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Weights: Zachary Wohlman vs. Jesus Vallejo

Zachary Wohlman 148.6 vs. Jesus Vallejo 148.4
Dinmukhamed Niyazov 144.2 vs. Alonso Loeza 143.8
Terrell Williams 145.2 vs. Lawrence Hughes 145.8

Neil Arellano 147.4 vs. Andre Ewell 146.6
Javier Albonica 148.2 vs. Willie Walton 148.2
Erik Ruiz 123.2 vs. Daniel Modad 122. 2
Vyacheslav Shabransky 194.2 vs. Brian McGlory 189.2
David Clark 121.6 vs. Shawn Nichol 119.8
Louis Rose 158.4 vs. Mike Alexander 159
Holly Lawson 145.6 vs. Sarah Kuhn 145.6

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