Ex-WBC champion Espinosa urged to retire

31.10.03 - By Dennis Principe: THE thrilling two-decade ride to fame and limited fortune of two-division world champion Luisito Espinosa may have already reached its dead end. No less than Espinosa’s discoverer, broadcaster Hermie Rivera urged the Tondo-born prizefighter to “call it a day” after all their efforts to stage an International Boxing Organization (IBO) title fight in Manila this December went for naught. continue

Clampitt Looks to Strike Oil

31.10.03 - By Ron DiMichele:‘Hurricane’ Jamie Clampitt of Narragansett, RI by way of Calgary, Alberta (Canada) will battle Eliza Olson of Fresno, CA Friday Oct. 31st for the vacant IWBF (International Women’s Boxing Federation) Light Welterweight Championship. The bout, scheduled to take place at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI, is Clampitt’s second attempt at an IWBF title. In 2001, she dropped a decision to Liz Mueller of New London, CT for the IWBF Lightweight crown.

“I‘m more of a complete package now,” said Clampitt shortly after Thursday‘s weigh-in. “Much better boxer. Much better power. I’ve had a lot more experience in the ring.”. continue

Changing of the Guard

31.10.03 - By Keith Terceira: Rumors are flying around the boxing world that Lennox Lewis is not going to box again. In the next couple of months we will see fights in the Heavyweight ranks between several of the top ten contenders.What few realize is that already the pendulum is swinging from old to new. The problem is the change is taking place before a punch is thrown and a position being earned. continue

Ward now in nephew Eklund’s corner

31.10.03 - BOSTON, Mass. – “Irish” Micky Ward recently retired as a professional boxer after the completion of his celebrated trilogy against rival, Arturo Gatti. Ward, however, will be back in the corner at the 116th New England Tournament of Champions, November 10-11, at Good Time Emporium in Somerville. continue

Oscar Says "I have to fight him again!" Shane Mosley!

30.10.03 - Interview by Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk: Last week “The Golden Boy” Oscar DelaHoya was in Houston promoting the Raul “El Diamante” Marquez and Humberto Aranda card featrured on HBO Latino. The card was a success and as Oscar mentioned at the Press Conference, this could lead to a future fight at Reliant Stadium.

With about 8 reporters around after the press conference, I was able to ask Oscar’s thoughts on his career and future. This is the interview in its entirety. Some of the questions reporters asked were odd but the responses were well worth printing considering some of the ideas Oscar has on improving the sport. Hopefully his inquiries bring light to some of the questionable judges in the sport today. Although he mentioned no names, I will. The Anek Hongtongkam’s, David Robertsons (Houston), Raul Cais Sr. (Sacramento), two of the Byrd/Oquendo Judges, and Dalby Shirley’s of the world, have no business scoring fights. Their decisions in the past have drawn the ire of many a fight fan and as Oscar mentioned, and most agree, something needs to be done. continue

California Fires Forced Barrera to Evacuate Training Camp

30.10.03 - With horrific fires raging through Southern California, featherweight superstar Marco Antonio Barrera had a sudden change of plans as he prepares for his November 15th bout with Philippine bomber Manny Pacquaio at The Alamodome in San Antonio.

Barrera, along with all members of his training camp, was asked to evacuate Oscar De La Hoya’s Big Bear training facility Tuesday night by the Sheriff’s department as a safety precaution. No members of Team Barrera were harmed, but they were told that evacuation was necessary due to the close proximity of the fire and the possibility of smoke inhalation. continue

Vitali Klitschko vs Kirk Johnson analysis

29.10.03 – By Carlito Reuben aka "WidowTaker40": As the year 2003 comes to an end boxing fans are receiving a real treat in the form of a heavyweight fight between top five contenders. Both Vitali Klitschko and Kirk Johnson are coming off impressive performances as Klitschko showed his championship caliber in a fight he lost controversially against Lennox Lewis and Kirk Johnson rebounded nicely from a diqualification loss to John Ruiz by spectacularly knocking out former contender Lou Savarese. continue


NEW YORK, October 29 - It seems like only yesterday that Jermain Taylor was just another prospect, trying to make a name for himself in a crowded boxing world. But now, with seventeen wins without a loss and a growing number of fans both in and out of the ring, "Bad Intentions" is striving to become a world champion. continue

Fright Night Will Rock The Ulster Hall

29.10.03 - By Chris Curry: Live boxing returns in Belfast as the historic Ulster Hall in the heart of the city opens its doors once again to the noble art. Callaghan and Breen in association with Sports Network presents "Fright Night" on October 30th. Fighters from the local Breen's Gym will get the chance to display their skills in front a knowledgeable boxing audience. continue

Matter of Perspective; Part Two

28.10.03 - By Keith Terceira: After boring readers with the first installment of this article I decided to turn my attention to some injustices being done to Marciano, Walcott, Moore, Louis, and Charles. It seems that while everyone takes these fighters individually and totes them as the great hall of famers that they are, when you collectively put them together, suddenly we get opinions that put them as members of a weak era. continue

Estrada leads Team USA against France

28.10.03 – U.S. super heavyweight champion Jason Estrada leads Team USA into Saturday’s (Nov. 1) USA-France international boxing dual in Reno, Nevada.Estrada, of Providence, is the first three-time U.S. Nationals and U.S. Challenge champion, as well as the only non-Cuban super heavyweight to capture a gold medal at the Pan-American Games. continue


28.10.03 - Promoter Chris A. Webb/Straight Out Promotions will present "Battle of the Gladiators," a sensational fight card on Tuesday, November 11, 2003, in the Colosseum at Caesars Indiana in Bridgeport, Indiana. This is the first in a series of events that will be presented by Straight Out Promotions with Caesars Indiana on Tuesday nights. Caesars Indiana is a fifteen-minute drive from Louisville, Kentucky. continue

Chris Byrd on James Toney: "I'll Smoke Him!"

28.10.03 - Interview by Carlos "Stiff-jab" Kalinchuk: Recently Chris Byrd was ringside catching Oscar DelaHoya's HBO Latino show in Houston. Being an avid boxing fan, and being in Houston for a Fellowship of Christian Athletes conference was just too much for Chris to pass on coming out to the fights. We caught up with him and got his thoughts on a variety of topics. continue

Ricky Hatton vs Ben Tackie on Showtime Dec. 13

28.10.03 - Undefeated WBU Junior Welterweight Champion and current WBC and WBA No. 3 contender Ricky “Hitman” Hatton will make his 11th title defense when he takes on IBF No. 14 140-pound contender Ben Tackie Saturday, Dec. 13, on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING, at 10 p.m. ET/PT*. continue

Balletto-Vargas headline Oct. 31 ESPN2 show in Providence

28.10.03 - There will be plenty of heroes and villains, possibly a few goblins and ghosts, entering the ring Halloween night (Oct. 31) in “Haunted Homecoming,” promoted by Jimmy Burchfield’s Classic Entertainment & Sports, Inc., live on ESPN2 Friday Night Fights at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence. continue

Eastman defends against Sendra on November 28th - Hague tackles Doran

28.10.03 - The British and European Middleweight champion has occupied the WBC mandatory contender position for six months, is highly ranked by the other major governing bodies and has promoter Mick Hennessy pressing his claim. continue

Ralf Packheiser: "Danny Williams is a bum"

28.10.03 - Friday afternoon, north London, 5 PM. German heavyweight Ralf Packheiser from Berlin, 12-3 (6), leaves his hotel for a 60-minute trip to York Hall in Bethnal Green, where he is scheduled to clash with British and Commonwealth champion Danny Williams in three hours time. continue presents a special Bus Trip to Atlantic City

27.10.03 - Bring your family and Friends or meet new friends! Sat. Dec 13,2003 Bus leaves from Bedford Ave & Empire Blvd, Brooklyn, NY at: 12:00 Noon Sharp Bus Tickets: $30. Rebate: $15. Must purchase your tickets by Nov 15, 2003. First 50 people will receive FREE T-Shirts. continue


27.10.03 – After a smashing success with “October Smash”, the Tuscany Hotel & Casino and Richard Steele Promotions team up again with the “Tussle at the Tuscany”. Wasting no time in building a successful program at the Tuscany, Steele follows up with championship boxing as Mexican fighters, Martin Honorio and Sergio Sanchez, clash in a 12 round battle for the National Boxing Association (NBA) Featherweight Title. continue

It's Time to Put a Stop To HBO's Hypocritical Ways, Mayweather Should Look For a New Light After N'Dou

27.10.03 - By Mike Samuels: After reading an article in the Grand Rapids Press on Sunday by boxing scribe David Mayo I was shocked to see that HBO had a significant problem with Floyd Mayweather's first choice of an opponent, Julio Diaz, for his third fight back home in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Saturday November 1st. continue

Alexej Trofimov to vie for WBO Asian Pacific Light Heavy Belt Nov. 1 in LV

27.10.03 - After the one-two punch of the Klitschko Brothers, United States boxing fans woke up with Ukraine boxing fever. On November 1st, the Stardust Resort and Casino will host the next "hot" import from the Ukraine, Light Heavyweight Contender Alexej Trofimov. continue


27.10.03 – The most feared man in the 154-pound division, IBF jr. middleweight champion WINKY WRIGHT, 45-3 (25 KOs), read with great amusement, from his St. Petersburg, FL-based training camp, the excuses offered by the self-proclaimed Aztec Warrior Fernando Vargas, whom Wright has dubbed ‘The NASDAQ Warrior,’ for not accepting Wright's numerous invitations to fight for his world title in their next fight. continue


27.10.03 - By Jim Amato: As Muhammad Ali ruled the heavyweight division in the mid 60's, white hope contenders came and went. Henry Cooper, George Chuvalo and Karl Mildenberger all were vanquishedby the "Greatest". When Ali was forced to relinquish his crown in 1967, the best of the white contenders was probably Jerry Quarry. continue

Big-name fighters duck middleweight Ronald "Winky" Wright

26.01.03 - By Jay Heater: Wright's style of cutting up opponents from all angles instead of standing toe-to-toe isn't appealing to television, promoters. RONALD "WINKY" WRIGHT is the IBF junior middleweight champ, but lately he has been throwing more insults than punches. That's unfortunate, according to Wright, who said he would much rather prove his ability in a boxing ring. continue

To The Max: Shut Up And Think Before You Talk!

26.01.03 - By Frank Lotierzo: I'm tired of hearing how Max Kellerman and his enthusiasm are good for boxing. This is offered as an excuse every time he has said something foolish, which has been a weekly occurrence. Lately, he has been out in left field with some of his comments. The guy has said more ridiculous and moronic things about boxing than anyone has on a national forum in quite sometime. And don't hand me the crap that those who admonish him are jealous of his high profile. What boxing junkie wouldn't love to have a voice that is heard nationally? That's the problem!

The fact that he is seen and heard throughout the country talking boxing is what's so annoying. He makes so many nonsensical statements that it's frustrating knowing that some are actually giving credence to what he says. The scary part is that some fringe boxing fans accept some of his remarks as being fact. What's scary to me is having a new generation of boxing fans fostering their interest and beliefs off of what he has said over the past few years, as if it were fact. How can a guy be so sure about the outcome in a hypothetical fight, when he incorrectly interprets what happened in an actual fight, like Mayorga-Forrest. For anyone to score the Mayorga-Forrest rematch 8-4 in favor of Forrest, is undeniable proof that they're not sure of what they are watching. Max is a grown man, and know's that he will be held accountable for anything that he says. It comes with any high profile position. continue

Pros Turn Out for Kids

26.10.03 - “A lot of these young kids come down to the gym. I work out with them and try to help them out. I want to show my support for them like they show for me.” Lawrence Clay-Bey - Heavyweight Contender

By Ron DiMichele: Many of Connecticut’s boxing glitterati lit up the arena Saturday night at the First Annual Windsor Boxing Show in Windsor, CT. But it was the young fighters who provided the fireworks in a 12-bout amateur card benefiting the Windsor Police Athletic League. Former WBC and WBA Welterweight Champion, Marlon Starling, expressed the feelings of many of the local pros in attendance. “I come out to support the boys,” said the Magic Man. “I work at the gyms in Hartford, Manchester, and Windsor [CT] and I still love it.” continue

Mayweather jr. vs N'dou: An Upset In Progress?

26.10.03 - By Janne Romppainen: A week before the consensus best fighter in the world Roy Jones junior makes his eagerly anticipated comeback to the light-heavyweight division, one of his best challengers in the pound-for-pound rankings will have his own chance to show his capabilities. On the next Saturday, first of November, The WBC lightweight champion Floyd Mayweather junior sets his crown at stake against The South African Phillip N’dou. In the eyes of many, Mayweather is among the top-3 best fighters in the world and at least his name is among the best ten of every fight fans’ listings. Now he faces a challenger who, although he is little known outside the hard-core boxing fans, might turn out to be more dangerous than most expect. continue

Gomez-Arthur: What A Fantastic Fight!

26.10.03 - By Spud Woollatt: On Saturday 25th October, In a packed Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh, British Boxing was the subject of another truly magnificent fight. This time the competitors were Alex Arthur versus Michael Gomez for the British Super Featherweight Title. continue

Gilbert Martinez upsets Charles Shufford

26.10.03 - By Dan Cato: In a surprizing upset 37 year old Gilbert Martinez (16-6-1, 7 knockouts) out pointed Charles Shufford (20-5, 9 KOs) on Saturday night in a 10 round bout. Shufford was continously backed up by Martinez during the bout, and was unable to get his punches off. continue

Vitali Klitschko ready to destroy Kirk Johnson

25.10.03 - By Chris Hull: In one night, Vitali went from Quitschko, to a respected fighter. He proved he not only had heart, but also talent, power, and a chin. How sad that the fight was stopped when it was. Lewis seemed to think that he would have knocked out the giant Ukranian soon. I, along with countless others, disagree. continue


25.10.03 - Promoter Chris A. Webb/Straight Out Promotions recently signed World Boxing Organization jr. middleweight world champion Daniel Santos to a promotional contract. Chris said today, "We're looking forward to working with Daniel. He's one of the most talented boxers in one of the hottest weight divisions in the sport and there's a lot of opportunities for him. continue

Dominick Guinn Interview

24.10.03 - Interview by Carlos Kalinchuk: On September 27, 2003 Dominick "The Southern Disaster" Guinn 23-0 stepped in the ring against the mammoth sized and undefeated Dunkin Dokiwari in Buffalo New York. Not only did Guinn show he could take a punch, but he gave the much larger Dokiwari all he could handle in 10 tough rounds to pull out the unanimous decision. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Guinn at length. If you haven't heard of him, he's one of the Heavyweight Divisions hottest prospects. He'll be fighting here in Houston on November 22, on the Bojado, Juarez, and Juan Diaz under-card. We spoke about a variety of topics. His reasons for gaining weight, what he "really" thinks about Ronnie Shields hard approach with him, what he'll do to "Baby" Joe Mesi if they fight, and a variety of other topics. This is a good read. Enjoy.

Eastside: What did you learn from the Dunkin Dokiwari fight?

Dominick Guinn: Just another tough fight. I think I showed the whole world that I could take a punch. They really didn't see if I could take a good shot in the Michael Grant fight, but the other night I kind of showed them that "Hey this guy can take a punch" and I'm serious. I could and should have been a little more busy. continue

The Night Their Best Wasn't Enough

24.10.03 - By Frank Lotierzo: The greatest fight Jersey Joe Walcott ever fought in his career, he lost. The greatest fight Muhammad Ali ever fought in his career, he lost. The greatest fight Evander Holyfield ever fought in his career, he lost. I'm not saying the smartest fight they ever fought. I'm saying the best fight from a physical vantage point.

How many times in boxing history has a great fighter lost on the night he was at his best physically? I'll bet it's not often. However, below are three fights in which the loser is not only an all-time great but, they fought the greatest fights of their career and still lost. It's hard for most to fathom that a fighter fighting his best in a fight in which they lost, but that is the case with Jersey Joe Walcott, Muhammad Ali, and Evander Holyfield.

Just because a fighter lost, doesn't mean he wasn't great on that night. In my opinion, the above mentioned fighters were never more on top of their game or more formidable physically than they were in defeat. In all three fights, the loser never hit harder or sharper, and never demonstrated a better chin or more character. continue


24.10.03 - WBO and WBA jr. lightweight world champion Acelino Freitas has plans to move up to the lightweight division in his next fight on January 3, 2004, televised on Showtime. Freitas has been a dominant force in the jr. lightweight division. Now 34-0, with 31 knockouts, he is 11-0 in world championship fights. continue

Preview: Alex Arthur vs Michael Gomez

24.10.03 - By Elliott Worsell: Merely a week after the epic WBC featherweight title fight between Michael Brodie and Injin Chi, expectant British fight fans are to be served up another dose of pulsating, competitive title action in the form of Edinburgh’s Alex Arthur and Manchester’s Michael Gomez, as they clash for the prestigious British super featherweight title on Saturday at the Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh. continue


24.10.03 – Three of boxing’s most highly regarded young stars – featherweight Rocky Juarez, junior welterweight Francisco “Panchito” Bojado and lightweight Juan Diaz – will appear in separate bouts on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING Saturday, Nov. 22, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. continue

Raul “El Diamante” Marquez Takes Matters Into His Own Hands; Knocks out Arandas in 4!

24.10.03 - Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk @ Ringside: In the Main Event of the evening, Middleweight Raul "El Diamante" Marquez 35-2 KO’d a very game (and awkward) Humberto Aranda 28-12 in round 4 of their 10 round-scheduled fight. Marquez gave the fans what they came to see after a slow start. The best part perhaps of the evening for Marquez was that A) he still looked as powerful as ever and B) he did not use the services of the plastic surgeon in his corner during the fight!

In round 1, Marquez was trying to establish the jab with the right-handed Aranda to no avail. Arandas clearly took this round by shear effort as the slower starting Marquez elected to jab and counter in spots. In the opening seconds of round 2, Aranda picked up the pressure and connected with a hard right in the opening seconds of the round. continue

Calzaghe To Face Mkrtchia In December

24.10.03 - By Chris Curry: WBO super middleweight world champion Joe Calzaghe returns to the ring on December 6th for the fourteenth defence of his crown. Calzaghe has had a year of up's and downs and must be feeling the lack of motivation for his fight against the WBO's number one contender, Mger Mkrtchia. Mkrtchia rose to the position to challenge Calzaghe by defeating Freeman Barr in three rounds. continue

Champs Corner

24.10.03 - Ron Champ Miller: Hello fight fans!!!! I'm back on the scene but before getting into the action, let me share with you my beginnings in the great sport. It started with ABC "Wide World of Sports". Who could forget the introduction.(the guy taking the header on the slopes). But what stood out was Howard Cosell and the boxing. Thats where it started for me. continue

Oscar DelaHoya’s Boxeo De Oro Invades Houston: Weigh In Coverage

23.10.03 - Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk: This afternoon in front of a packed press core and a sizable crowd at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Houston Texas, Oscar DelaHoya’s Boxeo De Oro steam rolled into town for today’s weigh in and tomorrow nights show at the Reliant Arena. The weigh in featured Houstons’ own “La Voz Del Box” Lupe Contreras emceeing the event. continue

Raul Marquez Talks About Tonights fight

23.10.03 - Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk: Tonight, former Olympian and IBF Champion Raul Marquez will step in the ring to once again prove his mettle against Humberto Arandas. Although most have never heard of Arandas, he is better around boxing circles as the guy who knocked out Ricardo Mayorga early on in his career. continue

Undefeated Hot Prospect Miguel "El Tapatio" Martin Ready For Ibarra Tonight

23.10.03 - Carlos “Stiff-jab” Kalinchuk: As part of Oscar DelaHoya’s fight card tomorrow night, Light Heavyweight Miguel “El Tapatio” Martin 14-0 (7 KO’s) will be fighting Arizona’s Florencio Ibarra 12-2-1 for the Miller Lite Texas Title Belt. Although the belt is a Marginal belt at best, it will give the talented Martin an excellent chance at showcasing his talent on a much larger stage for a more important prize than any of his previous fights. It will also be a definite step up in opposition. continue

Golden Boy Promotions signs Jose Luis Valbuena

LOS ANGELES, October 22 – Continuing on its quest to bring boxing’s best to the fans with each fight, Oscar De La Hoya is pleased to announce the signing of highly ranked super bantamweight contender Jose Luis Valbuena to a promotional contract. continue

GBP: Eight Fight Cards Highlighted by Stars Barrera, Leija, and Larios

22.10.03 – After a year in which Golden Boy Promotions established itself as one of the leading promoters in boxing, the Los Angeles based company is closing out 2003 with an exhaustive Fall lineup that will please even the most satisfied fight fan. continue


22.10.03 - Highly regarded heavyweight Charles Shufford of Las Vegas, Nev., faces relentless Gilbert Martinez of Sacramento, Calif., in the 10-round main event on Cedric Kushner Promotions' nationally and internationally televised "Everlast Heavyweight Explosion" Saturday, Oct. 25, at Sam's Town Hotel & Casino in Robinsonville, Miss. continue

Marciano: One man's opinion

22.10.03 - By Robert Bennett - I gave great respect for the achievements of Rocky Marciano. A champion can do no more then defeat the fighters placed in front of him, and make sure those fighters are the best available. Rocky Marciano did that, and regardless of the relative strength or weakness of a division in any era, a man that can do that is worthy of praise. How much praise is due however, is the question I pose.

Marciano is often ranked inside the top ten heavyweights of all time by various fans and writers, but one must wonder on what basis he is ranked. A record of 49-0 is impressive indeed but his record was only allowed to run to such extents because he was shut out of the title picture for so long. I rather imagine many a fighter in history would have also taken his record into the forties and fifties without loss if he wasn't fighting the cream of the division. continue

Wladimir Klitschko and Felix Sturm headline Universum event in Kiel

22.10.03 - Hamburg/Kiel – For the first time in the almost 20-year history of Universum Box-Promotion Europe’s biggest boxing stable will stage an event in Northern Germany’s Kiel. Main attraction will be former WBO heavyweight champion Dr. Wladimir Klitschko and Felix Sturm, the reigning WBO middleweight champion. continue

Wright: "Vargas' Stock Is So Low It Is Now Trading Under The Counter"

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (October 22, 2003) - The most feared man in the 154-pound division, IBF jr. middleweight champion WINKY WRIGHT, is amazed that the self-proclaimed Aztec Warrior, Fernando Vargas, is continuing on with his "comeback charade" on the heels of his knockout loss to Oscar De La Hoya and lackluster victory over journeyman Fitz Vanderpool. continue

Ashira Vs. Masoe For WBA # 1 Spot!

22.10.03 - Don King Productions has informed middleweight contender Evans “The African Warrior” Ashira (23-0, 13 KOs), that he will fight Samoan puncher Maselino Masoe (25-2, 24 KOs) on November 15 in Carnical City, South Africa as part of the big show that will also feature WBA cruiserweight champion Jean Marc Mormec vs. Sebastian Rothman, and local heavyweight-hero Corey Sanders. continue

Eastman out to right a wrong

22.10.03 - It is no longer appropriate to refer to Hennessy Sport’s Gilbert Eastman as the dark horse of the domestic light middleweight division. The 30-year-old’s devastating fourth-round knockout victory over Spencer Fearon at the Alexandra Palace last month not only captured him the Southern Area Title, but also alerted everyone to his undoubted potential. continue

R+R Is Rock And Roll And Rock And Ruiz

21.10.03 - By Jim Amato - On December 13th in Atlantic City two former heavyweight champions will fighting for their career survival. Hasim "Rock" Rahman will take on former W.B.A. title claimant John Ruiz. This is considered as a W.B.A. eliminator. Roy Jones Jr. will be mandated to defend his title against the winner. continue


21.10.03 - Veteran Czech cruiserweight champion Milan Konecny has finally ended his long and illustrous career last Friday (Oct. 17) in his hometown Usti at age 43 – and a grandfather since earlier this year! – in the most unlikely circumstance of boxing on a bill headlined by his own son, Lukas. continue


October 20, 2003 “ Continuing his quest to bring the highest quality boxing action to Chicagoland, promoter Bobby Hitz of Hitz Boxing is teaming up with Dan Goosen of Goosen-Tutor Promotions to present an evening of world class boxing action from Rosemont, Illinois on Friday, October 24th. continue

Damgaard: Great Dane of Chihuahua?

20.10.03 - WORCESTER, Mass. – Newly crowned World Boxing Association welterweight champion, “El Gallo” Jose Antonio Rivera (37-3-1, 24 KOs), already is back in training for his mandated title defense against Thomas “Lionheart” Damgaard (32-0, 25 KOs), the No. 1 contender. continue

Michalczewski should retire

10.19.03 - By Fritz Drexel: I must say that I was completely shocked by Michalzewski's loss on Saturday night to Julio Gonzales. I had bought into all the continous hype about how great a fighter Michalzewski was, and I closed off any thought of him being beaten by a scrub like Julio Gonzalez. continue

Hersisia Wins Quick, But It Still Is A Caribbean Nightmare

10.19.03 - Other than the fact that WBF heavyweight champion Richel Hersisia made quick work of Zoltan Petranyi, stopping the Hungarian titleholder on a cut in the opening round to collect his fourth championship belt of sorts, the Netherlands Kingdom title, last Saturday week (Oct. 11) on Curacao, not a positive word was lost from either side about the trip to the Caribbean. continue

Brodie draws controversially with Chi in Manchester

10.19.03 - By Murali Para: Last night saw an intriguing and compelling ring war between Manchester’s Michael Brodie and the tough Korean In Jin Chi for the WBC featherweight title of the world. The fight was a treat for boxing fans in the UK on many levels. It was a contest that was viewed as an even money fight by the pundits and it was between two genuinely world-class operators who both had all-action, come-forward styles of fighting. continue

Esteban De Jesus - A Tragic Story

10.19.03 - By Jim Amato: If ever a boxer was a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it was Puerto Rico's Esteban De Jesus. This former one time claimant of the W.B.C. lightweight title may have been the best Puerto Rican 135 pounder since Carlos Ortiz. continue

Gonzalez upsets Michalczewski

10.18.03 - By Don Cato: Mexico's Julio Gonzalez defeated Poland's Dariusz Michalczewski to win the WBO light heavyweight title on a split decision Saturday. Dariusz Michalczewski (48-1) had been pursuing Rocky Maricano’s record of 49 wins and 0 defeats, but instead suffered his first loss in 49 fights. continue

Objectively Weighing In on Marciano vs. Ali

17.10.03 - By Frank Lotierzo: A few weeks back I wrote about my remembrance of the day a plane crashed carrying former heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano, killing him instantly. Growing up I heard a lot about Marciano from my grandfather, who thought he was unbeatable. Like I said, he was one of those old school Italians who viewed Marciano with blinders on.

Over the years from about 1968 until he died in 1997, we would go back and forth arguing, not debating over who would've won between Marciano and Ali. No doubt that objectivity was thrown out the window by both of us. He couldn't see past Marciano being an undefeated knockout artist, and that he was Italian. I couldn't see past Ali's flash and brilliance.

When we used to have those debates/arguments, I was sure Ali would've beat Marciano if they fought at their peak. At that time I believed all the crap that Marciano was slow, easy to hit, and was undefeated because he fought a bunch of old greats who were past their prime. Over the years I've changed my outlook on Marciano, I've begun to look at Marciano's career more thoroughly and objectively. continue

Dawson-Welliver fight for WBC Youth middleweight title

17.10.03 - PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island – Two 21-year-old middleweight prospects, “Bad” Chad Dawson and Dumont “Dewey” Welliver, will fight for the vacant WBC Youth title in the 10-round co-feature October 31 on Haunted Homecoming,” promoted by Jimmy Burchfield’s Classic Entertainment & Sports, Inc., live on ESPN2 Friday Night Fights at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence. continue

Ruiz goes back to his ring future

SOMERVILLE, Mass. – Former World Boxing Association heavyweight champion, John “The Quietman” Ruiz, has gone back to his roots to prepare for his December 13 WBA “Interim” heavyweight title fight against Hasim “The Rock” Rahman at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. continue

In memoriam: Laszlo Papp (25.3.1926 – 16.10.2003)

17.10.03 - By Janne Romppainen: Boxing is a spending sport as we know. Usually the fighters are not on the top of their game for very long and there are obvious reasons to that. Stepping inside the boxing ring is always a risky business for anybody and staying on the top demands tons of hard work. A fighter who has won three Olympic Gold medals in the time span of twelve years has to be counted as one of the greatest fighters who have ever lived. So far in the history of boxing only three men have been able to do it. continue

Gonzales: A Legitimate Contender Or Another Jones Leftover For Michalczewski?

17.10.03 - By Janne Romppainen:Judged only by the numbers, Dariusz Michalczewski is one of the very best active fighters in the world right now. He is unbeaten at 48-0 and thusly only one victory shy from Rocky Marciano’s legendary record. He has scored 38 knockouts. He has been the lineal titlist of his division already for six years. He has defended his WBO light heavyweight championship successfully for twenty-two times. Yet few fighters in the world get more harsh critics than “The Tiger”, the 35-year-old Polish light-heavyweight champion.

Michalczewski has received the criticism for several reason. Many point out that apart from two fights he has never fought outside Germany and he has never gone to the United States where the biggest fights are made. . continue

Browning Boxing Hosts Golden Boy Promotions in Houston On Thursday October 23!

17.10.03 - Carlos "Stiff-jab" Kalinchuk: Next Thursday, in association with HBO Latino and Miller Lite, Oscar DelaHoya’s Golden Boy Promotions is coming to Houston in a big way, when hometown native Raul "El Diamante" Marquez 34-2 (23 KO’s) steps in the ring against Humberto Aranda 28-11 (17 KO’s) at the Reliant Arena in a 10 round main event. This will be Oscar’s second promotion since the Mosley Unanimous Decision. The co-featured bout of the evening will pit Super Bantamweight Jose Luis Valbuena 23-2-1 (13 KO’s) versus David Donis 24-4-4 (2 KO’s) in 12 round IBF elimination bout. continue


17.10.03 – Veteran Boxer Marco Antonio Barrera has reigned over the featherweights for years, dismissing all challengers to his crown. IBF junior featherweight champion Manny Pacquiao has cleaned out the 122-pound division in a similar fashion and is looking to do the same at 126 pounds. On November 15, from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, these two will collide in an epic battle to determine who is truly the best featherweight in the world. continue

Tyson vs. Jones: The Fight That Should But Won't

16.10.03 - By Frank Lotierzo: For one, a win over the other guarantees him a high spot among the all-time best pound-for-pound fighters in boxing history. And for the other, a win resurrects a once brilliant career. However, the risk-reward factor is very steep for both fighters. For that reason alone is why we may never see the biggest and most anticipated fight that can be made today, Tyson vs. Jones.

Without a doubt the biggest fight in boxing that could be made today is Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones. Since the heyday of Sugar Ray Leonard, Tyson has to be regarded as the biggest draw and most well known and recognized fighter in boxing. On the other hand, Roy Jones is probably the most talented and skilled fighter since Ray Leonard. There cannot be any dispute, Tyson vs. Jones would garner attention throughout the world. From an interest standpoint, this is definitely a Super-Fight. continue

This Time Brodie Will Not Want The Honour Of 'World Champion' To Be Denied

15.10.03 - By Chris Curry: In an atmospheric night in September back in the year 2000, Manchester's Michael Brodie stepped through the ropes of the squared ring in his home town to contest his sports ultimate prize. The championship of the world. continue


15.10.03- By Tony Nobbs: Queensland Champion Juarne 'Dynamite Kid' Dowling gets the opportunity to gain a WBA top twelve ranking when he fights Victorian Stuart Moller at Knox Netball Center in Melbourne on Friday night October 17. continue

Jose Navarro Moves Into The Big Leagues

15.10.03 – He’s taken his time, honing his craft in the toughest professional sport in the world. Now on Saturday, November 22, Jose Navarro takes the biggest step of his pro career when he challenges highly ranked Reynaldo Hurtado (35-4-1, 27 KOs) not only for the IBA Junior Bantamweight Title, but in an official World Boxing Council elimination bout, continue

Kotai Comes Back Quick After Loss

15.10.03 - On September 20, WBF superwelterweight champion Mihaly Kotai lost his undefeated record, when adjudged a 59:56 points loser after six rounds by referee Paul Thomas against Zimbabwan Farai Musiyiwa in Nottingham, England. Kotai’s record now reads 24-1 (11 KO’s) and he was cut over the left eye for the fourth fight in a row. continue

Malignaggi, Foreman, Judah and Posey Highlight "Boxing in The Bronx"

15.10.03 - Halloween may be just around the corner, but when Final Forum Inc. heads into Jimmy's Bronx Cafe for the October installment of "Boxing in The Bronx", there will be no tricks, only treats, as four of the area's top prospects display their wares for the most enthusiastic fans in the area. continue

Klitschko-Johnson at Madison Square Garden on December 6

14.10.03 - Former WBO heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko returns against Kirk Johnson on Decemeber 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York. Originally, December 6th was reserved as the date for a rematch between Lennox Lewis and Klitschko. But Lewis backed off the bout, declaring that he would not be fighting anymore this year.


14.10.03 - Following their annual convention in Moscow last week the WBC today issued their new ratings which confirms MARCO ANTONIO BARRERA as the new No. 3 in the featherweight division. BRODIE (WBC No. 2) challenges Injin Chi of Korea (WBC No. 1) this Saturday at the MEN Arena in Manchester for the vacant WBC Featherweight Championship of the World. continue

Michalczewski wants to earn 49-0 the hard way

14.10.03 - Hamburg - Dariusz Michalczewski, 48-0 (41), wants to earn the outstanding undefeated record of 49-0 the hard way. That’s why he asked his promoter to get him the best and toughest available light heavyweight contender to challenge him next. continue

Ring Magazine's "50 Greatest Fights You Never Saw"

14.10.03 - By Frank Lotierzo: Recently The Ring magazine published a Collector's Annual on "The 50 Greatest Fights You Never Saw!" I must commend them on this issue. It was very informative and well thought out. What I liked about it was, it wasn't the typical match ups that everybody thinks of when pairing all-time greats from different era's. continue

Preview: Michael Brodie v In-Jin Chi

14.10.03 - By Gavin Macleod: Not many people in life get a second chance at achieving what they’ve always dreamed of achieving, but on the 18th of October at the Manchester Evening News Arena, that is exactly what Manchester featherweight Michael Brodie is getting, a second chance. ...CONTINUE

Wanted: Legitimate Ranking for Boxers

13.10.03 - By Ron Widelec: There is little doubt that boxing is in need of some drastic changes. Speaking to a boxing fan will almost always lead into a conversation of complaint and venting about what is wrong in the sport. While everyone has a different opinion about the ills in the sport, there is usually at least one common complaint: the ranking of fighters by the sanctioning bodies is atrocious. continue

Whitaker and Castillo top Warrior’s Boxing Promotions card on Oct 30

13.10.03 - Professional boxing continues at the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s Coconut Creek Casino the night before Halloween with an outstanding lineup of bouts featuring Lance “Mount” Whitaker, Elieser Castillo, Tito “El Misil” Mendoza, Whyber Garcia and Ada “Ace” Velez. continue

The Danger Game

13.10.03 - "If you walked up to the average guy in the street - the average Joe - and punched him in the mouth. Chances are HE WOULDN’T DO A THING! The trauma of getting punched is such a shock. If someone walked up to Tito Trinidad and punched HIM in the mouth…they’d get a beating.” - “Iceman” John Scully - continue

A Matter of Perspective; Part 1

13.10.03 - By Keith Terceira: With our world quickly converting to a global community, the perspective that boxing fans have towards the sport is evolving in the same direction. The knock on fighters like Guinn and Mesi before the HBO Night of Heavyweights were that they were little known fighters with regional appeal. continue

Larry "Hard Luck" Middleton

12.10.03 - By Jim Amato: What would you say about a fighter who met the likes of Ken Norton, Ron Lyle, Jimmy Ellis, Jerry Quarry, Oscar Bonevena and Joe Bugner? All boxers who either held or fought for the world’s heavyweight championship. Yet this fighter never came close to a world title shot. You could call him “Hard Luck”. I would call him Larry Middleton. continue

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