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Mayweather vs. Guerrero

By Reni M. Valenzuela: If the manner by which Robert “The Ghost” defeated Andre Berto in November last year would be an indicator to judge the outcome of the Guerrero-Mayweather bout tomorrow, the current pound-for-pound king could be in unique trouble because the “dethroned” Berto has a chin stronger than that of Money Floyd.

If Floyd Mayweather Jr. would fail in his usual defensive mode on fight night against the huge underdog who may have the keys to shock him, he should be brave or cower from the moment the unseen punches of The Ghost is strongly felt. If Mayweather would lose his ring composure, he may have to risk wearing a disfigured face as Berto did after being knocked down twice by Guerrero in order to win or lose. Or, he may be compelled to do a Joshua Clottey turtle to shield himself from “Pacman-like onslaughts” bellowing from an angry southpaw fighter named “The Ghost.”

If indeed Guerrero is a hypocrite based on a Mayweather holy canon, Guerrero could have been washed clean and forgiven had he pleaded Heaven for mercy because God is a forgiving God. The only difference is that Guerrero is a sinner now saved by grace while millions of us in the dungeons remain to be hypocrites.

And the worst of all hypocrites is he who calls “hypocrite” a fellow hypocrite.

Mayweather’s offense is most brilliantly executed side by side with his effective defense because that’s what makes him typically an unbeaten Mayweather Junior. Floyd is not naturally a slugger and rough in his offense. Hence he could be helplessly vulnerable when he transforms into a rugged boxer who goes off beat doing a “toe-to-toe.”
Guerrero must not stand idle at a distance comfortable for Mayweather to hit him. It has to be a “close encounter” the whole night for him because that’s the way to beat Floyd’s “invincible” style. Robert has to carefully break the rhythm of Mayweather’s evasive steps and shoulder moves to provoke fiery exchanges through rapid, rabid and constant BUT watchful attacks. While Mayweather would have to persevere dancing to the tune of “tango” to beat the quick “ghost” in front of him. Miguel Cotto fell short just a little in employing the aggressive tactic when he almost got Mayweather “down to the floor” on May 5, 2012.

But I never knew that a ghost can pull a trigger.
“Pretty Boy Floyd” promised to be a ghost buster. But if he cannot weather the storm of an empowered “ghost” in pursuit of a purpose inside the squared circle until later rounds, Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero would instead be proven a real “flesh and blood” ghost, being true to his mission as a conquering “pride-buster” – to humble a seemingly undefeatable “king.” The “face of boxing” is 7-1 favorite in this boxing spectacle, but we cannot really tell until round nine is over. That’s if the fight stretches that far. Anything goes from round one to five.
The Ghost warns: “Floyd believes that there is no blueprint to beat him… But you know what? Being a big believer in God, there’s a blueprint for everybody. There’s a way to beat and conquer anything.”

Oh well…

Who had ever imagined that David would actually “humble” Goliath?

Weights from Queens, NY

Juan Dominguez 122 vs Manuel Herrera 123
Joe Smith 176 vs Hamid Abdul-Mateen 174
Frank Galarza 154 vs. Jason Thompson 149
Angel Garcia 138 vs Ray Velez 138
Allan Phelan 128 vs Jimmy Small 130
Ryan Ramayya 123 vs Daniel Hernandez 124
Bryant Cruz 130 vs. Michael Doyle 128 1/2
Shawn Cameron 159 vs Gustavo Medina 160

Venue: Resorts World Casino
Promoters: New Legend Boxing, Old World Boxing and W.O.N Promotions
1st bout 7:30 pm est (Mayweather –