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Timothy Bradley – Juan Manuel Marquez Scorecard Analysis

!cid_image001_png@01CEC7ABBy POD Index

Timothy Bradley won by a split decision, with Glenn Feldman scoring it 7 to 5 for JMM. Robert Hoyle saw is 7-5 for Bradley, and Patricia Morse-Jarman scored it 8 rounds to 4 for Bradley. Glenn Feldman was in the majority in more rounds than Jarman and Hoyle, however.

Judge Consistency %

Feldman 70.8

Hoyle 54.2

Jarman 58.3

Most interestingly, in 7 of the 12 rounds, Marquez won on at least 2 of the 3 judges’ scorecards. In other words, under the consensus scoring system, Marquez would have won 115-113.

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