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WBC News: Mayweather vs. Canelo


By José Sulaimán

As I write my column on Saturdays, I am unaware of the results, but I am sure that on Sunday, there was disappointment and happiness on whoever lost and won the fight of two idols, Mayweather and Alvarez. The unbelievable advertising by the Mexican TELEVISA and the media offered for this fight made the biggest crowd ever to witness a weigh in ceremony at Las Vegas on September 13th.

It is well known that Alvarez did not like my recommendation that he should have two or three more fights before fighting Mayweather and accused me of favoring Floyd. It is only that

I think my obligation is to advise those boxers, who I believe that have a great future, for their own.

good as a way to help in the creation of new idols. He did not like it. We learn every day. I should

stick to my commitment in the WBC.

Floyd Mayweather, for me, is not only the best pound-for-pound of today, but as I have said

several times, he is one of the top in the history of the sport. He totally dominates the distances

within the ring. He also dominates the distances with his rival. He has a very active jab that hurts

and keeps his contenders busy. He has a straight, strong right hand that hurts his rivals. He never stays inside for counter-punching. He moves in, connects, and quickly is out of range. That is

his style.

For Canelo to shoot for victory, he must go into the ring going forward throwing punches like

a windmill. He must stop Mayweather from his hit-and-run style, by not letting him get out of action. Canelo is strong, but he will not be as fast, as for sure he will be 10-12 pounds over the day of the fight, but that weight must give him more power, as Floyd is a natural welterweight. Canelo should not care if he misses, some could get to Floyd. But as I said before, if he is not a windmill tomorrow, he will have to recognize that he will be fighting a giant.

The winner on the 14th will carry home the pure gold belt that the WBC made especially for

this event, in recognition to its getting the attention of the world to the best pound-for-pound and

the maximum boxing hero of Mexico, home of many champions. Boxing needs actions that get

the interest of the fans, as the sport is needing it today more than in the last quarter century due to the many champions who have retired and the ones to retire soon.

Boxing, the sport of our love, proves every day that it is the natural sport of a human being;

most want to fight for anything. It was invented by the cave men in search of leadership, food and

women. How many are there that have nervous reactions in accordance to the rhythm of the fighter of their liking while watching a match?

It is also the sport of the most poor.That is why I have always said that boxing will live for

as long as there is hunger in the world. We must double our efforts to keep it very active and get

it away from the shadow that prevails today, of boxing starting to move or slow down. We need to have many more highly-attended matches like the doubleheader.

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