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Who’s to blame for Pacquiao’s loss to Marquez

By Reni M. Valenzuela: Just as the towel is being readied to be thrown in by the corner of Juan Manuel Marquez any time from round five when he dropped to the floor, then came in the shock of the great fall of a good man and a great boxer in the winding split seconds of the succeeding round. What went wrong?

Why has this came about in the quadrilogy when Manny Pacquiao appeared invincible during training up until he stepped into the ring on fight night, when he knocked down his sparring partners four times, and when he was widely touted to beat Marquez by stoppage or by a convincing unanimous decision? Why when the right fighting style that would fittingly match the style of Marquez was finally adopted by Pacquiao and his team to solve the Dinamita puzzle that this horrible outcome befell a well-prepared and focused boxer?

No excuses. But what went wrong?

Why Pacquiao has to suffer such seemingly confusing loss to Marquez by a tragically stunning and “careless” fashion just when Heaven is supposed to be on his side and at his disposal since he has become a true Christian believer who straightened his ways by supernatural enablement?

Why does the “Pacquiao defeat” have to end this way? Why would it have to happen to an athlete who serves to be a living witness of the grace and mercy of God to millions of people around the world? Why at a time when Pacquiao became a new man who abandoned religion in favor of living faith? Why when he gave up the bad lifestyle of womanizing, drinking, gambling and other sins and vices except politics? Why this “ignominy” when he seems to be on track as a person and a boxer? Why now that Pacquiao and Jinkee got deeper in their faith in God and made things right in their relationship for better or worse?

Just why oh why, and just what went wrong at the MGM Grand yesterday?

Rarely is a man allowed and favored to go through a tunnel where there are lessons to be learned and priceless gems of road experience to bless his soul; treasures are deep in there which cannot be possibly found or “achieved” through any other route. Thorns on the head can be turned into a crown of glory when you “lose” and “lose” badly just when you think you’ve done your best and when everything seemed right and going well your way. That’s how Pacman and all the other “losers” in the world may end up being true winners, much truer than the ones who won.
Hope just always springs eternal, it never runs dry. And hope never gives up.

There simply are questions which will never be answered in this life until the learning comes to all of us. That’s why and that’s “what.”

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