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July 31, 2013 – Mexico City.

From the office of WBC President Dr. José Sulaimán:

The following is one of the weekly “Hook to the Liver” columns that are published in El Universal every Sunday. From July 28, translated from Spanish:


By José Sulaimán

Knowing The Score

The sport of boxing has no equal. In baseball you score runs. In soccer, goals. In basketball, baskets, touchdowns in football, while track and swimming, wins equate the best times, and so all sports.

In boxing there are hundreds of shots with different power, precision and number. There are many illegal blows that the referee can’t always pick up on. It’s not easy for a judge to have the focus, consistent training, and the definition that “effective aggressiveness wins the round.”

Therefore, the WBC has invented a computerized system and hopefully, it’ll solve the problem.

There are several organizations that control the world of boxing. The AIBA is the one with the responsibility of organizing amateur boxing in the Olympics. It has been doing this for 100 years.

National teams are sent by each country. There are also different kinds of amateur tournaments, like “The Golden Gloves,” that each country organizes. But the bottom line is government involvement in the Olympics, and their desire for medals, rather than seeking any positive impact on the youth of nations.

In professional boxing, there are also many problems. There are several governing organizations, such as the WBA, IBF, WBO and WBC. The latter is the only one formed exclusively by national committees of boxing from 164 countries in 10 integrated continental confederations.

There are other unknown organizations that, other than sanctioning fights, are just interested in selling belts.

In the professional sphere, there are major promoters like Don King and Bob Arum. They’re considered as the two greatest ever. Golden Boy is the biggest current promoter, promoting highly attractive, real fights. There is also Akihiko Honda, the most serious of all, Frank Warren, Lou DiBella, Gary Shaw, Barry Hearn, Wilfred Sauerland and many more.

They make professional boxing deals with big TV companies, and have given to the public of all nations the excitement of this great sport.

In the boxing world, professional and amateur are like oil and water. In professional boxing “Mr. Money” is the only pattern. Amateur boxing has been falling apart for many years, especially under the current administration.

In amateur boxing, the only important thing for them is the politicking for positions and of course, money. Amateur boxing is so bad that Mexico hasn’t won a single Olympic medal in the ring in 28 years. The United States – the Northern Giant – did not win a single medal in recent games. Africa, the continent that was once feared: ZERO!

For the past five years, Mr. Wu, of Taiwan, came to Mexico with the support of two friends from Italy and France. I was fooled concerning his election as president of AIBA. He formed a group called WSB professional within the AIBA, for which he chose only eight out of the 200 countries that are going to the Olympics, and accepts only professionals that belong to the WSB.

He says he has the support of Jacques Rogge, the IOC President. Rogge hasn’t denied or accepted this. Many may think – what’s the problem? Others will say – what does it matter? The majority don’t care about amateur boxing.

All this led a number of professional promoters to protest against AIBA and its attempt to create a monopoly in the Olympics, to try to exclusively position AIBA professionals and nobody else.

AIBA announced its invitation to Manny Pacquiao and Wladimir Klitschko. This made Don King himself rise up against that notion, because there is a great danger that a professional boxer who has a much more trained body, greater strength, power, experience and mindset, could cause the death in the ring of an amateur boxer.

The promoters Gary Shaw, Lou DiBella and others, as well as the North American Federation, the European Union, the British Council, the African Union, the Federation of Asia, the Federation of Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and others, have announced their strong opposition to the monopoly, as well as the real danger via inequality between a professional and an amateur boxer.

Don King launched a strong protest that made headlines with many media outlets around the world, although no one published it in Mexico.

Is it because they say that the IOC President, Jacques Rogge, is behind Wu (of the AIBA) to become the IOC president, and will be elected in September in Argentina, although there are several other candidates with higher and genuine merits?

Thanks for reading my thoughts.

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