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Photos: Sturm vs. Barker: Weigh-In Results

here are the official results of today’s Sturm v Barker weigh-in:

IBF World Middleweight Title:

Champion Darren Barker: 158.95 lbs

Challenger Felix Sturm: 159.39 lbs

WBA Female World Flyweight Title

Champion Susi Kentikian: 111.55 lbs

Challenger Simona Galassi: 110.89 lbs


Konni Konrad (174.17 lbs) vs. Leo Tchoula (175.48 lbs) – 8 Rd., Light Heavyweight

Adnan Redzovic (229.72 lbs) vs. Igor Pylypenko (212.96 lbs) – 6 Rd., Heavyweight

Maurice Weber (153.88 lbs) vs. Volodymyr Borovskyy (TBA) – 8 Rd., Light Middleweight

Arman Torosyan (156.52 lbs) vs. Dzianis Makar (152.12 lbs) – 6 Rd., Light Middleweight

Alex Born (172.18 lbs) vs. Vladimir Fecko (TBA) – 4 Rd., Light Heavyweight

Where: Porsche Arena, Stuttgart, Germany

When: Satuday, December 7, 2013

TV: SAT.1 (Germany) 10:55 pm/CET; Sky Sports 1 HD (UK) 9pm/GMT

Promoter: Sturm Box-Promotion GmbH

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