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Tony Shultz Presents ‘The Fight Promoter Book Series’ To Help Build Future Boxing Promoters

Boxing is back in the spotlight in a big way. With the recent Floyd Mayweather fight in Vegas, boxing has become a topic in the mainstream news again. Carrying on that momentum though is another story. Tony Shultz is presenting a solution however.

With the launch of his five-part Fight Promoter Book Series at, Tony is filling a huge void where boxing needs him the most, and doing something that has never been done before at the same time. He is teaching people how to become fight promoters themselves, to get in on the action while the spotlight is on.

The problem with boxing currently, of course, is that as boxing promoters have gotten older, so has the fan base. With no new faces in boxing promotions, it’s become almost impossible for young up-and-coming boxers to connect with a new generation of fans.

“The fact is that boxers are now having to turn into promoters just to get their name out there” says Shultz. “This is simply because the current list of dominate promoters in boxing just aren’t connecting with a younger fan base, like a young hungry promoter would.”

Even more, with LIVE programming becoming an ever more important commodity for Network TV due to evolving DVR viewing habits, boxing is quickly realized as the perfect “story telling” sport once again. “Story telling is everything in boxing” adds Shultz.

So the hope is that with the new Fight Promoter Book Series that Tony has put up for sale on the Amazon Kindle Store, it will inspire a new generation of fight promoters to join in and take advantage of this enormous opportunity that the Floyd Mayweather spotlight is creating for the sport currently.

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