King Arthur leaves the hospital - Abraham: "Miranda talks idiotic bullshit!“

arthur abraham30.09.06 - Today in the morning IBF world champion Arthur Abraham has left the Protestant Jungstilling hospital in Siegen. “I´ve recovered from the operation and I feel good,” the champion said to the journalists. “Having the belt on me is the most important thing of course. I fought hard to defend it.”

King Arthur struck a blow against speculations about a possible end of his career because of the double fractured jaw. “In a few weeks, I will take up the fitness training again,” the 26 years old boxer said. “In about two months, boxing training will follow. The jaw has been set by two titanium sheets. Healing process goes on. It doesn´t cause any problems.”

King Arthur also reacted to statements of the inferior challenger Edison Miranda who has returned to his adoptive country Puerto Rico. The Colombian showed respect for Abraham, having given a good account but he considers to be the true winner of the fight and denies having boxed dirty. “What a laugh”, the champion commented. continue

Jamie Moore Retains British Title In Classic Slugfest

30.09.06 - Last night on a Maloney Promotion at the GH Carnall Center in Manchester, England Matthew Macklin lunged out of the starting block and began a high pressure assault on British Light Middleweight Champion Jamie Moore that was to last ten rounds. For almost 30 fiery minutes Macklin applied a textbook version of the style taught by his trainer Billy Graham and threw himself upon Moore with wild abandon.

The seasoned southpaw Moore traded on his considerable big fight experience to ride out the storm early on via tight defense and a series of uppercuts that snapped Macklin's head back in alarming fashion. continue

Euro Boxing Roundup: Abraham Leaves Hospital Today

30.09.06 - By Per Ake Persson: IBF middleweight champ Arthur Abraham have today in the morning - Sep 30 - left the hospital Siegen after an almost seven day stay there to recover from the broken jaw - and I believe the loss of a lot of blood - he suffered against Edison Miranda September 23 in Miranda. Abraham retained the title after a controversial fight that saw Miranda get no less than five points deducted. continue

Lennox Lewis: Could Lewis Still Dominate The Heavyweight Division?

karen belford30.09.06 - By Karen Belford: Lennox Lewis, 41, is probably the most talented heavyweight in the past 20 years in boxing, and without a doubt, he could still make easy work of the current heavyweights. Please don't laugh, I'm serious. Maybe, like me, you've thought this same thing once or twice in recent years, yes? If you have, I think it would be interesting to see, if Lewis could actually do it. I mean, really make a come back in the same manner that George Foreman did in his mid forties. He has a lot in common with Foreman, namely huge power. This, more than anything, would put him at the top of the division, at least in my book. In my mind, I could see it clearly, Lewis knocking one fighter out after another, and gaining even greater glory and fame than he did in his early career. Of course, it wouldn't be without risk now would it? But, the way I see it, anything that's good, I mean really good, has risk built into it.

However, considering his huge size, reach and considerable boxing talent, I would give Lewis (41-2-1, 32 KO's) an excellent chance of not just beating but dominating the top heavyweights in the division, even at his advanced age of 41-years old. Of course, we're at a pretty low period as far as talented heavyweights go, but still I think there's a handful of heavyweights that could give Lewis a good fight. Keep in mind, Lewis always had tremendous power in either hand, and could fight well on the inside or outside, it didn't matter. continue

Duran, Eddie Perkins, Matthew Saad Muhammad and Julian Jackson to be inducted in World Boxing Hall of Fame on Oct 14

30.09.06 - Roberto Duran, Eddie Perkins, Matthew Saad Muhammad and Julian Jackson will be inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame on October 14, 2006 at the twenty-seventh Annual “Banquet of Champions.” The banquet will be held at the Los Angeles Marriott Hotel, 5855 W. Century Blvd., Los Angeles, California. Also chosen by the international selection committee to be inducted in expanded categories are Joey Olmos, former Chief Inspector Southern Section of the California State Athletic Commission; Robert Byrd, referee; Ignacio Beristain, trainer; and Barry Tompkins sports broadcaster. In attendance will be many great boxing champions of the past and present including Carmen Basilio, Mando Ramos, Carlos Palomino, Danny “Little Red” Lopez, and many others. continue

George "Scrap Iron" Johnson

29.09.06 - By Jim Amato: He only won 21 of 51 professional contests in a career that spanned seventeen years. He still became one of the most recognizable heavyweight "journeymen" of his era. His record although dotted with losses looks like a who's who of the heavyweight division during the 1960's and 70's. He battled three world champions and seven men who fought for the heavyweight title and one who fought the great Bob Foster for the light heavyweight title. He also faced ten others who at one point or another was considered a legitimate contender. continue

Abraham/Miranda Press Release From Pantera Boxing: Edison Stays # 1 In IBF Ranking

edison miranda29.09.06 - Most respected sports writers that have had the opportunity to view the fight have Miranda winning, even after the ridiculous 5 points deducted from him. This will clearly be seen as they independently write their columns over the next few days. Initially, the only reports coming out of Germany were in fact from German reporters. However, now that many reporters are finally viewing the fight for themselves, they believe a crime was committed in Germany. They are all amazed at the poor job performed by the referee as well as the judges. Even more so, they are amazed that Sauerland forced Abraham to continue to fight even though his life was in danger.

Apparently, the IBF agrees with these respected journalists because, on 9/29, they have ruled to leave Edison Miranda at the #1 spot in the world. He remains the mandatory challenger for Abraham’s belt, should Abraham ever make a full recovery. It is suspected that he will remain at the number one spot in the WBO as well. Many independent rankings have actually moved Miranda up in their rankings as opposed to down after the so-called loss. continue

Mike Jones rocks a newbie to sleep, while Brisson gets a fistful from another Jones at the New Alhambra

Philadelphia 9/29/2006 – Last night in South Philadelphia yielded few surprises, but it was blatantly obvious from round one of the first match between Mike Jones 4-0 4 KO’s, and Brad Dillon (pro-debut), everyone involved came to fight. Mike Jones has TNT in both hands, and it took him one minute, to completely destroy newcomer Brad Dillon, and give notice to everyone watching that, although he has not been tested yet, he is definitely Philly approved! continue

Spadafora Is Back! Undefeated Former World Champion Is Back In Training

ERIE, PA (September 29, 2006) – Former IBF lightweight champion PAUL SPADAFORA has returned to the gym as he begins his quest to win another world title. Known as “The Pittsburgh Kid,” the undefeated Spadafora, (38-0-1, 15 KOs), began sparring this week. continue

Kevin Kelley Proves He’s No shot Fighter With Win Over Hernandez

29.09.06 - By James Slater: Kevin Kelley may yet have something to offer the boxing scene, if his performance last night is anything to go by. In his finest performance in years, coming after a humbling KO loss to Bobby Pacquiao, “The Flushing Flash” out pointed Carlos “El Famoso” Hernandez over ten sprightly rounds in San Antonio, Texas. Okay, Hernandez is a fighter who was in the twilight of his career, too. But he was tipped by most to defeat the thirty-nine year old Kelley. Not only did Kevin prove the experts wrong by winning a decision over the Thirty-five year old, he also decked him during the action.

The knockdown came in the fourth, and from then on in Kelley was pretty much the boss. He put his shots together extremely well for such a veteran - his hand speed is clearly more than above average still. While his stamina also was impressive. It will be extremely interesting, to say the least, what Kevin does now. A return with Pacquiao would be fascinating. I had predicted Kelley to win that one, back before it occurred and was shocked by the way the New Yorker fell apart so quickly after winning the first couple of rounds. continue

Mike Tyson To Fight 4-Round Exhibition Bouts On World Tour

mike tyson29.09.06 - By Scott Frake: Mike Tyson, 40, now deeply in debt to creditors, will be fighting a series of 4-round boxing exhibitions on a "world tour" to help bring in more money to pay his bills. The tour starts next month, in Youngstown, Ohio. Tyson (50-6, 44 KO's) will be sparring with 31-year old Corey "T-Tex" Sanders (23-10, 15 KO's), a fighter that was at one time Tyson's sparring partner. Apparently, the idea is for the tour to travel around the world, hence the world tour label, in hopes that adoring fans will want to pay to see the former knockout artist in action.

However, even Tyson realizes that the tour probably won't make much of a dent in his numerous debts, given the vast amount that has accumulated over the years. Last month, Tyson, along with ring trainer Jeff Fenech, put on public workouts in front of massive crowds at the Aladdin Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The tour is likely to be wildly successful, considering Tyson's fame. The tour, if it’s anything like his Las Vegas workouts, it could bring in a substantial amount of money. continue

Daws to defend against Morrison

29.09.06 - Lenny Daws will make the first defence of his British light welterweight title on a Hennessy Sports event at the York Hall in Bethnal Green on Friday 20th October. Sky Sports will televise live. Whilst many new champions look to make a quick voluntary defence, the popular Londoner goes straight in against his mandatory contender Barry Morrison, from Scotland.

"Morrison has been selected as my most deserving opponent and I am more than happy to take him on," said Daws, who won the title with an outstanding win over Nigel Wright earlier this year. continue

NYC Closing PAL in Sunset Park Brooklyn

29.09.06 - By Umar Lee: Boxing has been a source of physical activity and recreation that has led many youth off the streets over the years and into productive lives and this has been the case in New York for generations. That is why I am saddened to learn that the New York City Parks and Recreation Department, without warning, shut down the Police Athletic League boxing area in Sunset Park, Brooklyn the New York Post is reporting today and this is a neighborhood that needs all the help it can get. continue

Murray named ‘Young Boxer of the Year’ – Will campaign at lightweight

29.09.06 - Hennessy Sports promoted John Murray, who will now campaign at lightweight, has been voted by the Boxing Writer’s Club as ‘Britain’s Young Boxer of the Year’.

“This means everything to me,” said the 21-year-old on hearing the news. “It’s a very prestigious award that is voted for by boxing people who watch the sport week in, week out, year in, year out. They can’t be fooled. They know their stuff and it’s nice to have your achievements recognized. continue

British Champion Moore Faces Macklin Tonight In Manchester

29.09.06 - Rugged British Light Middleweight Champion Jamie Moore puts his cherished Lonsdale Belt on the line tonight against Irish Middleweight Champion Matthew Macklin on a Maloney Promotion from the sold out GH Carnall Centre in Manchester, England.

In his second reign as British Champion, Moore, 24-3 (17), puts his title at risk against a bigger, stronger and younger man in the form of the hungry Macklin, 17-1 (13), who has sworn to bring the domestic belt back to Birmingham before continuing his hunt for Irish middleweight contender John Duddy in America. continue

Mike Tyson Press Conference Quotes

29.09.06 - Mike Tyson: "I lived not too far from here. I'm happy to be here. It's going to be great."

Q: Why are you doing this? continue

Holyfield And Oquendo Both Shine In Los Angeles Press Conference

28.09.06 - LOS ANGELES--Four-time world heavyweight champion Evander Hoylfield, who turns age 44 on Ocotber 19, teamed up with his November 10 San Antonio Alamodome PPV TV opponent, Fast Fres Oquendo and with co-promoters Murad Muhammad and George Hutson (Real Deal Events LLC) to put on a smashing press conference Thursday in the LA suburb of Carson. continue

KEA Boxing Is Back On Friday, November 10: Presenting "Brawls At The Birchwood II"

New Jersey, (September 29, 2006) – November 10 th is the second installment of the "Brawls at the Birchwood". After a very successful debut in August, KEA Boxing continues to provide elegant ballroom boxing at its best. After 5 shows at the nearby Hanover Marriott, KEA Boxing moved up the road to the Birchwood Manor, and the show improved dramatically. Lyndhurst's electrifying super middleweight, Wayne "Lights Out" Johnsen 13-1, 8 KO will be featured in the main event. continue

Jean Paul Mendy Q & A

28.09.06 - In one of two exciting semi-final match-ups, Jean Paul Mendy will take on Henry Buchanan Friday, Oct. 6, 2006, on SHOWTIME at 11 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the west coast) as the “ShoBox” super middleweight tournament continues. In the other 10-round contest from the Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez, Calif., former sparring partners Tony Hanshaw and LaFarrell Bunting will square off. continue

Shea and Duddy Becoming Madison Square Garden Regulars

28.09.06 - By Kirk Lang: Super featherweight Maureen Shea, who returns to Madison Square Garden Friday, Sept. 29, is making history. Earlier this year, she became the first female to fight on one of Lou DiBella’s "Broadway Boxing" shows.

When she fights on the undercard of the IBA middleweight title fight between rising star John Duddy and Luis Ramon "Yory Boy" Campas, she’ll will be able to claim, along with female boxing legend Christy Martin, of having fought professionally at the Mecca of Boxing on two occasions. Shea first fought at the Garden back in March. continue

Hector Camacho in the Hall? You Decide

28.09.06 - By Ted Sares: Personalities should not be included among the criteria for getting into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Let's get through that knothole at the outset. Hector Luis "Macho" Camacho can be very obnoxious, but so what? It's what happens in the ring that counts (unless, of course, a boxer's life style impact his abilities), so let's break down his chances of getting into the Hall once he retires...if he hasn't already....and let's do it on the basis of what he has accomplished in the ring

1) Record: W 78 (37 ko's) L 5 D 2 Total 85 That's a lot of fights in todays boxing world, but "The Macho Man" spaced his fights carefully and paced himself well over his long career. Back in the pre '80's, he was a multiple N.Y. Golden Gloves Champion. Born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, he became the first Puerto Rican to have won the World Boxing Championship (WBC) and World Boxing Organization (WBO) championships in the lightweight division. continue

Euro Boxing Roundup: Q and A with Nuri Seferi

28.09.06 - By Per Ake Persson: 29-year old Swiss-Albanian cruiser and sometimes heavyweight Nuri Seferi, 16-5-1, is a stocky, tough fighter, who´s made of himself in European rings taking on all comers, winning most fights, losing some, but always giving his all. Through his manager Jack Schmidli, I was able to get in touch with Nuri for a short interview: continue

Brewer Decisions Forbes in Contender Finale Snoozer

28.09.06 - By Craig Parrish: Unheralded Journeyman Grady Brewer decisioned Steve “2 Pound” Forbes in a fight that seemed to be lifted straight from the playbook of John Ruiz. For 10 agonizing rounds, the fighters clinched, held, and wrestled their way to a split decision. Forbes, a former world champion, was the clear-cut favorite from the beginning of the second season of the reality show. However, he was fighting at a much higher weight than he has been accustomed to during his career. It seemed to make little difference over the course of the show as he used superior skills to out-slick and out-point his opponents. continue

Corrales, Darchinyan, Donaire Open Workout Quotes

28.09.06 - Two boxers with a genuine disdain for each other will duke it out with bad intentions for a third time when Corrales defends his World Boxing Council (WBC) and RING lightweight titles against former world champion and longtime adversary, southpaw Joel “El Cepillo” Casamayor, on Saturday, Oct. 7, during a Free Preview Weekend on SHOWTIME.

In the co-feature bout of a world championship doubleheader that begins at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the west coast), rising superstar Vic “The Raging Bull” Darchinyan (26-0, 21 KOs) will risk his International Boxing Federation/International Boxing Organization (IBF/IBO) flyweight crowns and his undefeated record against world-ranked Glenn “The Filipino Bomber” Donaire (16-2-1, nine KOs).

Saturday’s SHOWTIME BOXING CHAMPIONSHIP telecast is the second night of fight cards airing on the network during the Free Preview Weekend that runs Friday, Oct. 6 through Monday, Oct. 9. On Oct. 6, “ShoBox: The New Generation” will air two semi-final bouts as the super middleweight tournament continues live at 11 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME (delayed on the west coast). continue

Hatton Trainer Graham Backs Macklin To Win British Title

28.09.06 - Ricky Hatton's trainer Billy Graham travels onto hostile ground this Friday when his fighter Matthew Macklin challenges reigning British Light Middleweight Champion Jamie Moore on a Maloney Promotion from the GH Carnall Centre in Manchester, England. Irish Middleweight Champion Macklin may have taken up part-time residence in the British capital of boxing since joining Graham but to the throngs of Jamie Moore fans that will pack the sold out venue, the challenger remains an unwanted guest. continue

Why New York Loves John Duddy

28.09.06 - By Umar ben-Ivan: This Saturday Irish John Duddy will face Yori Boy Campos at the Theater at Madison Square Garden and it is likely he will sell this venue out for the second time (something Zab Judah failed to do when he was the undisputed welterweight champion of the world). Everywhere I go in my Queens neighborhood I see posters advertising the fight as Shamrocks V. Sombreros and the community genuinely seems excited. continue

Paul Briggs Flys Out Tomorrow!

27.09.06 - By Tony Nobbs: WBC number 1 light heavyweight contender Paul Briggs will fly out of Sydney Airport with trainer Johnny Lewis tomorrow morning (Friday 29th) , nine days ahead of his second shot at the famous green belt against Poland's Tomasz Adamek at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois on October 8th Australian time. Briggs and Adamek do battle on a DKP card that features Nikolay Valuev's defence of his WBA heavyweight title against Monte Barrett. continue

Nikolai Valuev - EXCLUSIVE Interview with ESB

28.09.06 - By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza: On October 7th, Nikolai Valuev will be fighting for the very first time both in Chicago and on the cable TV channel HBO. He has already arrived in Chicago ahead of his scheduled bout with Monte “Two Gunz” Barrett, and is apparently by his admission, in terrific shape. As always, he was kind enough answer questions for our site.

ESB: Many fans who saw you here have told me they were very impressed by the shape you were more so then your height. Some have said this seems to be the best shape you are in over the course of the last few years. Would you agree with this even though you had stated you did not have a chance to train as much while in America?

Nikolai Valuev: Yes, I agree, I´m in a very good shape. I have trained very hard at the “Max Schmeling Gym” in Berlin after our trip to America and now we continue this program at the “Kienbaum” camp and it has been very successful. continue

Miranda Speaks On His Title Fight In Germany!

Hollywood, FL, September 27 - After a disappointing outcome to his World Title fight versus Arthur Abraham in Wetzlar, Germany Edison Miranda speaks out. “I first want to say that I enjoyed my time in Germany. The people were very nice to me,” said Miranda. “The day after the fight the people in Germany recognized me. They came up to me and said that I deserved to win that fight. They felt bad that I came to Germany and was treated like that and I should be the Champion.” continue

Fight Promoter U. Announces Online Promoter Forum

Newport Beach, CA: Fight Promoter University President and Founder Roy Englebrecht has added a new wrinkle to his Fight Promoter University concept, with the announcement today of an online Fight Promoter University Promoter Message Board and Forum. Now for the first time, current or aspiring fight promoters will have a place to go to ask questions of other promoters, exchange ideas, promote their shows, and discuss anything to do with boxing or MMA promotions. continue

Britain’s Michael Hunter Gets World Title Chance

27.09.06 - By James Slater: The undefeated, former British, Commonwealth and European super bantamweight champion, Hartlepool, England’s Michael Hunter, has a world title fight opportunity this November. The crowd pleasing warrior will fight fellow undefeated contender, Steve Molitor on the 10th of the month, and in his hometown, too. If ever a fighter deserved such a good chance at lifting world honours, it is Hunter. Never in a bad fight, the all-action Hunter, 26-0-1 (12 KO’s) is determined to prove he is the best super bantam in the world. continue

Witter Challenges Hatton - "Fight Me or Quit"

27.09.06 - Junior Witter, Bradford’s newly crowned WBC light welterweight titleholder, has called on Ricky Hatton to stop making excuses, put his title’s on the table and step in the ring.

Speaking on Bradford’s The Pulse radio station, Witter said: “Can I batter Ricky Hatton? Yeah. It’s a fight I want. It’s a fight the boxing public deserve. It’s just a case that Ricky Hatton just doesn’t seem to want it at the minute. He’s come up with every excuse under the sun. Before I had the world title he kept saying it’s because I haven’t got a world title. Now I have a world title he’s saying it’s about people he wants to fight, not titles.

“He’s constantly changing his excuses. First it was Frank Warren didn’t want to do it. Now he’s his own promoter he said TV weren’t interested. Sky are interested. HBO are interested. Showtime are interested. They will all do it. continue

Buffer and Lennox Lewis Ringside For Calzaghe Clash

27.09.06 - British fight legend Lennox Lewis will be ringside for Joe Calzaghe?s WBO/IBF World Super-Middleweight title defence against Sakio Bika on Saturday 14th October at the M.E.N Arena. The Former Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion now works as an expert commentator for US TV giants HBO on their Boxing After Dark series on which Calzaghe makes his debut. Lewis retired as the reigning champion after defeating Vitali Klitschko and secured his legacy by becoming one of only three boxers, alongside Muhammad Ali and Evander Holyfield, to regain the heavyweight title three times. continue

Euro Boxing Roundup: Universum Announces Eliminator Between John Ruiz and Ruslan Chagaev

27.09.06 - By Per Ake Persson: Universum have announced that the WBA eliminator at heavyweight between John Ruiz and Ruslan Chagaev now will go ahead November 18 in Duesseldorf. It was originally announced for Universum´s big show in Stuttgart October 28. However, there were purse bids September 21 and according to the WBA rules you can´t stage the fight until at least 45 days later. John Ruiz and his management protested and won. Headlining the Stuttgart show is now big Ukrainian Alexander Dimitrenko vs Argentinian Gonzalo Omar Basile in a WBO I/C titlefight. As for the Duesseldorf event ex-WBA middle ruler Felix Sturm is already announced as headliner - and current WBA titleholder Javier Castillejo have tentatively been set to box on this show as well. continue

A Ring of Their Own" Announces "The Border War" for "BCR"

27.09.06 - Rock & Sock Productions announced today the co-promotion of "A Ring Of Their Own: The Border War" in conjunction with KO Promotions of Edmonton, Canada. The 3 women's world title fight card will be on November 4th in Edmonton Canada at The Shaw Conference Center. It will telecast on Pay Per View in the United States on iN DEMAND Pay Per View beginning November 17th. The show will also be telecast on pay per view in Canada on a delayed basis. The theme of the program will be The United States vs. Canada. continue

Tommy Morrison “drugs, Prison, and despair, and Redemption

27.09.06 - By Mike Casile - Philadelphia boxing Report (ESPN) Radio - In the late 1980’s, Mike Tyson was tearing through a dismal group of contenders, and an aging group of champion’s in the Heavyweight division. He appeared at a time, when the heavyweight division, looked very much like it does now. As we watched him dominate, then slowly self destruct, there was another young fighter, who had no amateur experience to speak of, and was as raw a fighter, that had ever stepped into the ring. If coming straight form the tough man circuit wasn’t hard enough for Tommy Morrison, he also had to carry a sorry banner of “the great white hope”, which was pretty much used as toilet paper, by Jerry Cooney.

He didn’t think much of the media created title, in fact, he laughs about it saying, “If someone thought I was an easy fight because of my skin color, they were usually thinking differently looking up from the canvas”. Tommy began his career at the Felt Forum in New York City. He totally destroyed his opponent in a matter of minutes. Between 1988, and his retirement in 1996, he fought 50 times, with 40 KO’s, 3 losses, and 1 draw. He fought 19 times in 1989, something I do not think has been repeated by too many heavyweights in my era, and he ended his career, the way it started, with a first round knock out of Marcus Rhodes. continue

Shelby Walker Passes Away

27.09.06 - Mark Pickering: Female mixed martial artist and professional boxer Shelby Walker was found dead on Saturday from an apparent overdose of pain medication. A pioneer in the female world of combat sports, Walker, who was 31-years-old, compiled a 7-6-1 record in the sweet science, her first passion. Affectionately dubbed Shelby Girl the much-admired Texas native was the only female competitor training with the acclaimed American Top Team. continue

Curtis Woodhouse Set for Second Pro Outing

27.09.06 - By Mark Pickering: After a comfortable pro debut win, footballer-turned-boxer Curtis Woodhouse is set make his second appearance in the squared circle. The former England U21 midfielder floored Londoner Dean Marcoantonio twice on his way to a four round points win. Woodhouse, who joined Birmingham City for £1m in 2001, earned impressive reviews for his willingness to trade and confident all-action style. The 26-year-old will fight in another four-rounder in Manchester on Sports Network’s already action-packed bill on October 14 at the MEN Arena. continue

WBC approves Peter-Toney rematch

27.09.06 - From WBC President Jose Sulaiman: The WBC Board of Governors approved by a vote of 21 to 10 the immediate rematch between Samuel Peter and James Toney, after their first bout which Peter won by split decision on September 2 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The World Boxing Council has always supported the decisions made by its ring officials and it will continue to do so. This approval of a rematch in no way questions the decision of September 2. There were several reasons why the WBC made this decision. continue

Hatton: Still on the Rise or on the Decline?

ricky hatton27.09.06 - By Neil Thompson: 2006 has been a mixed year for Ricky Hatton. On one hand he has become a 2-weight world champion, secured a contract with HBO and continued his unbeaten run. Whilst on the other hand his reputation took a bit of a dent when Luis Collazo was a whisker away from beating the ‘Hitman’. Not only was Ricky almost beaten in Boston but also he has fought only once in 2006 and failed to get a fight with any other elite P4P fighter.

Ricky Hatton is at the crossroads in his career. During a meteoric rise through the junior welterweight division he looked unstoppable with victories over Ben Tackie, Eamon McGee, Ray Oliveira, Micheal Steward, Vince Philips, Mikhail Kripolapov and Freddie Pendleton. Impressive victories such as these earned Hatton a shot at the Australian/Russian legend and linear world champion Kostya Tyszu. Having wiped out Sharmba Mitchell only a few months before, Kostya was a big betting favourite with fans, bookies and sports writers alike. continue

Vic Darchinyan To Defend Title Against Donaire on October 7

27.09.06 - Vic Darchinyan (26-0, 21 KOs), will be defending his world titles against NABA/NABO champion Glenn Donaire (16-2-1, 9 KOs), Saturday, October 7, as part of a SHOWTIME Championship Boxing world title double header, broadcast live from Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV. The main event will pit WBC/The Ring magazine lightweight champion Diego Corrales (40-3, 33 KOs), defending his titles against former world champion Joel Casamayor (33-3-1, 21 KOs), in the rubber match of their amazing trilogy, where each fighter owns a victory over the other. continue


CHICAGO (September 26, 2006) “It’s time to get back in the gym, back on the bags, shadow boxing and all the rest. Its going to feel good to get back to work,” said WBC Interim Lightweight Champion David Diaz speaking of heading back into training on Wednesday morning. Currently ranked #7 by Ring Magazine, Diaz continued “It’s been nice to have a short break after beating Santa-Cruz, but now it’s time to get to back. My weight is good, my cuts are completely healed and I'm looking forward to hearing who I'm going to fight next.” continue

Corrales, Casamayor Conf. Call Quotes

26.09.06 - Two boxers with a genuine disdain for each other will duke it out with bad intentions for a third time when Diego “Chico” Corrales defends his World Boxing Council (WBC) and RING lightweight titles against former world champion and longtime adversary, southpaw Joel “El Cepillo” Casamayor, on Saturday, Oct. 7, during a Free Preview Weekend on SHOWTIME. continue

Mayweather To Bare His "Soul" on New Series Debuting Tonight

26.09.06 - Pound-for-pound boxing king, "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather will kick-off a who's who list of world class athletes featured on a new television series presented by USA Today, "Soul of a Champion," airing tonight at 10 p.m. ET on the cable network Versus (formally OLN). The 10-week series—that in each episode will explore "what drives" the world's greatest competitors—will debut with a profile of 28-year old Mayweather, followed in subsequent episodes by other great champions including Mariano Rivera, Tom Brady, Martina Navratilova, Martin Brodeur, Jeff Gordon and Bob Knight.

Mayweather and the other champions were selected for the series by USA Today writers based on their unique contributions of success and persona to their sport. Other criteria included such themes as competitiveness, confidence and composure, to find a common thread onto the true "soul" of a champion. continue

Arthur Abraham: "I never would have forgiven my coach!”

26.09.06 - The pictures have moved Germany like hardly any other sporting event of this year: on Saturday world champion Arthur Abraham defended his IBF middleweight title in spite of a double fractured jaw covered in blood against a dirty boxing Edison Miranda from Colombia. Leading on points the champion from Berlin unbelievably remained on his feet for eight rounds and won the fight. At present Abraham stays at the Protestant hospital Siegen to convalesce. For the first time he talks about the fight to be remembered, about his opponent and the criticizing of his coach Ulli Wegner. continue

Euro Boxing Roundup: Kovacs To Postpone His October 14 Defense

26.09.06 - By Per Ake Persson: Dane Martin Kristjansen, WBO I/C ruler at lightweight, moves up to jr welter and take on unbeaten Norwegian Geir Inge Jorgensen for the vacant inofficial Nordic title on the undercard to the Beyer vs Kessler WBC/BA unification bout at supermiddle. Team Palle have already another Denmark vs Norway clash on show with Johny Jensen vs Thomas Hansvoll at cruiser. A Sweden vs Denmark fight could be happening at heavyweight if Mikael Lindblade square off against Claus Bertino. One Swede who won´t appear October 14 is former WBO middle champ Armand Krajnc but the comeback could be on for a later date. continue

Rich "Ace" Franklin Returns To The Octagon To Face Anderson "The Spider" Silva

26.09.06 - Las Vegas, NV – After a seven-month absence, UFC® World Middleweight Champion Rich “Ace” Franklin returns to the Octagon™ to make his third title defense against the seemingly unstoppable UFC newcomer Anderson “The Spider” Silva. With a history of vicious striking and devastating knockout power, Silva has quickly become the most dangerous contender in the UFC middleweight division. Franklin, who remains undefeated in the UFC, will put his belt up for stakes when he squares off against Silva in the main event of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® organization’s UFC 64: UNSTOPPABLE taking place live from Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Events Center Saturday, Oct. 14. continue

Sean Ocampo's Pound for Pound Ratings

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. 36-0-0 (24 KOs) - Despite of his recent poor business choices, "Pretty Boy" Floyd still remains as the most talented fighter in the boxing. The guy has yet lose a fight in his professional career and has beaten guys like Zab Judah, Diego Corrales, Sharmba Mitchell and Arturo Gatti just to name a few. The Grand Rapids native is a four division champion and scheduled to face Welterweight Champion Carlos "Tata" Baldomir this November. A win over Baldomir will probably set-up a much awaited match with the Golden Boy.

2. Manny Pacquiao 42-3-2 (32 KOs) - The Pacman is perhaps the most exciting fighter today and he has been on a rampage. He owns victories over Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales. He recently out pointed another Mexican Warrior Oscar Larios in Manila. His "Grand Finale" with Erik "El Terrible" Morales is set for November. A win over Morales will set-up a March showdown with Marco Antonio Barrera. continue

Macklin ready to claim Moore's British title

26.09.06 - Matthew Macklin says he's ready to claim the British light middleweight title in Manchester on Friday night. Macklin faces defending champion Jamie Moore in what promises to be one of the domestic clashes of the year if not the decade but he's in no doubt about the outcome. "No disrespect to Jamie but I'm going to be leaving that ring with the Lonsdale belt strapped around my waist. I've waited so long for this opportunity that there is no way I'm going to let it pass me by." continue

Jamie Moore Puts British Title At Risk Against Macklin

26.09.06 - British Light Middleweight Champion Jamie Moore, 24-3 (17), faces his biggest challenge to date on Friday, 29 September 2006 when the hardened southpaw clashes with the massive Irish Middleweight Champion Matthew Macklin, 17-1 (13), on a Maloney Promotion at the sold out GH Carnall Centre in Davyhulme, Manchester, England. continue

Fight Night LIVE card on Versus

26.09.06 - 9:30 p.m. ET – Fight Night LIVE Fight Thursday, Sept. 28 on Versus. The first Fight Night LIVE card on Versus, which became the new name of OLN on Monday, features in the main event, a ten-round lightweight battle between Carlos ‘Famoso’ Hernandez (42-6-1, 24 KOs) of West Covina, CA and Kevin ‘Flushing Flash’ Kelley (58-7-2, 39 KOs) of Flushing, NY. Fight Night’s live telecast will originate from the Municipal Auditorium in San Antonio, TX. The night’s undercard will feature bantamweights Raul Martinez (15-0-0, 11 KOs) of San Antonio, TX and Llido Julio (33-8-1, 29 KOs) of Miami, FL in a ten-round match. Bob Papa and Wally Matthews call the action for Versus.

The Five Best Punchers in Boxing

wladimir klitschko26.09.06 - By Anthony Coleman: Besides the pound-for-pound discussions, the argument of “best puncher in boxing” is the most highly debated among boxing fans. And why is this? We rarely see people argue over who is the best defensive fighter in boxing or who has the best chin in boxing? It is because punchers are exciting, that is why. There is nothing more exciting to most boxing fans than the sight of the destroyer: a man who can strike the fear of God and Nature into any opponent because of the fact that they hold the hammer of Thor in their gloves. In the eyes of many, the puncher is the sports version of a superhero.

After thinking about the subject long and hard I’ve decided to share my selections for the best punchers in the sport today. I compiled this list based on a criterion of relevant attributes a puncher must have. continue

Euro Boxing Roundup: Abraham Doing Well In Hospital After Surgery For Broken Jaw

25.09.06 - By Per Ake Persson: Still IBF middle champ Arthur Abraham is, according to, Sauerland Event´s website, doing well in hospital after surgery for the broken jaw he suffered against Edison Miranda Saturday night. "I would have stopped him in the sixth if I hadn´t broken my jaw" says Abraham - and he might be right. But he did break his jaw and had a terrible evening. Abraham will remain in hospital for three or four days more, all the blood he lost must play a part in this, but hopes to be ringside for Valuev vs Barrett in Chicago October 7. Abraham has had a titanium plate installed in the jaw. continue

Gotzev on Toney Rematch!

24.09.06 - While enjoying his fighter Samuel Peter’s recent victory over James Toney and preparing for his other client, WBO Heavyweight Champion Sergei Liakhovich’s fight against Shannon Briggs, November 4 in Phoenix, powerhouse manager Ivaylo Gotzev says he’s been content to “monitor the situation with the WBC and all the deals going on with the promoters…” Until now. Gotzev says he feels forced to respond to recent public statements made by Toney and his people and wants to add a few, as yet, un-discussed points about talk of an immediate rematch. continue

Former Fighter’s Toughest Battle was his Bout with Bulimia

24.09.06 - By KIRK LANG: Peter Joseph Alindato was a promising contender in the early 1980s. He was a frequent face on ESPN and had a boyish smile that belied his killer instinct in the ring. Great things were expected of the bantamweight with the flying fists. In the prime of his career, he was trained by Tommy Parks and Oscar Suarez and later spent time training at legendary manger Cus D’Amato’s training facility in Catskill, New York, where a young Mike Tyson was transformed from a raw young teenager into a world-class fighter. continue

The Incomparable Sugar Ray Robinson Named Greatest fighter Of All Time

24.09.06 - By Monte Cox: Sugar Ray Robinson has been named the greatest fighter of all time, pound for pound, by the International Boxing Research Organization, a reputable association of boxing historians, analysts and writers. Robinson certainly has all of the qualifications to be titled as the greatest of them all. The Sugar man possessed every asset of a great boxing master; grace, speed, balance, fantastic skill, pulverizing punching power, an indestructible chin, and an indomitable will. Further his competition is among the best of any fighter in any weight class. Robinson also had longevity to go along with a great ring record.

There are a number of ways to rate fighters in an all time sense, but it boils down to two important considerations. One is to judge the ability of a fighter. That is to ask who brings the most attributes to the ring. Rating fighters on talent is one method. The other is to rate fighters strictly on their ring record by weighing their accomplishments and quality of opposition. In either case Robinson is difficult to compare. continue

Mike Tyson: Show's Over!

24.09.06 - By John Howard: Mike Tyson's gig at the Aladdin Hotel & Casino has ended. In a little over the time it takes for blood from a severed ear to coagulate on the canvas of a boxing ring, the freak show has come to an end, and I've missed it. This was destined to become a train wreck from the very beginning. continue

Abraham Wins Questionable Decision! Miranda penalized 5 points for dubious infractions

24.09.06 - By Evan Young, Yesterday at the Rittal Arena in Wetzler, Germany, Florida trained contender via Colombia, Edison Miranda, seemingly had a sure victory snatched away by a questionable decision. After a competitive 3 rounds, Miranda broke Abraham's jaw with a scalding right hand. Immediately thereafter Abraham was bleeding profusely from his open mouth. It was apparent that he was in great distress and was unable to close his mouth down on his mouthpiece. Soon after that scoring blow, Abraham suffered a headbutt to another part of his head. continue

Rosales Vs. Soto Karass In Main Event On October 20th In Cicero

CHICAGO (September 25, 2006) Mexican welterweights Michel Rosales, 11-0 (10KO’s) of San Luis Potosi, Mexico and Jesus Soto Karass, 14-3-2 (11KO’s) of Los Mochis, Mexico will headline OCTOBER FURY, the next installment of world class professional boxing presented by Chicago’s 8 Count Productions, which will take place on Friday, October 20th at Cicero Stadium. continue

Cocky Casamayor Confident He'll KO Corrales

NEW YORK (Sept. 25, 2006) – Joel “El Cepillo” Casamayor has met with nothing but astounding success in his 11-year career. With 33 victories and 21 devastating knockouts, Casamayor has twice been a world champion. Despite three defeats, all coming on close decisions (two split, all disputed), and one draw, Casamayor still demands the respect of those willing to face him. As an amateur and professional, he has been one of the greatest fighters in boxing.

Yet for all he has accomplished, the 35-year-old Cuban feels he still has not received the credit he deserves. It started when he was an amateur and has continued throughout his pro career.

“I have been shortchanged in the respect department,” said Casamayor, who will meet World Boxing Council (WBC) Lightweight Champion Diego Corrales in a grudge rubber match Saturday, Oct. 7, at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas during the Free Preview Weekend on SHOWTIME (9 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the west coast).. continue

Sensational Card Features Contender's Gilbert in White Plains!

NBC'S "Contender" star and wildly popular middleweight boxer, Joey Gilbert (12-1, 9 KOs) will headline a jam-packed Joe DeGuardia’s Star Boxing event on October 11 at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, New York, that will co-feature a USBA Title clash between world-rated junior middleweight contenders. continue

Marine Corps Boxing Team Set For Foxwoods Visit

Mashantucket, CT — The United States Marine Corps Boxing Team from Camp Lejeune, NC will compete at Foxwoods Resort Casino in the 3rd Annual Veterans Day Spectacular on Thursday, November 9, 2006. This action packed Olympic style amateur boxing event features a select team from the northeast. Included are representatives from the All Army Team at West Point, Native American Boxers from Seneca Nation in Upstate New York, the Coast Guard Academy in New London and members of USA Boxing, CT. continue

Jorge Arce Stops Makepula in Four

By Frank Gonzalez Jr. - Sharkie’s Machine - September 23rd, 2006. On his way to partake in a WBC Super Flyweight Eliminator bout, Masibulele “Hawk” Makepula looked in a trance. He sang a religious song as he marched very slowly to the ring. It felt like 20 minutes. That’s a great strategy if you aim to put the crowd to sleep. I also notice that often times when guys sing spiritual hymns en route to the ring, they get knocked out.

Rising Mexican Star and aspiring Super Flyweight Champion Jorge Arce said before the fight that he’d move around a bit in the first couple of rounds before knocking Makepula out in the fourth. Arce backed up his words and improved his record to 45-3-1-35 KO’s after losing the first two rounds to Makepula (28-4-0-18 KO’s), then coming on strong in the third and fulfilling his pledge to win by TKO in the fourth round. continue

Ten Most Exciting Fighters Today

24.09.06 - By Ted Sares: I have listed them alphabetically and if you want to call me cowardly, go right ahead. You would be right. My recent top twenty list was a learning experience in the same manner that a fighter learns from tough bouts. I took a lot of heavy shots including some low blows and a number of [sarcastic] jabs.This time I didn't use any strict criteria as much as I used my own reactions as I have watched each of these warriors in action. I am sure you could post some that I left out or could list them in some order with most exciting first and so on. If so, have a go.

Jorge "Travieso" Arce, 44 (35) -3-1, "With blood flowing from a wound that made him look like a second-place finisher in a machete war, relentless Jorge "Travieso" Arce scored a brutal 10th round TKO over Hussein "Hussy" Hussein to win a classic battle in a WBC flyweight title eliminator." continue

Andrade heads on Olympian journey

PROVIDENCE (September 24, 2006) - One of America's brightest stars for its boxing future, 18-year-old prodigy Demetrius "Boo Boo" Andrade, leaves his Providence home this week for the first leg of what he hopes will be his Olympian journey, competing in the 2006 National Police Athletic League (PAL) Championships in Oxnard, California. continue

WBA rules in John Ruiz' favor

LAS VEGAS (September 24, 2006) - The World Boxing Association's Executive Board recently ruled in favor of two-time world heavyweight champion John "The Quietman" Ruiz (41-6-1, 28 KOs), regarding a dispute about the Universum-announced October 28th date for the WBA elimination fight between Ruiz and No. 2 rated challenger Russlan "White Tyson" Chagaev (21-0-1, 17 KOs), to determine the organization's official No. 1 heavyweight contender. continue

Boxing: Almost Champions

23.09.06 - By Jim Amato: The 1970's spawned such great and dominant champions such as Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Bobby Foster, Monzon, Napoles, Cervantes, Duran, Olivares, Arguello and Zarate. In review of their fine accomplishments and the feats of some other fine champions of that era, several very capable boxers fell short of their dreams of becomining a champion. Let's take a look t some of these proud warriors. The "Almost Champions." continue

Abraham snatches victory from the “jaws” of Defeat!

23.09.06 - By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza: It was the fifth round and the IBF champ Arthur Abraham was on the verge of being TKOed. To that point, in the bout he was winning 3 rounds to 1, with Miranda taking the second round. However, Miranda came on in the fifth, causing severe internal bleeding, and a possible broken jaw to the Abraham's mouth. In the fifth during a clinch Miranda landed a blatant and illegal headbutt to the area behind Abraham’s left ear. The blow prompted referee Randy Neumann to take a two point deduction from Miranda and give Arthur his rest, during which point his corner was furiously using the opportunity to quell the savage bleeding coming out of the champion’s mouth.

The verdict was clear, if Arthur Abraham quit, Edison Miranda would win via technical knockout, regardless of the headbutt. The cameras were pointed on Arthur his cornermen were in doubt and it seemed as if the fight would end. It seemed as if Abraham was doubting his ability to finish as well and after the first two times Neumann asked him if he would continue there came a look of resignation on his face. continue

Abraham beats Miranda but ...

By Per Ake Persson: Sep 23, Wetzlar, Germany: IBF middleweight champ Arthur Abraham retained the title with a unanimous decision over Colombian Edison Miranda. The judges scored the fight 114-09, 116-109 and 115-109 in favor of Abraham. There were no knockdowns but the champion suffered a broken jaw in the fourth round and a bad bleeding began were it was broken. Abraham had up until then had the fight under control and wobbled the challenger in the fourth. continue

Povetkin stops Mahone in the 5th!

23.09.06 - By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza: Working calmly and effectively Russian prospect Alexander Povetkin had no trouble in dispatching aging vet Ed Mahone. Povetkin won every round as well as hurt Mahone in every round, while mostly staying calm and composed throughout. Mahone landed perhaps three decent punches throughout the bout and had no opportunities to hurt the young Russian. continue

Carlos Zarate: The Crunching Power Of Zarate

22.09.06 - By Jim Amato: It is somewhat of a shame when the question comes up , who was the greatest fighter to come out of Mexico? The answer is usually Julio Cesar Chavez. Some say Salvador Sanchez, while others may say Ruben Olivares. These three are truly legendary fighters, although to me, one other outstanding boxer from Mexico is Carlos Zarate. continue

Horrors From The Fight-Game

22.09.06 - By James Slater: I love the sport of boxing, and have done so now for going on twenty years. I admire the sport’s practitioners, men who show bravery that is nothing short of astonishing. As such I would defend the existence of the craft they participate in in search of glory, financial reward and respect with any of the “let’s ban boxing” brigade. Yet while I would very definitely do so with conviction, I do recognise the dark side of the sport - the frightening side, the brutal side. Boxing is extremely dangerous, no doubt, and at times - infrequent ones, thank goodness - there have been occurrences in the fight game that have shaken even its most ardent followers to the very core.

Two such unpleasant memories from the noble art are, with more than a touch of trepidation, recounted in this article. Perhaps such moments should be left alone and not dredged back up now. Or maybe they should forever remain in the mind’s of we boxing enthusiasts, serving the purpose of being a stark reminder of how the sport we love will continue to have its chilling side. continue

Weights and quotes from Hartford

22.09.06 - Matt Godfrey: “I want to thank Batchelder’s camp for taking the fight. I have less than half the fights he has and he’s taking a risk. It’s a big fight for me. I trained as hard as possible for this fight. He’s in incredible shape, I’m in incredible shape and we’re going to put on a good show.. continue

Monday Is Knockout Night On ESPN Classic

22.09.06 - ESPN Classic will be a must-watch for boxing fans Monday night (Sept. 25) when the network presents Knockout Night, beginning at 8 p.m. ET. The evening will feature replays of three of the best world heavyweight title fights in history -- Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman (1974), Buster Douglas vs. Mike Tyson (1990) and Rocky Marciano vs. Jersey Joe Walcott (1952). continue

Team Miranda Sets The Record Straight

HOLLYWOOD, FL, September 22 – As Edison Miranda prepares for tomorrows IBF Middleweight World Title fight against Arthur Abraham he finds himself in a defensive stance to erroneous comments that he has been late to yesterdays press conference and today’s weigh-in. In fact, he was 20 minutes early to the press conference and 30 minutes early for today’s weigh-in. In particular, it is the events surrounding the weigh-in that has disturbed Seminole Warriors Boxing and Team Pantera the most, to this point. continue

Michael Montero’s Boxing Notebook

22.09.06 - By Michael Montero: *NOTE: I don’t base my rankings solely on records and/or title status; I factor in the fighter’s talent and potential, quality of opposition, length of time and/or dominance in their current division, and said fighter’s potential style match ups with other top ranked fighters at their weight.

I also rank fighters at the divisions they are about to move to - for example I rank Jose Luis Castillo at 140 even though he has hailed at Lightweight (135 pounds) for a long time, and Shane Mosley at Welterweight (147 pounds) even though he’s fought at 154 in recent years. Both plan on moving up and down in class, respectively, in 2007. Let the arguments begin!!! continue

Abraham and Miranda make weight - close call for Edison

22.09.06 - Per Ake Persson @ the scales: Edison Miranda and his team arrived early at the congress hall at Hotel Mercure. One could tell by the nervous looks that it would be a close call... Edison first stepped up on the scales in his underwear long before the weigh-in was offically on. He then left the hall with his team. It was announced he had gone to the bathroom. Then IBF champ Arthur Abraham arrived and after a wait for Miranda, Abraham stepped up on the scale and came in bang on 160. The champ looked tense and ready for tomorrow´s fight at the Rittal Arena. Miranda and his team returned and he first stepped on the scale with his underwear, then without but was 200 grams overweight and was given two hours to make 160. continue

No US TV Deal For Abraham-Miranda

HOLLYWOOD, FL, September 22 – Seminole Warriors Boxing, promoters of top middleweight contender Edison Miranda, were informed today by Sauerland Events that despite their best efforts, Miranda’s challenge of IBF middleweight world champion Arthur Abraham this Saturday in Wetzlar, Germany will not be televised live in the United States or aired on the Internet. “We’re very disappointed about this news, as we believe Miranda-Abraham will be one of the best middleweight fights of recent years,” said Leon Margules, Executive Director of Seminole Warriors Boxing. continue

Open letter from Rubin "Hollywood" Williams to Lacy & Green

22.09.06 - Dear Jeff and Allan, I’m personally inviting both of you to “Hollywood.” A memorable trip, perhaps, but it won’t be an enjoyable journey for either one of you, trust me. Now that the cut over my eye has healed, I’m ready to take on both of you, back-to-back, if you guys want to make it happen. Jeff, I’ve heard that you’re looking for a serious challenge December 2 on HBO. Well, my man, I’d love to fight you again. The last time I only had 2 ½ weeks to prepare for you. Give me six weeks this time and I’ll beat you. continue

Holyfield/Oquendo Presser Quotes

22.09.06 - Four-time world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield and his November 10 PPV opponent, Fast Fres Oquendo, held a Thursday morning press conference to publicize their November 10 12-round bout at the Alamodome in San Antonio. Here are some "flash quotes" from the press conference of the big show being co-promoted by Murad Muhammad's M & M Sports and by Holyfield manager George Hutson, Real Deal Events, LLC.

EVANDER HOLYFIELD (on his quest to become history's first five-time world heavyweight champion):

"When things don't go your way, that is a setback. When things don't go your way and you quit, then you're a loser. I am not a quitter. This is America and part of America is about letting people do what they want to do. I want to fight. I will become the undisputed champion and then I will retire and be happy and satisfied.. continue

Nelson Out, Maccarinelli Takes On Hobson

22.09.06 - Long reigning WBO World Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Nelson has conceded defeat in his battle to regain full fitness in order to face the Interim champion Enzo Maccarinelli on Saturday 14 October at the M.E.N Arena. Despite making a miraculous recovery from an horrific knee injury, a persistent back injury has restricted Nelson's movement that left him unable to train properly for the fight that was to be chief-support to Joe Calzaghe's WBO/IBF World Super-Middleweight title defence against Sakio Bika. continue

Tickets for Boxing Hall of Fame dinner on sale

22.09.06 - Tickets for the second annual Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame dinner, which will be held Friday evening on Dec. 1st in the Grand Pequot Ballroom at Foxwoods Resort Casino, are now available. The event starts at 6 p.m. The 2006 inductees include Chico Vejar of Stamford, one of the prominent middleweights in the 1950s and Gaspar Ortega of New Haven, a member of the World Boxing Hall of Fame. continue

Silverhawk Boxing signs three Mexican warriors

LAS VEGAS (September 22, 2006) – Silverhawk Championship Boxing has signed three Mexican fighters to exclusive promotional contracts -- Manuel “Shotgun” Gomez, Fernando “El Pillo” Trejo and unbeaten light middleweight sensation Alexis Camacho.“We decided our boxing stable needed more diversity, especially with Silverhawk now promoting fights on a regular basis in Las Vegas,” Silverhawk vice president of boxing operations Jeff Grmoja said. continue

A British Boxing Blast From The Past

21.09.06 - By John Carter: As a boxing nation, Britain has had its up and downs over the years. No doubt there has been some lean years but we have also produced some “canny” fighters, boxers and brawlers. Lets take look.

Frank Bruno 40-5-0 Heavyweight Champ

“Big Frank”, or “Our Frank”, one of Britain’s best loved sporting sons whose career highlight was winning the WBC Heavyweight championship in 1995. Success wouldn’t come easy for Frank. There would be many up’s and downs along the way. Bruno in quick fire fashion knocked up 21 straight victories all by KO until he ran into James Bone Crusher Smith and subsequently ran out of steam in the 10th and final round to lose by KO. continue

European Boxing Roundup

21.09.06 - By Per Ake Persson: Jimmy Colas is out of the planned defence of the EU 154 lb title against fellow-Frenchman Christophe Canclaux on the big Abraham vs Miranda show in Wetzlar on Saturday due to illness. Replacing Colas is another Frenchman, Youkri Chentour, who take on Canclaux for the vacant title. continue

Edison Miranda/Arthur Abraham: An Explosive Matchup

21.09.06 - By Jacqui Snow: Power punching Colombian Edison "Pantera" Miranda (26-0, 23 KO) will have his first opportunity to win a major title when he squares off against rocket-hot German middleweight prospect Arthur Abraham (21-0, 17 KO's) for Abraham's IBF Middleweight belt on September 23rd. Although Abraham's been fighting professionally for only three years, he already has 21 victories to his name, including 17 knockouts. It's a potentially explosive match up which probably won't go the distance. Unfortunately for fans in the United States who've never seen Abraham in action, the Abraham/Miranda bout takes place in Germany and will once again not be televised. continue

Green Stops Delisle For Second Time

21.09.06 - By Tony Nobbs: Danny Green made a successful return after losing to Anthony Mundine in May by stopping Sydney's Jason Delisle at the 1:32 mark of round night at Challenge Stadium in Perth, WA last night.

In a fairly one sided clash between good mates Green established himself early with his ram rod jab and landed solidly in each round. Delisle, stopped in six by Clinton Woods for the IBF 175 pound title in May, was his usual game self and tried his heart out to make a contest of it, landing a few clean shots of his own. continue

Duva Fuming at Toney/Peter Rematch Talk!

21.09.06 - Dino Duva, President of Duva Boxing and promoter of WBC #1 contender Samuel “The Nigerian Nightmare” Peter says he’s enraged by even the speculation of the WBC ordering a rematch between Peter and James “Lights Out” Toney. Peter scored a close but entirely legitimate split decision win over Toney in a WBC elimination bout on September 2. While the bout was competitive, there are no solid grounds for ordering a repeat other than Toney’s camp being unhappy with the outcome. “(Toney’s promoter) Dan Goossen has filed a protest with the WBC, regarding the fight and requesting an immediate rematch be ordered. And from what I hear, the WBC is putting it to a vote. This should never happen. This should not even be put to a vote for several reasons. continue

Sharon "Wild Thing" Anyos defends her WBC Tiltle

21.09.06 - On 22 September Sharon ‘Wild Thing’ Anyos will defend her WBC World Featherweight boxing title against Dutchwoman Esther Shouten. In what promises to be an action-packed night Anyos will take on third-ranked Schouten at Southport Sharks, on the Gold Coast. Anyos says, “My training and focus has been so strong for this fight and I'm counting the days till I meet with Esther Schouten. I've studied some of Esther's fights and she is a very tough opponent who never gives up. You can't get to top world ranking without knocking over some strong soldiers so that’s going to make for two very determined women centre ring on September 22.” continue

Joe Calzaghe: I Don't Want To Get Arrested!

21.09.06 - Double World Champion Joe Calzaghe fears he could be arrested if Jeff Lacy gets his wish of rematch against the worlds number one super-middleweight! The undefeated Welshman gave the mouthy American a boxing master class lesson in March when he put on one of the finest ring displays ever by a British boxer to unify the WBO and IBF world titles. Lacy will have his first fight since that drubbing in December at his hometown of Tampa, Florida, on the Winky Wright vs. Ike Quartey card and wants a rematch with Calzaghe after he's had a few more fights. continue

Lucian Bute will not fight on Kessler/Beyer card

Montreal, Wednesday September 21th 2006 - Lucian Bute will unfortunately not be able to box on the October 14 2006 Kessler/Beyer Unification card in Denmark, and this despite his spectacular 8 round TKO victory over a very game James Obede Toney last Friday night at the Bell Centre. Medical tests have detected the presence of swelling in Bute’s right hand due to bruises suffered during the fight. continue

Froch/Dodson set to battle at last

21.09.06 - One of the most eagerly anticipated British Title clashes in recent years is back on. Super middleweight champion Carl Froch will defend against long-term rival Tony Dodson on a Hennessy Sports event at the prestigious Nottingham Arena on Friday 24th November. Sky Sports will televise live. The pair have been scheduled to meet on three previous occasions, initially when Dodson was the domestic champion himself. The Liverpudlian, however, unfortunately withdrew each time due to circumstances he insists were valid. Froch went on to win and then twice defend the title.

“I heard all the rumours flying around about why I pulled out, but my reasons were genuine,” said the 26-year-old Dodson, who claimed the English title last time out with an impressive four round win over Jamie Hearn.

“I can understand Froch being frustrated by it all, I would be myself, but everything was out of my control. First time round I had a double fracture in my nose. I was getting punched by middleweights in sparring and it was agony, so I had to get it sorted. Then, when the fight was rescheduled for last summer, I had a car crash and did a lot of damage to my back. continue

The Contenders Final.....Without the Hype

21.09.06 - By Ted Sares: The Contender finalists are now set to rumble. Steve Forbes and Grady Brewer will duke it out in the finals on September 26 at the Staples Center in LA and thank God we will be able to see the bout live its entirety ... The way a boxing match should be seen. Now then, maybe it's just me but the editing of The Contender series seems to have gotten a bit out of hand this season. Cheesy slow-motion? Enhanced sound effects and dumb music? Cutaways to girlfriends/wives/fathers/sons screaming hysterically, "Oh, c'mon baby, c'monnnnn!" or poignant and consoling visits to the locker room after the fight. And the final walk down the street after losing................ugh. Hey, this is boxing. continue

Hopkins Testing His Immortality

21.09.06 - By Jeffrey Cabauatan: Walking away from boxing could be the most difficult fight a boxer must face. It makes it even harder when you are just that damn good. Legends like Ali and Tyson are prime example. Both guys have a God like mythical image. Maybe, that was what made them to believe that they could overcome age and diminished skills to come back to the ring way beyond their prime. Then, there are others who showed the proper way to end a hall of famer career by staying on top. continue

Atlantic City City Council Remembers Leavander Johnson Friday in ceremony

New York, September 21—On Friday, September 22, the Atlantic City City Council will hold an official “Street Naming Ceremony” in remembrance of its valiant boxer and hometown hero Leavander Johnson, World Lightweight Champion who died tragically from ring injuries one year ago on September 22, 2005. Leavander was promoted by DiBella Entertainment during his championship run. continue

Trainer Manuel Gabrielyan: “I want to see Nikolai Valuev become like Lemeshev”!

21.09.06 - ESB exclusive interview by Izyaslav “Slava” Koza, photo © Last month Oleg Maskaev stopped Hasim Rahman in the 12th round of their WBC championship fight, to capture that very title. For the first time in professional boxing history, only a fighter from the former Soviet Union could claim to be the best in the division since the other three belt holders also hailed from different republics of the former state. However, the question of which of these fighters will rise to be the “heavyweight champ” is still in doubt.

Until these unification fights are made, or other fighters come forward and take those belts away, it is important to look at and consider some of the differences between the four ex-Soviet champs, rather then simply lumping them all together. When it comes to Nikolai Valuev there are three major factors that need to be considered. Firstly the man is the biggest heavyweight among the four fighters, and while bigger is not always better (which is yet to be decided in Valuev’s case) sometimes perception is even more important then reality, especially with fans and spectators. continue

Spina promises to KO Manfredo

PROVIDENCE (September 20, 2006) - Outspoken super middleweight Joey "KO Kid" Spina promises to knockout Providence cross-town rival "Peter "The Pride of Providence" Manfredo, Jr. on October 14 in the 12-round main event on "The Contender Special - Put Up or Shut Up" at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. continue

Euro Boxing Roundup: Kotelnik, Schulz, More

20.09.06 - By Per Ake Persson: Gallego Prada Promotions in Barcelona have been forced to postpone their planned EU doubleheader featuring Francisco Nohales vs Stefano Zoff at lightweight and Sergio Blanco vs Domenico Urbano at feather due to a lack of suitable venue. The show was scheduled to go ahead at the 10 000-seater La Farga October 6 but will now take place at a later date. Gallego Prada will promote a smaller show in Hospitalet de Llobregat on the same date with comebacking jr middle Jaime Pons on top. continue

'ShoBox' Super Middle Tournament Rolls on With Semi-Final Bouts

NEW YORK (Sept. 20, 2006) – One match-up features former roommates who used to spar together, while the other pits undefeated fighters from different sides of the globe. What all four fighters have in common, however, is a goal to reach the top of the super middleweight division. That journey will continue when SHOWTIME televises the semi-finals of the “ShoBox: The New Generation” super middleweight tournament on Friday, Oct. 6, as part of a FREE PREVIEW WEEKEND. continue

Calvin Brock - Could He Become The Heavyweight Division’s Dominator?

calvin brock20.09.06 - By James Slater: I know he has been guilty of more than his fair share of negative and boring performances. I know too, that he’s looked unmotivated and lazy at times. Yet for some reason, at the back of my mind, I have a hunch that Calvin Brock just might soon develop into the most dominant and successful heavyweight in the world. In some ways Brock reminds me of a young Larry Holmes, before he won the world crown. As with “The Easton Assassin”, who wasn’t considered anywhere near formidable until after he won, and then held onto, the heavyweight championship, Brock hits me as a fighter who will both grow and improve immeasurably once he gets to the top of the division.

Of course, the chances are he may well fail to do so. Certainly Wladimir Klitschko’s fans will never believe Calvin is going to dethrone “Doctor Steel Hammer” in November. And they may well be correct in their assertions. continue

Sports Network News: "King" Kenny Anderson, Murray Will Get Burnt, More

20.09.06 - Scottish super-middleweight hotshot Kenny Anderson won't have far to go in his chosen profession if he needs advice - legendary 168-pounder Steve Collins is part of his team. Anderson, who won a gold medal at light-heavy at the Commonwealth Games earlier this year, makes his professional debut at the M.E.N Arena on October 14. The best super-middleweight in the world, Joe Calzaghe, headlines the show with a defence of his WBO and IBF titles against Sakio Bika, and Anderson hopes that in a few years time he'll be following in the Welshman's footsteps. continue

The Top 20 Pound For Pound Fighters Since 1966: A Different Criteria

20.09.06 - By Jim Amato: I thought that this would be easier then doing the Top 20 of All Time list. How wrong I was. Personal favorites played havoc in trying to make objective decisions. In stark reality, it made the job much harder. To me, the top five were fairly easy. Duran was #1, no doubt in my mind. The murderous punching Bob Foster was #2. The dominant Carlos Monzon was #3. I placed Jose Napoles at the #4 slot and Eder Jofre at #5. It was a tough choice to pick Eder over one of my personal favorites, Ruben Olivares who came in #6. continue

Erik Morales/Manny Pacquiao Presser Photos

20.09.06 - Beverly Hills,Ca. --- "THE GRAND FINALE" --- Photos: Chris Farina - Top Rank -(L-R) Three-Time World Champion Erik Morales, Tijuana, Mexico and Two-Time World Champion Manny Pacquiao, of the Philippines pose together during a press conference at the Beverly Hills Hotel for their upcoming rubber match. This 12-round Super Featherweight bout will complete the trilogy on Top Rank's "The Grand Finale" championship card hosted by Wynn Las Vegas at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas,Saturday, November 18, live on HBO Pay Per View. continue

Unkind gestures at Abraham-Miranda press conference

20.09.06 - At noon today, an entertaining press conference before the middleweight world championship fight between champion Arthur Abraham (Berlin) and Edison Miranda (Colombia) on Saturday in Wetzlar came to an entertaining end for the reporter and photographer. Before the obligatory posing photo the challenger ran his finger over his throat in order to show Abraham that he wants to give him a real clobbering. The world champion replied to the unkind gesture by raising both middle fingers at Miranda.

Miranda´s team repeatedly had liven things up during the last weeks by verbal attacks. Even today, the Colombian self-confidently presented himself at the microphone. “I´ll win this fight – prematurely in fact. I´ll knock Abraham down. And I have a question: Where´s the belt, anyway? It´s only two days for you to have it. Seize the time and take a few cherished photos. On Saturday the belt will belong to me and you´ll never see it again.”

During the challenger´s dialog of almost ten minutes, Abraham appearing amused listened to the translation from Spanish and whispered into his manager´s ears: “Mr Sauerland, the fight won´t last as long as he´s talking now.” Unlike his opponent, Arthur did not need many words at the microphone. continue

Sports Network Statement: Edinburgh Evening News

20.09.06 - Following the premature announcement in the Edinburgh Evening News today (Wednesday 20 Sep) regarding Alex Arthur's next European Super-Featherweight title defence reported to be at the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow on Saturday 4th November, promoters Sports Network have not officially confirmed or announced this show. Discussions are still taking place between all parties and the date and venue will be announced shortly by way of an official press release distributed to the media from Sports Network's Press Office.

All Or Nothing: Danny Green's Light Heavyweight Gamble

20.09.06 - Tonight at Challenge Stadium in Perth, Australia former WBC Interim Super Middleweight Champion Danny Green takes a dangerous risk by stepping up to light heavyweight in order to tangle with longtime nemesis Jason DeLisle for what very well could be the right to challenge for both the IBF and WBA world titles. Officially at stake are the IBF Pan Pacific title belt and the PABA's number one ranking but in concrete terms, both fighters are aware that a loss likely means an end to their chances at genuine world honors. continue

Jason Litzau Battles In Chicago on Oct. 20

20.09.06 - Dominic Pesoli, President of 8 Count Productions has announced details of OCTOBER FURY, the next huge evening of world class professional boxing set for Friday, October 20th at Cicero Stadium. OCTOBER FURY is presented by 8 Count Productions, HOME OF THE BEST IN CHICAGO BOXING and Bob Arum’s Top Rank Incorporated, along with Miller Lite and TCF Bank. continue

Bernard Hopkins Wants Oleg Maskaev: Heck, Why Not Wladimir Klitschko?

19.09.06 - By Tim Neilson: According to Tim Smith, Bernard Hopkins, 42, now retired, is thinking of making a comeback as a heavyweight, if he can get a shot at fighting Oleg Maskaev (33-5, 26 KO's), the current WBC heavyweight champion. Apparently, Hopkins (47-4-1, 32 KO's) would need at least 9 months of training in order to pack on 25 lbs on his skinny 175 lb frame. More than that, he'd need the services of the great fitness trainer, Mackie Shilstone, Smith reports. Although, even if Hopkins can put on the weight, there's the question as to whether or not Oleg Maskaev, 37, would be interested in fighting Hopkins. Clearly, other than money, why would Maskaev want to waste time beating up an under-sized blown up light heavyweight, especially an older one at that? More significantly, by the time Hopkins is ready for the fight, he'll be 42-years-old. It would be a very risky fight for him, not just for his boxing legacy, but for his physical health.

For a fighter that has never been hit by a heavyweight, to suddenly decide to take on a world champion like Maskaev, seems like a potentially foolhardy idea, wouldn’t you think? continue

Holly Holm: Hometown Favorite

19.09.06 - By Bernie McCoy: Last week, after a few false starts with her promoter and trainer, I caught up with Holly Holm at her home base in Albuquerque, NM where, on September 23, she will defend her IBA light welterweight title against Englishwoman Jane Couch. I spoke with her on her cell phone as she weaved her way, successfully, thru the traffic in Albuquerque. Holm has, likewise, weaved her way, successfully, thru the ranks of top welterweights in the sport of Women's boxing. continue

Legendary Angelo Dundee Joins Jimmy Lange’s Corner

FAIRFAX, VA (September 19, 2006) --- Johnny Lange, father and manager of top middleweight contender Jimmy Lange, announced today that boxing legend Angelo Dundee will serve in Jimmy’s corner for his 10-round Main Event bout against Tommy Wilt on Saturday, October 7 at the Patriot Center. “I’m extremely honored that one of the true legends in the sport will be in my corner on October 7th,” said Lange (26-3-1, 18 KOs), who trains in Vero Beach, FL with highly-regarded former champion Buddy McGirt. continue

Danny Green trek's towards the end of the road

19.09.06 - By Eddy Manning: You can look at anybodys life as one giant road full of different situations and confrontations, 'a journey'. In the sport of boxing it is just as easy to use this cliche in describing a fighters career and the way it evolves. For Danny Green the road is seemingly coming to an end and there may be no way around the dead end. On Wednesday night in Green's hometown of Perth, Australia he will step into the ring for the 25th time to take on one time foe Jason Delisle for the IBF Pan-Pacific title. continue

Nikolai Valuev: Is He The Real Deal?

19.09.06 - By Dave Domenico: On October 7, boxing fans will get to see the coming out party for the seven foot Russian giant Nikolai Valuev. Individuals with his stature and image have been a collective part of the entertainment industry. Movies and professional wrestling have had their share of giant entertainers over the years. Boxing, on the other hand, was never a venue for large men. In today’s world, the average heavyweight stands well over six feet tall and weighs an average of 240lbs. That is certainly considered a “big” heavyweight for today’s standards. When compared to these averages, Valuev is far above the norm. The only other man like him in heavyweight history was Primo Carnera. In case you don’t already know, Carnera was heavyweight champion in the late 1930’s. He was a huge specimen at 6’ 6’’, 260 lbs and towered over the fighters of that time. Unfortunately, Carnera ultimately lacked the overall skill to compete with the smaller and faster heavyweights of the era. continue

Boxing Returns to Hartford This Weekend

19.09.06 - By KIRK LANG: His name is Jimmy Burchfield. Thank the man. It’s because of this North Providence, Rhode Island-based promoter that world-class boxing is returning this Saturday to Hartford, Connecticut. If not for Burchfield, major boxing in Connecticut’s capitol would still be a faded memory. Sure, virtually all professional boxing matches in the Nutmeg Sate now take place miles away in southeastern Connecticut at either Foxwoods Resort Casino or Mohegan Sun Casino. In fact, Burchfield has promoted many fights at the Native American gaming and entertainment destinations. continue

Sycuan Ringside Promotions Adds Three Wins Saturday

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - (Sept. 19, 2006) – Like a young, promising fighter, Sycuan Ringside Promotions is amassing an impressive record while on its way to the top of its weight class – heavyweight among promoters. With five current world champions and a winning streak that dates back to March of 2005, Sycuan Ringside Promotions, which was launched during 2004, can be considered an emerging juggernaut in the sport of boxing. continue

"Contender" fan favorite Joey Gilbert joins Star Boxing stable

19.09.06 - Promoter Joe DeGuardia proudly announces that Joey Gilbert, former season one "Contender" star and world-ranked middleweight boxer, has signed a promotional agreement to fight under the proud Star Boxing Banner. "Joey Gilbert is a rising star in boxing and we at Star Boxing are thrilled to have him on our team," said an excited DeGuardia. continue

Liakhovich-Briggs N.Y. Press Conference Quotes & Photos

Briggs-Liakhovich19.09.06 - Photos by: Tom Casino / SHOWTIME (Liakhovich (left) stares down challenger Briggs (right) Monday at Gallagher’s in New York.) - With all four world heavyweight champions hailing from the former Soviet Union, much has been made of America’s lack of heavyweight mettle. Can Brooklyn’s Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs crash the Eastern-bloc party when he challenges World Boxing Organization (WBO) heavyweight titleholder Sergei “The White Wolf” Liakhovich Saturday, Nov. 4, on SHOWTIME?

You will have to tune in to the sensational match-up to find out as the Don King-promoted fight card will air live at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the west coast) on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING from Chase Field, home of Major League Baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks. continue

Axel Schulz vs Brian Minto on Nov. 25

19.09.06 - 37 year old heavyweight Axel Schulz will take on Brian "The Beast" Minto (26-1, 15 KO's) on November 25 in Halle/Westphalen, Germany. Schulz returns to the ring for the first time after suffering a brutal stoppage against Wladimir Klitschko on 25 September 1999 for the vacant European championship. Minto destroyed the tough all around journeyman Andy Sample in just 37 seconds of the first round in his last fight and is best known for his HBO PPV and ESPN2 destructions of Vinnie Maddalone of New York, and for beating Billy Zumbrun and Danny Batchelder in separate ESPN televised bouts. The television channel RTL will cover the comeback.

Bash Ali set to break the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest boxer to win a title

19.09.06 - by Sesan Olukoya: Bashiru Ali Lawrence, the Nigerian born boxer of repute and a world boxing legend in his own right who has done well in the world of boxing as the only boxer around the world who has won every cruiserweight title conceivable, has never been knocked out, who never boxed as an amateur and who also has the best record in the cruiserweight category has now set his eyes on breaking the Guinness Book of World Record. continue

HBO Oct. 21 Tripleheader: Marquez vs Jaca, De Leon vs Al Seeger, Lazcano vs Garnica

LAS VEGAS, September 18 – On Saturday, October 21, from the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas, WBO featherweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez defends his title against Jimrex Jaca, WBO super bantamweight champion Daniel Ponce De Leon battles Al Seeger and El Paso's own Juan Lazcano takes on Manuel Garnica in an all-star tripleheader presented by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Romanza Productions Inc. This memorable night of action will be broadcast live on HBO Pay-Per-View at 9 p.m. ET/ 6 p.m. PT. continue

Calvin Brock: 'After I am done with Klitschko, Sergei Liakhovich will go down too'

Brock/Klitschko18.09.06 - Mike Casile from “The Philadelphia Boxing Report”-ESPN RADIO 920 Philadelphia: On Saturday September 16th, The Philadelphia Boxing Report, on ESPN radio 920AM Philadelphia, interviewed both Calvin Brock, and Wladimir Klitschko. When I implied to Klitschko, that his “beard” may be suspect, he replied simply, “is there anyone in your studio over 220lbs?”. My co-host Dean replied, “yes, I am over 220lbs.” Then Klitschko said, “punch Mike Casile in the jaw, and let us see how fast he gets up.” That brought a gallery of laughs. Klitschko was engaging, and had a pretty good sense of humor, but when it came to Brock, he was all business.

When I asked Brock about published reports, that the WBO champion, Sergei Liakhovich had knocked him out in a sparring session a few years ago, Brock got angry, and had a personal message for the “White Wolf”: “I am tired of that same old story, he did not knock me out. He is trying to somehow imply that he deserves this fight with Klitschko more than I do. I am undefeated. He lost to Maurice Harris who has something like 14 losses. I respect him as a fighter, but he should just shut up, because when I am done with Klitschko, I am coming for him!” continue

Sept. 23: Arce vs Makepula On HBO Boxing After Dark, Plus Barrera-Juarez Replay

18.09.06 - The tenth season of the hit late-night HBO boxing series rolls on when HBO BOXING AFTER DARK: JORGE ARCE VS. HAWK MAKEPULA is seen SATURDAY, SEPT. 23 at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT) & 9:00 p.m. CT from the Dodge Arena in Hidalgo, Tex., exclusively on HBO. The BOXING AFTER DARK team of Fran Charles, Max Kellerman and Lennox Lewis will be ringside for the event, which will be presented in Spanish language on HBO Latino. continue

Explosive Undercard Supports Green vs. DeLisle Showdown

18.09.06 - With the hours counting down to Green Machine Promotions' hotly anticipated IBF Pan Pacific/PABA Light Heavyweight Clash between arch rivals Danny Green and Jason "The Nailer" DeLisle at Challenge Stadium in Perth, Australia this Wednesday, 20 September, Green Machine Promotions Director Justin Manolikos is ecstatic about the high quality support bouts on the bill. "We've put together the best undercard that we've ever produced," exclaimed Manolikos. continue

Arthur Abraham: "The Artist Formerly Known As 'Smurfs' Boxer"

18.09.06 - IBF middleweight world champion Arthur Abraham has been dealing with countless issues just days before his mandatory defense against Edison Miranda, the Columbian knockout artist at the Rittal arena in Wetzlar, Germany (10:20 PM, live in Germany at "das Erste" – ARD). First of all, Abraham received his German passport at the district office in Berlin-Charlottenburg. However, the passport contained his Armenian name "Avetik Abraham," not his stage name "Arthur Abraham," a name that he uses for boxing. continue

Barrios, Guzman, Gonzalez, Vasquez and Barrera Shine!

September 18th, 2006 - By Frank Gonzalez Jr. - Sharkie’s Machine - Saturday night at the MGM in Las Vegas, the Main Event featured Marco Antonio Barrera (63-4-0-1 ND, 42 KO’s) in a rematch against Rocky Juarez (25-3-0,18 KO’s). Though Barrera won the decision in the first fight, many felt that if it had gone longer than 12 rounds, Juarez would have won, since the momentum shifted his way late in that first fight.

This time, Barrera put on a boxing clinic that showed that his evolution from brawler to boxer is complete. Barrera was more economical this time, saving some gas for the later rounds. He dominated Juarez with cleaner punches and excellent ring generalship all night. continue

Ballroom Boxing Returns September 28th

18.09.06 - Ballroom Boxing at Michael's Eighth Avenue in Glen Burnie, MD kicks off its 12th season on Thursday, September 28 with an interesting cruiserweight main event.Ballroom favorite Darnell "The Ding-A-Ling" Man Wilson of Silver Spring, MD returns to take on Daniel Judah of Brooklyn, NY in a 10-round encounter. continue

Santana, Salita fight on Wednesday

New York—Two of DiBella Entertainment’s brightest local heroes – Brooklyn’s undefeated Dmitriy “Star of David” Salita (25-0-1, 15 KO’s) and Manhattan’s red hot Edgar “El Chamaco” Santana (18-2, 12 KO’s) – will share top billing in doubleheader main events on Wednesday night, September 20th in the Hammerstein Ballroom at Manhattan Center in New York City on the next edition of Broadway Boxing Presented by StubHub. continue

"Civic Center Rumble": Official Weigh-in

MERRILLVILLE, IN.- Breaking from tradition for one night only, Octavius James/One In A Million Inc. and Langel’s Restaurant will kick off a fighting weekend with a rare Friday night weigh-in (Sept. 22nd) for the “Civic Center Rumble” at Langel’s Pizza, 2833 Highway Ave., in Highland. Just one night later, a grudge match awaits fans at the legendary Hammond Civic Center 5825 Sohl Ave in Hammond, IN. continue

Bob Foster Vs. Frazier and Ali - Light Heavyweight Great Vs. Heavyweight Greats

18.09.06 - By James Slater: Light heavyweight legend, Bob Foster was one of the most devastating punchers ever in the history of the 175 pound division. With a single blow, Foster could render any opponent unconscious. His KO stats are very impressive, with forty-six of his fifty-six wins coming by stoppage. And most of these stoppages were outright KO’s, with the man from the opposing corner being knocked out cold. Fine fighters that met such a fate include, the great Dick Tiger, Mike Quarry and, in Ring magazine’s fight of the year for 1972, Britain’s Chris Finnegan. Bob actually won the light heavyweight title in the win over Tiger. He then went on to successfully defend his championship fourteen times. Clearly, there is no doubting Foster’s dominance as a light heavyweight. As a heavyweight, however, it was a different story.

Twice Foster was matched against legendary heavyweight champions as tried to win a title up a weight class from the one in which he was the boss. continue

Heavyweight Explosion In Stuttgart: Ruiz vs Chagaev, Dimitrenko vs Basile, Bidenko vs Sidon

18.09.06 - On 28th of October, the Universum Champions Night in Stuttgart will be headlined by the heavyweights: seven out of ten fights feature the weight class over 90,718 kg. WBA Inter. Champion Ruslan Chagaev is fighting the US-American John Ruiz in a WBA Heavyweight Eliminator with the chance for a World Champion fight in the near future. WBO Interconti Champion Alexander Dimitrenko (22-0-0, 13 KO) defends his title for the 3rd time. The 6’7 giant of Universum Box – Promotion faces the Argentinean Gonzalo Omar Basile, who has an impressive record - he won 25 out of 26 fights, with 12 wins by KO! continue

Amato: My Top 20 of All Time

18.09.06 - By Jim Amato: One of my favorite writers and fellow International Boxing Research Organization members Ted Sares came out with his Top Twenty Pound For Pound Of All Time list. This was a list that has been requested from all IBRO members by Director Dan Cuoco. It is so IBRO may compile the members choices and come up with a composite list that may reflect who were the Top Twenty of All Time. Try this...It was very, very hard to do. So many great fighters. So many personal favorites. It made it very difficult to be objective. continue

Arthur Abraham vs. Edison Miranda: The Battle Of The Unbeatens

18.09.06 - By Matt Stein: IBF middleweight champion Arthur Abraham (21-1, 17 KO's) will defend his title on Saturday night against the heavy-handed Columbian, Edison Miranda, (26-0, 23 KO's) on Saturday night at the Rittal Arena, in Wetzlar, Germany. This will be Abraham's 3rd title defense, after winning the vacant IBF title by stopping Kingsley Ikeke in the 5th round in December 2005. Both fighters are still relatively green, having fought mostly unknown opposition, other than Howard Eastman, a fighter that each of them defeated. From a boxing standpoint, this fight is probably the most exciting middleweight fight in the past two years, even more so that Winky Wright vs. Jermain Taylor, for the simple reason that each of these fighter are very hard punchers, and in Miranda's case, unquestionably the hardest puncher in the entire division. continue

Boxing Briefs: Barrera holds on to world title, Kid Diamond Dominates Ramirez

18.09.06 - By Vanessa McConnall, Photos by CJ Cansler: It was said to be “Too Close To Call” but for 2000 Olympic Silver Medallist Rocky Juarez (25-3, 18 KOs) it was a long call home. In the WBC Super Featherweight World Title main event last weekend at the MGM Grand Arena, Marco Antonio Barrera (63-4, 42 KOs) held on to his title by beating Juarez as the fight went to the judge’s scorecard.
Barrera won by unanimous decision.

In the ten round WBC Super Bantamweight fight between Israel Vasquez and Jhonny Gonzalez, Vasquez held on to his title by knocking Gonzalez out in the tenth round.

In the Junior Lightweight world title fight between Joan Guzman and Jorge Barrios, Barrios failed to make his 130 lb weight required for the fight. Guzman took the title from Barrios fair and square, in the ring after beating Barrios by split decision.

Had Barrios won, the belt would have been taken away from him anyway because he didn’t make the weight. Jorge Paez Jr beat Derrick Campos last weekend by majority decision when the fight went to the judge’s scorecard. continue

Euro Boxing Roundup: Ruiz vs Chagaev, More

18.09.06 - By Per Ake Persson: Heavies Ruslan Chagaev and John Ruiz clash in a WBA eliminator October 28 at the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart on Universum´s big "Champions Night" show. Already announced are Alexander Dimitrenko´s defence of the WBO I/C crown and Firat Arslan vs Grigory Drozd in a WBO I/C fight at cruiser. All in all ten fights are planned for the show - all at cruiser or heavyweight. continue

Guzman Schools Barrios

17.09.06 - By James Slater: In a fight that actually contested a vacant title, Joan Guzman, from the Dominican Republic, totally outclassed the frighteningly tough Argentine, Jorge Barrios over twelve rounds. Only the courage and teak-toughness of Barrios kept him in the fight to the very end, as Guzman used classy move after classy move on the way to his points win. The fact that the verdict was a split one after such a comprehensive display by Guzman is a complete mystery to this writer, but that's another story. There is no doubt the classy Guzman was the far superior man on the night. continue

Freddie Roach on Barrera's Victory

17.09.06 - "Manny would love to give Barrera a rematch next. I just hope Barrera isn't too disappointed that there will be no need for a rubber match." - Freddie Roach, Manny Pacquiao's Trainer --- Promoted by Top Rank, in association with Wynn Las Vegas, Pacquiao-Morales III will be a 12-round super featherweight bout, taking place Saturday, November 18, at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, NV, and broadcast live on HBO Pay-Per-View. Remaining tickets, priced at $500, $300, $200, $100 and $50, can be purchased at the Thomas & Mack box office, online at or by calling (702) 739-FANS.

My Top Twenty Pound-for-Pound. Bring it On!

17.09.06 - By Ted Sares: It's time to start stir up things on ESB so here my first top twenty pound-for-pound best fighter list. But what makes this list different is that I have actually witnessed each boxer fight at one time or another, and I don't mean by video. Of course, I carefully analyzed their records, ko percentages, skill-sets, the era in which they fought, entire body of work, quality of opposition and other important criteria as well.

1) Sugar Ray Robinson. 175 (109 ko's) - 19 - 6- 2. In a career that spanned three decades, Sugar Ray embodied the essence of the sweet science. He was a world welterweight champion and held the middleweight title five times. Incredibly, he was so great for so long that he won his first Fighter of the Year award in 1942 and his second award in 1951. continue

Alexander Povetkin’s public workout

17.09.06 - By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza: On September 23rd in Germany Alexander Povetkin will climb into the ring to face one time contender Ed Mahone. While some fans voiced displeasure at the choice of opponent for this bout, I feel it is a matter of them being spoiled by the Ahunanya and Bango fights. For a fighter with less then 10 fights, Alexander and his team have progressed very well considering that Ahunanya and Bango were fighters who had faced two of the current titleholders and held their own. continue

Barrera Decisively Won Despite Displeased Crowd

17.09.06 - By Jeffrey Cabauatan: - Four great fights in one night. A fight fan could not ask for anything better. When the last time you purchase a boxing ppv that was was worth every penny from a fourth rounder preliminary bout up to the main event? The night kicked off with Jorge Paez Jr. winning a majority decision over Derrick Campos. Jorge Paez Jr. seemed to be in complete control of the bout in the first two rounds as he raised his hands after he threw combination and even putting Campos down in round 2. continue

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr To Face Jacy Kuhn This Saturday

17.09.06 - HIDALGO, TEXAS---The stage is now set for rising Mexican star Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., as well as the remainder of the card, for this Saturday (Sept. 23) night's HBO Boxing After Dark event at the Dodge Arena in Hidalgo, Texas. Top Rank matchmaker, Bruce Trampler, announced today that Chavez, Jr., the son of 5-time world champion, Julio Cesar Chavez, will be taking on Jacy Kuhn (15-2-2, Uniontown, PA) in a ten-round bout in the welterweight division. continue

Barrera outpoints Juarez

17.09.06 - By Sean Ocampo: It wasn't a razor thin decision win like the first fight. But it was a much sweeter win for WBC Super Featherweight Champion Marco Antonio Barrera as he beat the tough Rocky Juarez by a convincing Unanimous Decision. The win marks the 63rd win of Barrera's legendary career.

Like legend that he is, Barrera was able to find a way to beat the younger Juarez. He was able to use his jab well and performed a nearly one-sided jabbing clinic to his worthy opponent. The veteran champion outsmarted Juarez by not engaging to Juarez's trap of going toe-to-toe. Barrera kept the fight in middle of the ring wherein he has major reach and speed advantage. He completely out boxed the much stronger challenger. The perfection of his game plan was able to propel him to a deserving victory. continue

If There Was An Eight Man Tournament Today

17.09.06 - By Jim Amato: Let's see ...Since there is no " true " champion today, who would be the best to enter into a "mythical" eight man tourney? Well, all four recognized ABC champions should be included so you have Wladimir Klitschko, Sergei Liakhovich, Oleg Maskaev and Nickolay Valuev. Who would fill out the dance card? To me, Sam Peter would have to be included after his close loss to Klitschko and his win over James Toney. Undefeated Calvin Brock has a clear claim for being added. continue

Night of Champions results

September 16, 2006 LCO Casino Hayward, WI: Saturday's "Night of Champions" boxing card at the LCO Casino in Hayward, WI became a night of knockouts as all 5 of the fights ended inside the scheduled distance. In the Main Event, Bobby Gunn captured the IBA World Cruiserweight Championship with a 7th round stoppage of veteran Shannon Landberg. continue

Barrera Beats Juarez In Rematch

16.09.06 - By Jim Amato: Marcos Antonio Barrera continues to add to his Hall Of Fame legend with a convincing decision win over Houston's Rocky Juarez. Their first battle was razor close. This time Barrera boxed much better and Rocky seemed less aggressive. The scoring 115-113, 115-113 and 117-111 all for Marcos. My guess is that Barrera will want to fight the winner of Pac-Man-vs-Erik Morales. I think Barrera should stay away from Manny if he beats Morales. Manny has a very tough style for Marcos but being the great champion that he is, Barrera will probably fight him. continue

Ricky Hatton Ringside To Cheer On Old Friend Marco Antonio Barrera

16.09.06 - photo © Paul Speak - Ring Magazine Junior Welterweight Champion Ricky Hatton is at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas today to lend support to WBC Super Featherweight Champion Marco Antonio Barrera, who faces rugged challenger Rocky Juarez in a rematch to their bout earlier this year. Ricky has been in Vegas since Thursday when Marco was excited to see his old friend and both Team Hatton and Team Barrera relaxed and talked about Marco's big fight with Juarez.

Yesterday, Ricky attended the weigh in for the Barrera v Juarez fight where Marco looked very confident and strong at the weight. Following the weigh in, Ricky and Team Hatton were honored to be guests of Marco, his team and his family for a private meal at the MGM. continue

Mesi Decisions Weiss

16.09.06 - By Jeff Bastasini: Former Heavyweight contender "Baby" Joe Mesi (33-0, 26 KOs) continued on his comeback path with a hard fought 4-round decision over Jason Weiss (3-2, 2 ko's) on Friday night at the Little River Casino Resort in Manistee, Michigan. Looking like a mere shadow of his former self, a slow and lethargic appearing Mesi was pushed to the limit by Weiss, 36, who had little trouble landing his right hand. Although Mesi was the clear winner, coming out ahead in every round on the judge’s scorecards, including mine, he looked terrible throughout the bout, almost like a fighter in his 40s. continue

Silverhawk Boxing inks Gerald Nobles

LAS VEGAS (September 16, 2006) - Silverhawk Championship Boxing has signed heavyweight Gerald Nobles (24-1, 19 KOs) to an exclusive promotional contract, Silverhawk vice president Jeff Grmoja officially announced today. "Gerald Nobles is one of the hardest punchers in boxing," Grmoja said. "He was a top 10 rated heavyweight who fought for the intercontinental title in Germany. We're excited about him signing with Silverhawk. Our biggest problem will be getting him sparring partners because he punishes them." . continue

Jelena Mrdjenovich -Mia St. John on Sept. 18

16.09.06 - The WIBF lightweight title is at stake when Jelena Mrdjenovich (18-1) meets Mia St. John (43-7-2) at the Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton Alberta, in a fight that originated June 23. This fight airs beginning the week of September 18, 2006. To catch all of the hard hitting action of "A Ring of Their Own", the only all women’s boxing series, visit the website, for viewing information, schedules and stations. Webcast viewing is now also available for these weekly fights. continue

Nicolay Valuev’s One Shot

15.09.06 - By Jeffrey Cabauatan: On October 7, Nicolay Valuev will stake his WBA Heavyweight Title against once WBC Heavyweight Contender Monte Barrett. This fight is not really about Barrett because I do not really think he has that much left in the tank. On his last bout, he could not even motivate himself to beat up an unmotivated Rahman. This fight is about Valuev and if he can capture the attention of American boxing fans. For the past month or so, Don King took Valuev across America in hopes in getting a much needed hype for the titlist.

The only thing captivating about Valuev is his size. And only in America will where size is everything. When he is in the ring, there is not much to look at. He slowly jabs and jabs and finally throws that straight right hand. That right there seems like an eternity. In his last fight, Valuev did demolish Owen Beck in 3 rounds. But that’s not really hard to do given that Beck is outmatched in every category. Owen Beck probably came into that fight knowing that he was going to be a punching bag. He played his part, which was to make Valuev look like a monster. continue

The RING MAGAZINE heavyweight ratings As Of September 14th, 1967

15.09.06 - By Jim Amato: When I come across an old magazine, especially from the 1960's and 70's I love to scan over the ratings. In the November 1967 issue the ratings were up through mid-September. I found this particularly interesting concerning the heavyweight division. This was just after Muhammad Ali ( at that time still referred to as Cassius Clay by Ring editor ) had just been stripped of his title for refusing induction into the US Armed Forces. Ring Magazine refused to follow the lead of the New York State Athletic Commission and the WBA and continued to recognize Clay / Ali as the rightful champion. continue

Beyer vs Kessler on HBO!

15.09.06 - Bettina Palle is pleased to announce that Home Box Office, the American cable network which is considered the world leader in championship boxing events, will televise the Mikkel Kessler-Markus Beyer WBA-WBC super middleweight championship bout from Copenhagen on October 14. Ms. Palle, whose company International Entertainment ApS of Denmark, is the promoter of the gala boxing show at Parken Stadium, said that HBO would show Kessler vs. Beyer on a same night delayed basis. continue

Witter Decisions Corley!

15.09.06 - Light Welterweight Junior Witter (34-1-2, 19 KOs) squeaked out a close 12-round unanimous decision over DeMarcus "Chop Chop" Corley (31-5-1, 17 KOs) at the Alexandra Palace, in London, England. Using his powerful right hand and snapping left jab, Witter was able to control much of the action. However, Corley had his moments fighting Witter to a standstill is many of the earlier rounds. In the 5th round, Witter landed a big right hand uppercut that stunned Corley and sent him to the canvas. However, the referee ruled it a clip. The final judge’s scores were 117-111, 118-112, 116-113, all for Witter. With this victory, Witter wins the vacant WBC light welterweight title, which had previously been held by Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Shannon Briggs’ Walks a Dubious Path to a Title Shot

15.09.06 - By Tom Luffman: On November 4th, 2006, American “contender” Shannon Briggs (47-4-1 KO’s 41) will receive his second shot at a major heavyweight title when he takes on WBO titlist Serguei Lyakhovich (23-1 KO’s 14).

Unlike his first shot at the title, Briggs has done absolutely nothing to deserve this one. On the surface his corner and his fans put up a good argument as to why Briggs should be the man to face THE MAN. The heart of this argument is that he is undefeated in his last eleven matches dating back to 2003 and has won all of those matches by knock out. Wow! That does sound like a contender. However, when you peel back the veneer of the record it comes up severely lacking in any substance. Let’s look at his opponents during the win streak. Just like your body is what it eats, so a fighter is only as good as the people he beats. continue

Canada's Lucien Bute vs (The Other) James Toney In Montreal Tonight

15.09.06 - By Jacqui Snow: These days, Canada's great white northern boxing hopes are pinned pretty much exclusively on southpaw Lucien "Le Tombeur" Bute (17-0, 15 KOs). Bute is a hard-hitting Romanian who now fights out of Montreal. He puts his undefeated record on the line tonight, September 15th, when he takes on James Obede Toney (20-1-1, 18 KOs) for the NABF, NABA and WBC Continental Super Middleweight titles. Montreal's boxing scene has a small but rabid fan base and more than seven thousand tickets have been sold for the bout, which takes place at the Bell Center. continue

Witter vs Corley Tonight!

15.09.06 - Bradford’s Junior Witter and Washington’s DeMarcus Corley have both predicted that their highly anticipated clash for the prestigious WBC world super lightweight title on the Hennessy Sports ‘World Honours’ event at the Alexandra Palace on Friday night will not go the distance. continue

The Contender Special - Put Up or Shut Up

PROVIDENCE (September 15, 2006) - Tournament of Contenders, in association with Classic Entertainment & Sports, will promote another LIVE boxing special - "The Contender Special - Put Up or Shut Up" -- on Saturday night, October 14 at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. The 12-round main event pits Providence archrivals Peter "The Pride Of Providence" Manfredo, Jr. against Joey "KO Kid" Spina in a super middleweight showdown. Unbeaten super middleweight Allan "Sweetness" Green faces 2000 Olympian Jerson Ravelo in the eight-round co-feature. continue

Joe Calzaghe, Boxing's Longest-Reigning Champion, to Make his HBO Debut

NEW YORK, NY (September 15, 2006) – Nearly nine years to the day he ascended the throne as world champion, undefeated super middleweight champion JOE CALZAGHE will make his 19th title defense, against former Olympian Sakio Bika, Saturday, October 14, at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England. In addition to making his first defense since unifying the titles, this will also mark Welshman Calzaghe’s debut on HBO, which will televise the fight on “Boxing After Dark” at 11 P.M. ET/PT. Calzaghe-Bika will be promoted by Frank Warren’s Sports Network.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to bring this exciting fight to our subscribers,” said Kery Davis, Senior Vice President Programming. “Joe is clearly one of the brightest talents in the sport today.” Calzaghe, (41-0, 31 KOs), is currently boxing’s longest-reigning champion. “The Pride of Wales” captured the vacant WBO title, October 11, 1997, knocking down two-time world champion and British boxing legend Chris Eubank twice en route to a dominating unanimous decision on scores of 118-109, 118-111, 116-111. continue

Barrera-Juarez, Barrios-Guzman and Gonzales/Vazquez: 2006 Fight Card Of The Year

15.09.06 - By Jacqui Snow: This Saturday, September 16th, fight fans will be treated to the best fight card in a year that's already made its mark on the sport. The headliner showcases the highly anticipated rematch between Marco Antonio Barrera (62-4, 42 KOs) and Rocky Juarez (25-2, 18 KOs). The last time these warriors met in the ring in May, Juarez was the underdog, but once the bell sounded, it became evident that Barrera had a real fight on his hands. The result was a thrilling back-and-forth bout, with both men giving their all. continue

Abraham about Miranda: "Barking dogs seldom bite“

15.09.06 - Sauerland´s boxer Arthur Abraham and Marco Huck do not have much time for enjoying the sunny late summer days at the moment. Instead of this, both have to sweat at punching bags, at the power training gym und while sparring. At the Bundesleistungszentrum Kienbaum they prepare for the International Professional Boxing Gala (Internationale Berufsboxgala) at the Rittal Arena in Wetzlar. continue

Garcia-Gibbons headliner, Flores-Dydell co-feature on Sept.30

EDINBURG, Texas (September 14, 2006) - Pro boxing goes on the diamond September 30th with "Battles at the Ballpark," featuring welterweights Robert "La Ameneza" Garcia and Homer "The Natural" Gibbons in the 10-round main event, at Edinburg Baseball Field in Edinburg, Texas. "Battles at the Ballpark" is promoted by Julio Marines in association with Silverhawk Championship Boxing. continue

Part of the talent laden 130 pound divsion will be on display this weekend, could unification be in the future?

14.09.06 - by Evan Young, On Saturday, September 16, 2006, two fights of major significance in the loaded Super Featherweight division will go down at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada televised on HBO PPV. Dominican wunderkind Joan Guzman will challenge rugged Argentinean Jorge Barrios for his WBO title and Mexican legend and master boxer Marco Antonio Barrera gives former Olympian and Texan Rocky Juarez a second chance at his WBC Super Featherweight Title. In their first fight Barrera barely shaded Juarez last May after the judges initially declared the bout a draw.

The winners move on to potential super fights that have the potential bring old boxing fans back and that could bring renewed interest in the sweet science if it was marketed correctly. The 130 pound division just may be the deepest in boxing and this is one division that I would love to see a unification tournament that determines the best guy. And many fights have happened or will happen that could make unification at least a possibility. continue

Ruiz signs with Sauerland

LAS VEGAS (September 14, 2006) - As two-time world heavyweight champion John "The Quietman" Ruiz (41-6-1, 28 KOs) awaits a purse bid for his mandated World Boxing Association title eliminator against No. 2 rated challenger Ruslan "White Tyson" Chagaev (21-0-1, 17 KOs), the No. 1 ranked Ruiz formally announced he has signed a managerial contract with German Wilfried Sauerland. continue

Joe Mesi-Jason Weiss: Baby Joe Continues His Comeback

14.09.06 - Pierre Chaltrey: Heavyweight "Baby" Joe Mesi (32-0, 26 KO's) returns to the ring tomorrow night when he takes on 36-year old Jason Weiss (3-1, 2 KO's) in a scheduled 4-round bout at the Little River Casino in Manistee, Michigan. Say what you will about Mesi, he's certainly not about to take any risks in his 4th bout in his comeback following a 2-year suspension from boxing due to a brain injury (subdural hematoma) he experienced in his bout with Vasilly Jirov in May 2004. continue

Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton Visits Int'l Boxing Hall of Fame

CANASTOTA, NY - SEPTEMBER 14, 2006 - The International Boxing Hall of Fame was pleased to welcome two-division world champion Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton as guest of honor at a VIP reception yesterday. A capacity crowd of fans from across the United States (including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida) and Canada enjoyed the opportunity to meet one of boxing's superstars. Throughout the evening Hatton graciously signed autographs and posed for pictures. continue

Liakhovich vs Briggs Nov. 4 on Showtime

NEW YORK (Sept. 14, 2006) – With all four world heavyweight champions hailing from the former Soviet Union, much has been made of America’s lack of heavyweight mettle. Can Brooklyn’s Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs crash the Eastern-bloc party when he challenges World Boxing Organization (WBO) heavyweight titleholder Sergei “The White Wolf” Liakhovich on Saturday, Nov. 4? You will have to tune in to the sensational match up, a Don King-promoted fight card airing live at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast) on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING from Chase Field, home of Major League Baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks.

When Oleg Maskaev knocked out Hasim Rahman recently, the United States – a nation that spawned such greats as John L. Sullivan, the two Jack's, Johnson and Dempsey, Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali among others – found itself without a world heavyweight champion for the first time in memory.

“My day is coming, and I am going to give my all,” said Briggs, the WBO No. 3 contender (47-4-1, 41 KOs). “I respect Liakhovich. He is the man. I regard him as the true champion because he beat Lamon Brewster, who beat Wladimir Klitschko. I am in a tough fight, but I am going in there to knock Liakhovich out.’’. continue

InterBox acquires the exclusive TV Rights for Canada of the upcoming Kessler/Beyer superfight

14.09.06 - Montreal – Saturday, October 14 2006 will be a historic day in the world of boxing, and InterBox is set to participate. It is with much pride that InterBox Management announces the inking of a deal with Denmark’s Team Palle, under which it has acquired the exclusive right to present throughout Canada the upcoming super middleweight unification bout that will feature Mikkel Kessler vs. Markus Beyer, live from Denmark. This monumental bout between current WBA world champion Mikkel Kessler (37-0-0 28 K.-O.) of Denmark and WBC world title holder Markus Beyer (34-2-1 13 K.-O.) from Germany promises to be one of the most significant super middleweight clashes in history. continue

Euro Roundup: Markussen vs Joppy Oct 14? Kessler-Beyer, More

14.09.06 - By Per Ake Persson: Danish supermiddle Rudy Markussen could according to a press release from Team Palle take on American William Joppy in a supporting bout to the WBC/WBA unification bout at 168 between Markus Beyer and Mikkel Kessler. The fight is not a done deal yet though. Also on the bill are feather Spend Abazi, lightweight Martin Kristjansen, heavies Steffen Nielsen and Claus Bertino, jr welter Dennis Holbaek, Ervis Masha and Thomas Povlsen. continue

Casamayor/Corrales: Joel Casamayor Workout Quotes

13.09.06 - Two boxers with a genuine disdain for each other will duke it out with bad intentions for a third time when Diego “Chico” Corrales defends his World Boxing Council (WBC) and RING lightweight titles against former world champion and longtime adversary, southpaw Joel “El Cepillo” Casamayor, on Saturday, Oct. 7, during a Free Preview Weekend on SHOWTIME. continue

Ezzard Charles Vs. Archie Moore - A Three Fight Series That Gave Us Nothing But Repeats

13.09.06 - By James Slater: Although he is ranked by many as the greatest light heavyweight champion in boxing history, Archie Moore has to be placed behind one man when it comes down to the greatest all-time light heavyweight, period. For although he was never champion of the world at 175 pounds, Ezzard Charles, “The Cincinnati Cobra” as he was known, has to hold that distinction. The reason above all others is the fact that three times he bested the legendary Moore in a series of fights in the 1940’s. Not only that, but he actually KO’d “The Ol’ Mongoose” in the final bout of their trilogy. If that doesn’t make Ezzard the finest fighter ever at light heavyweight, then nothing else does. He was the 175 pound division’s finest practitioner and the KO over Moore pretty much proves it in my eyes.

Consider. Moore, who engaged in over two hundred prize fights, was only ever beaten twenty times as a light heavy ( remember also, that many of Archie’s fights were fought at a relatively advanced age), and was only stopped at the weight by four men. continue

Renowned German Eatery To Host A Grand Night Of Boxing, As Well As A Tribute To Arthur Mercante Sr

New York, September 13—Bob Duffy and Tony Mazzarella’s Ring Promotions will host a grand night of boxing, as well as a stirring tribute to legendary referee Arthur Mercante Sr. at the Plattduetsche Park restaurant in Franklin Square, Long Island, New York, on Thursday, October 19, 2006. continue

Hector “Macho” Camacho, Jr. Headlines at the “Shark Tank”

13.09.06 - On the heels of a successful promotion at Staples Center in LA ten days ago, promoter Dan Goossen and matchmaker Tom Brown continue to push Goossen Tutor Promotions to the forefront of the boxing industry with a California doubleheader this Thursday night, September 14. Fan favorite Hector “Macho” Camacho, Jr. (41-2-1, 23 KOs), of Orlando, Florida will be making his second appearance at the HP Pavilion in San Jose when he takes on George Klinesmith (22-12-3, 13 KOs), Steubenville, Ohio in the scheduled 8-round junior middleweight main event. continue

"Night of the Rising Stars" Notebook

HARTFORD (September 13, 2006) - A live outdoor boxing workout will be held Tuesday, September 19, from 11:30 AM to 1 PM at the Old State House (800 Main St.) in Hartford to promote the September 23rd "Night of the Rising Stars" Pro-Am boxing show at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. continue

Liakhovich/Briggs: Sergei Liakhovich Workout Quotes

Liakhovich vs Briggs13.09.06 - SERGEI “THE WHITE WOLF” LIAKHOVICH (23-1, 14 KOs): “My dad and my whole family are fight fans. When I was 12 years old, my father told me to try boxing, and I liked it. After a few tournaments, I decided it was fun.”

“For the (Lamon) Brewster fight, I was really focused and I knew what I needed to do. He was a good fighter; his best weapon was his left hook. I knew he was a tough guy that could take a punch. When they said I won, it was a great feeling; my dream came true.”

“My life has changed a lot. I get lots of attention, people recognize me. My financial situation is much better.”

“Shannon Briggs is a good fighter. He has fast hands. I think this is his last chance and he will come in the best shape of his life. He is capable of taking you out in a second. He has a powerful right hand, but it is not going to happen. I have more skills. I am a better boxer than he is. I have faster hands and better feet.” continue

Marquez, De Leon headline HBO Boxing Event On Oct. 21

13.09.06 - EL PASO, TEXAS---Once again, the stage is set in El Paso, Texas, for World Championship boxing on HBO Pay-Per-View. UTEP’s Don Haskins Center has been the site of many major boxing events over the past decade, but none with a more appealing mix of Mexican and local stars than MEXICAN GLORY, scheduled for Saturday, October 21. continue

Euro Boxing Roundup: Haye, Huck, Schulz, More

13.09.06 - By Per Ake Persson: Hungarian jr light Janos Nagy has announced his retirement. Nagy goes out 24-1. Unfortunately it´s the blowout in 49 seconds against WBO champ Jorge Barrios people will remember but Nagy was a very good fighter. He beat Argentinian Juan Pablo Chacon twice and participated in the 96 Olympics. continue

Lawton’s Title Dream Put on Hold

13.09.06 - Having secured the English Title and having won and successfully defended the Midlands Area lightweight title in addition to defeating reigning Southern Area and Central Area champions the view within Impact Boxing was that Scott Lawton had proven himself as a worthy contender for the most prestigious honour in domestic boxing. continue

Hatton/Urango: Ricky Hatton Crosses Atlantic For Whirlwind Tour

Ricky Hatton13.09.06 - Photo by Paul Speak - Undefeated former two weight world champion Ricky Hatton is in the midst of a visit to America this week and it's anything but a vacation as "The Hitman" is covering the colonies from Atlanta to Las Vegas before heading back to his beloved Manchester in less than a week's time.

"Ricky flew out to America on Sunday and he's been in Atlanta, Georgia looking at the venue for the Juan Urango fight, as well as one or two gyms and he just got a feel for the place," said the father/manager of Britain's most popular fighter, Ray Hatton.

"He'll be in New York on Wednesday because he's going to be a guest of honor at the Boxing Hall of Fame and then he's been invited as a guest by Marco Antonio Barrera and Golden Boy Promotions to watch Barrera fight Rocky Juarez in Las Vegas on Saturday." continue

Desert Diamond Casino Brings Back "Rage In the Cage"

(Tucson, Arizona) --- Take downs, tackles, turnovers. Thinking college football? Think again. More fierce, raw, and intense than what any stadium has to offer, cage fighting is back and is live at the Diamond Center. Friday, September 15th, Desert Diamond Casino is playing matchmaker with the budding new extreme sport and Southern Arizona by once again hosting a full-fledged night of Rage in the Cage. continue

Moore vs Macklin on Sept. 29

13.09.06 - At last, the long awaited and much talked about British Light-Middleweight clash between Jamie Moore and Matthew Macklin finally takes place on September the 29th at the George Carnell Leisure Centre, Manchester. This is the fight which has captured the imagination of the whole of the British boxing public, such is the significance and excitement that this match has generated. Not only is the historic and famous British Lonsdale belt up for grabs, but so are the bragging rights of who can hold their head up highest on the streets of Manchester. continue

Prize Fight Network Looks To The Future

13.09.06 - Several years ago we couldn't imagine a world with internet and e-mail technology. Today, we can barely survive without it. John Daddono is betting that soon sports fans will see their boxing the same fast and expeditious way….on the WEB. Daddono’s is the leader in webcasting men’s boxing, women’s boxing and MMA events. Both live and archived, fans of both sports are discovering PFN and enjoying it. continue

Calzaghe/Bika: Calzaghe Is In For Bika Ring Sting

13.09.06 - He survived a sting from the worlds deadliest scorpion and now Sakio Bika reckons he can take the venomous punches of the planets best super-middleweight Joe Calzaghe when they meet on October 14 at the M.E.N Arena. The hard-hitting Cameroonian - who recently gave WBC Champion Markus Beyer a close call in Germany - had to fight for his life when an African Thick Tailed scorpion stung him in his hometown of Doula when he was a 12-years-old boy. Bika said, "In Cameroon, scorpions are as common as ants and they run about everywhere so when we were younger we used to capture them and keep them as pets,"

"Generally, the scorpions we used to catch were harmless and if they stung you it would nothing worse than a bee sting. But on this particular day I found a rare thick tailed Scorpion which I knew, if I caught, I could sell and make a lot of money to feed our family as I am one of nine children," continue

Kevin Mitchell Heads To York Hall

13.09.06 - Unbeaten super-featherweight star Kevin Mitchell returns to action on Saturday 28th October at the York Hall when he defends his IBF Intercontinental Super-Featherweight title. The 23-year-old took his record to 21-0 last Saturday at the Grosvenor House Hotel last Friday night on the big DebRA charity show stopping the previously undefeated Andrey Isaev in the eleventh round. continue

Miranda: "You made me wait, now I´ll make you pay"

HOLLYWOOD, FL, September 13 – A little over a week away from the biggest fight of his career, Edison ‘Pantera’ Miranda is growing impatient with his desire to strap the IBF World Middleweight Championship belt around his waist – something he is sure will happen when he faces Arthur Abraham on September 23rd at Rittal Arena in Wetzlar, Germany. continue

Lawton to Contest British Title

13.09.06 - On 9th June this year Scott Lawton reached the pinnacle of his career to date when he secured the English lightweight title with an eighth round stoppage of southpaw Stefy Bull in Doncaster. Up to that point Lawton openly admits that the English title was the limit of his ambition, he his quick to add however that within minutes of capturing the title he reset his target and began to focus on a British Title challenge. continue

The Best Heavyweights of this decade

13.09.06 - By Cesar R. - In less than 4 months we will arrive to 2007, hopefully. This means that the first two thirds of this decade (2000-2009) will have passed. At this point, it is already acceptable to start making rankings about the best fighters of the decade. Probably, in three years, there will be some changes, but not as much as you think. It is time to start judging.


1. Lennox Lewis: He is arguably the greatest heavyweight of the last 15 years, competing only against Evander Holyfield for that recognition. The Lion defended the Title in 5 opportunities in the 2000-2003 period. He defeated a young tiger called Michael Grant, Frans Botha (an ‘easy’ defence in England), a dangerous contender with foremanesque power in David Tua, an old and sluggish Mike Tyson and also Vitali Klitschko. Lewis also lost and regained the Title, making his reign even more epical. His greatness reached a part of this decade and allowed us to enjoy from a dominance we hadn’t seen since the late 1980s. continue

On The Road With Carlos Baldomir

13.09.06 - LOS ANGELES-Signing to fight the biggest fight of his career brought other obligations for the modern-day “Cinderella Man,” World Boxing Council and lineal welterweight champion Carlos Baldomir. After a whirlwind press tour that brought his wife and four children to New York and Los Angeles, Baldomir, who’s promoted by Sycuan Ringside Promotions, is ready to get down to training. continue

Pensions for Boxers: Let's Get It On!

13.09.06 - By Ted Sares: "Feel Good" stories are nice to write and hopefully nicer to read. This is not such an article. This is one that indicts and condemns the boxing establishment, politicians and government officials for failing to address in a decisive manner an issue that has been neglected far too long. continue

The Big Fight

13.09.06 - By Geoff McKay: Are you ever struck by how some memories remain vivid for years, like they just happened while others seem to fade so quickly that it was like they never existed? I remember every detail about the first time an adult asked my honest opinion on a sporting event. You see, I had just turned eight years old, and several families had gathered at a local home to watch the Ray Leonard, Hearns fight. One of the men, my fathers close friend, asked me who my pick was. I hadn’t the foggiest who either one of these guys was, but since he had done me the courtesy of mentioning both names in his question, at least I was able to guess. continue

Maskaev eyes Moscow for first title defense! Povetkin will see action on Undercard!

13.09.06 - By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza: It has recently been revealed that Oleg Maskaev is looking to defend his newly won WBC strap in Moscow in December of this year. The opponent, though not officially confirmed is rumored to be a decent give me in the form of Peter Okhello, of Uganda. Though not the African, everyone was clamoring to see step in the ring with the Big “O,” Okhello possess definite pop and could present problems on the off chance Oleg is not prepared.

The promotion of the event will in part be undertaken by one of Oleg Maskaev’s closest friends, and colleagues, Vladimir Hrunov, who coincidentally was also Zhambul, Kazakhstan. Hrunov currently represents the single hottest prospect in the heavyweight division, Olympic Gold Medallist Alexander Povetkin, and has suggested Povetkin will fight on the undercard provided he gets by former KO cracker Ed Mahone. Furthermore, it is also entirely possible that although Peter won’t be in the ring with the WBC champ, he might participate in a bout on the undercard. At this point it is only known that most of the organizations involved are in agreement and that some of the payments regarding the event have been made. continue

Mares vs. Hudgins on Undercard of Andrade vs. Grant Friday Night

12.09.06 - Undefeated super bantamweight prospect Abner Mares of Montebello, California will square off against Kevin Hudgins of Pensacola, Florida in the eight round co-main event of INDEPENDENCE BRAWL this Friday night, September 15th at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom. INDEPENDENCE BRAWL, an outstanding evening of world class professional boxing is presented by 8 Count Productions and Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions along with Miller Lite and TCF Bank. continue

Jane Couch, Professional

12.09.06 - By Bernie McCoy: It's said, with some accuracy, that if you hang around boxing gyms long enough you eventually hear the wisdom of the world. With me, my first epiphany came during my second or third time in the old Broadway Gym in Brooklyn. I asked about a fighter who seemed to be moving pretty good, shadowboxing in the ring: "Is he a pro?", I asked one of the ringside "lifers." "Nah," the old guy replied "he jest fights for money." It took me some time in gyms to finally figure out this seemingly contradictory statement. Not every boxer who fights for money deserves the label "professional." And if you've spent enough time in boxing gyms, you can come up with four or five examples of that wisdom without having to thinking real hard. continue

Matt Godfrey collects title belts

PROVIDENCE (September 12, 2006) - NABA and USNBC cruiserweight champion Matt "Too Smooth" Godfrey (12-0, 7 KOS) leaves today for Los Angeles, where he'll finish training at the Wild Card Gym for his September 23 unification bout against WBC Continental Americas title-holder Danny "Boy" Batchelder (24-2-1, 11 KOs). Godfrey-Batchelder headlines "Night of the Rising Stars, promoted by Jimmy Burchfield's Classic Entertainment & Sports, Inc, at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. continue

Who's No. One? Sultan Ibragimov, that's Who!

HOLLYWOOD, FL, September 12 – It goes without saying that unbeaten Heavyweight contender Sultan Ibragimov is on the fast track to a World Championship. The only question is – who will be the first champion to fall to the Russian power hitter? It may very well be WBO Heavyweight Champion Sergei Liakhovich, as WBO President Paco Valcarcel today informed Seminole Warriors Boxing, Ibragimov’s promoter, that the 31-year-old southpaw has been installed as the number one contender to Liakhovich’s crown.

“We’re honored that the prestigious WBO has made Sultan the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship,” said Ibragimov’s manager, Boris Grinberg. “We have a lot of respect for the champion, Liakhovich, but we also feel that he is no match for Sultan.” continue

Barker and Cadman on Witter/Corley undercard

12.09.06 - Tony Sims trained duo Darren Barker and Daniel Cadman both appear on the undercard of Junior Witter’s clash against American DeMarcus Corley for the prestigious WBC light welterweight title this Friday, (September 15th), at the historic Alexandra Palace. Former stellar amateur Barker, from just down the road in Barnet, goes for his first honour as a professional. The popular 2002 Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist meets former champion Hussain Osman for the Southern Area Middleweight Title. continue

Murray defends WBC title at Ally Pally live on Sky Sports

12.09.06 - Two WBC championships are to be contested on the Hennessy Sports ‘World Honours’ event at the Alexandra Palace this Friday, (September 15th), being screened live by Sky Sports. The highly anticipated top of the bill clash between Bradford’s Junior Witter and Washington’s DeMarcus Corley for the prestigious governing body’s vacant super lightweight crown will now be supported by John Murray’s first defence of their world youth lightweight title, designed to prepare outstanding prospects under the age of 23 for full honours. continue

Boxing: And Coming Up...

12.09.06 - By Jim Amato: Some very interesting battles are coming up. On September 15th in London highly touted Junior Witter meets veteran DeMarcus Corley for the WBC 140 lb. title. Witter is a very talented fighter but I hope no one is selling Corley short. He's been in with some of the cream of the division. To the best of my knowledge there is no US television. continue

Silverhawk signs unbeaten cruiserweight prospect BJ Flores

LAS VEGAS (September 12, 2006) - Silverhawk Championship Boxing has signed unbeaten cruiserweight prospect BJ "El Peligroso" Flores (16-0-1, 11 KOs) to an exclusive promotional contract, Silverhawk vice president Jeff Grmoja formally announced today.

"We're delighted to add a talented fighter like BJ to our growing stable of champions," Grmoja said. "We believe that he has all the right tools and dedication to become a world champion. BJ is the whole package. Not only is he a talented boxer, BJ is very marketable, too. He is well spoken with that clean-cut look and All-American character needed to become a real star in this business. Silverhawk Boxing is going to keep him very busy and put him on the right path." continue

Klitschko vs. Brock: Five reasons why it's a great fight

11.09.06 - By Dave Domenico: As of now, undefeated heavyweight contender Calvin Brock will face IBF heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko on November 11. There were several other names mentioned as potential opponents, but Calvin Brock may prove to be the best opponent for Wladimir, after all. I have my always interesting short list of five reasons why this is a great matchup. continue

Stewart Takes On Boddie on Sept. 29

11.09.06 - Philadelphia—Crowd-pleasing Richard Stewart faces one of his toughest tests as a pro when he takes on veteran Ron Boddie in a scheduled six-round light-heavyweight contest Friday, Sept. 29, at the New Alhambra, Swanson & Ritner Streets, next to Forman Mills, in South Philadelphia. First of seven fights at 7.30 p.m. continue

Euro Boxing Roundup

11.09.06 - By Per Ake Persson: Czech jr middle Lukas Konecny headlines Spotlight Boxing´s EuroSport show in Prague October 10. Also on the bill is Konecny´s stablemate Robert Stieglitz, who is mandatory challenger for Joe Calzaghe´s IBF title. EBU supermiddle champ Mger Mkrtchyan´s defence against Russian Devi Gogiya will now go ahead September 23 in Kiev, Ukraine, as a part of National Box Promotion´s big show. In the other headliners Zaur Baysangurov takes on Marco Antonio Rubio for the WBC Int´l 154 lb title and welter Yuri Nuzhnenko defends the WBA I/C title against tough Russian veteran Maxim Nesterenko. continue

Barrera - Juarez 2: A legend for the taking?

marco antonio barrera11.09.06 - By Andy Olsen: Marco Antonio Barrera and Rocky Juarez clashed for the WBC super-featherweight title the first time on May 20. If I were part of the ESB team then, I may have used the same headline as I have here to preview it. The bookmakers certainly disagreed however, making Barrera the strong favourite. Indeed, the consensus opinion amongst fans was that Barrera would have too much in terms of ability and experience. Of course his 62-4 record, with the whole host of big names he has beaten on it, could have been cited as evidence of this.

Yet Barrera laboured to a win, despite what we were told on the night (it was of course announced as a draw, until it was discovered there was on the master scorecard and the judges had actually given Marco Antonio the nod). I too thought he won, but it was certainly a close affair, with Rocky’s performance deserving of the second chance he gets on Saturday night. The Golden Boy promotions card will be a HBO Pay-per view offering in the States. Sky Sports have come up with the goods here, putting it on live at 2AM our time. continue

Challenges and Threats Fly at "Civic Center Rumble" Presser

HAMMOND, IN.-The promise of a knock-out victory led to a heated scuffle between Ruben “The Modern Day Warrior” Galvan and defending IN.B.A. Lightweight Champion Jaime Alvarado supporter days before their third match-up, and up-and-coming lightweight favorite Johnny Novak called out former IBF Champion Paul Spadafora at the official press conference for Octavius James/ One In A Million Inc. “Civic Center Rumble.” continue

"Superior Showdown II" on Sept. 15

11.09.06 - Benna Ford, Roush, Saleen of Superior and Fond-du-Luth Casino of Duluth present ”Superior Showdown II” Friday Night Fights; a professional boxing card featuring Co-Main event fights with Zach “Jungle boy” Walters and Andy “Kaos” Kolle on September 15th at the Wessman Arena in Superior, Wisconsin. Both bouts are scheduled for 8 rounds. continue

Israel Vazquez vs Jhonny Gonzalez: Fireworks at 122!

11.09.06 - By Sean Ocampo: This weekend the featured bout of Marco Antonio Barrera and Rocky Juarez will be co-featured by another great championship match-up between current WBC and Ring Magazine Super Batamweight Champion Israel "Magnifico" Vazquez (40-3-0 29 KOs) and WBO Batamweight champion Jhonny Gonzalez (33-4-0 28 KOs) . This match-up will determine who the best at 122. continue

Shannon Briggs: America’s First Line of Offense

11.09.06 - Former linear heavyweight champion and red-hot knockout artist Shannon “Brooklyn” Briggs (47-4-1, 41 KOs) says he’s tired of hearing about now former WBC champ Hasim Rahman being “America’s Last Line of Defense”.

The best defense has always been a good offense.

That’s why Briggs says he’s going to erase boxing’s Eastern Bloc of heavyweight champions and single-handedly return the belts to his beloved homeland. “I pledge to uphold the pride and honor of our great country. Starting November 4 when I knock (WBO Champion) Sergei Liakhovich out. Then I intend to knock (WBC) Oleg Maskaev, (WBA) Nikolai Valuev and (IBF) Wladimir Klitschko out and take back all the Heavyweight Championships of the World.” continue

Assassin Victim Returns; Vernon Paris Lives To Fight!

11.09.06 - 3 point-blank gunshots downed Vernon “Iceman” Paris on the streets of Detroit earlier this summer but the unbeaten (5-0 with 4 KOs) light-welterweight climbed to his feet and miraculously survived. Now, with two bullets still lodged in his body, the 18 year-old prospect returns to the ring this Friday at the Little River Casino in Manistee, Michigan. continue

Clinton Woods - The Best Light heavyweight On The Planet Now?

11.09.06 - By James Slater: With his hard fought win over Glen Johnson now in the history books, is Sheffield's Clinton Woods deserving of being looked upon as the premiere light heavyweight boxing today? I think he is. He surely is in the running at the very least. With all-time great, Bernard Hopkins presumably retired for good, Woods more than likely should be rated above all other light heavies in the top ten. Though Antonio Tarver and his people will no doubt disagree, HE cannot be ranked at the very top of his division any more. Not after the drab and laboured performance he put on in his last fight, versus 'Nard, anyway. continue

DeGuardia Signs European Hurricane

11.09.06 - Promoter Joe DeGuardia of Star Boxing has added some “Eifel Power” to his superb stable by inking former French Super Featherweight Boxing Champion and World Champion Thai Boxer, Ali “The Hurricane” Oubaali, 15-3 (14 KOs) to a promotional contract. The 28-year-old Moroccan French knockout artiste is a charismatic and multi-talented performer who doubles as an actor in movies in his native France. continue

Q & A with Zsolt Erdei

11.09.06 - By Per Ake Persson: WBO lightheavy champ Zsolt Erdei is currently back home in Hungary relaxing after his title defence against Thomas Ulrich but kindly took time out for an interview. Special thanks to Robert Larsen for making the connection and to Adam Balogh for help with the translation.

Q: Zsolt, when is your next fight planned for?

A: I don’t know. Until my son is born absolutely not. The organization of the fights are a business of Universum Box Promotion.

Q: How do you see your fight against Ulrich, how would you rate your performance?

A: I fought a clever fight against Thomas. I was fully concentrated, and just waited for him to make a mistake. I used my jab very well; that was the foundation of my fight. The rest came automatically like during training. continue

Undefeated Aaron Williams Headlines In Cleveland

11.09.06 - Undefeated Cruiserweight, Aaron Williams (8-0-1, 6 KO’s) headlines “Saturday Night Live Boxing: Slugfest on the River”, September 16th at the Plain Dealer Pavilion in Cleveland, Ohio. Williams’ opponent will be Akron’s Zack Page (11-7). Page is best remembered for his ESPN performance against Lou Duva protégé, Mike Marrone. Page had Marrone out on his feet on way to losing a decision most ringsiders felt Page clearly won. continue

Sycuan's Hawk Training with Roach

11.09.06 - The newest addition to Sycuan Ringside Promotions’ impressive roster of boxers--undefeated and powerful, 22-year-old light heavyweight Shawn Hawk--has relocated to Los Angeles and now is training with renowned veteran Freddie Roach. The strong and hard-hitting Hawk, from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, has a record of 12-0 with 10 knockouts and is on course to be the most successful Native American boxer ever. continue

AAPRP Medical Conference On Boxing Safety

Darien, Connecticut – September 11, 2006 – The American Association of Professional Ringside Physicians (AAPRP) announced the tentative agenda for the 2006 AAPRP Medical Conference on Boxing Safety. The meeting, which begins on Thursday September 14 at the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, will include lectures and presentations by the most experienced doctors, trainers, boxers, commissioners and media throughout the boxing world. continue

Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano: What if?

karen belford11.09.06 - By Karen Belford: Hello East Side People, it's good to be back. Today, I'd like to discuss a hypothetical bout between Rocky Marciano and Wladimir Klitschko. Now, before I begin, I just want to let you all know that I'm not a fan of either of these two, although I won't let that get in the way of my description of their meeting. At first glance, this would seem like a mismatch for Wladimir, seeing that with his huge size (6'6" 247 labs) advantage, he'd probably toy with Marciano, and make him look like naughty child. Well, it's not that easy.

Wladimir, even though he'd be the much larger and possibly the harder puncher of the two, he would still be vulnerable to anything that Marciano threw. Consider, for example, Wladimir's new style of fighting, one that emphasizes a lot of clinching. While, I think style us effective against some fighters, like Samuel Peter, but against a busy fight such as Marciano, a fighter that rarely stopped punching. continue

Light Heavyweight Assasin Tavoris Cloud Battles in Chicago Friday Night

11.09.06 - Light heavyweight prospect Tavoris “The Assassin” Cloud, will return to Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom in a special attraction eight round bout against Seattle veteran Tim Shocks at INDEPENDENCE BRAWL this Friday night, September 15th. INDEPENDENCE BRAWL, an outstanding evening of world class professional Boxing is presented by 8 Count Productions along with Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions, Miller Lite and TCF Bank. continue

Brunson added to Mesi-Weiss card

11.09.06 - Unbeaten Philadelphia knockout artist Tyrone ‘Young Guns’ Brunson (12-0 with 12 knockouts – all in the first round) has been added to the Joe Mesi-Jason Weiss card this Friday at the Little River Casino and Resort in Manistee, Michigan. Brunson, 21, like a young Tyson, is an exhilarating knockout puncher who has yet to be taken to the second round. continue

Victor Vasquez Electrifies Crowd in Pro Debut

11.09.06 - The long awaited pro debut of Puerto Rican prospect Victor Vasquez, 1-0 (1 KO), dazzled the crowd in spectacular fashion with an array of boxing skill, hand speed, and raw power en route to a 2 nd round TKO. The Philadelphia native brought the crowd to their feet as he sent Shane Lewis reeling into the ropes from a four punch combination that left had the battered Lewis bloody and staggering. continue

Duddy training in Poconos for Sept. 29 fight vs. Campas

NEW YORK (September 10, 2006) – Photo by Wray Edwards - Unbeaten middleweight sensation “Ireland’s” John Duddy, rated No. 5 by the WBO and No. 10 by the WBA, is at training camp in the Pocono Mountains preparing to headline “Shamrocks & Sombreros” on September 29 against veteran Luis Ramon “Yory Boy” Campas for the vacant IBA World title in The Theatre at Madison Square Garden.

“Everything has been fantastic at camp,” Duddy reported from the Poconos. “I’ll be in the best shape of my life for this fight. We’re doing four-minute rounds for everything, sparring and pads. And Harry (head trainer Keitt) brought the sledgehammer, too. (Keitt has his fighters end training sessions by hitting a large truck tire with a sledgehammer.) continue

Estrada vs Couser on Sept. 23

PROVIDENCE, RI (September 10, 2006) – America’s top heavyweight prospect, 2004 U.S. Olympian Jason “Big Six” Estrada, continues his climb to the top of the division September 23 when he takes on veteran Cliff “Twin Tyson” Couser in an eight-round Special Heavyweight Attraction on “Night of the Rising Stars” at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. continue

Barrera/Juarez Conference Call Transcript

10.09.06 - DARA YOUNG (PR Director, Golden Boy Promotions): Thank you, everybody, for joining this call. I know it's early and it's been a busy week trying to catch up after the Labor Day weekend. My name is Dara Young. I'm the PR Director at Golden Boy Promotions. I'd like to just introduce the call a little bit. We are about to start the "Barrera vs. Juarez II, Too Close to Call" conference call. We will have Rocky Juarez going first with a Q&A session followed by Marco Antonio Barrera in a few moments. continue

McCall stops Wilson, John Retains Title

10.9.06 - Former heavyweight champion Oliver McCall stopped Darroll Wilson in the fourth round in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday night. McCall dropped Wilson the first time in the second round and finished the job later in the fourth round. McCall improves to 48-9, with 35 KOs. Wilson drops to 27-9-2, with 21 Kos. continue

Boxing Briefs

Mike tyson10.09.06 - By Vanessa McConnell, Photo by Marcelles "Quenton" Brown: For the past week or so Mike Tyson has been holding a training camp to prepare for an upcoming exhibition fight. He has been at the Aladdin Casino and it's hasn't been much of a secret. Since the famous biting of Holyfield's ear, things have never been the same in Vegas for the former champ. And once he got the famous tattoo on his face he has never been looked at the same. When he started raising and flying Roller Pigeons the world thought he had really lost his mind. Now birds are flying and rolling around the world thanks to Mike.

Last week there was a huge bug about Tyson hosting a "freak show" at the Aladdin. The bashing was more than expected; since this was the town he lost his boxing license in. Some would have the public believe that Tyson is washed up and every time he is seen in public considered a freak, but the same people are beating down doors to get a glimpse, exclusive or close up of the so-called "freak."

Some of the same hecklers were more than boastful and proud when they had a seat near him and his two beautiful eye candy babes at the Mary J Blige concert at the MGM Grand last weekend. It was more like, "Hi Mike" and "we were sitting next to Mike Tyson" over cell phones and in between groupie shots with him. Vegas is full of $3 bills. continue

Boxing results from Germany: Oral stops Dzemski

By Per Ake Persson: September 9, Hamburg, Germany: Local middleweight Mahir Oral won the vacant EU 160 lb title with a first round stoppage of Dirk Dzemski after a short but explosive fight that saw both men on the floor. Oral came out fast and scored with jabs and a few right hands. Dzemski, a southpaw, countered with a right-left combination and Oral touched down and was given an eight-count by Spanish referee Jesus Morata Garcia. continue

Guzman Links Up With Most Valuable Papi; Red Sox Superstar David Ortiz Cheers Fellow Dominican On In Sept 16 Title Bout

08.09.06 - Joan Guzman is a little guy with a big punch. The undefeated boxer will challenge Argentina's Jorge Barrios for the WBO super lightweight championship ob September 16 at the MGM Grand (and on HBO PPV TV). Guzman packs plenty of power in his gloves. But now the proud Dominican has added a big guy with a big bat to the Team Guzman lineup as the title bout fast approches. Guzman has become fast friends with his fellow Dominican, Boston Red Sox slugger David "Big Papi" Ortiz. continue

Edgar Santana at Newarks Bear Game Tonight

NEWARK, NJ – September 8, 2006 – The Newark Bears Professional Baseball Club will host rising Junior Welterweight boxer Edgar Santana (18-2, 12 KO's) in an appearance at Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium tonight (Friday, September 8) as the Bears host Caribbean Night. Gates open at 5:35 pm and first pitch is scheduled for 7:05 pm. continue

Roberto Duran - Part 2: Miracles Do Happen

08.09.06 - By Michael Klimes: After Roberto Duran’s ‘No Mas’ fiasco, he became a subject of heated debate in his native Panama. The still great legend was seen as a ‘loser’ and a ‘quitter’. Many who had previously championed him and basked in his glory did not want any part of him. For a long time, the scar of ‘No Mas’ did not heal and Duran found himself in a position you not would think a fighter of his calibre would be in again. He was a boxer with something to prove.

The Comebacks

Duran refused to believe it was over and started his campaign in the junior middleweight division. Nine months after he lost to Leonard, he fought a tough cookie by the name of Nino Gonzalez. He won a ten round decision and only came on later in the bout as he showed some ring rust and in periods appeared gun shy. This was unsurprising as Duran was navigating through uncharted waters at his new weight and he needed to find his anchor like he had done in the welterweight division. He fought top contenders like Monroe Brooks and Carlos Palamino, before he went after the big fish. continue

At the scales in Hamburg

By Per Ake Persson: September 8, Hamburg, Germany: Both Dirk Dzemski, 27-1, and Mahir Oral, 17-1-2, made the weight without problems for tomorrow´s fight for the vacant EU middleweight title. Dzemski came in at 72,0 kg / 158,75 lbs while the slightly taller Oral weighed 72,2, kg / 159,25 lbs. Both men looked fit and relaxed. It´s a solid matchup with Dzemski, a southpaw with a decent left, against Oral, a well schooled ortodox boxer. continue

Kings Hall Line-Up Announced: Scott Lawton Tops The Bill

08.09.06 - Impact Boxing have today announced that they will present a seven fight card on their 4th show at Stoke’s Kings Hall to be held on 30th September. Cellarhead’s English lightweight champion Scott Lawton will again top the bill against the Mauritius light-welterweight Judex Meemea in an eight round contest. Billed as a light-welterweight Meemea will be heavier than Lawton and at 6’ he is taller representing an unusual challenge for the 5’10” lightweight. continue

Holyfield vs Oquendo in November

08.09.06 - 43-year-old Evander Holyfield returns to the ring on Nov. 10 when he fights Fres Oquendo at the Alamodome in San Antonio. Oquendo is 26-3 with 16 KOs. He returned from a two-year layoff to stop Brazil's Daniel Bispo in the ninth round in February. Holyfield stopped Jeremy Bates in the second round on Aug. 18 in Dallas. The 10-round pay-per-view bout will be carried on Fox Sports Net. Holyfield's fight will be staged on a Friday, the night before IBF champ Wladimir Klitschko is set to defend his title against Calvin Brock.

Erik Morales vs Manny Pacquiao: The Inflection Point

manny pacquiao08.09.06 - By Ted Sares: The Erik Morales-Manny Pacquiao bout scheduled for November 18 at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas will feature one fighter at the top of his game and moving with positive momentum and another who is possibly fading, though that will not harm his chances for future induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. "Pac Man" is going up the elevator and "El Terrible" seems to be going down. Here is how I see the inflection point materializing or put another way, how I see their rubber match playing out, but first the breakdown:

Reach and Weight: Morales stands 5’8” and has a 72”reach and uses it well. Pacquiao is 5’6” with a 67”reach. The bout was to be fought at 130 pounds, but Morales will likely have great difficulty making that weight while Manny will be comfortable. Recent photographs reveal Morales has gotten heavier and shows some bloat. continue

Baily and Bazan Headline "Mayham" In South Florida on Oct. 13

HOLLYWOOD, FL, September 8 - With a combined knockout percentage of 78%, it goes without saying that the featured performers on the Seminole Warriors Boxing show on Friday, October 13th, at the Seminole Hard Rock Live Arena in Hollywood, Florida, are going into battle with just one thought in mind: Getting the Knockout. So consider yourself warned – if you get up from your seat, either at the arena or at home in front of your television set, you may miss some of boxing’s biggest punchers doing what they do best. continue

Open Letter From Laura "Lady Ram" Ramsey

08.09.06 - THANK YOU....To Rock & Sock Productions and all the women’s boxing supporters and fans. With this victory August 31, I regained the win that I should have received in Hollywood on January 27, 2006. My thanks also go to Terry Washington for stepping in and training me and educating me about my craft and showing me first hand the he is "The Educator" and why he calls his company "Right Cross Entertainment". continue

Reading Fight Card To Honor Slain Officers

READING, PA - September 8, 2006 -- King's Promotions' Saturday Night at the Fights, to be held this Saturday evening September 9th in the Reading Eagle Theater at the Sovereign Center in Reading, PA, will include a special tribute to the two local Reading police officers killed recently in the line of duty. Honored will be Officer Scott A. Wertz, who was slain just over a month ago on August 6th, and Officer Michael H. Wise who was killed in June of 2004. continue

Muhammad Ali’s Legacy -- Revisited

08.09.06 - By W. Gregory Guedel: While the pantheon of history’s great athletes is crowded with illustrious names, only a select few attain a level of recognition that goes beyond their accomplishments in sport. These rare individuals rise beyond the realm of athletics and become influential in social, political, and/or economic spheres, to the point where they are known equally or perhaps even more for these activities as for their exploits in competition. No modern athlete personifies this transcendence more than the man known to the world as “The Greatest”: Muhammad Ali.

His accomplishments as a boxer are legendary and require no elaboration. Yet to many, Muhammad Ali stands as a heroic figure to a greater extent for his activities outside the ring. continue

"The Ghost" Guerrero Latest "ShoBox'' Grad To Win A World Title

NEW YORK (Sept. 7, 2006) – In last Saturday’s SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING co-feature, Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero dominated defending champion Eric “Mighty Mouse” Aiken to win the International Boxing Federation (IBF) featherweight title. In doing so, Guerrero (19-1-1, 12 KOs) of Gilroy, Calif., joined a growing list of young fighters from “ShoBox: The New Generation” to earn a world title. continue

Corrales-Casamayor III Oct. 7 On Showtime; Darchinyan-Donaire In Co-Feature

NEW YORK (Sept. 7, 2006) – Two boxers with a genuine disdain for each other will duke it out with bad intentions for a third time when Diego “Chico” Corrales defends his World Boxing Council (WBC) and RING lightweight titles against former world champion and longtime adversary, southpaw Joel “El Cepillo” Casamayor, on Saturday, Oct. 7, during a Free Preview Weekend on SHOWTIME. continue

"Path to Glory": Zuniga vs Boone In Middleweight Clash

Orange, CA - On Friday, September 15, Thompson Boxing Promotions will feature what will be another sold out event. This will the last show from Omega Products International in the city of Corona, CA, and the last of Thompson's "Path to Glory Summer Series." The high-octane event will feature the explosive talent of two South American warriors, the experience of valiant boxers, and the speed of flashy youngsters. continue

James Toney - What's Next?

07.09.06 - By Craig Parrish: This past Saturday night, Samuel Peter was awarded a victory over James Toney in a Heavyweight elimination bout. Most fight fans had picked either Toney to win on points, or Peter to score a KO withone of his bludgeoning power shots. The Peter decision seemed like an odd outcome for these diametrically opposed fighters, and it was a decision that some observers do not agree with. Such is boxing.

Toney is a grizzled old fighter that has been in the game a long, long time. While his antics and profanity laced speeches outside the ring can be annoying, or entertaining depending on the spectator, Toney has proven many times that he is a master boxer. He does walk the walk. From his first pro fight in 1988,when Toney weighed a mere 160 pounds, to his latest fight at a whopping 233, he has exhibited skills that many fighters never master. Those skills have served him well in the multiple weight classes that he has triumphed in. continue

Baldomir vs Mayweather - Baldomir: "Pretty Risky"?

07.09.06 - Jeffrey Cabauatan: The Floyd Mayweather vs. Carlos Baldomir press tour for the WBC and Ring Magazine Welterweight Championship of the world got underway today in New York on September 6, 2006. Oddly enough, the $49.95 pay per view bout is titled “Pretty Risky.” Mayweather is arguably the most skilled fighter today in boxing. Whether you like him or hate him, you can never deny his defensive prowess, speed, and boxing IQ. The only criticism of him lately is his choice of opponents lately such as the Bruseles, Mitchell, Gatti, and Judah(after a loss). But that’s another topic and another day. continue

Event Honors Late Boxing Trainer

WARWICK, RI – The Rhode Island Boxing Gym will present the first annual “Tiny Ricci Memorial Show,” a special night of amateur boxing on Saturday, October 28th at the historic Columbus Theatre in Providence, Rhode Island. The event is being presented as a fundraiser for the Rhode Island Boxing Gym in Warwick, and is in memory of Robert “Tiny” Ricci, who started the gym over 15 years ago. continue

Rivera & Iceman Scully going in CES Ring of Honor Sept. 23

HARTFORD (September 7, 2006) - World Boxing Association super welterweight champion "El Gallo" Jose Antonio Rivera and retired boxer and present trainer "Iceman" John Scully will be inducted into the CES Ring of Honor during a special ceremony at the September 23rd "Night of the Rising Stars" Pro-Am boxing show at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. continue

Pacquiao vs Valero: The Fight Everybody Wants to See!

07.09.06 - by Sean Ocampo: Drop Morales and Barrera for a while. Lets talk about a much more interesting fight between two explosive southpaws in Manny Pacquiao and Edwin Valero. These two fighters are probably two of the most exciting fighters around in boxing. One being considered as pound for pound one the best fighter in the world. While the other one being a fighter on the rise. This match-up has been on a highly contested debate in every boxing forum in the cyberworld. Everyone has their own opinions about this fight. Here are my views.

A fight between Edwin "El Inca" Valero and Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is one of the most interesting match-up boxing fans are waiting for. This fight will probably going to happen in the near future if Pacquiao decides to continue his boxing career next year. continue

Sauerland Inks John Ruiz!

07.09.06 - A renowned heavyweight boxer is going to strengthen team Sauerland from now on....John “The Quiet Man” Ruiz has signed a managing contract with Wilfried Sauerland. The US-American had contacted Sauerland and asked him to take on the managing tasks. “For me it´s a great obligation to get such a proposal from a repeated heavyweight world champion,” Sauerland explains. continue

"Pretty Risky": Baldomir-Mayweather on Nov.4

NEW YORK, NY (September 6, 2006) – Known as boxing’s “Pretty Boy,” and universally recognized as the pound-for-pound king of the ring, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is set to face what most believe is a pretty risky fight against the very dangerous WBC and Ring magazine Welterweight Champion Carlos Manuel “Tata” Baldomir Saturday, Nov. 4 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. “PRETTY RISKY” will be presented by Goossen Tutor Promotions, in association with Sycuan Ringside Promotions, and produced and distributed live on HBO Pay-Per-View beginning at 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST. continue

Chris John To Defend WBA Featherweight Title September 9

06.09.06 - By Jacqui Snow: Undefeated Indonesian Chris "The Dragon" John (37-0-1, 20 KO's) defends his WBA Featherweight title in Jakarta this Saturday, September 9th against Panama's Renan "Bam Bam" Acosta (18-4, 5 KO's). This will be John's sixth title defense since winning the crown in September 2003. John's most recent defense against highly regarded Juan Manuel Marquez (45-3-1, 34 KO's) came about as a result of a series of five title changes for Marquez, of which only the first occurred in the ring. continue

Adamek-Briggs II at Allstate Arena Oct. 7

06.09.06 - Undefeated World Boxing Council light heavyweight champion Tomasz Adamek, who was noticeably absent during Don King’s press conference on Chicago last Thursday announcing Valuev vs. Barrett and Adamek vs. Briggs II at Allstate Arena on Oct. 7, has dropped his lawsuit against King paving the way for the highly anticipated rematch with Australian slugger Paul “Hurricane” Briggs.

Adamek and Briggs met in Chicago last year on May 21 with the vacant WBC 175-pound title up for grabs. Few knew in advance the Pole and the Aussie would stand toe to toe for the full 12 rounds in a bloody struggle where it might have been better if one of the combatants had succumbed, but neither did.

It took the judges to decide the contest. One scored it a draw while the remaining two favored Adamek, leaving him the majority-decision victor and a first-time world champion. continue

Sycuan Signs Shawn Hawk

06.09.06 - Sycuan Ringside Promotions has added another young prospect to its growing roster of boxers--undefeated and powerful, 22-year-old light heavyweight Shawn Hawk. The strong and hard-hitting Hawk, from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, has a record of 12-0 with 10 knockouts is on course to be the most successful Native American boxer ever. continue

Universum Boxing News: Halmich, Veit, Krasniqi

06.09.06 - The female World Champions are coming to Magdeburg. Alongside the World Champion and the “Queen of women’s boxing” Regina Halmich there will be spotlight boxing World Champion Ina Menzer, Universum World Champion Alesia Graf (Jr. Bantamweight) as well as the unbeaten Julia Sahin (Jr. Flyweight) and Susi Kentikian (Flyweight) in order to defend their titles. continue

"The Beast From The East" - Closing In On "The Rock's" 49-0 Record

06.09.06 - By James Slater: With his now 44-0 record, Russia's huge Nikolai Valuev is closing on Rocky Marciano's greatest claim to fame. More than anything else, "The Rock" is legendary due to the fact that he retired as champion, after never having lost a single fight. For fifty years his fine record has stood - unmatched by any of the heavyweight rulers that followed him. continue

Duva: Peter Wants Maskaev Now!

Sam PeterNew York, September 5— Photo by Wray Edwards / ESB - On the heels of his stunning victory over James Toney on Saturday night in Los Angeles, Samuel “The Nigerian Nightmare” Peter has his eyes set on WBC heavyweight champion Oleg Maskaev. “We want Maskaev, now,” said Dino Duva, Peter’s promoter. “I will be contacting Dennis Rappaport (Maskaev’s promoter) to begin negotiations immediately. Maskaev was obligated by the WBC to fight Toney in his next bout after defeating Rahman. Now that Samuel beat Toney, we expect Oleg to honor that obligation to Sam.

“Sam is ready to fight Maskaev immediately, and fighting him for the WBC heavyweight title is the only thing on Sam’s mind right now,” added Duva. “We want to make this fight sometime before the end of the year.

“With his masterful performance against Toney, Peter once again proved that he is the most exciting heavyweight in the world, and the future of the division,” wrapped up Duva.

Euro Boxing Roundup: Abraham-Miranda Undercard, Felix Sturm, More

05.09.06 - By Per Ake Persson: Former EBU middle champ Sebastian Sylvester takes on Frenchman Frank Mezaache for the vacant WBA I/C title in the chief support to Abraham vs Miranda September 23 in Wetzlar. This one was to have been on the postponed Oldenburg show as well. Also on the bill are Jimmy Colas´ defence of the EU 154 lb title against Christophe Canclaux, supermiddles Vitaly Tsypko and Stepjan Bozic clash over eight and heavies Alexander Povetkin and Oleg Platov are featured in separate bouts scheduled over eight with opponents to be announced. continue

Warren Wins Harrison-Marquez Purse Bid

05.09.06 - Frank Warren has secured home advantage for his charge WBO World Featherweight Champion Scott Harrison for his defence against Juan Manuel Marquez. Purse bids were opened today at the WBO headquarters in Puerto Rico and Warren's bid of $748,000USD saw off the $715,000USD bid submitted by Oscar De La Hoya, the promoter of Marquez. continue

UFC 63: Hughes vs Penn on Sept. 23

05.09.06 – The Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) organization announced today the full lineup of live fights for UFC 63, including an intense middleweight matchup between Mike “Quick” Swick and David “The Crow” Loiseau, as well as a lightweight battle between former UFC World Lightweight Champion Jens “Lil’ Evil” Pulver and Joe “J-Lau” Lauzon. read full story

Sergei Liakhovich vs Shannon Briggs Nov 4 on Showtime

sergei liakhovich05.09.06 - By Jim Amato: According to SHOWTIME, WBO heavyweight champion Sergei Liakhovich will defend his crown against former linear heavyweight title holder Shannon Briggs on November 4th.

Briggs was respectful enough to recognize that Sergei is "the man who beat the man". He feels Sergei is the true champion because he beat Lamon Brewster who beat Wladimir Klitschko. Although Briggs won a highly disputed decision over George Foreman years ago, that win made him the " man " at that time. Foreman had defeated Michael Moorer who had beaten Evander Holyfield who had stopped Mike Tyson. Eventually Briggs was halted by Lennox Lewis giving Lennox a clear claim to being a linear champion. continue

Euro Boxing Roundup

05.09.06 - By Per Ake Persson: The Joszef Nagy vs Darren Rhodes fight on September 9 in Szentes (Hungary) won´t be a defence of Nagy´s EBA supermiddle title as first announced, but will be for the vacant IBF I/C title. The reason is that the British Board of Boxing Control won´t allow Rhodes to fight for the EBA title. The EBA was created in the aftermath of the conflict between the WBA and it´s WBA Int´l title and as the EBU joined WBA the EBA was left out in the cold. continue

Remillard-Hernandez for WBC Youth title Sept. 23 in Hartford

HARTFORD (September 5, 2006) – Unbeaten prospect Matt “Sharp Shooter” Remillard moves up in weight to fight undefeated Jose Hernandez for the vacant WBC Youth super featherweight championship September 23 in the 10-round “Night of the Rising Stars” co-feature at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. continue

Ringside at the Bolton Arena: Woods/Johnson, Khan/Barrett

04.09.06 - By MICHAEL KLIMES - Brothers: Sorry readers for a late report but I had a long journey back from Bolton on Sunday morning to the south of England and was also busy for most of today. For the first time, my elder brother came with me to see his first boxing card and we both thoroughly enjoyed our time there. Unsurprisingly, we had arguments as brothers always do and over a predictable subject, sport. continue

Peter vs. Maskaev: The Breakdown

samuel peter04.09.06 - By Ted Sares: The controversial win Sam Peter got over James Toney sets him up to face newly crowned WBC Champion Oleg Maskaev for the Title. This will be an interesting fight to say the least. Even though Peter won a "controversial" decision, what is not controversial is that he upped his overall game. His technique was much better, his ability to counter Toney's left hooks was splendid, and his stamina at 257 pounds was remarkable, arguably better than Toney's. Of all the likely outcomes (Toney by decision or Peter by ko), the one that occurred was a surprise.....maybe even to Samuel.....but the decision is in the books and it's time to move on.

Oleg Maskaev is coming off a solid TKO win over Hasim Rahman in which he, too, surprised by taking the Rock's bombs without noticeable effect. He just kept coming forward until he prevailed. continue

Joan Guzman Camp Notes: American Express - Don't Leave Home Without It

04.09.06 - LAS VEGAS, Nev.--As Joan Guzman plows through another grueling sparring session, his body is soaked with sweat each time the bell sounds ending a round. But rather than use a towel to dry the undefeated former world champion, Guzman’s trainer uses an American Express card as a make-shift squeegee--and a motivational tool. continue

Profile: Arthur Abraham

04.09.06 - He is under contract to team Sauerland since July 2003: middleweight boxer Arthur Abraham. A few weeks later on 16th August the Armenian-born made his debut as a pro by having a four rounds fight against Frank Kary from Neuwied (Germany) in a boxing tent at the famous Formula 1 race course Nürburgring. continue

Toney Put on A Show but Peter Took home with a Split

04.09.06 - By Jeffrey Cabauatan - Saturday night, we saw a classic fight between a heavy hitter Samuel Peter vs. the master boxer James Toney. The buzz going into this fight was like no other. The trash talking from both camps was well covered and broadcasted in the internet and viewed around the world. What made this fight so interesting in my opinion is the unpredictability factor. There were many questions on James Toney’s condition and his age as boxing experts split on whether father time had finally caught up with Toney. Then, there were questions whether Peter learned a few tricks after his heart breaking loss to Wladimir Klitschko. As both fighters entered the ring, people in attendance eagerly awaited in what soon to be a great fight with a controversial ending. continue

James Toney And His Bobble Head Doll: Feet Of Clay

james toney04.09.06 - By Jeff Meyers: September 4, 2006 – Prior to the main event Saturday September 2, 2006 at Staples Center between James Toney and Samuel Peter in Los Angeles, I hunted for a suitable souvenir for my three and a half year-old son (having already bought a pink “Lights Out” hat for my daughter and white “Lights Out” panties for my wife, with the latter failing to have the desired effect upon returning home that evening).

I ended up spending $15 for a bobble-head doll with Toney’s mug bobbing and weaving on a spring. When I gave it to my son, he immediately began sparring with the doll and knocked it down . . . breaking the legs off at the ankles and the gloves off at the wrists. What kind of bobble head doll is this, I thought to myself. Inspection of the doll revealed it was comprised of ceramic material — not plastic. continue

“Civic Center Rumble” on Sept. 23

HAMMOND, IN.- Horseshoe Casino Hammond, one of the nation’s premiere gaming companies, will throw open its doors to Octavius James/One In A Million Inc., in association with Mayor Thomas McDermott, Jr., and the City of Hammond for the “Civic Center Rumble” press conference at 12:00 noon on Sat. Sept. 9th in Ballrooms B and C located in the Pavilion. Open to the media and general public. continue

HBO to replay Barrera-Juarez

Sept. 4, 2006 - Leading up to the super featherweight title fight rematch between Marco Antonio Barrera and Rocky Juarez -- set for Saturday, Sept. 16 in Las Vegas and carried live on HBO Pay-Per-View-- HBO Sports will present the exclusive replay of their compelling first encounter. The HBO2 service will replay Barrera vs. Juarez I 2006 on Saturday, Sept. 9 at 11:00 p.m. ; Friday, Sept. 15 at 11:00 p.m.; and Saturday, Sept. 16 at 5:00 p.m. All times are ET/PT. continue

Bradford’s Junior Witter is on the verge of making history

04.09.06 - Hennessy Sports press release: On our next event on Friday 15th September at the historic Alexandra Palace, he attempts to become the first ever British super lightweight to win a WBC title, the most prestigious in the sport. This will be the first time the championship has been contested in London since Lennox Lewis beat Francois Botha in July 2000. That was also the last occasion a Brit was successful in a WBC fight. continue

Barrera V Juarez II - Will “The Baby Faced Assassin” Win Convincingly This Time?

04.09.06 - By James Slater: They’re calling the fight “Too Close To Call”, and the return bout between WBC super featherweight champion, Marco Antonio Barrera and challenger, Rocky Juarez is sure to be another fight to the finish. The first fight, in May, was a desperately close and thrilling battle. The older man in Barrera got hit plenty but also landed with some thunder of his own. So much so that the outcome of the bout was in doubt right until the very end. Barrera claims now that he was unwell going into the match, and that an ill-fitting gum-shield also added to his problems.

There may well be some substance to this. Marco did look easier to hit than ever before - except of course when going to war in the first fight in the trilogy with arch-rival Erik Morales - and his mouth was hanging open noticeably at times. This is to take nothing from the superb and brave performance the challenger from Texas put on though. Juarez indeed looked like a world champion in the making. The question is, will he achieve his goal on September the 16th - against the fully fit and one hundred percent prepared warrior from Mexico? continue

Woods Takes a Step Towards the Light

04.09.06 - By Matthew Collin: As boxing fans in the 21st century, we take a number of things for granted: Firstly, boxing has left the sporting mainstream. Secondly, to maintain an up to date knowledge of boxing in 2006 you need an internet connection. I’d like to think that more changed on Saturday night than Clinton Woods’ and Glen Johnsons’ record. continue

Abraham is a German. IBF middleweight champion with new nationality as of now

04.09.06 - Markus Beyer has lost a title – but without having competed in a fight... the super middleweight champion can no longer call himself the "only German boxing champion." From this time on a second German is in possession of a world championship belt – Arthur Abraham. For a long time the Armenian-born with the worldwide hardest punch of all middleweight boxers had to wait for his naturalization document and the passport with the golden eagle. continue

Beyer vs Kessler: Q&A With Markus Beyer

04.09.06 - Among Sauerland´s boxers Nikolai Valuev and Arthur Abraham, who defend their titles soon, mainly one man is the focus of attention at the historic boxing team from Berlin: Markus Beyer, the super middleweight WBC champion. Beyer is a popular man for the Danish and International media. Being interviewed he talks about the fight against Kessler on October 14, his career and his aims. continue

Peter-Toney: Like Watching Paint Dry In A Torture Chamber

samuel peter04.09.06 - By Wray Edwards: With one exception - the Guerrero-Aiken bout - the rather abbreviated fight card at the Staples Center was unremarkable. The main event between Peter and Toney seemed to be fought at three-quarter throttle by both fighters. Only once or twice did James Toney really cut loose with an all-out combination, the likes of which would have easily brought him victory. IMO the news conference after the fight was way more entertaining than the main event.

Dan Goosen and Dino Duva got into a spirited exchange about who thought who won the fight. Dan’s position was that Toney won the match, and he wanted a rematch to prove the point or Goosen Tutor would protest. Duva said Peter was going to get a belt first and then he would consider the rematch. So Dan replies, “Then we’ll protest”. Then a really bizarre event took place. continue

Valuev leaves the USA: "It's been fantastic"

04.09.06 - When the “Russian Giant” had finished his promotion tour through the United States and when the days past went through his mind during the long flight from Los Angeles to Berlin, he thought everything over, “It's been a fantastic journey," the champion said. “Everything has been organized very well and made an unbelievable impression to me. I'd like to thank Don King very much and I'm proud of working together with such an important promoter.” continue

Mike Gonzalez Scores Huge KO In Peoria

03.09.06 - Undefeated lightweight prospect Mike Gonzalez thrilled the packed house at the PAR A DICE Hotel and Casino in East Peoria, IL this past Friday night, September 1st with a stunning second round knockout of Donnell Logan. Gonzalez win was part of an evening of world class professional boxing presented by Dominic Pesoli's 8 Count Productions and Brian Young's Prize Fight. continue

Abner Mares and Jonathan Oquendo Added To "Independence Brawl"

03.09.06 - Undefeated super bantamweight prospects Abner Mares and Jonathan Oquendo have been added in separate bouts to the huge INDEPENDENCE BRAWL professional boxing card on September 15th at the Aragon Ballroom, it was announced today by Dominic Pesoli, President of 8 Count Productions. continue

Peter Wins Controversial Decision Over Toney

Toney vs PeterSeptember 3rd, 2006 - By Frank Gonzalez Jr., photo by Tom Casino / Showtime -Sharkie’s Machine: In a WBC Heavyweight Eliminator bout Saturday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, 233-pound James “Lights Out” Toney (69-5-3-1, 43 KO’s) faced 257-pound power puncher, Samuel “The Nigerian Nightmare” Peter (27-1, 22 KO’s).

The consensus among fight fans was that either Toney would win by decision or Peter would win by knock out. Who would’ve guessed that Peter would win by decision?

Though that’s how it will show on the record, the truth is that James Toney landed the cleaner punches at a higher percentage and for 12 rounds, was able to prevent Peter from landing anything particularly flush. Peter showed some improvements in his skills but against the superior boxer that is James Toney, it’s my opinion that Peter lost most of the rounds. continue

CES Boxing Honors John Scully and Jose Antonio Rivera

03.09.06 - Former world title challenger and current up and coming trainer "Iceman" John Scully and the man he guided to a world championship earlier this year, current WBA 154 pound champion Jose Antonio Rivera, will both inducted into Rhode Island promoter Jimmy Burchfield's "CES Promotions Ring Of Honor" on September 23 in Hartford, Connecticut on the card that features cruiserweights Matt "Too Smooth" Godfrey going against New York's Danny "Boy" Batchelder. continue

Doug DeWitt: True Grit

03.09.06 - By Jim Amato: I enjoy watching all different types of fighters. I appreciate the art and finesse of a clever boxer like Willie Pep. I enjoy the rock-em- sock-em style of a Joe Frazier. There were men with great jabs like Larry Holmes. I was dazzled by the hand speed of Sugar Ray Leonard and more recently by Joe Calzaghe. I was in awe of the power of a Earnie Shavers or Julian Jackson. I was in even more awe of men with the granite jaws who could absorb the power shots like George Chuvalo and Tex Cobb did . continue

For James Toney, the lights may be out for good

03.09.06 - By Mike Casile/ Philadelphia boxing Report - James “lights out” Toney played the role of the “bad guy” all month long, taking every opportunity to insult and belittle anyone who asked him a simple question. I believe in Karma, and maybe the 257lb heavyweight hopeful, Sam Peter, is a firm believer, too. I have to admit that James Toney made things at least interesting, in the not so glamorous, glamour division. Most of the writer’s at ringside in the Staples Center had Toney winning the fight. continue

Peter Decisions Toney, Guerrero Dominates Aiken to Win Title

Toney vs PeterLOS ANGELES (Sept. 2, 2006) – Photo by Tom Casino / Showtime - Samuel Peter proved to be James Toney’s worst nightmare Saturday on SHOWTIME. In a hard-fought heavyweight brawl that featured excellent exchanges and few clinches, Peter registered a hotly disputed, 12-round split decision over Toney in a World Boxing Council (WBC) elimination bout at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.

In the SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING co-feature, Robert “The Ghost’’ Guerrero dominated defending champion Eric “Mighty Mouse” Aiken to win the International Boxing Federation (IBF) featherweight title. The champion’s corner stopped the fight after the eighth round and the bout was declared a technical knockout.

The Toney-Peter WBC eliminator was presented by Goossen Tutor Promotions, Don King Productions and Duva Boxing. The Guerrero-Aiken championship bout was promoted by Goossen Tutor Promotions in association with Art Pellulo’s Banner Promotions. Both bouts aired on SHOWTIME at 10 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the west coast). continue

Best Mutual Display of Skills of All Time By Division

02.09.06 - By Rev. Marc Axelrod: Heavyweight - Ali-Frazier I - The very best Joe Frazier vs a not too far removed from prime Muhammad Ali. I have never seen a greater exhibition of heavyweight skill and heavyweight guts in a single fight. Only Conn-Louis I, Holmes-Norton, and Bowe-Holyfield I can compare. The Thrilla in Manila was great, but both fighters had seen better days. If the Toney-Peter fight is a stinker, pop Ali-Frazier I into your dvd player (or vcr) and all else will be forgotten. continue

"A Ring of Their Own": Shores vs Hill on Sept 4

02.09.06 - Holly Shores (7-1, 4 KOs) and Savanna Hill (3-4) battle for four rounds of minimum weight action at Harrah’s Kansas City. This fight airs beginning the week of September 4, 2006 . To catch all of the hard hitting action of "A Ring of Their Own", the only all women’s boxing series, visit the website, for viewing information, schedules and stations. Webcast viewing is now also available for these weekly fights. continue

Woods retains IBF light-heavyweight title

02.09.06 - By William Peden: Clinton Woods, 34, won a hard-fought decision in what may well be the fight of the year. Bolton played host to the third fight between Woods and his Jamaican born opponent, Glencoffe Johnson, 37. Their first fight had been a draw, although many observers felt that Johnson deserved the nod. Their second fight was a one sided beating in which Johnson made Woods look like an amateur. continue

Third Time's A Charm For Clinton, As He Outpoints Johnson In Rubber-Match

02.09.06 - By James Slater: In a fight that has to be a candidate for fight of the year, at least inside a British boxing ring, Sheffield's Clinton Woods finally managed a win over the teak-tough Glenn Johnson at the third time of asking, in Bolton, Lancashire tonight. With a desperately hard fought, but well deserved split decision victory, Woods made huge inroads towards making believers of everyone with regards to his being the best light heavyweight in the world. Johnson, as one would expect after such a hard and close fight felt he'd won, but he definitely looked the more dejected of the two as the reading of the scorecards was awaited. He was dead tired, perhaps more so than was Woods, and he really has no cause for complaint this time. He was certainly hard done by in the first meeting with Clinton, which was scored a controversial draw, but the right man's hand was raised tonight.

In a quite intense start, both men looked very sharp as they immediately went on the offensive and started unloading punches. I felt Glenn just shaded the opener - a round that set the pattern for the full fight in terms of its gruelling and bitter action. Round two was another close round, one that I gave to the champion. At this stage though, I was sure the bout would not reach its latter rounds, such was the frantic pace. The dog-fight continued in the third, a round I definitely awarded to Woods. He started to use his uppercuts to some good effect in this session, while Glen looked as though he was starting to blow a touch. continue

The Ghost gets his chance and a city holds its breath!

02.09.06 - Steve, The Brown Bomber-Within Northern California’s rich boxing heritage and many training gyms that are home to Olympian celebrities such as Andre Ward and the Darrell brothers. It usually isn’t an easy task to single out one prospect from the talent pool. However; tonight featherweight sensation Robert The Ghost Guerrero seems to have the entire California Bay Area chomping at the bit. continue

Toney-Peter: Samuel Peter is one dangerous fighter!

02.09.06 - By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza: Hours before tonight’s showdown between James Toney and Samuel Peter, I got the bug to write a discussion piece regarding this bout. My inspiration was based on something said by Freddie Roach, who as many of you know, I think is the best trainer in all of boxing. Speaking of Samuel Peter, Roach said, “Peter’s best shot is a wide right to the back of the head,” and honestly the guy is right as usual. continue

Woods Wins Nonsensical Decision Over Johnson

02.09.06 - By Justin Waterman: After twelve rounds of mauling, brawling action, Clinton Woods was adjudged a split decision winner over "Road Warrior", Glen Johnson. The last three rounds were nip and tuck as Woods desperately tried to rally on the scorecards after a disasterous ninth, when he was almost stopped on multiple occasions. continue

Goldfield’s Golden Battle: The Centennial Anniversary of Joe Gans – Battling Nelson, Labor Day Sep 2, 1906

02.09.06 - By: Monte D. Cox: Labor day 2006 observes the 100 year Centennial of the famous battle between Joe Gans and Battling Nelson for the lightweight championship of the world in Goldfield, Nevada. The fight was an original one, among the last of the great finish fights. It was in fact the longest championship bout ever contested with boxing gloves.

Joe Gans, hailed as “The Old Master” by his contemporaries, was the epitome of the classic boxer puncher. Gans possessed both remarkable speed and punching power. His jab was straight and accurate, his right hand deadly from 6 inches out, his left hook a life taker. He had grace, balance and impeccable defense, being perhaps the greatest fighter ever at blocking punches and countering. His opponents often thought he was a mind reader, sensing what they were going to do next.

Battling Nelson, “The Durable Dane”, was a rough and tumble pressure fighter who was aggressive and unyielding in the relentless, dogged pursuit of his opponents. One writer said of him that, “Nelson carries in his head the thickest skull bones of any human being since Neanderthal man.” Like a torrential rain Bat was a force of nature that just wouldn’t stop coming no matter what one threw at him. continue

British Beat- Woods-Johnson, and a brief roundup

02.09.06 - By Andy Olsen: Tonight Clinton Woods puts his IBF Light-Heavyweight title on the line, when he takes on Glen Johnson at the Bolton Arena. The bill also includes a light welterweight contest between Souleymayne M’baye and Raul Harocio Balbi for M’bays’s WBA title, and Amir Kahn faces arguably his toughest test to date. continue

Toney-Peter Undercard Weights: Some Serious Intent Here

02.09.2006 - By Wray Edwards @ the scales - Photos © Wray Edwards/ESB -- Toney-Peter & undercard weigh-in photo gallery -- Today's weigh-ins were very spirited but well organized. Aiken defends his title against Guerrero in Saturday's SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING co-feature at STAPLES Center on SHOWTIME (10 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the west coast). In the main event, James Toney faces Samuel Peter in a heavyweight crossroads 12-round fight. We had some very interesting interview comments. Let's get to that later. First here are the weights and face-offs: continue

Euro Boxing Roundup: Wlodarczyk vs Cunningham, Veit vs Inkin, More

02.09.06 - By Per Ake Persson: Hammer Knockout Promotions and Warriors Boxing recently joined forces in regards of cruiser Krzysztof Wlodarczyk and won purse bids for "Diablo´s" fight against Steve Cunningham for the vacant IBF title. Wlodarczyk vs Cunningham goes ahead November 25 at the 7500-seater Torwar Sports Hall in Warzaw for what is the biggest promotion ever in Poland. continue

Both Petersons looked sharp tonight in winning efforts at the Par-a-Dice casino

01.09.06 - By Jason Zimmerman: Anthony (20-0) stayed behind his guard and worked off his sharp jab, opening up the attack in the later rounds and easily controlling a defensive minded Armando Cordoba (21-27-2) to take a unanimous 6 round decision. I scored it 60-54 for Peterson.

Lamont (18-0) looked very sharp against rugged Mexican fighter Omar Bernal (25-9-3). Bernal landed good body shots early, but Lamont's speed and movement ultimately proved too much. Peterson mixed his attack well and worked the angles against the forward moving Bernal, ending the fight in the 7th round with a brutal single left hook to the body that crumpled the Mexican to the canvas for the count. I had it 59-55 for Peterson at the time of the stoppage.

Mike Gonzalez (8-0) stayed undefeated with a wicked uppercut that stopped Donnell Logan in the 2nd (8-9-2) . continue

Wladimir Klitschko: The Only Guy Who Can Beat James Toney

01.09.06 - By Rev. Marc Axelrod: Why do I say this, especially in light of the ups and downs he's had in the past few years (and I mean this quite literally)? Because styles make fights, and the tall, rangy Ukranian has the size and the skills and the jab and the clinching ability to keep James Toney from getting off. All the other heavyweights that James has battled against have made the dumb mistake of playing to his counterpunching strengths. continue

Alejandro "Naco" Berrio: A special Breed

01.09.2006 - By Ted Sares: Certain boxers are sometimes referred to as a "bomber." Ernie Shavers, Julian "The Hawk" Jackson, John "The Beast" Mugabi, Jaime Garza, Tommy Hearns, Wilfredo Gomez, and Tommy Morrison immediately come to mind. Back in the day, guys like the great Joe Louis and the not-so-great Bob Satterfield were given this moniker. They could take an opponent out with one punch. Some, like Shavers, could do it with either hand. continue

Reflections From a Fight in Vegas: A Look Back 20 Years

01.09.2006 - By John Howard: The date was Saturday, September 6, 1986, and the fight card included Michael Spinks vs. Steffan Tangstad, Mike Tyson vs. Alfonso Ratliff, and light heavyweights Bobby Czyz vs. Slobodan Kacar. I remember as I entered the Las Vegas Hilton that night, I had to look at my ticket stub several times to be sure I was in the right place. The Las Vegas Hilton (check), Grand Ballroom (check), a boxing ring in the center of the ballroom (check), but hey, this looks like the venue for the Academy Awards of Porn, or I've wandered into a hooker convention by mistake. continue

Micky Ward has yet to stop fighting! Now retired, he battles to help ex-fighters in need

ward01.09.06 - By Mike Indri - Retired Boxers Foundation: Prior to his retirement from boxing in 2003, Micky Ward had spent close to twenty years battling one tough opponent after another. His three epic brawls with Arturo Gatti will forever be a part of boxing folklore and has elevated the status of both deserving fighters to that of legendary heights, amongst their peers and the boxing public.

While no one can ever forget the thirty hellacious rounds against Gatti, Ward will always remember the debilitating struggles against the likes of Emanuel Augustus, Antonio Diaz, Reggie Brown, Harold Brazier and Frankie Warren; to name just a few. Every fight for Micky Ward was tough, and he will be the first to tell you – that's just how it was.

After his final beating was taken, and administered, that painful, yet proudly remembered night (06/07/2003 vs. Gatti: 10 round unanimous decision loss) at the Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall, Micky Ward wisely decided to hang up the gloves. continue

Victim Livid Over Hamed’s Release

01.09.2006 - By Aaron King: Former featherweight champion Prince Naseem Hamed will be released from prison next week after serving only 16 weeks of a 15-month sentence stemming from a dangerous driving conviction. Anthony Burgin, the man injured in the accident with Hamed, was incensed over the decision to release Hamed, who will be on house arrest for an unspecified duration. continue

Eric Aiken/Robert Guerrero IBF Featherweight Bout On Undercard Of Toney/Peter

01.09.06 - By Jacqui Snow: Newly crowned IBF Featherweight champion Eric "Mighty Mouse" Aiken (16-4, 12 KO's) will defend his title on September 2nd against Robert "Ghost" Guerrero (18-1-1, 11 KO's). The action takes place on the undercard of the WBC Heavyweight elimination bout between James Toney and Samuel Peter and will be shown live on Showtime Championship Boxing. It will be Aiken's seventh fight in less than a year and the third in a row where the odds are considered to be in favor of his opponent. continue

Minto Wants Big Fight!

01.09.2006 - ESPN2 fan favorite and Butler, Pennsylvania heavyweight, Brian "The Beast" Minto 26-1 (15 KO's), is looking for a high profile match in either November or December. Minto, who has compiled an impressive record in just 3+ years wants to land a fight with either either notable heavyweights Evander Holyfield or German Luan Krasniqi, or a crusierweight clash with Antonio Tarver. continue

James Toney-Samuel Peter: La La Land Face-Off

toney-peter01.09.06 - By Wray Edwards - Photos © Wray Edwards/ESB -- Toney-Peter photo gallery -- The weird thing about returning to the place where you grew up, is that much is the same, but not really. That can’t be said of James Toney. He’s pretty much the same wherever he goes. Not so long ago Mr. T was out in the parking lot (after a fight), stripped down to his protector and twirling his boxing shorts over his head as he traded quips with a female fan.

Today at the Staples Center Star Plaza weigh-in for his bout with Sam Peter, James brought, first and foremost, his attitude. One aspect of the sport of Boxing is entertainment, and “Lights Out” has never forgotten that. Combined with Sam Peter’s own brand of bravado, it was inevitable that the weigh-in, which is pretty much ceremonial and promotional in the unlimited division, would turn into a near street riot. Hype aside, these two gave most of the available Anglo-Saxon epithets a real workout. One of Toney’s last quips, as the swirling entourage of homies, crew and media crossed Figueroa Street, was to the effect that “He’s (Sam) just a fake-a** African in that Dashiki.” continue

Day 4: Valuev In Chicago

01.09.06 - On the 4th day of his promotion tour through the USA Nikolai Valuev went ballistic two times already. The plane brought him to Chicago. A huge stretch limousine was waiting for the Sauerland team at the airport. The doors closed, a view through the black tinted windscreen on the imposing buildings – but then Nikolai had to vent his wrath in spite of the overwhelming impressions. “I accept all of that and I know that this stress is necessary”, the “Russian Giant” ranted and raved. continue

Team Witter hit back at Mayweather

01.09.06 - “You would think that as a former world champion, the man would have a bit more class,” said Brendan Ingle yesterday. The Wincobank legend – recently voted by Ring Magazine as one of the top ten trainers in the world – was responding to comments made about his charge Junior Witter by Roger Mayweather in the latest edition of Boxing Monthly. continue

Gabula Vabaza Cancels Fight With Steve Molitor: Another Disappointment For "The Canadian Kid"

31.08.06 - By Jacqui Snow: This Friday, September 1st, Steve "The Candian Kid" Molitor (22-0, 8 KO's) was scheduled to fight undefeated Gabula "Slashing Tiger" Vabaza (23-0-1, 15 KO's) for the vacant IBF Super Bantamweight belt. Molitor's been waiting for this title shot since December 3rd when Israel Vasquez (40-3, 29 KO's) was stripped of the belt for refusing to fight him, choosing instead to fight Oscar Larios for the WBC Super Bantamweight Title. continue

Tyson Becomes Vegas Act

mike tyson31.08.06 - By Craig Parrish: It has been reported by the Associated Press that Former Heavyweight Champ “Iron” Mike Tyson has set up “training camp” at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. The opponent he is training for? None. In fact Tyson has said that he has no plans to return to the ring and that he “truly hates fighting”.

The reason that Tyson is willing to get in the makeshift ring by the hotel’s buffet is simple: he needs the money. Tyson is still millions of dollars in debt and with no plans to return to the ring in earnest, it is highly unlikely that he will ever pay back the money he owes to his creditors. But in the meantime, he is willing to get in the ring and work the mitts with Trainer Jeff Fenech as onlookers gawk. continue

Showtime Weigh-In Photos: Peter: 257, Toney: 233

31.08.06 - Photos: TOM CASINO / SHOWTIME: James "Lights Out" Toney weighed 233 pounds, and Samuel "The Nigerian Nightmare'' Peter tipped scales at 257 at Thursday's weigh-in at STAPLES Center. Afterward, the boxers exchanged words and had to be separated. Toney and Peter collide in Saturday's main event at STAPLES on SHOWTIME (10 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the west coast). In the excellent SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING co-feature, Eric "Mighty Mouse" Aiken defends his IBF featherweight title against Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero. continue

Boris Grinberg: “Sultan Ibragimov will unify the belts by next year!”

31.08.06 - By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza: Although Sultan Ibragimov is currently spending time at home in Russia his manager, Boris Grinberg, was gracious enough to share a few brief words with us about the future of his most promising fighter: “Sultan is currently vacationing in Dagestan, his homeland, (Southern Russia) and will come back as soon as we know something about his next opponent. " continue

WBC News: Big Champions Supporting Little Champions

August 31, 2006 - Mexico City. From WBC President Jose Sulaiman: The WBC is proud to announce the launching of this program in support of all those little champions around the world that serve as an example of courage and desire. This program will consist of a world campaign in which boxing personalities, especially world champions, will visit childrens’ hospitals to encourage them to keep up the hard work and show them that there is always the possibility to succeed in whatever battle there might be. continue

James Toney/Samuel Peter Prediction: Toney to Win by UD

Toney vs Peter31.08.06 - By Ted Sares: I predict James Toney takes the Nigerian bomber to school (Saturday at STAPLES Center on SHOWTIME 10 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the west coast) and this is why:

EXPERIENCE: Clearly, Toney is the more experienced man with far more quality rounds and 50 more fights under his ample belt.

QUALITY OF OPPOSITION: "Lights Out's" opposition has been light years superior to that of Peter. James has fought Roy Jones, a trilogy with the great Mike McCallum (2 wins and a draw), Vassiliy Jirov, Evander Holyfield, Hasim Rahman, Dominick Guinn, John Ruiz, Steve Little, Montell Griffin, Charles Williams, Iran Barkley, Reggie Johnson, Merqui Sosa, and, of course, Michael Nunn. The list reads like a "Whose Who" in tough opponents. Peter, on the other hand, has fought Wladimir Klitschko and then it goes quickly down hill. Charles Shufford Jr, Taurus Sykes and Jeremy Williams have been decent opponents. Indeed, "The Nightmare"sent Williams to sleep and into retirement with a scary left hook but he also was extended to the round limit by Shufford and Robert Hawkins. During the amateurs, he won 18 of 20 fights. No comparison here. continue

Joan Guzman & Israel Vazquez Open Media Workout Quotes

31.08.06 - Promoted by Sycuan Ringside Promotions, undefeated former world champion Joan Guzman and World Boxing Council super bantamweight champion Israel Vazquez held an open media workout from the Oscar de la Hoya Youth Center in Los Angeles Thursday. Guzman challenges current WBO 130-pound champion Jorge Barrios Sept. 16 at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and live on HBO Pay-Per-View while Vazquez and World Boxing Organization bantamweight champion Jhonny Gonzalez square off. continue

Johnson challenges Woods to a bet of $50,000

Hollywood, FL, August 31 – As things heat up for the IBF Light Heavyweight Title fight between Glen Johnson and Clinton Woods, Johnson confronts Woods at today’s press conference in Bolton, England regarding comments that Woods apparently made in reference to knocking Johnson out in the sixth round of their upcoming contest. “I bet you $50,000 that you don’t beat me,” said Johnson.. Woods challenged Johnson as to where and when he saw such a statement and refused to take the bet. continue

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