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The Battle For The Beautful African Princess Postponed

, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA – The Kenyan Beautiful Florence Muthoni’s date with Princess Agnes Matimakunena of Malawi’s rumble has been postponed after it has fail to live up to expectations. The pair were skated to fight for the vacant IBF I/C Female Welterweight Title July 27, 2013 in Blantyre, Malawi.

According to the Press Release by the promoters which was published this week, tournament has been postponed until further notice after Team Mtimakunena’s late campaign to woo the corporate world for the support.

The IBF gave its blessing to Agnes Mtimakunena to vie for its vacant I/C Female Welterweight Title before her team signed a contract with Kenyan Beautiful Florence Muthoni. The tournament has generated a lot of news and interests from various media houses around the world!
The Beautiful Kenyan Muthoni ready to rumble anytime, anywhere

During the tournament, various boxing stakeholders were to undertake a 4 days intensive ring officials, manager and promoter’s seminar which were to be conducted by the team of IBF expects from the US and Africa and sponsored for by Malawian boxing stakeholders.

IBF/AFRICA wishes the two beautiful combatants best wishes in their boxing lives and hope to collaborate with them in the near future.

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