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November 26, 2013 – Mexico City.

From the office of WBC President Dr. José Sulaimán:

The following is one of the weekly “Hook to the Liver” columns that have been published in El Universal every Sunday for the last five years and written by WBC President Jose Sulaiman.

This column was written by his wife, Martha, and children – Pepe, Lucy, Hector, Fernando, Mauricio, and Claudia – while he recovers from surgery. From November 24, translated from Spanish:


What’s the Purpose of the WBC Annual Convention?

It’s exciting to say that the column we are sharing with you today was dictated in part by Don José from his hospital bed and with such brightness, even better than last week. His health is improving and we are more positive than ever of his full recovery. You will find our Dad’s textual words in quotations.

Each year the WBC celebrates its convention in different parts of the world. “In these meetings, our great international unity grows, and friendship and boxing commitments strengthen.” It’s funny to see how these encounters are, in a sense, like a boxing match. During the working sessions, everyone assumes their position and defend their points of view but at the end of each meeting, the gestures of friendship and unity immediately take over.

“The convention is a meeting where all its members express their problems and go in search of the right solutions in benefit of the world of boxing. It’s an opportunity to all promoters in the world to attend and express what they wish for their promotional companies and the boxers they represent.”

Referring to the prior paragraph, the work sessions with the promoters to review the ratings and mandatory fights are the most controversial. These are public sessions in which any person may request to intervene and speak in the open floor, and on some occasions there are disagreements and confrontations that rise almost to the point of fistfights!

“It’s a meeting where the position of each boxer in the ratings is carefully and profoundly reviewed. The WBC has a great record of fights with which it maintains the ratings of all boxers with total care and attention.” The Ratings Committee is integrated by great experts in this subject, honest people from many countries in the world dedicated to justice.

“The Presidents of the committees dedicated to the several subjects in the world of boxing and the WBC, express their concerns, objectives and responsibilities, like the Medical Team, the Ratings Team, the General Technical Control Team. It is also the most important meeting for the judges and referees, because at each convention their training is updated by making the necessary changes.” It is during these sessions that many changes in this sport have been implemented, making it a safer and more humane sport, such as the reduction from 15 to 12 rounds, having the weigh-ins 24 hours prior to the fights, and all the achievements that you, readers of this column, know through the frequent comments that our father makes about them.

“The last convention was very much applauded due to the amount of changes that the judges offered during their workshops and all the boxing people who were pleased by them. Vitaly Klitschko, who is now running for the Presidency of Ukraine, inaugurated the convention together with the Prime Minister of Thailand. Also, Pope Francis was appointed Man of the Year and Floyd Mayweather as Supreme Champion.” Jose Sulaiman’s absence was very evident and hard, but the unity of all the attendants, united in their prayers and good wishes towards him, generated also an unique ambiance of solidarity and unity, everybody worked very hard hoping that Jose Sulaiman, one day, would be proud that his WBC remained strong as ever and with the commitment to comply with him. The convention closed with a unique proclamation: Jose Sulaiman was proclaimed as President in Command, and was appointed as WBC LIFETIME PRESIDENT by acclamation.

“Every country in the world deserves to celebrate the convention, and this election is always done by voting for the countries that request it. This voting is done exactly the same way as it takes place for every agreement reached in the WBC. This recent convention in Thailand is the sole occasion in which this designation for next year’s convention remained pending and it is our interest to bring it to Latin America since we believe we have neglected it a little.” Though the working hours are long and productive, there is still time for leisure, and the hosts proudly share the customs and culture of their countries.

There are many more things to a convention, but it would take much more than the space dedicated to this column. Surely Don Jose will address these subjects with much more detail. We are very optimistic about his recovery and if you allow us to say so, “he is already giving us a hard time.” This is the best sign of his great state of mind and health.

Until next week…

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