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Stefan Härtel I am ready for APB

Lausanne, Switzerland, September 17, 2013 – Last Friday marked four months of the AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) Social Media campaign “Boxer of the Week”. Since then APB, has unveiled about twenty of the boxers on its impressive global roster.

This week the campaign zoomed in on the life of Germany’s London 2012 Olympian and World Series of Boxing (WSB) Middleweight (75kg) Stefan Härtel. APB’s followers contributed to the now traditional fan-generated interview through the campaign platforms: the APB Facebook page ( and Twitter account (@APB_Boxing)

The result was a rapid-fire interview with the APB boxer. Although he admitted that his current focus is on the upcoming AIBA World Championships he explained that “as soon as it is over, I will focus on my APB preparations.”

Härtel is confident that he is ready to make the switch to pro-style boxing, despite the challenge of competing in longer bouts. “I believe that I am ready,” said the Middleweight. “I am strong enough to fight the best boxers in the world. I showed that at the Olympic Games and that is why I am really looking forward to the challenge of APB.”

When a fan asked him where he feels he will be in four years’ time, the boxer responded honestly that he “has no idea!” but explained that this because of the wide variety of options AIBA has made available . “AIBA has been introducing a lot of important innovations to the sport of boxing. There are a lot of options for boxers now and there is a lot of development potential for the sport itself.”

A fan of various schools of boxing, Härtel professed a desire to travel the world in the pursuit of refining his craft. In a perfect world he said he “would love to spend half a year in the United States as I like their style of boxing. Then I would move for another half a year to Cuba because I love their movement. I would spend another half year in England and Brazil as I am really curious to find out how they have become so successful in boxing and at the end of my career I would go for at least half a year to Australia, just because I love that country”.

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APB’s “Boxer of the Week” campaign was launched on May 13th. It is designed to unveil the entire APB boxers’ roster athlete by athlete.

AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) is a pro-style boxing competition program under the governance of AIBA.

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