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September 9, 2013 – Mexico City.

From the office of WBC President Dr. José Sulaimán:

The following is one of the weekly “Hook to the Liver” columns that are published in El Universal every Sunday. From September 8, translated from Spanish:


By José Sulaimán

Reach For The Sky! Goodbye Dear Friend “El Turco”

All human beings have the right to feel sad at times. On Friday a very dear friend died, Miguel Angel Jarza. Once again, with regret, we find that the ultimate law of life…is death.

The earned bittersweet award is the marvellous memories we leave on our journey through life, because we will be remembered! Our beloved friend, Miguel Angel “El Turco” Jarza, left a legacy of chivalry, honesty, and loyalty. May he rest in peace.

Speaking of boxing, I was talking with a group of friends who know the sport, in the sense that boxing is going through a tough time these days, due to the loss of fans in many countries, where intelligence has been lacking. From a dearth of seed, which is vital for the germination, formation and nurture of new idols.

Sterility is based on promotion involving only the money. By the monopoly created by some TV stations that select a couple of promoters, and only those who they believe are great fighters, leaving out all others.

The United States wonders why the world champions and the best heavyweights are from Europe, especially Eastern Europe. This is because the giants, especially from the Ebon, do not want to make a living to death. Now they’re in the big leagues of baseball, in football or basketball.

Why does Latin America no longer have many minimum weight boxers? The same happens in Asia. This occurs because amateur boxing is suffering the worst period in its history. When you lack the seed, it parches the fields.

It is only in Mexico, with some cards in the U.S, plus the competing rivalry between HBO and SHOWTIME that’s maintaining live boxing.

That is why the World Boxing Council created the “Solid Gold Belt” for the victor between Saul Canelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather, because we are trying to generate a new interest in the world of boxing.

Yet it’s acknowledged that live boxing is as strong as ever in other specific quarters. The fight of Floyd Mayweather and Canelo on September 14th has created as much anticipation and excitement as any other in recent times, and we must reward it. The fans feel the passion, while the challenge of the great continues!

But too little is said about the other fight on the same card that has aroused such great passion in Argentina. The classic between Lucas Matthysse and Danny Garcia, which promises to be explosive, great, and magnificently memorable.

Some years ago, American boxing collapsed. Then shone with pale light, a heavyweight champion, Ezzard Charles, whom they knew as the “King-eyed” in the country of “the blind.”

Suddenly … with living daylights emerged Rocky Marciano, who being white and an undefeated and an exciting KO artist, made boxing shine bright again.

After this … the coming of the greatest of all time- the mighty majestic King of Boxing: Cassius Clay – later known as Muhammad Ali, to bring our sport to its glittering pinnacle, like never before in modern times.

Hopefully next Saturday will be a day of great celebrations that bring boxing back to where it belongs. Reach for the sky!

Thanks for reading my thoughts.

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