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WBC News – March 14, 2014 – 2nd release

The WBC Praises the Puerto Rico Boxing Commission.

The WBC is very proud to be back in Puerto Rico for a major boxing show with the title defense of WBC super lightweight world champion Danny Garcia against Mauricio Herrera, and the heavyweight final elimination fight between Deontay Wilder and Malik Scott.

Mr. Jose (Toto) Peñagaricano, Senior Advisor of the Puerto Rico Boxing Commission, has afforded exemplary reciprocity to the WBC. As a result, very important and innovative rules and pilot programs will be implemented for the two WBC matches.

1.Instant Replay provided by Golden Boy Promotions and Showtime will be available only as a pilot program until the time the law in Puerto Rico, which allows it, is actually implemented to officially put in practice the rule. The procedures and technology will be used to practice and acquire more experience in the use of that important WBC program.

2. 4th and 8th Rounds Open Scoring. The rule allows the fighters, their corners, and the audience to become aware of the official scores of the judges at the end of the 4th and 8th rounds. That way, the fighters and their corners are given the opportunity to adjust their strategy and make the fight more competitive and dramatic.

3. Mohegan Tribe ringside score administration. The computerized ringside score administration system developed by the Mohegan Tribe will also be used as a pilot program in an effort to bring boxing events to the cutting edge of technology. Electronic scoring and administration makes boxing transparent to the public and it is logistically simpler than traditional paper scoring. That system uses handheld tablets for the judges to record their scoring substituting the paper cards, and it is a simple procedure to make scoring faster and scoring administration automatic. The Puerto Rico Commission will still rely on paper cards, but it is allowing the electronic scoring system to be tested as a pilot program for judges’ and supervisors’ usage.

4. Automatic point deduction on accidental cuts: a point will be deducted to the uncut boxer after an accidental injury (head butt, elbow, etc.). That deduction evens up the playing field and compensates an injured fighter for the shortcomings he must face for the rest of the fight.

The WBC is very happy and thankful for the reciprocity and mutual agreement reached with the Puerto Rico Boxing Commission in search of making boxing better at all times.

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