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World Boxing Council News

From the Korean Boxing Commission – September 5, 2013:

Korea Boxing Commission completely against AIBA Regime by Dr. Wu, or better yet Dr. Who.

Boxing is a major sport in the country of Korea. There are many former world champions and great activity has taken place in this country.

It is incredible that 2 persons who have never, whatsoever, participated in boxing in this country now claim to be leaders of boxing in the world.

Mr. Ho Kim, Executive Director and Doctor Wu, President of AIBA, have never done anything to make boxing better in Korea and it is hard to understand how they would make boxing better for the world.

Amateur boxing must continue to be the routes of boxing giving boxers from all over the world the opportunity to conquer the dream of winning Olympic medals and professional boxing must continue as it has been for 300 years with opportunities for boxers of any country to try to conquer the dream of winning world championships.

The Korea Boxing Commission is completely against AIBA regime and fully supports the World Boxing Council and its federations to try to stop this monopoly threat to the boxing world.


From the Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation – August 31, 2013:

A Statement against AIBA-Pro

We should seriously address AIBA’s activities in professional boxing and intention to have professional boxers compete in the Olympic Games

We have considered what stance we should take and, after much thought and discussion with all the boxing elements, now formally express opposition to both AIBA participation in professional boxing and professional boxers being allowed to participate in the Olympics.

The reasons are:

1.- Olympic Games boxing has an independent and special role for boxing in general. This is especially so in developing countries, where there is little or no professional boxing. Here, amateur boxing makes great contributions to the spread of boxing worldwide.

2.- Olympic Games boxing is the biggest and final aim of many boxers from all over the world. Almost all professional boxers, managers, promoters and boxing commissions respect the principles on amateurism and consider that Olympic boxing is sacred and an inviolable stage for amateur boxers.

3.- If AIBA declares and continues its new activities in professional boxing, or operates as a new professional boxing organization, this means it has renounced its principles of amateurism and thrown away an independent and special role for boxing in general.

Due to the above three reasons, we request AIBA to withdraw from professional-boxing activities.

Ken Morita, Executive Secretary-General, Japan Boxing Commission