Sycuan Ringside Promotions and Zanfer Partner Up

31.08.04 - Sycuan Ringside Promotions–the new name for boxing’s fastest-growing and most exciting and innovative promotional entity--and ZANFER, Mexico’s leading boxing promotional firm, have entered into a partnership agreement, a move that could dramatically change the sport’s landscape. continue

Legends never die: The story of Mike Tyson

31.08.04 - By Jose Sanchez: Mike Tyson…you either love him or hate him, yet there little doubt that you will always remember his name. At one point it seemed that his name was destined to shine along with the greats of the sport, perhaps even among the greatest of all sports…alas it was not to be for Mr. Tyson. His boxing career all but done, let us re-examine his life. How will history remember the youngest man ever to win the heavyweight title?

In the beginning…

Some will no doubt remember the early days of the Mike Tyson story. Legend has it that when Cus D’Amato first saw Mike Tyson he immediately said “There is the next Heavyweight Champion of the World”. There were others present that said although raw and lacking technique (not to mention discipline), that the 180lb 12year old Mike Tyson already possessed punching power greater then that of the average heavyweight boxer. He would later be likened to Jack Dempsey, Joe Frazier and Rocky Marciano for his vicious seek and destroy mentality. continue

"Speedy" Gonzales vs Derrick Wilmore in SOLO BOXEO Co-Main

31.08.04 - Dominic Pesoli's 8 Count Productions and Bob Arum's Top Rank Incorporated along with Miller Lite are proud to announce further details of Mexican Independence Brawl at the Hawthorne Race Course on Friday, September 10th. continue

Brewster/Meehan & Spinks/Gonzales

31.08.04 - By Paul Ruby - - This Saturday, Lamon Brewster will make his first defense of the WBO crown he captured from Wladimir Klitschko five months ago. Facing off against him is 34-year-old Australian Kali Meehan. In the co-feature, Cory Spinks is pitted against Mexican veteran and former world title holder Miguel Angel Gonzales for Spinks’ unified welterweight title. I would love to sit here and tell readers that these are going to be evenly-matched, competitive fights, but I’m relatively certain that will not be the case. Still, the card should be worth watching and does, in fact, contain one elite fighter in Cory Spinks.

Few would consider it bold to predict a Cory Spinks win against this rugged Mexican challenger, but I’m going to go out on a limb. I believe Cory Spinks will stop Miguel Angel Gonzales after giving him a boxing lesson. This is really a dream match-up for Spinks. In this fight, The Next Generation should look to exploit his two greatest advantages over this opponent – physical size and speed. Spinks’ trademark has always been his defense and, barring mental lapses like the 12th round against Zab Judah, this fight should be no different. I think Cory Spinks could coast to an easy victory if he desired in this fight, but I believe he will dominate it. continue

ShoBox To Televise 100th Fight on Sept. 2

31.08.04 - SHOWTIME, America’s favorite boxing network, will celebrate the 100th fight of its highly successful series, “ShoBox: The New Generation,” on Thursday, Sept. 2, from Harrah’s Hotel & Casino in Kansas City, Mo., at 11 p.m. ET/PT.* The 100th “ShoBox” fight will feature WBC No. 8/IBF No. 11 Middleweight Contender Kuvanych “Kuva” Toygonbayev (23-2, 15 KOs) against WBC International Middleweight Champion Ian “The Truth” Gardner (16-1, seven KOs). continue

Lost Youth: Why Boxing is Dying in America

31.08.04 - Part II of a three-part editorial series by Phillip Przybylo - July 30: Mike Tyson and Danny Williams leads off as the top story in ESPN’s edition of “SportsCenter,” their flagship sports news show. Mid-August: Riddick Bowe’s latest comeback attempt is picked up by the Associated Press and then by newspapers across the country.

Two buzz-worthy pieces receiving major play in the media. They came at a time with no “Super Fight” serving as a tent pole and feeding them residual interest. And boxing is a dying sport, right? Right. Now more than ever. In the first installment of this series, the sport’s failure to capitalize on Olympians and the Olympians/prospects’ teams failure to capitalize on opportunity were examined. At the other end of the career timeline lies another damaging problem for boxing: veteran fighters who will not let go. continue

Former Foes Support WBC

30.08.04 - By Shawn Darling: I recently caught up with former World Boxing Council light heavyweight champions, Dwight Qawi and Matthew Saad Muhammad. When asked their opinions on the WBC staying in business they said they were happy to hear it. The former archenemies both agreed that because of their WBC belts they were able to command generous paydays and live the life of a champion. continue

Brewster-Meehan, Spinks-Gonzalez Media Quotes

30.08.04 - LAMON BREWSTER (30-2, 27 KOs): “Plain and simple, I am looking for a victory. It does not matter if it is a decision or a knockout. There is no way I could predict if it will be a long or short night. I am looking for all my hard work, perspiration and faith to pay off. ‘’ continue

Bernard Hopkins Has More At Stake Than Marvin Hagler Did

30.08.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - Bernard Hopkins must beat Oscar De La Hoya on September 18th 2004. Bernard Hopkins must beat Oscar De La Hoya on September 18th 2004. Let me phrase it a little differently. On September 18th 2004, Bernard Hopkins must successfully defend his undisputed World Middleweight Championship against Oscar De La Hoya. Because if he doesn't, the legacy that he's built since 1995 will lose a lot of it's shinny glow. Like all things in life, it may not be fair, but that's just the way it is.

Since the Hopkins-De La Hoya fight has been announced, it's often been compared to the Hagler-Leonard Middleweight title fight back in April of 1987. Although it has been beat to death by every writer, the comparisons are fair, legitimate, and cannot go unmentioned. continue

Andre Ward is Gold

30.08.04 – By Matthew Hurley: Andre Ward heard all the whispers from skeptics like me. He knew that pompous writers who sit safely behind their keyboards were predicting nothing but failure for the young Olympian and his teammates. But Ward, thankfully, proved us wrong. It doesn’t matter that the team only garnered one Olympic gold medal. All that matters is that Andre Ward refused to be denied and won gold in the 2004 Olympic games for the United States. No one can ever take that away from him. continue

Trinidad/Mayorga: "Tito" Prepares For Historic October 2 Return

30.08.04 – Legendary champion Felix “Tito” Trinidad is “Back with a Vengeance” when he returns to meet the exciting former WBA/WBC welterweight champion Ricardo “El Matador” Mayorga in New York’s Madison Square Garden, The World’s Most Famous Arena on Saturday, October 2, 2004. This WBA International middleweight championship bout is presented by Don King Productions in association with Madison Square Garden and will be produced and distributed domestically by HBO Pay-Per-View and broadcast internationally and on closed circuit by KingVision.

THE GYM -- Tito trains at the “Tito” Trinidad Gym in Rio Piedra, which is a village in San Juan. The gym is housed on the second floor of a building that Tito owns and he is the only person that uses it. On the first floor of the building are three shops: a pizza shop, a motorcycle shop and a water store – where people refill their five-gallon jugs. continue

And That Is Exactly What Is Wrong With Boxing!

30.08.04 - By Coach Tim Walker: Amidst lawsuits, distrust and customer dissatisfaction the popularity of boxing has dwindled. But there are those of us who are stricken by the pugilist bug. We tune in 3 or 4 times a week in hopes of seeing that rare bout. We watch in hopes of seeing greatness in the squared circle.

Friday night we came the closest to fight greatness that we have since the battles of Ward/Ghatti. The ESPN2 main event featured top twenty fighter Willie Gibbs and slightly known boxer Daniel Edouard. Both fighters were lined up for the next level but Edouard was to play the role of the mouse. The odds makers were against him and according to Gibbs, “Edouard is only a stepping stone to me.” continue

Kristiansen & Kotai in ‘World’ Title Fights

30.08.04 - Fight Production, the company headed by German manager Olaf Schroeder, serves notice of its aspirations for the new season when two of its main fighters, Danish cruiserweight Jesper Kristiansen and Hungarian superwelterweight Mihaly Kotai appear in separate ‘world’ title fights just eight days apart. continue

Omar Weis/Arturo Morua New Headliner for SOLO BOXEO Sept. 10

29.08.04 - Dominic Pesoli's 8 Count Productions and Bob Arum's Top Rank Incorporated along with Miller Lite is proud to present Chicagoland's finest professional boxing with new details of Mexican Independence Brawl at the Hawthorne Race Course on Friday, September 10th. Hawthorne Race Course is located at 35th and Laramie on the Chicago/Cicero border, just minutes from the Stevenson and Eisenhower expressways. continue

Edouard/Gibbs: SLUGFEST!

29.08.04 - By Wray Edwards: I thought to myself: “Wray you sick puppy. Do you actually want to watch two reasonably healthy young men do this to each other for twelve rounds?” Sadly, the answer was yes. That was along about round three.

For openers, there was this guy in a silver mask borrowed from the prop room of the worst “B” sci-fi movie ever made. This WWF masque was worn right up until just before the little get-together with the ref. Charles Dwyer @ center ring. It was intensely weird, and it was meant to be representation of those worn by Roman gladiators. It looked a little like my second grade teacher, who struck me on the head with a dictionary for talking in class. And speaking of violence; as the bell sounded for the first round, the two fighters came out with one thing on their minds: mayhem. In the same ring where Gatti and Ward sent each other to the hospital, there was about to be an echo of that great fight. continue

Did Duane Bobick Get A Fair Shake?

29.08.04 - By Jim Amato: The heavyweight division of the late 60's and early 70's was one of the most talent laden and competetive of all time. It gave us Ali and Frazier. Foreman, Norton, Shavers, Quarry, Lyle and Ellis. The list is almost endless. Bonavena, Middleton, "Blue" Lewis, Mac Foster, Buster Mathis, Chuvalo, Thad Spencer, Leotis Martin.

In the late 70's former Olympian Duane Bobick emerged as a legitimate contender.Although kayoed by Teo Stevenson in the Olympics, Bobick was guided through the pro ranks by "Smokin' Joe Frazier himself. Duane racked up quite an impressive resume on his way up the ratings ladder. There was Chuck Wepner and Larry Middleton. Young Sanford" Fred" Houpe and Bunny Johnson of England. continue

Thompson vs Haye undercard announced

28.08.04 - Carl Thompson vs David Haye is now only 14 days away - the main event at Wembley Arena will be supported by a 10 bout undercard including unbeaten heavyweight Roman Greenberg. In less than three years as a professional, Greenberg has chalked up 15 straight victories (12 by knockout) and honed his talents in the sweatbox atmosphere of America’s toughest gyms. continue

Sugar 'N Spice: The Return of Riddick Bowe

28.8.04 - By Bert Randolph Sugar,Sr. Boxing Analyst at-large for Over the years “retired” boxers have come back more times than Frank Sinatra and Sarah Bernhardt combined, the number of those trying to stuff the toothpaste back into the tube extending far out to sea, well beyond the 12-mile limit. Most come back for the money. Some, like “Sugar” Ray Leonard, come back simply because they miss the roar of the crowd, if not necessarily the smell of the greasepaint. And, of course, there’s George Foreman, who, even today, with tongue not far removed from cheek, continues to hint at a comeback, even at the advanced age of 55, just to keep his name in the news and, not incidentally, sell more grills--or whatever else he is pushing at the time. continue

Stars coming out for RBF golf fundraiser

27.08.04 – The stars will be out September 7 for the inaugural Retired Boxers Foundation (RBF) Celebrity Golf Tournament, Tuohy Sports & Entertainment (TSE) at the Andover Country Club (Andover, MA). Pros On Pros, the sports radio show produced by Tuohy Sports and hosted by former NHL referee and player Paul Stewart, will hit the road and broadcast live 6-8 p.m. during the awards dinner at the RBF Celebrity Golf Tournament. Pros On Pros airs Tuesday nights (6-8 p.m.) on WWZN (AM), 1510 The Zone, Boston’s boxing station. continue

Hector Camacho Jr. Ready To Fight At “Knockouts At Coushatta IV”

27.08.04 - By Carlos Kalinchuk: Tonight the Grand Casino Coushatta in Kinder Louisiana will present Knockouts at Coushatta IV. The card will be Grand Casinos fourth exciting boxing installment of the year and it will feature the son of legendary four-time world champion Hector Camacho, Jr. (37W-1L; 21KO’s) against Marteze Logan (14W-8L; 2KO’s) in ten rounds of action. continue

Danny Williams set to fight Vitali Klitschko on December 9th!

27.08.04 - According to BBC Radio Five Live, Danny Williams is set to fight Vitali Klitschko on December 9. Vitali Klitschko is currently in Athens watching Amir Khan's Olympic semi-final contest and reported to the BBC that he was ready to fight Williams, most likely in Germany, in December. It still isn't known whether Danny Williams will be fighting Oleg Maskaev on October 9th in England.

Before beating Mike Tyson in July, Danny Williams, 31, had mostly a lackluster career. He previously lost to journeyman Julius Francis, Michael Sprott and Sinan Samil Sam. None of who are considered top talent in the heavyeight division. On the other hand, Williams, 32-3 with 27 KO's) has proven to have big power, and is considered always dangerous, especially in the early rounds.

Boxing Comebacks: No Stop Watches, But The Clock Keeps Ticking

26.08.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - What is it about fighters that makes them want to continue fighting when it's obvious to all that have observed them that it's over. That being said, I'm not going to lump just professional fighters in this group. We see it in all Sports, especially Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Yes, there have been just as many athletes in those before mentioned Sports who have comeback or refused to leave the game when it was clearly over for them too.

Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan came back after they said it was time to let the younger guys take over the game. Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, and Joe Montana hung on too long. The same applies to Hall-of-Fame pitchers Tom Seaver and Steve Carlton, who both stayed a little too long and attempted ill fated comebacks. Short sighted comebacks aren't exclusive to just fighters. continue

Conference Call Transcript: Cory Spinks, Miguel Angel Gonzalez

26.08.04 - Cory "The Next Generation" Spinks will defend his undisputed welterweight title against former WBC champion Miguel Angel Gonzalez on Saturday, Sept. 4, on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING at 10 p.m. ET/PT. In the co-feature from Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, WBO Heavyweight Champion "Relentless" Lamon Brewster will defend his crown against Pan Pacific Heavyweight Champion Kali "Checkmate" Meehan. Tickets, priced at $500, $300, $200, $100 and $40, are on sale at the Mandalay Bay Box Office and all TicketMaster outlets. To order tickets by phone, call (702) 632-7580. Don King Productions will promote the world championship doubleheader.

Spinks: I cannot wait to step back in the ring and I am so anxious to get back in there. I am ready for anything. continue

Ann Wolfe in September Issue of Esquire Magazine

Waco, Texas August 26, 2004 – Now available in stores near you is the latest issue of Esquire Magazine featuring an article on IBA Light Heavy Weight Champion Ann Wolfe. Top Esquire writer and avid boxing fan Scott Raab sparred with Wolfe in May of this year. He wanted to get a first hand feel (literally) of what it was like to square off with one of the greatest female boxers in the world. And Ann did NOT disappoint. The Champ delivered some quality shots on Raab before tapping some noogies on his head and smooching him on both cheeks. continue

WBC and Rocchigiani Reach Settlement

26.08.04 - On behalf of the WBC Board of Governors, World Boxing Council President Jose Sulaiman has announced that he and Graciano Rocchigiani signed a final settlement of their case on August 20, and on August 24, the Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed by the WBC in Puerto Rico was officially terminated. continue

Froch concern for Dodson

26.08.04 - As the 'Heirs Apparent' showdown looms, Commonwealth champion Carl Froch has started to question the credentials of his longstanding verbal combatant, Tony Dodson. "There has been a worrying silence from the Dodson camp since the date for our showdown was announced," stated 'The Cobra'. continue

Sechew Powell Headlines "Broadway Boxing" on Sept. 30

25.08.04 - DiBella Entertainment's Broadway Boxing Presented by Mohegan Sun moves into its fifth round on Thursday night, September 30, at the Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center (311 West 34th Street), headlined by former New York Golden Gloves Champion Sechew Powell (13-0, 9 KO's) of Brooklyn, NY, vs. George Armenta (12-3, 10 KO's) Silver Spring, MD, it was announced today by DBE president Lou DiBella. continue

Carlos Palomino joins CMXsports team

25.08.04 - Former world welterweight champion and 2004 Hall of Fame inductee CARLOS PALOMINO has signed on as the new color commentator on “CMX Boxeo de Campeones,” the weekly Latin boxing broadcast series -- now into its third full month of production --presented by CMXsports and promoted by Guilty Boxing.Palomino will make his series debut This Friday August 25, LIVE from The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. continue

Ibeabuchi denied parole

25.08.04 - The Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners has denied Ike Ibeabuchi's early release in a decision announced Tuesday morning. He isn't eligible for parole until December of 2007 when Ibeabuchi will be 34 years old. Ibeabuchi who is held at Lovelock Correctional Center, Nevada, is serving 5 to a maximum of 30 years for battery with intent to commit crime and attempted sexual assault.

Before going to prison in 2002, Ibeabuchi (20-0, 15 KOs) was an up and coming heavyweight and was near stardom. He decisioned David Tua in 1997 in one of the most exciting boxing matches of the year, and knocked out Chris Byrd in his last fight before going to prison in 1999. After Ibeabuch is released, he will be facing deportation to his native Nigeria.

Conference Call Transcript: Kali Meehan, Lamon Brewster, Sam Simon

25.08.04 - "Relentless" Lamon Brewster (photo: Tom Casino/Showtime) will make the initial defense of his WBO heavyweight crown when he battles Pan Pacific heavyweight titleholder Kali “Checkmate” Meehan on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING on Saturday, Sept. 4, 2004. SHOWTIME will televise the Don King Productions-promoted world championship doubleheader from Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas at 10 p.m. ET/PT. In the co-feature, Cory “The Next Generation’’ Spinks will make the second defense of his undisputed welterweight title when he faces former WBC champion and current No. 6 contender, Miguel Angel Gonzalez. Tickets for this exciting evening of boxing are priced at $500, $300, $200, $100 and $40 and are on sale at the Mandalay Bay Box Office and all TicketMaster outlets. To order tickets by phone, call (702) 632-7580. continue

Ex-Foe says Wladimir Klitschko Can Still Be Champ

24.08.04 - By Scoop Malinowski - - "I still think he can be the champ - WBC, WBA, IBF, any one of the champs, you know, because he has that power. He has that power." -Phil Jackson

Many people have given up on Wladimir Klitschko after his two recent losses to Corrie Sanders and Lamon Brewster. HBO abandoned the former Olympic gold medalist and WBO Heavyweight champion and will not televise his ring return on October 2nd against DaVarryl Williamson (rival network Showtime will). But at least one heavyweight out there still has great faith in Wladimir Klitschko as a prizefighter...former opponent Phil Jackson. Jackson fought Klitschko in November 1999 in Las Vegas and was stopped in two rounds. (Jackson also unsuccessfully challenged Lennox Lewis for the WBC title in 1994 - KO 8 loss in Atlantic City). continue

"Speedy" Returns on Telefutura/Solo Boxeo Show on Sept. 10th

24.08.04 - Junior welterweight Al "Speedy" Gonzales, 14-1-1 (7KO's) makes his return to the squared circle as Dominic Pesoli's 8 Count Productions and Bob Arum's Top Rank Incorporated along with Miller Lite present Chicagoland's finest professional boxing card of the summer at Hawthorne Race Course on Friday, September 10th. continue

Shobox To Feature Two Middleweight Showdowns

24.08.04 - The WBC eighth-ranked middleweight contender, Kuvanych Toygonbayev will square off in a 10-round showdown against Ian Gardner Thursday, Sept. 2, on the SHOWTIME boxing series, “ShoBox: The New Generation.” In the eight-round co-feature, undefeated middleweight contender Guadalupe Martinez will square off against NABC Americas Middleweight Champion Francisco Diaz. SHOWTIME will televise the Millennium Events in association with Titan Entertainment co-promoted doubleheader from Harrah’s Hotel & Casino in Kansas City, Mo., at 11 p.m. ET/PT*. continue

Olympic Boxing: It's Getting Almost Un-Watchable

23.08.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - He won the World Heavyweight title from an undisputed Champion who happened to be undefeated. He participated in one of the biggest and most anticipated title fights in history, in which he lost his title and his undefeated record. This all-time great came back after a 10 year retirement and recaptured the title to become the oldest Champ in history at age 45. He also has just about the highest knockout percentage of any Heavyweight Champ in history. Quite an accomplished career by any standards.

However, when asked what the biggest and best accomplishment of his career is, George Foreman always says winning the Gold Medal at the 1968 Summer Olympic Games in Mexico City is by far his proudest achievement in Boxing. In 1968, the 19 year old Foreman destroyed 29 year old Ionas Chapolus of Russia in two rounds to capture the Heavyweight Gold Medal. continue

McCullough and Boswell return to the Ring on Toney-Booker card

23.08.04 – It will be a night of long-anticipated returns on Thursday, September 23 at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California, when three-division world champion and current #1 heavyweight contender James “Lights Out” Toney enters the ring for the first time since undergoing surgery earlier this year and battles unbeaten rising star Rydell Booker in a 12 round WBC Continental Americas and IBA world championship bout to be televised live on Fox Sports Net’s “Best Damn Sports Show Period.” And while the return of “Lights Out” is cause enough for boxing fans to be glued to their television sets, two other high-profile warriors will make their 2004 debuts on the card as well, when former bantamweight world champion Wayne “The Pocket Rocket” McCullough and heavyweight contender Cedric “The Bos” Boswell roar back onto the boxing scene in two compelling 10 rounders. continue

Is Oscar De La Hoya A Great Fighter?

23.08.04 - By Matthew Hurley: Coming out of the 1992 Olympics with a gold medal Oscar De La Hoya was quickly groomed by a savvy public relations firm to be the next Sugar Ray Leonard while subsequently being brow beaten, to the point of disillusionment, by his dictatorial father. The “Golden Boy” quickly began his attempt to become not only a multi-titlist but also to achieve the lofty mantle of being a “great” fighter. Being accorded the tag of greatness has always been more important to him than he has let on. His smiling façade and pre-programmed charm has slipped occasionally but he tore it off during the first big press conference for his September 18 middleweight championship fight against long reigning title holder Bernard Hopkins. Oscar wasn’t smiling that night. Not because he suddenly realized what he had gotten himself into but in the realization that this fight may turn out to be his final shot at “greatness”. The seriousness of this resonated on his face that night and has ever since. continue

Tyson-basher Williams picks Haye - do you?

23.08.04 - Danny Williams, who shocked the world by knocking out Mike Tyson in Louisville last month, has picked former spar-mate David Haye to wrest the IBO cruiserweight title from champion Carl Thompson at Wembley Arena on September 10. Heavyweight Williams knows a thing or two about heavy-hitters and believes that Haye has the firepower and skill to come out on top in the battle of big punchers. continue

Jose Antonio Rivera ready for Thomas Damgaard Oct. 2 at MSG

23.08.04 – “El Gallo” Jose Antonio Rivera (37-3-1, 24 KOs) -- is a true working class world champion in every sense of the phrase. As the World Boxing Association welterweight champion prepares for his first title defense October 2 against No. 1 mandatory contender Thomas “Lionheart” Damgaard (34-0, 26 KOs), at Madison Square Garden in New York City on the Don King-promoted Trinidad-Mayorga card, Rivera continues working fulltime as a court officer at the Massachusetts Trial Courts in Worcester (MA). continue

Why is Everyone so impressed with Bernard Hopkins?

21.08.04 - By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza - - I just don’t get it! What exactly has the “Executioner” done to merit, a discussion between the HBO crew on who should be the Pound-For-Pound #1 fighter, him or Mayweather? Now, before everybody starts to jump the gun and assume I dislike Hopkins, nothing can be further from the truth. Bernard Hopkins is a shining example of many things including,

1. A superior work ethic. Nobody in the sport, except for maybe Evander Holyfield (who is as shot as a cannonball), has such a tremendous physique and build for his age (39). The fact that he can still throw enough, and have enough stamina to win a 12 round championship decision, unlike poor Evander, further makes his case all the more unique, special and of admirable. continue

Weber To Get Title Shot?

21.08.04 - By Jim Amato: Rumor has it that Ohio's rising star Craig Weber is slated to meet I.B.F. Lightweight champion Julio Diaz of Mexico. The fight is to be held September 17th at a yet to be determined US site. Weber is hot off his upset win over Angel Manfredy earlier this year. Diaz won the title on May 13th of this year with a narrow decision over Javier Jauregui. continue

Tomato Cans, Bums & Walkovers

21.08.04 - By WRAY EDWARDS: Whenever we go to the movies, I always sit through the full credits at the end. Everybody leaves, and the sweepers and cleaners swarm all over the place picking up for the next showing. Besides out-takes which are amusing, some movies have scenes after the credits which are great. The one at the end of “THE CHASE”, with Charlie Sheen (my favorite), has him dressed as John Wayne Gacey in a hilarious vignette. Sitting through the credits, is my way of paying respect to all those who have worked so hard to make the movie, especially the supporting cast.

The sport of Boxing reminds one a bit of the old serial shorts, which went with the Saturday matinee. Our hero, with whom we often identify, faces a succession of villains, over the weeks and months, to emerge victorious after a number of perilous cliff-hangers. If there’s anything that hangs on a cliff, it’s the career of a professional boxer. They are in the utmost peril at all times when doing their thing. For us to cheer a winner, there has to be a loser. Though winning may be the best thing, it’s Not “the only thing.” Boxing fans my hiss and boo the Snidely Whiplashes, but without them, there would be no Heroes. continue

Golf Fundraiser Sept. 7 in Andover

21.08.04 - Once again Tuohy Sports & Entertainment (TSE) is in the corner of boxers in need. TSE presents the inaugural Retired Boxers Foundation (RBF) Celebrity Golf Tournament, benefiting The Undisputed Champion For Dignity, September 7 at the Andover Country Club (Andover, MA), TSE president Hank Tuohy and RBF Director Gary Litchfield jointly announced today. continue

"Macho" Miguel Hernandez makes Quick Return

21.08.04 - Illinois State Middleweight Champion, "Macho" Miguel Hernandez, 12-1 (7KO's) returns to the ring on Friday, Sept. 10th as 8 Count Productions and Bob Arum's Top Rank Incorporated along with Miller Lite presents a terrific evening of action packed professional boxing as part of the Solo Boxeo/Telefutura nationally televised weekly series. continue

Latest from David Haye's training camp

20.08.04 - Cruiserweight KO artist David Haye, 10-0 (10), is currently locked down in training camp ahead of his fascinating title tilt against IBO cruiserweight champion Carl Thompson at Wembley Arena on September 10. Haye's trainer and manager Adam Booth took time out to provide an update on the Londoner's preparations while Haye enjoyed an evening nap. continue

Riddick Bowe set for comeback

20.08.04 - By Jeff Bastasini: Former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe (40-1, 32 KO’s) is set to come out of retirement on September 25, against low-ranked heavyweight veteran Jeff Lally (23-23-1, 10 KOs) at Fire Lake Casino. “I truly believe that I'm the best fighter out there, especially when I get in good shape,” Bowe said. “The division is wide open.” Bowe, 37, hasn’t fought in 7 ½ years, and has had an ongoing weight problem for most of those years. He reportedly weighed well over 300 pounds when he entered prison, but has shed much of the weight since getting out after serving 17 months for kidnapping his first wife, Judy Bowe, and their five children in 1988. Bowe's lawyers called the boxer's actions a misguided attempt to reunite his family. During his trial, the judge barred Bowe from boxing because of possible brain damage, but according to Bowe's attorney, the order was withdrawn when he was released from prison. His attorney added that he is fit to box after undergoing neurological testing. continue

Undefeated Dunne Bests Valdez With 10-Round Unanimous Decision

20.08.04 - Bernard "Ben" Dunne got it done against Adrian Valdez with a unanimous decision by the scores of 97-93, 96-94, and 96-95, Thursday on SHOWTIME. In the "ShoBox: The New Generation" co- feature, Armando Velardez stunned previously undefeated Matt Vanda by knocking him out in the eighth round. continue

Joe Louis: Power, Perfection, And Complete

19.08.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - Many Boxing historians, writers, and fans often refer to him as being the greatest Heavyweight Champ in Boxing history. Which is something that can easily be supported by his brilliant career and overall ability as a fighter. What amazes me is how underrated he is as a Boxer and Technician. When the name Joe Louis is mentioned, most limit and think of him as being strictly a puncher. Which is a grave misconception.

Joe Louis was the quintessential Boxer-Puncher. However, because he had dynamite in both hands and scored some picturesque knockouts, most categorize him as being a catch and kill style puncher. Fundamentally, Louis was absolutely faultless. He carried his hands high with his elbows in and his chin down. He threw short and concise bombs, and never wasted a punch. When ever he let his hands go, it was for keeps. He also put together five and six punch combinations with speed, power, and accuracy better than any other Heavyweight in history. continue

Showtime Media Workout Quotes: Lamon Brewster

LAMON BREWSTER: "Some seem to think that this is going to be an easy fight for me, but I have been in the ring with Kali Meehan and I can tell you for sure that this fight is going to be anything but easy.

"They say in order to be a truly great champion, you have to fight great fighters, but just because only a few have heard of Meehan does not mean he is not a great fighter. Believe me, the guy is tough. He is tall, crafty, has heart, a great right hand, speed and can punch. continue

Oscar De La Hoya vs Bernard Hopkins: The Scale Will Tell The Tale

19.08.04 - By Carlos Campos: The odds are set. The preliminary fights are over. The contract is signed. More importantly, fight fans are ready. The upcoming title bout between Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins is the type of fight that maintains boxing fans’ faith throughout the year as we are forced to sit through matches featuring the likes of card-fillers Clifford Etienne and a past-his-prime Virgil Hill. This fight is the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the Everlast rainbow.

By now, we have all heard the comparisons of the De La Hoya/ Hopkins fight to the 1987 bout between Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler. And quite frankly, the comparisons are abundant. There is the older, experienced champion who has ruled the division for years. Then, there is the former Olympic champion who has been successful throughout his career, looking to topple a living legend and add to his legacy. But, the question still remains; will the fight have same ending as Leonard/Hagler? Will De La Hoya prove the naysayers wrong and actually defeat Hopkins? continue

"CMX Boxeo de Campeones" Returns Friday from Tijuana, Mexico

19.08.04 - Now into its third full month of production, the first internet broadcast boxing series, presented by CMXsports and promoted by Guilty Boxing “CMX Boxeo de Campeones “ returns This Friday! August 20, LIVE from the Las Pulgas Club in Tijuana, Mexico. Knockout artist JOSE ARAIZA looks to extend his six year, 24-bout winning streak, against GIOVANNI URBINA in the 10-round super bantamweight main event, which will headline the eight-bout all-action card. continue

James Toney to make (Live) guest appearance tonight on "Best Damn Sports Show Period"

Los Angeles, Aug.19 - Three division world champion and current #1 heavyweight contender and the Best Damn Heavyweight Period, James "Lights Out" Toney will appear on the Thursday, August 19 edition of Fox Sports Net's "Best Damn Sports Show Period" to discuss his upcoming September 23 bout against Rydell Booker (which will be aired live on BDSSP), as well as his future plans in the ring, his always colorful thoughts on the state of heavyweight boxing, and other topical issues. The show will air at 8:30 PM & 11:00 PM.


19.08.04 - By MIKE DUNN: This was another of those all-too-familiar tales of the former champion who tries in vain to recapture the past. On October 7, 1932, the brilliant lightweight champion of the previous decade, Benny Leonard, squared off with one of the top welterweights of the day, 27-year-old Jimmy McLarnin, with predictable results.

It wasn't ego that induced the 36-year-old Leonard back into the ring in 1931. It was financial hardship. Leonard had retired in 1925 with a sparkling ring log that showed 134 victories against just nine defeats. The New York-bred Jewish boxer who had thrilled thousands with his stylish moves and legendary battles against such formidable foes as Johnny Dundee, Ted"Kid" Lewis, Willie Ritchie and Lew Tendler, had a reported $700,000 in his bank account when he hung up the gloves. continue

Sugar 'N Spice: "Boxing: 0 For The Olympics!"

19.08.04 - By Bert Randolph Sugar, Sr. Boxing Analyst at-large for Going all the way back to the time when spectators wore grape leaves in their hair and lions ate the losers, boxing and the Olympics have gone hand and glove--or hand in cestus, if you will. And when the ancient games were revived, boxing and the Olympics once again became an item, the sport taking center ring in the Olympic five ring circus. continue


19.08.04 - Ricardo “El Matador” Mayorga has been training at the Alexis Arguello Gym in Managua for the past three weeks in preparation for his October 2 clash with three-time world champion Felix “Tito” Trinidad. All of his sessions have been open to the public. continue

The Under-Rated Warriors of Boxing

18.08.04 - By Paul Ruby: A sad reality of the fight game today is that dollar signs and sanctioning bodies can impact the ranking system as much as a fighters’ accomplishments in the ring. This leads to the exultation of too many mediocre fighters who accrue countless wins against faceless opponents only to fail when matched against a solid opponent whose record and ability are commensurate with one another. There is constant talk about fighters being ‘protected’ and ‘over-rated,’ but in this article we will discuss ten fighters that you don’t hear about as much: The Under-Rated Warriors of Boxing. These are fighters who do not get the due respect that their skills and accomplishments should garner. They are all accomplished fighters and, despite often holding titles, they are not widely known among casual fans. It warrants mentioning that they are ordered by weight, and this is not a ranking system. continue

Olympic Update – Siler Advances

18.08.04 - By Matthew Hurley: American Ron Siler advanced to the 16th round in the flyweight division of the Olympic games. The team captain scored a 32-18 decision victory over Australia’s Bradley Hore. Siler now moves into a second round bout against Tulashboy Doniyorov of Uzbekistan on Saturday. continue

De La Hoya-Hopkins: One month away from the Super fight!

18.08.04 - By Neil Goodman: We are now just one month away from the big showdown, Hopkins Vs De La Hoya for the undisputed world Middleweight title! This is in essence a 'Super' fight and will without doubt be a great occasion, but I do not think the clash will compare with Marvin Hagler vs Sugra Ray Leonard. Many observers and writers have drawn numerous comparisons between the two events and fighters involved, but unfortunately as the sport stands we are no longer in a golden era.

The sport keeps hoping for the next great heavyweight (Klitschko need not apply), we long for great fighters (Roy Jones need not apply), we crave super fights and I simply can not see Hopkins V De La Hoya fitting the bill. continue

Former Boxing Champion Robert Quiroga Found Stabbed to death!

17.08.04 - Fomer boxing champ Robert Quiroga was found stabbed to death on Monday in San Antonio, Texas, according to police reports. Quiroga was discovered by a passer-by on Interstate 10, who found him lying on the ground next to his car. According to local police, Quiroga had been stabbed in his abdoman, back and left shoulder. At this time, there are no suspects and this case is being treated as a murder. continue

What a Time to be a little guy

17.08.04 - By Patrick Corcoran: The 135- and 140-pounders have it all: action brawlers in Arturo Gatti and Acelino Freitas, slick boxers like Sharmba Mitchell and Joel Casamayor, emerging stars such as the Diaz pair, Juan and Julio, and Miguel Cotto,and pound-for-pound title contenders Kostya Tszyu and Floyd Mayweather.

It is a virtual smorgasbord for the boxing fan right now in those two divisions. The past six months has proven beyond a doubt what has long been true: the center of the boxing universe is now in the lower weight classes, particularly the aforementioned lightweight and junior welterweight divisions. Diego Corrales’ hammering of Acelino Freitas on August 7th was icing on the cake; already this year we’ve seen great bouts between Miguel Cotto and Lovemore N’dou, Juan Lazcano and Julio Luis Gonzalez, Floyd Mayweather and Chop Chop Corley, Juan Diaz and Lakva Sim, as well as many others. continue


17.08.04 - By Wray Edwards: The first time I met Matt Vanda was at the Ledyard Center Arena just before the Casamayor/Corrales II contest. As I took my seat, I noticed a man sitting next to me who was talking with some people about his last fight. He looked at me, as I sat, and said hello in a friendly manner. I introduced myself, and as we shook hands, it was amazing how powerful he was, and wasn’t. By that, I mean that his hand and forearm were so strong but controlled. He wasn’t one of those people who snatch your fingers before the hands are matched. I thought to myself: “Man this guy’s really solid.” We talked a bit until his friends arrived who were assigned away from him but, I moved to accommodate their sitting together. continue

The Only Thing A Fighter Controls

17.08.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - Suppose you're Heavyweight contender Monte Barrett, and you just signed to fight WBC Champ Vitali Klitschko for the title. Obviously it's the biggest and most important fight of your life. No doubt you'll want to cover all the important bases in the hopes of giving yourself the best possible chance to win. The ironic thing about this is the fact that no matter how much Barrett intends to be the best prepared he can be, he really only has control of one thing. And that pertains to all fighters, not just Barrett or Klitschko. continue

Paul Briggs Moves On To Antonio Tarver!

17.08.04 - On a cold Sunday night with the Olympics on TV, a crowd of over 2000 turned up to see Paul ‘Hurricane’ Briggs win a unanimous twelve round decision over Stipe ‘Spiderman’ Drews at the State Sports Centre in Homebush, Sydney, a fight designed to determine Antonio Tarver’s WBC mandatory. Going in, Briggs was rated #2, Drews #3.The twelve rounder got off to a quiet start and at the end of five rounds the 6’5 southpaw held the upper hand as he boxed from the outside, used his reach and turned Briggs around. continue

Time Tunnel: Tommy Hearns Vs. Iran Barkley – June 6, 1988

17.08.04 - By Matthew Hurley: Thomas Hearns suddenly froze, his body stiff and he slowly fell backwards. Before he hit the canvas Iran Barkley smashed a right hand onto the “Hit Man’s” chin and intensified his descent. Hearns, the WBC middleweight champion hit the floor with complete dead weight. He looked as though all the life had been drained from his muscular body. Somehow he rolled over and stumbled to his feet. Referee Richard Steele, the same man who had rescued Tommy from the brutal assault of Marvin Hagler, let Hearns continue. Barkley, by that time a bloody mess, rushed after Hearns and knocked the stricken fighter out of the ring. It happened so quickly, against all odds, but it happened. The audience at Caesars Palace sat in stunned disbelief. At two minutes and thirty-nine seconds of the third round Thomas Hearns’ reign as middleweight champion was over, and so too, it seemed, was his career.

By the summer of 1988 Thomas Hearns had a record of 45 wins and 2 losses. With the retirement of the two men who had defeated him, Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler, Tommy set out to define himself as a fighter who would take on all comers. continue

Howard Eastman returns Sept. 24

17.08.04 - Hennessy Sports kick off the 2004/05 boxing season in spectacular style with the forthcoming 'Heirs Apparent' showdown. 'Heirs Apparent' on Friday September 24th will host two mouth-watering, championship fights featuring Hennessy Sports stars- Howard Eastman and Carl Froch. First up is the 'Battersea Bomber'. WBC #1 Howard Eastman will defend his prized European Middleweight crown against mandatory challenger Jorge Sendra. continue

Aug 27: Davis vs Binkowski for IL Heavy Title

16.08.04 - Hitz Boxing presents another edition of The Ramada Rumble on Friday, August 27th featuring 9 of Chicagoland's favorite fighters. In a local battle of big men, 6'5" Carl Davis faces former Canadian Olympian Art Binkowski for the Illinois State Heavyweight Title. In the co-main event, Chicago's Chris Thomas returns to the ring following his second round crushing knock-out of Richie LaMontagne on Tuesday Night Fights. Also in action, 3-time UFC Champion Jens Pulver in a 4 round Welterweight bout. continue

Browning Boxing Celebrates 8th Anniversary with Heavyweight Extravaganza!

16.08.04 - Browning Boxing, Inc. will present a Night of Young Heavyweights at the Park Plaza Hotel at Reliant Center on Thursday, August 19. The landmark eighth anniversary show will feature five heavyweight bouts, including three big men making their professional debuts. Since July of 1997, Browning Boxing has been integral in reviving the live boxing scene in the Bayou City, cultivating grassroots interest in the sport by providing a platform for promising local pugilists to showcase their skills in front of their hometown fans while moving up the ranks. continue

Joe Mesi's Camp Admits To Brain Hematoma

15.08.04 - Stuart Campbell, the attorney for heavyweight contender Joe Mesi, informed the Nevada State Athletic Commission this week that Mesi did suffer bleeding on the brain after his March 13 bout with Vassiliy Jirov in Las Vegas. According to a report in The Buffalo News, Campbell said Mesi suffered a "small subdural hematoma." However, it was reported that Mesi was diagnosed with three subdural hematomas after his brutal match with Vassily Jirov on March 13 in Las Vegas. continue

Vitali Klitschko vs Monte Barrett: Would this be a fair first title defense?

15.08.04 - By Adam Zee: Why are people complaining about Vitaly's first proposed title defense vs Monte Barrett? Perhaps the talent rich decade of the 1990's has spoiled us as fans. Great fighters such as Holyfield, Tyson, and Lewis captured public imagination in and out of the ring. All three men fought each other, and beat a host of colorful contenders along the way, defining the 1990's as a great era for heavyweight boxing. I realize this decade isn't the 1990's in terms of talent, but why must the media be as relentless as the male impotency commercials that pollute our beloved sporting events by reminding us this, again, and again, and again. continue

"King" Sam Soliman's Good Intentions

15.08.04 - The buzz from the Sam Soliman camp continues to grow since he totally outclassed Ray Joval three weeks ago in Temecula, California on Fox Sports Net for the No.1 IBF middleweight ranking. "King" Sam Soliman returned to his homeland in Australia last weekend and went straight back into training, preparing for his next outing on September 24 in Sydney, Australia where he is up against former five-time WBA world champion Julio Cesar Vasquez in a ten round outing. Soliman sees Vasquez as a warm-up fight before entering the ring with Jermain "Bad Intentions" Taylor, hopefully before Christmas. continue


14.08.04 - By: Wray Edwards: Twenty-seven year-old Eddie Sanchez, 11-3-2 (7), demonstrated what is possible, when inner courage triumphs over physical, and experience limitations. Last night, on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights, he took on Joel C. Candelo 26-6-3 (18). The Columbian born Candelo, who recently began to train with Buddy McGirt, was on a mission to re-establish his Jr. Lightweight career after a recent loss to Kassim Ouma. Sanchez, who lives in New Orleans, and trains in San Diego, has been a local, West Coast, boxing circuit fighter, with limited experience. He has recently re-entered the boxing game after a four-year layoff to recover from life-threatening injuries he received when he was stabbed during a road-rage incident and, left for dead. continue


14.08.04 - The fourth installment of DiBella Entertainment's popular Broadway Boxing Presented by Mohegan Sun will air on Madison Square Garden Network on Tuesday, August 17, at 6:30 PM, and Tuesday, August 24, at 8:00 PM. Two exciting rematches that took place on July 30 will highlight the card from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT. "Tiger" Martinez faces Nate Campbell in the main event, and Aneudi "El Estudiante" Santos squares off against Sam Reese in the co-feature. continue

Juan Carlos Gomez Destroyed by Yamplier Azcuy!

13.08.04 - Juan Carlos Gomez, the #2 ranked heavyweight in the WBC, lost by an embarrassing technical knockout in the 1st round to an unknown Yamplier Azcuy on Friday night at the Entertainment Center in Laredo, Texas. Gomez, who was smiling during the bout, appeared to be not taking Azcuy seriously. continue

Sanchez upsets Candelo

14.08.04 - by Kent Appel @ ringside: The Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California was the scene of a twelve round middleweight bout Friday Night August 13, 2004 between Jr. Middleweight contender J.C. Candelo of Denver, Colorado and Eddie Sanchez of Hollywood, California that resulted in an upset unanimous decision victory in favor of Sanchez for something called the GBU Americas middleweight title. continue

Irene Pacheco headlines on ESPN 2 Friday Night Fights

13.08.04 - World championship boxing comes to Hollywood, FL with an exciting lineup of bouts. The first card to hold a world championship fight in Hollywood, FL features current IBF flyweight champion Irene Pacheco facing undefeated challenger Vic Darchinyan. The card, to be held at The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino takes place Friday, September 3, and will consist of eight scheduled bouts. continue

Sugar 'N Spice: Boxing's Pound-For-Pound Discussion

13.08.04 - By Bert Randolph Sugar, Sr. Boxing Analyst at-large for CMXsports - - Used to be, back in the good olde days, boxers were measured less by their accomplishments in the ring than by the argumentative powers of their supporters. continue

Showtime Boxing Media Roundtable Quotes - Kostya Tszyu

13.08.04 - In another likely candidate for Fight of The Year, two of boxing’s best pound-for-pound fighters will meet Nov. 6 on SHOWTIME when Undisputed Junior Welterweight Champion Kostya Tszyu defends his titles against Sharmba Mitchell. The long-awaited rematch will take place in the United States, from a site to be announced in the near future.

Tszyu (30-1, 24 KOs) scored a controversial seventh-round TKO over Mitchell (55-3, 30 KOs) on Feb. 3, 2001, on SHOWTIME. The fight was stopped when a knee injury forced Mitchell to retire after the seventh round. At the time of the stoppage, Tszyu was ahead on two of the scorecards, 68-65 and 68-64, and even on the other, 66-66. continue

Let The Games Begin

13.08.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - Tonight marks the opening ceremonies kicking off the start of the 2004 Summer Olympics. For the next two and a half weeks, sports fans will have a million feel good stories thrown at them about many of the competing athletes. We'll also have Politics thrown at us regarding Iraq and Global Terrorism. On top of that, Swimming, Track and Field, Gymnastics, Soccer, and Diving will most likely be the thrust of the coverage. Did I leave anything out? continue

In response to “Macc concerned for Haye”

13.08.04 - Fight Academy and Carl Thompson were saddened to read the Sports Network press release “Macc concerned for Haye”, which featured ill-informed criticism by Swansea’s Enzo Maccarinelli regarding the credentials of IBO world cruiserweight champion Carl Thompson and unbeaten David Haye ahead of their title clash at Wembley Arena on September 10. continue


13.08.04 - WBU World Cruiserweight Champion ENZO MACCARINELLI has reported David Haye to the charity Age Concern for continually beating up veteran boxers! Maccarinelli is worried that Haye is going to batter 40-year-old senior citizen Carl Thompson next month after walloping another veteran, Arthur Williams, in May this year. continue

Showtime Tripleheader Featuring Wladimir Klitschko/Tszyu-Mitchell Rematch Signed

13.08.04 - On the heels of the tremendous slugfest between Danny Williams and Mike Tyson on July 30, and Fight of the Year candidate Diego Corrales vs. Acelino Freitas on Aug. 7, SHOWTIME continues its amazing roll with a spectacular fall lineup for September, October and November. Following a Sept. 4 world championship doubleheader featuring title defenses by World Boxing Organization (WBO) Heavyweight Champion Lamon Brewster and Undisputed Welterweight Champion Cory “The Next Generation’’ Spinks, the network will feature a thrilling tripleheader on Oct. 2, from The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas which features the return to the ring of former World Boxing Organization (WBO) heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko plus two more eagerly anticipated world title fights. continue

Respect overdue for tireless Carl Thompson

12.08.04 - Respect is what Carl Thompson deserves and his record demands. The IBO cruiserweight champion is disarmingly humble out of the ring and that may explain why ‘The CAT’ has never received due credit for a thrilling career at world level. Thompson has been written off many times, but he keeps coming back with a relentlessness rarely seen outside the Terminator movies. The way I stand in front of people they can hardly miss,” joked Carl. “I usually get caught, but I always fight right back.” continue

Emanuel Steward: 'I'm Very Dissapointed With Hatton And Warren'

12.08.04 – WBA jr. welterweight world champion Vivian Harris' (photo: Carlos Kalinchuk) manager Emanuel Steward has expressed his disappointment after learning that Ricky Hatton and Frank Warren pulled out of the WBA’s number #1 mandatory position and opted to forego a challenge for Harris' WBA belt: "Frank Warren's dictator-like attitude and his 'my way or no way' attitude was the breaking point," said Hall of Famer Steward. "He didn't want the Harris-Hatton title fight to go to purse bids, and now he’s cost Hatton a shot at the world title. Contrary to many media reports, we decided in conjunction with Main Events that since Hatton is a good boxer we'd even offer him a 50/50 split. That's unheard of when typically the champ gets 75-80%, but they still turned it down!” continue

Bernard Dunne to meet Adrian Valdez on SHOBOX

12.08.04 - Featherweight phenom Bernard Dunne (13-0, eight KOs) will square off in a 10-round showdown against Adrian Valdez (14-2-3, 6 KOs) Thursday, Aug. 19, on the SHOWTIME boxing series, "ShoBox: The New Generation." In the 10-round co-feature junior middleweights Matt Vanda and Armando Velardez will wage war. SHOWTIME will televise the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing and Team Freedom co-promoted doubleheader from Aldrich Arena in Maplewood, Minn., at 11 p.m. ET/PT*. continue

"CMX Boxeo de Campeones" Returns to The Orleans on Friday

12.08.04 - Now into its third full month of production, the first internet broadcast boxing series, presented by CMXsports and promoted by Guilty Boxing – “CMX Boxeo de Campeones” – returns This Friday! August 13, LIVE from The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Motown mauler, CORNELIUS LOCK, from Detroit, looks to extend his 13-bout unbeaten streak, ANGEL MATA, from San Fernando, CA, in the 10-round super bantamweight main event, which will headline the seven-bout all-action card. continue

Fifty Years Ago: The Summer Of The Rock And The Cobra

11.08.04 - By Mike Dunn: Fifty years ago, it was the summer of the Rock and the Cobra. Reigning heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano defended the title against former champion Ezzard Charles, each time thrilling a large crowd at Yankee Stadium. In June, Marciano pounded out a tough 15-round decision and in September, Marciano knocked out Charles in the eighth round. The latter fight was not without its drama, however; Marciano¹s nose was grotesquely split early in the fight and he was in danger of being stopped himself if he did not successfuly terminate Charles¹ challenge.

The battles between the Rock and the Cobra spurred the fascination of the public. Marciano, the 31-year-old slugger from Brockton, Mass., was unbeaten and the possessor of a right hand that hit with the approximate power of a small bulldozer. Charles, a.k.a. The Cincinnati Cobra, was seeking to regain the crown. continue

Sugar 'N Spice: "Requiem for a Former Heavyweight Champ? Not Yet"

10.08.04 - By Bert Randolph Sugar, Sr. Boxing Analyst at-large for It wasn’t supposed to have happened this way. What had been planned as a hollow formality, one almost as carefully planned as a 10-word Western Union telegram, had gone terribly wrong. It was to have been Mike Tyson’s triumphant comeback after 17 months of inactivity, a comeback that would have guided him on a path into the heavyweight rankings and a title shot and out of hock. continue

Roy Jones Jr. to challenge Glen Johnson for light heavy title

10.08.04 - Promoters Square Ring, Inc. and Goossen Tutor Promotions, in association with Prize Fight Boxing and Grand Casinos Tunica, will present a sensational light heavyweight world championship fight on September 25, 2004, at FedExForum, located at 191 Beale Street in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. The main event will be televised on HBO.

In the main event scheduled for 12 rounds, Roy Jones Jr., 49-2, with 38 knockouts, of Pensacola, Florida, will challenge IBF world light heavyweight champion Glen Johnson, 40-9-2, with 27 KOs, of Miami, Florida. It's an important match for both fighters. Roy, a world champion for over a decade in four weight divisions - middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight - is returning to the ring for the first time since his loss against Antonio Tarver on May 15. Now 35 years old, he is the challenger in this fight. continue

Toney/Booker fight for WBC #1!

10.08.04 - Goossen Tutor Promotions is thrilled to announce that the James Toney vs Rydell Booker bout on September 23 and televised live on FOX Sports Net's Best Damn Sports Period will be fought not only as an IBA title fight, but also as a WBC Continental Americas championship bout, with the winner to become the #1 WBC contender to champion Vitali Klitschko. continue

"Raging Bull" Vic Darchinyan To Fight Pacheco on September 3

10.08.04 - IBF No.1 contender the "Raging Bull" Vic Darchinyan will get his shot at the world title when he faces 33 year-old undefeated IBF flyweight boxing champion Irene Pacheco on September 3, 2004 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida in the USA. 28 year-old Darchinyan, whose undefeated record stands at 21 wins and 0 losses with 16 explosive knockouts, will face left-handed Pacheco, who hails from Colombia and has a record of 30 wins and 0 losses with 21 knockouts. continue

Banner Wins Appeal In Antwun Echols Lawsuit!

10.08.04 - Promoter Art Pelullo and Banner Promotions won their appeal of a District Court's ruling in a promotional contract dispute with super middleweight contender Antwun Echols. The ruling was made by the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. In Echols' complaint, he alleged that his promotional agreement with Banner Promotions was unenforcable for "indefiniteness." continue

James Toney Fights Live On 'Best Damn Sports Show Period' Sept 23

09.08.04 - On September 23, three division world champion and current # 1 heavyweight contender James Toney returns to the ring for the first time since suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon when he battles unbeaten Rydell Booker in a 12 round heavyweight bout to be held at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California. To celebrate the return of, "Lights Out," this bout will be telecast live on FOX Sports Net's hit show, "Best Damn Sports Show Period," doors open at 4pm (PT), 1st bout starts at 4:15pm (PT). Main event starts at 5:30pm (PT). continue

Diego Corrales vs. Erik Morales – A Fight Fans Dream

09.08.04 - By Matthew Hurley: In the wake of Erik Morales’ and Diego Corrales’ recent victories, fight fans are salivating at the thought of these two crowd pleasers squaring off against each other. After Diego’s slow, systematic breakdown of Acelino Frietas he emerged as a near terrifying force at lightweight. Tall, rangy and possessing lethal power in either hand Chico has firmly and fiercely reestablished himself as among the best in the game. On the flip side, Morales has never had to reestablish himself. For the past decade, the most under appreciated great fighter in boxing has consistently performed at the highest level. His excellence cannot be overstated in spite of how understated most boxing pundits have accorded his worth. These two simply have to meet. continue

SHOWTIME triple header at Mandalay Bay on Oct 2

09.08.04 - The October 2 SHOWTIME Championship Boxing triple header at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV, will feature the return of former world heavyweight champion WLADIMIR KLITSCHKO against DAVARRYL WILLIAMSON; undefeated JEFF "LEFT HOOK" LACY vs. SYD VANDERPOOL for the IBF super middlweight title and VERNO PHILLIPS vs. KASSIM OUMA for the IBF jr. middleweight title.

What Is Holding Up Vitali Klitschko v James Toney?

08.08.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - Let's see, on the horizon we have the following fights signed to take place before the end of this year, Hopkins-De La Hoya, Trinidad-Mayorga, Johnson-Perez, Brewster-Meehan, Spinks-Gonzalez, Wright-Mosley II, Byrd-McCline, and Ruiz-Golota. Did I mention that they all have firm dates set.

My question is, what's up with the Heavyweight who's perceived to be the best in the division, Vitali Klitschko? The other day I happened to see Ring Magazine's new rankings as of August 2nd. As I started at the top and scanned down, I noticed that just about all the Heavyweights they have listed in their top-ten are scheduled to fight in the next few months. Only Monte Barrett, Fres Oquendo, and Joe Mesi, are not scheduled to fight, the other seven are penciled in for sometime later this year. continue

Knockouts At Coushatta IV Featuring Hector Camacho Jr. and IBA Female Light Heavyweight Championship Fight

08.08.04 - On August 28, 2004, The Grand Casino Coushatta in Kinder Louisiana presents Knockouts at Coushatta IV. The card will be Grand Casinos fourth exciting boxing installment of the year and it will feature the son of legendary four-time world champion Hector Camacho, Jr. (37W-1L; 21KO’s) against Marteze Logan (14W-8L; 2KO’s) in ten rounds of hard-hitting action.. continue


08.08.04 - By Wray Edwards: With those simple words, Acelino Freitas 29, became human to us, himself, and the people of Brazil. Gone was the unblemished record of his perfect career. With patience and skill, Diego Corrales (photo: Tom Casino/Showtime) weathered six rounds of slick movement and dominant punching by his adversary from South America, and then wrote new chapters in his life, and that of his opponent.

With obviously improved boxing skills, and what appeared to be a strengthened chin, Corrales chased the dancing Acelino around the ring. The first six rounds were close, with the edge going to Freitas in at least five. Freitas delivered some very effective combinations which stung Diego, and had him reeling a couple of times. About 151 of round four, Corrales put his left glove behind Freitas’ neck and began pounding Acelino’s body over and over. Ortega was to Corrales right, and was bent over to judge the body shots…he didn’t see Diego’s neck-hold. Going over the “hump” of the fight, the last minute of six and the first minute of seven saw a subtle shift in momentum, punch-rate and aggressive direction. continue

Corrales outlasts Freitas In a True Prize Fight!

08.08.04 - By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza - - That’s right, this is one of the few fights in the past couple of years that I can safely say has earned the honor of the title that was taken for granted in the latter half of the last century, of a “Prize Fight.” What you had was two young, hungry fighters in their primes facing each other to see who was the best, and more so than plain old leather boxing gloves, using their wills to see who can force the other to submit. continue

Arnaoutis In Scintillating Fight To Controversial Draw

07.08.04 - Like a certain Caesar used to say, "We came, we saw, we conquered." The script was written, the pages set and the plan hatched. Juan Urango, the undefeated knockout artist, was to add a fellow undefeated prospect to list of victims. A star was to be born in South Florida on the evening of August 5th, 2004, and a national audience would be watching on the ShowTime network. Everything was in place, and the stage was set for a walkover. continue

Ringside Report: Freitas vs Corrales/Yodsanan vs Forbes

07.08.04 - By Don Deane: Foxwoods Resort and Casino along with Banner Promotions brought fight fans an action packed night of bouts on August 7. The main event was the WBO Lightweight title fight between Acelino Freitas and Diego Corrales. The semi main was a WBA Super Featherweight title bout between Yodsanan 3k Battery and Steve Forbes.

Yodsanan 3K Battery vs Steve Forbes- 12 round WBA Super Featherweight title fight.: Fans were treated to a glorious bout between Yodsanan and Forbes. As expected, Yodsanan came out a bit more aggressively and tried to feel out Forbes. Forbes was looking for counters and scouting Yodsanan early and found time to land a good left in round one. continue

Can The Tiger Catch The Ghost?

07.08.04 - By Jim Amato: The pot is brewing and the war drums are beating. Not since the days when Youngstown natives Ray Mancini and Harry Arroyo ruled the lightweight division has there been a clamor for two local favorites to face off. Two young and undefeated prospects are on collision course. Youngstown's Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik and Mansfield, Ohio's Tony "The Tiger" Hanshaw have won 39 pro fights between them. Hanshaw has very strong ties to the Warren, Ohio area and a very strong following in these parts. Pavlik is 21-0 while Hanshaw sports a 18-0 record. continue

Corrales Ko's Freitas in 10th round!

07.08.04- In a terrific bout that lived up to its billing as a leading candidate for Fight of the Year, World Boxing Organization (WBO) Junior Lightweight Champion Diego Corrales spotted previously undefeated WBO lightweight champion Acelino Freitas a big early lead before rallying to register three knockdowns en route to dethroning Freitas on a thrilling 10th-round TKO Saturday on SHOWTIME at Foxwoods Resort Casino. Banner Promotions presented the world title fight, which aired at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on West Coast). continue

Duva Thankful for Sho-Box Success

07.08.04 - Promoter Dino Duva wishes to thank everyone involved with making Thursday’s Duva Boxing debut “Sho-Box – The Next Generation” broadcast a rousing success. “Hard Knocks at the Hard Rock,” at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, was co-promoted by Warrior’s Boxing and featured power-punching future heavyweight star Samuel “The Nigerian Nightmare” Peter in the main event and all-action welterweight prospect Juan Urango in the co-feature. continue

Jason Estrada going for gold in Athens

07.08.04 – The future of the heavyweight division in boxing, to some degree, may rest on the broad shouders of Jason Estrada in the Summer Olympic Games in Athens. How well boxers perform and what color medals they capture will determine the value of signing bonuses for those such as Estrada who will turn pro when they return home and negotiate with interested promoters. continue

Joe Mesi's Promoter Calls it Quits

06.08.04 - Earlier today, Promoter Tony Holden announced that he will no longer be working as Joe Mesi’s promoter. This announcement throws further bad news the way of the suspended Mesi, who hasn’t fought since winning a decision over Vassily Jirov in his last fight in Las Vegas in March, 2004. However, in that fight, Mesi (29-0) was badly hurt by Jirov’s punches, and was knocked down three times. The commission asked to see Mesi's post-fight medical tests to make sure he is healthy enough to continue boxing. continue

The Rise And Fall Of Mike Tyson

06.08.04 - By Carlos Campos: My grandfather's generation had Joe Louis. My father's generation had Muhammad Ali. My generation had Iron Mike Tyson. For a young man who grew up listening to tales of Ali's exploits and Louis' conquests, Tyson was my link to boxing greatness. Iron Mike was the fighter I was supposed to be able to boast about having seen fight in my old age.

"Son, come here so I can tell you about a boxer named Tyson..." Sure, I'll still be telling stories about Tyson, except they will be synonymous with the all too familiar anecdote of a fighter who had the world at his feet and let it dissolve through his misdeeds and regretful management choices. continue

Michael Clark hungry for major world title shot

06.08.04 – Michael “Cold Blood” Clark (34-2, 15 KOs) is getting hungrier and hungrier as he prepares to shift training camp from his Columbus (OH) home to Fort Myers (FL) and it doesn’t have anything to do with making weight for his August 20 fight against Levander Johnson (33-4, 25 KOs). continue

Audley Harrison Statement on Skelton-Harrison

06.08.04 - Citing irreconcilable differences and relentless delays by promoter Frank Warren to hinder the signing of a deal for Audley Harrison to fight Matt on October 9, A-Force Promotions is no longer interested in this opportunity and have agreed in principle for Audley Harrison to face an opponent to be named on a pay-per-view fight to be broadcast by CSI Sports in the United States November 13. continue

Samuel Peter Pounds Out 10-Round Unanimous Decision Over Pudar

06.08.04 - Promising heavyweight contender Samuel Peter pulverized Jovo Pudar to register a 10-round unanimous decision by the scores of 100-90 (twice) and 98-92, Thursday on SHOWTIME. In the "ShoBox: The New Generation" co-feature, Juan Urango and Michail Arnaoutis fought an incredibly entertaining 12 rounds of boxing that brought about a standing ovation from the sellout crowd. The judges scored the slugfest 115-113 and 114-114 (twice), resulting in a majority draw. continue

Maccarinelli Aims To Send The Dane Packing

06.08.04 - Hard-hitting Welshman ENZO MACCARINELLI will take on Denmark’s JESPER KRISTIANSEN when he he adlines the Newport Sports Centre on Friday 3 September. The Swansea puncher makes the fifth defence f his WBU World Cruiserweight title and moves quick following his victory last month over Ismail Abdoul. continue

"EL GALLO BRAVO" in Illinois State Title Fight on Friday, Aug 13th

06.08.04 - KO Artist Luciano "EL GALLO BRAVO" Perez, 9-0 (8KO's) battles for the Illinois State Welterweight Championship next Friday night, August 13th as Dominic Pesoli's 8 Count Productions and Miller Lite presents Hawthorne Heat, an action packed card of Chicagoland's finest professional boxing at the Hawthorne Race Course. Tickets starting at $25 are on sale in advance of the event by calling 312-226-5800. continue

Press Conference Scheduled For August 10 To Announce Roy Jones Jr. Vs Glen Johnson Fight

05.08.04 - Promoters Square Ring, Inc. and Goossen Tutor Promotions, in association with Prize Fight Boxing and Grand Casinos Tunica, has scheduled a press conference to announce the sensational IBF light heavyweight world championship fight between challenger Roy Jones Jr., 49-2, with 38 knockouts, of Pensacola, Florida, and defending world champion Glen Johnson, 40-9-2, with 27 KOs, of Miami, Florida. The press conference will be held on Tuesday, August 10, 2004, at 1:00 P.M. (Central time) in the Grand Events Center at Grand Casino Tunica in Tunica Resorts, Mississippi. Roy and Glen, as well as key executives involved with the event, will be in attendance to discuss the upcoming fight. continue

Goossen Tutor Promotions Inks Wayne McCullough

05.08.04 - He is a former world champion, a throwback to the days when fighters came into the ring to fight and gave everything they had before stepping back through the ropes. He is "The Pocket Rocket", and Goossen Tutor Promotions is pleased to announce the signing of featherweight contender Wayne McCullough to a promotional contract. "I not only had the pleasure of working with Wayne back in the America Presents days, but I also promoted his first fight at the Reseda Country Club in 1993," said Dan Goossen of Goossen Tutor Promotions. continue

Showtime Presser Quotes: Freitas-Corrales

05.08.04 -ACELINO FREITAS: "The key to this fight is intelligence and putting into practice everything we worked on during training. If I execute my game plan, I will be all right. I have done my homework. I have watched a lot of tapes on Corrales and know his strengths and weaknesses. Nothing he can or will do will surprise me.

"All fights are important but this one is obviously is very big. I am totally prepared. I trained five months for this, the last two in the States. I am relaxed, but also very excited. continue

Tyson Rematch Only Option For Williams

05.08.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - Since knocking out former Heavyweight Champ Mike Tyson in the fourth round last week, in what will surely be the upset of the year, British Heavyweight Danny Williams is a wanted man. Since the fight he's been challenged by former Champ Evander Holyfield, and Olympic Gold Medalist and Countryman Audley Harrison, just to name a few.

In Boxing there are two things that trump all, the title and money. In most cases the title means money. Fresh off his upset of Tyson, Williams is the hottest fighter in the Heavyweight division, everybody wants to fight him. What he has to decide now is what is the best career move for him. What fight can his management team try and make that will set him up best to parlay his victory over Tyson. Too me, there aren't many options, and the path that should be taken is obvious. What his handlers should consider paramount, is who can Williams fight next that will set him up for another big fight after that? continue

Sports Network Statement on Harrison-Skelton

05.08.04 - Promoter Frank Warren has today issued the following statement: “As members of the media are aware I called a press conference for today (5 August) to announce that the fight had been made between British and Commonwealth Heavyweight Matt Skelton and Audley Harrison,”

“This was on an agreed understanding between Harrison's company A-Force Promotions and Sports Network that should Harrison and I not finalise terms that the press conference would be cancelled,” continue

In Latest Ruling, Court Favors Klitschkos Over Universum

05.08.04 - Today the regional court of Hamburg has issued a decision in the matter Klitschko vs. Universum. According to this decision the court has reversed its prior opinion that the agreements between the Klitschkos and Universum have been validly prolonged past April 30th, 2004. The court now agrees with the Klitschkos that their contracts with Universum have ended on April 30th, 2004. However, before a final verdict, both parties have one last opportunity to comment today's decision. We expect a final judgement by the regional court of Hamburg in September 2004.

The original and a translation of today's decision are attached (also see below) hereto. continue

Thompson vs Haye: The CAT is back

05.08.04 - Since his fight with David Haye was officially confirmed for September 10 at Wembley Arena, Carl ‘The CAT’ Thompson has been noticeable by his silence. But the reigning IBO cruiserweight champion has not gone AWOL, merely keeping in shape at altitude during a two-week break in the Canary Islands.

“Carl’s been away on holiday, but working while he’s been over there and getting a bit of sun on his back at the same time,” said Fight Academy joint-promoter Dennis Hobson. “He’s not been over there on a jolly. A lot of fighters go over to the Canaries to train at the altitude and he’ll be coming back in very good shape.” continue

Spotlight Boxing and Internet Live Broadcast on Sept 21

05.08.04 - Mahamat Abdullaev is heading the next fightcard of Spotlight Boxing on September 21 at the gym of Universum Box-Promotion in Hamburg. A live broadcast on with the English and German commentator voice of Fabian Weber will start 18:00 CET (noon US ET, 9am US PT). Eurosport will broadcast live on TV at 21:00 CET. continue

Corrales vs Freitas Preview: Ticket To The La-La-Land For One, Please

04.08.04 - By Janne Romppainen: Styles makes fights as one of the most used-up lines among boxing goes. Despite that the saying is old and oft-heard, it still is the truth in most cases. If a slugger fights a boxer, you often get an interesting tactical match-up, while two defensive wizards can put up boring, if brilliant, performance. Perhaps the most colourful and memorable wars are seen however when two aggressive and hard-punching but defensively leaky fighters go at it against each other. It is nearly impossible to pick the winner, a knockout can come at any second and either one could be the one going down. No boxing viewer, whether he is a hard-core fan or a occasional spectator, will leave his sofa during the bout. continue

Burchfield fights for 'Sucra': Challenges Harris or Hatton to fight Oliveira

04.08.04 – With this Friday night’s show postponed, “Sucra” Ray Oliveira is looking for a fight and his promoter, Jimmy Burchfield, has come out of Oliveira’s corner firing punches at WBA junior welterweight champion “Vicious” Vivian Harris and No. 1 contender Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton about their soap opera theatrics surrounding their proposed title fight October 2. continue

Ruiz-Golota: One Can't and One Won't

04.08.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - Two time WBA Heavyweight Champ John Ruiz 40-5-1 (28) will defend his title against two time title challenger Andrew Golota 38-4-1 (31) on November 13th. The site where the fight will be held has yet to be determined. Golota, ranked 5th by the WBA and Ruiz are both promoted by Don King. Both last fought on April 17th at New York's Madison Square Garden. Ruiz stopped Fres Oquendo in the 11th round, while Golota fought IBF Heavyweight Champ Chris Byrd to a draw.

The Ruiz-Golota fight features two of the top Heavyweights in the World. Both Ruiz and Golota seem like the fighters who won't go away. It seems just when you think they've suffered a major set back and they're gone, their back. When Ruiz lost his WBA title, by a lopsided decision to Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champ Roy Jones, many thought they saw the last of him. The same applies to Golota. When he quit on his stool between the second and third rounds of his fight with Mike Tyson, we all thought he was finished. Yet here they are set to fight for Ruiz's WBA title later this year. continue

Tabuai Takes Title, De Mori Extended

04.08.04 - By Tony Nobbs: Cairns based Torres Straight Islander Arama ‘Warrior’ Tabuai took the Queensland state middleweight title from Brisbane’s Peter Rolph at the Brisbane Broncos RLFC on Friday night. The end came at 1.20 of round six, with the official outcome being a cut eye stoppage. Tabuai, a dangerous starter, knocked Rolph to the canvas with a straight right in one of the opening exchanges of the fight and controlled the first six minutes. Rounds three to five belonged to the plucky Rolph and it appeared he was going to scrap his way to a decision. However, in the concluding stanza Tabuai connected with a series of right hands that forced the referee to step in. continue

Freitas/Corrales Conference Call Quotes

04.08.04 - On the same night SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING will air a replay of Danny Williams’ stunning fourth-round knockout over Mike Tyson, two of boxing’s finest pound-for-pound champions battling it out for the WBO 135-pound title. In one of the most eagerly anticipated match-ups of 2004, Acelino “Popo” Freitas (35-0, 31 KOs) will put his undefeated record and WBO lightweight crown on the line against WBO Junior Lightweight Champion Diego Corrales (38-2, 31 KOs) Saturday, Aug. 7, 2004, at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on West Coast) on SHOWTIME.

Freitas: Like usual, you have to go through pain, you have to go through stress, as in every other training camp, but it pays in the long run with a victory. continue

Matt Shaw To Battle Zulfiker Ali

04.08.04 - Toowoomba Boxer Matt Shaw sets sail for his first overseas battle as a professional boxer next Thursday when he flies to Fiji to fight Zulfiker Ali over 12 rounds for the OBA Welterweight Title. Shaw is coming off a classy defence against former Queensland Welterweight Champion Paul Tapley on Jamie Myers Foxsports show in June and is feeling ready. continue

Brewster-Meehan, Spinks-Gonzalez Showtime Presser Quotes

04.08.04 - Undisputed Welterweight Champion Cory “The Next Generation” Spinks will defend his titles against former world champion and WBC No. 1 contender Miguel Angel Gonzalez on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING from Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday, Sept. 4. In the co-featured bout, WBO Heavyweight Champion “Relentless” Lamon Brewster will take on Asian Pacific and Pan Pacific Heavyweight Champion Kali “Checkmate” Meehan of Australia.

SHOWTIME will televise both championship battles nationally at 9:45 p.m. ET), while KingVision will distribute the telecast internationally and to commercial establishments domestically. Tickets for this exciting evening of boxing are priced at $500, $300, $200, $100 and $40 and are on sale now at the Mandalay Bay Box Office and all TicketMaster outlets. To order tickets by phone, call (702) 632-7580. continue

Heavyweight PPV Extravaganza: Ruiz/Golota, Byrd/Mccline on Nov 13

03.08.04 – In a blockbuster pay-per-view event, John Ruiz and Chris Byrd will defend their heavyweight titles against top contenders Andrew Golota and Jameel McCline, respectively, super flyweight champions Mark Johnson and Luis Perez will collide in a unification world title fight and former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman will box a 10-round bout against an opponent to be determined on Saturday. Nov. 13. Among those being considered for “The Rock’’ include four-time heavyweight world champion Evander Holyfield and top contenders James Toney, Fres Oquendo and Lance Whitaker. Rahman or Toney could also meet the winner of the Sept. 4 WBO heavyweight title fight between Lamon Brewster and Kali Meehan on Nov. 13. continue

Who Is The Best Pound For Pound?

03.08.04 - By Matthew Hurley: It’s a question that gets banged around in boxing repeatedly. Whether it’s in historical terms or in our present day situation. Who is the best fighter in boxing, pound for pound? That mythical term was established primarily for Sugar Ray Robinson. Ever since he graced the ring Robinson was anointed by sports writers and fighters as legendary as Muhammad Ali as “pound for pound” the best fighter ever to lace on a pair of gloves. There are a few who came close, including Ali himself, Henry Armstrong and, if you believe talking heads like Max Kellerman, Roy Jones Jr. But for the majority of writers and indeed the public, many of whom may not have even seen films of his fights, Robinson remains number one. continue

Tyson Undergoes Successful Surgery Today

02.08.04 - MIKE TYSON underwent successful arthroscopic surgery today to repair the complex lateral meniscus tears he suffered in the first round of his fight against Danny Williams last Friday night in Louisville, KY. Prominent sports orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Emerson, who diagnosed Tyson's injury over the weekend after evaluating the MRI and examining the knee, performed the surgery in Phoenix. continue

David Haye relishing Carl Thompson test

02.08.04 - David Haye has been playing the role of boxing foghorn since leaving behind a highly accomplished amateur career in October 2001. If you’re a striving fighter who hasn’t been called out by this proactive talent, check your mail. The 23-year-old has been calling out, and most importantly knocking out, since his professional induction. The dynamic prospect has rattled through 10 straight professional wins, all by stoppage, and yet still conveys a feeling of incompletion.

On September 10 at Wembley Arena, it is hoped a sense of fruition will be achieved when Haye challenges the ever-dangerous Carl Thompson for the IBO cruiserweight crown. Fight Academy will promote this battle of big punchers... continue

Harris Rejects Warren's Latest Offer!

02.08.04 - Vivian Harris talks a good fight but when it comes down to it doesn’t want to fight. After all his cheap trash talk, Vivian Harris has rejected a fight with Manchester star RICKY HATTON. Harris’ promoters Main Events, through their attorney Patrick English, said today that Harris does not want to go to England to defend his WBA World Light-Welterweight title against Hatton in October. continue

The Post-Tyson State of Boxing

02.08.04 - by Mike Dunn: Now that Mike Tyson has lost convincingly to Danny Williams, a heretofore little-known British heavyweight who would have been mere cannon fodder for Tyson in his heyday, what happens next? I don't mean for Tyson, who should permanently retire, but for the sport of boxing itself?

Boxing will always have a core of loyal supporters and fans who remain faithful through the glory years and the dark seasons, but the response of the general public to boxing these days is a big yawn. The average person in Middle America has little interest in fistic happenings, with the exception of personalities who transcend the sport, such as Tyson. continue

Mike Tyson To Undergo Surgery Today To Repair Torn Knee Cartilage!

02.08.04 - MIKE TYSON will undergo arthroscopic surgery today to repair the complex lateral meniscus tear he suffered in the first round of his fight against Danny Williams last Friday night in Louisville, KY. Dr. Richard Emerson, Team Physician Emeritus for the Phoenix Suns, who diagnosed Tyson's injury over the weekend after evaluating the MRI and examining the knee, will perform the surgery in Phoenix. continue

What Options Does Mike Tyson Have?

02.08.04 - By Colin Clive: After being knocked out in the fourth round by unheralded Danny Williams on Friday night in Louisville, Kentucky, Mike Tyson has a lot of questions to answer about his career options in boxing. Should he retire or continue on against low level competition? If he continues to fight on, will he still be a big enough box office draw to warrant PPV money? If this is the end of his career, how will he ever pay off the $40 million that he owes to creditors and the IRS? continue

Inside, Mike Tyson Knows

01.08.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - The day many fans have dreaded has finally arrived. Many said while Mike Tyson was in his prime in the late 1980's, that he would end up a broken fighter with nothing. After his last fight versus British Heavyweight Danny Williams, who is barely a top thirty fighter, it appears those who predicted Tyson's demise may end up right. Tyson is in debt for almost 40 million dollars, and is 1-2 in his last 3 fights. The prospect of Tyson ever again earning the 20 & 30 plus million dollars pay days he used to command, ended in a ring inside of a place called Freedom Hall in Louisville Kentucky.

In his first fight in 17 months Tyson was stopped by Williams in the fourth round. No doubt many will try and make Williams a greater fighter than he really is, based off of him beating Tyson. The same was done with Buster Douglas after he stopped Tyson. Like Douglas, there is nothing Williams has done prior to fighting Tyson to indicate he is a World beater. Douglas never beat a top fighter before or after Tyson, we'll see what Williams does post Tyson. continue

"Clash for Cash: Under The Stars” postponed

01.08.04 – Citing the lack of available, qualified New England boxers, officials today announced the postponement of Friday night’s scheduled pro boxing show, “Clash for Cash: Under The Stars,” at Fraser Field in Lynn, Massachusetts. “The whole idea was that we were committed to activating New England championships,” founder Eddie Andelman explained on behalf of EBN Productions and his partners, Nick LoPardo and Bill Blumenreich. continue

Mexico and El Salvador Declare War in the Boxing Ring

01.08.04 - By Wray Edwards: Last night's Vegas contest between Mexican Erik Morales, and El Salvadoran Carlos Hernandez was opened, and presented, as not only a boxing match, but an event at which two national heroes brought the honor and pride of their homelands before the world. Both countries national anthems were sung, and a lot of flag-waving took place. There were some interesting parallels and differences between these two diligent men.

In parallel, they were both from our Latin neighbors to the south. Both have roots there, but also reside and train in the Southwestern U.S., and possessed World titles. Their differences were appropriate to their origins, in that Morales, the taller of the two, is from the larger country Mexico, while Hernandez represented Mexico's little brother to the south. I have traveled extensively in both nations, and found that last night's boxing ambassadors were very representative of their heritages. continue

Clark-Johnson IBF lightweight title eliminator Aug. 20

01.08.04 - Jimmy Burchfield’s Classic Entertainment & Sports, Inc., based in Providence, hits the road for a much anticipated rematch between the two top rated lightweight contenders, Michael Clark (34-2, 15 KOs) and Levander Johnson (33-4, 25 KOs), August 20 in ESPN2 Friday Night Fights show at Miccosukee Resort & Casino in Miami. Clark-Johnson II will be the main event in the 12-round IBF eliminator. continue

"Macho" Miguel Hernandez Headlines at Hawthorne Heat on Aug 13th

01.08.04 - "Macho" Miguel Hernandez returns to the ring on Friday, August 13th at the Hawthorne Race Course in Chicago as Dominic Pesoli's 8 Count Productions and Miller Lite present another action packed card featuring Chicagoland's finest professional boxing. Hawthorne Race Course is located at 35th and Laramie just minutes from the Stevenson Expressway. Tickets starting at $25.00 call be purchased in advance by calling 312-226-5800. continue

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