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Tony Thompson fires back at Tyson Fury

thompson4243642Tony “THE TIGER” Thompson is amused at the antics of Tyson Fury regarding his disrespectful comments made since his devastating KO win over David Price a month ago. “With the big man comes a big mouth” and if Steve Cunningham doesn’t school him I am happy to be responsible for tipping the British Heavyweight scene on its head. He flaps his mouth of being disrespectful to everyone yet he didn’t have the balls to face his fellow countryman in the undefeated David Price who I managed to stop in 2 rounds.

And if I get in the ring with him will serve him the same punishment. He carries on like he is already champion of the world when let’s face it – who has he faced? He couldn’t put Chisora away nor the King Pin (Johnson). I hope your promoter has as bigger wallet as you have mouth – put your money on the table and let your money talk instead of your mouth. You use my name to promote yourself saying you will KO me but I haven’t heard from your promoter? Talk is cheap which somehow kind of fits with your type. I have a sneaking suspicion Cunningham is going to box your ears off and expose you for the fraud you are, but if you do make it through ‘give me a call’.

Thompsons wife and manager Sydnee confirmed that there are a number of options open to them all of which they are considering. We have offers coming in from all over the World including New Zealand and Macau. Wilders name has been thrown about but no serious offer has come from his camp as yet. Tony is fresh and right to go as ‘he trained for a 12 round war with Price but only fought 2” so the TIGER HAS PLENTY IN THE TANK.

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