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The Great White Brayd Smith to fight in Thailand on the Kings Birthday

Undefeated Toowoomba boxer and current WBC World youth silver featherweight champion “The Great White” Brayd Smith is set to make his international debut when he fights on the prestigious “Kings Cup” event on December 5 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The “Kings Cup” is the highlight of a weeklong festival held every year by OneSongchai Co Ltd to honor His Majesty The King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world’s longest reigning monarch, King of Thailand. The event is one of the most prestigious fight shows in the world, held annually on the Kings birthday December 5 over the past 20+ years and is attended by up to 300 000 fight fans every year at “Sanamlaung” Thai Royal field. It is also watched live on TV by the millions that cannot attend. Manager Brendon Smith just this week returned from Thailand after finalizing the deal with Thailand’s number 1 promoters Onesongchai promotions.

“This is a massive opportunity to be apart of such a huge day in Thailand,” said Brendon Smith.

“We have spent a lot of time training in Thailand. They are great people and we realize what an amazing man their King is. I would like to thank my friends at Onesongchai especially Mrs Pariyakorn Ratanasuban for giving us this opportunity to not only have Brayd fight on the card to honour the king but allowing us to document this journey and bring it back to Australian television”.

Mrs Pariyakorn Ratanasuban of OneSongchai Promotions says she is excited to have the Australian take part in this event.

“I am very pleased to have the WBC world youth silver champion Brayd Smith fight on the Kings Cup night,” said Mrs Ratanasuban.

“OneSongchai promotions have promoted this event for more then 20 years and we have some of the best fighters from around the world take part. It will be a gift for Thai fans to see Brayd have a great fight.”

Not only will Brayd be apart of this amazing night of fights and the festival as a whole, but the entire journey will be documented on film and shown on Australian Television. The documentary will take viewers behind the scenes of this massive event as well as behind the scenes of the training camp as Brayd mixes it in the best gyms in Thailand in the lead up to fight night.

Brayd himself says he is having trouble grasping the size of this event and the
opportunity in front of him.

“I am extremely honored to be given this opportunity,” said Brayd.

“I would like to thank Onesongchai and the people of Thailand for allowing me to be a part of this event and honor their King. This is an event that is spoken about in Thailand throughout the whole year so I know how important it is to them and after spending a lot of time in Thailand it is going to be a very special experience to walk to the ring with not only the Australian flag and representing the people of Australia, but with the flag of Thailand as well representing their people.” “We will also have camera’s following us around throughout training camp and at the fight so that is also very exciting. To showcase myself, my team, this event and boxing as well back on Australian Television is something I am really looking forward to. I have fought in front of crowds of thousands but when you start to see figures of between 100 000 and 300 000 people it is hard to imagine and I don’t think I will grasp it until we are there. This whole experience I am sure will be something myself, my team and any one involved will remember for the rest of our lives.”

As for the fight itself at this stage it looks like it will be a defense of Brayd’s WBC world youth silver title.
“At this stage it will be a defense of his title,” said Brendon Smith.

“He will be fighting for Thailand and Australia and we are currently discussing possible opponents from Japan or the USA”.

What is for certain is this is going to be a big fight on a massive stage. For more information or photo opportunities please call Brendon Smith on +61418 800 878.

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