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Scouting Report: Dudchenko vs. Mohammedi

Wilkes-Barre, PA: Nadjib Mohammedi (34-3, 20 KOs) has the experience edge over Anatoliy “The Gladiator” Dudchenko (19-2, 13 Kos) in next Saturday’s fight at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs but the question will be whether or not that experience can help him to overcome “The Gladiator’s” aggressive fighting style. These two warriors will face off next week for the #1 position in the IBF and the chance to challenge Bernard Hopkins for his IBF heavyweight world title. The scouting report for this fight is below.



“The Gladiator”


Nadjib Mohammedi





19-2 (13 KOs)

34-3 (20 KOs)


Dudchenko has a good reach and a good chin. He is aggressive with good punching power. According to Main Events’ matchmaker, Jolene Mizzone, “Anatoliy will control the pace of the fight.”

Mohammedi has great hand speed. He also has fought a higher caliber of opposition. He has 37 professional fights which gives him the edge with experience. He stays busy.


Dudchenko gets hit a lot and gets careless when he brawls. He has not been in the ring with top competition yet.

Mohammedi has no real lateral movement. He has a tendency to be sloppy at times.


Dudchenko only has 21 fights (as compared to 37 for Mohammedi). He defeated Robert Woge in his last fight, who was 12-0 at the time.

Mohammedi has fought for titles. He went the distance against Nathan Cleverly (Lost – UD 12 rounds). He also fought Dmitry Sukhotsky (Lost – TKO 2nd round).


Dudchenko has good power and a strong jab.

Mohammedi is more of a boxer.


Dudchenko’s speed comes with the excess of punches but he is not a traditionally fast guy. Although he lacks speed generally, when he gets more aggressive his speed kicks in.

Mohammedi has quick hands. He is a small light heavyweight so he moves well and is agile.


Dudchenko is tough. His last fight was a 12 rounder and he won, but prior to that his longest fight was eight rounds. The jury is still out with regards to his endurance.

Mohammedi gets the edge with regards to endurance. He has gone the distance 14 times, three of them through 12 rounds and another three through 10 rounds.


Dudchenko has a good jab. According to Mizzone, “he sticks the jab in your face all day.”

Mohammedi gets the edge, however, because his jab may be more accurate.


Dudchenko does not have much by way of defense. His offense is his best defense.

Mohammedi is fast, so that makes him difficult to hit, but he stands right in front, which got him in trouble in his fight against Cleverly.


Dudchenko gets the edge here. He has only been knocked out once.

Mohammedi has been knocked out twice.


Dudcenko is an aggressive, straight-at-you fighter.

Mohammedi is a boxer with a great jab. He comes straight forward and demonstrates some aggression.


Dudchenko travelled to Germany to take on then-undefeated contender Robert Woge in his backyard and won the IBF Fight of the Year award. He wasn’t intimidated.

Mohammedi gave up other opportunities to come to the US and fight for the #1 position when he could have had a big pay day in France instead. He has been in the ring with world class fighters and Dudchenko has not.

The Match-Up

This fight is about two top fighters from two different parts of the world fighting for a chance to face legendary light heavyweight Bernard Hopkins.

Will Mohammedi’s experience be too much for the over-aggressive Dudchenko?
Will Dudchenko be able to capitalize with his aggressive style?

According to Mizzone, “There are over a dozen up-and-coming contenders in the light heavyweight division. This fight is so important because both of these guys are trying to establish themselves in one of the sport’s most competitive divisions.”

Nadjib Mohammedi
Photo Courtesy of:
Christel Boxing

Main Events CEO, Kathy Duva, said, “Neither of these guys are well-known stateside yet, but they will be after June 21st! Dudchenko’s last fight was a Fight of the Year and I expect to see fireworks in this matchup as well. It’s a perfect fit for Fight Night. The fans will get a great fight and these fighters will get the exposure they deserve.”

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