Where does Peter go from here?

Peter will probably never attain the skills to compete consistently at the elite level, but many top fighters will still avoid him. So losing the WBC belt has cost Peter more than the prestige of having it, in terms of dollars Peter will have to take whatever is offered to him and work his way back up to the top a much harder task the 2nd or 3rd time around. continue

News: James McGirt Jr, 8 Count Productions, James 'Quick Draw' DuBois

VERO BEACH, Florida (October 14, 2008) – How a pro boxer responds to adversity usually separates contenders from pretenders. Highly-regarded world middleweight prospect James McGirt, Jr. (19-1, 9 KOs), coming off of his first career loss, passed his first major test June 25 on national television, winning a unanimous 10-round decision against former IBO and WBU middleweight champion Raymond “Hallelujah” Joval (37-5, 16 KOs). continue

News: Espinoza Boxing Promotions, Valdez vs Hasegawa, Martinez vs Proa

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 13, 2008) Highly regarded boxing manager Frank Espinoza is preparing to launch his own promotional boxing company, “Espinoza Boxing Promotions” in this first quarter of 2009. “It’s something I’ve thought about for quite a while. The boxing scene in Southern California continues to grow, the fans here are very supportive and I’ve got a growing stable of fighters to keep busy,” said the much acclaimed longtime boxing manager. continue

Peter Quits Against Klitschko, Dawson's Speed too much for Tarver

klitschko12.10.08 - By Paul Strauss: This was one night when "Two + Two is actually One Sided". Vitali Klitschko fought tall, like the giant he is. He kept his hands low, especially his left, which enabled him to throw left jabs, hooks, shovel hooks, uppercuts, etc, from many different angles. Samuel Peter remained relatively stationary, which allowed Vitali to take target practice. Every time Peter would tense up to unload, he would find that Vitali had already moved out of range. Or, at other times, when he tried to rush into range, he would run into a Vitali right, plus a few more lefts thrown in for good measure.

It would be accurate to say that Vitali looked very good, especially after such a long lay off, and that Peter looked lethargic and frustrated. Vitali made the fight, and Peter helped him do so by cooperating with Vitali's game plan. Right from the beginning Peter was rocked, and the process continued with each and every round, so much so that realistically Peter did not win one round. continue

Abraham backing Pavlik, Wright turns down Abraham offer

Undefeated IBF middleweight champion King Arthur Abraham is backing Kelly Pavlik to take care of business against Bernard Hopkins on Saturday night. “I have a lot of respect for both fighters,” King Arthur said. “Normally I´d say the better man should win but in this case I am supporting Pavlik for a simple reason. I want to be the first man to defeat him. I want to fight him as soon as possible to unify the titles. I will even come to his home city to prove that I am the world´s best middleweight boxer!. continue

Boxing News: Demetrius Andrade, Ian Napa vs Carmelo Ballone, Thomas Treiber

2008 Olympian Demetrius Andrade will be conducting a boxing workshop for kids as part of the Kid's Action League (KAL) Festival this Saturday October 18th in Providence, RI. The workshop will be held at the Main Street Martial Arts studio at 1282 North Main Street at 2:00 PM. KAL is dedicated to providing educational, cultural arts and fitness opportunities to children of all backgrounds, especially to those who cannot easily afford these types of programs. The festival, which is being put together to raise money for scholarships, will go from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and will feature pony rides, inflatable rides, music by Bill Harley, plus martial arts workshops for the whole family. continue

What Has Happened To Our Heavyweights?

klitschko vs peter12.10.08 - by Bill Calogero, - Photo by Sumio Yamada -- After retiring as a Champion, a four year layoff and a plethora of injuries, Vitali Klitschko became the new WBC Heavyweight Champion last night from Berlin Germany after the former champ, you know, the guy who came into the fight AS the Champion, refused to get off his stool prior to the start of the ninth round of the scheduled twelve-round contest. Vitali joins his brother as the owners of four of the five major belts that define the World Heavyweight Champion(s). This is the first time in history that two brothers own pieces of the title at the same time. Together, they now currently hold the IBF, WBC, WBO and IBO Heavyweight Titles. The only one they do not have is the WBA, which is currently held by Valuev and Chagaev, but that’s another story. I say great, for “them”. As for the state of the Heavyweight Division, all I can say is “What has happened to our Heavyweights?. continue

Team Pavlik Columbus Day Message to Hopkins

YOUNGSTOWN, OH (Columbus Day 2008) -- Like Christopher Columbus, two-division world champion BERNARD "The Executioner" HOPKINS is about to make a new discovery, courtesy undefeated World Middleweight Champion KELLY "The Ghost" PAVLIK. Pavlik and Hopkins battle in a 12-round light heavyweight rumble This Saturday! October 18, headlining "Unstoppable" -- a four-fight pay-per-view extravaganza broadcast live from Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall, beginning at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT. continue

TONIGHT! Kelly Pavlik Featured on ESPN's E:60, HBO To Replay Pavlik/Taylor I, Tarver/Hopkins

The next edition of ESPN’s prime-time newsmagazine E:60, Tonight! Tuesday, October 14, at 7 p.m. ET, will include a profile of KELLY PAVLIK, the undefeated middleweight boxing champion from Youngstown, Ohio. Pavlik takes on two-division world champion Bernard Hopkins in a 12-round light heavyweight battle Saturday, October 14 at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall. continue

The Best In The World At Heavyweight And Light-Heavyweight Now Decided?

klitschko vs peterby James Slater, photo by Sumio Yamada --Two fighters put on truly dominant performances in their respective weight classes last night, as heavyweight Vitali Klitschko made believers out of many that he is the world's best big man, and light-heavyweight Chad Dawson did likewise down at 175-pounds. The 37-year-old Klitschko proved to be way too much for Samuel Peter, shutting him out for 8-rounds before making the 28-year-old quit on his stool. And 26-year-old Dawson proved way too fast and powerful for Antonio Tarver, widely out-pointing and knocking down the 39-year-old over 12-impressive rounds. So, is it now clear who the world's best heavy and light-heavyweights are? It sure looks like it.

It's hard to see anyone beating Vitali Klitschko. Showing no rust at all after an almost four year layoff, "Dr Iron Fist" looked as good as ever. Yes, Peter proved to be a major disappointment and last night's Berlin fight was, at least to this writer, a dull affair, but that doesn't take anything away from the fact that Vitali is the best in his division. continue

Boxing News: Rhodes vs Vuma, Bell vs Haskins, Susi Kentikian

Sheffield favourite Ryan Rhodes continues his march towards a third world title shot – his first as a light-middleweight – when he tackles the dangerous South African Vincent Vuma on November 15 at The O2 in North Greenwich, London. With Vuma’s WBC International title at stake, the winner of this intriguing 12-rounder can expect to receive a top-10 ranking with the World Boxing Council and a clearer route towards a potential world title tilt. continue

News: Sam Webb Added To Napa-Ballone, AIBA Youth World Boxing

Thrilling light middleweight Sam Webb has been added to the big Frank Maloney bill on Friday, October 17 at London's famed York Hall that sees bantamweight Ian Napa challenge European champion Carmelo Ballone. Webb, 11-1 (3), a slashing southpaw who can switch stances in the blink of an eye, is coming off a tremendous slugfest victory over former southern area welterweight titlist Paul Dyer in June and has now won seven straight contests since suffering a third round cuts stoppage in 2006. continue

Sharkie's Machine: Dawson Beats Tarver by a Mile

klitschko12.10.08 - By Frank Gonzalez Jr., photo by Tom Casino: Former IBF/IBO titlist Antonio Tarver (27-5, 19 KO’s) met the future of the Light Heavyweight division Saturday night in Las Vegas and his name is Chad Dawson. Dawson (27-0-1NC, 17 KO’s), who now holds three title belts in the WBC, IBF and IBO titles is about as close to being a unified champion as one can be in pro boxing these days.

Dawson didn’t just beat Tarver, he took him to school, out-boxing Tarver and capping things off in the twelfth round with a knockdown, when a Dawson left hand set Tarver off balance and his glove touched the canvas in trying not to fall. The final scores were 118-109 and 117-110 twice, all in favor of “Bad” Chad Dawson, who was just too good—for Antonio Tarver. continue

News: Huck vs Tuiach, European Boxing Roundup, Pavlik-Hopkins Presser

Marco “Captain” Huck will make a first defence of his recently-won European cruiserweight title when he takes on Italy´s Fabio Tuiach in Oldenburg on October 25. “I am happy to get back into the ring so quickly,” the 23-year-old said. “After beating Jean Marc Monrose I only took a very short break from practice. I want to continue the positive development from the last couple of months in Oldenburg.. continue

Danny Williams Acknowledges He's Got To Beat McDermott Quickly, Faces Botha Just 22-Days Later!

12.10.08 - by James Slater - British heavyweight Danny Williams has an extremely busy November ahead of him. First, on November 8th, in London, "The Brixton Bomber" will face John McDermott in a return match that will see him defending his British title. Then, just 22-days later, the 35-year-old will travel to Egypt to take on former world title challenger Frans Botha. continue

Berlin Beat Down: Klitschko Makes Peter Quit!

klitschko12.10.08 - By Ted Sares -- Klitschko-Peter Photo Gallery -- Showing few signs of ring rust after being out of action nearly four years, Vitali Klitschko, now 36-2, won the WBC heavyweight title by forcing Sam Peter to quit on his stool after eight dominate rounds.

The first round (which would be the exemplar for the rest of the fight) went something like this: Peter swings wildly with his left hook and misses continually, while Vitali lands accurate shots from long range, using the jab to set them up in classic fashion. Repeadtedly, he mixes things up by landing sneaky left hooks which knock Peter off balance. It was a great round for Dr Iron Fist.

The speed-challenged Peter inexplicitly continues to fight the wrong fight by boxing the big iron-chinned Ukrainian without trying to get inside where his best opportunities lie. For his part, Vitali used his superior height and reach, and potshots to keep the poorly prepared and uninspired Nightmare at bay. continue

Peter gives an abysmal performance in a dominant win for Vitali Klitschko!

12.10.08 - By Michael Montero: This article will be straight and to the point, as I am too stirred up in emotion to patiently wait until I calm down to write this article. The unbiased journalist in me sees the Vitali Klitschko-Samuel Peter bout as a dominant victory for the better boxer, Klitschko. The boxing fan in me saw one of the worst performances by a defending “champion” in the history of heavyweight boxing…. continue

Samuel Peter lost before he entered the ring

12.10.08 - by Armstrong Okobia - On the 11th October 2008, the boxing world witnessed history in the making when Vitali Klitschko captured the WBC crown via a TKO in the 8th round. But had Vitali already won before the gloves were laced? Certain things seem to have been in his favour and hammered the forgone conclusion of many boxing experts. continue

Peter-Klitschko, Tarver-Dawson Results

klitschko LAS VEGAS, Nev. (Oct. 12, 2008) – Phot by Tom Casino / Showtime - SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING presented a special, history-making world championship double-header on Saturday night. Many wondered how Vitali Klitschko (36-2, 35 KOs) would look in his first fight in nearly four years. Wonder no more. The 37-year-old heavyweight regained his World Boxing Council (WBC) title with a marvelous eighth-round TKO over Samuel Peter (30-2, 23 KOs), televised on tape delay from the O2 World Arena in Berlin, Germany. It wasn’t much of a contest as Klitschko fought tall and used his precise left jab to keep Peter from closing the distance. His consistent jab, along with stiff over hand rights proved too much for Peter. Behind on all cards, Peter quit on his stool after the eighth. Klitschko’s victory marked the first time the boxing world has seen two brothers hold heavyweight titles simultaneously. Klitschko’s younger brother, Wladimir, is the IBF and WBO heavyweight world champion.

In the second world championship fight on SHOWTIME, it was out with the old and in with the new as “Bad” Chad Dawson (27-0, 17 KOs) won a 12-round unanimous decision against the veteran Antonio Tarver (27-5, 19 KOs), live at The Pearl Theater at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. continue

Pacquiao/De La Hoya Press Tour Wrap Up

Los Angeles (October 12, 2008)…Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao’s dreams came true this week as they stormed the country from coast to coast to announce their upcoming December 6th mega-fight appropriately titled “The Dream Match” at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and live on HBO Pay-Per-View. continue

Boxing News - Cleverly eyes Francis, Steve Cunningham, Bobby Gunn

Nathan Cleverly is eyeing a possible fight with Dean Francis following his impressive win over Tony Oakey on Friday night. Cleverly defeated Oakey on points to win the Commonwealth light-heavyweight title at the Everton Park Sports Centre in Liverpool. He had been due to fight Francis until the Basingstoke man vacated the Commonwealth belt six weeks ago. But a fight with Francis - the British title holder - could be resurrected in the wake of Cleverly's superb victory. continue

Las Vegas Heat: Dawson over Tarver Decisively

klitschko11.10.08 - By Ted Sares, photo by Tom Casino / Showtime - This one was a great stylistic match up with both light heavyweights highly skilled and ring smart. Dawson has never lost and Tarver has never been stopped.

In the third round, a fight broke out when Antonio Tarver started catching Bad Chad Dawson with some nice uppercuts and straight lefts, but Dawson’s hand speed and tremendous combos to the body were the story. Dawson is a body puncher extraordinaire and his early work began to slow the Champion down.

Dawson took off the sixth round perhaps to tire Tarver out and show that he could take any magic Tarver had to offer. Dawson came back strong in round seven with brutal body shots generated by great hand speed. continue

News: Lennox Lewis, George vs Wiggins, Erin McGowan

NEW YORK (October 2008) –The American Friends of Jamaica (AFJ), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Jamaican charitable and social initiatives, will honor Lennox Lewis as the 2008 recipient of the AFJ International Achievement Award for his active involvement in a wide range of philanthropic and civic organizations. Lewis will be awarded on November 6, 2008 at the AFJ’s 27th Annual Gala and Auction for Jamaican Charities, hosted at Gotham Hall in New York City. continue

News: Universum congratulates The Klitschkos, Leo Nolan, Theophane to take on Zab Judah?

The entire team of Universum Box-Promotion has congratulated Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko after Vitali won the WBC heavyweight belt on Saturday night. Promoter Klaus-Peter Kohl, who signed both to their first professional contract in 1996 and worked with them until 2004, said "My dream that both brothers are world champions at the same time also came true on Saturday. I started to dream this a little bit more than twelve years ago. When I recall from our start time in 1996 until now, I am deeply impressed by the sporting and personal development of both. I congratulate Vitali and Wladimir wholeheartedly on the fulfillment of their dream.. continue

Klitschko Claims Title When Peter Quits On Stool After 8

klitschko vs peter11.10.08 - By Joe Mills -photo by Sumio Yamada -- Vitali Klitschko’s three year journey has culminated in his regaining of the WBC Heavyweight championship with an impressive 8th round retirement of Samuel Peter. Klitschko displayed little in the way of ill effects resulting from his lengthy exodus from the ring, barely losing a minute of this one-sided clash.

Vitali entered Berlin’s imposing 02 World Arena with holographic renderings of past greats including George Foreman and former foe Lennox Lewis looking on, and while it will take more than this evening’s showing to put his name among them he displayed excellent championship credentials in the fight. continue

Vitali Klitschko WBC Champ, As Sam Peter Quits After Eight Rounds!

by James Slater - Tonight, In Berlin, Germany, 37-year-old Vitali Klitschko battered a disappointing Samuel Peter to defeat after eight pretty dull rounds. Making history as he and his brother, Wladimir, are now the first boxing brothers to simultaneously reign as heavyweight world champions, "Dr Iron Fist" won every round on his way to making defending WBC champ quit on his stool at the end of eight boring rounds. continue

It's On, The Rubber-Match Everyone Wants To See - Holt Vs. Torres III

by James Slater - In great news that all fight fans will surely be extremely happy about, the hugely anticipated rubber match between light-welterweights Kendal Holt, 24-2(13) and Ricardo Torres, 32-2(28) is on for December 13th, probably at The Boardwalk Hall, New Jersey. ESPN. com broke the news, and revealed that Top Rank president Todd duBoef informed them just yesterday evening that the third and deciding fight was on. The bout will air as a special edition of Showtime's "ShoBox The Next Generation.. continue

Solis Stops Welliver

Odlanier SolisOdlanier Solis is new WBC international heavyweight champion. “La Sombra” beat Chauncy Welliver by t.k.o. Referee Daniel Van de Wiele stopped the one-sided fight in round 9. “Of course, Solis can still improve”, says promoter Ahmet Öner. “But it was a very convincing victory and he showed that he is capable of achieving great things. Winning the international title was an important step for him. Welliver is a tough guy; he had never been stopped before.”

The Olympic gold medallist and three-time world amateur champion dominated his opponent as clearly as Vitali Klitschko did in the main event stopping Samuel Peter in the 9th and winning every round on the way. New WBC heavyweight champion Klitschko has to defend his belt against Solis’ stablemate Juan Carlos Gomez now. continue

Dawson v Tarver: what does it mean for the light-heavyweight division?

by Mark Gregory - Whichever way you cut it, the light-heavyweight division has a rather odd look about it. According to The Ring, it is a division ruled over by Britain’s own Joe Calzaghe with the second in command being the man he narrowly defeated earlier in the year, the wily veteran Bernard Hopkins. What is slightly unusual about this state of affairs – quite apart from neither fighter being a career 175lber and both being in the twilight of their careers – is that neither man has ever held a recognised world title at the weight, and nor have they really shown any ambition to fight for one. continue

Nathan Cleverly Looks Superb As He Out-Points Tony Oakey

by James Slater - Last night, in Liverpool, U.K, unbeaten 21-year-old Welshman Nathan Cleverly won the biggest pro test of his career so far as he clearly and impressively out-pointed 32-year-old Tony Oakey of Hampshire. Winning the vacant Commonwealth light-heavyweight title, the gifted Cleverly prevailed by scores of 119-110, 117-111 and 116-112. Improving to 13-0(3), the stylish youngster looks a future star. While tough campaigner Oakey, who has now lost two in a row, fell to 25-4-1(7). continue

Dawson-Tarver, Peter-Klitschko: Keys To Victory and Fight Predictions

klitschko peter11.10.08 - By Vivek Wallace: Between tonight and December 6th, the world of boxing will gradually escalate to high levels as fight fans prepare to see a Fall season to remember. With everyone from Pacquiao and De La Hoya, to Pavlik and Hopkins, to Jones and Calzaghe, nearly every headlining talent in the sport will be on display.

Serving as the opening act, tonight Showtime presents a twin headliner that strays away from the action packed lower weight classes, instead opening a fresh can of heavyweight and light heavyweight action. In a pre-recorded showdown from Germany, fight fans will first see the return of Ukranian great Vitaly Klitschko (35-2, 34KO's), as he get set to square off against WBC heavyweight champion Samuel 'Nigerian Nightmare' Peter (30-1, 23KO's). In the evenings headlining event - taking place in the light heavyweight division - fight fans will see a showdown between a man many view as the future of the light heavyweight division, "Bad" Chad Dawson (26-0, 17KO's), and the weight classes current IBO/IBF champ, Antonio 'Magic Man' Tarver (27-4, 19KO's). continue

Tarver/Dawson Weigh-In Photos

10.10.08 - Photos: TOM CASINO/SHOWTIME - WEIGHTS: Antonio Tarver came in at 174 lbs. Chad Dawson tipped the scales at 174 lbs. ODDS: The Palms race and sports book has the younger Dawson favored at -240 while the more experienced Tarver sits as the underdog at +190. continue

The Fight before the Fight: Solis vs Welliver

By C. Hardie, Photo by Arena Box Promotion - Theres no doubt about it, Samuel Peter VS Vitali Klitschko has been the most anticipated Heavyweight clash of the year. The fight for the rightful owner of the Green strap takes place this weekend in Berlin, Germany. But theres another clash that night, its the fight before the fight, Cuban Odlanier Solis Olympic Gold Medalist, two time Amateur Heavyweight World Champion and current contender versus Kiwi/American Chauncy Welliver toughman competitor, world class sparring partner, New Zealand Heavyweight Champion, former WBC Youth Champion and now genuine heavyweight contender. continue

Video - Weigh-In: Klitschko 247 - Peter 253,5

Peter-Klitschko10.10.08 -- click here to view open workout and press conference photo gallery -- Weigh-In photos © - There is no doubt It will be a colorful and spectacular show full of dynamite, at the 02 World Arena of Berlin, when the Nigerian “Nightmare”, Samuel Peter, and his Ukrainian rival, Vitali Klitschko, face each other, with the WBC Heavyweight world championship on the line; such title has been held by Peter since he conquered it on March 8th, 2008, in Cancun, Mexico, when he defeated Oleg Maskaev by technical knockout in 6 rounds.

Those who are thrill seekers will have a magnificent opportunity of finding it, witnessing everything that these two giants do. Some will watch them live, whereas others, the vast majority, will do it through the TV broadcast in different parts of the planet, Mexico and the U.S.A. among them. continue

News: Welliver-Solis Weigh-In, Manfredo-Bika, Edouard on Jones/Calzaghe Undercard

10.10.08 - Photo by Arena Box Promotion At today’s weigh-in Solis brought 253 ½ lbs. while Welliver weighed in at 282 lbs. When reigning champion Samuel Peter and champion emeritus Vitali Klitschko will face for the WBC heavyweight championship this Saturday in Berlin, Germany, one of the hottest heavyweight prospects today will make his appearance on the undercard. 2004 Olympic gold medallist and three-time world amateur champion “La Sombra” Odlanier Solis will face “Hillyard Hammer” Chauncy Welliver in a WBC international heavyweight championship bout. continue

'Call Em Out Fridays': Antonio Tarver - Is The Magic Man Out Of Tricks?

10.10.08 - By Vivek Wallace: In this week's 'Call Em Out Fridays' installment we analyze the worth of a man whose mere name alone has been known to open a dialogue filled with everything from extreme niceties, to less-than-vague vulgarities. Despite vast accomplishments in the sport, the only act many want to see from this 'Magic Man' is one that requires him to disappear. It's a bit hard to decipher how it is that such emotions can be evoked from what most would have to agree is a very talented source, but that hasn't seemed to stop the wave of words that often flow in his direction. Like any of my other 'Call Em Out Friday' segments, we take a look at three perspectives to keep non-biased vibe. The 'Supportive' perspective, the 'Critics' Perspective, and after I toss in mine (which is more neutral), we open the debate for you, the reader to chime in as well. So with no further ado, we break down the man simply known as Antonio 'Magic Man' Tarver...... continue

Chad Dawson Workout Photos; Antonio Tarver Workout Quotes

dawson10.10.08 - PHOTOS: TOM CASINO / SHOWTIME

Chad Dawson worked up a sweat on Thursday in his last workout before his clash with IBF/IBO 175-pound champ Antonio Tarver Saturday on Showtime (at Johnny Tacco’s Gym, Las Vegas) -

Tarver and Dawson battle for light heavyweight supremacy on Saturday, Oct. 11, live on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING (9 p.m. ET delayed on the West Coast).

Tarver-Dawson will be promoted by AT Entertainment and Gary Shaw Productions in association with Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas from The Pearl Theatre at Palms Casino. continue

Don King Wants To Promote Another Heavyweight Rumble In Africa; Peter Vs. Klitschko II

by James Slater - Promoter extraordinaire Don King, the man who set up the huge happening that was "The Rumble In The Jungle" over thirty years ago, wants to stage another big heavyweight fight in Africa. King, while speaking with Setanta Sports recently, said that if his fighter Samuel Peter can win on Saturday night in Germany against Vitali Klitschko, he will look to promote a Peter rematch with Wladimir Klitschko. And the legendary promoter said he'd very much like to stage the fight in Peter's home country of Nigeria. continue

Malignaggi special Columbus Day Parade guest in New York City

NEW YORK (October 10, 2008) – No. 1 world rated junior welterweight contender Paulie “The Magic Man” Malignaggi (25-1, 5 KOs) briefly returns home this weekend from his Las Vegas training camp, where he is preparing for his November 22nd showdown against Ricky Hatton to determine the world’s No. 1 junior welterweight boxer, to be honored in Monday’s annual Columbus Day Parade on 5th Avenue in New York City. continue

Does Boxing need Floyd Mayweather Jr., Or Does He Need Boxing?

Floyd Mayweather Jr.By Robert Jackson: Welterweight Champion Antonio Margarito while being interviewed by Bob Papa in regards to whom he would fight next, was asked whether a 'lifeline' had been thrown out by his team to Floyd Mayweather Jr, to arrange a fight between the two men. Margarito responded and I'm paraphrasing 'Mayweather refused to fight me before so why would he fight me now?', he then outlined his plan to rematch Miguel Cotto in mid 2009.

In pursuit of a 3rd match between Manny Pacquiao & himself at whatever weight, Juan Manuel Marquez stated after defeating Joel Casamayor that he had defeated the 'best' lightweight in the world and that Floyd Mayweather Jr was the best fighter, denying Pacquiao's P4P #1 status. continue

Will Tye Fields Ever Fight Again?

by James Slater - Spare a thought for poor Tye Fields. Going into his last fight in June, against Monte Barrett, the big guy was a heavyweight who was beginning to get himself a little attention and respect. Promoter Bob Arum, for one, was telling people that the 6'8" southpaw was a legitimate contender and a capable fighter. Getting it wrong for once, the usually astute Arum must have felt more than a touch embarrassed after seeing what "Two Gunz" did to "Big Sky" in less than a minute. continue

Pavlik/Hopkins Conference Call Transcript

Lee Samuels: We’re here with the champ, the world middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik. He’s in Youngstown with his trainer Jack Loew. They’re both here on the call and we’re talking about the big fight with - against Bernard Hopkins, October 18, Atlantic City Convention Hall. It’s called “Unstoppable.” It’s live on HBO Pay-Per-View. And Kelly’s been training very, very hard for this event which he’ll talk about. At this time Hall of Fame promoter, Bob Arum. Bob? continue

Boxing: Chico Vejar: Quintessential ‘50s

Chico VejarBy Ted Sares:

Boxing survives – and always will -- because its values are as old school as black-‘n’-white trunks: character and pain -- as heroic as a man taking care of his family – just not too sexy.

--Joe Rein

Francis “Chico” Vejar fought through the decade of 1950, ending his great career with a win over Wilf Greaves on March 27, 1961. But it was during the mid-50s that he did his best work.

Chico, out of Stamford, CT., was point counterpoint to another ‘50s fighter by the name of Chuck Davey, a good looking college kid who also had a successful career finishing at 42-5-1. Davey was a white collar favorite if ever there was one, just as Chico was pure blue collar. continue

Jameel McCline-Mike Mollo - Will "Big Time" Get Back On The Winning Track?

10.10.08 - by James Slater - Set to box on Don King's big November 7th card in China, are heavyweights Jameel McCline and Mike Mollo. Both men are capable of fighting in an exciting way and the bout that is up on BoxRec as a WBC heavyweight title eliminator may well be one of the fun fights of the year. continue

Zab Judah Added To Calzaghe-Jones Card?

by James Slater - According to a couple of sources, Zab "Super" Judah has been added to the huge Joe Calzaghe-Roy Jones Junior bill that takes place at the legendary Madison Square Garden on November 8th. It is not yet known who the 30-year-old former light-welterweight and welterweight world champion will face, but Judah's addition to an already exciting-looking night of boxing is certainly a welcome one. According to BoxRec, Judah will engage in a 12-rounder down at light-welterweight. continue

Fight Breakdown: Vitali Klitschko vs. Samuel Peter

klitschko vs peter By Zhenyu Li, photo by Y.Nesterenko -- In perhaps the best clash the heavyweight division could produce, for the time being, and a fight that could possibly shape the division's future landscape, the emeritus WBC champion Vitali Klitschko is attempting to make a spectacular return on Saturday following a 46-month hiatus from the ring when he squares off against the current WBC titleholder Samuel Peter at the O2 World Arena in Berlin, Germany.

As an independent Chinese boxing scribe on the roster of ESB, I'll try to break down the fight in an unbiased fashion, in terms of strengths and weaknesses of both fighters and the predicted outcome.

Vitali Klitschko

Advantages: Physique: One of the most imposing presences in the current heavyweight scene, Vitali Klitschko has 7 inches' edge in height and 3 inches' advantage in reach over the Nigerian mauler, which stands out as a major factor in any fistic battle. continue

Boxing News: Steve Cunningham, Don Broadhurst, Ivan Popoca

Former Navy man and current IBF cruiserweight world champion, Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham, will be the subject of an interview, on The Philadelphia boxing Report show which is broadcast live to American servicemen around globe on A.F.B. (America’s Freedom Broadcast) Radio, this coming Sunday. continue

News: Mijares-Darchinyan Tickets, Arnaoutis-Ankrah, Nathan Cleverly

NEW YORK (Oct. 9, 2008) – Tickets for the highly anticipated showdown between two of the best super flyweights in the world are currently on sale. History will be made on Saturday, Nov. 1, when World Boxing Association (WBA) and World Boxing Council (WBC) super flyweight world champion Cristian Mijares climbs into the ring to face International Boxing Federation (IBF) world champion Vic “Raging Bull” Darchinyan at the The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. continue

Tarver-Dawson Final Press Conference Quotes

tarver vs dawsonPhotos by Tom Casino/Showtime - Tarver and Dawson held their final press conference before the 175-pound kingpins battle for light heavyweight supremacy on Saturday, Oct. 11, live on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING (9 p.m. ET delayed on the West Coast). In the weeks leading to the fight there has been a war of words between Tarver and Dawson. Wednesday’s press conference was the final verbal battle before the two warriors clash in the ring Saturday night at The Pearl Theatre at Palms Casino.

Immediately prior to the light heavyweight world championship, on a night that has electrified the boxing world, SHOWTIME will present the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight showdown between Samuel Peter and Vitali Klitschko on a tape-delayed basis from Berlin, Germany. continue

Valuev-Holyfield: Statement from Wilfried Sauerland

09.10.08 - There have been reports in the American media about a potential fight between WBA heavyweight champion Nikolai Valuev and Evander Holyfield in Germany in December. However, whether the fight will happen is not certain at all (just like the location and the date). The Russian Giant will make a voluntary title defence before the end of the year. Holyfield as an opponent is just one of several options. continue

Nikolay Valuev vs Evander Holyfield, Is This A Bad Dream!?

by James Slater - According to a number of sources, WBA heavyweight champion Nikolay Valuev, all seven-foot of him, will face none other than Evander Holyfield at the end of the year, in Germany. A number of quite disturbing questions spring to mind when analysing this match-up. continue

Vitali Klitschko: Peter Can Hardly Look Me In The Eye Anymore

klitschko vs peter08.10.08 - by James Slater - As fight fans know, this past Monday's Berlin press conference for the Vitali Klitschko-Samuel Peter fight got quite heated at times. Current WBC belt holder Peter, getting annoyed because his challenger was trying his best to hold the actual belt in his hands, grabbed at the strap and pulled it away.

Well, according to an interview Klitschko conducted with BILD earlier today, "Dr Iron Fist" believes these actions by the man he is going to face on Saturday are proof that the occasion has got to him. Speaking with BILD, the 37-year-old spoke about Peter's current mental state, the upcoming fight and who his absolute "dream fight" would be against.

When speaking about Saturday's big fight, Vitali spoke of how the fight is now, and has always been, a psychological battle.

"Our fight started weeks ago," Klitschko said. "It's a psychological battle. And I notice Peter is getting more nervous every day. continue

John Duddy headlines Nov. 21 in NYC

NEW YORK (October 8, 2008) -- Cedric Kushner’s Gotham Boxing has reached an agreement with Bob Duffy’s Ring Promotions and Irish Ropes to promote “The Grande Event” – featuring “Ireland’s” John Duddy, Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin, Pawel “Raging Bull” Wolak and Jorge Luis “The Truth” Teron – Friday night, November 21 at the famed Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan. continue

If Vitali Klitschko Beats Samuel Peter, Will "Dr. Iron Fist" Hang Around To Defend His WBC Crown?

by James Slater, photo by Klitschko Management Group - Not long now until we find out if the Klitschko brothers' attempt to make boxing history will be a successful attempt or a failed one. Should the elder man of the two siblings, Vitali, beat current WBC belt holder Samuel Peter on October 11th, the two giants will have become the very first boxing brothers to have held a version of the world heavyweight title at the same time. continue

Margarito-Mosley In January?

Antonio Margaritoby James Slater: According to a written article by David A. Avila that has been posted on a number of boxing web sites, it looks like WBA "Super" champion at welterweight, Antonio Margarito, will next face "Sugar" Shane Mosley, probably in January of 2009.

According to Avila's article, the top administrators from both Top Rank and Golden Boy met this past Monday to discuss a number of upcoming bouts; one of which was Margarito against Mosley.

"We just have to work out the numbers with HBO," said Top Rank Promoter Bob Arum.

And Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy reportedly will be calling HBO to find a date for the fight, probably in January a week before The Super Bowl on Jan 31st. continue

Jermain Taylor vs Jeff Lacy....All Or Nothing

NEW YORK, Wednesday, October 8th -It will be a career-defining fight for the ages. Former champions Jermain Taylor and Jeff Lacy will meet on November, 15th in Nashville, Tennessee on the campus of Vanderbilt University, in what is sure to be an explosive affair, considering what is at stake. For the winner — a chance to fight for another world championship and regain his status as an elite fighter. For the loser — a struggle to regain respectability in a sport he once ruled. continue

The 'Left-Hook Lounge': Vivek Wallace's Weekly Mailbag Featuring Oscar, Pacquaio, Mayweather, Hatton, Vitali, and More!

This weeks 'Left-Hook Lounge' installment is basically a role call for the sports elite. Making the mailbag this week is everyone from Manny Pacquaio, to Oscar De La Hoya, to Ricky Hatton, to Samuel Peter. As if that wasn't enough, in one of our five featured questions we take a look at the loaded light middleweight divison, as well as the return of Vitali Klitscko. Of course a mailbag isn't a mailbag unless a few old names pop in. continue

Klitschko vs Peter: Dr. Iron Fist and the Nigerian Nightmare

Vitali KlitschkoBy Paul Strauss: It sounds like a low budget sci-fi movie. This is truly the "mano-a-mano" meeting that boxing fans desire. Fans want and expect heavyweights to knock each other silly, and it's a sure thing this battle of the mastodons will result in the quick extinction of one. Fans are salivating like Pavlov's dogs. Even though this fight promises nothing in the way of exceptional skill or talent, it does promise raw power, and the very real possibility that either of these giants can administer the coup de grace. That's always been what puts hind-ends in the seats, and in our more modern world - the pay-per-viewer's lounge chair.

Much of the pre-fight analysis has dwelt on Vitali's inactivity, which very well could be the deciding factor. However, fans also know that in this case, the danger of a "rusted skill level" is much less important as say a long lay-off for someone like Sugar Shane or Oscar. continue

Kelly Pavlik Injures Elbow In Sparring, Says It Won't Affect Hopkins Bout

by James Slater - It has been revealed in The Cleveland Plain Dealer that middleweight world champion Kelly Pavlik injured his left elbow in sparring last week. Apparently, while working with former two-time WBA super-middleweight champion Byron Mitchell, Kelly banged elbows with his spar mate. The resulting bruise saw to it that the unbeaten 26-year-old was unable to spar for a few days and there is still a chance an injection will be needed. continue

Boxers, Promoters And Analysts Weigh In On Peter, Klitschko Bout

Photo by Hoyer/Klitschko Management - It’s just talk, but there’s been plenty of it leading up to Saturday’s WBC Heavyweight Championship between Samuel Peter (30-1, 23 KOs) and Vitali Klitschko (35-2, 34 KOs). With just five days remaining till the bout, here is a sampling of what top fighters, promoters and analysts are saying about the SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING fight, which will be shown on same-day tape delay from the O2 World Arena in Berlin, Germany, before the Antonio Tarver-Chad Dawson IBF Light Heavyweight Championship live at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the west coast). continue

Mijares vs. Darchinyan: The Puncher and the Boxer

Vic DarchinyanBy Ted Sares:

Mijares has what I want - the remaining major belts in the 115-pound division. Let's see how great a matador he really is when he steps inside the ring and goes face-to-face with the Raging Bull. He won't be yelling ‘Toro!’ He'll be screaming ‘I surrender!

Vic Darchinyan

I’m one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world,” Mijares said. “On Nov. 1, Darchinyan is going to find that out the hard way when I make history unifying this division. continue

News: Cunningham-Adamek, Lewis-Tyson Book, Valencia Ballroom Boxing

International Boxing Federation cruiserweight world champion, Steve 'USS' Cunningham, took some time off from training and visited The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey which will be hosting his world title defense bout against Tomasz 'Polish Warrior' Adamek on the 11th December. After spending a few hours being shown around the venue a clearly impressed Cunningham said "I just had to come down and see it for myself. continue

Vivian Harris, Can He Make It Back As A Welterweight?

by James Slater - 30-year-old former WBA light-welterweight champion Vivian Harris makes his return to the ring on October 29th, when he will face Nicaragua's Octavio Narvaez in New Jersey. The bout will take place at welterweight, the first time Harris will have boxed up at 147-pounds, and the Guyana-born Brooklyn fighter will be looking to rebuild his career in what is currently the sport's most exciting weight class. continue

Bob Satterfield: Let’s Keep the Record Straight

By Ted Sares - In 1953, the Ring Magazine’s top ten heavyweights were as follows:

boxingRocky Marciano: Champion
1, Nino Valdez
2. Ezzard Charles
3. Dan Bucceroni
4. Roland LaStarza
5. Earl Walls
6. Don Cockell
7. Clarence Henry
8. Tommy Harrison
9 . Bob Satterfield
10. Coley Wallace

The acclaimed movie “Resurrecting the Champ” centered on two of the above ranked fighters. It is based on a decade-old and prize winning Los Angeles Times story by J.R. Moehringer. continue

News: Arena and GSP Split, Euro Boxing Roundup, Akaash Bhatia

Today ARENA-CEO Ahmet Öner announced that he will not continue his cooperation with Gary Shaw Productions in the US. Together ARENA and GSP had featured Cuban rising superstar Yuriorkis Gamboa on “HBO Boxing After Dark” on May 17th and October 4th. “We’ve had two great shows with GSP”, states Öner. “And I personally thank Gary for his friendship and the good work he and his whole team has done. But now the time has come to move on. ARENA will go its own way. I am sure that Gary will understand me and I hope that there will be no bad blood at all. continue

Boxing News: Gilbert vs Brinkley, Solo Boxeo Tecate, Sampson Lewkowicz

RENO, NEVADA (October 8, 2008) Following a blistering war of words over the last few years, super middleweights Joey Gilbert and Jesse Brinkley have agreed to settle their score in the ring on Friday, January 30th, it was jointly announced today by co-promoters Chet Koerner of Las Vegas’ TKO Boxing Promotions and Terry Lane’s Let’s Get It On Promotions of Reno. continue

Photos: Face to Face for the first time - Cunningham, Adamek In New York

boxingPhotos by Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro - With the mandatory defense of his International Boxing Federation Cruiserweight Crown being announced last week, Philadelphia's own Steve 'USS' Cunningham came face to face with his Polish born opponent, Tomasz 'Polish Warrior' Adamek, for the first time at the annual Pulaski Day parade in New York City.

Steve 'USS' Cunningham (21-1, 11 KOs), an all-American boy, started boxing in the mid-1990's whilst serving in the US Navy aboard the USS America and USS Enterprise as an aircraft refueler, will sail into battle with the former WBO light heavyweight world champion, Tomasz 'Polish Warrior' Adamek (35-1, 24 KOs), at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on Thursday, December, 11th, 2008. Cunningham, who was warmly welcomed by the New York Polish community was clearly enjoying his day in the Big Apple said of being on the parade. continue

Dangerous Middleweight Contender: 'Idi' Amin Asikainen

Finnish middleweight contender "Idi" Amin Asikainen (25-1, 17 KOs) has his careers most important fight coming up. November 28 in Helsinki, Finland Asikainen takes on former world title challenger Khoren Gevor (29-3, 15 KOs) of Germany. Although Asikainen is ranked in the top 10 by IBF, WBA and WBO and #4 by respected The Ring magazine Asikainen is still relatively unknown especially in America. I took the time to introduce Asikainen and his career to the readers of continue

Breaking Down Dawson vs. Tarver

By Jim Amato: This should be a no brainer. I mean just look at their records. Antonio Tarver has met the best that the light heavyweight division has had to offer, and has beat most of them too. He lost to then highly rated Eric Harding, but knocked him out in a rematch. He defeated Reggie Johnson and Montell Griffin. He went 2-1 with Roy Jones Jr. and was the first man to ever stop Roy. He split a pair of decisions with rugged Glen Johnson. He lost to future Hall Of Fame inductee Bernard Hopkins but came back to outclass Clinton Woods. Now what has young Chad Dawson accomplished? Well, he beat a past his prime Harding. He was impressive in defeating the talented Tomasz Adamek but struggled against Glen Johnson. Dawson won a hotly disputed verdict over Glen. continue

Sergio Martinez TKO’s Alex Bunema

Sergio MartinezNew York (October 6, 2008) – Saturday night (October 4) in a fight seen on HBO’s Boxing After Dark, Sergio Martinez became the new interim WBC junior middleweight world champion with an overwhelming eighth-round TKO victory over WBA # 1 & WBC # 4 rated Alex Bunema, at the Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, California.

From the opening bell, Martinez (44-1-1, 24 KOs), who came into the bout as the WBC # 2 rated contender, completely dominated the accomplished, reigning WBA Inter-Continental 154 pound titlist, Bunema.

In round three, southpaw Martinez battered Bunema all over the ring before flooring the African with a left hand. Martinez’s superior hand speed was evident throughout the one-sided beating – prompting the ringside physician to stop the bout before the start of round nine. continue

News: Miller-Lopez, Kelley-Rodela, Ring Announcer Thomas Treiber

(Tucson, Arizona) – Desert Diamond Casino and Golden Boy Promotions are at it again. On Friday, October 10, 2008, top pugilists from around the world will assemble at the Diamond Center for a showdown in the ring. Headlining the card is local favorite David “The Destroyer” Lopez taking on Colombia’s Samuel Miller for the WBC Latino Middleweight Title. Ticket prices range from $40 to $125 in advance and are on sale now. Tickets can be purchased as any Ticketmaster location, by calling 520-321-1000, by contacting the Desert Diamond Casino Box Office, or by visiting continue

Michael Gomez Back In Action This Coming Friday

07.10.08 - by James Slater - Michael Gomez, the exciting, never-in-a-bad-fight 31-year-old,climbs back into the ring this coming Friday evening in Motherwell, Scotland. Only twelve days after his last fight - a quick, 2nd-round win over the 3-22-2 Chris Brophy - "The Predator" takes another tune-up style bout while he hopes for one more big fight. continue

'Stealth Mode': Brooklyn's Luis Collazo - Under The Radar, But Above The Rim

collazo06.10.08 - By Vivek Wallace: Boxing's welterweight division is arguably the deepest in the sport. Despite the absence of Floyd Mayweather jr., the division has barely lost a step as WBA Champ Antonio Margarito, IBF Champ Joshua Clottey, WBC Champ Andre Berto, and WBO Champ Paul Williams have all given fans much to rave about. In the midst of that group there are a few others names that remain prominent, starting with the aging Shane Mosley, Zab Judah, Kermit Cintron, and perhaps even Carlos Quintana.

Lost in the shuffle - and presumably not concerned or surprised about it - is one of the more defensively gifted fighters that division has to offer, and the fact that he's a southpaw makes him that much more dangerous. Boxing politics are partly the blame for the somewhat recent inactivity of Luis Collazo, but listed as the WBA and WBC mandatory, needless to say he won't remain behind the scenes too much longer. continue

Vitali Klitschko/Samuel Peter Press Conference Video and Photos

06.10.08 - All photos © - Former WBC and WBO heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko and WBC boxing world champion Samuel Peter posed for photographers following their news conference in Berlin, Germany today. A small scuffle broke out when Peter pulled away the belt from Klitschko with the words "it's not yours". continue

Happy Birthday, Ricky Hatton - "The Hitman" Turns 30 Today!

06.10.08 - by James Slater - Exactly thirty years ago today, in Stockport, Greater Manchester, Richard John Hatton was born. He would go on to achieve worldwide fame and popularity as a boxer known as "The Hitman!" The age of thirty is often seen as the great divide for a lower weight fighter. Reach your third decade, the experts say, and you are usually past your best. This looks to be the case with Hatton. continue

Juan Manuel Lopez Looks Set For Long Reign, Destroys Cesar Figueroa In Just 47-Seconds!

Juan Manuel Lopezby James Slater - Last night, in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, unbeaten 25-year-old southpaw Juan Manuel Lopez made frighteningly quick work of Mexico's Cesar Figueroa as he made the first defence of his WBO super-bantamweight title. Knocking the 30-year-old out with a hard combination to the head at just 47-seconds of the opening round, this particular Puerto Rico Vs. Mexico showdown was not at all competitive.

"Juanma," won the WBO belt with a similar performance against yet another Mexican back in June when he iced the big-hitting Daniel Ponce de Leon in just one round, now figures to be some long reigning world champion. Improving to a very impressive 23-0(21) last night, the newest Puerto Rican sensation looked awesome. Figueroa, who had been in with good men such as Humberto Soto, de Leon and Robert Guerrero, and had lasted much longer with them than he did against Lopez, fell to 30-7-2(22). continue

Boxing News: Solis/Welliver, Oakey/Cleverly, Wayne Johnsen

When Samuel Peter and Vitali Klitschko fight for the WBC world heavyweight championship this Saturday in Berlin a designated future champion will make his appearance on the undercard. Heavyweight sensation Odlanier Solis (11-0, 7 kos) will face “Hillyard Hammer” Chauncy Welliver (35-4-5, 12 kos) for the vacant WBC international championship belt. continue

Yuriorkis Gamboa - Fundamentally Flawed, But Still Fabulous!

06.10.08 - by James Slater - Sensational Cuban defector Yuriorkis Gamboa made it to 12-0(10) last night, as he got up from a 1st round knockdown that was aided by an errant elbow to stop previously unbeaten Marcos Ramirez at 1 min 41-secs of round number two. Once again, Gamboa was involved in a very exciting fight while looking at least a little bit vulnerable. continue

Sharkie's Machine: Gamboa by Quick Count Knock Out over Ramirez

Yuriorkis GamboaBy Frank Gonzalez Jr. October 4th, 2008 - In the Main Event at the Pechanga Casino in Temecula California, the fighter HBO wants to make into a big star, Yuriorkis Gamboa (12-0, 10 KO’s) faced Marcos Ramirez (25-1, 16 KO’s) in an exciting fight that lasted two rounds. Ramirez looked to be the sharper puncher in the first round, landing the first significant punch and following up with some clean shots that rocked Gamboa early.

Ramirez was darting in and out with big hooking lefts. He caught Gamboa with a left and then, as Gamboa moved in, Ramirez clocked him with a right that turned his head and saw Gamboa go down. There was an elbow that snuck in there, possibly helping Ramirez score that flash knockdown. Gamboa got up quickly and took an eight count. He looked fine and was revving to continue. continue

News: Tarver vs Dawson, Latimore vs Sparkman, Battle at the Boat

LAS VEGAS, NEV. (October 6, 2008) -- Undefeated former World Boxing Council (WBC) light heavyweight champion "BAD" CHAD DAWSON is ready to dig for gold when he challenges International Boxing Federation (IBF) / International Boxing Organization (IBO) light heavyweight champion Antonio Tarver next Saturday in Las Vegas. continue

Boxing News: Michael Walker Settles The Score, Tony Bellew

The highly anticipated rematch between Michael "The Midnight Stalker" Walker (19-1-1, 12 KO's) and Antwun Echols (31-9, 27 KO's) met the expectations of fans right from the starting bell. After their initial meeting in February of this year as the Main Event on ESPN 2 Friday Night Fights, which ended in a draw Walker and Echols had some unfinished business to resolve. continue

Angulo Lays A Hurtin' On Tsurkan! Gamboa strikes again

Alfredo AnguloTEMECULA, CALIF. (October 4, 2008) -- BOW WOWSER! Undefeated junior middleweight ALFREDO "Perro" ANGULO scored his 10th consecutive knockout victory tonight, recording a 10th-round TKO over Andrey Tsurkan in a battle of Top-10 contenders. The fight was the star attraction of "Night of the Rising Stars II," the tripleheader broadcast live from Pechanga Resort & Casino on HBO Boxing After Dark.

Promoted by Gary Shaw Productions and Ringside Ticket, the broadcast also featured Sergio Diaz (44-1-1, 24 KOs), capturing the World Boxing Council (WBC) interim super welterweight title via a TKO 8 of Alex Bunema (30-6-2, 16 KOs), and 2004 Cuban Olympic gold medalist Yuriorkis Gamboa (14-0, 11 KOs), scoring a second-round knockout over the vastly more experienced Marcos Ramirez (25-1, 16 KOs) in a battle of undefeated contenders. continue

News: Manuel Quezada, Team USA Women’s Boxing

Top heavyweight prospects Manuel Quezada (24-4, 15 KO's) and Teke Oruh (14-1-1 6 KO's) meet once and for all when the two warrior's battle in a ten round main event set to take place at the Tachi Palace Casino on October 23, 2008. Quezada, who's riding a thirteen fight winning streak, puts his WBC CABOFE title on the line. continue

Jon Thaxton's Career Far From Over, Captures European Lightweight Crown

by James Slater - Last night, in his hometown of Norwich, U.K, 34-year-old Jon Thaxton won the vacant European lightweight crown with a superbly impressive 3rd round stoppage of Spain's Juan Carlos Diaz Melero. The KO "Jono" scored was absolutely spectacular, and a genuine highlight reel moment. Landing one of the best punches of his long career, Thaxton scored with a cracking right hook that landed flush. continue

Travis "Freight Train" Walker - "I've Been Fighting All My Life"

Travis WalkerExclusive Interview by James Slater - Though he was at pains to point out the fact that the bout has not been signed yet, there seems a good chance Travis "Freight Train" Walker will be fighting Chris "The Nightmare" Arreola on November 29th (the fight is up as happening on BoxRec). Though he was somewhat hesitant to talk about a fight that is not yet his, 29-year-old Travis, currently 28-1-1(22) kindly gave this writer some of his time earlier today.

Speaking about the possible match-up with the unbeaten Arreola, the upcoming Klitschko-Peter fight and other things, Walker gave me the following answers to my questions.

James Slater: I know the fight's not been signed yet, but there seems a good chance you might get it. Do you really want that fight with Chris Arreola? continue

Chris Arreola Vs. Travis Walker On November 29th?

by James Slater - As fans know, unbeaten heavyweight contender Chris "The Nightmare" Arreola is back in action this coming November 29th, when he will once again share top billing with WBO welterweight king Paul Williams. Now, according to BoxRec, it seems the 27-year-old from Riverside, California will be taking on the big man know as "Freight Train," in the once-beaten Travis Walker. This should be some good fight. continue

News: Mijares-Darchinyan In LA, Danny Garcia Added To Hopkins/Pavlik Card

NEW YORK (Oct. 3, 2008) – History will be made on Saturday, Nov. 1, when World Boxing Association (WBA) and World Boxing Council (WBC) super flyweight world champion Cristian Mijares climbs into the ring to face International Boxing Federation (IBF) world champion Vic “Raging Bull” Darchinyan at the The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. Mijares and Darchinyan are fighting in the very first 115-pound World Championship Unification. continue

Antonio Margarito-Paul Williams II - The Rematch That Has To Happen!

Paul Williamsby James Slater - Visit just about any boxing web site today and chances are you will read a steadily high number of fans' comments about the Antonio Margarito-Paul Williams fight from last summer. "The Punisher" won a close but fair decision, yet the debate goes on as to who the better fighter is, and who would win in a return match.

It does seem as though "Tony's" fans, and there are many, refuse to give Williams the credit he deserves for the close points win. But to this writer's way of thinking, Williams, and Williams alone, is the one fighter out there capable of challenging the teak-tough Mexican's claim to being the best welterweight in the world right now. In fact Williams is probably amazed that the man he defeated is still seen as the better fighter by many. continue

De La Hoya vs Pacquiao: The RANTING of a MAD MAN!

By P.H. Burbridge (A voice in the crowd) - For those “fans” under Oscar De La Hoya’s “spell” it’s time to enter the “make believe” zone. Time to suspend all logic and start “believing” a serious fight is on the horizon featuring “The Golden Boy." And, OH, don’t forget your wallets. For hard core fight fans get ready for two months of excruciatingly painful and misleading publicity. The BS train is pulling out of the station so hurry up and get aboard. There are plenty of seats. HBO’s 24/7 here we come. HBO, use all your network powers to sell this freak show and tell the general public that fans demanded this fight be made. continue

Abraham vs. Marquez postponed

Undefeated IBF middleweight champion King Arthur Abraham was forced to postpone today´s mandatory title defence against Raul Marquez after waking up with a temperature and flu-like symptoms on Saturday morning. He was taken to the Uniklinik Erlangen, a nearby hospital, for further examination. Ring doctor Prof. Dr. Walter Wagner and other specialists then diagnosed influenza, forcing Team Sauerland to call off and postpone tonight´s show. The new date is November 8, also in Bamberg. continue

ShoBox: De La Rosa, Guerrero triumph

boxingPhotos by Cheryl Nemazie - NEW YORK (Oct. 3, 2008) – Four undefeated prospects stepped into the ring Friday’s but only two boxers walked out with their perfect records intact as James De la Rosa earned a unanimous decision over Tim Coleman and Fernando Guerrero outpointed Tyrone Watson on ShoBox: The New Generation. In front of a packed crowd of at the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center in Salisbury, Maryland., De la Rosa (18-0, 12 KOs) was gunning for a knockout over Coleman (14-1-1, three KOs) but had to dig deeper for the victory. All three judges scored the bout 96-94, which was only the second time the highly touted welterweight needed 10 rounds for a victory in his career.

By the judges’ scorecards, 80-71, 80-72 twice, the hometown favorite Guerrero’s (10-0, nine KOs) victory over Watson (7-1, three KOs) may seem as one-sided as the highly supportive crowd. But the bout was filled with two-way, non-stop action from start to finish as Guerrero earned his first victory on the scorecards and not via knockout. continue

Boxing News: Chambers KOs Castillo, Tsurkan Ready For Angulo

PHILADELPHIA (OCTOBER 3, 2008)—“Fast” Eddie Chambers made his homecoming bout a successful one as he took care of stubborn Livin Castillo at 2:59 of round five of their scheduled eight round bout the headlined a six bout card at The Legendary Blue Horizon. Chambers was effective as he used his decided hand speed advantage to land an assortment of punches that kept Castillo from getting comfortable at any point in the fight. continue

Antonio Margarito Promoted To WBA "Super Champion," Nuzhnenko Now "Regular" WBA Champ

by James Slater - It's incredibly tough keeping up with all the different rules of all the different boxing organisations. Proving this one more time is the recent revealed news that The WBA have just appointed Antonio Margarito, their reigning welterweight champion, as something they call "Super Champion". According to the WBA's rule, if and when a champion of theirs also wins another organisation's world title, they can elevate him to "Super Champion" status. continue

'Call Em Out Fridays': Samuel Peter - A Nigerian Nightmare, Or An American Fantasy?

Samuel Peter03.10.08 - By Vivek Wallace: In this weeks 'Call Em Out Fridays' segment we take a look at a fighter who has somehow accomplished the difficult task of landing somewhere in between the highly acclaimed and the not-so-superb. No matter who it is you ask, when discussing the ability and perceived greatness of Samuel Peter it always seems to involve a very decorated 'but'. He's pretty good, but....He's pretty powerful, but.....He seems ready to take over the division, but.

It's a bit hard to nail down why the opinions tend to come in split versions, but today as we call-out the 'Nigerian Nightmare', we examine why this trend is. In the same fashion we perform every week in the 'Call Em Out Fridays' installment, we'll take a look at the Supportive perspective, the Critics Perspective, and after I toss my thoughts into the hat, we'll let you, the readers chime in. continue

Countdown to Pavlik/Hopkins

October 3, 2008 - HBO Sports is presenting a thirty-minute special analyzing the upcoming HBO Pay-Per-View showdown between two of boxing’s most accomplished fighters: Kelly Pavlik and Bernard Hopkins. Their intriguing ring battle is set for Saturday, Oct. 18 in Atlantic City at Boardwalk Hall. The special, “COUNTDOWN TO PAVLIK-HOPKINS,” which will feature fighter profiles, expert analysis and forecasts for the light heavyweight matchup, will premiere on the main service on Saturday, Oct. 11 at 12:00 midnight ET/PT. continue

Ricky Burns: 'There is only one fight I want at the moment'

03.10.08 - By Gary Reilly, - Last Friday night Ricky Burns achieved a personal goal in collecting the Commonwealth super featherweight title. The second time fighting for this title, but third attempt in going for a title he overcame Ghanaian Osamanu Akaba. Going into the fight, the only two defeats he has had was at the arms of Alex Arthur and Carl Johanneson. While giving spirited performances in both fights he has both times seen his title ambitions slip away on points . continue

Dawson vs Tarver: The Handicappers Thread

Antonio Tarver03.10.08 - By Erik "Stuck In A Moment" Schaffer - Here we go with our second installment of The Handicappers Thread as on October 11 Chad Dawson will challenge Antonio Tarver for Tarver's IBF light heavyweight title in the Palms Casino of Las Vegas, Nevada. If the fight were today Chad Dawson would step into the ring as a -250 favorite to beat Tarver. First lets talk about that line. Didn't Dawson look terrible in his close win over Glen Johnson in his last fight?

Didn't Tarver just beat Clinton Woods who was on a winning streak, which included a win over Johnson? Why is Dawson such a big favorite? Clearly people cant understand why Dawson is such a big favorite on this site. Just take a look at the fantasy boxing forum. Well I since a trap here that Vegas is setting and I wont be stepping in it. continue

Promoter Mick Hennessy - Calzaghe-Froch Would Have Been A Mega-Fight!

by James Slater - As one great fighter reaches the end of his career, another guy who wants to take over his spot as the premiere super-middleweight in the world is about to receive his first shot at a world title. The two men I'm writing about are Britain's Joe Calzaghe and Carl Froch. continue

UK Boxing: Herbie Hide vs Kosobokovs, Thaxton vs Melero on Saturday, Henry Castle

Herbie Hide will have his first fight in Britain for four years in a non-title eight round bout at the Norfolk Showground in Norwich on Saturday, 4th October. The former world heavyweight champion boxes in an eight-round bout against Aleksejs Kosobokovs (Latvia), who has won two of his last three fights by first round stoppage and went the distance with Willi Fischer (Germany) last year. continue

Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya Quotes From NYC

de la hoya pac Photo: Chris Farina - Top Rank -- Oscar de la Hoya - “Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, when I look at the Statue of Liberty, I feel proud to be American. I feel proud knowing that I am American. It is a privilege to be standing here with our Lady.

“My family came from Mexico as Mexican immigrants. I am very honored to be born in this country.

“Who thought that a kid from East Los Angeles can go on and win the Gold Medal and be an example of hope for a lot of people?

“This is one of the greatest moments of my career. When I stood on the podium at the Olympics with the Gold Medal around my neck listening to the National Anthem, it was a great feeling. Being here is by far the best feeling. It is a blessing and an honor.

“When I read reports from Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao, it is an instant threat. I feel challenged. Every top athlete looks for that challenge to motivate them.

“I need this event to get into the mountains and isolate myself for three months. It is a huge challenge for me. I have to prove to myself that I can still do this. continue

It Was Twenty-Eight Years Ago Today - The Tragic Ali-Holmes Fight

02.10.08 - by James Slater - Twenty-eight years ago today at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, one of the most hard-to-watch and tragic boxing matches in history took place. The legendary Muhammad Ali, already a three-time heavyweight champion of the world, made the unwise decision to come back one more time in an attempt to win the crown for an unprecedented fourth time.

Larry Holmes, Ali's one-time sparring partner, was the new man at the top of the heavyweight division. Unbeaten and having held the WBC championship since his June of 1978 win over Ken Norton, "The Easton Assassin" was some eight years younger than Ali, was at his very peak and had nowhere near the amount of wear and tear on his body that his former employer had on his. continue

Boxing News: Cunningham/Adamek Tickets, Chris John, Velasquez Twins

NEWARK, N.J.—International Boxing Federation cruiserweight champion Steve “USS” Cunningham (21-1, 11 KOs) will meet Polish-born former world champion Tomasz Adamek (35-1, 24 KOs) at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. on Thursday, Dec. 11. Tickets priced at $303, $153, $78, $53, $38 go on sale on Monday at 11 a.m. and can be purchased by calling TicketMaster at 201-507-8900. continue

Chad Dawson Media Workout Photos From Las Vegas

dawson vs tarver02.10.08 - Photos: Naoki Fukuda --With 10 days to go before the toughest fight of his career, "Bad" Chad Dawson prepares for the IBF/IBO Light Heavyweight title fight against "The Magic Man" Antonio Tarver. Dawson worked up a serious sweat at Wednesday’s media workout in Las Vegas, Nev.  The undefeated former WBC light heavyweight champion worked the speed bag and had a light sparring session to stay sharp for his upcoming fight against IBF/IBO 175-pound champ Antonio Tarver live on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHP BOXING (9 p.m. ET delayed on West Coast). Tarver-Dawson will be promoted by AT Entertainment and Gary Shaw Productions in association with Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas from The Pearl Theatre at Palms Casino.
Immediately prior to the eagerly anticipated light heavyweight grudge world title fight, SHOWTIME will present the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight showdown between Samuel Peter and Vitali Klitschko on a tape-delayed basis from Berlin, Germany. continue

Samuel Peter: 'I hope Wladimir is in attendance to watch Vitali get knocked out!'

New York, October 2—Immediately following the September 4th press conference in Berlin to announce his October 11th heavyweight title showdown with Vitali Klitschko, WBC Champion Samuel Peter (30-1, 23 KOs) set up training camp in Freiburg, Germany. The "Nigerian Nightmare" has enjoyed a wonderful month-long camp and is in tremendous shape as he winds down and readies to depart for Berlin. continue

Abraham-Marquez Off!

By Sebastian Swiecznik: The IBF Middleweight Title bout between champion Arthur Abraham and mandatory challenger Raul Marquez is off. Abraham got the flu and his condition is far away from making the fight possible. It looks like that the bout will be rescheduled on November 8th. continue

Photos: De La Hoya, Pacquiao In New York

de la hoya vs pac02.10.08 - Photos by Will Hart - Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions -Six Division and Ten-Time World Champion Oscar de la Hoya (left) and Ring Magazine Number One Ranked Pound-For-Pound Fighter Manny Pacquiao (right) pose on October 1, 2008 in front of the Statue of Liberty in New York following the Liberty Island press conference to officially announce their December 6, 2008 bout at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada which will be broadcast live on HBO Pay-Per-View.

Caption: Six Division and Ten-Time World Champion Oscar de la Hoya (left) and Ring Magazine Number One Ranked Pound-For-Pound Fighter Manny Pacquiao (right) shake hands on Liberty Island (with the New York City skyline in the background) on October 1, 2008 at the press conference to officially announce their bout December 6, 2008 bout at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada which will be broadcast live on HBO Pay-Per-View. continue

Haye wary of Barrett threat

British heavyweight boxer David Haye admits that now is “the time for action” as he prepares to face Monte Barrett in his heavyweight debut, which takes place at the O2 Arena in London on Saturday 15 November. Describing the fight as “the one that will make the difference” Haye admitted during Steve Bunce’s Boxing Hour on Setanta Sports News that Barrett presented him with a tough test. continue

News: ShoBox Weights and Quotes, Final Blue Horizon Quotes

James De La Rosa tipped the scales at 149 pounds and Tim Coleman tipped the scales at 147 pounds during Thursday’s weigh in at the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center in Salisbury, Md. Hometown favorite Fernando Guerroro measured 159 1/4 pounds while Tyrone Watson weighed in at 161 3/4 pounds. The four undefeated rising stars hope to excite and impress Friday, on ShoBox: The New Generation live at 11 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the west coast). continue

David Haye-Monte Barrett - So Who Wins?

david hayeby James Slater - Heavyweights David "The Hayemaker" Haye and Monte "Two Gunz" Barrett came face-to-face today at a press conference to promote their fight in London. Both men were pretty much respectful of one another, and there were no theatrics or bad blood. A lot is on the line for both men, and whoever loses on November 15th at The O2 Arena will be looking at retirement.

Haye shocked many people today when he admitted as much on camera. "If I can't beat Monte Barrett, I will retire from boxing," Haye said. Saying there would be no point in carrying on with his heavyweight goal of challenging world champion Wladmir Klitschko if he failed at the first big hurdle, Haye made it clear he knows how much is at stake in his fight with the 37-year-old Barrett. continue

News: Martinez vs Bunema, Bernard Dunne, Henry Coyle

New York (October 2, 2008) – WBC # 2 rated contender Sergio Martinez will be looking to cement his status as the next superstar of the 154 pound division, when he battles Alex Bunema, this Saturday, October 4 on HBO’s Boxing After Dark from the Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, California. continue

David Tua - Is It Over?

By James Slater: Heavyweight powerhouse David "The Terminator" Tua has now been out of the ring for over one year. It was September of 2007 when the Samoan slugger took out the limited Cerrone Fox in just two rounds, and the soon-to-be-36-year-old all but vanished since. The Fox win marked the 7th straight win for Tua since his March 2003 draw with Hasim Rahman, this bout being the last meaningful one in "The Tuaman's" career. The question is, will the rematch with Rahman prove to be the last meaningful fight in Tua's career, period? continue

Hopkins/Pavlik: Bernard Hopkins Camp Notes

Bernard HopkinsBernard Hopkins is back in Miami, surrounded by the beach and the punishing heat, preparing for his October 18th battle against Kelly Pavlik. He has returned to a place where he has trained for over 10 bouts, holding every training camp but four (Wright, Taylor II, Tarver, and Calzaghe) there since 2001 when he prepared to face Tito Trinidad. He is focused on the task at hand and confident that his intense regimen will prove that at 43 years old he has not lost a step.

Rising in the morning at 6 am, Hopkins walks out the back door of his condo and onto the Miami sand beach while it is still dark. Danny Davis, his assistant trainer who sometimes works the mitts in workout sessions, is always with him. Davis will also be in Hopkins’ corner come fight night. By the time the two are headed back from their 3 mile run the sun is coming up, and Miami’s club goers are just on their way home.

Hopkins usually takes shelter from the Miami heat the rest of the morning, spending time relaxing and watching old boxing tapes. continue

News: Broadway Boxing, Jaffa Ballogou, Steve Cunningham

New York (October 2, 2008) – DiBella Entertainment’s Broadway Boxing series returns to New York City on Wednesday, October 22 at BB King Blues Club in Times Square. In the ten-round main event, local favorite Edgar Santana, from Spanish Harlem, takes on Monterrey, Mexico’s Luis Rodriguez, and former WBO world champion Randall Bailey battles Kpakop Allotey. continue

Euro Roundup: Sam Peter sparring with Hoffman, Abraham struggling to make weight?

By Per Ake Persson: Comebacking German heavy Timo Hoffmann is sparring with Samuel Peter - which sounds like trouble for Big Timo, who returns after almost a year out October 10 in Barleben where Hoffmann face Kenyan Raymond Ochieng. Bild Zeitung brings today a story on IBF middle champ Arthur Abraham and his struggle to make 72,5 / 160 Friday afternoon. There are three kilos / six lbs left. Abraham is likely to make the weight but is a big middleweight and seems to be headed for supermiddle in the future. continue

Pacquiao, De La Hoya 24/7 - 'This is my greatest challenge' - Pacquiao

Manny PacquiaoNEW YORK, Oct. 1, 2008 – HBO Sports’ groundbreaking reality franchise “24/7,” which captured three Sports Emmy® Awards earlier this year, returns in November with the four-episode, all-access series DE LA HOYA/PACQUIAO 24/7, spotlighting the sport’s biggest star and his gifted opponent – the reigning pound-for-pound king – in the weeks before their Dec. 6 pay-per-view welterweight showdown.

The fourth edition of “24/7,” DE LA HOYA/PACQUIAO 24/7 debuts SUNDAY, NOV. 16 (8:30-9:00 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO, with episodes two and three debuting subsequent Sundays at the same time. The finale debuts THURSDAY, DEC. 4 (8:30-9:00 p.m.), two days prior to the fight. All four episodes have an 11:30 p.m. encore play the evening of their debut. The series will also be available on HBO On Demand. continue

Chad "Bad" Dawson and Everything that is Wrong with Boxing

02.10.08 - By John Alutus- Let me remind everyone it's less than two weeks to the Tarver v. Dawson fight. American boxing hacks have been working overtime for months and have exhausted a seemingly endless list of superlatives to hype up this fight! And yet, we, the fans, just don't seem to give a damn! "The Battle of the Light-Heavyweight Kingpins!", "The fight who will decide the best Light-Heavyweight in the World!!", "The most significant Light-Heavyweight World Championship fight in Years!!!", they go overboard. And it's all falling rather flat... continue

News: Sauerland Event, David Lopez, WBC News

King Arthur Abraham´s mandatory title defence against Raul Marquez will be special in more ways than just one. For the historic first time, digital plasma advertising boards will be employed around the ring. “This is a historical innovation,” said Kalle Sauerland, managing director for Kentaro Germany, Team Sauerland’s official marketing partners. “The plasma boards will convey the dynamism of boxing even better.. continue

Sam Peter vs Vitali Klitschko

Vitali klitschko vs Samuel PeterBy Ted Sares - Yes, Vitali Wladimirovich Klitschko, 35-2 has a remarkable KO percentage of 91.89 and yes, he is bigger than the very big Sam Peter, 30-1, but this is all about inactivity and Dr. Ironfists will walk into the ring on October 11 in Berlin, Germany with plenty of inactivity.

Klitschko’s last fight was against an overweight Danny Williams in December, 2004. Prior to that, he looked formidable in stopping brave Corrie Sanders and an out-of shape and grossly fat Kirk Johnson. These fights were, of course, after he lost to Lennox Lewis in 2003.

However, against Larry Donald (2002), Vaughn Bean (2002) and Ross Puritty (2001), he was taken into the late rounds (10, 11 and 11) before he prevailed by stoppage. Donald, Bean and Puritty were not exactly top tier opponents.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Nightmare has been in the ring fifteen times since January 22, 2004 going 14-1 with 106 rounds under his ample belt. On March 3, 2008, he stopped the very stoppable Oleg Maskaev in Cancun. continue

Boxing News: Giovanni Lorenzo, Greg Kielsa, James Moore

NEW YORK CITY (October 2, 2008) – 2000 Dominican Republic Olympian Giovanni “El Chico Malo” Lorenzo (26-1, 18 KOs) soon embarks on a mission to prove that, coming off of his first pro loss in June, he still remains a clear and present danger in the middleweight division. continue

Oscar De La Hoya Vs. Ricky Hatton At Wembley Stadium Is Richard Schaefer's "Dream"

by James Slater - The fight would, in no uncertain terms, be absolutely huge; and it could very well happen next year. What fight? A Ricky Hatton-Oscar De La Hoya showdown, that's what fight, to be staged at the legendary venue that is Wembley Stadium in the heart of London. Two of the most phenomenally popular prize fighters of the last twenty years or so, battling it out in front of thousands upon thousands of screaming fans! What's not to like? Certainly nothing in the opinion of Golden Boy Promotions' Richard Schaefer. continue

The 'Left-Hook Lounge': Vivek Wallace's Weekly Mailbag Featuring Mosley, Williams, Berto, Haye, Muhammad Ali, and Lennox Lewis!

Andre BertoThis weeks 'Left-Hook Lounge' installment hones in on a combination of fighters that all find themselves in position to make an impact in their respective weight divisions. The deep welterweight division plays a key role in today's questions as fight fans ponder how far the young and energetic Andre Berto might go, and whether or not Shane Mosley's tank level means it's indeed time for him to go?

Other questions on the tab today hone in on the U.K.'s David Haye, welterweights Paul Williams and Joshua Clottey, as well as a finale that comes from a fight fan who chose to take a trip down memory lane as he and a few friends pondered the results of a Lennox Lewis/Muhammad Ali showdown. Yeah, I know, it's a video game scenario, but call me a gamer because that sure as hell didn't stop me from hacking away at it! So, with no further ado, here we go again my fellow fight fans from the Eastside.....

Jerry M. (Detroit, MI): I found the Mosley/Mayorga fight somewhat uneventful. What was your interpretation of the fight?

Vivek W. (ESB): I thought the fight was fairly uneventful myself until Shane decided to give us some fireworks as the fight ended. continue

Former IBF Light-Heavyweight Champion Clinton Woods Far From Done, Will Box For European Title Before End Of Year

by James Slater: Former IBF light-heavyweight world champion Clinton Woods is the first to admit he looked anything but great in his April fight with Antonio Tarver. Losing his belt via a wide points margin to "The Magic Man," Sheffield's Woods later blamed a possible viral condition for his poor showing. The loss hurt the proud British fighter, and afterwards retirement was very much an option. Indeed, a number of fans felt Woods would hang 'em up, having no real alternative. continue

Boxing News: Krasniqi vs Dimitrenko, Sturm meets Sylvester, Kraj vs Fragomeni

01.10.08 - Luan "The Lion" Krasniqi challeneges Alexander „Sascha“ Dimitrenko – in a fight for the WBO Interconti heavyweight belt! Sascha Dimitrenko: "We know each other well - having already trained together and sparring, but with the first gong here in Dusseldorf, the friendship is over. I will not be beaten." Luan Krasniqi: "I am extremely happy that I'm finally boxing again. The fight against Sascha is like a knighthood for me. We're both good and stylish boxers - but I will win. continue

Tarver vs Dawson Heats Up!

Andre DawsonBy John Martinez, On Saturday, October 11, SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING will broadcast live from The Pearl Theatre at Palms Casino, Las Vegas, NV. the world title clash between the IBO/IBF Light Heavy Champion Antonio Tarver and the undefeated former WBC Light Heavy king Chad Dawson.

The match up should determine who holds bragging rights as the true boss of the official 175 pound division as both fighters will weigh in at the 175 pound limit as opposed to an agreed catch weight like Joe Calzaghe and Bernard Hopkins are set to do in their upcoming bouts with Roy Jones Jr. and Kelly Pavlik respectively.

During an intense and often emotional conference call to discuss their imminent clash, both fighters agreed on practically nothing except on one issue. I asked them to describe what a victory meant to each of them and their division. continue

Where Are They Now: Armando Muniz

01.10.08 - By Shawn M. Murphy: Recently I spoke with former Welterweight Armando "The Man" Muniz. Born in Mexico, Muniz eventually moved to the United States and had an excellent amateur career. He fought for the United States in the 1968 Olympics and won two AAU National Championships. Muniz beat Clyde Gray in 1971 for the NABF Welterweight title. During his professional career he would fight for a world title four times, twice against both Jose Napoles and Carlos Palomino. Although he would lose all four fights, the March 1975 Napoles fight is considered a "robbery" by many who feel that the title should have been rightfully his. Muniz has been inducted into both the World Boxing Hall of Fame and the California Boxing Hall of Fame. He retired in 1978 with a record of 44-14-1 with 30 KO'S. continue

Tarver-Dawson Conference Call Transcript

Photo by Tom Casino/Showtime - World Champion Antonio “Magic Man” Tarver (27-4, 19 KOs) and undefeated “Bad” Chad Dawson (26-0, 17 KOs) will face off in a battle of light heavyweight kingpins on Saturday, Oct. 11, live on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the west coast) from The Pearl Theatre at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. The 12-round championship bout will be for Tarver’s International Boxing Federation (IBF) light heavyweight belt. continue

Vinny Maddalone - "I Always Give My All!"

maddaloneExclusive Interview by James Slater - Exciting heavyweight slugger Vinny Maddalone, 30-4 (21) with 1 no-contest, is back in action this coming October 29th. Taking on a huge guy in the approx 260-pound Terrell Nelson, 8-6(5), Vinny will be keeping busy with his third fight this year.

Wanting to keep his name out there whilst also hoping to get another big opportunity the like of which he got when he faced former four-time heavyweight king Evander Holyfield in March of last year, the 34-year-old from The Bronx says he is looking forward to his upcoming bout.

A great guy to speak with, as always, Vinny very kindly gave this writer some of his time earlier today. Here are "The Real Life Rocky's" answers to my questions. continue

HBO BAD: Gamboa-Ramirez, Angulo-Tsurkan, Martinez-Bunema This Saturday

HBO’s late-night boxing series presents a tripleheader of rising stars when HBO BOXING AFTER DARK: YURIORKIS GAMBOA VS. MARCOS RAMIREZ, ALFREDO ANGULO VS. ANDREY TSURKAN AND SERGIO MARTINEZ VS ALEX BUNEMA is seen SATURDAY, OCT. 4 (10:05 p.m. live ET/tape-delayed PT) from the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, Cal., exclusively on HBO. The HBO Sports team of blow-by-blow announcer Bob Papa, commentator Max Kellerman and expert analyst Lennox Lewis will cover the action at ringside, which will be available in HDTV, closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired and presented in Spanish on HBO Latino. continue

News: Nappa vs Ballone, Thaxton vs Melero, Radisson Rumble

London's York Hall has long been recognized as the spiritual home of British boxing and the historic venue also draws some of the most ferociously partisan fans to be found anywhere. It is into this cauldron that European bantamweight champion Carmelo "The Belgian Butcher" Ballone will place himself on Friday, October 17, 2008 when he faces local hero and British champion, Ian Napa. continue

Stanley Ketchel: The Irresistible Assassin

ketchelBy Mike Casey - There is greatness in life and then there is something beyond that; something indefinable to which we can never assign an appropriate name or description. Willie Lewis was a great fighter. But he was never going to put a serious dent in the Michigan Assassin, Stanley Ketchel. Willie’s manager knew that even if Willie didn’t.

So Dan McKetrick, a typically shrewd and opportunistic fight manager of the age, employed a two-pronged attack in galvanising his Willie for the great confrontation at New York’s National Sporting Club, known to locals as The Coliseum. McKetrick pumped up Lewis with a heady mix of good old-fashioned wisdom and plain old-fashioned kidology, telling the kid that he would spring the great upset of the age by beating the raging lion that was Ketchel.

While Willie ruminated over all these wonderful words of encouragement, Dan McKetrick enlisted God to handle the tricky part of pulling off the unlikeliest result in boxing. continue



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