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Team Elite Heat advances 12 to Amateur to regional’s

NUTLEY, NJ (JANUARY 2, 2014)–Recently the Team Elite Heat Amateur team placed a staggering 12 participants that will compete at the Eastern Regional Tournament this weekend (January 3rd and January 4th) in Elmer, New York.

The team is coached by Wali Moses, Robinson Velez, Dwight Flemming and Robert Griffin will have the following fighters taking part in the tournament.

Victor Ordonez 10-11 year olds–70lbs.

Zahir Salaam–10-11 year olds–75 lbs.
Vito Mielnicki–10-11 year olds–80 lbs
Dwyke Flemming–10-11 year olds–85 lbs
Zyad Hassan–10 -11 year olds–95 lbs
Malik Nelson–12-13 year olds–85 lbs
Rajon Chance–12-13 year olds–90 lbs
Oscar Lopez–12-13 year olds–106 lbs
Steven Ramirez–12-13 year olds–119 lbs
Luis Morales–14-15 year olds–106 lbs
John Bauza–14-15 year olds–139 lbs
Mauhdu Salaam–14-15 year olds–147 lbs

Mielnicki is a 2 time Jr. Golden Gloves champion, Silver Gloves champion

Chance is a Golden Gloves champion

Mauhdu Salaam is a Silver Gloves national champion

Bauza is a National Silver Gloves runner up

Nelson is a Silver Gloves National Champion

The team will then travel to Independence, Missouri for the Silver Glove National Tournament that will take place from January 29th to February 1st.

The team when then face the best amateurs in Washington, D,C. February 7th.

February 28th, Team Elite Heat will travel to Ontario, Canada and compete in the Ontario Games.

It will be a big 2014 for the Team Elite Heat amateur program

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