Why I Hope “The Quiet Man” Disappears!

31.03.04 - By Carlos “Stiff-Jab” Kalinchuk - This past weekend I popped in one of my favorite movies, The Count Of Monte Cristo. Like any great literary prose, Hollywood took a stab at recreating Alexandre Dumas’ epic tale with James Caviezel (The Passion Of The Christ) playing the lead role. Although I am no Roger Ebert or Larry King, I believe unlike most book adaptations, they really succeeded in bringing Dumas story to life.

After Guinn’s defeat this weekend I began to look at the upcoming schedule of up-coming heavyweight fights and like the over-done Terminator Series, I saw John Ruiz’s name again staring back at me. Perhaps it was subliminal but like the movie I was watching where Caviezel (Edmund Dantes) disappears to jail for fourteen years until he escapes, I began to think…”Who would I love to see disappear in boxing?” One name was at the forefront of my mind and that was John “The Quiet Man” Ruiz. continue

A Woman’s Right To Fight

31.03.04 - By Matthew Hurley - Women’s boxing has, and always will be, a fringe sport. An anomaly of a once major sport that in recent years has become something of an outlaw profession in the eyes of the sports media and the general public. Mention boxing in mixed company and you will get one of three responses – snickering, apathy or genuine enthusiasm – and the enthusiastic seem to be few and far between. But women’s boxing… it remains an unsolvable puzzle.

Recently I interviewed a former woman prize fighter from Brockton Massachusetts, Wendy Sprowl, and came away thoroughly impressed. Her insights into the fight game were illuminating, particularly her ruminations on training and weight loss. Our discussion eventually turned to the tragic death of Bobby Tomasello. Wendy fought on the under card of that fight (which was broadcast on ESPN) and sat with Bobby afterwards before he collapsed into a coma from which he would never return. To hear her speak of the fallen fighter was both heartbreaking and somehow exhilarating. She spoke as a fighter. Her sex didn’t matter. She understood what Bobby had gone through and the sacrifice he had made for the sport he loved. It was a sacrifice she seemed willing to make herself. Fighting induced pride in her heart, a fierce belief that she belonged. Her heart beat, and still beats, to a fighters drum. continue

Beware Of The Guinn Overreaction

29.03.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - Get ready for the "he's a bum" onslaught sure to come the way of Heavyweight Dominick Guinn. Boxing is a sport that although it may not be run and judged like any of the other major sports, it does share the same knee jerk week to week, game to game, and fight to fight over reaction from those who follow it and cover it. I guess there is a tendency on the part of some fans and media to constantly look for new heroes and legends. It makes them jump off and on the bandwagon prematurely.

This past weekend Heavyweight prospect Dominick Guinn suffered the worse thing that can happen to an undefeated fighter on the way up, especially a Heavyweight, he lost. Now that he is no longer undefeated, he is not worthy of some who judge him. After all, he no longer has that glowing perfect unbeaten record behind his name. So how good can he really be? Too bad the networks have conditioned some fans and media members that only the undefeated fighters are worth caring about and watching. What will get lost in all this hysteria is that his opponent Monte Barrett, who is also a professional, fought the best fight of his life and boxed beautiful. It's without a doubt the most complete fight he's ever fought. Another thing that will also kill Guinn is the fact that Joe Mesi, who he is often compared to, beat Barrett and he didn't. continue

Let The Second Guessing Begin All Over Again

29.03.04 - By Matthew Hurley - So now we write him off as a “never was”, right? Going into his fight against the tough Monte Barrett highly touted prospect Dominick Guinn had already been crowned the best prospect in the heavyweight division by numerous boxing writers. The HBO broadcasting team of Jim Lampley, Larry Merchant and Emmanuel Steward even harped on this before the fight. Guinn, apparently, had all the potential to be the next star in boxing’s glamour division and HBO was pushing him hard. And then something disastrous happened. He lost.

Dominick Guinn, a young fighter, still learning his craft, lost a tough fight to a tough fighter. Damn him. One loss and now he’s no good. He never deserved all the praised that had been heaped upon him (something Guinn had seemed uncomfortable with to begin with). He embarrassed all the pundits who backed him so now he’s been tossed aside, waved off as an aberration. An overrated young kid who let everybody down. continue

Roach: “He’s Like Bruce Lee…” - The Pacquiao “game plan”

29.03.04 - By Joe Rein: - Ever lose a ten in a bar bet when somebody said, “I’m gonna put this ten-dollar bill between your fingers and let it go; if you can catch it before it hit’s the ground, it’s yours?” It’s right there; all you have to do is press your fingertips together. But no matter how you anticipate – set yourself – even jump the gun -- it gets away … time after time. It’s a sucker bet. It’s just too fast for you to react to, and too tempting not to keep trying.

And that’s what Juan Manuel Marquez will be trying to do with Manny Pacquiao when the two face off for Marquez’s IBF and WBC 126-pound titles on May 8 at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Vegas on HBO. Pacquiao will be an arm’s length away, standing straight up, his head an inviting target. But, is it a sucker bet, with the stakes in the millions, and only pain and frustration for Marquez’s trouble? The winner is already slated to fight “El Terrible,” Erik Morales, for his WBC Super Featherweight crown on HBO in the fall. continue

Lucia Rijker Returns.....Again

29.03.04 - By Bernie McCoy - Euripides, an ancient Greek playwright (think Neil Simon, 400 BC) of considerable note, is quoted: "a brave dangerous". Lucia Rijker, once variously described as "the most dangerous woman on the planet", has made a brave choice.

On April 24, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Rijker will step into the ring with Layla McCarter in a bout, of yet to be determined length, underneath the Vitali Klitschko/Corrie Sanders heavyweight affair. Many in the boxing community view this bout to be another rung back up the ladder of Rijker's return to the prominence she once commanded in the sport of Women's boxing. These people may be somewhat lacking in their knowledge of the writings and philosophy of ancient Greek playwrights. continue

International Boxing Hall of Fame prepares for 15th annual induction weekend

CANASTOTA, NY – MARCH 29, 2004 – The International Boxing Hall of Fame is eagerly anticipating the celebration of its landmark 15th anniversary. Many events are being planned to celebrate the landmark occasion, including the Annual Hall of Fame Induction Weekend, June 10-13th. Since the Hall of Fame opened in 1989, progress has been made in honoring the international sport of boxing. The first class of inductees was enshrined in 1990 and the first expansion to the Museum was completed in 1992. The Hall celebrated its 5th Anniversary in 1994 and its 10th Anniversary in 1999. In late 2002, ground was broken for the new Hall of Fame Events Pavilion, which was completed in the spring of 2003. The Hall's collection of memorabilia and research material has grown immensely through the years and has helped entertain and educate boxing fans from around the world. continue

Monte Barrett: "The full Monte"

29.03.04 - By Chris Acosta - He's not especially fast, doesn't have major power, stands a little bit straight up and yet, I have more faith in the man than most others in his division. With Monte Barrett, you're going to get everything he has and while it may not be what we associate in the way of top-shelf attributes, his self-belief in itself is a powerful weapon.

We as fans are quick to point out that a guy is a bum because he lacks the necesssary skills to compete at the elite level of boxing when in fact, the opposite may be true. If a fighter comes in prepared and willing, then he has already given himself the very best chance of winning. Can we say the same about so many of the heavyweights out there today? Absolutely not. Kirk Johnson is a much better boxer than Barrett but has no discipline so he in fact, is worse than a bum because I'd bet that there are dozens of young hopefuls out there who would kill for his natural talent. Andrew Golota had the ability too as evidenced by that beautiful jab and mobility but proved to be nothing more than a frontrunner. continue

Taylor stops Bunema to retain title

28.03.04 - By Marc Abrams - For the first time, HBO brought its boxing show to Arkansas, which happens to be the home of two of boxing’s rising stars, that being heavyweight Dominick Guinn and middleweight Jermain Taylor. On this night there was a pleasant homecoming for Taylor, as he looked spectacular with a 7th round TKO over Alex Bunema. On the other hand, Guinn was not as fortunate as he dropped a split decision to Monte Barrett. continue

Oscar Diaz Undefeated No Longer

28.03.04 - By Keith Terceira - Ebo Elder moves to 18-1 with a ten round clinic over the formerly undefeated Oscar Diaz. Though Elder had not fought but one tune up fight in 2 years it was obvious from the first round that he had rededicated his life to boxing. Taking the bout with Diaz on 3 weeks notice and 8 pounds heavier than he plans to fight in the future, Ebo used speed and angles to keep a slow looking Diaz baffled during most of the bout.

Oscar caught Elder with some powerful shots in the first round but in what would become a trend in the fight, Elder attacked in short bursts of body shots and combinations. When not attacking him would sit back and lure in Diaz, counterpunching with blazing speed. continue

Taylor Tags Bunema !

28.03.04 - By Jim Amato - Is Jermaine Taylor the future of the middleweight division? I'm not sure but he made a definite statement in halting Alex Bunema in seven one sided rounds. Only the courage of Bunema kept him around that long. Although Taylor was the favorite Bunema was a competent opponent coming into this battle. In the end Taylor made Alex look like a second rate fighter. That was only because Jermaine looked that good! Taylor's jab was a thing of beauty as he punished Bunema all night long with it. You could see it was just a matter of time before Taylor connected with the overhand right. He was trying to set it up throughout the fight. The end came at 2:16 of the seventh after Alex had been down twice. No sense going on. He was outclassed and beaten. Bunema drops to 24-4-2 while Taylor takes his unbeaten ledger to 20-0 with 15 KO's. I heard someone say Taylor versus Tito. It might be a little soon for that but Jermaine Taylor has arrived!

Sharkie’s Machine: “The Education of Dominic ‘Southern Disaster’ Guinn”

28.03.04 - By Frank Gonzalez Jr. Dominic Guinn became a somebody in boxing after he disposed of former HW contender, Michael Grant (38-2), who fell like a tree in a forest full of onlookers after tasting Guinn’s quiet power back in June of last year. Dominic made beating Grant looked easy. But by the looks of (the Teddy Atlas trained) Grant at that time, a decent middleweight probably would’ve knocked him out. Guinn TKO’d Grant in seven.

The unknown Guinn was suddenly on the map.

He later fought the respectable and game Duncan Dokiwari (22-1) in September of 2003 and convincingly won a ten round decision. It was an exciting fight. Guinn’s boxing skills proved to be fundamentally sound, both defensively and offensively. He had good poise, a calm demeanor and a very good chin. continue


28.03.04 - One of the greatest Champions ever in Europe said goodbye yesterday night at the Magdeburg (Germany) sold out 8.000 seats arena. Undefeated SVEN OTTKE after beating by clear unanimous point decision his Challenger and former World Champion ARMAND KRAJNC (29-2-0) gave a big surprise to all his audience saying he was about to turn 37 (next June) and it was the time to hang out the gloves.

Very few new about it and it seems it was a decision he and his wife decided already sometime ago. Not even Mr. Wilfried Sauerland could hold the emontion of the moment when some tears showed on his face, including Ottke's long time trainer Mr. Ulli Wegner, who was awarded by the Champion with the keys of a brand new Z4 BMW as present for all his support and cares during his whole professional career. continue

A Heavy Burden To Carry

28.03.04 - By Chris Acosta - Looking for the next great heavyweight is kind of like looking for love: you're better off faking an orgasm. Neither one of those will ever happen until you truly don't care. It's not a nice fact of life but it's reality and once you accept it and move on, you'll better appreciate the experience when you do get there.

Dominick Guinn seemed to have all the tools to seduce us into believing he was "the one." He had an impressive amateur background, a solid team behind him and possessed many small nuances in his game that so many of today's big men lack. What he lacks however, is consistency and isn't that the ingredient that truly marks a champion? How could he look so good in his first two HBO outings and then struggle in the next two bouts against opponents that seemed so much less threatening? continue

Ottke wins lopsided fight, calls it quit

27.03.04 - Super Middleweight champion Sven Ottke won a dominating decision over Swedish challenger Armand Kranjc (29-3, 21 Ko’s) to retain his WBA and IBF Super Middleweight titles Saturday night in Magdeburg, Germany. Ottke outworked Krajnc throughout the fight, and had him bloodied and battered from his stinging punches at fights end. The judges scored the fight 120-110; 120-108 and 119-109.

Immediately after the fight, Ottke suddenly announced his retirement. Members of the press weren’t exactly shocked by this announcement, as Ottke has been looking very beatable in recent years, and has been hesitant to fight the better opponents in America and Britain. The 37 year old Ottke finishes his career at 34-0 (6 Ko’s).

Barrett decisions Guinn!

27.03.04 - Heavyweight Monte Barrett (30-3) won a split decision over Dominick Guinn (24-1) on Saturday night in Little Rock, Arkansas. Barrett was coming off of close decision loss to Mesi. Barrett started out slow, losing the first 3 rounds before waking up and taking charge of the fight in the fourth. Barrett had Guinn badly hurt in the 7th round when he connected with a big left hook to the head. Barrett followed up with an avalanche of punches, but was unable to finish the much hyped Guinn. In the final rounds, Guinn attempted to mount a comeback, but he didn’t have enough power in his punches to ever come close to hurting Barrett. the judges scores were 97-93, 97-93, 96-94.

Seldon Added To Shuler's Boxing April 9th Card

27.03.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - Former WBA Heavyweight Champion Bruce Seldon 34-4 (30) will return to the Ring on April 9th at The Drexel Armory in Philadelphia. It will be Seldon's first appearance since his impressive third round knockout of Otis Tisdale on March 6th. The show is being promoted by James Shuler's Boxing in association with Fred Johnson Promotions. The card also features 19-1 Prince Badi, Yusef Mack 14-0-1, and Najai Turpin. Also former Heavyweight Champion "Terrible" Tim Witherspoon will box an exhibition with former Jr. Middleweight title holder Robert "Bam Bam" Hines of Philadelphia. Tickets can be purchased by calling 215-662-5665.

Alex Arthur looking to bounce back

27.03.04 - By Gavin Macleod - It has often been said that the true measure of a man is not in how many times he gets knocked down, but in how many times he picks himself back up. For Alex Arthur these words have been reverberating in his head ever since the highly regarded prospect surrendered his British Super-featherweight title, in five rounds, to Manchester’s Michael Gomez last October. continue


27.03.04 - From Broadway Gym, Los Angeles, California - Lamon Brewster (29-2, 26 KOs) will face Wladimir Klitschko (42-2, 39 KOs) for the vacant WBO heavyweight title April 10 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Tickets for the fight card that features the undisputed welterweight championship between Cory Spinks (32-2, 11 KOs) and WBO 140-pound world champion Zab Judah (30-1, 22 KOs.


"This fight is dedicated to my trainer, Bill Slayton, who died a couple months ago. Everything I learned about boxing and in life I owe to Bill. I feel his presence all the time and I know he will be in my corner April 10." continue

Elder decisions Diaz

26.03.04 - Ebo “The Extreme Machine” Elder decisioned previously unbeaten welterweight Oscar Diaz in a unanimous 10-round decision Friday night at Miccosukee Indian Gaming. Elder used a constant forward attack to keep Diaz off balance and on the defensive throughout the bout. Elder, of Newman, Ga., improved to 18-1-1. Diaz is 17-1. "I just had to stay busy because I know Oscar was a strong fighter," Elder said.

Mike Kizza: "It's going to be a WAR"

26.03.04 - By Ike Enwereuzor - - Former African champion "Iron Bomber" Mike Kizza of Uganda, now (17-3, 12 Ko's) was originally from Kampala, Uganda. He began his professional career on March 1994 in Uganda when he defeated Abdul Wanzara by decision. He won several titles, including two-time Ugandan champion, African champion, East Central champion and more.

Kizza is now expected to return to action on Saturday March 27, at Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland against hometown hero, former British and WBA International super featherweight champion, Alex "Amazing" Arthur of Scotland. He has a professional record of (16-1) 14KO's. This event is for the vacant IBF Intercontinental super featherweight championship and will be televised on Sky TV. This is Kizza's second ring appearance of the year. His last fight in January, ended in a first round stoppage of fellow countryman Richard Ochwo Ndungo. Kizza also has an impressive victory over fighters like Roger Mtagwa, Issa Nassir, Louis Mwambo and many other good fighters. continue

Andrew Golota: The Hype Has Always Escaped Me

26.03.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - A few weeks back it was announced that IBF heavyweight champ Chris Byrd is going to defend his title against Andrew Golota on April 17th at Madison Square Garden. I only have one question, WHY? Byrd has carved out a career in which he has always sought and fought the best fighters. Or he has at least tried too. The last time we saw Golota in a big spot, he was quitting in his corner against Mike Tyson back in late 2000.

In his fight with Tyson, Golota wasn't doing badly. After getting up from a big Tyson overhand right in the second round, Golota fought with his corner and quit before the start of the third. Which is really foolish in a fight with Tyson. Tyson throughout his career has always been the most dangerous in the first and second rounds. Once a fighter gets through the early rounds with Tyson, the better the chances they have of winning. Tyson actually becomes less effective the longer the fight goes, and he loses some of his power. This is the complete opposite of past swarmers like Sharkey, Marciano, and Frazier. They weren't as ferocious as Tyson in the first couple rounds, but they got stronger and better as the fight progressed. continue

Interview with Cisse "Cool C" Salif

25.03.04 - By Ike Enwereuzor - - He survived a first round knock down in his last fight and went on to win. Hot heavyweight prospect Cisse "Cool C" Salif now (13-3-1- 10KO's) fighting out of New York City, had his first fight of the year on March 19, at Sycuan Casino in EL Cajon, California. He improved his record to 13 wins, 3 losses against Heavyweight Tipton Walker, who dropped to 13 wins, 7 losses. Salif was down in round 1 but got right up to score a 5th round knockout. Now, he wants to step up his by facing top 15 heavyweights. continue


25.03.04 - Highlights from Olympic gold medallist Audley Harrison's victory over Richel Hersisia for the WBF Heavyweight Championship last Saturday at Wembley Arena will appear on this week's ESPN2 Friday Night Fights. "Even though I am back in England fighting for several months, I have not forgotten my American fans and am pleased there’s enough interest stateside in my career that ESPN wanted to show my fight,” said Harrison. "More importantly I hope the other heavyweights are watching because - I WILL BE BACK!"

Scott Pemberton: "I'll Fight Beyer in Germany"

25.03.04 - By Keith Terceira - IBU and NABF Super Middleweight Champion Scott Pemberton (27-3-1 22 KO's ) may be coming off two wars with Omar Shieka but that is not deterring his desire for the WBC or any other additional crown. Markus Beyer (29-1 11KOs) has not left the borders of Germany in almost five years to defend his title. Danny Green who was to face Beyer on June 5th is reportedly suffering from an illness and was hospitalized shortly after his last bout with dehydration. That left the window open for Jimmy Burchfield to throw down the gauntlet for a Beyer/Pemberton match. continue

Marquez ready to die for title

25.03.04 - By Dennis Principe - WORLD featherweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico swears his world titles are worth dying for. This was the bold statement made by the Mexican world champion in a press conference yesterday at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles where his bout versus Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao was officially announced.

"There will be fire in the ring on May 8th. It took a lot for me to become a World Champion and only in death will I relinquish my belts" declared Marquez. "Manny is a great fighter, but I am fighting not only for myself but my wife, my children, my parents and all of my country" continue


LITTLE ROCK, March 25 - If you thought middleweight contender Jermain Taylor was the only athlete in the Taylor family, just take a look towards Norfolk, Virginia on Sunday, March 28 when Erica Smith-Taylor, the wife of the 2000 US Olympic Bronze Medallist, leads the Louisiana Tech Lady Techsters into battle against number one ranked Duke in the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Women's College Basketball tournament. continue

Taylor, Guinn ready to put on show for Arkansas

25.03.04 - By Marc Abrams - HBO’s Boxing After Dark emanates Saturday March 27 from Little Rock, Arkansas. The State most recently known for Bill Clinton, and The Simple Life, boasts 2 of boxing rising stars; That being Middleweight Jermain Taylor, and heavyweight Dominick Guinn. Guinn will open the show with a fight against the tough Monte Barrett. The headliner, Taylor will be squaring off against Alex Bunema.

Guinn, a 28 year old Hot Springs native, brings a perfect record of 24-0 (17 KO’s) into his fight with Barrett. The versatile Guinn wasn’t that well known until he burst onto the scene with a sensational 7th round TKO over one time “heir-apparent” Michael Grant in June, 2003. Just 3 months later, Guinn engaged in a hard fought unanimous decision victory over the mammoth Duncan Dokiwari. However, Guinn struggled in his last bout, winning a tougher then expected unanimous decision over Derrick Banks last November. continue

Boxing Ministry 2004 Awards Banquet

24.03.04 - On Saturday May 15th The Boxing Ministry will be holding their annual awards banquet. It will be held at the Old North Church in Canfield, Ohio ( outside of Youngstown ). Tickets will be $20.00.This years theme will be a tribute to Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini and his late father Lenny.
Special guest is scheduled to be former welterweight and junior middleweight champion Simon Brown.
Also scheduled to be in attendance are former lightweight champion Harry Arroyo. The former cruiserweight titleholder Jeff Lampkin. The always popular former bantamweight champ Greg "The Flea" Richardson and former contender Ken Sigurani who met Julio Cesar Chavez and Hector Camacho Sr. continue

CES offers Beyer $500,000 to fight Pemberton in N.E

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (March 24, 2004) – Promoter Jimmy Burchfield has offered WBC super lightweight champion Markus “Boom Boom” Beyer $500,000 to fight Scott “The Sandman” Pemberton in the United States.Beyer (29-1, 11 KOs) is scheduled to defend his WBC title June 5 in Germany against Danny Green, but rumors persist that Green may be unable to fight due to physical reasons. continue

Roach: "If He Wants to Fight, We'll Fight!

24.03.04 - By Joe Rein - Courtesy of - Applause is not something you hear at the Wild Card Gym, where James Toney, the Klitschko brothers, and Shane Mosley regularly train. But, a Nolan Ryan fastball exploding in a catcher’s mitt gets your attention.

Every blurring salvo that Manny Pacquiao threw at Freddie Roach’s mitts didn’t land…they detonated. You saw a man a shade over 126 pounds; but that sound from the mitts couldn’t come from anybody but Earnie Shavers. For three rounds, Pacquiao’s barrage continued like a battleship pounding shore positions; until the hooks, crosses and uppercuts were a drum solo, and there were no longer beats, just concussion for 30 seconds until the bell sounded. continue

Interview: Kermit "The Killer" Cintron

24.03.04 - By Keith Terceira - Kermit Cintron (22-0 20Ko's) will take on Elio Ortiz (25-6, 19KO's) on May 1st at Bally's Casino in Atlantic City. Though he started boxing at an early age Kermit did not compete in the amateurs until age 19. Cintron first concentrated on wrestling in high school getting ranked as high as 10th in the United States in his freshman year of college. His expertise in grappling earned him full scholarship offers from both Wisconsin and Ohio. He chose to remain close to home and wrestled at Thaddeus Stevens College. When the wrestling program was discontinued in 1999 he began boxing and working with trainer Marshall Kaufmann. Cintron won the Golden Gloves in Pennsylvania as a novice in 1999. continue

Team Rivera fights ‘King-sized’ odds

WORCESTER, Mass. (March 23, 2004) – Team Rivera feels the odds are definitely stacked against them in “The New Era Begins” against Ricardo Mayorga, April 17 at Madison Square Garden, even more so than last September when “El Gallo” Jose Antonio Rivera (37-3-1, 24 KOs) traveled to Berlin for a WBA welterweight title fight against unbeaten Michel Trabant in his hometown. Rivera captured a 12-round decision and makes his first title defense April 17 in New York City, where there will be plenty of supportive fans, but still ‘King-sized’ odds to overcome. continue

Boxing News

23.03.04 - By Ike Enwereuzor - On March 27, at the Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland former African super featherweight champion "The Bomber" Mike Kizza of Uganda now (17-3) with 12KO's is expected to trade blows with Former WBA International super featherweight champ, Alex "Amazing" Arthur of Edinburgh, Scotland(16-1) 14KO's. Arthur's last outting was October 25, 2003 in Edinburgh when he lost a 5th round stoppage from Michael Gomez for the British and WBA International
super featherweight laruel. continue

I Could've Lasted More Than A Round

23.03.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - Here comes another Reality television show, like we really need it. Just recently I saw where Sugar Ray Leonard and Sylvester Stallone have decided to produce a new Reality show called "The Contender." I have no idea what the show is going to consist of or what type of gimmick it will be? I just hope they don't sell out and do something that results in Boxing being subjected to more negative press. It's not like either one of them needs the money.

However, it made me think back to a time in the mid to late 80's when Mike Tyson was scoring many first and second round knockout's. I specifically remember watching Tyson fight Trevor Berbick, Michael Spinks, and Carl "The Truth" Williams on HBO with about 6 or 7 friends. In those fights Tyson stopped Berbick in two rounds and Spinks and Williams in the first. continue

Audley Harrison Claims First Professional Title

By Elliot Worsell - Standout Sydney Olympic champion Audley Harrison climbed the first notch of the heavyweight title ladder last night as he destroyed the overmatched yet game Richel Hersisia in four rounds at the Wembley Arena. In a fight billed as a World Boxing Federation title fight, Harrison turned on the style in the fourth round as Hersisia began to grab a foothold in the contest following three tentative sessions of Harrison ‘problem solving’. The title now in the posession of Harrison, one would hope, will be held in the regard that it deserves. It is after all, not a genuine world championship, and in terms of value and prestige, most domestic straps are found higher up the title shelf. continue

Guadalupe Martinez Wins By TKO

22.03.04 - By Carlos "Stiff-jab" Kalinchuk - Guadalupe "Fiero" Martinez improved his record to 12-0 after Referee Ronnie Ralston called a halt to the action in 2:47 in round 7. Although it appeared VERY premature, neither Chalmers nor his corner disputed the stoppage. The reason it appeared premature was that Chalmers was fighting like this the entire night. He would open nearly every round by boxing for the first 20 seconds and then he would allow Martinez's pressure to pin his backside against the ropes. To Chalmers credit, he too was also hurting Martinez with a vicious body assault in spite of lying on the ropes. In fact I had Chalmers winning 2-3 rounds going into round seven of their 8 round-scheduled fight. continue

Felix Trinadad – A Cat With One Life Left?

22.03.04 - By Matthew Hurley - My cynicism knows no bounds and, perhaps unfortunately, it bubbles over into the one absolute passion in my life – boxing. I hate what boxing does to the majority of men who step into the ring. It’s a brutal, unfair sport in terms of how it ultimately treats the gallant warriors who give the fans their money’s worth and make other people rich. There are so many tragic figures in the fight game, victimized and tossed aside. Which brings me to Felix Trinidad and his proposed comeback.

When Trinidad retired after his last fight I was crestfallen, as many fight fans were, because “Tito” represented all that was good about boxing. He was exciting, he was a knockout artist of Thomas Hearns quality and he mingled within the elite and very small crowd of fighters that could create mega-fights that had the potential to cross over into the mainstream sporting world. Trinidad’s retirement was a huge loss for boxing. But I remember nodding my head and thinking, “good for him.” I appreciated the fact that he went out on top. Sure he had lost his first and only fight to Bernard Hopkins a year earlier, but to me I was really hoping that he would simply sail off into the sunset like Marvin Hagler or Michael Spinks did after losing to, respectively, Sugar Ray Leonard and Mike Tyson. Neither of those two hall-of-famers had anything left to prove and neither did, or does, Trinidad. His fans would miss him, but there was something nice about his departure. Something that apparently drove nefarious characters like Don King nuts, and how cool is that! It seemed appropriate and fitting. A gentlemanly exit. continue


LA VERNE, CA (March 22, 2004) -- Sugar Shane Mosley announced today that, as part of many changes he is making in his training and preparation, he has decided to replace his father, Jack Mosley, with a new trainer. The new trainer has not yet been chosen.

Sugar Shane stated: "I am going to miss working with my father. Together, we scaled many mountains, and I would never have had the success I have had if he had not been there to guide and teach me every step of the way. He is, without question, one of the all-time great trainers. More importantly, he has been a great father who I love very much. However, the time has come for my father and I to sever our professional relationship so that I can try some new avenues designed to give my fans the Sugar Shane Mosley they deserve." continue


21.03.04 - By Tony Nobbs - WBC interim Super Middleweight champion Danny Green outpunched extrordinary New Zealander Sean Sullivan over ten rounds last night in front of a packed out house of 5000 in his hometown of Perth. While Green won every round and was too strong for Sullivan, a former WBA # 3 at welterweight, it was Sullivan who ended the fight the fresher of the two. After the final bell,
an exhausted and dehydrated looking Green sat in his corner tended to by his entourage while Sullivan appeared he could box another five rounds and left many wondering what the result would have been had it been a twelve round title affair. continue


21.03.04 - VITALI KLITSCHKO - "I want to thank everyone involved for making this fight happen. It is a big thrill for me to fight again in Los Angeles because this is where I live with my wife and children. Everybody knows I wanted to fight a rematch with Lennox Lewis, but Lennox has retired. Many have asked why Lennox waited so long to make an announcement about what he was going to do, but that is a question for him. I am disappointed but I respect his decision. So now I am fighting Corrie Sanders for the vacant WBC heavyweight title. Corrie Sanders is a good opponent. I always thought my brother, Wladimir, was the strongest heavyweight in the world, but Corrie beat him. There is no way I will underestimate Sanders and I will not make the same mistakes my brother made against him. I want to beat Corrie Sanders very badly because if I win, and if Wladimir wins on April 10, we can make our dream come true and be the first brothers to be heavyweight champions at the same time." continue

Dominick Guinn’s Greatest Enemy

21.03.04 - By Ron DiMichele - Twenty-eight year old rising star, Dominick Guinn, now stands poised to burst into the top ten rankings of the heavyweight division. Blocking the aisle is Monte Barrett, a fringe contender fast becoming a gatekeeper for other fighter’s dreams. Get by Barrett (Joe Mesi,Wladimir Klitschko) proceed to the top ten and big money fights, lose to Barrett (Robert Wiggins, Erik Kirkland) go directly to heavyweight obscurity, do not pass go, do not collect a million dollars.

On Saturday, March 27th at the Alltell Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas native Guinn will face Barrett in an HBO 10-round co feature to the Jermain Taylor vs. Alex Bunema middleweight clash. Dominick ‘The Southern Disaster’ Guinn (24-0, 17KO’s) enters the bout riding the wave of two recent impressive ring triumphs. His seventh round demolition of once-heralded heavyweight title contender, Michael Grant, and a solid 10-round decision over tough Nigerian, Duncan Dokiwari, have all but thrust Guinn into the heavyweight title picture. Monte ‘Two Gunz' Barrett (29-3, 16KO’s) will be looking to quash Guinn’s big run and jumpstart his own sputtering career. continue

Pollo Gets Cotto Thanks To Golden Fight At The Olympic

20.03.04 - By Fiona Manning - Los Angeles, CA: It’s official! Junior welterweight contender Juan "Pollo" Valenzuela landed himself a hot shot at Puerto Rican superstar Miguel Cotto on the May 8 undercard bout of Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.Thanks to a splashy, devastatingly short second round KO of Guillermo Valdes at the famed Grand Olympic Auditorium last night, Valenzuela will be right back in the gym preparing for his big payday. Both main event stars, Valenzuela and fast-rising Daniel Ponce de Leon made short work of their foes but the crowd which packed Oscar de la Hoya’s favorite arena to the rafters, went home happy. continue

The Boxing Scene; The IBF Sure Gotta-lota Nerve!

20.03.04 - By Keith Terceira - A few months ago, shortly after the "Night of Young Heavyweights" the rankings of the major sanctioning bodies hit the press and outcries were heard around the world as to how Mesi, Guinn, and Gomez were suddenly thrust into the top ten without having to face true contenders. Taking into account the changing of the guard in the division it took me a while to see or admit the need for new blood and fresh challengers. Ridiculous though is the sudden propulsion of Andrew Golota to a title shot. Golota has about as much right to face Chris Byrd in Madison Square Garden as Madonna has a right to perform "Like a Virgin" in St. Pat's Cathedral. Some things should just be sacrosanct.

First of all for several months now the IBF has refused to list a number one and number two challenger to the Byrd title and continues to list Tua as the number three. continue

Jacob “Stitch” Duran: A Boxer’s Dream

20.03.04 - By Fiona Manning - They call him Stitch. When Jacob Duran, one of the most sought-after cutmen in boxing steps into the ring tonight with French superstar Fabrice Tiozzo, Duran might be forgiven for taking a moment to wonder, if this is Saturday, am I in Lyon? Fresh off a UFC bout with former heavyweight boxer Cliff Couser in Tokyo, Japan, Duran is also the official UFC cutman and a top K1 cornerman. He also has a prized, busy roster of boxing stars including DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley (who takes on Floyd Mayweather Jr on May 22), Ishe “Sugar Shay” Smith, Kelvin “Concrete” Davis and Raul Marquez.

“I’m the only one who works all three sports and is thruthful about it,” Duran said as he prepared to depart for Lyon where Tiozzo (who he says is the biggest boxing name and one of the most popular athletes in France) faces WBA light heavyweight champion Silvio Branco tonight. continue

A Golden Night At The Marriott

19.03.04 - By Fiona Manning - They say there are no small show, only small fighters. Two small fighters won the hearts of a sell-out crowd at the Irvine Marriott Hotel last night, in anticipation of Golden Boy Promotions ‘big’ show tonight at the historic Olympic Auditorium. Featherweight Marcos Licona won a 10 round majority decision but gave himself plenty to think about in edging out Cristian Favela. The 1000 plus fans who braved the trek to Irvine, were treated to a royal Battle In The Ballroom. Both fighters came out quickly, but Favela dominated, pressing the action with neat combinations. He gave up some middle rounds to Licona who worked up a good pace with head and body shots which slowed down the nimble-footed Favela.

Favela picked things up in the last two rounds and seemed to have won it. You could see his shock and hear it voiced in the booing of the crows as the scores were announced: One judge had it 95-95 (draw) and crazy scores of 99-91 and 97-93 gave it to Licona. continue

The future of the “Invaders”

19.03.04 - By Slava Novirasputin - Over the past 2 years we have a seen a number of lower weight contenders make the jump to Heavyweight and challenge for marginal honors. Although it is not unheard of for fighters to jump from the lower weights, into what some people consider the “money” division, never has the migration been so intense and so talented. The future of these so called “invaders” is extremely important to the future of the heavyweight division, and more importantly to boxing and deserves more attention.

Roy Jones - Roy was the first of the “massively” challenged to make the jump, and thanks to a few glad hands with Don King challenged for a title straight away. John Ruiz was “R.J’s” victim in this proceeding. The bout basically ended in the first round, when Jones refused to back down from a brawl, and in my opinion got the better of that exchange. Over the course of the other 11 rounds he proceeded to give Ruiz a lesson in boxing, and won a lop-sided decision, with no dispute. continue

Wright vs. Trinidad: Why It Should Happen

19.03.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - This past December it was reported that three time Champ Felix Trinidad was going to come out of retirement and fight again. He was tentatively scheduled to fight former WBA-WBC Jr. Middleweight Champ Shane Mosley. The only thing that had to happen for the Mosley-Trinidad fight to be realized was Mosley had to beat IBF Jr. Middleweight Champ Winky Wright. As we now know the favored Mosley lost a one sided unanimous decision to Wright, thus killing the hypothetical Mosley-Trinidad match up in all likely hood.

Now with the prospect of a Trinidad fight with Mosley all but gone. Where does Trinidad turn and what obstacles and hurdles does he face in coming back to the ring? I know one thing for certain, Trinidad is not crazy about fighting at 154. I heard him and Wright kidding each other about a possible fight between them at the Hopkins-Joppy triple header card in Atlantic City. I specifically heard Trinidad say to Wright if they were to meet, it would have to be at 160. When Wright heard this, he nodded to Trinidad and then they shook hands and parted. continue

Harrison-Hersisia: No Better Time To Deliver

19.03.04 - By Janne Romppainen - It is no news to anybody that heavyweight division has a problem. Lennox Lewis has retired, other top fighters are growing old, there are no real newcomers on the scene. Perhaps the most hyped hopeful of the field, Joe Mesi has struggled badly in his last two fights and no other prospect has been overly impressed either. If there has ever been a good time for a new prospect to make a statement, it is now. Enter Audley “A-Force” Harrison, the British Olympic gold medallist and heavyweight prospect who will fight for the so-called WBF “championship of the world” against Dutch Richel Hersisia on Wembley stadium, England on upcoming Saturday night.

Harrison’s career has been under magnifying glass from the beginning. In the Olympic games of Sydney 2000 Harrison marched impressively to super heavyweight gold medal and the hopes for his professional career were held high. Too high in fact. Many over-eager fans expected that Harrison would have been totally ready as a fighter in his professional debut and failed to understand that even the best of amateur prospects are novices in the beginning. After Harrison had tougher-than-expected struggle in his second fight against a less-known Derek McCafferty, he faced huge criticism. There were talks about “Fraudley” and “wrong alarm”, and even though Harrison has bettered his fighting continuously after that, he hasn’t been totally able to shrug off the bad reputation. continue

Interview with Golota trainer Sam Colonna

19.03.04 - By Scoop Malinowski/

Boxinginsider: How's your mindset going into this fight with Chris Byrd??

Colonna: "Andrew can fight southpaws, he knows how. Andrew's got a lot of talent that people don't know he has. He's got more talent than he showed in the Riddick Bowe fights. He's got to start getting more relaxed and start doing the right things. When things don't go his way, he's got to learn to deal with it. That's all. If he overcomes that, the next champion is going to be Andrew Golota." continue


SANTA YNEZ, CALIF. (March 19, 2004) “ Unbeaten North American Boxing Organization (NABO)/International Boxing Association (IBA) Americas Light Heavyweight champion Rico "Suave" Hoye added the World Boxing Council (WBC) Continental Americas and North American Boxing Federation (NABF) light heavyweight belts to his wardrobe by impressively knocking out Donnell "Cadillac" Wiggins in the first round on "ShoBox: The New Generation" Thursday on SHOWTIME. In the co-feature, undefeated WBA FEDECENTRO Champion Daniel "The Haitian Sensation" Edouard and Dorian "Quiet Storm" Beaupierre fought to an unpopular 10-round majority draw in a middleweight bout. The doubleheader at Chumash Casino Resort was promoted by Gary Shaw Productions, LLC, and aired at 11 p.m. ET/PT*. The telecast was the 39th in the popular "ShoBox" series. "ShoBox." which debuted on July 21, 2001. continue

Paz ready for “History in the Making”

PROVIDENCE, RI (March 18, 2004) – Closing in on the final fight of his illustrious 20-year pro career, Vinny “The Pazmanian” Devil (49-10, 30 KOs) is ready for “History in the Making,” Saturday, March 27, at 8:00 – 10:00 PM/ET airing live on CN8, The Comcast Network from Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut. Former five-time former world champion Paz (49-10, 30 KOs), in quest of his 50th career victory, fights super middleweight Tocker “TNT” Pudwill (39-5, 14 KOs) in the 10-round main event, promoted by Jimmy Burchfield’s Classic Entertainment & Sports, Inc. (CES), in association with CN8 and Foxwoods Resort Casino. continue

Audley Harrison set for battle against Hersisia

London, March 18, 2004 — At today’s press conference at the Wembley Plaza Hotel in London, Olympic Heavyweight Champion Audley Harrison (14-0, 10KOs) and WBF Heavyweight Champion Richel “The Dutch Sonny Liston” Hersisia (21-0, 16KOs,) met face to face prior to their WBF Heavyweight title fight Saturday at Wembley Arena. “It feels great to be back in England to challenge for a world title,” said Harrison. “I am in great shape and ready for the first twelve round contest of my career.”

Richel Hersisia listened to Harrison and scoffed. “I am in great shape and I have come here to defend my title. I don’t pay attention to all of Audley’s talk because at the end of the day, I will be taking my belt back to Holland with me.” Olaf Schroder manager to Hersisia stated “There is a lot of hype surrounding Harrison and its time he stepped in with someone who represents a real challenge. I don’t think Harrison is going to cope with the pressure of Hersisia for 12 rounds, and I believe this will be a routine defence for Richel before we move him over to the States to face the elite heavyweights in the division.”> continue

One-on-One with GOLOTA! Part 1

18.03.04 - By Scoop Malinowski/ - Andrew Golota is one of the most talented yet misunderstood heavyweights in recent years. He is known as a mean-as-they-come, wrecking machine of a fighter who most often seemed to curiously find a way to achieve failure while standing on the brink of victory.

First it was the two thrashings of Riddick Bowe who at the time was considered the world's best heavyweight, fresh off the KO of Holyfield. Golota slaughtered Bowe in both fights, to the point that Bowe has never since entered a ring. He outjabbed, outboxed and outpunched a prime Bowe. But, strangely, it was Golota, ahead on the scorecards in both fights, who disqualified himself from victory. Some thought he was crazy, some said he wasn't smart (also because of a speech impediment), I think it was some kind of fear of success. In other words, while Golota has the skill and talent to be champion, he may not have the desire for the huge responsibility of being a champion and inspiration of the people. Golota seems uncomfortable in the spotlight, about accepting the role as being a heroic champion figure for the world. continue

Daniel Santos and heavyweight champion Elieser Castillo headline on April 17

HOLLYWOOD, FL – (March 18, 2004) World championship boxing comes to Tampa with an exciting lineup of bouts. The card features WBO junior middleweight champion Daniel Santos and NABF heavyweight champion Elieser Castillo. The card, to be held at The Florida State Fairgrounds Entertainment Hall takes place Saturday, April 17, and will consist of nine bouts including five championship fights and an International Boxing Federation title eliminator. continue

Being Joe Mesi: Waiting for the Axe to Drop

18.03.04 - By Ron Widelec - Buffalo’s favorite son, Joe Mesi, once again squeaked out a close decision victory over a mediocre heavyweight. After all the talk, Mesi has shown himself to be an exciting fighter with very limited prospects. At this point, we should all be waiting for the axe to drop; the time when Mesi steps in the ring with a seasoned top ranked foe and leaves on his back.

Mesi improved to 29-0, with 25 knockouts, but was nearly knocked out himself in the process. After dominated the first three quarters of the fight, Mesi was hurt badly in the 9th round. By the 10th it appeared that Baby Joe would not survive the fight. He was holding his ribs, as so many Jirov opponents have done, and was taking a severe beating to the head. In the end he made it to the bell, but not before getting knocked down two times. continue

IBF Even More Foul with Golota

18.03.04 - By Paul-John Ramos - Only two fights against tired journeymen were needed for Andrew Golota and promoter Don King to lure the International Boxing Federation into another sham title bout. Despite being inactive for nearly three years after his October 2000 forfeit to Mike Tyson and mauling two ready-made antiques with a combined record of 49-26-1 in his comeback, 36-year-old Golota (38-4, 31 KOs) was announced as the IBF's #15 heavyweight contender on Sunday. The new ranking positions Golota for his upcoming fight with titleholder Chris Byrd at Madison Square Garden on April 17th.

His marquee fights now ancient history, Golota has done nothing in recent wins over Brian Nix (18-12) and Terence Lewis (31-14-1) to warrant a title shot. But the widespread popularity of Golota and a zeal to charge top-dollar sanctioning fees had the IBF salivating over a Byrd-Golota match-up. Add the savvy of King, who recently signed Golota to a new contract, and IBF officials could jump right atop their high horses to further trample the Muhammad Ali Act. continue

Time for Mosley to get serious about his career

18.03.04 - By Mike Samuels - Pulling the Plug on De la Hoya, Now It’s Time For Mosley to Get Serious, Or Forever Live Off Life Support. Since moving up two full weight divisions in the summer of 2000 Shane Mosley has been hyped up and thought of by as the next man fit enough to carry the “Sugar” moniker with him through out his career. Just as it happens when all forms of excitement – they die down, the truth sets in and leaves you shaking your head in disbelief. continue

Heavyweight's: No Chin, No Chance

17.03.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - In the Heavyweight division I don't care what anyone says, a fighter must have an outstanding chin to make a serious mark. That is something history has proven to be irrefutable. His chin doesn't have to be Cobb or McCall like good, but it must be good enough that it's mentioned as a plus when speaking of him. This past Saturday night we saw another perfect example of this during the Joe Mesi vs. Vassiliy Jirov Heavyweight fight on HBO. In the bout, Mesi was cruising along having his way with Jirov, and then BAM, he went down! And he never recovered to the point where he could turn the fight back around. It was strictly survival mode and trying just to make it through for Joe. Some may point to Mesi's defense, and I'll agree it definitely needs to be tightened up, but he wasn't hit that many times. And not all of the shots that dropped or hurt him were bombs. It was his chin and overall ability to take a punch, especially late in the fight when he's a little winded and spent that almost cost him the win. continue

Sugar Shane Mosley: Suffering From A Hamed Disease?

17.03.04 - By Janne Romppainen - After seeing Sugar Shane Mosley losing a clear-cut decision to Ronald “Winky” Wright in their light-middleweight unification fight on last Saturday, one couldn’t help but wonder. There was something uncharacteristic with the familiar looking figure named Mosley. Mosley did not lose to a bad fighter by any means, quite the opposite. Wright has been one of the better boxers of the whole game for long and he has been unfairly underrated because of his often non-crowd-pleasing style. But still, even though Mosley still is a world-class beater and in his last fight he had outpointed a megastar Oscar De La Hoya, the difference between the Mosley we saw now and the one that overcame De La Hoya four years ago as a welterweight is considerable. Even though he still is only 32 years of age, he seemed to be a fighter on a steady decline. continue

Holyfield-Tyson III: Don’t laugh, it probably will happen

17.03.04 - By Andrew Mullinder -Looking back, it seems as though the late nineties’ ominously degenerating Heavyweight scene was defined less by the fights than the shocking episodes surrounding them: from Fan Man to Andrew Galota’s low blows; from the scandalous Holyfield-Lewis decision to Oliver Mcall’s in-fight nervous breakdown, we saw it all as boxing’s flagship division came close to collapsing into a grotesque circus. But the granddaddy of them all, the Lean Mean Fat-Free Grilling Machine Champion Calamity of the most farcical era in boxing, revolved around the self proclaimed ,‘baddest man on the planet’ and a couple of small chunks from Evander Holyfield’s ears. In the late eighties the savage irresistibility of Mike Tyson’s boxing obsessed journalists. Ten years later it was ring savagery drawn from a less refined rule book which had boxing on the front page of just abut every newspaper in the world. continue

The Heavyweight Mess

17.03.04 - By Matthew Hurley - So where do we go from here? Who is the flagship fighter in the heavyweight division? I could probably end this article with the last sentence because I really have no idea. And to be honest I’m not too sure that a wide open heavyweight division is good for boxing. I would hate to revisit the early eighties when underachievers like Greg Page and Tony Tubbs somehow found the wherewithal to strap belts around their fat bellies. Quite frankly, the heavyweight division is a mess. And when there isn’t a prominent heavyweight champion guiding the way, boxing suffers. That’s not just cynicism, it’s a fact.

So who do we turn to? Who will step up and become the next big name in heavyweight boxing? The sad fact is, the heavyweight division is really lacking in talent. What we saw this past weekend was indicative of that. If Joe Mesi, a highly touted prospect, can be dropped three times by a cruiserweight what options are left us? My attention is drawn to Vitali Klitschko whose spirited effort against Lennox Lewis left me smiling. continue

Jermain Taylor's time has arrived

NEW YORK, March 16 – Three years ago, Jermain Taylor was just another prospect, fresh off of his bronze medal-winning performance at the 2000 Olympics, and looking to rise up the ranks. Fast forward to 2004, and Taylor - who takes on Alex Bunema in the main event of DiBella Entertainment’s “March Badness”, to be held on March 27 at the Alltel Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas – has become a bonafide contender and the consensus pick as boxing’s superstar of the future. And the Little Rock native is not done yet. “I feel that if I keep working hard and keep my focus, there’s no telling how far I can go,” said Taylor. “I feel like I’ve learned so much in these last few months and I’m still learning.” continue

How far can Mesi go?

16.03.04 - By Mike Bearenhof - This is probably a question that people have asked themselves since Joe Mesi blew out DaVaryll Williamson last Septmember. Since than, Mesi has survived two very close calls, and 4 knockdowns. It seems like the snobs of boxing may have been right all along; Mesi is and always will be nothing more than a B-level contender. They could be correct, but I am not totally convinced that Mesi is a lost cause.

It is hard to dismiss the first nine rounds against Jirov as nothing less than a beautiful display of boxing by Joe Mesi. Like expected, Jirov came out and tried to assert himself against Mesi. Although the first round went to Jirov, there were sure signs to Jirov that Mesi wasn't about to be intimidated. From than until round ten, Mesi put his abilities on full display. There were points when it seemed unbelieveble that Mesi was doing this to Vassily Jirov, especially considering the fact that Mesi was throwing three times as many punches as Jirov, and it looked like there was no end in sight. continue

Mike Tyson's Childhood

16.03.04 - By Clinton Mollett - - One of the most recognized sporting figures in the world was born on the 30th June 1966 in Cumberland Hospital Catskill in Brooklyn, New York City and he was christened Michael Gerald Tyson. Lorna Kirkpatrick (born Lorna Smith) was his mother and Jimmy Kirkpatrick was his father, if the surnames have you a little confused don't worry I'll explain. Lorna meet and married a man could Percel Tyson. They later divorced and Lorna never remarried, despite falling in love with Jimmy Kirkpatrick, Mike Tyson's biological father. She took kirkpatrick's name. Jimmy Kirkpatrick was later hospitalized due to a heart condition and no longer able to work. Feeling worthless, Jimmy's free spirit urged him to move on and he left his family before Tyson was born, thus keeping his mothers marriage name. A name that would later gain household recognition the world over - TYSON. . continue

Ahmed Santos’ 13th Round

16.03.04 - By Fiona Manning - He is a fixture at all the big fights. Eyes firmly locked on the action, a smile ever-present whenever the constant parade of boxing celebrities and the fans come calling, former junior welterweight world title challenger Ahmed Santos has become one of the most prominent color commentators for Spanish-language TV. Santos, who retired from active boxing in 2001, is 30. He is young by boxing industry standards.

Considering the fact his all-time idol Julio Cesar Chavez is training for yet another comeback and George Foreman wants to go on record as the world’s oldest heavyweight, Santos would be forgiven for considering a return to the ring. continue

Welcome to Greatness

16.03.04 - By Don Deane - This past Saturday, Ronald “Winky” Wright stepped out of the back alley and onto Broadway as he claimed the undisputed 154lb crown. Winky fought beautifully and earned a twelve round decision over Sugar Shane Mosley. It was great to see Winky finally get the respect he deserves as well as the name recognition that comes along with beating one of the sports prized gentlemen. continue

When A Writer Is Wrong - Part 2

16.03.04 - By Matthew Hurley - Well, I almost got it right this time. If Vassily Jirov had just one more round, were I a betting man, I’d have made a fortune. Looking back the Jirov versus Joe Mesi heavyweight fight was really a toss up. What do you side with, strength or experience? I went with the more experienced Jirov. I just felt his amateur background and the championship rounds he’s logged in during his career would offset anything Mesi could possibly throw at him. And yet, when Jirov decked the “Baby” in the ninth round I couldn’t help but hope that Joe would somehow find a way to finish the fight. He did, barely. Joe Mesi will never be heavyweight champion, he’s just not good enough, but you know what? The kid has a fighter’s heart. He’s been slammed for his deficiencies by more than slightly pompous writers, this one included, but he showed in his battle with Jirov that he has a warrior’s mentality. It won’t be good enough to stave off the elite fighters in the division, but it is good enough to get a nod of respect from this corner. continue

OSF Sports Hosts Grand Casino Coushatta’s Fight Night This Friday

16.03.04 - OSF Sports and Entertainment, Inc, a division of OSF, Inc along with Corona Deportiva, is hosting Grand Casino Coushatta’s Friday Night Fights featuring a Texas Jr. Flyweight Championship this Friday March 19, 2004 in Houston Texas at the International Ballroom at 14035 S. Main and Hillcroft. The current Texas Flyweight Female Championship will be on the line as current Champion Anissa Zamarron 16-9-2 (5 KO’s) of Austin will be taking on Johanna Alvarez 14-2 (5 KO’s) of New Jersey. The Main event will feature Sugarlands Guadalupe Martinez 11-0 (8 KO’s) against Maurice Chalmers 6-5-1 (3 KO’s) of Houston. Mexican Featherweight Benjamin Flores 2-0 (2 KO’s) will be fighting Lamont Lindsey 1-0 in a four rounder. Plus Heavyweights Enrigue Velasquez and Marvin Williams will be making their pro debuts. Two more fights are also scheduled with fighters making their pro debuts. continue


16.03.04 - British Super-Featherweight king MICHAEL GOMEZ will face Ghanaian ERIC ODUMASE for the Vacant WBU World title on April 3 at the M.E.N Arena. The Manchester star will feature as chief support to RICKY HATTON’s WBU World title defence and WBO Interim World title challenge against KELSON PINTO. Gomez said, “I’m really excited to get this fight against Odumase and am looking forward to putting on a great performance for the Manchester fans.They have been with me since the beginning and have supported me through the highs and the lows of my career and now I can repay them by winning this title,” Odumase, who replaces the original opponent Gavin Rees who has a hand injury, has fought in Britain against former Commonwealth champion Patrick Mullings, current WBO World Featherweight king SCOTT HARRISON and in his last fight against Craig Spacie where he came away with a points victory. continue

Jirov Ready for Rematches with Mesi or Toney

NEW YORK, March 15 - After engaging in two of boxing's most compelling fights in the last year, Vassiliy Jirov - a former world cruiserweight champion and current heavyweight standout - is looking to give the fans more of what they want...if Joe Mesi or James Toney are up to it.

"I fought my heart out against Joe Mesi and James Toney and just came up short," said Jirov, 33-2 with 29 KOs. "I know the results would be different the second time around, and since these are fights the fans want to see, I'm ready to go again. Just tell me the place and time." continue

Sharkie’s Machine: “An Honest Decision In Las Vegas”

15.03.04 - By Frank Gonzalez Jr.: When Sugar Shane met Winky Wright Saturday night in Las Vegas, the betting odds were stacked 4-1 in favor of Shane Mosley.

Winky Wright is a good, solid fighter who has waited patiently to get his shot at a big name fighter that could take him to the promised land of undisputed Championship status. Watching Winky over the years, I have lots of respect for his boxing ability but he’s been in some unexciting fights.

It seems like there are two separate 154-pound divisions, one for the big Stars and one for the non-famous. Winky has been king of the non-famous division for quite some time now. He proved it against JC Candelo, Angel Hernandez, Jason Papillion, Robert Frazier, Keith Mullings and a host of other less than stellar names. He has a few losses he picked up along the way, most notably to Fernando Vargas, who many thought was losing to Wright until the late surges by Vargas, who won a questionable decision. With Vargas’ colorful personality, he was bound for the Star division. Winky also lost to (then unbeaten at 16-0) Harry Simon, in a Split Decision in South Africa. Back in 1994, he lost to veteran Julio Caesar Vasquez by UD12. continue

Peden knocks out Campbell in the Fifth Round, Keith Holmes edges Toygonbayev

15.03.04 - By Kent Appel @ ringside: After a tough battle, junior lightweight contender Robbie Peden of Brisbane, Australia weathered some brutal punishment from his opponent, fellow junior lightweight contender Nate Campbell, of Jacksonville, Florida, to come from almost out of nowhere in round number five, to connect with a tremendous left hook that knocked Campbell out.. With the win Peden improves his record to 23-2, 13 by KO while Campbell falls to 24-2-1, 21 by KO. Peden weighed 129 ¼ pounds while Campbell tipped the scales at 130 pounds. continue

Jones-Tarver II set for May 15th

15.03.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - I got an e-mail this weekend for the press conference announcing the Roy Jones vs. Antonio Tarver rematch. The fight will take place on May 15, 2004 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, and will be shown on HBO PPV. The fight will be titled "It's More Than Personal." This will be a highly anticipated fight due to their previous bout fought back on November 8, 2003. In that bout Jones won a majority decision that enraged Tarver and some of his fans. Since that bout boxing fans around the world have been calling for a rematch.

I am very glad that this rematch has been signed. I'm sick and tired of hearing Tarver going around since their last fight acting as if he won and like he's the champ. He didn't win the fight and the decision was very fair and accurate. Like all great champions, when the fight hung in the balance, a tired Jones showed heart and character and went out and won the 11th and 12th rounds. Opposed to Tarver, who in the biggest spot of the fight and his career, fought to be competitive and not to lose. Which is exactly why Tarver was the runner up in a two man event. continue

Peden Bombs Campbell

15.03.04 - By Fiona Manning - A funny thing happened on the way to Nate Campbell winning a coveted title shot against IBF 130 pound champion Carlos “Famoso” Hernandez. In the fifth round, Campbell, who by most people’s estimations was winning a non-stop action fight with Robbie Peden, had just unleashed a wicked body shot and uppercut on Peden that had the Aussie superstar bent over double. In a ridiculous moment he will spend forever regretting, Campbell suddenly dropped his hands and wordlessly invited Peden to take a shot. Peden did, knocking out Campbell with a corking left hook at 2.27 of the round. It was such a bizarre, yet spectacular finish that the crowd at Pechanga Entertainment Center and Casino in Temecula, CA was on its collective feet, screaming. This fight capped off a great day of boxing for Goossen Tutor Promotions (tape delayed for Fox Sports Net).

After being counted out, Campbell, who’d gone spiraling to the canvas heavily, was on his feet screaming too. He had however, nobody but himself to blame. Especially since he had Peden in trouble when he decided to showboat. “He was protesting,” said Peden’s ever-classy trainer, Roger Bloodworth. “But to be honest, I think he was still buzzed.” continue

Mesi wins ugly

15.03.04 - By Marc Abrams - An eagerly anticipated doubleheader from the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas took place this evening as the undisputed 154 pound world championship was captured by Ronald “Winky”Wright as he won a surprisingly easy unanimous decision victory over “Sugar”Shane Mosely. In the opener “Baby”Joe Mesi latterly and figuratively held on to a slim unanimous decision over former cruiserweight champ Vasilly Jirov. continue

Peden stops Campbell in fifth round

14.03.04 - Superfeatherweight Robbie Peden knocked out Nate Campbell in the 5th round on Sunday at Pechanga Resort Casino. For some odd reason, Super featherweight Nate Campbell foolishly dropped his hands and stuck out his chin, seemingly daring Robbie “Bomber” Peden to hit him in the 5th round. Peden (23-2) didn’t waste the opportunity, as he blasted Campbell with a left hook to the chin that knocked Campbell out at 2:27 of the 5th round. At the time of the knockout, Campbell (24-2-1) was leading 39-37 on two of the judges scorecards, while the third had it 38-38.

Mosley Must Replace Jack

14.03.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - After watching Winky Wright handle Shane Mosley last night, a few thoughts crossed my mind. Yes, one was that I totally underestimated Wright and gave Mosley too much credit for being able to adapt. I really thought Mosley would realize that he couldn't fight Wright like he last fought De La Hoya, that's why I picked him. Maybe Mosley getting the decision over De La Hoya was the worst thing for him, it made him think he was at his best fighting a "catch an kill" style, and didn't have to change.

But that's not the main thing I was thinking. What I was thinking was that if Mosley is going to keep fighting the best of the best that the world has to offer, he must make some changes. One thing he should consider is going back to welterweight. If he does that, he may not even have to change his style that much. He's probably strong enough to overpower and go through all the top welterweight's. Maybe that's something he should seriously consider, if he can get back down that low. continue

Rabbit Ruins Good Showing for Mesi

14.03.04 - By Keith Terceira - - While reading all the reports this morning I felt the need to play devils advocate and come to the defense of all the Mesi fans out there. You see, for many out there, it is a safe bet that eventually Mesi will lose. So based on history, the odds, and time the safe way to go is to ride the anti-Mesi wagon. Before every fight we hear that Mesi will get exposed. Exposed as what I ask. A prospect that has a lot to learn in a limited time. Not once have I heard the Mesi camp run around saying that their fighter was the greatest or anything close to it. The hype comes from the powers that be to sell out events and the media who's job it is to build interest in the sport, pro or negative for all fighters.

A great aspect of boxing is its tendency towards humor. After last evenings HBO show I wandered through the internet, reading the comments and forum postings of a few dozen of boxings best sites. continue

Wright upsets Mosley to unify 154-pound titles

13.03.04 - Ronald “Winky” Wright won a dominating 12 round decision over “Sugar” Shane Mosley to become the undisputed 154-pound champion on Saturday night. Wright was landing harder punches and controlled the action for much the of the bout. Mosley’s loss ruined his plans for a $10 million mega fight with Felix Trinidad for later this year. Judges Dave Moretti and Chuck Giampa scored it 117-111, while Paul Smith had it 116-112.

Mesi decisions Jirov!

13.03.04 - Heavyweight "Baby" Joe Mesi won a close 10 round decision over Vassily Jirov, despite being knocked down 3 times in the final two rounds of their bout on Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay resort. Mesi was declared the winner by 94-93 margins on all three ringside scorecards, but he will probably no longer be looked as a potential heavyweight star after sustaining a vicious beating by Jirov during the last two rounds. Over the first 8 rounds, Mesi dominated the fight with power punching, but the fight suddenly turned around quickly in the 9th when Jirov (33-2) dropped Mesi with a right hand to the back of his head. Jirov stormed out in round ten and dropped Mesi twice, however Joe was able to hang on until the final bell.

Mesi was trying to hold and hang on as Jirov tagged him with another big left hand with 10 seconds left and was crumbling in Jirov's arms when the fight ended. If this had been a 12 round fight, Mesi would have likey been knocked out in the 11th. Mesi improves his record to 29-0. ``His experience led him to survive,'' said Mesi. However, when Mesi was asked if he would like to fight Jirov again in a rematch to help determine who is the better fighter, Mesi said, "No, I've proved my point,'' he said. ``I'm still learning. But I'm willing to move up the ladder.''

Mike Tyson and Father Time

13.03.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - I just caught an interview with former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson on Cable TV. I can't believe how old and tired he looked. For the first time since following his career, I can say he really got to me inside. He looked old, fat, wrinkled and weak. Man, it really hit me hard. I have followed and watched Tyson fight since his amateur days back in 1980-81, and never viewed him like I did this time. Tyson even came right out and said that he's not fighting anybody, and that he couldn't get in shape.

I couldn't believe how tranquil and pensive he was. For the first time, I saw a beaten man when I looked into his eyes. Not beaten as a fighter, but as a man who has really been through it. A man who has seen the best and worst that life has to offer. No doubt that Mike Tyson is well versed on being at the highest high and the lowest low. In one of the clips, Tyson was at Gleason's gym doing his 100 hours of community service teaching kids to box. He actually looked at peace and the young kids looked ecstatic! What a thrill that must have been for them, having Mike Tyson hold the pads and encouraging them. continue

Interview with Monte Barrett

13.03.04 - By Ike Enwereuzor - - Heavyweight contender Monte "Two Gunz" Barrett of Queens, New York with a professional Boxing record of (29-3,16 Ko's)will make his first outting of the year since his controversial loss to unbeaten Joe Mesi in December 2003 at Madison Square Garden, New York City. Barrett is expected to return to action on March 27, at the Alltel Arena, in Little Rock, AR against undefeated WBO #5 rated heavyweight prospect Dominick Guinn (24-0, 17 Ko's). This event will be televised Live on HBO.

This what the top heavyweight contender had to say about his past, present and future:

Ike: How is your training coming along? continue

Weights from Las Vegas

'Sugar' Shane Mosley 154 vs. Ronald 'Winky' Wright 154
'Baby' Joe Mesi 227 vs. Vassiliy 'The Tiger' Jirov 212

Mosley vs. Wright: A Style Thing

12.03.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - This weekend boxing fans should see a very intriguing Jr. Middleweight title fight between Shane Mosley and Winky Wright. The compelling thing about this fight is the style match up and contrast of the two fighters. It always comes down to styles doesn't it. That is one cliche that is not over used in boxing, ever. The style of two fighter's usually always plays a major role in how a fight will turn out and how exciting or dull it will be. Assuming both are in top condition and refuse to accept defeat.

Here's my advice to Mosley, "bring your A-game and put the pressure on Winky and try to make it a fight." If Mosley is lazy and allows Wright to make it a boxing match from the outside, we'll either have a disputed decision in a very close fight, or Wright will score an upset? There is little doubt that Wright is definitely capable of making Mosley look bad and beating him.
I happen to be someone who enjoys watching Mosley fight, but I must admit that its been frustrating sometimes lately. Shane has all the ability in the world. He has extremely fast hands and used to throw three and four punch combinations. On top of that, he can punch a little bit. continue

Rahman decisions Cole

12.03.04 - In yet another comeback, former Heavyweight champion Hasim "The Rock" Rahman won a unanimous 10 round decision over Al “Ice” Cole on Thursday night at Michael’s Eighth Avenue in Blen Burnie, Maryland. Surprisingly, this was Rahman’s (36-5-1) first victory in almost three years since his shocking knockout of Lennix Lewis on April 22, 2001. During the early rounds, Cole fought Rahman to a standstill, as he used effective counterpunching to make Rahman look bad. However, Cole (34-13-3) appeared to tire in the later rounds and let the fight get away from him. ``I'm disappointed that I didn't give the fans what they wanted. He wouldn't go down,'' Rahman said. ``Cole was tough.'' The judges scores were 96-94 on all cards.

Not So Pretty

12.03.04 - By Luke Dodemaide - Last Tuesday, Floyd Mayweather was due to appear at court to be arraigned on a domestic violence charge. Floyd Mayweather is charged with striking Josie Harris, the mother of three of his children, in a Vegas club December 27th .Because of Mayweather's absence, Judge Nancy Oesterle has issued a warrant for the arrest of the boxing super star. "If we find him, we will arrest him based on the warrant," said Las Vegas police sergeant Chuck Pierce. In 2001 Mayweather assaulted the mother of his first child, Melissa Brim. In court he pleaded guilty on two counts of domestic violence in a deal that would see two other charges dropped. continue

Hoye to fight Wiggins on March 18

12.03.04 - Four different belts will be at stake on "ShoBox: The New Generation" when unbeaten North American Boxing Organization (NABO)/International Boxing Association (IBA) Americas Light Heavyweight champion Rico "Suave" Hoye opposes World Boxing Council (WBC) Continental Americas/North American Boxing Federation (NABF) light heavyweight titleholder Donnell "Cadillac" Wiggins in a 12-round contest Thursday, March 18, on SHOWTIME. continue

Eastside Boxing Remembers...1954

12.03.04 - By Jeff Day - The president of the United States was Dwight D Eisenhower. Winston Churchill was in his second term as Britain’s Prime Minister. We were still a year or two away from the emergence of Elvis Presley although Bill Haley was turning country music into rock ‘n‘ roll. The movies released in 1954 included The Caine Mutiny, Dial M For Murder, Rear Window and On The Waterfront. On The Waterfront portrayed Marlon Brando as former washed up fighter Terry Malloy. Also starring in the movie were former heavyweight contenders (and Joe Louis victims) Abe Simon, Tony Galento and Tami Mauriello.

What was going on in the real boxing world half a century ago? Well, we had just one world champion in each of the traditional eight weight classes. The champions at the start of 1954 were: Heavyweight - Rocky Marciano; Light Heavyweight - Archie Moore; -Middleweight - Carl ‘Bobo’ Olsen; Welterweight - Kid Gavilan; Lightweight - Jimmy Carter; Featherweight - Sandy Saddler (though was inducted into the army in 1952. Did not return until 1955); Bantamweight - Jimmy Carruthers; Flyweight - Yoshiro Shirai. continue

Barrera injures hand, forced to withdraw from March 19 bout

LOS ANGELES, March 11 – Due to a severe hand sprain suffered during training camp, former featherweight champion Marco Antonio Barrera has been forced to withdraw from his March 19 bout against Ivan Alvarez.

“This is very disappointing for me and for all my fans,” said Barrera, whose left hand was injured while sparring. “I was having a great training camp, and I was ready to show the world that no one is going to stand in my way as I return to the top of the featherweight division.”

Dr. Horacio Ramirez Mercado, Chief Physician of the Mexico City Boxing Commission, examined Barrera, and after concluding that swelling on the hand would not go down sufficiently in time for the fight, he recommended to Team Barrera that they withdraw from the bout. continue

Interview with Dominick Guinn

11.03.04 - By Keith Terceira - - Heavyweight Dominick Guinn returns to Hot Springs, Arkansas on March 22, to hold an open workout at the Hot Springs Boy and Girls Club. Guinn's first encounter with the squared circle was not wearing the leather, but instead it was imitating wrestling star Jake "The Snake" Roberts. His amateur boxing club opened doors to that allowed Dominick to see most of the world and set him on the road to the heavyweight championship. The top ten ranked Guinn (24-0, 17ko) battles Monte Barrett (29-3, 16ko) On March 27 at the Alltel Arena in Little Rock.

Keith: Dominick, how was training today?

Guinn: I did ten rounds today and I did everything I was supposed to do, it was a great workout today.

Keith: How many different guys are you sparring with Dominick?

Guinn: Two guys. continue

When A Writer Is Wrong

11.03.04 - By Matthew Hurley: It occurred to me last night as I was perusing some boxing magazines, and this particular website, that as a fight prognosticator I rarely get it right. When I go with my head it usually turns out I should have gone with my gut and when I go with my gut I usually end up shaking my head when the fights are over. And when I go with my heart, and by this of course I mean throwing everything I know about boxing out the window and simply root for my favorite fighter, I usually end up at the bar drowning my sorrows in pints of Guinness. continue

Trinidad Confirms Comeback

11.03.04 - By Luke Dodemaide - At the mecca of boxing, Madison Square Garden, a great man by the name of Felix Trinidad, 31, preached words that rang like music into the hears of boxing purists all around the world, Felix Trinidad announced that later this year, he will step back through the ropes and resume his already legendary career. "Don gave me what I asked for, and here I am," Trinidad said through an interpreter.

Don Felix, Trinidads father, has already said there is expressed interest in his son fighting high calibre opponents such as, Shane Mosley and re-matches with Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins. Don Felix has also stated a possible meeting with Roy Jones Jnr at 175 pounds is not out of the question. "A lot of people told me we need you in boxing," Trinidad told the press at Madison Square Garden. "I wasn't wrong when I retired," he said. "I just changed my mind." Trinidad's comeback will be at middleweight, a weight in which he became WBA champion in May 2001, before losing to that title to Bernard Hopkins in a middleweight unification match up at Madison Square Garden later that same year. continue

Pacquiao is king of The Ring

10.03.04 - By Dennis Principe: MANILA, Philippines - Here's one exalted reason why Filipino boxing star Manny Pacquiao should always stay in shape and set his sights on being the greatest Filipino boxer ever. The prestigious Ring Featherweight championship belt. The 25-year-old Pacquiao yesterday officially received the much-coveted belt and was handed over by Ring Magazine editor-in-chief Nigel Collins in the presence of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in Malacañang. continue

Kellerman Shows Up On "Studio B"

10.03.04 -By Frank Lotierzo - - Well, it sure didn't take long, did it?. Back on February 15th, I wrote that former "Friday Night Fights" co-host Max Kellerman was most likely going to Foxsports. Well today he made one of his first appearances on the Fox Network. Kellerman appeared on the Fox News channel this afternoon. Kellerman was a guest on the show "Studio B", hosted by Foxnews anchor Shephard Smith.

Kellerman and Smith did one complete segment uninterrupted. Smith promoted the upcoming segment with Kellerman as saying, "He's no longer around the Horn", and then later teased with saying the former host of "Around the Horn" is with the good guys network now. When Kellerman came out, he and Smith exchanged pleasantries, and then got right to it. continue

Exclusive Interview with "Baby" Joe Mesi

10.03.04 - By Keith Terceira: At 28-0 with 25 knockouts to his credit, Joe Mesi over the last year has sky-rocketed up the rankings. Skeptics in the press have jumped at every word that the Mesi team has said or supposedly said. With the Barrett fight behind him and some lessons learned, Joe Mesi is more than prepared for his next opponent this week , Vassily Jirov. "Baby" Joe discussed with us the battle with Monte Barrett , some of his thoughts on the heavyweight division, and his pending test Saturday against "The Tiger." Jirov may be currently the best cruiserweight in the world but Joe Mesi agrees that Vassily at two hundred pounds has the punch of a heavyweight.

Keith: Joe, I went back over your record a few years and was wondering, will Jirov be the first southpaw you have fought? continue

If Mesi Jumps On Jirov, It Could Be Over Quick

10.03.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - If Joe Mesi jumps on Vassiliy Jirov this Saturday night, the fight could be over quick. Over the last few weeks I've read where more than a few think Vassiliy Jirov is the perfect foil for Mesi. I don't see it that way. In fact I actually see it the other way around. I think Jirov is the perfect opponent for Mesi to look good against. I sense Mesi will enter this fight versus Jirov very confident, as he should because he has all the advantages. He and his management team must know this? Which I'm sure is one of the reasons they took the fight. It's a chance for Joe to possibly score an impressive win over a name opponent in front of a National HBO audience.

In this fight with Jirov, Mesi no doubt has all the advantages. He is the bigger and stronger fighter, and he can probably get the better of Vassiliy fighting inside or outside. Mesi is also the better puncher and is equipped with a faster pair of hands. As far as chin's go, this is a little bit of an unknown. At Cruiserweight Jirov has shown a very good chin and was only really hurt by Toney. However, we've never seen Jirov cracked by a heavyweight who could punch. Mesi may not have Tua power, but power is not one of his shortcomings. As far as Mesi's chin, the jury is still out. What bodes well for him is that Jirov is not really a big puncher in my opinion. I doubt Joe's chin will be a liability in this fight. continue

Mike Quarry: A Warrior in his Own Right

10.03.04 - By Kent Appel: A true gentleman of the boxing world was honored this past Saturday, March 6, 2004 for becoming a member of the California State Boxing Hall of Fame. It is an honor well deserved for Irish Mike Quarry, as he is a true warrior in every sense of the word, who gave every ounce of his body, heart, and soul every time he stepped into the squared circle.

Quarry is more than just Jerry Quarry's kid brother who followed the former heavyweight contender into the boxing profession. One of the hardest working fighters of his era, he was always in the best possible physical condition as he carved out his own niche in the tough light heavyweight division of the late 1960s and 70s. Anyone in the division who stepped into the ring against him knew they were in for a real fight. continue

Wright vs Mosely: "The war at 154"

10.03.04 - By Marc Abrams: On March, 13th the biggest fight of the 1st quarter of the year takes place at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas as “Sugar”Shane Mosely puts of his WBA and WBC 154 pound titles on the line against IBF 154 pound champ Ronald “Winky”Wright. This bout had been dubbed “The War at 154”. There is an exciting undercard bout that features “Baby” Joe Mesi, taking his show out west as he battles former Cruiserweight king Vassily Jirov in a heavyweight special attraction.

The 32 year old Pomona, California resident, Mosely had been near or at the top of the pound for pound rankings for the better part of the last 7 years. A world champ in 3 weight divisions, 1st won the IBF lightweight title in August, 1997 with a unanimous decision over Phillip Holiday. He defended the title 8 times including victories over former world champs John-John Molina in may, 1998 (TKO 8). and Jesse James Leija in November of that same year (TKO 9). After vacating that belt to move up to welterweright( he skipped 140 pounds all together). He knocked out both Wilfredo Rivera(TKO 10), and Willy Wise(TKO 3) as a prelude to the biggest fight of his career. On June 17, 2000 Mosely defeated long time rival Oscar De La Hoya to win the WBC Welterweight belt in a exciting split decision. To date that is the defining moment as he is the only man to clearly beat the Golden Boy. After 3 easy defenses against Antonio Diaz, Shannen Taylor. And Adrian Stone. All stoppages, he got into the ring with his amateur nemesis, that being Vernon Forrest. continue

Reid vs Forrest on April 24

10.03.04 - Promoter Art Pelullo/Banner Promotions and DiBella Entertainment will present a sensational bout on the April 24 fight card at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Teddy Reid, 22-5-1, with 16 knockouts, of Adelphi, Maryland, will fight former WBC welterweight world champion Vernon Forrest, 35-2, with 26 knockouts, of Augusta, Georgia, in a bout scheduled for 10 rounds at 154 pounds. continue

The Mesi Mystery

10.03.04 - By Jim Amato: While most of the focus this Saturday night will be on the Shane Mosley-Winky Wright fight, mine will be on the co-feature. Mainly it will be on the up and coming heavyweight Baby Joe Mesi. Joe will be taking on ex-cruiserweight champion Vassily Jirov. It should be a good measuring stick to see where Mesi stands among todays big men.

Jirov lost to James Toney last year but probably gained more fans in that losing effort then he did in all of his previous wins. Jirov is a strong southpaw who is always throwing punches as he comes forward. He will set a tremendous pace. How do I see this fight going? continue

Javier Jauregui: "I Want Mayweather or Freitas"

NEW YORK, March 8 - Through a translator, World Lightweight Champion Javier Jauregui today proclaimed to his promoters - DiBella Entertainment and Golden Boy Promotions - that he will take on any fighter at or near his weight, including two of the sport's best pound for pound fighters, Floyd Mayweather and Acelino Freitas. continue

Roy's Rocky Road to Greatness

10.03.04 - By Luke Dodemaide: The venue is set, the date is confirmed, the challenger has eagerly signed the dotted line and Don King productions are on board, the show is ready to go, all that it is missing is the star attraction, WBC light heavyweight champion who is regarded as the best pound for pound fighter in boxing, Roy Jones Jnr (49-1).

Antonio Tarver is a name that already appears a victim on Roy Jones record, Jones having defeated Tarver via majority decision last November. Many people cried foul, but having watched the replay multiple times it is clear to me Roy Jones Jnr won that fight, 116-112 on my score card ( eight
rounds to four). Although a close fight, especially by Roy Jones' standards, it was not controversial.) continue

Rivera continuing dream at MSG

10.03.04 - WORCESTER, Mass. (March 9, 2004) – Like most professional boxers, past and present, WBA welterweight champion “El Gallo” Jose Antonio Rivera (37-3-1, 24 KOs) has always dreamed of fighting in historic Madison Square Garden (MSG). The 30-year-old Rivera will have his first opportunity to fight there April 17, against former WBC & WBA welterweight title-holder Ricardo “The Matador” Mayorga, on “The New Era Begins,” promoted by Don King, in New York City. continue

Mosley and Mesi Must Impress

09.03.04 - By Paul Ruby: HBO will stage its most celebrated card of the year to date when Joe Mesi meets Vassily ‘The Tiger’ Jirov on the undercard to Shane Mosley and Winky Wright’s junior middleweight unification bout this Saturday from Las Vegas. Overall, I do not see either of these fights being ‘Fight or the Year’ candidates, but I firmly believe each bout is surrounded by intriguing questions about style, maturity, and technique. In other words, I think this card should live up to the hype.

Mesi-Jirov will be the first bout on the telecast, and it will be won by Joe Mesi. There are a number of interesting stylistic questions surrounding this match-up, but there’s one significant reason I believe Mesi will be the victor: match-making. Joe Mesi’ career to this point has been guided very carefully by his father, Jack, and his promoter, Tony Holden. continue

USBA Champion Michael Stewart: Determined, Grateful and Looking for a Good Time

09.03.04 - By Micah Yonkoski: Motivational author Earl Nightingale once said, “Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us.” Perhaps Nightingale wasn’t referring directly to the career of Michael “No Joke” Stewart, but certainly the message holds true in his case. A blend of optimism, hard work, and of course talent, have earned Michael Stewart the USBA Junior Welterweight title and if all goes right, the chance to fight for a world title in the near future. continue

Jermain Taylor and Dominick Guinn return home to Arkansas on March 27

09.03.04 - NEW YORK, March 8th – On March 27, Little Rock, Arkansas’ Alltel Arena will be host to a doubleheader featuring two of boxing’s rising superstars, middleweight Jermain Taylor and heavyweight Dominick Guinn.Yet the unbeaten contenders share more than just lofty reputations – Taylor and Guinn are both Arkansas natives and longtime friends, making "March Badness ” a homecoming for two fistic heroes. continue

Jirov Will Put The “Baby” To Sleep

08.03.04 - By Matthew Hurley: The upcoming heavyweight fight between former cruiserweight champ Vassily Jirov and “Baby” Joe Mesi presents an intriguing question as to the worth of both fighter’s consideration in the heavyweight ranks. With Lennox Lewis’ retirement the division is suddenly wide open and it’s more than a bit disheartening that former cruiserweights Jirov and James Toney, not to mention former middleweight Roy Jones Jr., can even be considered among the top ten. This is no disparagement in regards to those fighter’s skills and, at least in two cases, their pound-for-pound credentials, it just doesn’t sit well in this corner that these guys are even competing with today’s heavyweights. I want my heavyweight champion to be a monster – “the baddest man on the planet.” A true heavyweight.. continue

March 8th, 1971: The Most Celebrated Date In Boxing History

By Frank Lotierzo - - Today is the most important date in the history of the world, bar none. At least in my World. Not because it's my father's birthday, and not because it's one of my best friend's son's birthday. No, this date has only one meaning for me, "Fight Of The Century" better known as Frazier vs. Ali. Sorry dad and little Glenny. *For This Was The Day A 10 Year Old Kid's Life Would Never Be The Same*.

For on this day that 10 year old kid sat on the Kitchen floor at 108 Ardmore Ave in Haddonfield New Jersey, reading the Courier Post about tonight's big fight between Ali and Frazier. This kid counted down the months, days, hours and minutes to Monday Night March 8th. He kept asking his father that day who he thought would win tonight. This would go onto become Christmas Eve, Easter Sunday, and New Years Eve for this 10 year old. continue

Scott Harrison retains WBO Featherweight title

By Gavin Macleod

08.03.04 - WBO featherweight champion Scott Harrison successfully defended his title last night (March 6th) in front of a packed and very vocal Braehead Arena crowd. It was a fight which many felt would be fairly routine for Harrison as he was matched with little known Walter Estrada of Columbia, a stand-in opponent for the injured William Abelyan, but this proved not to be the case.

It was his first defence of the belt he is now in possession of for the second time after regaining it in a rematch with Manuel Medina last year, and he was looking to impress against a fighter who many believed was not worthy of his title shot. The challenger was quick to dismiss this talk proving he was a good opponent shortly after the first bell had sounded.

During the introductions Estrada seemed to be phased by the hostile reception he received, and even more so upon hearing the rapturous welcome that the champion was given in his hometown. But when all the bravado was over and done with and fight time approach the two adorned more focused expression as they prepared to wage war. continue

Paul Briggs outpoints Jesus Ruiz

08.03.04 - By Tony Nobbs: Australia’s WBC # 2 Paul ’Hurricane’ Briggs (22-1, 17 KO) got off the deck to guarantee himself a well deserved Lt. Heavyweight title fight by winning a unanimous decision over Mexican WBC # 8 Jesus ‘Chuy’ Ruiz (18-4, 16 KO) at the Penrith Panthers in Sydney yesterday (Sunday). A capacity house and TV viewers on Main Event and Sky Channel PPV were treated to one of the best fights seen in this country in many years. Ruiz’ aggression saw him get off a to a fabulous start before Briggs’ better boxing skills, fitness and faster hands saw him take the points in the final half with the twelveth round being one of fights best. The eight bout promotion put together by Tony Carradonna Blaster Promotions and Glenn Wheatley was certainly of the standard warranting Colonel Bob Sheridan’s presence ringside commentating. continue

Team Tapia: Johnny has Pneumonia

08.03.04 - Following his split decision loss to Las Vegas, New Mexico’s Frankie Archuleta in Las Vegas, NM last Friday night, Johnny and Teresa Tapia have released the following statement: Teresa Tapia: “For ten days leading up to the fight, Johnny suffered from vertigo and flu-like symptoms. Dr. Mel Olivares treated him with antibiotics and advised him not to fight. Eddie Mustafa Muhammad and I agreed with the doctor’s recommendation and tried to persuade Johnny to postpone, but Johnny wouldn't hear it. For the month leading up to the bout, the people of Las Vegas treated Johnny like a king and countless people thanked him for boosting their sagging economy. The hotels were fully booked, their restaurants were full and the show was sold out. The excitement in the town was electrifying. Johnny felt that if he backed out, he would disappoint too many people.” continue

Fight of The Century: Still Nothing Close To It 33 Years Later


*There Will Be Nothing Like It In The History Of The Planet
Muhammad Ali March 5, 1971

*After Round 10, It's Just A Matter Of Time Before That Clown Falls.............Forever
Joe Frazier March 5, 1971

08.03.04 -There hasn't been anything like it or close to it in the history of sports. Never before in boxing history have two undefeated Heavyweight Champions met when both were at or close to their respective prime. And to top it off, both Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali had a legitimate claim to the biggest prize in sports, that being the Heavyweight Championship of the World.

Forty seven month's prior to fighting "Smokin" Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali was stripped of his undisputed title for refusing induction into the United States Army. Ali's refusal was based on being a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War, due to his Religious beliefs. When Ali was taken out of boxing at age 25 on April 27th 1967, he was 29-0 (24). continue

Harrison stops Estrada

07.03.04 - WBO Featherweight Champion Scott Harrison (21-2) retained his featherweight title on Saturday night when he knocked out Columbian Walter Estrada (26-3) in the 5th round at the Brahehead Arena in Glascow. Estrada was tough early on, as he peppered Harrison with power shots. But by the fourth round, Estrada begin to wear down under the constant pressure by Harrison. Estrada was knocked down near the end of the fourth round and was saved by the bell after an 8 count. Estrada was given a nine count early in the 5th and the referee Gino Rodriguez stepped in to stop the fight after Estrada was knocked down one more time when Harrison connected with a right hand to the head. continue

Shannon Briggs annihilates Pegues!

07.03.04 - Heavyweight contender Shannon Briggs (40-4-1, 34 Ko's) destroyed overmatched Jeff Peques in 35 seconds on Saturday night at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY. Peagues (18-13, 15 Ko's), a journeyman type fighter, was immediately swarmed by Briggs at the start of the 1st round, and soon after found himself on the canvas when Briggs connected with a big right hand. Pegues momentarily got up, but was sent down for the final time when Briggs connected with another right, followed by a left hook. Briggs was originally supposed to fight Robert Davis (28-6), but he withdrew due to an injury.

Johnson "Too Sharp" for Bolano!

07.03.04 - Diego Corrales turned the tables on Joel Casamayor, winning a 12-round split decision and the vacant WBO 130-pound title Saturday on SHOWTIME. The fight between the former world champions was a rematch of a bout Casamayor won by a disputed sixth-round TKO on Oct. 4, 2003.

In the co-feature from Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mark "Too Sharp" Johnson (photo: Tom Casino/Showtime) retained his WBO junior bantamweight championship with a fourth-round knockout over previously undefeated WBO No. 1 contender Luis Bolano. The SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING doubleheader aired at 9 p.m. ET/PT and was promoted by Cedric Kushner Promotions, LTD, in association with Team Freedom and Gary Shaw Productions, LLC. continue

Sharkie’s Machine: Casamayor vs Corrales II - "Redemption and Rivalry"

07.03.04 - By Frank Gonzalez Jr.: The thing about the sweet science of boxing is, well, the science of it. Sure I love watching Ricardo Mayorga rush his opponent with nothing but power shots and no respect for his opponent’s power. But all that testosterone can be defeated with solid boxing skills. The simplest thing like the jab can be the best asset a fighter has. If Yoda (from Star Wars) were a boxing coach, I could just see him advising his charges, “Everything flows from the jab.”

Though the very talented Vernon Forrest didn’t do it, the smooth boxer that is Corey Spinks--got the job done against the brawling, undisciplined Mayorga. To witness that process captures the wonder of this great sport. As a regular person who enjoys the sport, you might wonder, “what if there were no referees, how would these boxers fare against the brawlers?” It’s a great question. continue

Corrales, Johnson Deliver on a Night of Second Chances

07.03.04 - By Phillip Przybylo: Diego “Chico” Corrales had very little to regret as he out-slugged and contained former conqueror Joel Casamayor throughout most of the fight in a well-deserved split decision Saturday night in Mashantucket, CT, USA.

Pumping a piston-like jab and unleashing left hooks and straight rights when needed, the newly crowned WBO Junior Lightweight Champion upped his record to 38 wins and two losses. Overcoming a late knockdown, he also avenged a controversial loss and put himself on top of the 130-pound division in the process. continue

Phillips Blasts Garcia, Verges on Title Shot

07.03.04 - By Paul-John Ramos - Junior middleweight Verno Phillips nearly retired, but the 34-year-old should have no regrets about fighting on. Phillips left pugilism for two years and has slowly made his way back into title contention, the march climaxing with a first-round blowout of Julio Garcia at the Pala Casino Resort Spa on Friday evening. Phillips, 153 ½, Denver, Colorado, scored two vicious knockdowns of Garcia, also 153 ½, Miami, Florida via Cuba, before referee Jack Reiss called a stoppage 1:59 into the main event of ESPN2's Friday Night Fights. continue

Farnell Regains The WBU Middleweight Title

07.03.04 - Anthony Farnell sensationally regained his WBU World Middleweight Title by stopping Scotland's Lawrence Murphy in the third round of their battle in the hostile Braehead Arena in Scotland. In what was clearly billed as Farnell's last chance to break into the big time of the sport, it was clear from the outset Farnell was in a determined mood knocking his opponent to the canvas three times during the course of their short but exciting fight. continue

Corrales wins split decision over Casamayor

06.03.04 - By Marc Abrams: Tonight at the Foxwoods resort in Connecticut 2 WBO world title headlined Showtime Championship Boxing. Jr. Bantamweight Champ Mark “2 Sharp” Johnson successfully defended his title with an explosive 4th round knockout over previously undefeated Luis Bolano. In the Main Event, Diego Corrales avenged his loss to Joel Cassamayor with a 12 round split decision to capture the vacant WBO Jr. Lightweight belt. continue

Mario Veit earned hard fought decision over Karanevic

06.03.04 - German super middleweight contender Mario Veit won a hard earned 10-round decision in a competitive and action packed fight against tough Russian contender Sergey Karanevic on Tuesday at the Universum-Gym. Promoter was Spotlight Boxing. On the occasion of the 20 year aniversary of Universum Box-Promotion the Hamburg based company invited fans and business partners to a boxing event in their own locations. continue

Seldon Returns with Victory at The Blue

06.03.04 –By Frank Lotierzo: Former WBA Heavyweight Champion Bruce Seldon (34-4) returned to the Ring tonight scoring a third round knockout over Otis Tisdale (20-15-1) 20 seconds into the third round at the famed Blue Horizon in Philadelphia. Seldon, now 37 fought for the first time since losing his title to Mike Tyson back on September 7th of 1996. Seldon has been training hard for the past six months with his new trainer Richie Kates. Seldon hopes to once again challenge for the Heavyweight title. At this morning's weigh-in, Seldon scaled 254, and Tisdale was 226.

Oliveira is gatekeeper of welterweight division

06.03.04 – Former world junior welterweight contender “Sucra” Ray Oliveira’s 13-year professional career is coming to a close in 2004. With close friend Vinny Paz working in his corner as head trainer, Oliveira (46-9-2, 22 KOs) is hoping to make some noise before he finally hangs up his gloves for good. Oliveira, of New Bedford (MA), is the former IBU welterweight, two-time NABF super lightweight, New England lightweight, and IBF Intercontinental light welterweight champion. continue

What A Year: Lewis, Klitschko's and Sanders

06.03.04 – By Frank Lotierzo: What a difference a year made in the heavyweight division. On March 7th 2003, Wladimir Klitschko was the talk of the heavyweight division. Wlad was actually being touted as being the fighter most likely to succeed Lennox Lewis, and not just by Jim Lampley? On March 8th 2003, South African heavyweight Corrie Sanders derailed the Wladimir bandwagon with one straight left hand to the chin. When Sanders stopped Klitschko in the second round, and took his WBO heavyweight title, he changed the landscape of the heavyweight division.

Back in 1996 when Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko turned pro, it was a widely held opinion that Wladimir was the better fighter of the two brothers, and had the better future. He was the more Americanized fighter with better balance and more fluidity. He had faster hands, was a better boxer, and is more versatile. Basically, Vitali was considered second string when compared to his younger brother Wladimir. Boy, have things really changed in the last 365 days? Now most view Vitali as possibly being the fighter to succeed Lewis, and Wladimir with trepidation and doubt. continue

World champ Clampitt defends title March 27

05.03.04 – IWBF light welterweight champion Jaime “The Hurricane” Clampitt (12-2, 4 KOs) wants another world title belt to put around her waist. Clampitt, fighting out of Narragansett (RI), defends her IWBF crown for the first time and also fights for the new NABA championship in the 10-round co-feature on “History in the Making,” live Saturday, March 27, at 8:00 – 10:00 PM/ET airing on CN8, The Comcast Network from Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut. continue

Nathan Briggs stops barefoot Norford

05.03.04 – By Tony Nobbs: Former Australian heavyweight champion Nathan ‘Nasty Boy’ Briggs took his record to 7-1, 5 KO’s by stopping an outgunned and barefoot Shane Norford (6-14) in the 1st round at Southbank in Brisbane on Friday night. The older twin of lt heavyweight Paul Briggs knocked Norford to the canvas early in the bout with a well placed left hook. Upon continuing Norford was under attack and a series of head shots forced referee, former Australian welterweight champion Alan Moore to intervene at the 1 min 54 mark. continue

Marquez eyes Espinosa’s conqueror

05.03.04 – Dennis Principe: WORLD Featherweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico has taken another definitive step in spoiling a proposed superfight versus Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao scheduled on May 22.The 30-year-old Marquez, holder of the World Boxing Association (WBA) and International Boxing Federation (IBF) 126-lb titles, has agreed to face compatriot Guty Espadas in an all-Mexican world championship duel.

The 29-year-old Espadas is the same boxer who eked out an 11th round Technical Decision win versus legendary Filipino boxer Luisito Espinosa due to a cut on the Mexican’s eyebrow in a battle for the vacant WBC Featherweight crown on April 14, 2000 in Merida, Mexico. Espadas recently stated his intentions of fighting Marquez and get another opportunity of ruling the division, which the latter accepted. continue

Corrales looking for revenge against Casamayor

05.03.04 – By Marc Abrams: The last time Joel Casamayor and Diego Corrales were in the ring together, they were fighting on a card billed as “The War On October 4”. That was the title for the main event that consisted of James Toney destruction of Evander Holyfield. The real war that night was the hotly contested 130 pound showdown between the afore mentioned Casamayor and Corrales. continue

Ruiz to Battle Briggs for Number One Contender’s Spot March 7

04.03.04 – Golden Boy Promotions’ top light heavyweight contender, Jesus “Chuy” Ruiz, will move one step closer to his dream of winning a world championship when he takes on highly regarded Paul Briggs at the Penrith Leagues Club in Sydney, Australia on Sunday, March 7. This battle, which is presented by Blaster Promotions and Glenn Wheatley's Talentworks, in association with Golden Boy Promotions, will be waged for the WBC’s mandatory light heavyweight contender’s position. The winner will be in line to face the WBC light heavyweight champion of the world, Roy Jones Jr. continue

Tybius Flowers Murdered

04.03.04 – By Keith Terceira: Philadelphia welterweight Tybius Flowers (17-6 10KO's) was shot and killed Tuesday night as he sat in his car. Contrary to published reports Flowers was not cooperating with Philly D.A's office regarding another murder. According to longtime Manager/Trainer and friend Custus Percy, Flowers was being forced to appear in court by DA.

"I don't know why they printed it like that, because they were like forcing him to identify a person that killed somebody. Tybius wasn't the type of guy that would tell on nothing about nobody. He would go to the grave like that. From what I understand the people that had a case coming up, were warning him not to go to court. He had to go. Because he talked to me about it," an extremely upset Percy commented. continue

Interview with Shannan Taylor

04.03.04 – By Tony Nobbs: IBF number nine lt. Middleweight Shannan Taylor defends his Pan Pacific title against Argentina’s Paulo Sanchez on the Paul Briggs-Jesus Ruiz under card this weekend at the Penrith Panthers. In what could be billed as ‘Super Sunday’ three other world rated Australians are to be featured in the PPV event put together by Glenn Wheatley and Tony Carradonna. Lovemore Ndou and Sam Soliman defend their IBF Pan Pac belts in twelve rounders while Nedal Hussein boxes over eight heats. Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist Paul Miller fights the first bout of the day. For the 31 year old Bulli Blaster, Shannan Taylor it is an exciting time as he looks forward to getting “back in with the big boys” in 2004. Eastside caught up with Taylor who has a record of 36-3-2, with 24 via the short route on Wednesday night. He told of the possibility of a clash with former welterweight champion Vernon Forrest and the pride he gets from his daughter Nathalia born on January 3. continue

Former Champions collide

04.03.04 - Two classy, former 130-pound world champions with a combined record of 67-3 with 50 knockouts collide when Joel Casamayor faces Diego Corrales in an eagerly awaited rematch for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) 130-pound title on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING Saturday, March 6 (9 p.m. ET/PT). continue

The Pick Is Wright

02.03.04 – By Matthew Hurley: Sugar Shane Mosley’s upcoming Junior Middleweight title unification bout against Winky Wright has this corner in a quandary. Being a huge fan of Shane I’ve found myself in an odd predicament. No matter how I look at this fight I can’t see Mosley winning. Say what you will about Shane’s power shots carrying his rematch against De La Hoya but I had Oscar winning that fight. Now look back on Shane’s last four fights from an objective perspective and you have two distinct losses to Vernon Forrest, a seriously poor debut at 154 pounds against Raul Marquez that was declared a no-contest because of an accidental clash of heads and his toss up against “The Golden Boy.” Quite frankly, Shane Mosley hasn’t really appeared to be all that sweet in almost four years.

Now he’s going up against a tricky southpaw and a legitimate 154 pound fighter in Winky Wright who has been chomping at the bit for a big name fighter to give him an opportunity to shine in the limelight for years. It’s a dangerous fight for Mosley and he deserves all the credit in the world for taking it. But it could be a mistake. One more derailment in his career and the big money fights he feels he deserves may forever be out of reach, and Wright seems to have all the tools to frustrate the hell out of Mosley. continue

GATTI-WARD III Named “Fight of Year” by Ring Magazine

02.03.04 – Gatti-Ward III, the eipc battle that concluded a trilogy between two of boxing’s most fearless warriors, has been recognized as “Fight of the Year” by Ring Magazine. Gatti-Ward III is the second of the three matches between Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward to receive Fight of the Year honors, as their initial bout in May 2002 set a new standard for fight fans. continue


02.03.04 - Patience may be a virtue but Kassim "The Dream" Ouma is done waiting. In his next fight, the 25-year old junior-middleweight will get his mandatory shot at the world championship he has long coveted. Ouma earned the IBF number one mandatory spot with an impressive 10th round stoppage of J.C. Candelo in early January, and after having beating five of the top-15 IBF rated fighters, Ouma and the boxing world knows what is next. continue

Dazzo Williams Interview

02.03.04 - Interview by Ben Carey: A championship fight on his home ground at Hereford could be a future fixture for British featherweight champion Darren “Dazzo” Williams after he effortlessly swept aside the challenge of former champion Jamie McKeever at the Bridgend Sports Centre, Wales on Saturday night.

Over a 1,000 punches were exchanged in an entertaining duel but after 12-rounds there was only one winner with Williams rightfully receiving the nod by 116-113 on referee Ian John-Lewis’s scorecard. British Eastside recently caught up with Dazzo to gain his comments on his victory over McKeever, Roy Rutherford and his plans for the future. continue

British Boxing Roundup

02.03.04 - Dodson Forced Out Of Froch Fight: Liverpool’s British super middleweight champion Tony Dodson was forced to pull out of his first title defence against Nottingham’s Carl Froch last week following an unfortunate nose injury in sparring. Dodson, who has a history with nose injuries, had an operation before Christmas in the hope that all problems would be cleared up. continue

Interview with Paul Briggs

02.03.04 - By Tony Nobbs: Australia’s rampaging Hurricane, WBC number two Lt Heavyweight Paul Briggs headlines an all star cast at the Penrith Panthers Leagues Cub in West Sydney on Sunday afternoon when he faces Mexico’s WBC number eight Jesus ‘Chuy’ Ruiz. Eastside spoke to the twenty eight year old Briggs (21-1, 17 KO) at his Gold Cost home on Monday night and he was as personable as ever as he spoke of his strong desire to make 2004 the year he becomes world champion while acknowledging he has been warned not to overlook Ruiz, 30, who has 16 KO’s in his 18-3 slate. Briggs and Ruiz were tentatively set to meet on the Mayweather-Chavez u/c in San Francisco in November 2001. Paul, who was working out of Freddie Roach’s Wild Card gym ended up stopping California’s James Green in three. OPBF champion Briggs, who intends to base himself in the states after this weekends schedule twelve rounder flies to Sydney on Thursday. Ruiz, who has three stoppage victories on the trot, arrives today (Tuesday).Briggs was last in action scoring a five round stoppage of lanky Argentine Juan Zabala at the Panthers in October. continue

Classy Williams Batters Brave McKeever

01.03.04 - By Ben Carey: Dazzo Williams successfully negotiated the first defence of his British featherweight crown with an emphatic 12-round drubbing over a courageous former title-holder Jamie McKeever at a noisy Bridgend Sports Centre, Wales tonight.

Referee Ian John-Lewis’s scorecard of 116-113 failed to reflect the champion’s supremacy throughout the contest as he remained in total control from start to finish. From the off, McKeever attempted to press forward but was met with stinging counters from the classy Williams who mercilessly pounded the Scouser to head and body. continue

Jimmy Young VS. Today's Top Heavyweights

01.03.04 - By Frank Lotierzo: He stood just over 6'1", and weighed in between 209 and 213 pounds in is prime. His fights were hard to score and none of the world's top heavyweight's wanted to face him unless it meant a title shot. Sometimes he would make weird and goofy faces at his opponents during the fight. Defense was his forte, and he couldn't punch. He was pretty quick, but he was more sneaky than fast. He fought very loose and relaxed, and was more cunning than fundamentally sound. His name isn't Chris Byrd and he wasn't a southpaw. His name was Jimmy Young and his best years were 1974-77. continue

Casamayor – Corrales II: No Punching With Feathers!

01.03.04 - By Janne Romppainen: The boxing world offers sports fans another delicious thriller inside a week in addition to the colourful super featherweight title fight between Erik Morales and Jesus Chavez. In the upcoming Saturday 6th of March Cuban Joel Casamayor and American Diego Corrales square it off for the vacant WBO-title of the same division. The place will be Foxwoods Casino Resort, Mashantucket, CT, USA and the bout is scheduled to go twelve rounds.

As most boxing fans certainly know, the fight will be a rematch between the fighters. Last time they met in last October, and at that time Casamayor proved to be better via controversial stoppage after six rounds when the ring doctor told the referee to stop the contest because of two cuts inside Corrales’ mouth. continue

Viva Morales!

01.03.04 - By Matthew Hurley: Once again Erik Morales, arguably the most under appreciated great fighter of the last ten years, provided fight fans with all they could possibly ask for. From the moment he engaged the brave Jesus Chavez for the WBC Junior Lightweight title the sparks flew and the dramatic give and take action had all the hallmarks of yet another Morales classic. continue

Mercer destroys Pannell in 2nd round!

01.03.04 - Former World Heavyweight Champion and 1988 Olympic Gold medalist "Merciless" Ray Mercer (33-5-1, 25 Ko's) knocked out Steve Pannell in the 2nd round on Saturday night at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Initially, Pannell started out looking good as he snapped Mercer's head back with a series of left jabs that passed through his gloves in the 1st round. However, the match soon turned into an ugly sparring match in the 2nd when Mercer caught up with Pannell and landed a crushing left hook, followed by a right hand to the head that sent him down to the bottom rope. In his trademark style, Mercer landed a final devasting left hand to the head of Pannell as he lay helpless against the ropes. The referee, Conner stepped in and halted the fight with 50 seconds left in the 2nd round.

Pannell ((33-8, 27 Ko's), a hard-hitting journeyman, is noted for having previously knocked down Vladimir Klitschko in the 1st round of their match in 1998 before being knocked out himself when he walked into a big right hand by Vladimir in the 2nd.

'Winky Wright Era' is about to begin

01.03.04 - "Beware the ides of March Sugar Shane Mosley. The 'Winky Wright Era' is about to begin!" declared IBF jr. middleweight champion WINKY WRIGHT upon his arrival in Las Vegas last night to finish his last 12 days of training before his historic rumble against WBC/WBC super welterweight champion Mosley in UNDISPUTED: THE WAR at 154! for the first-ever undisputed three-belt 154-pound world champion. continue

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