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Shannon O’Connell Tells WBC Champ Susie Ramadan: “Sign the Contract!”

303500_114801198670225_661799881_nby “Shotgun” Shannon O’Connell – It is with great regret that I have to inform you that the biggest Australian female fight that can possibly be made, will at this point in time, not be going ahead. As many of you may know, my team have been in touch with Susie “Q” Ramadan’s team in relation to challenging her for her WBC Bantamweight title. We were first contacted back in November and agreed to take the fight, which looked like going ahead in April, in Melbourne.

There isn’t a great deal of money involved in women’s boxing in this part of the world, but that didn’t deter me, as it would be an honour to take part in a fight that would really put female boxing on the map here in Australia. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the champion isn’t so keen on the idea! She claimed on social media that I wanted to “ride off her name” and that I “don’t deserve a shot”. The reality is that I want to be part of a bout that fight fans want to see… A domestic battle involving the two best female fighters in Australia, for a legitimate world title! Isn’t that what boxing should be all about?!

She claims I don’t deserve a shot at her title, but her best win prior to claiming the IBF title in 2011 is the same as my best win – Michelle Preston. I was ranked #2 in the world as an amateur, so it’s fair to say I know my way around the boxing ring. The planning for this bout got so far along that Susie’s promoter obtained a sanctioning for the fight from the WBC, only for Susie to knock it back and state she now wants to fight me in an 8 x 2 min non-title bout! Apparently if and only if I beat her, will she then put her belt on the line. Ask Alesia Graf what Susie is like at granting rematches!

Susie, I’m not sure what it is about my boxing style that worries you so much. If I truly am so “undeserving,” which the WBC obviously don’t agree with, why don’t you put your title on the line and your signature on the contract and prove it! The fact you’ve strung this out for nearly 4 months goes to show that you have your doubts about beating me and defending your title.

Don’t let our fight be a mini-Aussie version of Pacquiao v Mayweather – a “can’t miss” fight that never eventuates. I want it… Judging by the talk on social media, the public wants it… even your promoter wants it! But above all – female professional boxing in this country needs it! As Mills Lane used to say: “Let’s Get It On!”

“Shotgun” Shannon O’Connell

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