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By José Sulaimán: The world of boxing is struggling among an internal war that is putting afloat the interest for money and power. Today it is not the traditional confrontation among promoters or which of the TV corporations is the most powerful. Today it is incoming people who for ego, money, power and the thirst for front pages have jumped into boxing.

Today a man from Taiwan, Mr. Wu, of recent invasion into boxing, is leading a movement of big economical dimensions for our sport of boxing. His is to me an indication that he does not really know what professional boxing is, or that behind the move is something of a great mystery,

About five or six years ago, the presidents of the Italian and French boxing federations, Furgoni and Falccinelli, both very dear friends of mine, both called me to ask for our WBC support in favor of a Mr. Wu to defeat Anwar Chowdry at the elections of AIBA in Santo Domingo. Mr. Wu himself decided to visit me in Mexico city, where he stayed a couple of days. He looked to me a decent

gentleman with sincere objectives to stop Mr. Chowdry’s 25 years of presidency and lead boxing to better paths.

Mr. Wu and I reached a verbal agreement for AIBA and the WBC to work together for the good of boxing. We got 33 votes for him from Africa, Oriental Europe and Latin America. He won by four votes !!!!! He took two months to thank the WBC. And I was happy for Mr. Wu and amateur boxing. Could any body imagine what would have happened without the 33 votes obtained by the WBC ?

I was fooled. Totally fooled. In fact, I was betrayed. Mr. Wu was not the nice gentleman that I thought that I had met. I was also fooled by my dear friend of many years Franco Falccinelli. Not so much by Humbert Furgoni, as he somehow kept communicating. Humbert tried to say after the Olympic Games why France got no medals. He was expelled from AIBA and even lost the elections as president of the French Federation, which is now in the hands of a good boxing man who was in charge of the amateur section. I am sorry for Humbert. He was betrayed, just like me.

Wu soon became what he was: an egocentric, obsessive, ambitious person who got a secretary from Korea, who is a dictator and arrogant ruler, who continually hurts affiliated nationals.

· They ruled that professional boxers fighting for AIBA would be the only ones allowed at the Olympics. A simple monopoly and restraint of trade action.

· They have ruled that all nations affiliated to AIBA shall take off the word A for amateur, and so did AIBA.

· They ruled that any person in the past or present with any relations within the national federations shall be expelled from the federation.

· They invaded the sovereignity of the national boxing federations by imposing the amendment of their rules and laws to have the AIBA rules the maximum and only to reign amateur boxing in every nation.

· And among many other dictatorial actions, now they have ruled that any and all national boxing federations not implementing all of the above measures will be expelled from AIBA.

The problem here is that a mere sports organization of amateur boxing is telling the USA, Great Britain, France, Russia, the African countries, China, Japan, Mexico, and all nations of the world to forget about their laws and sovereignity and do as AIBA wants. And what is even worse, all federations that are not in AIBA cannot go to the Olympic Games, and their governments will not give them a penny. So everybody seems to be afraid and quiet.

All of the unbelievable dictatorial actions mentioned above must have behind them someone who is very powerful or if not, those AIBA people are really irresponsibly venturous. We are expecting the IOC to state if it is behind those actions and approve all rulings or not. But to me, Mr. Wu is really a strange person. It was not only my absolute trust in Furgoni and Falccinelli that made me believe in Mr. Wu. I also thought that he was a decent gentleman. But that is life. Gentleman and imperialistic egos in the same person.

There is one more Pandora box to explode during these days and we are waiting for it. I just hope that boxing people understand what is happening and act strongly in defence of the sport of our love.

Thank you for reading my thoughts.

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