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Zeferino: Camacho Jr. vs. Salita, Setting the record straight

I read the article posted February 21st at 1:06pm on ESPN by Dan Rafael and honestly it made me sick. All the false and negative comments about my fighter Camacho Jr. need to be addressed. Here is our version of events: Schaefer from Golden Boy Promotions states the Salita-Camacho fight was off and would not be rescheduled. Further, Schaefer states that “Camacho is not going to fight. The card was postponed and then he was moving on.”

I (Zeferino Entertainment) made a multi-fight deal with Golden Boy Promotions and this was to be Camacho Jr.’s first fight in the multi-fight deal. Why in the world would Camacho Jr., pull out of a winnable fight like Salita? We respect Salita, but he is not on Camacho Jr.’s level.

I was contacted by Golden Boy and told that due to Salita’s religious beliefs (Salita is Jewish) that Salita could not properly warm-up before the fight. This was due to Salita not leaving his house at a certain time before the fight, therefore Salita was pulling out of the Fight. I am Jewish (so please let us not jump on the prejudice wagon), that is simply what I was told by Golden Boy. Then I read the Salita article and Salita states: “I never told anyone at Golden Boy anything resembling that. Come get it April 27th, Junior. I have been back from camp and staying in shape in New York before heading out soon to prepare for April (in Detroit).”

Zeferino Entertainment and Team Camacho Jr. told Golden Boy Promotions and the Salita camp we welcome the fight come April 27th . Camacho wants the fight with Salita and Camacho Jr. stated: “Come get it Salita. I will KNOCK YOU OUT PUERTO RICAN STYLE.” That is if Golden Boy really wants us to fight Salita? It is my belief that Golden Boy realized Camacho Jr. will be victorious.

So, if team Salita really wants this fight then tell your promoter Golden Boy to make it happen. As a fighter you can demand the fight with Camacho Jr. However, Salita if this fight does not happen, then the world will know the real reason. It is time to stop the talking and get to fighting. You can also contact me directly if you are willing to take the fight. Reach me at [email protected]

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