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The Return of Amaris “Diamond Girl” Quintana on Friday, August 30th!

If someone would have to be blamed for Amaris Quintana’s love to get punched in the face is her brother. The daughter of a concrete driver and a homemaker, the popular San Diego junior flyweight first strapped a pair of gloves at home at the age of thirteen as her older brother taught her the basics of the sport. After much cajoling and begging, soon the “Diamond Girl” was able to convince her parents to let her join a local gym in La Mesa, CA, for more technical teachings.

“My mom said, ‘let her do it, she’ll get hit in the face and stop'”, Quintana shares with a sly smile and a chuckle. “Little did she know I was going to like it.”

After doing a total of thirteen of amateur fights, winning ten of them, Quintana found the training team that was going to lead her to the professional ranks, well-known David Gutierrez and his father, Max.

“My dad trained a little bit when he was younger and he sparred David a long time ago,” Quintana explains. “My dad tells me that David beat him up. When my first trainer moved out of state, my dad looked for David and together with his dad, Max; they have thought me to fight as a professional.”

Known as an aggressive, come-forward type of fighter, Quintana made her pro debut on April 30th, 2009, against the tough Gloria Salas. Quintana earned a hard fought unanimous decision. Throughout her three year, nine bout pro career, Quintana and Salas have met three times with the San Diego fighter taking all three fights. Quintana has also faced Blanca Raymundo twice and current WBO female flyweight champion Melissa McMorrow two times, fighting to a pair of highly contested draws both times.

“It is difficult to find women in my weight class in San Diego or Los Angeles to bring them down to fight me,” Quintana explained why the doubles triple match-ups in her record. “It doesn’t matter who you fight, even if you have fought them before and beat them, you learn something new.”

In her last fight in May of last year, Amaris took her first major test by taking on the undefeated Riverside fighter Sindy Amador in her opponent’s home turf of Ontario, CA. Unfortunately, Quintana was on the losing end of a six round unanimous decision. “I respect the judges’ decision but I know and a lot of people that saw that fight know that I did enough to win the fight. I want the rematch, I am very interested in it even if it means going to her backyard, back to Ontario.”

After her first loss, Quintana felt that she needed to regroup, rest and reassess her career. She decided to take over a year away from the sport but was still seen at various fight cards in San Diego and Tijuana. Now she is ready to come back. “I am very excited, especially in coming back to San Diego and at the Four Points where I have done the majority of my fights. San Diego fight fans should expect what they always get from me, a great fight no matter who I fight. I have been working on some things and everybody will see a different and improved Amaris Quintana.”

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