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Weights from Chester, PA: Eric Hunter (125.5) vs. Mike Oliver (125.5)

Eric Hunter (125.5) vs. Mike Oliver (125.5)

Julio De Jesus (141.5) vs. Hasan Young (141.5)

Anthony Prescott (149.5) vs. Carlos Moore (146.0)

Richard Irizarry (127.75) vs. Joshua Arocha (129.0)

Josue Rivera (147.5) vs. Jesus Barbosa (152.0*)

Venue: Harrahs Phildelphia

Promoter: Joey Eye Boxing

1st bell: 7:30 pm

Special Thanks to John DiSanto of

*Jesus Barbosa was 4 pounds over the contract weight of 148, and was given 30 minutes to lose as much weight as possible. It appeared that the fight would go on regardless of Barbosa’s final weight, but a financial penalty would be charged for every pound he was over the contract limit (after the 30 minutes).

Note: Hunter and Oliver officially weighed in last night (9/12), and re-weighed in this morning. Both weighed 128 pounds at the second weigh in.

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