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By José Sulaimán

A grim seven days … but hope for the future.

We’ve had a very sad week. First, the great Mexican champion Chucho Castillo passed away from complications following surgery. Then the lifeless body of former champion Isidro Perez was found three months after he disappeared. Distance walker Noe Hernandez – Mexican Olympic silver medallist in Sydney 2000 – died from a heart attack after he had survived a gunshot to the head. Famous promoter Carlos Eleta also passed in his beloved Panama.

This makes me think about how brief the life of a human being is. That is why I always try to live to the fullest, remembering all the good people I have met during my life. Some have gone while some remain, but they will always live in my mind … may those who’ve departed rest in peace.

We must learn to live the present like there is no tomorrow – working hard, innovating, serving others, looking for happiness. Dream, smile and fight to make our dreams come true. Feel proud for the people who surround us. Think of how to help others and to join together as human beings for a better world.

We in boxing must answer to the people who are passionate for this amazing and ancient sport by working to improve it and make it safer for the fighters.

We now have to support amateur boxing, which is the foundation of professional boxing. That is why we are planning to create amateur tournaments in Mexico and in the world.

Here in Mexico we will work with the recent elected President, Enrique Peña Nieto, to develop sports throughout Mexico. Our part, of course, will be boxing.

Mexico is a country of Champions, of brave and loyal people – all that it takes to be a great country!

I will propose the creation of a gym and a national school, to bring the best trainers in the world, so they can share their experiences with Mexican trainers. We will make state tournaments, regional tournaments and then a big national tournament. This should be done everywhere in the world to help the sport of boxing.

Thank you and until next week.

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