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Weights from ESPN Friday Night Fights in Chicago

“This show is indicative of the ever-increasing quality of Friday Night Fights broadcasts. It’s every bit as good as or better than the average Showtime or HBO boxing show. This is just a terrific event from top to bottom.” Teddy Singleton of Don King Productions.

Carlos Molina 153.4 vs. Cory Spinks 153.2

Antwone Smith 155.6 vs. Jose Luis Castillo 151.8

Artur Szpilka 230.8 vs. Mike Mollo 231.6

Don George 164.4 vs. James Cook 161.8

Mike Jimenez 167.8 vs. Jordan Brown 167.8

Jaime Herrera 146.8 vs. Marlon Smith 146.2

Jimmy Murphy 145.4 vs. Aloric Carson 150.2

Sergio Montes de Oca 126.2 vs. Antoine Knight 127

Junior Anthony Wright 197.6 vs. Tim Johnson 203.8

Venue: UIC Pavilion, Chicago

TV: ESPN Friday Night Fights
Promoters: 8 Count Productions, Round 3 Productions, Warriors Boxing and Blue Wave Boxing in association with Don King Productions

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