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INTERNATIONAL BOXING FEDERATION AFRICA (IBF/AFRICA) – FRIDAY 5, 2013 DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – She is the Kenyan “Hostess Slugger” and has done rounds of duty in the ring to several countries knocking out several lady boxers. She is the world boxing contender in her own rights.

She trains and managed by one of the Kenyan top trainers cum manager Julius Odhiambo. To her losing is not in her vocabulary! She lives in the outskirt of Nairobi and trains at Pal Pal Boxing Gymnasium arguably one of the top and furnished gym in Kenya. Florence daughter of Muthoni is the champion in waiting as only time will tell!

She trains for this one particular major contest of her life and has set her eyes on the crown. She eats, sleeps and wake up thinking about the “IBF Intercontinental Female Welterweight Title”. To her, this is it and nothing short of victory will satisfied her! She has to win! Oh! yes, she has to!


She come form the Village near Blantyre and was discovered by one Stephen Mawenzie and Winnie Phiri arguably the sole Malawian boxing promotional Gurus. She is beautiful and many people can confuse her with the beauty parget ladies or catch walks personalities. When she talks she is so guarded for words just like the Royal Princess and she does not go to those night clubs that are famous for the girls of her age.

She is an enigma in the Malawian boxing fraternity and having boxed several times and win a couple of fights, the Malawian boxing fraternity adores and reveres her. She has set her years on the crown and nobody will stop her. She would be fighting for the whole Nation, the President and the people of Malawi. To her, losing is not possible and whoever stand between her and the crown will answer for it in a big way “Pronto”!

Princess Agnes Mtimakunena is flying and flying high with Gusto as she prepares for her biggest day in boxing to grab the “IBF Intercontinental Female Welterweight Crown”, the second only in Africa. She is ready, and declares that her opponent should be prepared for the tough fight!

The “IBF Intercontinental Female Welterweight Title” would take place in Blantyre, Malawi on July 7, 2013 under the promotion of Winnie Phiri and Stephen Mawenzi who owns and manages the Mawenzi Boxing Promotion a company incorporated in the Republic of Malawi. The bout has been the talk of both Malawi and Kenya as it has elicited a lot of excitements in both countries.

As the clock keep ticking toward July 27, 2013 many boxing pundits are facing difficulties of predicting the winner. Would it be Florence Muthoni, the Kenyan beautiful “Hostess Slugger” or Agnes Mtimakunena the Malawian gorgeous “Princess”?

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